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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 8, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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lanny, thank you. you are a good. great to see you. you are right on the special counsel. at the present, we are awaiting his bilateral meeting in beijing with the chinese president. laura ingraham takes it from >> thanks for joining us. a fantastic "angle" for you tonight. the criminal leaks coming out of the muller investigation and the latest bombshell from donna brazile about hillary clinton and the party apparatus. president trump is expected to hold a joint press conference with president xi jinping in china. first tonight's "angle." one year ago donald trump defied the odds to win the most
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surprising presidential victory of all time. busted through the blue wall winning 30 states compared to hillary clinton's 20. in his victory speech he promised this. >> it will be a beautiful thing. every single american will have the opportunity to realize misor her fullest potential. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> laura: that was 2:30 in the morning. what a night. the experts were proven wrong. the media told us trump had no chance. as the returns were coming and the news ancors were sitting have slack jawed or weeping, they clung to their narrative. the people rose up.
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they remember sick of the washington machine taking their power away from them. so they took it back. ever since that same political media and entertainment complex has been trying to regain their power. last night president trump and his party suffered a series of losses. the democrats netted wins for the governor in virginia and new jersey. maine voted for an obamacare program that expands medicaid. the reaction to the left was euphoric. many declared this meant the end of trump and his conservative populace movement. >> it's hard to overstate the toxicity trump represents. >> this was a reverend rum on trump and he did badly.
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>> it ends trumpism. >> this party is maturing under the weight of this trump presidency. >> laura: wishful thinking, boys. these are the same experts who have been writing trump's obituaries since he and melania came down the escalator in january. they told us he would never win the gop primary and if he did he would be creamed by hillary in the general and do lasting damage to the gop. a year ago they were on tv with their hanged dog expressions embarrassed and exposed. now in an off year election when the power in party usually loses. even the president, he lost in
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those states. let's not forget before yesterday the democrats lost every major special congressional election this year. media did not mention that last night. republicans held on to seats in georgia, south carolina, kansas and montana. democratic losses came despite nonstop cheerleading from the mainstream media and plenty of campaign cash. the republicans and president have lessons from last night. i think they have gone as far as they can go with the politics of anger. they need a happy electorate in 2018. one that sees the future brighter and the country calmer. remember what president-elect trump told the nation a year ago in the victory speech. >> i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> [cheers and applause]
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>> i pledge to every citizen of our land they will be president for all americans. >> laura: i love that! he has a lot of good news that needs to be shared with americans, even those who didn't support him. the economy is soaring. the stock market at record levels. unemployment at a 17 year long. i am just getting started. president trump's efforts to renegotiate nafta and other trade deals. those will help american workers. if case you did not notice, he is a law and order president. deporting illegal aliens and cracking down on gangs. that's good stuff for everybody here. the president and the gop leadership, however, they must work together. they have to start racking up legislative victories to show
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voters that conservative populace policies are improving their lives and making the country happier. remember the pursuit of happiness? happy voters vote for the party in power. angry voters vote the party in power out. the republicans don't want to see the tables reversed in 2018. that's the "angle." joining us for reaction is kellyanne conway counsellor to president trump and the first female campaign manage to manage her way for a presidential candidate that no one thought could win. happy anniversary. great to see you. what is going through your mind? i want to talk about virginia in a moment. at the hilton hotel a year ago and watching the big screens. i was on fox earlier in the night. i wanted to be at the hilton. i wanted to be with the people who supported the president. seeing the screens and the meter
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going up and up. take us back into the room where the president was that night. >> it was historic. he came to the trump tower where our war room was set up. then his family came filing in to watch the returns. the most guarded person that night was president trump. he knows the deal is not done until the final paper work was signed. what we saw happening, we saw that the "new york times," for example, their upshot was changing. started out with a 7% for michigan when he did win. then it started to creep up. we got our own data in. i want history to show that it was donald trump that connected with people. he was able to take issues that were arcane to lots of focus
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like trade and immigration and convert them into top shelf, he is still fighting for now. he has a 70 point immigration plan as president. negotiating fair trade deals to work more for the american workers. he flipped states that president obama carried twice. those who still won't accept the election results, those who neither expected him nor wanted him to win, they wasted a whole year not getting to know why he won. the same reason he won: he was able to make people feel that someone was giving voices to their every day concern. the forgotten man and woman. the people living paycheck to paycheck. the people who say the system is always rigged against me with their noses pressed up against the glass looking in.
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it's not like yesterday people said let's make america mediocre again. even the republicans who are critical, imagine who would be sitting -- >> laura: they were willing to risk that. the whole never-trump crowd, some have turned around. but way too many are going if only mcmullen could have possibly do it. joe biden said this earlier today. he called it this phoney nationalism. the reason why the world is compared to america is not just because of our exercise of power, but the power of our example. it's because of who the hell we are. the message from him: we are not who we are supposed to be under donald trump. >> he's very bold now that donna
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brazile thought about swapping him out and him in. biden knows that people looked up and saw an economy not even at 2% growth. we had for decades before 2007 that had 3% or. >> laura: the stuff you have guys have done. the nafta renegotiation. those are big things. but we still need happy voters. they were happy under reagan. voters were happy in the first few years of bush. a lot of anger out there. that trump and that victory speech, i am the president of all americans. will we see him travel the country, the pockets that don't support him? >> yes. he's gone to places that didn't support him. he put that in the speech.
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the speech, the two versions were prepared. he put that in there and ad-libbed after that, even though who did not support me, there were a few of you. i harken back to that passage. he means it. people will benefit from tax cuts who did not support him. when i travel across the country, i don't ask the people who they voted for. when i went to a manufacturing plant in virginia, i didn't say raise your hands if you voted for trump. you are right about the optimism. >> laura: it hasn't clicked yet. >> well, people are nervous. there are 20 million americans without health care. this president, he was called the most pro-life president in modern american history.
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people don't fully appreciate what that means. this person who gave the most impassioned defense of life on a debate stage. >> laura: why are his numbers so low? >> that's approval ratings. i wrote a piece 18 years ago. people are angry about any number of things. the mainstream media numbers are much lower than his. >> laura: what about gillespie? the only guy who did fund-raising for him was george w.bush. what does that tell you about bushism and the old establishment party? >> well, he worked for the bushes. campaigns matter. we have known ed gillespie for a long time. he is a great person.
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voters have to figure out what this means. you want to articulate lower taxes and border security, which means the wall and other mechanisms to stop the drugs and illegal aliens from coming over the border. it means not being baited down every single rabbit hole. we need public servants who want to run. in 2009, we win virginia and one month later what happened? scott brown. >> laura: i remember. >> this happens sometimes. i think there are dynamics in play in 2018 that go against the party in power the republicans.
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they will have a fund-raising advantage and people are not seeing much from the democrats. their message is not what it is a year ago. >> laura: it's a resistance of anything. this is virginia which is a blue state in many ways. women, minorities, those blocks went big for democrats. white males 40 to 64 went to gillespie. we have to broaden out of the reach of the republicans. >> that's true and it matters. donald trump lost among women by 12 or 13 points to hillary clinton. but not by 20. he had this message where he was consistent. he was cons vincing. they saw strong leadership. he was giving voice to working men and women.
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he had a message of patriotism too. he said, i will go around the world and deal with other things. he is on his fifth trip right now. he makes no apology that american needs borders and makes its own decision. his goal is to keep us safe and prosperous here. he expects other countries to think the same thing. >> laura: the muller investigation he could not have predicted. he knew it would be a tough sled. it's like nothing changed. he didn't expect mueller. how distracting is that on a day to day basis? the reports are he is obsessed
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with the investigation and jeff sessions recusing himself. is he? >> the only thing he is obsessive about is succeeding for the nation. he rarely talks about the investigation. he also said everybody will comply with it. we hope it finishes fully and soon. >> laura: kellyanne conway, happy anniversary. congrats a year ago. >> donald trump elevated women. >> laura: president trump is in a meeting with president xi jinping right now. let's listen in. >> i was traveling and you were so nice. you said let's do a quick dinner. it lasted at least 2 hours and we enjoyed every minute of it with your beautiful wife and melania together. their relationship is a great one and our relationship is a great one. our meeting this morning in front of your representatives
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and my representatives was excellent. discussing north korea. and i do believe there is a solution to that, as you do. discussing trade with the united states. knowing that the united states really has to change its policies. they have gotten so far behind on trade with china. and frankly with many other countries. i have great respect for you because you are representing china. it's too bad that past administrations allowed it to get so far out of kilter. but, we will make it fair. it will be tremendous for both of us. my feeling toward you is an incredibly warm one. there is great chemistry. i think we will do tremendous things for both china and the
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united states. it's a very, very great honor to be with you. thank you very much. the hosting of the military parade this morning was magnificent! the world was watching. i have already had people calling from all parts of the world. they were all watching. nothing you can see is so beautiful. i want to thank you for the warm welcome. i look forward to many years of success and friendship working together to solve not only our problems but world problems and problems that are a great danger to security. i believe we can solve almost all of them and probably all of them. thank you very much for having us. i very much appreciate it. >> [silence] >> laura: a bilateral press
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conference with president trump and president xi jinping. cozy there their relationship. up next, why the future of the gop depends on the conservative populace and we may see the death rattly of the gop establishment. stay with us. liberty mutual saved us almost eight hundred dollars when we switched our auto and home insurance. liberty did what? yeah, they saved us a ton, which gave us a little wiggle room in our budget. wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey, welcome back. this guy... right? yes. ellen. that's my robe. you could save seven hundred eighty two dollars when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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asia. vice-president pence played the role of comforter and chief meeting with survivors of sunday's horrific church massacre in sutherland springs, texas. faith and prayer in the tragedy's wake have been maligned by religious bigots. the vice-president made sure to show case the power that faith and prayer has here. >> we are with you. the american people are are you. as the president said on sunday halfway across the world, we will never leave your side. the lord is close to the broken hearted. >> laura: vice-president pence met with the victims being treated and received a briefing from law enforcement officials on the latest in the
7:24 pm
investigation. this evening, he helped lead an amazing prayer vigil for the shooting victims and their families. let's move on to the next story. populism and the gop. republican ed gillespie flamed out in virginia's governor's race losing by nearly 9 points. the only president who helped gillespie was his old boss george bush. remember how helpful he was when jeb needed his help. gop candidates can't keep trump at arm's length until the last minute and expect him to energize the base. it's not going to happen. it's inauthentic. joining us for reaction are two people who know about getting republicans elected.
7:25 pm
ed rollins who managed reagan's election and cory, a good friend of the president. happy anniversary. this is a fun anniversary night. this is like old gang week on the show. gillespie goes down in new jersey. no one expected kim to win. any lessons last night in the loss for republicans? >> the lessons are clear. you can't be a little bit pregnant. you can't decide to engage and then take it back and then say i want the president but i don't want him to campaign with me. the american people one year ago today voted for fundamental and economic change in washington, d.c. that's why donald trump won 30 states against hillary clinton one year ago.
7:26 pm
you can embrace that and bring change or say we will make change. what happened in virginia, you didn't have candidates who were fully embracing the trump agenda to bring change to watch. >> laura: president trump did not win in virginia. i was with him in that last night in virginia. the cold night where people waited 7 hours to see him. but he still could not win in virginia a year ago tonight. what lessons from last night's losses? >> well, first we made too much of a deal with new jersey and virginia. new jersey is kristie getting himself out of scandals. virginia is not an armed state anymore. i have been in politics 50 years.
7:27 pm
it's changed. it used to be a mixed state. northern virginia dominates. 222,000 votes were the advantage in northern virginia. 20,000 less than the statewide maternalin. those were the people that donald trump is trying to change. the key thing is republicans have to get some stuff done. you can't be for trump's programs and not for trump. i saw this with ronald reagan. a traveled across the country with him campaigning for candidates. he endorsed every candidate that wanted his endorsement. that was not the key to the success. the key is when a candidate says elect me. i want to support ronald reagan. heck was a perfect example. he had no chance of winning. he said i will vote for reagan and he run. the republicans in races across the country have to say the
7:28 pm
president has the same agenda we support. support the president and then you will build a base. we are not a majority party. we run a plurality. we won states we did not expect to win. we are still not the majority. we have to pass taxes and fix the health care system. >> laura: do you agree, ed? we need happy voters. i know that sounds simplistic. we need people to be happy in 2018. if they are ticked off, that means the resistance is winning. we need people to see that conservative populace policies cracking down on crime and tax reform and health care will make their lives better.
7:29 pm
anyone disagree? >> the voters vote -- when the economy is good they vote in keeping the party in power. when washington doesn't deliver, and they have not delivered for 30 years. people vote for change. if if administration doesn't get tax cuts done, they don't build the wall and don't get repeal and replace done, we will see a revolution moving to the other side because the republican party doesn't deliver on their promises. >> laura: that was lindsey graham. this is what he said today. >> our problem is our base is unenthusiastic. we have done things with not cuth taxes or reforming health
7:30 pm
care. >> laura: i think he is right on thisy. >> he could not be more right. we can't be a party of hairston. we have to be a party of fighters. we have to fight and sell our program. why can't we communicate? if you sell taxes. the administration has to decide these are the president's programs. this is what the house and the senate will sell. make it clear. it will take sometime. the state deputy is still with swamp monsters. they want to thwart donald trump's agenda. he has a major personnel problem on his hands. i hear that foreign leaders more
7:31 pm
supportive of the president than the people at the state deputy they are meeting with. the president doesn't want to admit that. >> the president of the united states's picture is not hanging -- there ago make presi appointments and get the people out who are against your agenda. >> laura: that's on him? >> it's on the entire administration. it's on the team right now that they don't have the loyal trump people in place. >> laura: that's a huge problem. great to see you. thank you very much. coming up, moments away from a major press conference between president trump and china xi jinping. a lot of stake. we will have a review in a moment. ♪
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>> laura: president trump is moments away from giving joint press statements with chine's president xi. holding china accountable for their rampant cheating on issues relateed to trade. that was a key tennant of trump's win. john roberts traveling with the president and he joins us now. john? >> laura, good morning from china. you saw the president and xi jinping a short time ago. an expanded bilateral meeting. xi jinping said the u.s. and china relationship is important to both nations and the world. the world's two biggest economies and number 1 and number 3 military, you bet the relationship is important. xi jinping did not mention north korea. president trump did saying they
7:37 pm
had a restricted bilateral meeting this morning. much smaller group. the president saying i believe as you do that there is a solution to north korea. we are not sure at what point that solution becomes apparent to the rest of the world. at the moment there doesn't seem to be a solution. the president saying that the united states lags well behind china when it comes to the u.s. and china trading relationship. 347-billion dollars trade deficit the u.s. has with this nation. the president would like to shrink that if not erase it all together. >> laura: thank you very much. joining us with reaction from fresno california, victor davis hansen. author of a new book. there is a lot to unpack in this visit. the president with xi. to watch the two of them
7:38 pm
together it seems like a modern-day love story. the forbidden city and the pageantry. they want to out do us on the pageantry side. what a stark contrast from what we heard from president trump on the campaign trail in 2016. >> well, he did mention trade in front of the chinese. trade to the chinese is what north korea is to the chinese. they know what they are doing. they know that north korea is a problem and ties down our attention. they cut the leash of their bull dog and act like they don't know where it is going. the same thing with trade. they cheat on copyrights and financial accords. then they think, $50 billion one year and $150, $250, and $3
7:39 pm
pivot. -- $350. people say it makes good cheaper for america. these chickens are coming home to roost. trump will have to hold china accountable for north korea. we can't give in or appease them to trade. that's the central nexus. >> laura: that's our leverage. >> well, it is one of them. i don't think it's all of our leverage. we need to develop a closer tie with russia. india has border disputes with china. vietnam and japan. they are all considering nuclear weapons. there is a lot of chinese members in universities, that buy property. we have a lot of sticks that we
7:40 pm
can employ with get into trade. we don't want to compromise on our toughness on trade. >> laura: this is a photo. this is what china unveiled in the last 24 hours. a picture of something called the magic island dredger. it's a marathon vessel. it's hard to see. it makes it easier for china to build those manmade islands and reclaiming what, victor, in the south china seas? to build islands to stage military exercises from. they announced that. they announced it before but now you see more of the military jet. a new super sonic jet. there is a picture. they pushed these images out to remind people china is on the rise. china 2025. they want to dominate every
7:41 pm
manufacturing and biotech. this is a message to the world. >> it is. it's a message to the immediate region. they are saying the united states was a spent power. the west is in decline. the united states is in deresignation. -- recession. make a deal with us. we need to go in and say, you know what? just as you cheated on these bases and created these artificial islands, that's what you did with north korea when you empowered them to get a bomb. 30 years of apiecement are over. we have a lot of pressure we have never discussed with you. we don't want a war. the u.s. is not in recession. i applaud trump. when he talked about the 2 koreas he was the first american president to say on one side people are dying. on the other side, a humane
7:42 pm
society that doesn't sendoff missiles. south korea gave us samsung. when that war ended in world war ii, the north got the industrial developed region that the japanese left them. they have half the population and destroyed the northern peninsula. china and north korea don't play the rules. this is an ethical and moral issue of people that cheat and bully their neighbors and cause havoc throughout the region. they do so because they assume we can't or won't stop and the west is in decline. we need to tell the world, we have to galvanize. >> laura: it's a communist country. to listen to goldman sachs, all
7:43 pm
of these big companies announcing big deals in china. might be some good from that. this is a communist country. >> it is. >> laura: every time you hear from trump, we have to do better on trade. the "wall street journal" and never trump people say, laura, you people, you want a trade war. you wake up. >> no, no. we need to say that the people in youngstown ohio and in fresno, california, play by the rules. china did not. they didn't play by the rules on trade just like they didn't play by the rules on north korea. they are like the scorpion that bites the frog. that's what communist countries do. they cheat because they are not
7:44 pm
transparent. that doesn't mean we have to go to war. we have to think of pressures and sticks we can apply to the chinese. i don't understand, a 350-billion dollars deficit and have a nuclear missile that might threaten oregon or san diego. but many of these students are in american universities and buy property. i don't think so. it's time to bring an ethical argument. i applaud trump. the first time i heard him say something to the chinese president in public about trade and described the korean crisis with a failed amoral north. >> laura: we are out of time. a new study just came out and victor wrote about it. the cost of wars in the middle east and asia.
7:45 pm
the united states spent 5.6-trillion dollars! the pentagon said 1.5 trillion dollars. how much has china spent in military conflicts? >> hardly anything. >> laura: that's right. that's a lot of money. they spent almost nothing. we have a $360-billion dollars. thank you very much. great having you on. the leaks are flowing out of bob mueller's russian probe. the judge is here next. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning.
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. >> leaks continue to flow from the robert mueller. a new leak to nbc news claims mueller has enough evidence to
7:50 pm
bring charges against mike flynn and his son. that raises the suspicion that the special counsel may be playing politics. >> laura: the guy who gave me my first job out of college! >> oh, you are dating me. >> laura: he hired me. this is late night tv. gave me first job out of college. >> and i have loved you ever since. >> laura: you created a monster. [laughing] these leaks are a nig nightmare . >> i am not considered about the leaks. but the planted like, not there
7:51 pm
is an indictment but that we have enough information, enough evidence to indict is a classic particle prosecutor technique to send the lawyers of the targets, general flynn and his son running into their offices. we have to negotiate. what do you have? >> laura: how can we sellout trump? >> is it wrong for them to leak? of course it is. is it criminal? if they do that in front of the grand jury yes. they do it all the time and get away with it. >> laura: they want to put them in a vise grip. >> the whole case is about pressure. it's about bribing and threatening. we can do this for you. >> laura: trump said this and it was a little over the top. our system is screwed up. prosecutors have discretion.
7:52 pm
what fitzgerald did to scooter libby. >> how someone spent 85 days in jail for refusing to tell the federal government for something they already new. the judges say if there is merit to the case i won't throw the case out. they will never prosecute one of their own. >> laura: i find it appalling. this investigation is circular maze of pressure against people. we have to move on. the state deputy. -- department. some are feeling uncomfortable because rex tillerson is trying to move along the request for
7:53 pm
transparency linked to clinton's emails? >> mrs. clinton's emails we have not seen. until last week the same lawyers from the justice department were making the same argument as in the obama years. last week rex tillerson change that 180 degrees. we will vet these things. the people she emailed with are terrified. >> laura: isn't transparency, people in both parties want it. we want to know what our government is doing. we want to know more. you are a libertarian. >> we have a right to know. >> laura: it's power to the people. the people employ these bureaucrats. they answer to us. we are not their slaves. they work for us. >> why is rex tillerson changing
7:54 pm
his mind now. >> i am happy he has! but something is motivating him. >> laura: job security? >> i am happy the constitution is complied with. why now. >> laura: the cnn deal with time-warner? >> the news reports were that f ifaif at& t t wants to merge they will allow it. >> laura: thanks for my first job. >> thanks for having me here tonight. >> laura: when we come back last night's epic political upset you did not hear about. stay with us. when it comes to heartburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn.
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>> laura: a new segment we are calling "missed america" where we salute average americans. tonight, the story of mr. mr. perillo. yesterday he pulled off arguably the biggest election upset in the country. the new jersey resident knocked on every door in town. he wore through two pair of shoes and wanted to let voters know he wanted to be their mayor. last night he beat the incumbent in a stunning victory. the navy vet won on a platform -- huge congratulation congratulations. your willingness at age 93 to continue to fight for the country you love. that's all the time we have.
8:00 pm
shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team are next. make sure to buy that copy of "billionaires at the barricade." we await the president's statement from china with president xi. >> shannon: red china gives president trump the red carpet treatment. >> we are having a great time. >> shannon: is a time to turn the screws on beijing? we are breaking down donald diplomacy ahead of his big event with the chinese president and we will take you there live. economy growing. consumer confidence climbing. stock market soaring. trump's poll numbers tanking. chris stirewalt analyzes. donna brazile doubling down on her criticism of the dnc and clinton campaign. >> it was dismissive. >> shannon: we have fresh reactions night as her bombshell my marketing uses a new shock waves of the democratic party.


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