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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  November 9, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PST

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shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team are next. make sure to buy that copy of "billionaires at the barararara" we await the president's statement from china with president xi. >> shannon: red china gives president trump the red carpet treatment. >> we are having a great time. >> shannon: is a time to turn the screws on beijing? we are breaking down donald diplomacy ahead of his big event with the chinese president and we will take you there live. economy growing. consumer confidence climbing. stock market soaring. trump's poll numbers tanking. chris stirewalt analyzes. donna brazile doubling down on her criticism of the dnc and clinton campaign. >> it was dismissive. >> shannon: we have fresh reactions night as her bombshell my marketing uses a new shock waves of the democratic party.
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hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. this is a very big hour for president trump's attempt to redefine america's place in the world and it's based on the concept of america first through strength. president trump will speak at a signing ceremony with chinese business leaders and join chinese president xi later. you're going to see both events live here on "fox news @ night." we will take you there when they happen. let's check in with chief white house correspondent john roberts on a day that included an historic first for u.s. president. hello, john. >> good evening, shannon. good morning actually. it is just here in beijing. 13 hours ahead of you. the historic first, the president and first lady will be the guest of honor at a stated underage night in the forbidden city.
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it's a first time a president has had a state dinner at the forbidden city. we are expecting the president and xi jinping to come out in the next little while with joint statements. it won't be a press conference. they won't be taking questions. the chinese leader doesn't really like taking questions. i remember being here in the early 2000s. they came out and took questions. they are in the middle of an extended bilateral meeting, and that's that the two leaders together with her delegations are going over some of the thornier issues. about an hour ago, they were beginning the bilateral meeting. president xi spoke mostly in generalities about the importance of the u.s.-china relationship not only for the two countries but for the world. president talking about a restricted bilateral meeting earlier, got more specific on issues of north korea and trade. let's listen. >> to those nations that choose to ignore the threat or worse
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still, to enable it, the weight of this crisis is on your conscience. >> we are expecting those statements to come about half past the hour. how these meetings go could have a real bearing on how the north korea crisis unfolds in the weeks and months ahead. president trump wants to push xi jinping to do more than china already is, starting with a baseline level, the full enforcement of united nations sanctions against north korea. the president also wants china to take further steps, cutting off oil supplies to north korea, freezing the bank accounts of some north korean individuals, as united states treasury department has. and taking all of the north korean workers who are here in china and sending them home. what's not clear at this point, shannon, is whether or not xi jinping has the influence over kim jong un to get him to rein in his nuclear program and b, how much influence xi jinping
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wants to wield. he appreciates the fact that north korea is a real cultural and political buffer between the u.s. allied south korea and china. he is looking, because they look in terms of 20 and 50 year plans and china as opposed to three and five weeks as we do in the states. he is looking way down the road to safely get rid of north korea's nuclear program and career unifies under the terms of the south, i'm going to have basically the united states on my border and i'm not sure that's particularly a good thing to have happen. he's got a difficult calculation. the president has a difficult calculation as well. we will see if they can come to some sort of agreement on how to move forward, at least in the interim, to get north korea to ratchet down the tensions it's fueling because of its nuclear program. >> shannon: the long game versus the short game. john roberts live in china. thank you. president trump is getting some praise from some longtime skeptics for his asian diplomacy so far. of the domestic front, the medical people are giving the
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highest approval rating for the u.s. economy since before the 9/11 attacks. that's according to a brand-new poll out tonight. vice president mike pence has been hammering the message that this administration is getting things done. we talked with him yesterday right here on "fox news @ night news @ night." >> this economy is starting to take off largely because of the progress president trump has made in the last year, rolling back red tape, unleashing american energy, in making investments in national defense. i think most americans know that time has come for us to cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses, and family farms. in doing that, we're going to have the kind of sustained growth that's going to lead america back to the prosperity that we all long to see. >> shannon: with good news on the economy, and employment, the stock market, business optimism. why is the president's overall approval rating less than stellar? according to the latest fox news
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poll, 38% said they approve of the president while 57% said they disapprove. we turned a politics editor chris stirewalt for some psychoanalysis. >> no, no, no. i will just talk about the numbers. >> shannon: let's talk about this. a new poll out tonight so 60% says the economy in great shape, that's the highest number since before 9/11. with these economic indicators in the administration pointing to those, where's the disconnect in people not really crediting the president with that, at least not when a consumer's overall rating. >> there is more to life than money. how people feel about the economy is definitely very important but it's not the only thing. i would also say this. donald trump has never been particularly popular by those standards. he has a low job approval rating. he had low favorability ratings, and he beat hillary clinton. it was enough.
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in politics, it doesn't matter -- it is sort of like the two guys and the bear. they say i hope i can outrun the bear and he says i don't need to outrun the bear. i need to outrun you. what donald trump was able to do to win back the presidency was outrun hillary clinton. i'll have to do to get reelected is beat the democrats that the democrats put out. it's that simple. i doubt we will ever see a time the donald trump is at 60%, that he will be the high points george w. bush saw or barack obama saw. i think this is probably the lower end of his register but the high end of his register probably only need the mid-to-upper 70s. or mid-to-upper 40s. this is probably where he's at, and we should remember it was enough before for him, and it might be enough again. >> shannon: we are looking live at beijing where he's going to speak. we understand the business leaders group. when it happens, we may cut into see what his remarks are. for the most part, chris, he's getting not a lot of attention about exactly how he's doing on
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the asian trip. seems like most people want to give him credit that he's been nuanced. a lot of folks think the speech he gave last night was an important one. spelled out american policies. it doesn't seem like the mainstream media, even if he's doing a good job, is ever going to gush over the donald diplomacy. >> we would never want media gushing over the president, whichever party it is. as a baseline, gushing is gross. but we would also say the president has a much tougher job in beijing that he did in seoul. seoul, south korea, needs us, loves us, wants us and all of that. in beijing, the president has problems. his campaign promises were predicated essentially in a warmth try world china korea giving very, very tough, very, very hard on china, pushing back hard on china. but of course the reality of the world as we need their money, their product, and we need their help on north korea. the president has had to choose a different tack as it relates to dealing with china. and he has, i think the term in
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washington, we say he has grown in office. when somebody abandons campaign promises, we say they have grown in office. he's deftly grown in office as it relates to china because the situation is probably more complex that he initially understood. >> shannon: you make a good point. if you are a true journalist, gushing over any president is not a good thing. i believe used the word gross. but we can agree there was a lot of gushing over the last president and everything needed on the international change -- international stage. we are focused on the north korea issue but another big one for the president while he's there in china is going to be trade. >> yeah, and what to do about china? we say we are going to have fairer deals in the business community that is so happy that stock prices are up and profits are sky-high, the economy is doing so well. we've got growth. we've got basically full employment. all of these things are good. the president says i may blow up nafta and i may do the trade war
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with china. we will see how it goes. the same business community that is cheered by the fact that trumpets rollback these relations and his promising tax cuts and all they look at the trade side and say what happens if you really do it. it's a point of leverage for him at home. it's a tough spot abroad. it's a point of leverage for him at home. when he wants stuff in the business community, traditional conservative republicans, this trade stuff is a place where he's got some real leverage. they are anxious. >> shannon: and chris, as you are explaining exactly all the things he's facing in china and the difficult nuanced relationship, we are watching live as he's about to give remarks that a business leaders event. there will be some signing ceremony as well. we are watching and waiting for that. the cameras are queued up. both men are there and waiting. you see the flags and you see the press ready to go. we will break into that momentarily as soon as that happens. in the meantime, there's an issue of china's trade with north korea. we've got to hammer that out, and we will have more of that
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coming up in just a minute. we will take you back to beijing as soon as the president speaks. former interim head of the democratic national committee leveling more bombshells tonight against her own party. donna brazile charges that clinton campaign was a cult and if you missed it, wow. on tucker carlson tonight, she tried to explain why the democrats did not turn their email servers over to the fbi made repeated allegations they've been hacked by russia. listen to this. >> your concerns about hacking the servers at the dnc. if you believe the russians did it, why didn't the democratic national committee allow the fbi to examine the servers? why were they given to a vendor or not the government? >> that's a great question. let me tell you it is in the book. when the dnc official, debbie wasserman schultz, she immediately reached out to get cyber security experts on board. she reached out to a former number three at the fbi who is
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currently working with a group of organization, crowd strike. along with our cyber attorney, they provided the fbi with everything they requested. we were still using our system. >> come on, now. bottom line, it is debbie wasserman schultz who made the decision. if you really think that if the intelligent service of a foreign government is breaking into your computers, you want to actual federal investigators to get to the bottom of it. you are saying she stopped it. >> no, she cooperated. she turned over everything. tucker, we were still running a party. we still had our mainframes being managed, being remediated. >> you could allow the fbi access. >> shannon: it went on from there. joining us now, clinical editor guy benson. and isaac wright. good to see you both.
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i'm not sure -- there was more to the conversation. my understanding is, what was turned over to the fbi? >> not the actual server. they said they cloned it and give it to a vendor which doesn't make sense. the explanation, tucker asked the right question. donna did her best to spin it, i think, saying we had a party to run. it doesn't explain why do the fbi and the federal of bureau of investigation not have full access while investigating this apparent hack by the russian government which is now an impression of the democratic party. i think this is important. robert mueller should do his work. this is a piece of the investigation that has never made sense. >> shannon: she refers to crowd strike, the vendor that was looking into this, which that vendor has links to fusion gps. that raises more questions. but i think there were a lot of democrats who were thrilled she was out there talking about these things and revealing.
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she used some pretty strong language. there were worries that it would hurt some elections yesterday. that didn't happen. do you think she's doing longer term damage to the party by airing the dirty laundry? to go i first met donna brazile on my first campaign and i would drop off print memos at her office because that was back in the days when you use to print things. i think she is dedicated. she has dedicated her life to this party. i don't think there's any ill intent. whatever you believe or disagree about the facts of the book, we will see when it comes out. going back to the server question, i watch that segment. i thought it was released to conversation because in the end, they gave them a copy of the server, not the physical server. if you have a computer hacked, it is the computer that tact. it's not the physical body. it's the software and the files. all of that was provided to the fbi. the fbi said under oath they got what they wanted and what they needed. that the physical shell the computer was in but the computer itself. >> shannon: i want to read a
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little bit of a bernie sanders statement. he's been pretty quiet. we haven't seen him running out front of cameras. he said "with the recently released book made clear is that unless we get our act together, we are not going to be effective in either taking on donald trump or stopping the extremist right wing republican agenda. we have to reestablish faith with the american people that in fact we can make positive changes in this country through a fair and transparent book a process that reflects the will of voters across the country." guy, your reaction. >> i think he has lots of reasons to be upset. the revelations in the book and apparently there was an awkward phone call between ms. brazile and senator sanders about what was not known at the time and it was discovered after the fact that there was the special sweetheart deal that he didn't know about during the campaign. with the hillary people, but i think the point he makes is perfectly fine if you want to be a viable political party, you need to have a strong political operation. if you want to win a bunch of
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elections, i think what we saw in virginia last night was even if the national party is not in great shape in a lot of ways, if the winds are blowing a certain way, you can win anyhow. i made this point with bill hemmer this morning. the rnc was not in a great place in 2009 or 2010. guess what happened. big time republican blowouts both years. sometimes parties win in spite of themselves. and i think the democrats are on that path right now. if they want to maximize our opportunities, they should so-called get their act together, to quote senator sanders. >> shannon: do you think they will use donna brazile's allegations as a point of self reflection? >> i hope what comes out is the state of the party when she took it over. the party was $20 million in debt and nearly broke and we allowed it to happen. the biggest thing we can take away is that we as democrats have to maintain our national party, or national apparatus. we do and we have the resources to get our message out, we win.
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that's what happened last night. that's the biggest take away from the book. once everyone wants to spike you laid ahead but we will leave it in 2017 right now. great to see both. we are keeping an eye on the president in china. we will take you there live as soon as he speaks. in the meantime, the vice president travel to sutherland springs, texas, today three days after the deadliest church shooting in u.s. history. the funerals in morning began, we're learning more details about the shooter and the victims. matt finn's life with more. >> the vice president and his wife, u.s. attorney general and the texas governor all came together today to visit with families who had their loved ones murdered in this church behind me this past sunday. the group first visited with victims' families one-on-one. it was heavy and emotional. the vice president hugged and shook hands with family, and he also visited the church property. he spoke to a large crowd at a nearby high school. here are some of what the vice president had to say. >> we mourn with those who mour
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mourn. we do not grieve like those who have no hope because our faith gives us hope. heroes give us hope. >> the vice president did blame the gunman and the air force for letting the shooter slip through the cracks. also today, the list of the 26 victims' names was released. as we've been reporting, the list shows how some families had multiple members killed. for example, there were six people with the last name holcombe, including a pregnant woman, and a 1-year-old child. there is even more troubling information about the shooter's violent and criminal past continuing to emerge. the sheriff in the shooter's hometown is reviewing why a 2012 sexual assault case against the shooter wasn't thoroughly investigated. tonight there are 12 shooting victims including two minors who will remain in the hospital, and some are still in critical condition. shannon.
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>> shannon: matt finn live in texas. thank you. president trump creating a social media blahs in china, -- media buzz. the president and his chinese counterpart setting aside their differences, soon delivering a joint press conference. we will take you live to hear from president trump when that
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>> shannon: president trump is speaking at a signing ceremony with chinese business leaders. trade deals are on the agenda. >> president trump: in actuality, i do blame past administrations for allowing this out-of-control trade deficit to take place and to grow. we have to fix this because it just doesn't work. for our great american companies and it doesn't work for our great american workers. it is just not sustainable. i look forward to working toward that goal and to pursuing fair and lasting engagements. at home, my administration is supporting american workers and american businesses by eliminating burdensome regulations and lifting
12:24 am
restrictions on american energy. and all other businesses. restrictions are being seriously lifted. our work is already taking hold. the stock market in the united states is at an all-time high, adding already $5.5 trillion in new wealth since the very, very well known and now very important november 8th election. unemployment is at a 17 year lo low, and so many other great things are happening to the united states economically and otherwise. frankly, too many to mention. abroad, we are committed to a free and open endo pacific respect for the rule of law,
12:25 am
enterprise, and trade reciprocity. in order to achieve prosperity, we must also have security. security cooperation is critical to addressing a range of emerging threats throughout the indo-pacific region. and around the world, and i've been very encouraged by my conversations both over the last number of weeks and in particular last night and this morning. with president xi. we are very, very much on the same plane when it comes to security. we both want it for our countries, and we both wanted for the world. chief among these threats is the north korean nuclear menace. as i stated in my address to the national assembly in seoul yesterday, the united states is committed to the complete and permanent denuclearization of
12:26 am
north korea. so important. china can fix this problem easily and quickly, and i'm calling on china in your great president to hopefully work on it very hard. i know one thing about your president. if he works on it hard, it will happen. there is no doubt about it. they know. we call on all nations to implement u.n. security council sanctions and resolutions and to cease doing business with the north korean regime. all nations must come together to ensure that this rogue regime cannot threaten the world with its nuclear weapons. i saying president xi for his efforts to restrict trade with north korea and cut off all ban. mr. president, thank you and thank you to all of the chinese
12:27 am
business leaders here today. for standing with the united states and our coalition of responsible nations. but time is quickly running out. we must act fast and hopefully china will act faster and more effectively on this problem. then anyone. i am also calling on russia to help reign in this potential he very tragic situation. the contributions of the business community represented here today are vital to our efforts to ensure peace and prosperity for our two nations. together we can unlock a future of opportunity wealth and dignity far beyond anybody's wildest dreams. in your discussions today, i hope you will learn from each other and identify new ways to advance our economic cooperatio
12:28 am
cooperation. i am depending on all of you to work together to find opportunities of mutual agreement and shared prosperity. the hardworking people of america and the hardworking people of china deserve the very best solutions to achieve prosperity, happiness, and peace. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] >> shannon: you have been listening to the president speaking in beijing. we are going to wait because not too long from now, we are going to take you back to beijing because the president is going to have joint remarks with president xi. we will take you there live. we will be right i had some severe fatigue, some funny rashes. finally, listening to my wife, i went to a doctor and then i became diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma.
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the tumor is trying to attack him, so we're trying to block the tumor. with chemotherapy, i felt rough, fatigued, nauseous. and with immune therapy, we've had such a positive result. the future of immunotherapy at ctca is very bright. i believe that we will use it more and more. i'm back to working out, back to working hard. i've always worked hard, but now it's enjoyable again. and still have energy at the end of the day to have activities with my family. whether it's kicking the soccer ball around with my stepson, or playing fetch with the dog or going for a walk with my wife, i've honestly never felt this great. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now.
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>> shannon: president trump's opinions on china have varied
12:33 am
over the years but now that he's president, his style appears to have won over the social media group. trace gallagher joins us. >> hi, shannon. as president trump arrived at the great hall of the people, he got a rock star welcome with crowds of chinese turning out cheering and waving american flags. the outpouring was also echoed on social media across the country where it appears the chinese people love donald trump. for example, on china's version of twitter, the trump is here hashtag has been viewed and shared 100 million times. it is among the top trending topics of the day. the comments of your mostly positive. social media experts say the reason trump is so popular is because he epitomizes things the chinese hold dear, like being a successful businessman and a free spirit who despises political correctness. a shanghai political commentator told the reuters news service that for the chinese, "the world
12:34 am
is not split into right and wrong. good and evil. it's only success or failure. and the powerful and the week." the chinese also love ivanka trump and the fact that her children speak mandarin. here's a clip ivanka posted on instagram. watch. >> [speaking mandarin] >> we should note that in china, twitter was banned in 2009 as a way for the repressive government to block political dissent. in 2012, when president xi took power, freedom of speech took another hit when all other western social media was banned in some popular bloggers were jailed. to this day, a defamatory statement against the government can land you in prison for three years. of course, none of that stopped president trump from tweeting with the white house, saying it's his way of communicating directly with the people and
12:35 am
that they've got the gear aboard air force one to allow that to happen. when former president obama visited china in 2016, the greeting wasn't nearly as warm. in fact, "the new york times" and the reception was "bruising." even by chinese standards. >> shannon: it's interesting when you think about the fact that twitter is supposed to be banned there but we are told there are at least 10 million twitter followers in china. thank you. we are moments away from the presidents joint press statement with his chinese counterpart. president trump's tough talk on north korea has gone far. according to some people including former secretary of state john kerry, it's gone too far. in an interview on cnn, secretary carey criticized president trump for his stance on north korea and its leader kim jong un. >> as if the rhetoric has stepped over the line with respect to the messages being sent. gives north korea a reason to say we need to bomb.
12:36 am
if we don't have a bomb, we're not going to be able to protect ourselves and they will come after us. >> shannon: joining me now, congressman ron desantis. former military advisor rebecca heinrich. thank you both. congressman, let's start with the idea of rhetoric. we have debated this in recent weeks. the president is in north korea. he's had some tough talk. seems like most folks across the aisle, the democrats, think he's gone way too far, including the former secretary of state who we might add, a lot of this evolution of the nuclear program and north korea happened on his watch. >> they did nothing in the obama administration for eight years. they let the problem get worse. obviously they have created a new problem i believe with what they've done with iran which will be the north korea five or ten years from now. so i think it's fine for them to criticize the president but he sees a problem. he realizes we are on unsustainable course so he's working in a variety of ways.
12:37 am
marshaling military resources. i think it's clear from the rhetoric that there's a credible threat of force. i hope we don't have to use that but if you don't have that, then north korea is not going to listen to you. i think it's great for them tripping on the sidelines. they've given the president this mess. he is trying to deal with it. >> shannon: part of that, rebecca, is now dealing with china. he has very different take on china than they did during the campaign. now they have to work together. want to play a little bit of how he described china when he was on the campaign trail, hoping to become president. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. that's what they are doing. >> shannon: now today we saw moments ago he is praising them for the things they've done to try to help corral north korea. publicly saying the banking
12:38 am
sanctions, we appreciate it. >> this is sort of businessman trump. this is what he does, he gets criticized for not having a coherent strategy towards china. what he does is he comes out really strong, and he hits china with everything. he goes through the litany of problems he sees they have, called them a currency manipulator. ip theft, et cetera. and then he backs off of it and in a way, the chinese can feel like they are getting a win here or he's meeting them in the middle. he goes really hard and any sort of backs often tried to get get what he really wants. what president trump really wants with china right now, the alligator closest to the boat, help with north korea. that's where china is going to play the biggest role here because china is, to a large degree, the great enabler of north korea. it is trade with china keeps north korea's nuclear missile program alive. that's what president trump really needs help with. >> shannon: the statistic is 90% of north korean trade is
12:39 am
done with china, there is an issue of the massive coal imports into china. they get from north korea. congressman, whether or not china would have the ability to replace something like that enormous amount of coal that's very critical to their economy and operations. because they have interests that are different than ours. what they need in that region and what we want in that region can be two very different things. because of the trade between the two and the shared border, they may have to be convinced in a different way. >> they always believe that the collapse of the north korean regime would not be in their interest because they think that would lead to the reunification of korea and that there would be u.s. troops on the chinese-korea border. i don't think we really haven't any intention of putting troops. if the peninsula were unified. with the president is trying to do is change the calculation. if we continue to pump money and trade with north korea, keep them afloat, they can engage in destabilizing activity.
12:40 am
that's not in your interests, china. i think he's leveraging economic, political, and i think he's leveraging our military power in the region for doing that. china is not willing to change their calculation to this point. i think he's done, the president has done a lot of good things to get them there. hopefully we get progress. >> shannon: would like for you to stick around. there is more to discuss as the president continues his trip. we're going to take you live back to china when the president speaks in the joint statement with president xi. you're going to see live. stick around. ♪
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>> shannon: we are standing by live for more remarks from president trump in china. the north korean nuclear threat reaching the shores of hawaii. surprisingly soon, to some, as the state plans to add an attack warning to its monthly alerts for hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. the last time hawaiians had to hear that attack warning was in the 1980s during the cold war. this siren, if used as an actual warning, will signal the need to immediately seek shelter due to potential north korean missile attack. meanwhile, republican senator bob corker will convene a hearing next week on "the executive's authority to use nuclear weapons and the process for executing that authority." senator corker said a number of lawmakers have raised questions
12:45 am
about the use of nuclear weapons in the conduct of foreign policy overall. remember this week there were democrats trying to stop the president from being able to act in that capacity. should be interesting. we are waiting the joint press briefing with president trump and china's president xi in beijing. in the meantime, the pan rebecca heinrichs. thank you for sticking around. i want to play little bit. there's a lengthy speech the president gave and seoul, south korea, yesterday. we want to play the idea that he talked about the world is responsible for dealing with north korea. >> president trump: to those nations that choose to ignore this threat, or worse still, to enable it, the weight of this crisis is on your conscience. >> shannon: who was that for, rebecca? we know he's in china. he's also talked about the need for russia to get involved. >> the primary audiences are china and russia but it's mostly china. china as you mentioned, 90% of
12:46 am
north korea's traders with china. they do have the most leverage. but it's russia too. russia tends to look at these opportunities. anytime there's a crisis with the united states, russia likes to rush in and exploit it. use it for its own gain. president trump, what i liked about the speech so much, it's very reagan-esque. he laid out not only the problems with the military, the missile problems in the nuclear problems but the problems with the regime, the nature of the regime. he lay that out in stark contrast between the north and south. what an evil dictatorship really it is. that also speaks to kim. kim is deified in north korea. five president trump demystifying it and showing the world the human rights violations, that really gives to kim as well. president trump is listening to his analyst. this is part of the pressure campaign, getting into the head of kim. >> shannon: on capitol hill, congressman, what's happening in the senate. we saw some democrats raising concerns last week ..actions the president may
12:47 am
potentially take with respect to north korea. now we have senator bob corker, the chair, very powerful of the foreign relations committee. in the senate, he has been at odds, butting heads with the president. he's been publicly very critical questioning whether he has the ability to actually be the president. now this potential hearing. what do you make of it? is it aimed at a slap at the president? >> it strikes me as kind of a cheap politics to be honest. i think we know the president's authority as commander in chief. the u.s. government has had a pretty consistent policy since the 1940s about that. this president has not said that was going to be reevaluated in any way. he is not threatening to use nuclear weapons unilaterally. so i think he's dealing with difficult situations but to be honest, a lot of the senators helped pave the way for some of these problems to get worse. remember how the senate handled the iran nuclear deal.
12:48 am
that frontloaded $150 billion in sanctions relief to iran. obama is flying pallets of cash in. that was all through the process that these senators created which effectively green-lighted the deal. as tough as the north korea situation is right now, five or ten years down the road on the course with this iran deal, i think we're going to be in an even more difficult situation with the regime in tehran. >> shannon: on a little bit of a lighter note, we saw the president's granddaughter. she speaks mandarin. this video has been shared with president xi. how much do you think those things help in a relationship? it seems that there's a personal connection. >> there is personalities involved. it matters. he saw this warm greeting that the chinese gave president trump when he landed there. the touch with ivanka and her daughter. all this stuff matters. these are people. there is personalities at play. again, this goes back to
12:49 am
presidents -- his businessman chops. he understands personality. we need china, if there's one thing we can get, an agreement. president trump has to be crystal clear with president xi that we are relying on him to fix this north korea problem with us. >> shannon: thank you for coming in. good to see you. all right, stick around because we will take you back live to china where the president speaks again. night court is up next. why some californians want to ban the national anthem
12:50 am
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>> shannon: time for "night court." we present them to you the jury. a prominent california group wants "the star-spangled banner" removed as the national anthem. they say the flag is okay but the naacp says the anthem is racist. the group says whatever replaces the anthem should be cleansed of racism so it and its members can stand proudly for it. apparently solving part of the problem for nfl players still protesting at football games even this late in the season. the newspaper usa today issuing a clarification tonight for video showing the weapon used by the texas shooter. the video showed a chainsaw
12:54 am
bayonet, a real but extremely rare modification for ar-15s. "usa today" clarified that kelley did not attach a chainsaw bayonet. on social media, saying this is the kind of story that shows media ignorance of firearms. the "los angeles times" lamenting that allotment to increase vaccinations has failed to work. so much so that medical exemptions for vaccinations in the golden state are soaring since the law was signed two years ago. the "los angeles times" says doctors are helping parents game the system possibly for ideological reasons and that's leading to as many as one and ten california students going unvaccinated. far above the national average. i had, the latest from china where president trump made a joint appearance with china's presidents xi. we will take you there alive.
12:55 am
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12:59 am
>> shannon: president trump and his chinese counterpart, president xi now invasion, giving a joint statement together. they are both going to speak. an important point of the president's trip. he has spoken not just moments ago, talking to the business leaders there, that he has concerns about the trade deficit, that he has concerns about security. he says these two countries, china and the u.s., will work together. he did give praise to china about letting some tougher banking sanctions to north korea. he says president xi, when he works hard, if you want to get something done, he will get it done. there was a little bit of laughter as he said that, putting a public pressure on president xi as the two of them will have private conversations that we imagine will be much more pointed. in the meantime, this is happening live right now in beijing. we will take you back there as soon as president trump takes to the podium so you can hear his remarks as well. he'll depart there and had onto vietnam next as the next part of
1:00 am
his asia trip for your training is considered the linchpin in the strategy to rate and north korea. we will take you where live when it happens. in the meantime, we are grateful that you spent the evening with us. good night from >> all nations must come together to ensure this rogue regime cannot threaten the world with its nuclear weapons. >> we applaud trump because when he talked about the two careers is the first to say the, destruction. >> the worst mass shooting in a place of worship in american history. we find inspiration and hope in those texas heroes. this sunday, november 12th, will the day of prayer as we unite as one state. >>


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