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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 9, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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taxes huge. huge for your wallet and the economy. we'll be focused all day. >> thank you for joining us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert. it's a big day on capitol hill. we're awaiting new information on the republican plans for tax reform. moments ago, the senate finance committee revealing their version of the tax bill to republicans behind closed doors. details are leaking out. this as the house ways and means committee is expecting to put out their version today. we'll tell you where everything stands as we get it. this is "outnumbered." this is sandra smith. we have kennedy and lisa boost. former deputy spokesperson for the state department, maria harf. and we have fox news legal analyst, bob massey is here. glad to have you. you are outnumbered. slip of the tongue there. waiting on the details of the
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senate plan to be released, this is a very big moment for this country. >> it is very much so. listening to some of the things that paul ryan talked about, it's somewhat complicated. when you look at one of the things that concerns me, some of the things i heard is this possible delay of a year before something happens. you look at the market, i don't know, down 140 points, what are the businesses thinking? he said the president wants it now. they say a year. >> you set it up for us. the senate financial committee outlining their tax reform plan behind closed doors. it's reportedly very different from the house version. setting up a potential battle within the gop. with. trump's first major legislative victory hanging in the balance. paul ryan says he's not concerned. >> we write a bill, they write a bill. we pass a bill. we go to a conference committee. that's how laws are written all the time. with negotiate with the house and the senate and president all
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summer, falling to produce a billion that works inside the frame work and the house and the senate bill will do that. >> the "wall street journal" is reporting president trump told senators this week, you'll like the senate version more than the house version. and just a short time ago, i spoke to marco rubio that says there will be big differences including one controversial proposal. >> it will be different from the house. one of the things that will be different is the state and local taxes exemption. in florida, when i do my taxes, i get to write off my property tax, a portion of sales tax. people are upset about that. it's going to go away. but what matters, how much do you pay at the end of the day, how much do you pay? so while that may be going away, there's other things that are going up. the combination of those two changes is going to lead most if not the vast overwhelming majority of americans that need a tax cut will get one. >> he's cautiously optimistic.
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we wonder how far apart are the house and senate in this? >> as relates to the local taxes, seems to me that it's geographically driven. if you take california, new york, new jersey and connecticut, that could be very important. if you take a state like nevada where we literally, our property taxes are affordable. we don't look at that if i'm going to buy property. those in higher areas, it could have a major impact and could end it. >> kennedy, what are you looking for here? what stands out to you as we await more details? >> end the shell game. you're telling people that you're going to reduce their taxes. you're going to lower payments, have more money. that may be true in some regard but all they're doing is looking for other ways to raise taxes on both sides. that's what you're seeing with the salt deduction. you can make the case it's not right for certain states to raise these local taxes. you are irresponsible governors and lawmakers in places like
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new york and california and they have to reason to keep taxes low. maybe this will put a burden on them if they see wealthy people leaving their state and relocating their businesses and homes to places like nevada and florida. other than that we need to go to a fair tax, a flatter tax. stop the deductions, stop the nonsense and stop the shell game. bottom line, cut spending. neither is bold enough to do it. >> i want to get this down to robert here, slamming the gop tax plan and then go to marie on this. >> the most important thing is to make sure that the tax cut does not reach the light of day. that whole -- it's a giant corporate tax cut. the middle class will be hurt. the wealthiest members of society will come out even better than they are doing right now, which is better than they've done in the history. there should never have been this tax cut on the agenda. >> the former labor secretary not making his opinions on this
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a secret. >> he never does. look, i think that people are concerned there's parts of the middle class that will see their taxes go up. there's still this huge revenue shortfall. that's what kennedy was saying. the gop has not outlined the shortfall and how they make the gap smaller. yesterday one senator came out against this. this is far from a political done deal. the senate and the house version will push it far apart. >> i think to paul ryan's point, this is a process. the house is still in their process. the senate will lay out their version of the bill. as marie stated, they're going to go to conference. we're at the beginning of the process. there's concerns. marie mentioned the deficit. these are concerns that senator langford talked about. senator flake has concerns. there's concerns over the salt deductions as well.
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people in high tax states, new york, new jersey, california. concerns of small business communities expressing the fact that 90% of businesses won't be benefitted by the 25% rate. so i think there's a lot of concerns -- >> you mean the pass-through rate? >> yes. a lot of concerns here. the house and the senate, it's about getting to a majority vote and getting it done in the house and senate. >> so you set it up. the stakes are high. some republicans see this is a must-do after the big election day losses tuesday for republicans. chairman orrin hatch whose committee would write the legislation said the elections could make it harder to get the bill passed. telling the "washington post" "i mean, it could because the elections went against the republicans." so this is a reminder to get to work, says paul ryan. >> it doesn't change my reading of the current moment. emphasizes my current read of
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the moment. we have a promise. one of the chief promises that we made, whether it's the president or the congress in 2016, that we could do tax reform and tax reform for families and people. we have to do that. >> a source close to the white house said they're not sharing the speaker's optimism. the hill reporting that this administration insiders think republicans lost because the republican-controlled congress is not getting anything done. so bob just how important -- >> i'm so burnt on hearing that. it's like can't you get together and figure this out and make it work? people are tired of, this it's like this is what you wanted. you got it. they're like a bunch of kids and nobody -- there's so much toxicity that they can't communicate clearly and make it happen. what we have learned since the election, everything is gone in every different direction. i have to tell you, from the part of the country i'm from, republicans are fed up. they don't want to hear about
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it. they're tired of excuses. they want something to get done. i'm not a finance guy. you ladies have more background. my question is this, on the tax plan, is it possible instead of taking like 15 different things to make it happen, because there's -- maybe take one or two things and see can we make that happen and maybe build from there? >> that's what they discussed in the senate. take it apart. we talked about this. if there's one thing that you're going to do to have the most meaningful impact regardless of what former secretary rice has to say, lowter corporate tax rate. that will have the biggest impact. you'll see the economy grow from there. then once you have a victory, if you do want to take it apart, go ahead with confidence and tackle the other stuff when voters trust you. >> real quick, give me capital gains tax deduction. i'm going to tell you something, in the real estate world, you lower the capital gains tax, properly will soar, sell, build and develop. >> and democrats don't want to hear that. >> i'm not sure voters want to
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hear that. it will be hard for republicans to run on we cut the corporate tax rate. middle class families are not seeing more money in their wallet. >> middle class families work for corporations as well. more will work for corporations -- >> there's the open debate about how long it will take for middle class families to feel that. republicans are struggling, is it worth politically to do nothing or do something bad that is unpopular. that's the question. the house feels electoral pressure more than the senate. the senate doesn't feel it. >> there's pressure from someone who has worked in political politics. this is what my career has been in. there is this immense pressure. the concern with virginia, nobody is surprised that democrats won a trending blue state. congratulations. exactly what was supposed to happen. >> i am. >> i'm not. the problem is that democrats were energized. we saw that in the ebb chelect r
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electora electorate. so the concern for republicans is that republicans will sit home. they're not motivated. the democrats are motivated. you're motivated when you're in the minority. that is the biggest concerns. if the republicans don't get tax reform done, obamacare done, what is the motivation to turn out? >> the president apparently on that phone call with democrats, the "wall street journal" is reporting, he said democrats are going to like this senate plan. >> that's terrifying. that means it's a big government, high-spending plan that is also going to kowtow to nancy pelosi. many are saying this is a tax cut for the rich. ask the rich people. no it's not. >> republicans on the hill are scared of having a repeat of what happened on obamacare. president trump kept changing his mind about what he's red lines were. publicly he would say things that would undercut them. so when he says the democrats
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will like it better -- >> for house republicans, it scares them. >> bob massi hit the nail on the head when you said they're a bunch of babies. when you take the comments on the couch, that's what we have been saying. >> you can't make this group of people up. i have to tell you, they are ridiculous. what it has shown, this swamp is deeper than trump ever believed. i believe that, number 1. >> and he's not fixing it. >> okay. he's been there a year. let's not get to the other guy. the bottom line is, i look at this. i disagree with you about the capitol gains. if you do certain things, i will guarantee you when people start seeing that there's more jobs and companies, they're going to say, i understand it took time but -- it's not going to happen overnight. you have to understand the people with money, they want to grow their business. they want to employ people. i never met a poor person that could employ somebody. >> but they vote.
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>> i understand. >> that's the key question. >> you're talking to a real estate guy. >> but you make me sound so much smarter. >> yes, it was. >> you do well. >> my co host is in our nation's capitol. on "over time" today she will be sitting down with kellyanne conway. they'll be talking about the push for tax reform. that's at the top of the hour. a new bomb shell in the probe in hillary clinton's e-mails. some in the cia raised red flags to james comey. the new questions this raises. plus, talking tough on north korea. president trump's blunt message to china. what that country can do to help ease the crisis. but is china listening? >> the entire civilized world must unite to confront the north
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>> a fox news alert. the drip drip drip continues when it comes to hillary clinton's e-mails. james comey softened the language in his memo exonerating hillary's handling of classified information even after cia
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officials said they were damaging to the agency. this according to summaries of fbi interviews. one cia official calling whoever sent one e-mail "an idiot" writing that they knew better and hurt the cia. the timing of the interviews is significant because they're written within the time frame when comey edited language on hillary's actions from grocery negligent to extremely careless. that distinction is very important. grossly negligent is a crime punishable under law. so you're in fact a lawyer. so when you hear about this and you see that the language was in fact changed and softened, what is the first thing that goes through your head? >> i've come to the conclusion as relates to the clintons, they must have something on everybody. honestly. grossly negligent is a criminal -- a civil word and a
9:18 am
criminal word. legal lion what it means. >> grossly negligent falls in a specific legal definition. if you're guilty of gross negligence -- >> there's culpability. an adult, if you do something, your grossly negligent. >> if you extremely careful with classified information that falls under the same category -- >> i don't think most people think that james comey has tried to help hillary clinton when he said they weren't charging her but reprimanded her publicly. but then he said they reopened the case in october. so the fbi looked at the information, including people in the state department and other people. they came to the conclusion that she should not be charged. they came to that conclusion before they interviewed her and before they interviewed some of
9:19 am
the critical witnesses in her inner circle and were given these sketchy immunity deals. they stand by it because they're trying to cover their arses. >> and i think the majority of americans believe that if her name was marie harth, she would be prosecuted and fired. >> and hillary was running to be commander-in-chief and ridiculed president trump and then put her security information and traveling on international soil and has the audacity to say that countries like russian have goods on donald trump, which every country has information on her and her country, also probably putting our cia officials and military men and women at risk with the
9:20 am
information on her server. >> sounds like they have a different set of rules. catherine herridge has more. watch. >> can you assure people that mrs. clinton and her team are being held to the same standard and that there isn't a special set of rules because they are powerful and politically connected? >> i'm not growing to comment. other than to say there's no special set of rules for anybody that the fbi investigates. >> seems like there's a special set of rules. >> that is the feeling that we're left here with. i don't know. i think this is what leads to this complete distrust in washington. you see this happening and changing of the language and a letter being crafted before it was even time and just -- you put it together and you fear what is really going on. >> i listened to legal experts specializing in this area. say that we probably would be in cuffs.
9:21 am
probably would have an indictment. doesn't make sense to me. there's this optics whether it's real or not. that these people have always had a separate set of rules for many, many years. the average american, man and woman, would in fact have set legal consequence and that they continue -- and she goes to foreign countries and bashes our president, bashes our president here, gets applauses on night shows and i'm saying to myself, again, you can't just make this kind of stuff up. what is it that we're missing? what is it we're missing on this deal? >> you know what we're missing? a giant foundation that launders millions and millions of dollars. >> and i'm not going to defend hillary clinton till my face turns blue as you know. >> as your dress. >> exactly. i have criticized her when i think she's warranted of it. some of this is hyperbole. 2016 is over. she's not -- >> some of it may be but most of it leads to a logical conclusion
9:22 am
that hillary clinton was guilty of something and let off the hook because there was a different set of rules applied to her. >> i think it led -- >> i know she's guilty to my very marrow, marie. >> i would love to continue this discussion. unfortunately there's people in my ear telling me no and i'm saying yes. >> speaking of people terrified of hillary clinton, joe biden dishing in a new memior that he could have beaten hillary clinton. and president trump could meet with vladimir putin. when it comes to dealing with nuke threats, we should talk to everybody. so will he and should he? we'll debate. >> time is quickly running out. i'm calling on russia to help reign in this potentially very tragic situation. fortunate enough to travel to many interesting places.
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>> president trump is wrapping up what has been an eventful trip to china. he heads to vietnam tonight and pressuring china to sever ties with north korea. >> the world must unite to confront the north korean menace. we discussed our mutual commitment to the complete denuclearization of north korea. we agreed not to replicate failed approaches of the past and there were many. all responsible nations must join together to stop arming and financing and even training with the murderers north korean regime. >> china's president speaking out about a nuclear north korea. but sounding noncommittal on
9:28 am
sanctions. meanwhile, president trump hoping for progress on the u.s.-china trade deficit. he blames it on previous administrations, not china. >> we want a vibrant trade relationship with china. we want a fair and reciprocal one. i discussed with president chi concrete steps that will jointly take to solve the problem of the massive trade distortion. >> and as president trump heads to vietnam for a summit of asian nations, many are wondering if he will meet one-on-one with vladimir putin. secretary of state rex tillerson is saying the idea is still under consideration. apparently the state department saying it just depends on what they decide that they can talk about, what that is, determine whether or not they sit down. anyway, bob massi? >> the north korean thing is complicated. this guy obviously is a real
9:29 am
dictator and trump keeps pushing the envelope as far as he can. i think -- i'm not an expert but you have to have china involved. has to be a cooperative effort to make it. but for me, i like the push back. i want the push back. the question, is he crazy enough to do something or -- if i have ever seen a dictator, this guy is. he fits the image. >> would you like to see the president sit down with vladimir putin, marie? >> under the right circumstances, yes. i think that the u.s. and russia have to talk to each other. i've never been concerned about the u.s. trying to work with russia when it's in our interest to do so. i'm more concerned about donald trump and this administration not being willing to push the russians on issues like they should. like on election hacking, like russian activities in syria. things that russia is doing we don't like, i haven't seen enough push back. on north korea, absolutely.
9:30 am
the proof from this trip will be what are the tangible take-aways. the comments have been good in china. it will be interesting to see what happens at the asian summit. he has to come home with tangible take-aways on how to increase the pressure on north korea. russia can play a role. >> you think the president is making progress with china, kennedy? >> i do think he is. i think it's a very smart orchestration starting in japan with strong alliance, a great speech in south korea and show the contrast between south korean success and the north korean murderous dictatorship and how people suffer and die under that regime. and now he's moving on to china. sometimes i think he gets a little too enamored there is there and how our economies are so linked. to maria's point, yeah, he could be more firm. there has to be discussion with russia about north korea. they also need to be held
9:31 am
accountable for their relationship with iran and iran's relationship with north korea. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with him sitting down with vladimir putin. they're both world leaders. on the china front, yes, we hope he's putting pressure on china and china enforces the sanctions and china takes additional actions with north korea. at some point president trump has tried to build this relationship, tried to develop the carrot approach. at some point if china doesn't play ball, maybe we should look at further sanctioning chinese banks, individuals that do business with north korea legally or illegally. so you know, there's also an aspect of when you start playing hardball with china if they don't help us. >> harris is in d.c. she will be joined by kellyanne conway and discussing the president's big trip and that possible meeting with vladimir putin. check it out. "outnumbered" overtime at the top of the hour.
9:32 am
>> members of both parties pushing for a fix to save the dreamer's program which protects undocumented immigrants. house republicans earlier saying it's time to find a solution as it appear as dreamer's fix will not be added to an end of the year spending bill. watch this. >> we're talking about human beings, talking about innocent people through no fault of their own or no decision of their own. they're here in a precarious position. we have the obligation to rectify this, showing american people that we can get something done in congress. >> we need to provide a humane permanent and constitutional solutions to this issue. >> however, republicans remain divided over a path to citizenship. senate democrats are calling to add protections for dreamers to the spending bill as they look to seize on the issue ahead of the mid-terms. watch this. >> right now there's more than 800 dreamers serving the united states military.
9:33 am
if congress fails to pass the dream act, these young people could be forced to leave the military and be placed at risk of thing deported from the country they have volunteered to serve. >> our nation is not as strong as it is today in spite of our immigrant families. it's as strong today because of our immigrant families. >> there seems to be a lot of agreement that something has to be done about the dreamers. what are the biggest details that are holding republicans back? >> i think you mentioned the divide in the republican party. i thinkty democrat party is split on this issue as well. we saw what happened to ralph northam and nancy pelosi about going after her with immigrat n immigration. i think there's a divide with republicans and among democrats. i think if you're president trump -- >> what about the path to citizenship? >> if you're president trump, he would be -- the republican party or president trump would be foolish to not ask for something
9:34 am
like the raise act to be included as part of any sort of dream act being passed in congress. this is president trump's opportunity to get something done on immigration. the raise act is something that he endorsed with senators cotton and purdue. so now is the time if he wants to see it through to try to attach it to any sort of pathway to citizenship or -- >> however, marie, immigration is not a winning issue for ed gillespie. that may not be top of mind for republican voters in these critical states. so what is to be done? >> bob gates has an interesting piece in "the new york times" about this issue where he says currently there's over 800 dreamers serving in our armed forces. the dreamers served when he was secretary of defense. he calls for not just a new dream act but for a path of citizenship. >> if you wear the uniform and willing to defend our freedom, that puts you in a different
9:35 am
category. i don't think you'd have a lot of opposition from republicans on that. >> the path to citizenship politically is the toughest thing that republicans and democrats can't agree on. this is just something that i don't know if it's a political winner or not. i don't know if voters vote on it. it's the right thing to do. the fact that republicans like peter king are saying so is a drastic political shift from a few years ago and says to me we might actually be able to get something done. >> you've heard a lot of people speak out in the business community and have strong opinions when it comes to daca. your perspective has to be different on this, too, bob. >> i'm 100% for doing something on daca. these children, when they were born here, they were victims of the people that came over illegally. if the parents are illegal, they should be illegal. i don't agree with that. the immigration issue, we're impacted in the southwest part of our country because we have so many immigrants that came
9:36 am
there and a lot of mexican americans now that are living there, those that did become naturalized citizens and those that are daca. i think everybody has to clean this up and make it happen and make a pathway to citizenship, make it reasonable and make it happen. >> that's the sticking point. it's the amnesty. blanket amnesty is something that obviously is a huge issue for those that president trump in office. >> it is. i don't disagree with it. people that are victims of this and -- >> and a great deal of empathy there is the question is how do you deal with these people? you can't deport them. >> these people are -- you're telling me we can probably sit down in a day and figure something out. >> let's do it. >> these people are complicated because they're worried about decisions and votes. these kids did nothing wrong. we have to figure it out. get this behind us. there's more important issues. >> would it be like they didn't
9:37 am
care if they lost how different would or world be? former president clinton linked president trump with the dictator club. >> are you talking about foreign countries or here? >> oh, deafening. either that or he had a senior moment. >> conan o'brien asking him to clarify his remark. whether this is more sour grapes for the clintons from the election day loss. joe biden said he knew he could beat hillary clinton in a primary but he decided not to run because he knew the campaign would stop at nothing. how democrats will react and what that could mean for 2020. stay here. yo, check it out dawg.
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>> former president -- vice president joe biden writing in his memoirs that he knew he was capable of beating hillary clinton but decided not to run because he feared a negative campaign saying that hillary clinton's campaign would stop at night. biden writing honesty and empathy was as high as it's ever been. the key swing states like pennsylvania, ohio and florida are all states president trump ended up winning. the former vice president also noting that at the same time his family was struggling with his son beau's death. while he didn't write about it, he was dealing with his son hunter's messy divorce. so you end on that note.
9:43 am
>> it was a big part of it. he made that clear at the time. he was going -- >> as he should. >> going through a lot of family issues and problems. but you go back to some of the things that he noted about running up against hillary clinton. >> i found that interesting that who is calling the credibility question now? we talked about earlier about their credibility and the kind of person they may be. i always liked joe biden. not just because of horrible tragedies in his life. but he always seems like he was a good fear, appeared to be a good husband, a nice man. i didn't agree with one thing he said politically honestly. but i like the guy. something. so if you want to put joe biden next to hillary clinton, there's no question from the optics -- i don't know if he will be trumped. >> what did he mean by that, the stop at nothing campaign -- >> i don't know what he meant -- >> they'll pay $9 million for a
9:44 am
dossier on joe. >> the main reason he didn't go through is because of his family. you said if you're going to run, you have to be 100%. after the year he had, he couldn't. he knew that. i do believe he could have beaten hillary. her campaigns are ruthless. so is donald trump. i think he could have given donald trump more of a competitive general election race. i think that he is looking at 2020. >> i think you're right. can i just say that every time one of these books comes out and the donna brazile book comes out and they're factions of the democratic party saying it's over for her. if joe biden runs, bernie is running, elizabeth warren is running. she doesn't care about hillary clinton. that's why she said the election and the dnc rigged everything for hillary. >> you know who else thought that he should be president? barack obama. he also wrote this, lisa, but
9:45 am
late 2014. we were walking after lunch. he said joe, if i had the power of appointment, i would appoint you president. we agree on the issues. you'd be the best president. >> days of joe biden running are over. you have splits in the democratic party where the bernie sanders wing that don't think like corey booker are progressive enough. so i don't think joe biden would have a chance. but he would have done better against president trump. you look at macomb county, michigan. one of the counties that helped put president trump over the top. your working close voters, a working class county that president trump won that hillary clinton paid no attention to. she was unable to connect with so many workers that delivered the rust belt to president trump. so the problem with democrats,
9:46 am
can they connect with those voters again. >> if virginia told us anything, we nominated the moderate of the two candidates. >> we did not nominate the progressive. we voted for somebody like george bush -- >> the point is who can win -- >> i think democrats, looking at the democratic primary are taking lessons and not going to go to bernie. >> former president bill clinton suggested that president trump is part of a dictator's club that is harming democracy. is clinton out of line for slamming the sitting president while mr. trump is in asia training training to rein in actual dictators like kim jong-un? we debate.
9:47 am
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first, we need to touch base with harris. she's in washington d.c. she's going to let us know whose coming up on "outnumbered" overtime. >> hi. kellyanne conway will join me in the nation's capitol.
9:51 am
will the president meet with vladimir putin. she's coming from the tax strategy meeting on the hill. i'll get the scoop on that from her perspective. the inside battle about who to hit the senate as they roll out their vision for tax cuts. senator ron johnson from the important budget committee will give me the lawmaker's take on the same senate tax hearing, the meeting they're in. we'll go "outnumbered" overtime from dc in a few minutes. it's a big day here on the hill. >> wash out washington. harris has arrived. >> you think they're ready? >> yeah. we look forward to that, harris. thank you. >> thanks. >> it will be fun to watch. former president bill clinton appearing to slam president trump during an appearance on conan last night. the one-year anniversary of his wife hillary clinton's stunning election loss. clinton seeming to imply that president trump is part of a group of dictators that are distorting the truth and putting democracy itself in jeopardy. watch. >> the dictator's club in the
9:52 am
world. there's a bunch of them. they want to abolish the line between truth and lie. they figure if you don't know what is true and you don't think you can ever know that pretty soon everybody will accept the fact that democracy is no locker possible. >> you're talking about foreign countries or here? show me to the bone for a second. >> look, all i can tell you -- >> you said a lot by saying nothing. >> so bob, what benefit does this do for that kind of language, particularly at a time where president trump is overseas meeting with china, addressing real dictators like kim jong-un who kills family members, his regime killed otto warbier. what does this do? >> this is the guy that was in a deposition -- >> what is your definition of a word is. >> this guy is questioning
9:53 am
credibility and truth. what aggravates me about this, you can hate your president if you want to. how about respect the fact that he represents our country? respect the fact that he's overseas. they have so much venom and poor losers. he represents -- i wasn't a barack obama guy. i wasn't trashing him. it's not right. you have to respect the presidency. it's the difference between him and bush. when it was over, obama won, you never heard bush say anything about anything. he did his thing. that's what a respectable person should do. it's out of line. >> and to that point, does he really have a leg to stand on? as bob pointed out, someone that was impeached for perjury. his wife went polling during the election that the number 1 word associated with her is the word "liar." does he have a place to talk about truth and honesty? >> yes. donald trump has exhibited
9:54 am
anti-democratic tendencies. he hate as free press. he says they're the enemy of the american people. he routinely says things that are not true. so yes, it's a fair criticism. say what you want about being respectful. donald trump has broken every rule about how a person is supposed to act respectfully. donald trump goes after gold star families. donald trump says question barack obama's citizenship. don't have a lot of sympathy here for donald trump getting criticized while he's overseas when he's -- >> what you're saying is you're okay with the former president criticizing the sitting president while he was overseas meeting with world leaders. >> you would have kittens if george w. bush did that. you would have burned young felines. >> he was making a broader point about the world and media and
9:55 am
fake news and the internet. >> to be fair, the implication that he said donald trump. >> absolutely that's what it was. >> he said he's a dictator along the lines like kim jong-un. >> he didn't say that. >> that's why people are so frustrated. it's fine if my side does it. hillary clinton was impossible -- i get so choked up. excuse me. it's possible for her to truly take responsible for how her campaign fell apart. to truly take responsibility for her own e-mail server and the irresponsible things she did. to her her husband go out on the political anniversary of the biggest loss in this country and the person that beat her is a dictator. >> do you wish that donald trump told the truth me? >> of course. i don't like his authoritarian tendencies. >> you don't go on national tv and imply that this guy is a
9:56 am
dictator. he's the president of our country. >> bob got the last word. more in just a moment. >> the passion came over me. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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speak out thanks to bob. it good to have you, all the way from the state of nevada. and by the way, it is nevada, right? >> it is nevada. thanks to everybody here. we are back tomorrow at 12:00
10:00 am
eastern time, and now here is harris in washington, d.c. >> harris: i like that. fox news alert now, it is a go time. we should soon learn what is in the tax plan from each of the chambers of congress, as the g.o.p. aims to pass tax cuts before the end of the year. we are in our nation's capital today with "outnumbered overtime." i am harris author. fox news is standing by right now. the house and the senate, they each have their versions and visions for the american people. we are told that the house writing committee is making some final tweaks, and republican senators are being briefed right now on their plan, which is expected to have some significant differences from the house proposal. the senate will reportedly remove the federal deduction for state and local taxes. you know you have been hearing about it. it happens in high tax states like new york and california,


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