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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 13, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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veterans. well done. we look forward to seeing what you do next. >> jesse: it's amazing. makes me feel very lazy and unaccomplished. set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. bret, see if you can do better than that show? >> bret: thanks, jesse. another accuser comes forward against republican senate candidate roy moore. his campaign calls it a witch hunt. more republicans in congress are calling for the candidate to step down. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. another woman has come forward this afternoon claiming republican senate candidate roy moore sexually assaulted her when she was a minor. this accuser claims moore tried to rape her. it's a blow to moore's campaign, which is feeling the heat as more and more republicans call
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on him to step aside. at this hour, moore and his campaign stand firm, saying he's innocent. he will continue to fight these accusations and that this is all made up by the washington swamp afraid of his election. correspondent jonathan serrie reports from moore's hometown. >> i was terrified. he was also trying to pull my shirt off. i thought he was going to rape me. >> flanked by her attorney, a new accuser came forward claiming roy moore sexually assaulted her 40 years ago shortly after she turned 16. the moore campaign responded saying gloria is a sensationalist leading a witch hunt. judge moore is an innocent man and has never had sexual misconduct with anyone. mitch mcconnell said he believes moore's accusers. >> reporter: are you calling for him to step down? >> i think he should step aside.
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>> mcconnell joins republicans who are pulling their support or carling on moore to leave the race. >> the accusations have more credibility than the denial. i think it would be best if moore would step aside. >> these developing less than 24 hours after moore told a group he planned legal action against "the washington post" for publishing allegations he made advances on a 14-year-old girl in 1979. when he was 32. >> this attack comes on a minor child. it is false and untrue. >> roy moore accuses the republican establishment and democrats of fueling the allegations. his opponent, former u.s. attorney doug jones says his campaign had nothing to do with the allegations. >> absolutely not. that's another in a continuing pattern of absurd statements that moore and his campaign have made. not just in the course of the
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campaign but in the course of his career. >> senate democrats are looking at a possible pickup but for now they are waiting on jones to ask for their help. minority leader chuck schumer says the jones campaign is running on its own. we have some late breaking news. arizona senator john mccain says moore should not be allowed to sit in the senate, that she and -- he should be expelled by any means possible. >> bret: thank you. with growing calls for moore to step down, tonight we take a look at what lawmakers could possibly do if he does not withdraw from this race. >> the party is talking about its candidates and whether or not it's candidate should appear, or how the candidate should appear on the ballot, whether it's mr. moore or someone else. >> option one being considered by those who want judge moore to step aside, delayed the special
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election set for december 12. alabama governor would order a new date for the election, allowing time to ease moore out of the race. judge moore has said he is fighting this and the governor's spokesman says she has no plans to do it. >> what the notion being discussed with these revelations that the governor of alabama postponing, delaying the special election next month? >> we all know alabama is a very tough state politically for democrats, but this is a special situation. we have a great candidate. on the other hand, you have a very, very flawed candidate in roy moore which is why many people are calling upon him to step down. >> bret: to replace moore on the ballot, alabama election law requires candidates to withdraw iv 76 days before an election, a deadline that has already come and gone. >> there's the possibility the party could pursue its own rules, petition to have roy
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moore taken off the ballot. again, that would be a relatively extraordinary situation. that's not to say it wouldn't happen. but by and large, at this point in the game, roy moore does have the advantage. >> bret: option two: exclusion from office which has not succeeded in the courts of the past other -- on the grounds that moore doesn't need constitutional requirements for office. mitch mcconnell could contest moore's fitness for office and block him from being seated under article 1, section 5 of the constitution. there are reports citing senior white house sources saying that the governor could block moore. the final option: expulsion. seating a victoria moore in the senate and then quickly kicking him out. two-thirds of the senate would have to vote to expel him, a
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steep hurdle since democrats would likely enjoy any chaos and also have moore as an issue in 2020. the last successful expulsion was in 1862. experts don't expect it would work this time around. >> it's unlikely that the senate would not recognize a duly elected u.s. senator simply because there was a political scandal that might have change the outcome of the election. >> bret: cory gardner called for moore's expulsion today should he win, saying "if he refuses to withdraw and wins, the senate should vote to expel him because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the united states senate." adding to the confusion, alabama has what's called a sore loser's law which means that primary opponents luther strange and mo brooks would not be able to be on the ballot. a writing campaign would be the only way they would go forward.
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president trump's trip to asia is winding down but there's no doubt has been busy. over the weekend, the president made a few headlines for what he did or did not say to the philippine leader. in another case, what president trump said about vladimir putin. john roberts has the story. >> it was the most controversial of the many meetings he's had in the past 11 days. president trump sitting down with philippines president rodrigo duterte. >> we've had a great relationship. this has been very successful. >> duterte has presided over an aggressive drug war in the philippines marked by thousands of extrajudicial killings. duterte denies any involvement. the white house as president trump briefly brought up human rights during the bilateral meeting but a spokesman for duterte immediately contradicted. >> there was no mention of human rights. there is no mention of killings. >> despite disagreements over what was discussed, duterte's people say the relationship with president trump is warm and
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friendly. at the dinner, duterte saying a love song with the famous filipino pop star think he did it on orders from president trump. >> the orders of the commander in chief of the united states. >> north korea was high on the agenda, as the president met again with shinzo abe of japan and australian prime minister malcolm turnbull. last week abe pledged 100% support to president trump. in manila, it was turnbull's turn. >> the north korean regime comes to its senses and stopped its threats of conflict in the region. >> president trump promised a big announcement on north korea when he returns to the white house thursday and something on trade. >> a lot of big progress on trade. we have deficits with almost
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everyone. they are going to be cut quickly and substantially. >> accept us. >> your are the only ones. >> the only glitch in the trip came after the apec summit in vietnam. vladimir putin had again assured him he had nothing to do with meddling. asked aboard air force one, the president said "i really believe when he tells me that he means it." some reports took it to me and president trump believed what putin said over u.s. intelligence assessments that russia did indeed interfere. >> john roberts of fox. >> at a press conference in hanoi, fox news asked the president to clarify. >> yes or no, whether or not you believe president putin and russia interfered in the election.
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>> what i said as i believe he believes that, and it's very important for somebody to believe. i believe he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i am with our agencies. >> president trump added he trusts the intelligence agencies with their current leadership, the leadership he put in. while he didn't definitively say that he thinks president putin is not telling the truth when he says he did not meddle in the u.s. election, it certainly appears to be, bret, as close as he's ever come to saying that. >> bret: john roberts traveling with the president in manila. thank you. we are learning tonight president trump's on dodging your communicative with wikileaks at the height of his father's presidential campaign and that communication continued well into the summer. the atlantic reports the transparency organization private message from junior on twitter asking him for cooperation and sharing its work and contesting the results of the election should his father lose. after trump's election, helping julian assange become australia's ambassador to the u.s. the messages were given to congressional investigators and
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lawmakers are already weighing in. >> the presidents on would be in direct communication with the vehicle that was used by russia in order to seek to influence the election, it's a striking development. it is certainly close coordination. >> bret: will continue to follow the story as it develops. ty cobb tells fox news there's no legal issue with those messages. it's the beginning of 1 hectic week on capitol hill that could end is one of the most successful legislative weeks since president trump took office or it could end up looking a lot like the obamacare repeal efforts that failed dramatically. mike emanuel reports from capitol hill on the tax reform push. >> it's the start of a critical week in congress on tax reform. house g.o.p. leaders expected this evening to see if they have the votes. though they are optimistic,
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conservative members have questions. >> will it simplify the code and be conducive to economic growth? if the answer is yes, we should be for it. >> there is also action on the other side with the finance committee working on the senate tax plan. >> with regard to the middle class tax cut, it's real. a nonpartisan group came out with their analysis over the weekend and shows middle class families across the board get tax relief. >> with 52 republicans, the challenge will be keeping the g.o.p. unified. bob corker of tennessee, jeff flake of arizona and james lankford of oklahoma have expressed concerns about the nation's debt. g.o.p. leaders will need to assure them that the tax package won't blow a hole in the deficit. then there is marco rubio of florida and mike lee of utah who want to double the child tax credit. the senate plan would increase it to 1650, they aren't satisfied. president trump today reiterated
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his call for including a tax in obamacare, tweeting: "now, how about ending the unfair and highly unpopular individual mandate in ocare and reducing taxes even further? cut top rate to 35% with all of the rest going to middle income cuts?" senate democratic leader chuck schumer suggested that would sell out most folks who voted for the president. >> congressional republicans are doing their best to put their majorities at risk. if republicans thought it was hard winning elections last week, with the drag of an unpopular president weighing them down, wait until the voters hear about the spell. >> including the individual mandate of obamacare would certainly add revenue and some sources suggested could add votes in the house but might lose votes in the senate where the senate remains getting 52 yes. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the help. thanks. for more analysis, we turn to brit hume.
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good evening. you heard mike's piece. >> my sense is there's a level of determination on this that transcends the level they had on their failed effort to repeal obamacare that they will probably, one way or another, find a way to get it done. there's kind of a inescapable trap that proponents of tax cuts usually republicans adopted when the debate is on. that's this. the principal economic reason for passing tax cuts is not the individual benefits that will accrue to people who save money on their tax bills. it's the overall effect on the economy. the belief that you get a big growth boost out of this that helps everybody at all income levels, or at least can help everybody. that's the best reason economically. inevitably the discussion turns to how much this taxpayer or that taxpayer gets in savings. that leads inevitably to
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questions about whether they middle income people are being shafted and the rich people are benefiting. that of course comes down to this: who pays the overwhelming share of taxes in the country? the people in the upper income bracket. they stand to benefit more because they pay more. and they pay not only more in taxes but a higher percentage. the people at the lower levels. the result is you end up with a debate about whether it's a tax cut for the rich or not which is democratic territory, and republicans find themselves fighting on the ground which is not advantageous. >> bret: is what we are seeing between the house and senate versions. the going that is that the senate version which does not have the estate tax or death tax in it, also has seven different brackets still, it's more likely to be where they end up after conference. the key point is you have to get it to that conference meeting. >> that's exactly right. of course, what you end up doing
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is you end up trying to design a tax cut that benefits people who don't pay much in taxes. we've got this huge percentage, bret, of an american income taxpayers who don't pay any income tax at all because over the years as republicans and thr allies have passed tax cuts, one of the prices they paid for doing it is lopping more people off the tax rolls altogether. you have a huge chunk of the populace that really has no stake in tax cuts. they don't care -- i am talking about income tax cuts. they don't really care what level the income taxes go to because they don't pay them. >> bret: but the administration would say because he would be stirring up the engine that they would therefore benefit. >> i agree with that, but that argument that the growth that's stimulated that's caused by tax cuts, the indirect benefits people, it's hard to quantify ahead of time.
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so it's hard to make the argument. that's why to some extent tax cuts which are broadly speaking popular, do face when you get down to who gets what. the who gets what argument is disadvantageous to those who are promoting the because inevitably you end up trying to design a tax cut for people who don't pay much in taxes. hard to do. and it's awfully hard to do in a way that -- if a tax cut of any size is bound to benefit the people who pay more. it's a dilemma. it's the political equation we are looking at. you see it played out time and again. >> bret: as always, thank you. we will see how house speaker paul ryan's elevator pitch on this is tomorrow in a town hall. it will air on "special report" and into "the story." president trump's tapping of former pharmaceutical executive the is next health and human services secretary. the president tweeted he
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nominated alex azar, saying he will be a star for better health care and drug prices. alex azar spent much of the last ten years with eli lilly and served in post with hhs under the george w. bush administration. next up, the probe into the death of the green beret takes a new turn as we learned the navy seals under investigation were already on the radar for another possible crime when i look in the mirror everyday.
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>> bret: more than 400 people are dead following a 7.3 magnitude earthquake sunday along the border of iraq and iran. thousands more are injured. rescuers continue to dig through
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debris. in hopes of finding survivors. four u.s. service members were wounded in a suicide attack on their convoy in afghanistan. an army spokesman tells fox news the troops are in stable condition. the taliban has claimed responsibility. the nuclear threat from north korea has of us have been a big topic of discussion during much of president trump's trip through asia. a senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot reports, along with the tough talk comes in a show of force. the defense secretary insisted it is standard operating procedure. >> an armada of u.s. naval firepower coming on a time of high tension with north korea. for the first time in nearly 50 years, three u.s. aircraft carriers on maneuvers off the korean peninsula. uss nimitz, ronald reagan, theodore roosevelt in action along with some 70 aircraft on each carrier. destroyers, guided missile warships, submarines and other
3:23 pm
vessels. sending a message to the kim jong un regime and its nuclear and missile program. joining them, ships from japan and south korea. >> translator: we will deter the enemy's provocations. >> a dramatic scene today between north and south korea. a north korean soldier in the joint security area staged a brave defection. he was shot and injured by north korean forces and rescued by south korean troops. >> translator: our military has secure the safety of the soldier and transport of the soldier to a hospital for treatment. >> there are some thousand defections a year from north korea, it's rare. even more rare, defections by americans into north korea. elsewhere along the dmz, an unnamed 58-year-old man from louisiana tried to get across. authorities say for political purposes. he didn't get far and is held by
3:24 pm
south korea. all this as president trump concludes the trip with north korea a focus. following meetings with chinese presidents be 24, president trump said china's leader would increase sanctions against pyongyang. >> translator: we are committed to realizing denuclearization, maintaining peace and stability on the pencil and solving problems through dialogue and consultation. >> pyongyang branded the u.s. of force for aggression and president trump war maniac. the trip not doing much for any hope for friendship with kim jong un. >> bret: thinks. the death of four u.s. soldiers last month is raising red flags here at home. as eyewitnesses give their accounts of how they found sergeant la david johnson. military investigators are on the ground to gain a better understanding of what happened that night. kristin fisher reports on what we are learning.
3:25 pm
>> investigators on the ground trying to get answers about the attack that killed four u.s. troops last month. one u.s. official in niger's has a large u.s. team spent most of the day sunday collecting information while drones monitor their movements overhead. according to u.s. africa command, the team interviewed local villagers, conducted a physical examination of multiple areas of interest related to the attack and retraced actions leading up to, during, and after the ambush. it was two of those villagers who reportedly told "the washington post" of the body of sergeant la david johnson was "found with his arms tied and a gaping wound at the back of his head." according to the villagers chimeric four suggesting he may have been captured and executed. the pentagon won't confirm it. the accounts come among growing scrutiny. republicans and democrats continue to be concerned about
3:26 pm
what they described as insufficient or conflicting information. about the deadliest combat operation since president trump took office. that's especially true for congresswoman frederick a welshman who listened in on mr. trump's goals calls with sergeant johnson's window. after the story broke, she says she was surprised to wake up to the details, adding "i'm concerned about the mysterious circumstances she rounding charger johnson's death and i need and want answers now." so far today, shown no interest from the defense secretary james mattis who was asked point blank this afternoon "was sergeant johnson executed?" he replied we are still waiting on the investigation. that won't be complete until january. >> bret: the green beret killed in mali earlier this year reportedly made a discovery that may have led to his murder. the two navy seals being
3:27 pm
investigated in the murder and staff sergeant logan melgar's death say they tried to save his life. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has been following the case and joins us now with the latest. >> good evening. we are learning the two seals, members of the elite seal team six were already under suspicion prior to the mysterious death of the green beret. they were alleged to have been involved in skimming cash from an informant fund that the team used as part of his secret counterterrorism mission. logan melgar was strangled to death on june 4. medical examiner ruled it homicide by by expectation. navy seals reportedly said that melgar had been drinking when they took him to the hospital. staff sergeant melgar didn't drink. he told his wife michelle he was having trouble with these two people. almost immediately his superior suspected homicide. red flags were raised when the
3:28 pm
autopsy report came back and said that there was no sign of alcohol or drugs in melgar's bloodstream. that is when the seals' alibi began to follow part. melgar was murdered at the u.s. embassy housing in the mali capital where he and the seals were staying. their commander in stuttgart immediately launched an investigation. melgar was handpicked for their mission. the embassy staff and ambassador respected him. one of the seals is said to be a mixed martial arts specialist. the criminal investigative service took over the investigator from the army in september. >> bret: jennifer griffin, thank you. biotin 2020? the former vice president won't rule out a run for president but next democrats are looking at at the possible ticket in 2020. d... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors
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>> bret: former vice president joe biden has been quiet for a while but now is back with the new book on an intensely personal subject. in some hints about whether he may resume his former line of work. here is chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> less than a week after donna brazile's new book reveals that the interim chair consider replacing hillary clinton with vice president joe biden is the 2016 nominee following clinton's dramatic fainting spell, mr. biden has a new book of his own. "promise me, dad." he wants you to know that donna brazile's idea would never work. >> i was not ready. no, i would never have done it. >> mr. biden says he hasn't made up his mind about 2020. >> i am in good shape, knock on wood, as my mother would say. i just don't know. that's the truth. >> tension within the party what
3:33 pm
type of candidates to nominate. people with no previous experience like the current president or people with a lot of experience like a joe biden or someone else. >> mr. biden argued hillary clinton loss because she couldn't get the message out about the middle class. >> he's right about this. we would have plans to rollout a huge policy that she was unveiling on health care on jobf issues and we would be derailed by something that candidate trump at the time did. >> were mr. biden to reenter the fray, he would find his party frayed. >> i'm here to fight for everybody whose voice needs to be heard. >> elizabeth warren, a potential contender agrees the primary was regular told reporters outside a town hall sunday that the party has come together. >> want to try to get reaction.
3:34 pm
>> bernie sanders, the independent vermont senator who captured 43% of democratic primary votes last year portrayed the party is doomed if it does not expand to include unaffiliated voters. >> say to young people overwhelmingly are independent. working people, we don't want you to come into the democratic party, it's totally absurd. it's a recipe for failure. >> democrats are disagreeing over how to interpret the data from the elections they won last week. this week, a number of analysts observing the party did not show strong growth outside of traditional democratic strongholds such as big cities. >> bret: thank you. more on this with the panel. the markets and mack in the green. dow up 17.5. s&p 500 rose 2.5. nasdaq of nearly 7. jurors say they cannot reach a verdict in the corruption trial of democratic senator bob menendez. the judge said today go home. get some fresh air. try again tomorrow morning. jurors started from scratch today after one juror was
3:35 pm
replaced at the end of deliberations last week for a preplanned vacation. up next, what to do with roy moore. the panel weighs in on the senate candidates case and the calls for him to step down. next. you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what maheart-healthyle salad the california walnuts.ver? the best simple pasta ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever?
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>> i think he should step aside. >> reporter: would you encourage a writing campaign? >> that's an option. we are looking at whether or not there's someone would mount a write-in campaign successfully. >> reporter: do you believe these allegations could be true? >> i believe the women, yes. >> trying desperately to stop my campaign. these it allegations are completely false and untrue.
3:39 pm
>> bret: another accuser coming out today saying that judge roy moore attempted, she said, to rape her when she was 16. george moore tweeting out the person who should step aside a senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. he has failed conservatives and must be replaced, drain the swamp. the calls for moore to step aside. luther strange who ran against george moore and the primary moments ago made a comment outside the capital to gather depressed, expecting specific soon but basically said the allegations are very serious. it's up to the people of alabama to make sense of this and decide how they want to proceed. asked about ruling out running, he called it an unfolding story and did not want to get into speculation. alabama has what's called a sore loser law, so he lost the primary, as did mo brooks. neither one of them could be on a ballot but they could launch a write-in campaign. let's bring in the panel.
3:40 pm
steve hayes, editor in chief of "the weekly standard." mara liasson national clinical correspondent for national public radio and mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist" ." mollie, every day this is another iteration of what we are learning, accusations and more republicans coming out saying this should be coming to an end. >> after friday it was interesting to see what happens and today we have another sickening allegation about improper behavior, assault against a minor. it's very difficult to report on these stories and respond to these stories when you are dealing with not just the sensitivity of the issues but how to know what really happene happened. but it's not surprising that a lot of people are finding that this is still a problem. more stories are coming out and this is not good for roy moore. he has denied it but he kind of equivocated some of his denial which is not giving people a lot of confidence. what i'm interested in is, this is happening while donald trump is on a asia tour.
3:41 pm
he did not support roy moore during the primary. he said he would support him as the winner of the primary. i'm curious to see what he will do when he returns. i have a feeling he's not -- he would not enjoy this is happening. he might weigh in and that might be what is decisive. >> bret: alabama is deep red in its inclinations politically. there was a writing campaign, it would have to be somebody big to be enough to overtake somebody who is actually on the ballot. >> if it wasn't big, am i just corral all those republicans who've been flirting with voting for the democrats and then they have somewhere to park and roy moore could still won. if it wasn't somebody so big that could literally won in a three-way race. or the democrat wins. what i'm saying is the right and ideas fraught with peril. you've got to get the right person if the republicans are planning to have that person win. that's tough. the one clue for donald trump,
3:42 pm
and i think mollie is right, what's he going to do when he comes home? kellyanne conway was pretty tough this week about roy moore. she didn't say "if these are true." she said "this is the kind of thing -- somebody should not be in the senate with his behavior." that may be a clue as to what donald trump is going to do. >> bret: steve bannon does not feel that way. he's been talking on different outlets. let's take a listen. >> it is like billy bush weekend. it's like this thing with george moore. they are petrified of the opposition party. the republican party and the leadership of the republican party are cowards. you are writing your checks to cowards. understand this. they are there for you and it's easy. they are there to take your check. >> bret: not sure how the room responded to that argument but that's the argument he's making. >> i guess i'm not surprised that's the argument is making. he's the one who gave a career
3:43 pm
to the writer for breitbart and has defended similar things in the past. now you have steve bannon defending someone who has been credibly accused of assaulting underaged girls. he did the same thing with milo. he didn't defend him but he boosted his career and stood by them. to me, i think the republicans are likely to get behind somebody for writing campaign. i think the big decision came today when they decided we are not going to have anything to do with roy moore from this point forward. having made that decision -- nrs c saying that. i think the real question is who they get behind, who they are recruiting. you can be sure that on the other side of capitol hill, they are making phone calls are not endless somebody who they think given in the event of adele jones win, a republican loss, could carry the banner of credible conservatism in a way that roy moore can't. >> bret: one idea out there and "the new york times" had a
3:44 pm
piece about this, one idea being discussed under this scenario, brought up by two different white house officials, would be for governor kay ivey of alabama to appoint jeff sessions to what had been his seat when it becomes vacant. mr. sessions remains highly popular among alabama republicans but his relationship with president trump has waned since he recused himself from the investigation and the role that russia played in the campaign. i don't know if that's wishful thinking by some inside the white house or i know the justice department is a privately that sessions has no interest in going back to his senate seat. whether he has a say, we don't know. >> it's interesting that came from two white house sources. it's interesting that the department of justice said sessions has no interest. this is a plan that only works if sessions wants to go back. it's true that republican leaders do need to think about the republican voter. i don't know if they find it as persuasive that it's okay to
3:45 pm
give the seat up to democrats, as republicans here in washington think. i don't think people are that committed to roy moore but they are probably committed to keeping the seat republican and they would like to see what happens when republicans win an alabama senate seat. >> bret: things get dicey when you look at these states without alabama. justice department will not rule out, we are being told, opening other special counsel investigation into uranium one and the clinton foundation. fox news has learned attorney general jeff sessions has directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate certain issues requested by congressional republicans involving the sale of uranium one and alleged unlawful dealings related to the clinton foundation. the letter to the house judiciary committee directs senior federal prosecutors to evaluate the issues raised and will make recognitions -- recommendations as to whether any matters should be opened or investigated. breaking news late this evening. next up, biden in 2020?
3:46 pm
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♪ >> are you in the race for 2020? >> if the lord almighty came down and said joe, the nomination as yours but you have to take it now, i would say no. not now. i'm not ready. my dad had another expression. he said joe, don't compare me to the almighty. compare meet the alternative. i'm looking good now is the alternative. >> it's a pretty remarkable legacy, an amazing career in public service. it is, as joe said, a big deal. >> bret: left out a word
3:50 pm
there. joe biden, former vice president, not ruling out a run in 2020. "saturday night live" had some fun with the fresh faces of the democrats. >> we are back, baby. >> you love us again. >> we haven't felt this confident since the day before trump won. >> you love our ideas delivered by fresh new faces from people like me, nancy pelosi. >> and meet dianne feinstein. >> and me, chuck schumer. >> and i am team player donna brazile. >> it is biden time. >> bret: you get the sense. we are back with the panel. okay, mara. >> joe biden was someone who everyone thought time had come and gone. maybe it's coming around again.
3:51 pm
people are looking at him and saying he's authentic in its own kind away. he can speak to white working-class voters. he might be old. he is 75 but he looks pretty darn good. really good shape. so he has that kind of return to normalcy, believe it or not, in the euro of trump where normalcy has been redefined. >> bret: looking at the facts now. he turned 75 monday. elected to the senate at age 29. 50 youngest to the senate, served 36 years, including eight years as chairman of the judiciary committee. foreign relations. ran for president in 2,007. eight years as vice president. you look at the latest poll looking at biden against donald trump, he does well, according to the poll. that is october 10 in 2015. that's a long time ago. >> yeah, it's a long time ago. the question for joe biden isn't
3:52 pm
necessarily age so much as ideology. the center of gravity and the democratic party has shifted dramatically to the left from a far left of where joe biden was. he may be able to reposition himself a bit by arguing he was barack obama's vice president and obama moved the party to the left but we are talking about people who are in bernie sanders case, a socialist. in elizabeth warren's case, and your socialist. that's with the democratic base is excited by today. two they get excited by joe biden is old-school new deal democratic politics? i'm not sure. >> democrats love him. grassroots democrats, ideology aside, they love joe biden. >> bret: i should point out -- i thought this last poll was recent. it was 2015. not really a factor because it was before trump became trump and before he became president. disregard that fox poll from 2015. up against donald trump and
3:53 pm
especially with white working-class voters in place like michigan, wisconsin, all of those blue-collar states, what do you think? >> i think what we are seeing is the continued realization that hillary clinton was a very bad candidate to run last year. i think people have a little bit of remorse that they couldn't get biden to run. he would have done well. the question for the democratic party is do they want to try and recapture some of the blue-collar vote they lost so clearly with the trumpet election and what they've been losing going back several years. or do they want to lean into the identity politics? a lot of people see in terms of raw numbers if they could appeal more to white working-class voters, they could do well in the presidential but that's not the direction the party is going. the direction is to really lean into identity politics. >> bret: who else is leading the party? who else are you talking about? >> there isn't one.
3:54 pm
right now, and it's ridiculous to talk about 2020 right now, there are a ton of people who want to run and then there is joe biden. there are a bunch of people and then there is joe biden. he's the other one right now with that kind of stature. mollie put out the choice. well. i think the story in virginia was they have to reach out to white working-class voters because they got their voters now but they didn't make inroads into the trump areas. maybe that works in virginia. it's not going to work in wisconsin, michigan, ohio. >> i think mara's caveat. joe biden looks big and formidable. he's an establishment democrat. we are in an antiestablishment mood in both parties. >> bret: ♪
3:55 pm
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3:58 pm
whose lives are lost on the battlefield, and to others who lost the battle here at home. tonight catherine herridge introduces us to three veterans on a journey that took them from california to washington, d.c. >> for three veterans, the journey to the jumbotron began nine years ago when their fellow soldiers and iraqi translator died as brothers in iraq in 2008 when a house rigged with explosives collapsed. the ripple effect is felt to this day. >> did you think about those guys? >> nonstop. >> in june, they left santa monica pier. 11 states and 2600 miles later, they raised awareness about veteran suicide. >> if the velocity of the you can't fix the road ahead in the soup with the traveled road behind you. >> their team created brotherhood bridge, to connect vets to available services. >> the one thing that this has is a network. >> it helps, there's a lot of
3:59 pm
help and i know where it's coming from, i've been that guy, had a gun to my head. >> inside his rucksack, he carries the scorched badges of his army brothers killed in iraq visiting their grave on novembeg home. >> a little bit overwhelming. >> a lot overwhelming. >> at arlington national cemetery, catherine herridge, fox news. >> bret: amazing story, congratulations to them, catherine first met them at 2009 and to go from california to washington, d.c., and to finish up on the field at fedexfield is really powerful. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for the special report, fair, balanced, and unafraid. tomorrow night, join me and my colleague martha maccallum for an hour long americas election headquarters town hall with house speaker paul ryan. guess what we will talk about? tax reform. robert starts at 6:30 p.m. eastern with a 30 minute special report, and then a 30 minute edition of "the story." you can catch actually a full
4:00 pm
hour of "the story" hosted by martha maccallum in new york. martha, are you getting those questions ready? >> martha: we sure are. good to see you, we will see you there in d.c. tomorrow evening. now "the story" get started right here. president trump calls out the former obama intelligence team, and it gets pretty ugly. if the president calls former cia director john brennan and former head of national intelligence jim klapper political hacks. he believes that many of the agencies have become politicized and that they are using the russia investigation to achieve political goals. the two were offended, they went on tv to defend themselves. >> he was referring to assess political hacks because he was trying to delegitimize the intelligence community. i feel very honored to be associated with klapper and comey in the same category. considering the source of the criticism, i consider that criticism a badge of honor


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