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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 23, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> we are killing more people in training, enemies are in contact. jillian: a fox news alert, the urgent search expanding for three missing us sailors. the navy is ramping up its investigation into the cause of a cargo plane plummeting. >> millions lining the streets for the macy's thanksgiving day parade, stepping security. >> how do you celebrate think giving from space? "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪
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♪ rob: earth, wind and fire unthinkingly morning, taking a look outside, out and about. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. rob: 75th on upper west side, the start in a few hours, going to go right by fox news, macy's and harold square and the turkey, there is the turkey expert taking your questions all morning long. if you have any questions about how to cook this as we get closer to it. jillian: happy thanksgiving, you're watching a thanksgiving addition of "fox and friends" first. rob: if you are awake you are
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probably cooking. straight to a fox news alert serious issues to get to even though it is a holiday, frantic search for three missing sailors expanding after a navy cargo plane plummeting into the philippine sea. rob: the latest tragedy involving military aviation. garrett tenney in the nations capital with breaking details. >> reporter: the u.s. navy tells us it is expanding its search for missing sailors and the japanese navy is assisting in those efforts, the cargo plane took off from japan and crashed 570 miles southwest of okinawa in the philippine sea as it was heading to the uss ronald reagan. within an hour of the crash u.s. navy helicopters rescued eight of the 11 sailors on board who are now in good condition. donald trump is monitoring the situation and offered his prayers for all involved. defense official tell us early
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indications suggest engine failure caused the crash. the greyhound is one of the oldest planes in the navy, it delivers passengers, provides the aircraft carriers at sea and has been in use since the 1960s. it is scheduled to be replaced by the osprey in next few years. this highlights the ongoing issue the military is facing of aging equipment ahead of naval aviation's told congress half of the navy, 542 f-18 super hornets -- >> several hundred parts had to be cannibalized from other super hornets across the fourth. further decimating the squadrons and adding unnecessarily to the workload. >> reporter: john mccain noted that failed training accidents have taken the lives of more servicemembers and our enemies having combat. this year the military has seen 22 crashes which is 38% compared to the same time a year ago.
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jillian: thank you and have a good thanksgiving. in other news the hunt for answers about the brutal attack on the border intensifying. the patrol agent injured, now out of the hospital. does he remember what happened? the fbi treating his death as a potential assault. union reps with the national border patrol council say martinez and the injured agent were viciously attacked with rocks, offering a $25,000 reward for anyone with information on the case. a sea of blue lining streets to say their final goodbye to a followed police officer guns down in the line of duty. ♪ jillian: officers paying their respects during a funeral
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procession, 25-year-old rookie officer brian shot shot and killed during a traffic stop, the accused cop killer arrested just outside pittsburgh but following a multi-day man hunt. rob: john conyers has no plan to resign despite the sexual misconduct controversy, the democratic congressman hometown newspaper, the detroit free press editorial board called for him to bow out over using taxpayer money to settle sexual misconduct lawsuits come a story that is infuriating a lot of people, some democrats on capitol hill joining in the chorus for conyers to get out of congress. the out franken sexual harassment scandal got bigger, two more women accusing the minnesota senator of inappropriately touching them according to the huffington post which report the alleged groping happened a decade ago when he was a senate candidate running for the position.
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franken responding it is difficult to respond to anonymous accusers. the accusations continue to pile up against members of the democratic establishment. political editor chris steigerwald says the left needs to step up or stop talking about roy more. >> for the democrats if they don't get serious about out franken and conyers they won't be in a position to say anything about roy more. you would think the republicans you want to talk about a pretty good encapsulation of how bad the democrats have been at contending with republicans, you have a total disaster of a senate nominee in alabama, the worst, hits it wrong in so many ways for the republican party, this potential disaster but because democrats are unwilling to address or so far have been unwilling to address franken and
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conyers, what are they going to say? that is what donald trump is exploiting when he puts half of a bro hug on roy more. if you can have franken and conyers we can have roy more. jillian: cracking down on security procedures over fears a potential threat could slip through after a frightening investigation reveals agents felt 80% of undercover tests for fake bombs and guns were missed. the training video showing an example of the dangers of an explosive briefcase or a laptop bomb. the procedures change how agents focus on electronics and is expected to result in longer wait times. rob: a live look at sixth avenue northbound, just hours from now, 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning one of the largest and most anticipated outdoor holiday celebrations is set to begin and
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will move past. jillian: millions flood new york city and the nypd says it is ready for them. live at central park west the macy's thanksgiving day parade kicking off. >> reporter: the 91st annual parade but my first, excited to be here. one of the first things i see, all of stand at 60 feet tall making him the tallest of 17, what you can't notice, incredibly strong, every turn in front of all of a line of police as well. counterterrorism units going up and down, in the terrorist attack, on top of this, and including the new york city mayor, bill diblasio. here is what he had to say.
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>> no credible and specific threat at this moment. against the parade. >> the other thing new york city citizens are going to notice when they step outside this morning, colder than yesterday. when we get into the frame we look at the graphics looking at temperatures in the middle 30s, somewhere else in the country, in the great lakes, in the northeast, look at those temperatures, getting close to 90 °, i am thankful to be at the
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91st looking forward to it. jillian: thankful you are out there. rob: an awesome experience, thank you very much. jillian: waiting in line for black friday outside a mall. >> what are you doing? what are you guys doing? >> a trio of bears couldn't wait to get their paws on some deals, deputies saying they were trying to rummage through some trashcan's but they were able to scare them away. rob: you don't want to be attacked by bears on black friday. a story we will never get away from. first it was comey, then vladimir putin, then fox news and barack obama. >> pressures from outside forces, because of the reality
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tv candidate, there has been a concerted effort starting with the creation of the fox network. rob: i ruined this piece but you never guess who hillary clinton is blaming for an election loss. jillian: do you know how to carve that bird? a master butcher and carly shimkus joining us live next. rob: what you are thankful for, we will air some of them tomorrow morning on the day after thanksgiving. ♪ the in-laws have moved in with us.
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did yon the national debt?ssman get elected by talking tough will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt.
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[ click ] [ keyboard clacking ] [ clacking continues ] good questions lead to good answers. our advisors can help you find both. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. yours. rob: did you know it is thanksgiving? jillian: we are showing you how
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to carve a turkey. rob: the master butcher, the every day meet guy. >> we know what to do with food, part of the job description. where do you start? >> 15 -- it is not piping hot. you are going to take this one section of the wing off, get that out of your way. rob: turn it so people can see. beautiful. we took that piece of wink off so it is out-of-the-way. than you are going to take the leg off first so it continues to cool. when you are doing this, that
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big, the top knife. with your hand lightly, you are going to follow as it opens and you will see where the bone connects and you cut through and take the leg off. and -- the bone in here, take the point of the knife and go along and see it. on the other side, it opens up, grab the knob of it -- jillian: what part of that? that breaks apart. >> the bigger pieces you want to
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slice, pool the skin out-of-the-way, you are better off stripping it down on the platter because crisp skin will do that. jillian: how do you handle the body? i don't know the correct terminology. >> take it off in one whole piece, cut against the grain. pooling skin back, when you do that get a better look when you see the bone runs in the middle. along the bone, just follow it as it goes. and you want to use your hands, more flavor runs out, you are going to come around again.
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most important, i bite through meat, the meat fibers match down, makes it seem so tender. >> the lines of the meat run, against those, hold it with his hand and slice. about the sandwiches, it is thin, an eighth of an inch to a quarter of an inch so there is something to hold the natural juices. i jillian: i always wondered about this. >> the slice stays nice and
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juicy that way. jillian: rob will continue to stare and salivate. you guys are going to do something later. for the record, this entire segment, are you okay? >> she will judge that. jillian: very informing. rob: new details about baltimore police officer killed in cold blood. the plot thickens, the testimony was scheduled to give just one day after his killing. jillian: still talking turkeys, our butterball expert will answer live at the bottom of the hour. ♪ well, like most of you, i just bought a house.
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>> happy thanksgiving. jillian: right back at you. rob: astronauts on the international space station getting a sneak peek this thanksgiving. >> the mashed potatoes are good for thanksgiving. some turkey. >> cornbread. >> cornbread dressing. these are all things that remind us of home. jillian: all six crewmembers including three americans plan to video chat with their families today. first it was james comey and vladimir putin, and steve bannon to the list and the leaks and russia too. rob: you will never guess who
2:24 am
hillary clinton is blaming for her election loss, her former boss, barack obama. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with the reaction. >> reporter: every clinton hops on the excuse train again saying her inability to run on an agenda of change made things more difficult for her. >> when you run to succeed a two term president of your own party, you have a historical head wind blowing against you. jillian: let's get reaction, doris is running out of excuses but then won't stop her, hillary needs to face the fact that it was her. she did blame president obama in her book too saying he told her to lay off bernie sanders and she considered that bad advice.
2:25 am
jillian: rob: she blamed you. jillian: it was all my fault split all the trump supporters out there, you are welcome. mike huckabee has jokes. >> don't trust mike huckabee with your turkey, he says oh marco you see the turkey, the president pardoned at the white house, the press secretary asked to take care of it and i may have misunderstood. a lot of people like this on social media. have a wonderful thanksgiving, another tweet says i love me some huckabee and family, have a happy thanksgiving. that turkey is headed to virginia to live a long life. lucky -- rob: dramatically smaller. jillian: it is 25 minutes after the our, security stronger than ever, city on lockdown as millions pack into the thanksgiving day parade, impossible to keep everyone safe? a ter expert is joining us.
2:26 am
>> want to avoid beef on thanksgiving? avoid politics. >> the only topic that mixes well today are mashed potatoes and gravy. rob: tips to keep the peace this afternoon and evening, you will be thankful for those. jillian: a live look outside the macy's day parade. "fox and friends" first coming back. ♪ and how do you feel? [sighs] like a burden's been lifted. those other cards made you sign up for bonus cash back. then they change categories on you every few months. then you had to keep signing up! you...deserve...better. now get out there and keep earning that 1.5% cash back on every purchase everywhere. thanks, doc. i'm not a doctor. what? [whispers] time to go. what's in your wallet?
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rob: see the flashing lights outside rockefeller center, one of the most key new york locations at a place where a lot of people are watching the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade millions will watch today live and security is tighter than ever. jillian: the nypd ramping up
2:30 am
their efforts after the deadly terror attack in downtown manhattan. here to discuss his national security and military analyst doctor rebecca grant, happy thanksgiving to you. in new york city and other big cities across the country talking about the thanksgiving day parade is new york city ready? >> absolutely. let me give you background on why. isis have lost so much territory in iraq and syria their strategy to carry out worldwide attacks and we have seen them over 20 countries, london and most recently new york. the number one counterterrorist strategy is to harden the targets. police presence, sand trucks we heard about and making it difficult for a would be terrorist to pull off an attack. rob: as they revisit reading
2:31 am
those places, more people to do their dirty work for them. two summers ago in niece when the truck plowed toward bastille day killing 90 people that was a big game changer for isis and we have seen reaction to that in new york where we barricade the streets to stop the car attacks, that seems to be the future for isis, doing the best at this point. >> one is the online piece, they use the internet to recruit and control and use the internet to publicize these attacks a standard tactic fall into two categories. one is the vehicle attacks like we saw in niece, in germany and in new york too. the other one is very different,
2:32 am
small-scale attack in the hatchet attack in queens in 2014, an attack on a mall in minnesota in 2016 but what they really needed surprise, surprise is one thing any would be isis attacker won't have in new york today, the new york police department is on top of this. they have been carrying out enhanced security for several years for the parade. the big thing will be the grinch but like the police department says, a cop on every street, a great way to provide vigilance and surveillance, the psychological warfare doesn't affect us on thanksgiving day. jillian: what can people do to stay protected and what should they look out for? >> have a plan, keep your eyes open and new york says they will have a cop on every corner.
2:33 am
if you see something, say something but most of all carry on, new yorkers are gritty and resilience, all americans are gritty and resilience, the number one thing is to carry on, keep your eyes open, have a plan but go about your day, go to the parade, do what you are doing on thanksgiving. rob: on the way to work i saw a lot of cops canvassing the area. thanks so much. bombshell discovery in the search for a cop killer in baltimore. homicide detective sean souter was shot and killed with his own gun during a struggle with a man who is still on the run who is unknown at this point. the coming happened one day before souter was set to testify in a federal case. that case involved several indicted police officers as well they go fund me page raising
2:34 am
$45,000 so far to support the officer's wife and five children. jillian: two airlines planes used in the 9/11 terror attacks, millions of dollars, 16 years later. american and united airlines reach a $95 million settlement with the developer of the world trade center overlaps is an airline security that led to the attack that killed 3000 americans. the settlement does not direct blame to either airline. want to know if you fell for russian propaganda? facebook has you covered, it will let people see if they liked pages backed by criminal linked internet research agency leading to the 2016 presidential election. a new tool will impart a facebook effort to stop this. rob: leave your political opinions at the door before sitting down for thanks giving to. jillian: a study by the associated press suggests one in
2:35 am
three americans dread political talk at thanksgiving. are we talking etiquette expert about the best way to avoid awkward conversations. >> if you have any guests that are going to veer off topic it is okay. brings him back to the center to keep the peace. it is okay for anyone to have an opinion but as long as an argument doesn't ensue. jillian: the survey revealed women are more likely than men to avoid the conversations. rob: don't talk politics at the table. jillian: 30 minutes after the era, all eyes on the macy's thanksgiving day parade but the fun is getting started on the west side. we will take you there live coming up. rob: today is about having thanks and pastor robert jeffers says we should be giving thanks every day, his holiday message to america up next. jillian: not sure what you're doing deep frying that bird?
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we are talking turkeys and your last-minute questions. our butterball expert is live with everything you need to know. ♪ do you need the most trusted battery this holiday? maybe not. maybe, you could trust the world would be just as happy without them. (screaming) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪
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rob: a day dedicated to being thankful. how to carry that into our daily lives. jillian: robert jeffers is he with a thanksgiving message everyone should here. happy thanksgiving to you. how important is it for families to take time if they are sitting down to eat to be thankful for one another? >> it is crucial to do today and every day. god meant thanksgiving to be more than a turkey fest. it is a way of life. studies have shown people who regularly express gratitude to god and others for the good things in their lives and enjoy
2:40 am
a healthier outlook than those who don't. we have to admit that doesn't come naturally. all of us can go negative very quickly. that is why i encourage people to engage in the gratitude challenge and develop your gratitude muscles. i encourage our viewers to make a list of three things for which you are grateful, good things in your life and express gratitude to god once a day for those things, do that for 30 days and see if your outlook doesn't include dramatically. to help people do that we have developed the gratitude card to list things on and we are making it available free of charge to all of our viewers by going to p rob: a great message. last hour you said something that struck me, the amount of negative energy, negative news in the world it is a tough time to be alive, a lot of scary
2:41 am
things in the world. >> that's right. expressing gratitude is a great antidote for worry. the bible says be anxious for nothing but with everything in prayer and thanksgiving, make your request known to emmanuel macron. to god. it can make anxiety and worry dissipate. we all are facing whether it is terrorist threats or conflict with north korea, a lot of negative things to concentrate on. when you thank god for the good things it makes those things go away. it is a powerful antidote to worry to concentrate on the good things emmanuel macron -- to concentrate on the good things god has done for you. jillian: thank you for joining us. get outta head - a piece of paper. rob: have a good thanksgiving. jillian: let's go to a special
2:42 am
guest on "fox and friends". >> we have such a huge show coming up for you. we have got the parade, turkey tips, you need that, frank kill lead needs that and the jenkins family. my wife and two daughters are here, we are checking out the balloons, it will be exciting, 17 balloons, the 91st parade of macy's and what you don't know, how thanksgiving ended up with fire trucks. stay tuned. rob: can't wait to hear that. the family loves it and going to watch the parade. >> a lot of fun, happy thanksgiving. jillian: see you in a little bit. rob: we will be right back.
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rob: imagine messing up thanksgiving this bad. if you were ready to cook your thanks giving turkey today that is what not to do, deep frying and mistakes that can happen, and explosive video of what happens if you don't fry your turkey the right way. jillian: move the fryer away from buildings, completely saw your bird and don't overfill the fire. if firebreak values and acting was her, never water. call the fire department. rob: you don't want to blow up your house. jillian: if you can't seem to cook your turkey right we are here to help. we have an expert. rob: butterball turkey expert
2:47 am
janice stahl joins us. how do we avoid blowing out the turkey? i start with my personal question. >> two ways to go about it. we can use black trick fire, deep fryer's are phenomenal, can't catch fire, they are endorse it, electric, many outdoor propane, you need to follow some good safety rules and when you lower the turkey into the oil part term the flame off to make sure the oil doesn't run over because that is when the fire happens. the oil goes into the flame, no going to back. let's get to viewer questions, kathy enjoyed ask the best way to prep the turkey before cooking it. >> butterball turkey's are ready to go, just remove the packaging, a roasting pan, on a
2:48 am
rack, we call something, take a big piece of oil, crunch it up, roll it into a coil, makes for easy cleanup, you need vegetable oil, salt and pepper and put it in your oven, the easiest thing you can make. rob: fred asking i forgot to get a roasting pan. how deep does the pan need to be so the drippings don't fall on the side? >> a couple inches. you need a couple inches on the side. if you don't have something, make sure you are going into your oven occasionally and taking the drippings out so you don't have run over problems. jillian: reagan in missouri asks should i carve the entire turkey before serving or leave some meat on the bone? >> i prefer to carve it off. we have a rule, you want to make sure the turkey comes out of the oven, within two hours it is off
2:49 am
the turkey and in your bins you will put it into put it back in your refrigerator to keep the food safe because you want to have leftovers. it is easier to do it upfront and have it ready to go and put it in your fridge and enjoyed again tomorrow. rob: you want it to sit and outside the oven, let it sit for a minute. kim in new jersey, you need to modify recipes for frozen versus fresh turkeys? >> the thing with frozen versus fresh, frozen has brine in it so the brine has been done for you and is ready to go. if you have a fresh turkey want to brine it, it is simple, solve mixture, 1:1 ratio, to 1 cup of kosher sauce. just do it overnight, find something big enough to put in your refrigerator because you want to keep the turkey at 40 °.
2:50 am
it adds nice moisture to the turkey. jillian: great tips, appreciate it. it wouldn't be thanksgiving without the macy's thanksgiving parade. we are hours from the annual celebration. rob: 3 or 4 million spectators will watch this happen live on the two mile route and robert moses in new york city fox 5 joins us from central park west on 75th street where the parade will soon set off. >> reporter: nice to see you both, happy thanksgiving. the giant balloons are waiting patiently on 77th street, they will soon turn right onto central park south and head toward macy's. one of the stars of the show today, olaf awaiting his moment in the sun, he is a snowman so let's hope he doesn't melt, don't think we have to worry about that, it is cold in new york today but the winds are not bad, the 91st edition of the
2:51 am
macy's thanksgiving day parade unfolds under unprecedented security giving last month have terror attack in lower manhattan the guilt eight, there are dump trucks strategically along the route, any vehicle borne attacks, thousands of officers, sharpshooters, radiation detection devices, stakes are high, 3 million people expected to turn out to watch the 17 giant balloons and 12 marching band and 1100 cheerleaders, 1000 clowns. it will be a terrific event and yesterday many people came to this area to see these balloons come to life, based on unprecedented security, no specific threats to the parade or the city, that is the good news, come out and have a good time. rob: there will be cops everywhere, so much fun to watch this live.
2:52 am
we learned from the master and now we put our skills to the test. jillian: who will win the "fox and friends" first turkey carve off? 30 seconds on the clock, stay tuned for that. ♪ ♪ come on honey ♪ yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ bring the smell of nature wherever you are. hesumatra reserve told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. making the coffee erupt with flavor. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. that erupts with even more flavor. which helps provide for win's family. and adi the goat's family too. because his kids eat a lot. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee.
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♪ i didn't know i was starving ♪ by the way, by the way ♪ you do things to my body ♪ i didn't know that i was starving ♪ until i tasted you ♪ jillian: whoever selected this song, we've got to talk. rob: we have to apologize for the music on this show, it's about once a week. that's a live look. jillian: it was. rob: folks start marching south through midtown manhattan. we just learned how to carve a turkey the right way and now we have a thivenering challenge here. jillian: rob and carley are about to go head to head in a turkey carve off. master butcher is back with us to make sure we get it right. before we get to that remind us of the four tips. >> after you let it rest, take the one section of the wing off, get it out of the
2:57 am
way. take the leg off. then separate the drumstick and thigh of the leg. take the full piece of the breast off the turkey, so you can slight it on cutting board. >> dark meat and dive into white meat. jillian: how important is it? >> when you are taking it apart. using top inch of the knife. the rest of it will just cut into the turkey and let more juice come out. the larger knife. >> actually engage in a sword fight right now. >> that's for when you are slicing the breast. the piece of the breast. on the larger turkey you would need a slightly larger knife. >> against the grain and an eighth of an inch to quarter inch thick so the meat can actually hold onto the juices and moisture. when you bite down on it, that goes in your mouth that flavor instead of drying in the air. >> what the most common mistake people make when they are carving a turkey. >> a lot of people don't let it rest. if you are looking for the norman rockwell moment and
2:58 am
try to carve it off the bone, the bones are ground and you can't get it across the grain. it's chewier. will be will be give us 30 section something that would probably take three hours. jillian: carley said you are nervous. >> you weren't even paying attention we were supposed to use the small knife. jillian: 30 seconds on the clock. rob: always wear a suit. >> 1, 2, 3, go. rob: all right, shimkus, what have you got? jillian: carley -- okay. how are they doing. there we go. by the way we are going to gotten nate this food, if we're not going to waste it i believe did you something with this. >> left the thigh. eating all right. carley is already eating. with your hand a little bit. >> that's it?
2:59 am
30 seconds and done? carley got farther, i think. rob: we have to talk about the producers the kind of segment we are setting up here. >> are we gone? it's impossible to set up a winner. rob: i think carley won. >> she got more of the turkey more people are going to eat. >> turkeys are delicious. >> you got all your fingers still. >> i think i got all 10. >> who wants turkey now? who are you donating this to. >> i'm going to go out and give it to people standing on sixth avenue standing in the cold for the parade. we should definitely do that we are going to eat every bit of this. >> i don't know how appetizing this looks. >> good job. jillian: anything else you wants to add? we have about 20 seconds. >> no, everybody have a nice holiday. rob: happy holiday, rob. nobody knows how to lay it out for people on the table. look how beautiful that looks. that is amazing.
3:00 am
>> clearly see the white to the dark meat. i lay the pieces this way as the moisture drips out of meat it drips all over itself and keeps flavorful. >> happy thanksgiving. "fox & friends" starts right now. we will see you tomorrow. >> a relengthless search is underway for three american sailors missing at sea after a naval plane crashed in the pacific ocean near okinawa. >> it's been more than a year since hillary clinton's 2016 defeat. the excuses keep on coming. she put the blame on a new person, president obama. >> when you run to succeed a two-term president of your only party have you historical head wind blowing against you. >> president trump was elected, you may not have liked it. she is trying to upend it with this nonsense on this what happened tour is a disgrace. >> excitement fills the air as helium fills the balloons main attraction of the thanksgivi


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