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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 23, 2017 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> the administration said the working vacation will be more about governing and less about golf and the president working the phones talking with senators, republican senators perhaps and democratic senators, trying to get a majority to pass that big senate tax cut and tax reform bill. it's already passed in the house and it would have to go to a conference committee to
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come out with an agreeable joint bill and then the president, of course, would just love to sign that into law before year's end. it would be a major campaign accomplishment. >> i'll take it. what do you think about twitter going to 480 characters? we move on now. we're expecting a presidential thanksgiving to the nation, aren't we? >> we are. last year as president elect donald trump put out a video message on the wednesday before thanksgiving. since he hasn't done it yet we expect it will happen today. it was indicated by sarah huckabee sanders the press secretary that it was probably going to be happening this week. last year the president was, like i said, the president elect and very divisive year on the campaign trail between president trump and hillary clinton and the president at the time last november calling for the country to come together. well, the year really hasn't panned out as great as that. another person who is being quite thankful on this
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thanksgiving day is former supreme court justice of alabama roy moore, who is, of course, the republican candidate under a sexual harassment scandal going on here dating back 40 years in alabama for the special election seat december 12th to replace attorney general jeff sessions. he is thankful because of the president's near endorsement or not endorsement endorsement, however you want to view it on tuesday at marine one before flying from d.c. down here. president trump said that basically having the republican is better for a vote for the tax cut bill and he also said that doug jones, the former u.s. attorney and democrat in the race was bad on crime, bad on the border and bad on the military. jones putting out a brand-new campaign ad yesterday with with several alleged victims who were all teenagers at the time. they say roy moore tried to approach them in a very
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inappropriate way. a lot of developments here today. thanksgiving, the weather is gorgeous. could rain this afternoon but to my favorites, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you, mr. phil. we love you as well. meanwhile there is a new -- the "washington post" reporting that congressman joe barton of texas sent sexually explicit photos, videos and messages to a woman and threatened he would report her to capitol police if she went public. there is more behind the headlines, right? >> that's right. good morning to you and also happy thanksgiving. another day, another lawmaker accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. in this case we're talking about congressman joe barton of texas, long time congressman from the north part of that state. he apologized after a nude photo of him circulated on social media.
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it appeared on an anonymous twitter account along with a lewd text message. the "washington post" stated an anonymous woman shared with them other images and videos barton sent her years prior and played a video of a phone conversation. he warns her against using the materials. barton himself said a transcript of the recording may be evidence of a potential crime against him. one legal observer explains. listen. >> let's say he shares this with a person. if that person provided that image unedited to a third person who then posted it on the internet, that act of sharing that image unedited would constitute a violation of the texas revenge porn laws.
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>> congressman barton said as the transcript reflects i offered to take the matter to the capitol hill police to open and investigation. the capitol police offered to launch an investigation and i have anticipated. because of the pending investigation we will have no further comment. this could be a rare case where the man accused of bad behavior and making threats ends up pursuing legal action claiming he is the victim. we'll be following this one. >> thank you. >> two more women are accusing al franken of inappropriate touching bringing accusers to four. as we talked about roy moore, he is denying claims he tried to engage in sexual relationships with underage girls despite the last count had it at eight women coming forward about this. joining us now is white house correspondent for "the washington examiner". happy thanksgiving, sarah.
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what a wholesome topic we have to talk about today. that is where we begin in this. does congress risk losing any moral credibility, however minor it might have been, that they had if they continue to protect their own on this? >> i'm not sure how much moral credibility congress had to begin with. certainly if they allow lawmakers who have been accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct including while they were in office as is the case with senator franken and don't call for resignation or even open an official ethics investigation. senator franken has called for an examination into himself. it hasn't progressed yet. >> there are hundreds of ethics investigations and very rarely do they result in anything. what is the back story on this? are members unwilling to go ahead and say things about
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other members? with that we'll interrupt you, sarah and bring in president trump who is talking to the troops from mar-a-lago. we are getting that video coming in right there. now the president. >> president trump: defend freedom. we want to thank you all very much. very, very special people. it doesn't get more special. representing the army, we have the first grig aid combat team of the 82nd airborne who are conducting operations in kandahar, afghanistan in support of operation freedom sentinel. colonel toby. raise your hand, toby. where is toby? thank you, toby. i hear so many good things about you, toby, that's good news. but toby and happy thanksgiving to all of you and directly to the folks in afghanistan, everybody is talking about the progress you've made in the last few months since i opened it up. we opened it up and said we'll
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fight to win. we aren't fighting anymore to just walk around. we're fighting to win. and you people are really -- you've turned it around over the last three to four months like nobody has seen and they are talking about it. so thank you very much brave, incredible fighters. direct support team gulf of the marine corps special operations is also on the line. these great marines are operating in iraq in support of operation inherent resolve. major jonathan rigline is the commanding officer. i have a great marine who is the chief of staff, as you know, john kelly. doing an incredible job just like any marine would. major, to you and all the marines doing this great work in delivering defeat after defeat to isis, what you are doing with isis is again being
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talked about. we're being talked about again as an armed forces. we're really winning. we know how to win. but we have to let you win. they weren't letting you win before. they were letting you play even. we're letting you win. i also want to say hello to captain dave stoner and all the sailors aboard the uss monterey sailing in support of both the sixth and fifth fleets. the monterey's primary missions include ballistic missile defense, anti-air warfare, anti-surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare. thank you to everyone aboard the uss monterey for your dedication. thank you very much. we're also joined by the 74th -- your squadron has done a tremendous job, tremendous, and we appreciate it.
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the fight against isis, it's coming our way, coming our way, big, big difference. a lot of things have happened. they say we've made more progress against isis than they did in years of the previous administration. and that's because i'm letting you do your job. in performing more than 1,000 missions over the skies over iraq and syria the last four months we're very, very proud of you. believe me, everybody in this country is watching and seeing and they're seeing positive reports for a change instead of the neutral and negative reports. it's all positive. to the coastese aboard the cutter wrangle welcome and happy thanksgiving. lieutenant ryan hudson you and the entire crew are doing incredible work in the arabian gulf performing defense operations and maritime infrastructure protection. thank you very much for your
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service. a very important area. for each of you i know it's hard to be away from home at this time of the year. we're doing well at home. the economy is really great. when you come back you'll see with the jobs and companies coming back into our country and the stock market just hit a record high. unemployment is the lowest it's been in 17 years. so you are fighting for something real. you are fighting for something good. a lot of things have happened with our country over the last very short period of time. and they are really good. they are really good. i especially like saying that companies are starting to come back. now we're working on tax cuts, big, fat, beautiful tax cuts and hopefully we'll get that and then you'll really see things happen. as we give thanks for this holiday i know i speak on behalf of all americans when i say we totally support you. in fact, we love you. we really do. we love you.
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and this is a thanksgiving that you won't forget because you are at a very different part of the world than you're used to but boy are you doing a job there. and thank god for you. thank god for you. we also want to give thanks to our loved ones, our amazing military families. i know they miss you and they miss you so deeply and so badly. they are every bit as important as everyone else you work with. they put up with so much. they put up with the time away and all of those things that they have to endure. they endure it because they love our country and because they love you. believe me, i know so much about military families. they respect and appreciate what you are doing for this country and they respect and appreciate what you are doing for them as a family. so your families love you and miss you. and again i'm going to now -- i'm surrounded by reporters and
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press and i am going to ask them to leave and we are going to have very confidential personal conversations. we're set up for that. it is really wonderful what technology does. >> president trump kicking the press out so he can have talks with troops in iraq, afghanistan and arabian gulf that he talked to and the fighter squadron. i found it striking how he had this tone not only of thanks for the troops and what they are doing, but talking about real world how he feels his orders have changed ground troops for how they carry out the fight against isis and the taliban as well. >> to your point, leland, the president saying we're really winning. we know how to win. we're letting you win. speaking of the fact that he has given the commanders on the
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ground -- having them be more in charge and calling the shots there in realtime as opposed to going through the bureaucracies that may have. >> we saw that when the mother of all bombs was dropped in afghanistan. let's bring back sarah westwood. thoughts on this. unusual for a president to mix a thanks for the troops with the political message and the tax cut message? or fairly normal on a thanksgiving? >> it is not unusual for president trump any time he speaks publicly he likes to have a mix of all types of subjects and likes to talk off the cuff even though you could see he was reading from a piece of paper, a lot of who he said seemed to be coming off the cuff. it was a mixture of prepared remarks and spontaneous remarks. it was a classic trump message to the troops for sure. >> we'll bring this back to where our conversation started before the president's videoconference which was the issue of these continued sexual harassment claims in congress, whether it be against
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republicans or democrats like al franken as more people continue to come out. what is the white house's strategy on this? we've seen the president at times address it but in a pretty distant way and pivot to these issues, foreign policy, tax reform, the economy. fair to say the white house feels that is a winning strategy and try to keep the president on message with that? >> that's what they've tried to do throughout a lot of different controversies that have reflected poorly on the republican party. it is interesting to see the white house evolution on how to deal with roy moore. at first there was total silence by the president when the allegations first surfaced. he was in asia when the scandal was unfolding. by the time they got back to washington and were confronted with the scandal it had mush roomed into something pretty big. a lot of women, more than a half dozen on the record by the time the president returned. the white house at first tried to walk a thin line saying the
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women deserve to be believed. these are credible allegations but stopping short of calling for roy moore to exit the race the way mitch mcconnell had. but we saw the president talk to reporters as he was leaving for mar-a-lago and said the allegations are 40 years old. we don't need a democrat in that seat. it's pretty clear where he stands. >> it? the president has never side away from endorsements when he felt there was a time. the white house says wait a second, we are not necessarily supporting him. we are the ones who supported luther strange. can they have it both ways? >> that seems to be what president trump is trying to do. he left the door open to potentially going to alabama and campaigning on roy moore's behalf. he said he would let us know next week. he didn't go to a full throated endorsement of roy moore. he said the allegations are 40 years old. roy moore totally denies it. we don't need a democrat in that seat. we need someone who will vote
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for tax reform or repeal obamacare. that seemed to be as close to an endorsement as the president can get in this environment. >> we've heard endorsement without an endorsement from other republicans as well. happy thanksgiving to you and yours. thank you for coming in. >> there is dramatic video out of north korea. take a look here showing a north korean soldier plowing his way through the demilitarized zone in a desperate bid to defect to south korea. his comrades firing at him, hitting him five times and he is now recovering. he is in stable condition. this as north korea slammed the u.s. for its decision to add them back to the list of state sponsors of terrorism. let's bring in rebecca, a senior fellow at the hudson institute and foreign policy advisor to trent franks. thanks for joining us. listen. that video was disturbing. north korea in the process has
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now violated the 1953 that ended hostilities. they have reminded north korea of this. who are the players, rebecca, in terms of punishment and what are the potential penalties here? what happens now? >> isn't it amazing for as tense as the situation is right now between north korea and south korea the north shot towards the south and the south koreans did not return fire is remarkable. a reminder of how terrible the regime is. president trump gave this speech in south korea outlining the differences twes the north koreans and south koreans. this north korean soldier was willing to die, run through a hail of bullets just to get to freedom. it is remarkable the kinds of things the north korea people
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are facing. it also reminds the american people this is the regime that president trump and the trump administration cannot allow to have a nuclear capability that can reach american cities. >> listen, the question is how does this stack up against the back drop of the war words between president trump and kim jong-un and the increased tension between the u.s. and north korea? as you know, president trump on monday said he would return north korea to a list of state sponsors. i already told you that, of terrorism. kim jong-un saying that this would be tantamount to a declaration of war. i want to keep you over and think about that and answer after the break. we want to know where this is heading. rebecca, we're back in a moment. stick right here on the fox news channel. i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended...
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>> right now with rebecca a senior fellow at the hudson institute. we were talking about the rising tension between north korea and the u.s. and the war of words between the leaders. north korean's foreign minister is saying north korea could use the redesignation as i mentioned before the break, the president is considering adding north korea back to the list of state sponsors of terrorism. saying they could use this as justification for fresh missile or nuclear weapons tests. what type of response might that provoke from the u.s. and allies in the region? >> the north koreans never need a reason to do things that are provocative. president obama had a strategic patience policy toward north korea and it didn't stop them from testing missiles and testing nuclear weapons. no, president trump, the trump administration is trying to implement this high pressure campaign which means they are using everything in their tool box to try to get kim and north
6:26 am
korea and also the chinese to understand the united states is serious about not allowing the north koreans to move forward with its nuclear missile program. you have to use everything in that tool box until kim decides he is willing to talk about his nuclear missile program. the ball is in his court. what this designation does is allows the trump administration to sanction more companies, more entities and sanctioned three more chinese entities because of this designation. you have to use all the tools in your tool box. the only thing left after that is military force and that's what we are trying to avoid. >> if you have the north korean foreign minister saying if we're put on the list we'll test more missiles. what happens then? >> they'll test missile whenever they believe it's in their interest to do so. the united states is thinking through what are the points at which when north korea continues its provocations and we have finally had enough and military force is the only thing left. this is a matter of psychology here. the trump administration is trying to convince other countries not to invest and
6:27 am
support this state sponsor of terrorism. they're having great success. there are countries like the philippines that have cut off trade with north korea because of what the trump administration is doing. you have to give it time a little bit here but again the north koreans are the ones that have to make the decision. i think the trump administration is not bluffing when they say military force is an option. >> i think the trump administration will continue to put pressure on china to put pressure on north korea. rebecca, thank you so much. leland. >> i answer to anything. i've been called a lot worse. moving on now authorities say the search for a missing argentina submarine is reaching a critical stage. you can see how difficult the conditions are there down in the south atlantic. authorities fearing the 44 crew members could be running low on oxygen, benjamin hall live with the latest. so timeline first, ben.
6:28 am
when did the argentineans first realize this sub was missing. >> eight days ago is when the sub went missing. there lies the main problem. the navy has said it has only 7 to 10 days of oxygen left. meaning time is running out for those 44 sailors who are on board. the ara san juan had left the southern tip of south america heading up the east coast towards buenos aires. there is battery failure but no specific details other than that. a dozen international airplanes and ships are participating in the search that covers over 185,000 square miles. that's an area larger than california. the u.s. is taking part sending two planes and naval research ship, sub marie rescue chamber and under water vehicles. time running out for the 44 sailors including the only
6:29 am
female in the argentine navy and the great fear is the submarine is at the bottom of the south atlantic at the moment. >> a race against time. what do we know about the accident so far? terms of what might have happened and where this sub could be? >> eight days ago that submarine radioed to its home port saying it had a short circuit, technical problems. it surfaced and had resolved them and it descended again. since then nothing has been heard. now the search has been hampered by high seas and stormy weather in the south atlantic and caused waves of more than 20 feet. real concern at the moment and president trump tweeting out yesterday sending his thoughts and prayers both for the search rescuers and the victims, possible victims if we don't find them in the next few days and the families of those
6:30 am
involved. leland. >> you really -- especially at a day like this have to think of the families waiting for any word. helpless as they are. ben hall in london. thank you, happy thanksgiving over there. >> and to you. >> lawmakers putting tax reform on hold as they celebrate thanksgiving but it is still on the minds of many americans. our political panel will break down the latest polls and weigh in on that debate. (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto.
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>> the debate on tax reform raging on even as we pause to give thanks today. now a new poll suggests middle class americans aren't at all happy with the republican bill. we're looking at 59% of respondents saying they think the tax overhaul favors the rich. let's bring in doug schoen, former advisor to president bill clinton and fox news
6:34 am
contributor and chris bedford. editor and chief for the daily caller news foundation. happy thanksgiving to both of you. listen, in terms of who benefits and who gets the short end of the stick, is the house tax bill black and white or is it up for interpretation, doug, i'll start with you. >> well look, the republicans would have you believe it's up for interpretation but on the most simple, straight forward level when you cut the corporate rate from 35 to 20% and bottom line the individual rates stay at or about the same with some taxpayers getting a bit of a break and others like in states where the deductibility of state and local taxes will disappear potentially seeing taxes go up, i think this is a plan that is skewed for the rich and it is, i think, wishful thinking to believe that it will get passed
6:35 am
by christmas. >> chris, how do you see it? >> the main goal of tax reform for the trump add min is station. to fix the corporate tax rate. and they said congress and senate figure out how to get it through and how you can affect the individual tax rate. they have a limited box they can deal with. they're trying to jump start the economy, focus on the corporate tax rate first and see where they can cut taxes for the rest of us down the line. it is difficult to get into that box but they've cut across all brackets with a few expiring in 10 years. >> then chris i'll stick with you. of course, losing deductions for state and local taxes, the big sticking point inside of the republican party do you think the gop will take this off the table completely or will all gop senators sign on for the sake of passing legislation for president trump? >> the republicans representing
6:36 am
north korea and california and new jersey and the house of representatives are outnumbered. the house of representatives can pass it without their point of view. there are no u.s. senators that represent those states since they are blue leaning. i don't think republican congressman can count on the gop senate to get rid of those things and i think they'll stay as part of this bill. >> i want you to piggyback on what chris said. do you guesses or predictions what will be in the next version of the senate bill? >> i don't know what will be in the next version of the senate bill. i don't think the senate bill as currently crafted necessarily will pass. we have ron johnson who has expressed reservations. we have susan collins who has expressed reservations. we have john mccain, bob corker, jeff flake. that's five republicans right there. if they lose three they fail. and candidly i'm not sure they can reconcile the house bill with the senate bill.
6:37 am
it will blow a hole in the deficit of about $1.5 trillion dollars over 10 years as we just heard, the tax breaks will expire in 10 years anyway and it will put pressure on social programs because of the need to make up for expanding and exploding deficits. i don't think we're anywhere close to passage. i would put in a plea on thanksgiving. we democrats want to work with republicans not on this bill but a true bipartisan bill that would offer tax relief to all americans and corporations. you can do that by reducing the corporate rate less, reducing individual rates more, and i would say on a day of thanksgiving for all americans it would be a great day for the republicans to start reaching out. >> chris, is that a possibility? >> i think it's pretty unlikely. i believe people want to work
6:38 am
with republicans on this. the leaders of the democrat party in power right now their base is determined to not give president donald trump or the republican party any wins. there is no real incentives to democrats to work with republicans to get legislation passed. >> there is an incentive. the good of this great country. >> i wish that counted. >> it does count. if we can stop fighting one another and stand together against our adversaries overseas as we heard with north korea and china and russia and pull together here at home, we will have an infinitely better thanksgiving and certainly holiday season overall. maybe it's a vain plea but i think we should all hope we can work together. >> i hope schumer and pelosi are watching. >> i hope all -- i hope all good people of goodwill are watching. that's what i'm asking for.
6:39 am
>> we have to leave it there. happy thanksgiving to both of you. haven't you heard? you aren't supposed to talk politics on thanksgiving? >> fox news alert, officials in burma and bangladesh signing an agreement to allow for a certain group of muslims who ran to escape violence in burma. it comes one day after the trump administration declared the situation that has displaced thousands of people in burma as ethnic cleansing. amy kellogg was with the president during his trip in asia and joins us now. how big a role did the president play in all of this? >> well, leland, the u.n. has already used the term ethnic cleansing to describe the situation. the u.s. finally calling it that is very significant and to your question it may have been a long time in coming. president trump has been preoccupied with trying to deal with the delicate balance of
6:40 am
relationships and powers in asia. we can expect po to see sanctions coming. it is sometimes called burma have fled to neighboring bangladesh. the military began a crackdown after a militant group attacked police posts killing 12. the retribution was at the level of crimes against humanity. homes burned, women raped. these muslims have very few rights in buddhist burma. some fundamentalist monks have been accused of spreading propaganda calling them illegal immigrants from bangladesh which they are not. burma's civilian leader who spent decades under house arrest has been criticized for her silence. she has played the fake news card on this story to an extent. she doesn't control the military which is carrying out
6:41 am
the atrocities but she has long been held in very high regard globally as the champion of human rights and non-violence. tillerson visited myanmar recently but only called it ethnic cleansing yesterday. >> they will have to take it seriously. these are strong words. >> and another powerful person will be visiting the region, a powerful advocate of non-violence, pope francis. this will be a very politically sensitive trip for him and it will be interesting to see how far he goes in speaking out against the situation. >> we've always seen pope francis, as you know from covering him. willing to speak out pretty forcefully on issues like this. amy kellogg in italy. happy thanksgiving. thanks for being here. fox news alert as we update you
6:42 am
on the argentinean submarine missing since november 15th. video of the search right there and this crossing the a.p. wire in the past couple of minutes. the argentinean navy saying a sound detected during the search is consistent with a non-nuclear explosion. the relatives of the 44 crew members have been informed of this. this explosion happened not long after the sub went missing on november 15th. as ben hall reported time is running out. if this sub is at the bottom of the ocean. the amount of oxygen left is 7 to 10 days. the search will continue until they have some answers for the family members of those 44 crew members. >> meanwhile many vietnam war veterans are now dying from a deadly disease they contracted in southeast asia more than 40 years ago. what the va is saying about this mysterious trend. on a lighter note, a holiday
6:43 am
largely devoted to food, yummy, tips on how to enjoy your thanksgiving meal without overstuffing yourself. what's the point? a shout-out to our troops. thank you to our troops. >> i'm major cameron lee. i want to wish my wife back in maryland a happy thanksgiving. i love you and i'll see you very soon. you've got ridiculously awesome talent, right? you should be putting it to good use, right? like winning ridiculously awesome prizes, right?
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>> new warnings for vietnam vets who may be carrying a cancer-causing parasite. there are charges the va has dropped the ball on this one. a study of 50 vietnam vets shows that more than 1/10 have tested positive for a water born parasite linked to a deadly cancer. the river fluke is rarely found outside of asia. it is recommending further
6:47 am
testing. associate professor at nyu school of medicine joins us now. is this the tip of the iceberg? these isolated cases? what are we dealing with here? >> i think it's the tip of the iceberg. 700 veterans have been diagnosed with this type of cancer in the past 15 years. 700 diagnosed that we know of. most of them didn't submit any claims. so for any service-related connection. they didn't think it was related to their time in vietnam. but the ones who did most of them got their claims rejected. so now -- >> shocking the va would behave like that. i imagine all of our surprise. is this incompetence on the va, systematic they wanted the try to cover it up? >> i don't think it was systematic in that sense. we didn't have the research until now. now knowing this things should change, right? they should retro actively look at those cases and other vietnam veterans exposed to the
6:48 am
parasite should get tested. the way you get exposed is swallowing the water in vietnam if it's not boiled. by eating raw or undercooked fish. if you were in that situation, better to go get tested. >> you think about there were hundreds of thousands of men who went to vietnam, many saw combat. a lot of whom ate fish that was undercooked. rations ran out or what they bought. you could talk about an enormous number of people. >> a huge number and why the va is being cashous. from the patient side these are not invasive tests used to check your liver. you could have an ultrasound. by doing those tests you can prevent the diagnosis of this cancer that is hard to treat. so from my point of view why not go get tested? >> get tested. is the va paying for the tests or willing to help folks out or not? >> not necessarily. they haven't really made a comment yet as far as i know. but if you have abnormal liver
6:49 am
function tests let's say, you should get started on the protocol regardless looking for the cause. that may be covered by the va. >> you said the cancer itself the river fluke is known to cause is difficult to treat. if you catch it before it gets to cancer easier to treat? anything you can do about it? >> it's easier to treat. you could try medications and different things. even if you catch the cancer early you can still treat it. there is curative surgery. most people only have symptoms once it's at a later stage. at that point a lot of times it's hard to try to treat the cancer and you use chemo and radiation, other types of things to try to manage it. >> you used to work at the va and have unique insight into the dysfunction there and president trump today talking about changes being made to the va. is this part of these changes or is the bureaucracy still lagging on an issue like this? >> it depends. you have some people very motivated and talented but you also have a system where there is a lot of red tapes in terms
6:50 am
of getting things done. my experience talking to veterans and other colleagues. so i think it's promising that they did the study. they did the study and looked for these things. hopefully they can move more quickly in terms of enacting changes. >> we saw veterans having a difficult time once they could prove the link being able to get disability payments. moving on to a topic that we're interested in. she says what's the point of thanksgiving without overeating? thanksgiving food being shown. get hungry. very quickly is it -- one day is it okay to splurge and eat whatever you want? >> i'm almost seven months pregnant. some weight gain is inevitable. have a plan. decide how much alcohol you are going to drink beforehand. decide how much you'll eat. try to load up on fruits and veggies beforehand so you aren't starving when you get there. >> dad is deciding not eating all day. congratulations and we'll talk
6:51 am
to you soon. we'll be right back.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> new york city police leaving nothing to chance as hundreds of thousands ever people pack manhattan. >> a beautiful day in new york city with the thanksgiving day parade going on behind me. security is on everyone's mind here particularly just weeks after that terrible terrorist attack on halloween night. with that in mind we have security here that's multi-layered. sanitation trucks that are filled with sand lined all
6:55 am
along the parade route. dozens of them. undercover police officers and unformed police officers throughout the entire city as well as sniper teams and observation teams on the rooftops looking for possible attacks from above. what we've seen in vegas. remember the shooter who shot out that window. we know there are vapor dogs, the specially trained dogs trained to sniff out possible bombs or suicide bombers as well as other radiation detectors that are also put into place. yesterday the mayor spoke about security. take a listen. >> you will see a lot of officers. that is something that should make people feel good and confident and calm. i want to emphasize it's very important for everyone to understand there is no credible and specific threat against new york city at this moment. there is no credible and specific threat against the parade.
6:56 am
>> the nypd has thwarted some two dozen terror attacks. more than two dozen terrorist attacks and plans since 9/11. a lot of policing being done before the event. the best policing in the world here in new york. >> what can folks expect to see at the parade, brian? >> 17 giant balloons including olaf from disney's frozen. 11 marching bands, a beautiful day for the iconic thanksgiving day parade, guys. >> yes, it is. have to get out there. >> you know you are getting old when you don't recognize any of the floats. who is that out there? all right. there is a battle brewing in the senate. thanksgiving and there is still politics. the battle over something known as blue slips. what is it and why it could prevent president trump's picks for federal judges actually making it to the bench.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> the gop looking to jump start the process on president trump's judicial picks and it could mean the end of a senate tradition dating back 100 years. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." happy thanksgiving everyone. sandra smith is enjoying turkey with her family. >> great to be with you, bill hemmer enjoying thanksgiving as well. i'm leland vittert in this morning. republicans are thinking of getting rid of blue slips, an opinion senators write to give an initial up or down vote on white house judicial nominees to the federal bench. senators get to do this for picks from their own states. gop lawmakers accuse democrats of hanging to the blue slips to slow the confirmation process. kristen fisher live from washington first things first. break down this process, how
7:01 am
important are the blue slips? >> well, they're important because this is an informal practice that dates back to the early 1900s. the way it works is each time the president sends a nomination to the senate to fill a federal court vacancy the judiciary committee chairman sends a form known as this blue slip to each of the two home state senators for the nomination. senators then return the form with either their support or opposition to the nominee or -- this is what the chairman believes is happening here, or they can withhold it in an effort to delay any further action. that last option is what senate judiciary committee republican senator chuck grassley is accusing senate democrats of doing. in a speech last week he announced he is appending this longstanding precedent for two of president trump's judicial nominees. one from minnesota, another from louisiana even though they haven't received the support of both their home state senators. >> the democrats seriously now,
7:02 am
i think, regret that they abolished the filibuster. they expect to use the blue slip courtesy in the place of a veto. i mean that they can't veto it because there is not a filibuster. then they want to use the blue slip for that purpose. it's very clear from the history of the blue slip that's not what the blue slip was meant for. but some of my democratic colleagues and left wing outside groups mistakenly assert that the blue slip affords a home state senator veto power over a nominee. that is not true. >> senate democrats on the judiciary committee are pushing back urging the chairman to reconsider. they put out a statement that reads in part the blue slip was instituted to ensure those nominated for lifetime appointments reflect our home state's needs and the legal bar
7:03 am
in our communities. moreover, it encourages meaningful cooperation and consensus on nominees. but senator grassley says you can't use blue slips in place of a filibuster. he believes that's what they are doing and remember, leland. it was democrats who abolished the judicial filibusters in 2013. >> how does this move on from here? president trump has in some ways reshaped the judiciary not in terms of the gorsuch nomination but supporters talk about how many circuit judges and other federal judges he has appointed that are like-minded to even somebody like the federalist society. does this change things and speed things up? >> well, it might. it remains to be seen. president trump has been very frustrated by how slow this process has taken. as for what this does immediately, senator grassley says he is not doing this for all of president trump's appointments, only those two. senator grassley says he is looking forward to hearing from both of them at their hearing
7:04 am
next week. this could expand to more nominees if democrats continue to in his words abuse this blue slip policy, leland. it remains to be seen how much this could speed things up going forward. >> you said minnesota. noteworthy that's the home state of al franken. have to see if that plays into anything in coming days and weeks. good to see you. >> there are new questions now on whether we are in the midst of a cultural wreckoning on sexual harassment amid the fallout over sexual misconduct allegations against roy moore, senator al franken and congressman john conyers and harvey weinstein and tv newsman charlie rose. now congressman joe barton apologizing after a lewd photo
7:05 am
of him online. phil weggemann is here, a writer for "the washington examiner". let me start with questions swirling about. are we witnessing a revolution in realtime? will there be a cultural change in the period we're living through? you think not, why? >> i think the bottom absolutely fell with harvey weinstein. the bottom fell out with harvey weinstein. the best thing we can compare it to is the dre' fuss affair in france. it affected all that nation's leaders. i think what we're seeing is victims are confronting their predators in politics, in culture and also in sports and as bad as that is i think what the backlash shows is that what was acceptable in d.c. or hollywood doesn't fly in flyover country. my hope is this is reaching the tipping point. >> we will see a change is what you're telling me? >> i hope so. >> there is no room for unwanted sexual advances,
7:06 am
verbal or physical. how do we sift through or sift out the valid allegations that should bring about criminal charges or actions like losing a job or a position of prominence? >> i think in this case we need to make certain that we one, don't fall prey to double standards. we can't just excuse bad behavior from someone because we like their politics. that's inexcusable. we need to be bipartisan rooting this evil out. the other thing is we need to affirm due process. if you're a private citizen you have the right to face your acussers in a court of law. if you're a politician, due process comes in the courtroom of public opinion and you will have your day of reckoning at the ballot box. i think we need to make certain we're supporting some of these accusers and weighing seriously and honestly these allegations. >> at what point will the social media factor take a turn, whether it's blocking certain posts and just throwing
7:07 am
stuff out here or some way of vetting these allegations? >> what we've seen is a snowball effect. it started with weinstein and it has kept going since then. there is a long list at this point. but i do see some reasons for hope. for instance, after the conyers allegations surfaced, you had representative ron desantis of florida introduce legislation calling the conyers rule which would bar congressmen from using taxpayer funds to hide their sexual mistakes to stop them from using taxpayer funds to quiet their accusers. that's a very positive step. look. this is not going to stop. this is not going to change until you have fathers pull aside their sons and say look, don't you ever do what these men have been accused of. >> in the meantime there are a bunch of grown up boys behaving badly. >> absolutely. i think what we've seen is look, you have guys like al franken in minnesota, guys like
7:08 am
roy moore in alabama, and a just weeks ago they thought their political career was locked. >> we are mentioning those two people in the same breath. as i said before, there is no room for any sort of unwanted sexual advances whether it's physical or otherwise, online, via letter, by mail, however you do it it's unwanted. here we sit we're talking about in one breath a man alleged to have had sexual inappropriate conduct with underage girls and then another person who acted completely in a stupid fashion and messed around perhaps in a way with a former co-worker. two adults. both bad but both different apples and oranges here. >> you are right we need to be clear what we're talking about in the moment. we can't lump in sexual harassment with rape.
7:09 am
they're very different things and careful in making the distinction. the point i like to make right now the electorate is having such a backlash at this impro pry tee regardless of how terrible it is on scale. the electorate are saying we won't stand for what might work in dc and hollywood. it doesn't work in flyover country. >> none of the bad behavior is accepted on any level especially from our leaders in congress. okay, phillip weggemann, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> the search for three missing americans sailors stretching into its second day. they were on a u.s. navy plane that crashed yesterday in the philippine sea. hundreds of miles off the coast of japan. tokyo now supplying ships and aircraft to aid in the search. lucas tomlinson live from the pentagon with an update. boy, thoughts and prayers with the families of those three especially on this thanksgiving. latest on the search.
7:10 am
>> it is after midnight in japan more than 30 hours after the crash. the desperate search for three missing american sailors continues in the western pacific. eight sailors have been rescued by u.s. navy helicopters after their greyhound crashed 600 miles southeast of japan. the eight are in good condition back on board the aircraft carrier ronald reagan. early indications point to an engine failure or perhaps a total power loss causing the crash. the navy is investigating. the c-2 greyhound is a cargo plane. it first entered service in the late 60s and scheduled to be replaced by an osprey in the next few years. last night the leland said the families of the three american sailors have been notified making this an especially tough thanksgiving for them. >> oh, my. to be helpless on thanksgiving to watch and worry and wait for any kind of word. thoughts and prayers are with them. bigger picture now, lucas. you've done a lot of reporting
7:11 am
on what they call mishaps, crashes of planes and ships the navy, army, marines. is this another example of that or something else? >> it is, leland. there has been a spike of u.s. military plane crashes this year and many in congress point to years of budget cuts as the cause. they are now taking a toll. the u.s. military plane crashes are up 38% this year compared to this point a year ago. the navy plane crash comes two days after an air force training jet crashed killing one pilot and injuring another in texas. earlier this month the head of naval aviation told congress half the navy's 542 super hornet jets can't fly right now pointing to a crisis in the force. only 9 out of 33c2 greyhounds or 27% can fly right now. over the summer the head of the japan-based navy seventh fleet was fired following two deadly collisions at sea involving
7:12 am
warships that killed 17 sailors which the navy said was preventable. >> you have done incredible work on this. it looks like there is more to uncover. lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. happy thanksgiving to you and yours. >> after the trump administration seemed to back off from including it in tax reform, obamacare's individual mandate could be back on the chopping block. the chances it gets the axe. we'll talk about that plus president trump seeing some bright spots amid historically low approval ratings. we'll break it all down. that's coming up soon. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
7:13 am
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7:16 am
>> a boost for senate republicans home on thanksgiving break as they prepare to take up tax reform. alaska senator lisa murcowski seen as a swing vote pledging her report for the repeal of obamacare's individual mandate that senate leaders have included in their version of the tax cut bill. bringing our panel brad blakeman former deputy assistant to president george w. bush and michael star hopkins. democratic strategist and contributor for the hill. brad, you're enjoying this thanksgiving more than the ones in crawford, texas, what does this mean? does this move the whip count significant closer or not so much? >> it remains to be seen.
7:17 am
i think that now that the senate bill has this provision in it, it really may help push us over the line not only on tax reform but teeing up another bill come 2018 for the full repeal and replacement of obamacare. i'm hopeful the senate will pass this. the question is will the house in conference once the senate bill passes, will that be a sticking point to tax reform? and a lot of drama to play out now in washington in the next couple of weeks. >> it has been so calm the past year, nothing has really happened. we'll get drama. michael hopkins, to you, if this does get republicans closer, cut it any way you want, gets them closer, are democrats worried that president trump and republicans will get a major legislative victory? >> democrats are always going to be worried whenever 13 million americans risk losing health insurance. i don't see the individual mandate being repealed. senator mccain -- >> hold on.
7:18 am
that was an answer to question. just not the one i asked. are democrats worried that all of a sudden now tax reform is marching closer and closer, hence talking points about 13 million are going to be uninsured. >> that's not a talking point. it's a fact. if the individual mandate is repealed 13 million americans will lose health insurance. the senate will vote on it and then it goes back to the house for reconciliation. i don't see it happening. john mccain has said he won't vote for a bill that doesn't go in front of open conference hearings. susan collins has said she is not close to supporting a bill that will repeal healthcare. are we worried? yes, because this is going to affect everyday americans. hopefully republicans will stand up and -- >> brad, does it sound like democrats worried about everyday americans or the tax repeal might make it through? >> if democrats were worried about everyday americans they wouldn't have put through on
7:19 am
false pretenses a healthcare system destined for failure. the promises that were made by barack obama were lies and we know that now. you can't keep your doctor. it costs too much. now republicans are going to change that. this is a tax on every american family who cannot afford the premiums, deductibles,, co-insurance and co-pays. that's a fact. when we talk about 13 million americans millions of americans who don't do it. they rather pay the penalty than get the healthcare. we have to unleash the burden on these families and that will be a great setup in 2018 for full repeal and replace and fix healthcare once and for all. >> let me say what i'm thankful for today. i suffer from a pre-existing condition. i'm thankful for the fact that under obamacare people with pre-existing conditions like myself will always have access to healthcare. that's something i don't think americans will ever be willing to go back to. >> our insurance fix does that, too. we'll cover pre-existing
7:20 am
conditions but make it affordable to tell the truth. >> how do you do it without a mandate? >> we won't force americans under penalty of what the supreme court calls a tax but what is really a penalty. we won't do that to americans. >> brad, this brings up an important question, though. it seems as though -- republicans lost the healthcare p.r. debate and ended up going down in flames, repeal and replace failed three times in the senate. is that a winning strategy? would it be better for republicans to stick to tax reform and get a win on that rather than confusing them in giving democrats the talking points that we've already heard? >> look, we can be safe or we can be bold and think big. great leaders do things that are big. i'm glad that the senate is picking up where they left off on healthcare. because healthcare has to be fixed. if they can do both more power to them. there is a lot more work to do.
7:21 am
>> brad, the president is speaking at a coast guard station near palm beach. >> president trump: we have to keep you well fed. this is good stuff. it is an honor. this is the first lady, you know. >> happy thanksgiving. >> president trump: we went together to texas and we saw what you were doing and you followed the storm. right next to that form you saved so many people. i still haven't figured out how people take their boats out into a hurricane. someday you'll explain it. they actually do it to save their boat in many cases. they aren't thinking about their life, they're thinking about their boat. i don't know, they go out in a boat and think, i guess, they have a wonderful boat and had it for years and it can weather anything and then they have 25-foot waves crashing down. that would be the end of them. but you saved a lot of people and i just want to thank you on behalf of the whole country and
7:22 am
on behalf of us, what a job you have done and thank you all very much. i'll also take questions -- should we leave the media here to do the questions? it's thanksgiving. let's let the media stay, okay. anybody have any questions about the country, how we're doing or any of those things? i love it when you don't. [laughter] >> that means you're doing great. that's the greatest. the press i know doesn't have any questions. if you do we won't take them but that's all right. the press has plenty of questions. but the country is doing really well. stock market all-time high. this is all good stuff. i just spoke to a lot of your friends in afghanistan and in iraq. we spoke to the uss monterey, great ship, great missile ship. we spoke to a lot of different folks from the air force, the army just now a little while ago at mar-a-lago. the telecommunications system.
7:23 am
what you can do now. go live to iraq and live to afghanistan. it's incredible. but i told them our country is doing great and you folks are fighting so hard and working so hard and it is nice that you are working for something that is really starting to work. we've cut back so much on regulation and all the waste and all the abuse. and the stock market on friday hit the all-time high. the highest it's ever been ever. in your whole long life the stock market is the highest it's ever been. that means your 401ks and all the things you have even if you're in the military, you have a country that is really starting to turn. we want to have a strong country and have a country where i can buy new coast guard cutters and not have to worry about it. that's what we're doing. we're building up wealth so we can take care of our protection and we're ordering tremendous amounts of new equipment.
7:24 am
we're at $700 billion for the military and you know they were cutting back for years. they just kept cutting and cutting and cutting the military. you got lean. it was depleted was the word. now it's changing. the navy i can tell you we are ordering ships, with the air force we're ordering a lot of planes, the f-35 fighter jet like an invisible fighter. i was asking the air force guys, how good is this plane? you can't see it. i said yeah, but in a fight like i watched on the movies, a fight. how good is it? it wins every time because the enemy cannot see it even if it's right next to them they can't see it. that helps. that's a good thing. but we have equipment that nobody has the equipment that we have. it is sad when we are selling our equipment to other countries but we aren't buying it ourselves. now that's all changed and the
7:25 am
stuff that we have is always a little bit better, too. when we sell to other countries, even if they're allies. an ally can turn. you'll find that out. but i always say make ours a little bit better. give it that extra speed, keep a little bit -- keep 10% in the bag. nobody has like we have and that's what we're doing. we're really proud of the coast guard and i'm very proud. i walked in today and gene said the day i got elected the following morning they were putting up the statement that i made right on your front door, right on your glass. i came in the first thing i noticed, of course, i said wow, look at that. i said did you put that up just for me because i happened to be coming here today? you did that the first day. that tells me something. that tells me something. thank you very much. let's go, fellows, let's go. let's get up here. this is good stuff.
7:26 am
thank you. can i beat him in an arm wrestling contest? what are my chances of an arm wrestling contest? i think i would be in trouble. i think i would be in trouble. thank you. thank you very much. these guys are in such good shape. what's going on here? keep it that way, it's great. thank you very much. take care of yourself. thank you. you can come back for seconds. thank you. >> mr. president, what are you thankful for, mr. president?
7:27 am
>> the white house has serious about the president not taking any questions escorting the pool out as they started to ask a couple of questions. bring brad blakeman into the conversation. you organized a lot of these visits to the troops. we know president bush went on some surprise visits to the troops as well. this is a surprise to the coast guard station down there. thoughts? >> well, look, this is the best things that presidents do is to do military events and show appreciation not only for the commander-in-chief but the entire country at times of holiday when people are with their families. they're not. they're sacrificing for us and it is important to recognize their service and the president i'm sure and the first lady would like nothing better than to be with these service people today.
7:28 am
>> you saw that, brad, we'll say thank you to you, michael star hopkins. thank you both. we've seen this with president trump especially during the time he has spent with the military. spending much more time seems to be much more comfortable in that element than almost any other and really enjoys it. spending times with the troop and interacting and joking. you wonder when nobody had any questions whether he would call on anybody. >> it was fine. part pep talk and part talking about his own policy. we cracked up when the president said look at you, you're in really good shape. >> one would hope so. he has been a big fan of the coast guard. the coast guard protects the area outside mar-a-lago. when he is there there are coast guard ships and cutters out there as well. he went up and said thank you and we'll wait for the full report to see if he brought anything with him. we didn't know whether it was pre-set the food or brought it
7:29 am
with him. >> nonetheless it looks like everyone had an enjoyable time. a stunning crackdown by the new crown prince of saudi arabia may have overshadowed a story just as big and dramatic. the battle between the saudis and iran for influence in the middle east. details ahead on that one. also a new poll showing president trump's approval rating is in the tank. how can he turn that around? white house columnist gives us his take. that's up next. >> i'm technical sergeant deployed in qatar. i want to wish my wife, my parents, my sister and all my family back home in cleveland ohio a happy thanksgiving. i love you all and i'll see you soon. will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts
7:30 am
that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt.
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> president trump is seeing historically low poll numbers during his first year in office. a poll showing while the
7:33 am
president's numbers have tipped up slightly from a week earlier only 38% of americans approve of the job the president is doing so far. we have a white house columnist for the hill. nice to see you. happy thanksgiving. if you, nile, were to write a to do president ways to improve his approval ratings, what would be number one on that list? >> well, i think number one would be to try to speak to people beyond his base of support. we see in those polls that yes, about 40% or thereabouts of the population still support him but that still shows erosion from the number that got him elected. the base first strategy he has pursued has been a problem because it has lost the softer supporters. so my number one would be to try to reach out a little bit more. >> will the president's
7:34 am
support of senate candidate accused of sexual miss misconduct, roy moore. will it help or hurt his approval rating? >> i don't know if roy moore will lose. to the point that we were originally talking about, i don't see how the president's support for a man facing those kind of serious allegations expands his support beyond where it already is. >> so let's talk about politics and policy. if president trump does not have a win in the legislation column by the end of this year, which is almost here, how will that impact his approval ratings? >> i think that would really sort of strengthen the doubts that some people have about his capacity to work with congress. but i do think we have to emphasize that there is really a pretty good chance that he and republicans in congress will get tax reform through. that i think would help him in terms of the policy. i also think it would help him
7:35 am
in terms of the politics. it would be the first major legislative victory that he had notched up and it would put to bed to some degree these criticisms that he can't get the legislative process working to his benefit and to the country's benefit. >> to that point you feel the republicans especially some of those who are not supportive of the current tax plans that are on the table, do you think they will all get in line if not for the sake of policy but for the sake of the president? >> i think there is enormous political pressure on them to do so. not only for the president's sake but also for their own sake as it pertains to the mid-term elections that we see coming up next november. i think it's republicans to be able to point to something as an achievement in that regard and i think tax reform is almost tailor made for that process. virtually everyone in the republican party agrees with the need for tax reform in a way that was not the case with
7:36 am
the various healthcare alternatives that were put forth. >> finally, nile, the new year is typically a time for people to reset, refresh. going into year two of his presidency, apart from reaching out beyond his base, what would you advise president trump to do in terms of his overall approach or should he make minor adjustments or keep doing business as usual? >> one of his main focuses has been the economy and i think if you were making the case in defense of president trump the economy would be the main thing you would point to. he himself points to it as he just did meeting the coast guard. the stock market is up, a continued concentration on that topic, the economy, could help him politically and bring some of the voters we have seen fall away from their backing of him back on board the trump train.
7:37 am
>> nile, we leave it there. happy thanksgiving. >> same to you, always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> the battle for influence in the mideast now heating up between saudi arabia and iran. some of this has been overshadowed by the recent crackdown in riyadh when the crown prince had some 200 princes and business leaders arrested but there have been some dramatic developments with iran. james rosin on that story. a number of bold moves by the saudis in the past couple of weeks. have they used the crackdown a little bit perhaps as cover? >> that may well be, leland. good morning to you. indeed, members of iran's parliament and national security elites are openly voicing concern that saudi arabia may be partnering with the u.s. and israel to confront tehran. the 32-year-old heir to the saudi throne has led internal reforms and purges to
7:38 am
strengthen his oil-rich kingdom against the leadership of iran. his country newly embraced by european governments and businesses after the nuclear deal is pressing ahead with ballistic missile development and flexing muscle around the world. he traveled to saudi arabia to announce his resignation but rescinded that yesterday and explained why today. >> i presented by resignation to the president and he appealed to me to pause for more consultations and reason and political background. i agreed to his request hoping it will constitute a serious introduction for responsible dialogue on the issues of disagreement. >> one region where iranian influence is stronger than ever is northern iraq where the central iraqi government has aided iranian militias in seizing control of oil fields there. a blow to the kurds whose
7:39 am
peshmerga fighting force was the only u.s. alley in rolling back the terror group. iran is said to be receiving 15,000 barrels of oil per day from the kirkuk province worth nearly $1 million. >> we just don't have a decent strategy to push back on iran in syria and unfortunately if we don't do something soon iran will own syria, have a land bridge coming out of iraq to lebanon and encroach on israel and encroach on jordan. >> one indication iran maybe i looking to avoid direct escalation was the shutdown of a hard line newspaper that praised a recent missile attack on saudi arabia launched by iranian-backed forces in lebanon. >> how does israel respond to all of this, james? >> there have been some suggestions that the saudis would very much like for the
7:40 am
israelis to engage once again in military conflict in lebanon to deal a blow to iran's proxy there, hezbollah. but allocations right now are that the israeli prime minister is not of a mind to launch a military adventure right now. >> it's significant. james rosin in washington james, thank you, happy thanksgiving to you and yours, my friend. >> developments in the congressman barton photo controversy with phone call recordings emerging now. why the texas republican says it could be evidence of a crime committed against him. plus is the russia investigation wrapping up or is it intensifying? what the latest moves from special counsel mueller tell us. our legal panel weighs in. what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
>> congressman joe barton now speaking out on the controversy over a nude photo of him appearing online saying that when the woman to whom he had sent some lewd pictures threatened to share them publicly he suggested taking the matter to the capitol hill police to open and than investigation. the woman saying a different story. that he warned her about using the photos against him and in a 2015 phone call she felt barton was trying to intimidate her. he now says that recording could be evidence of a crime against him. joining us now jesse weber attorney and ken zimmerman former general counsel. nice to see you both. given that it is thanksgiving counsel would stipulate sending lewd pictures of yourself is probably a bad idea. >> yeah, i would agree. >> we've stipulated that. jesse, now to this. does the congressman have a point that even if somebody exercises bad judgment, even if they are a member of congress
7:45 am
and send an inappropriate picture or picture that is private to someone, that person doesn't necessarily have the right to share it. >> so there are a couple of things there. i actually think he does have a pretty strong case under the revenge porn laws in texas. anybody who does post a lewd photo of him when he thought he had a reasonable expectation of privacy and didn't consent to that release, he might have a claim against this person. however, because he is a public figure and he is not like everybody else, sharing and sending lewd photos of yourself with someone else, that reasonable expectation of privacy might not apply as strongly as if you were a private individual. i think that's going to be a difficult part for him in his case. >> kent, is it his case or would the state of texas be bringing this case? >> i was going to say i think what's more likely is that there would be a criminal case in texas if there is anything. it would be up to the congressman whether there is a civil case. that's another story.
7:46 am
it is a criminal misdemeanor under a 2015 texas law as jesse noted to do this kind of thing. and if it was done with knowing intent, it was done to harm him or embarrass him and if he had as jesse said a reasonable expectation to privacy that this thing would remain private i think texas would have a pretty good chance. it would be the misdemeanor conviction punishable up to a year in jail and a 4,000 dollar fine not a felony. >> when one sends these type of pictures they put themselves in a compromising position. that notwithstanding, where is it? at some level the woman says i'll release this or else. that may be blackmail. or saying if you don't release it or you talk to people about it, i'm going to report you to the police. that could be construed as blackmail as well. is it two wrongs here or does the tape come down on one side? >> the problem for this young
7:47 am
woman. if you want to classify his statements as a threat he would have to be doing something illegal. he would be have to threaten her with an illegal act. pressing charges against you if you do something illegal that is not a threat or blackmail. what we see in these revenge porn laws, when relationships end and people are upset and they post pictures of the person they were just with or someone is trying to exploit another individual, you have to protect against this kind of behavior. one way or another. when you see this kind of case. the first time i read it you hear a congressman with a woman. oh oh, not necessarily he is in the wrong here. he does have an expectation to privacy and a right here. >> the voters at some level may decide if he was in the wrong by sending the pictures or not. he may not be in the wrong as it relates to the incident. ken, according to the congressman, the capitol police
7:48 am
reached out to me and have begun an investigation. if this would be texas law the capitol police don't have jurisdiction down there and no federal revenge porn law. what are the capitol police investigating? >> unclear why he got -- he invited the capitol police to get involved and they called him. unclear why he went that route. it is a texas issue, a texas revenge porn law. no federal law barring this kind of behavior yet. and so very unclear why the capitol hill police. i would not be at all surprised if it gets turned over to texas authorities in the near future. >> as we know, things live forever on the internet, good things and bad things. conceivably the congressman would want this picture to disappear forever. political opponents would not. is there any way he can truly make it disappear or is it one of these things that this woman
7:49 am
faces a misdemeanor but has done damage. >> you can go after any of the websites posted this. they can mechanisms to remove lewd photos from their sites or threaten them under certain laws and clearly in texas by civil or criminal liability and say if you post these photos of me you face consequences. first i would recommend going to their terms of use, try to figure out a way to get rid of those photos or in other cases threaten legal action. >> then you also wonder what the attack ads from a potential opponent would look like if they're able to use that under first amendment free speech political speech. jesse and ken, a conversation for another time. thank you both. happy thanksgiving. >> it's thanksgiving so the macy's thanksgiving day parade is passing right outside our studios. so much fun. a live look there for you as the parade is well underway. just a few weeks after the deadly bike path terror attack in downtown manhattan. there is that looming over this
7:50 am
day. we'll look at how the city is handling parade security. that's coming up next.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> a spectacular holiday tradition passing just outside our studios. yes, it's the macy's thanksgiving parade. take a look. there are hundreds of thousands of people out on sixth avenue to enjoy it. the parade, of course, only weeks after a deadly terror truck attack in downtown manhattan. we're along the route where police are doing all they can to keep everyone safe. hi, brian. >> that's right. happy thanks to you and everyone at home. a beautiful day for the thanksgiving parade in new york city.
7:54 am
spectacular. security is on everyone's mind given what happened halloween night with the terror attacks in new york that killed eight people and given what happened in las vegas with that shooting that killed 59 people. the nypd has taken plenty of steps to protect the parade. dozens of sanitation trucks filled with sand lined along the 2 1/2 mile parade route to block potential vehicles from coming onto the parade and have radiation detectors all throughout the city. we have undercover police officers and uniformed police officers. teams consistently ready to respond at any moment to multiple terror attacks at the same time and vapeor wake dogs to sniff out bombs on individuals. that is a way to protect against suicide bombers. this event, they have no credible threat. listen to -- against this event. listen to the mayor speak about the thanksgiving parade yesterday. >> you will see a lot of
7:55 am
officers. that is something that should make people feel good and confident and calm. i want to emphasize it's very important for everyone to understand there is no credible and specific threat against new york city at this moment. there is no credible and specific threat against the parade. >> so far so good. a beautiful day here. >> it is a gorgeous day, brian. tell us what we can expect to see at this year's thanksgiving parade and what is your favorite? >> my favorite is the grinch. a new balloon coming through. 17 giant character balloons. a new one is olaf. marching bands. it is a spectacular event and it gets better every year it feels like. tradition.
7:56 am
people are here with their families. it is cold out here but great. everyone has coffee and smiles on their faces and a lot of fun. >> are you freezing? >> it's fine, though. we get to have a little elevated view, right? this is great. you can't beat that. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving, brian. >> not too windy out there. one nice thing that happened. all this emphasis on security. so many people were coming up to the nypd officers and saying thank you. that never used to happen. it is a nice thing that's happened if there is a silver lining here. >> it's very nice indeed. president trump on a working vacation at his winter white house in florida and the commander-in-chief has been busy today. how our troops were involved. live with those details. stick around. you've got ridiculously awesome talent, right?
7:57 am
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>> president donald trump spending his thanksgiving with his family at the winter white house at his mar-a-lago club in florida. hello, happy thanksgiving. good morning. this "america's newsroom," we're live here thanksgiving day. >> hour three. we're getting it done. happy thanksgiving to you and yours. president trump is calling it a working vacation. we saw him talking to the troops this morning. there is video of him getting off air force one on tuesday night. the president talking to the troops. he also visited the coast guard station to see the coast guard and making a big push on tax reform working the phones, calling senators. the president also taking time today to send greetings to the men and women serving overseas. >> president trump: we give thanks for this holiday. i speak on behalf of all americans when i say we totally support you. in fact, we love you. we really do. we love you. and this is a thanksgiving that you won't forget because you
8:01 am
are in a very different part of the world than you are used to and boy are you doing a job there and thank god for you. thank god for you. we also want to give thanks to our loved ones, our amazing military families. i know they miss you and miss you so deeply and so badly there. every bit as important as everyone else you work with, they put up with so much. they put up with the time away and all of those things that they have to endure, and they endure it because they love our country and because they love you. believe me, i know so much about military families. they respect and appreciate what you are doing for this country and they respect and appreciate what you are doing for them as a family. so your families love you and they miss you. >> on that screen there was a number of military service members across the middle east there in harm's way.
8:02 am
phil keating live in west palm beach not far from where the president is vacationing. hi, phil. >> hi. happy thanksgiving to you as well. mr. trump getting into the holiday theme this morning of giving thanks. in particular with the military. aside from that 9:00 a.m. videoconference call with troops in afghanistan and iraq, turkey, bahrain and on board the uss monterey out there in that region, he also traveled from mar-a-lago, his winter white house south to rivera beach where he visited the coast guard's quarters to thank the coasties in person protecting the coastline and protecting him and his family while they stay at the winter white house. the turkey, bread and early morning feast you see on the big table was all provided by the president and first lady melania who was also on hand. for the second straight morning the president hit twitter first
8:03 am
thing right around sunrise tweeting this out. happy thanksgiving. your country is starting to do very well. jobs coming back. highest stock market ever. military getting struck. record cut of regulations, lowest employment of 17 years and more from that 9:00 a.m. videoconference with the troops. >> it's an honor to speak with you all and to give god thanks for the blessings of freedom and for the heroes who really have this tremendous courage that you do to defend us and to defend freedom. we want to thank you all very much. very, very special people. >> and about 20 minutes ago president trump tweeted out this videotaped happy thanksgiving 2017 message for everyone saying today we give thanks to all the pilgrims, pioneers and patriots who have come before us and that we are eternally grateful to all the
8:04 am
military, those helping the sick and hungry, neighbors helping neighbors and thanked in particular all of the police officers, firefighters and paramedics around the country who day in and day out go out there and save people's lives. leland. >> with that we offer thanks to you, phil, working on thanksgiving. heavy lacy your producer as well and mr. green balm. his lighting makes you look as good as you can look. >> i'll pass that on to him. thanks. >> phil keating don't need no lighting. >> there you go. >> we turn to the russia investigation and reports that special counsel robert mueller and his team are looking into an associate of former national security advisor michael flynn. a sign the investigation could be pivoting in his direction. joining me now is david hawking senior editor at roll call. david, what can you glean about special counsel mueller's process at this juncture with this new information?
8:05 am
>> it is a sign to me of reinforcing what i think we've thought from the beginning, which is that robert mueller is an extremely thorough and comprehensive prosecutor and this is going to be and continues to be a very wide ranging investigation that is going to go down all sorts of avenues and eddies for a while, i think. maybe not before too long before we see michael flynn's name in the headlines again. but it seems like it is going in several different directions. that's one report. there is another report he is now asking the justice department, the main justice department from which he technically works but separate for other records on sort of a different matter. so it's going lots of different places and it is going to be with us for quite some time. >> if you're calling mueller thorough, methodical, should we surmise anything from the amount of time that he takes on
8:06 am
this investigation? >> so there is the old carpenter's adage you should measure twice and cut once. you only get one shot of cutting the piece of wood. robert mueller is now -- he is prosecuting at the very highest level in the entire country, an investigation that may or may not reach all the way into the oval office but that's potentially what he is looking at. so he is going to measure three or four times before he cuts and i think that what i see here is somebody who knows that this is of paramount importance to the functioning of the government and democracy and not a fly by night prosecutor. if indictments are brought, they are going to be tied up very tight with a bow and he is absolutely going to think he has the case dead to rights whatever he charges. >> if the measuring continues does it look like a russia investigation will still dominate the headlines leading up to the campaign season in the mid-term elections? >> absolutely right.
8:07 am
the election is 11 months away. it is going to be one of those things looming just offstage even if we don't talk about it every day and even if there isn't a leak of one of these threads every day it has to be on the white house's minds every day and on the minds of republicans on the hill. this is going to be dogging them into the campaign season and potentially, we don't know, mr. mueller could not be finished with his investigation until after the election. but yes, it is going to be following us. we'll know it is there every day from here probably well, well into the campaign if not beyond. >> you skimmed over it a bit ago, david. might the russia investigation reach into the white house and possibly the oval office? >> well, gosh, i don't know. this is one of the great arguments that the president himself has had in the public eye in the last months he says he keeps being told again and again it doesn't reach to him.
8:08 am
but then with each one of these threads suggest that it is approaching that. so i don't know. that's the big question. does this -- does what mr. mueller is getting at actually touch the president, does it touch the president since he has been president, only during the campaign? remembering that these special counsels, when i say they can be thorough, they can go wherever they feel like going once they go down a road. remembering the most famous previous special counsel before this one was the clinton one that started with an investigation of the whitewater land deal and ended up with monica lewinsky. we don't really know. maybe mr. mueller doesn't know how long it will take him to get there or where it will lead. >> breaking in the past couple of hours news of a possible explosion on board a missing submarine feared lost at the bottom of the south atlantic. search video there.
8:09 am
the argentinean submarine disappeared a week ago and it has been a race against time for search crews to find the 44 sailors before their oxygen supply disappears. people looking for the submarine. we're live with the breaking developments. hi, benjamin. >> worrying developments as you said in the last couple of hours. argentina saying a sound they heard during the search for this missing submarine is consistent with a non-nuclear explosion. while nothing can be confirmed ships and planes which have been involved have headed back to an area they searched over. experts say this may provide a clue to the vessel's location. u.s. and specialist agencies have also said the hydroacoustic anomaly was produced hours after contact was lost last wednesday. a navy spokesman have said the relatives of the crew who are holding a vigil have been informed. the search will continue until
8:10 am
there is full certainty about the fate of the ara san juan. as you say, experts fear not only that the submarine may have had an explosion but if it is intact it may be running out of the oxygen. it had between 7 and 10 days worth when it was missing. real concern about the safety of those 44 sailors on board. the ara san juan had left a port in the southern tip of south america at the bottom heading up the east coast of the continent. the navy has said the submarine reported a battery failure just before it went missing but they have no more specific details on that. more than a dozen international airplanes and ships are participating in the search which covers a vast area of 185,000 square miles. that is an area larger than california. as you say, the u.s. very involved. they have sent two planes and naval research ship, a submarine rescue chamber and underwater vehicles. this news coming in the last couple of hours there has been a sound that has been reported to be an explosion very
8:11 am
worrying indeed. we'll come back to you as soon as we hear any more and there is expected to be a news briefing in the next couple of hours as well. back to you. >> and to you when it breaks, benjamin hall in london. ben, thank you. >> leland, busy holiday, yes, it is. the travel officially kicking into high gear. we'll be talking tricks to help you brace for the crazy and what you should be ready for when heading off to see friends and family. plus there are new details on the baltimore detective gunned down last week. a day before he was supposed to testify in a police corruption probe. why the timing of his death is raising eyebrows. >> i want you to know that we have evidence of a struggle between detective suter and his killer. we now also know that detective suter was shot and killed with his own gun. >> i'm currently at an air base
8:12 am
from martinsburg, west virginia. a huge shot out to my mom, my wife, my dad, my in laws shout out to the 167 communications flight. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish but now, i take metamucil every day. it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like.
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>> new developments in the murder of a baltimore detective last week. baltimore police commissioner kevin davis telling reporters detective sean suter was killed a day before he was set to
8:16 am
testify before a grand jury in a police corruption probe. giving rise to a ton of rumor and speculation. >> it certainly makes for great theater. we have a police officer who is shot and killed and we don't have a really good description and we don't have someone in custody and low and behold we find out -- i found out after the fact he was scheduled to testify in front of a federal grand jury. >> he was shot in the head in a vacant lot. baltimore police and f.b.i. don't have any evidence that points to a conspiracy. >> planes, storms, delays, holiday stress often a combustible combination in america's airports and we have seen the results. especially on social media. here to explain your rights as you travel to grandma's house an attorney at law from miami, florida. good to see you, counselor,
8:17 am
thank you. >> nice to see you also. happy thanksgiving. >> have people have begun to lose their mind or are we just seeing it now because everything is recorded? >> my generation i don't have a recollection of the good old days of airline travels. it's been a nightmare traveling across the country in a few weeks with my little kids and wife. i'm not looking forward to it. the one thing i know i have rights as a passenger. we see all the terrible stories on facebook. the passenger bill of rights. i think there are two important points. if you're stuck in a plane for two to three hours you have rights. you have a right to be able to have working bathrooms and food and water and most importantly if it's more than three hours you have a right to get off that plane. the other important point if you get bumped due to overbooked you have a right to be compensated up to two to three times the full value of the one-way fair. if you get bumped don't be afraid to negotiate with them and don't take the first offer.
8:18 am
negotiate and see how much you can get because that can be at least a way to compensate you for the time you and your family have lost. >> so often when these incidents begin at airports and if you fly a lot you've seen it. everybody whips out their cell phone and starts recording it that provides a record but at the same time it raises the intensity level and gets everybody more defensive. what is your advice to folks? at what point is it to pull out your cell phone and record in a way you're being wronged? >> i'm all about corporate responsibility. i have say pull out the cell phone from the first moment that you can. without us knowing what actually happens you can't hold them accountable. i have no problem with the general public using videos as much as they can in order to document what goes on. >> we're watching in the right-hand side of the screen some of the passengers dragged
8:19 am
off planes by law enforcement oftentimes as you point out. one guy was going to be bumped and we know how it ended up for united airlines. where does the passengers' right stop and the airlines' rights start in passengers behaving badly? >> there are a lot of passengers that behave badly. only the stories we see about the airlines behaving badly. your answer to that question is just as good as mine. what's reasonable? this is thanksgiving. i think we have to be good, decent people. try to do the right thing. treat your flight attendant nicely in a good way and i think they'll treat you back in a nice way. if everybody took a deep breath and tried to get around the stress and act in a nice way to one another maybe we could all get along a little better. >> what a wonderful thanksgiving message if everybody did that we wouldn't need trial attorneys, would we? >> it would probably be a better world without us. at the end of the day a lot of bad things happen and trial
8:20 am
lawyers are here to make things right and make sure justice is done. >> in travel situations you all have found justice for folks. especially as we saw what happened with the united case as well. hopefully nobody will have to call you because of a travel nightmare. good advice all around. >> i appreciate that. >> happy thanksgiving, good to see you. you don't often hear lawyers that honest about things. >> i have friends who are lawyers. >> i have many friends as well. it was a refreshing statement. good thoughts for our travel. this good thoughts as well. great article in the "new york times." we wanted to bring your attention to it. it's called thanksgiving gratitude for a father's lesson. i could have written that, but not as well as brett stevens did. >> brett stevens wrote this and he reflects on the values and important lessons his father bestowed on him after he
8:21 am
touched his father's female assistant. he was 7 years old at the time and given the current new wave of sexual assault allegations it could be a useful primer on teaching young boys respectful behavior. >> what struck me about it was it asked the fundamental question that you often ask when kids are behaving badly. where are your parents? so often it seems like in today's age about these older men who have clearly behaved so badly you want to say who raised you and how ashamed would your mother be of your behavior? >> there are moral questions abound that we should all get back to the basics and what our parents taught us. >> worth read than his piece and with that i thank my dad for the lessons he taught me as well. >> i thank my parents, too, my mom, dad, aunties, cousins. we'll show you this when we come back. the stunning video of a north
8:22 am
korean soldier fleeing to the south as his comrades showered him in bullets. the details of this horrific story. stay with us. hi dad. no. don't try to get up. hi, i'm julie, a right at home caregiver. and if i'd been caring for tom's dad, i would have noticed some dizziness that could lead to balance issues. that's because i'm trained to report any changes in behavior, no matter how small, so tom could have peace of mind. we'll be right there. we have to go. hey, tom. you should try right at home. they're great for us. the right care. right at home.
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>> as we celebrate thanksgiving. here at home we have not forgotten our troops protecting our freedom around the world this holiday members of the second armored brigade combat team in camp humphrey, south korea got to enjoy a full thanksgiving meal with all the sides, stuffing and dessert. >> the mind set we had going into this put out a festive thanksgiving meal to give the soldiers and families a home away from home meal that they can enjoy and come together as a family as a unit.
8:26 am
and enjoy themselves. so we wanted to spread that here as best we could. we stayed up late last night cooking about 60 turkeys. >> more than 1,000 soldiers and their families shared the festive meal. we thank you very much for your service. >> just on the border with north korea the motto there of u.s. forces in korea ready to fight tonight. as the north koreans are escalating the war of words with the united states after president trump returned the regime to the list of state sponsors of terrorism. the north korean ruler reportedly calling the move a serious provocation equivalent to a declaration of war. dr. walid phares joining us now. national security and foreign affairs analyst. good to see you sir, as always. thank you. the north koreans pretty soon will run out of rhetoric. they almost have and now they're reusing every week they say there is another
8:27 am
declaration of war and haven't done much. >> yes indeed. there is an expiration date for the narrative. they use two weapons against their population. fear, suppress them and we've seen evidence. the second one is the feeling of isolation meaning the north koreans believe that their leadership is well connected worldwide. china is with them. the same soviet technique during the cold war. the north koreans start to understand many things have changed. the united states is deployed, the east asians are with the united states and it sends the regime is isolated. >> what do you make of the fact that north korea is not doing? no more missile tests for the past couple of months. no nuclear tests.
8:28 am
largely stayed silent while president trump visited asia. >> well look, they read not just in terms of tweets from here and statements coming back from pyongyang. their military are reading the moves by the aircraft characters and submarines and japanese and south koreans mobilizing, the chinese. all that is well read and why they understand it is shifting. my real point here that will lead us to another subject is the fact that north koreans may start to make exceptions and try to do something else. of course, as an incident of the soldier fleeing. to me that's highly symbolic. >> we'll rerun that video. this video coming from the forces there on the dmz. technically u.n. forces, mostly south korea and american forces that captured the video of a north korean soldier driving a jeep down to the border, then running across the border at the time the north koreans were
8:29 am
shooting at their own guy who was trying to escape. what do you make of this? is this significant? does it show all of a sudden a little bit of a break or is it an isolated incident? >> it is isolated. one incident. like the drop of rain. you have to get the first one. the second one will tell you if it will rain or not. my question here is how much north koreans, including those in the army, know about what is happening worldwide or at least in the region? how much are they connected? for this individual soldier to cross, he must have studied why is he going, what may happen in the future in my sense if we see more of these incidents this is really a reminder of what has happened between east germany and western germany just before the last collapse. i'm not predicting a collapse but looking at symptoms that are very serious at this point in time. >> flip that on its head. i'm struck by a story of a
8:30 am
defection from the north to the south told to me about the former commander of u.s. forces in korea. the person who defected and risked the same fate that this guy had at being shot at walked through mine fields, went over a frozen river. when he got to south korea he said i have come to tell the world how great the great leader is. this is back during the time of the great leader and i don't feel he is being given his due on the world stage. is it possible that's what is happening here rather than a soldier who has seen the light of how great the west is? >> a few weeks from now when the deintoxication will occur we will know more. remember, he has been -- i think he was born and raised in north korea and indoctrinateed. the first thing you do when you get out of the place is the fear of the regime going after you anywhere around the world. it is weeks from now when he will be back to his balanced mind that we will learn more
8:31 am
about what are the real motives and if there is another single incident like this one, that one is in the middle. one more incident we have a trend. >> the regime retaliating against your family in north korea. the guy came across in terrible health issues and parasites as well and getting medical care. we will see if he can speak out about his story. your expertise is appreciated as always. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving. >> the senate could be days away on a vote on tax reform. who are the potential winners and losers in the senate's plan? will the middle class see a huge tax cut as the president has promised? we'll debate it. congressman joe barton apologizing after a nude photo and video of him emerges as the sexual misconduct claims continue to rock capitol hill. our political panel weighs in. that's coming up next. >> hi, i'm currently deployed
8:32 am
in qatar. i want to wish all my friends and family in birmingham, alabama a happy thanksgiving. i love you guys and i'll see you soon. bye. a trip back to the dthe doctor's office, mean just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home...
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try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon. >> lawmakers take time to celebrate the thanksgiving holiday, republicans will soon be facing a make or break moment on tax reform. the house already passed its version. a vote in the senate could be just days away. there are growing questions over the impact of the senate's plan and which groups would benefit. joining us now beverly halberg president of the district media group and fellow at the heritage foundation and david goodfriend, former deputy staff secretary to president clinton. nice to see both of you. beverly, we don't know what exactly will be in the final version of the senate bill which will ultimately reach the president's desk. given what's on the table in the house bill of what we know and what we perhaps think may
8:36 am
be in the senate bill, the final version, who benefits and who doesn't? >> i think the middle class and especially small business owners do. i think it's interesting that senator schumer has suggested any democrat who is visiting republican family over the holiday weekend should take a flow chart of the gop tax plan out and say if anybody shows up with a gop tax plan on a flow chart they go straight to the kids' table. but when it comes to this actual what the senate will do. they want to make sure that middle class americans are getting more of their money back. i know democrats are talking about 2027 after 10 years where taxes go up. i'm with you, democrats. let's lower the taxes and keep them low throughout. this is a winner across the board. >> i hear you laughing and chuckling, david. >> i love beverly to show up at our thanksgiving with flow charts. we would love to talk tax policy over turkey. the real turkey is that the
8:37 am
republicans in congress have painted themselves into a corner. if the bill passes, democrats go into 2018 will say if you own a home and pay a mortgage you're paying more taxes. if you belong to a group that relies on medicare or medicaid you are paying more. every single group that loses is about $150,000 in income or less. if you're in the top 1/10 of 1% 8% of you get a tax cut. that's the contract you give democrats by passing this. with the republicans with a lot of members in the senate concerned about the $1.5 trillion deficit increase. if the republicans fail to get a majority to pass the bill the republican base abandons them. politically the fact we're seeing tax cuts in the top brackets, donald trump gets a tax cut. we're happy for him. and tax increases at the lowest levels is a political nightmare for republicans win or lose. >> clearly there are several points of contention still in
8:38 am
existence. beverly, does tax overhaul get done by christmas and what might the final bill look like? >> i think it will. here is the reason why. republicans know they need a legislative victory. it was a disaster trying to get healthcare passed. i know president trump has talked about whether or not the individual mandate should be included in this. i personally think republicans should try to include it because let's not forget when the supreme court decided on obamacare, it was the supreme court justice that called it a tax. it is completely appropriate to say let's deal with this in tax policy. i hope the individual mandate can be kept in as far as keeping that part in so people don't get penalized if they don't buy healthcare. i think republicans will do what they need to do to compromise. they know that 2018 is coming up and if they don't have a legislative victory it could be negative for them in the mid-term. >> i have agree. the paradox here is the obamacare provision is part of
8:39 am
this conversation for accounting reasons. it was supposedly how the republicans would then pay for tax cuts in other places. and without it the math explodes and you get even bigger increases in the deficit. the problem, a very popular increase in people using obamacare right now. the sign-ups are going through the roof despite the fact the administration isn't pushing it. it is popular to get health insurance. if you get millions of americans losing health insurance as a result of this again that is not good politics. >> david, you are a small business owner as well and you know how expensive it is for small business owners. talk to people in the individual markets say they can't afford healthcare these days. >> most of it -- >> i think our producers want to get to this next topic. there are two more women now accusing senator al franken of inappropriate touching and congressman joe barton apologizing after a nude photo of himself emerges.
8:40 am
senator franken apologize as we. it is coming as congress, hollywood and the media world continue to be rocked by sexual harassment allegations. basically i'll go with you on this one, beverly. are we at a point where we're going to see a cultural shift in light of all of this? >> i sure hope so. i will say whether it's a democrat or republican this has really come down to being a nonpartisan issue and people of a wide variety of occupations. what we need to look at is when women are working on capitol hill making sure they are treated appropriately. i hope this is a wake-up call. i would say i would like the hypocrisy we're seeing on the left removed. i think republicans should call out republicans but democrats need to call out democrats. there is a lot of hypocrisy even among liberal women when it came to al franken we'll not ask him to step down because we agree with the way he votes. that's hypocritical to me. we need to look at the issues
8:41 am
not as a partisan issue but what's right for women. >> politics aside. no one will condone unwanted sexual conduct or assaults or approaching them in any way that is unwanted. no one condones that, okay? >> right. >> how do we differentiate between allegations of misconduct with underage girls and misconduct with former co-workers? again nothing is right but how do we differentiate in terms of the degree of punishment? >> i understand your question. lately i've been doing something i encourage all my fellow american men to do. talking to the women in my life. my wife, my mom, my women co-workers and what i'm hearing from them is something that was echoed today by a female reporter in the associated press and that is it's all bad as you say, but there is a
8:42 am
spectrum from the criminal like a sexual predator preying on underage girls to someone in the workplace doing something inappropriate and where you fit on that spectrum matters. my wife, for example, shared with me stories from when she worked on capitol hill and i don't like those stories one bit. whether she feels that that's a criminal act versus an inappropriate or harmful or hurtful act is very important. she has explained that to me. so i think we're definitely going to see hopefully more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of what goes on in the workplace to every woman in america probably. and then we have to decide what is the appropriate way of dealing with each and every point on that scale. i want to say one thing. hypocrisy is on both sides here when the president of the united states gives roy moore a pass because he is a republican that's just as bad as democrats saying well, bill clinton whatever. i think you have to be bipartisan and across the board consistent in how we handle
8:43 am
this. >> i agree. >> wrapping up for me. >> it's not just politics look for wall street and the restaurant next door. it's happening everywhere. >> i have to leave it there. thank you very much. i felt a little uncomfortable there for a moment because we have sweet innocent babies in the studio here and i don't want to speak of this in front of them. >> we are in that position sometimes. they brought up a good point on thanksgiving when so often we sit around the table and talk about what's going on in the world the icky topic. on a happier note guess what? christmas is just around the corner. that means it is okay now to break out the christmas carols and you don't need expert tips for holiday decorating but perhaps some of our viewers do and we have you covered. our next guest telling you how to transform your homes using maybe a little vintage flair.
8:44 am
did your senator or congressman get elected by talking tough on the national debt? will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt.
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cleans where brushing may miss. helps remove stains and prevent stain build up. use polident daily. >> a crazy year of news. at this time of chaos, how do we shake off the bad news? appreciate what we have and get right into the christmas spirit? our next guest has a slew of tips from the holidays and literally wrote the book on christmas decorations. the author of a vintage christmas and vintage lifestyle expert bob richter is here. nice to see you. i'm lovely, lovely, lovely. it is thanksgiving and in the holiday mood. tell us about your vintage finds. >> my vintage finds are finds i find all year long. they started with a box of ornaments my dad gave me when i was 6 years old. it's time you start collecting something and i know you like christmas and how i started
8:48 am
collecting thousands of vintage ornaments like this which so many people remember from their family trees growing up. >> i do. what else do you have? >> oh gosh, this santa class was under my first christmas tree. my brother decorated it for me when i was a little boy. i was at the pediatrician. i walked into my room and there is my own christmas tree with this guy underneath. i have him today. people remember him when i talk about him. people had these ornaments and this santa claus. >> i had the bigger version of this tree in my childhood. >> the color wheel? >> what was your favorite? i liked the amber, the color wheel. >> i'm partial to the purple. >> okay. >> but the truth of the matter is that was a little too new for me. i've been an old-fashioned vintage kind of guy. so we never had the big silver tree but i like these little ones. you know what they remind people of? wool worth's, shopping in the afternoon, spending $5? >> you took me back there.
8:49 am
you took me back with that. >> vintage christmas makes us feel good. our hearts are open as christmastime. let's open them wider when we talk about people who made christmas special for us. >> you have a little snowman? >> he was a candy container. i love him. >> it's true, though. you and i sat here. where did you grow up? >> allentown, pennsylvania. i'll be back at my mom's table later today. >> you grew up in pennsylvania, i grew up in louisiana in new orleans and there we are sitting here a northern boy and a southern girl connecting right over these vintage christmas ornaments here in the santa claus and tree. that's the whole idea. we want to be connected, not separate. we have so much in common, all of us, we do. >> that's right. it's about love and memories. i had the best grandparents in the world. whenever i bring out these ornaments i think of them and talk about them and they live
8:50 am
on. that's what it's all about. that's the magic of christmas. >> it really is. you have the cute book here, a very vintage christmas. i love the book. what will i learn from reading this book? >> gosh, first and foremost vintage christmas teaches us about history. for instance, my favorite period is world war ii. ornaments weren't silvered inside and they were capped in paper because we were conserving everything for the war effort. i love things from the 30s, 40s and 50s. you can use it all together and mix it with new things. also if you don't have a tree put the ornaments in a bowl on the side table. if you have kids and pets and don't want things broken there are different ways to use these things. i talk about it in the book. >> i'm big on putting decorations in vases. a very vintage christmas, an early merry christmas to you and your family. he smells lovely, too. we'll be right back. >> oh, thanks.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
i wish all my family and friends. i love i all and see you all soon. go saints. >> we've seen the president today already talk to the troops by videoconference and visit them at a coast guard station. more on that in a minute. first this. kids not even old enough to see over the steering wheel. you guessed it, stealing cars. this is video of a 10-year-old taking cleveland police on a
8:55 am
high-speed chase. the car topping out at 100 miles per hour. perhaps that kid was able to see over the steering wheel where they were going. meantime in mississippi, 11-year-old stole his grandparents' car and flipped it. in indiana a 9-year-old angry at being told play time was over -- when i was angry at play time being over i threw a fit but never stole my parents' card. it brings us back to what we were talking about early. bret stevens' columns where are parents teaching people this is not acceptable behavior. >> all about how you were raised. >> it says a lot about you and your parents how you act. with that we transition to thanking new york's finest who put on another macy's day parade. they're beginning to clean up outside on sixth avenue. it went off so far without a hitch. they call them new york's strongest. new york sanitation division. we have new york's finest.
8:56 am
the police out securing the route and strong new york's strongest to clean it up for everyone to head home. >> i love how orderly everything else. all neat and nice and that's the way we do it in new york city. >> it's incredible. we were talking how nice it is now as the security has increased on parade routes and at events whether new year's eve or marathon. folks as they walk along are saying thank you to the police officers who are out there. day in and day out. no doubt would love to be with their families. >> i do that as well. i tell them thank you whenever i see them. what is your favorite thanksgiving side? >> side? the cranberry sauce with ridges on it. >> with ridges. >> the lines from the cranberry sauce in a can. >> i love sweet potato pie. >> to you and yours, happy
8:57 am
thanksgiving. it has been a great three hours. happy thanksgiving at home and we'll see you back here tomorrow for more news. enjoy your thanksgiving dinner. "outnumbered" coming up. >> happy thanksgiving. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables.
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>> tax reform the top item on the agenda after thanksgiving as republicans gear up to hand president trump a critical victory. this is "outnumbered." i'm dagen mcdowell, and here today, to take a part in the fun. anchor of the intelligence report, trish regan. fox news contributor lisa booth. >> marie and today, hashtag one lucky guy, weekend cohost senior political analyst pete. you my


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