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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 27, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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thank you to everybody for joining us on "outnumbered." continuing coverage as we await senator al franken, press availability happening any moment proud, now. let's go to harris faulkner. >> a fox news alert, we are awaiting democratic senator al franken. returning to work today on capitol hill for the first time since being hit with those sexual misconduct allegations, four women on the list of those accusing him of groping and other activities. franken told the minnesota "star tribune" yesterday that he is embarrassed and ashamed by his past behavior and is pledging to work to regain the trust of women and his constituents. i'm harris faulkner. among the other things, we knew yesterday that he would be giving this press avail just in his home state of minnesota. among the other things he responded to, he was asked whether he would face more groping allegations and he
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answered "i don't know." what will he say? when he steps up to the microphone moments from now. joining us is chief congressional coast do not correspond at on capitol hill. more has happened with regard to people reacting to some of the words i just read yesterday. >> he did some local media interviews, trying to make sure things are solid back home, apologizing to his constituents back home in minnesota. we expected he would have to say something at some point to reporters on capitol hill capitol hill. he was trying to turn the page from the sexual harassment or inappropriate conduct scandal and try to get back to work but bottom line, he kept a low profile, keeping away from national media over the thanksgiving holiday, said he was going to be reflecting about what went on from the allegations i came forward,
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tucked local media outlets yesterday, here he is trying to come back to work as senators are trying to do a tax reform, a huge issue that will affect all of his constituents and everyone's constituents. unless he wants cameron's following him every step of the way, he had to come out and say something. we don't know what he will say, more of the apology tour or whether he may have something in addition to say about perhaps an awareness of other allegations that may be coming forward. it's hard to say at this point, we await the comments from senator franken any moment now, this is something on short notice. great anticipation here on capitol hill. >> harris: he has said that he is open to the ethics investigation buddies also put a lot on the record since the last day. he told the minnesota public radio in st. paul "i take photographs of the state fair with thousands of people, i would never never intentionally grope anyone but we have to
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listen to the women and respectt they say." on the record, three women have accused franken of grabbing their bottoms while taking photographs. he has put some stuff on record here. >> that's right, one of the reporters who interviewed him said he said he did not remember those incidents with those women as they alleged and so she seemed to raise an eyebrow about that. suddenly they haven't and you don't remember it? he is clearly embarrassed by this, he is clearly trying to turn the page. the question is will he be able to buy making some remarks on capitol hill or will the questions and allegations linger? i can tell you after the initial photograph came out, it appeared he was goofing around with leeann tweeden, the radio news reporter on that flight where it looked like he was grabbing her while she was sleeping. a lot of the female senators on capitol hill said they could not get past that image, they were
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deeply troubled by that. he's got some work to do to regain the confidence of his colleagues on capitol hill. as you mention, that ethics investigation is expected to go forward to look into his conduct and look into perhaps whether there may be more allegations out there you have to come forward. >> harris: quickly before i let you go, this is going to happen momentarily. we want to be able to get to it live. what is the mood if you will around this issue? not just with al franken but all that we have learned that is come out about payouts, we know what representative conyers, about payouts to women for keeping quiet about things that may have happened, what is the mood around this issue of sexual misconduct or groping, inappropriate behavior and men in congress? >> a lot of younger lawmakers in particular are saying the old days are gone, the old bad behavior has to be gone and cannot be tolerated any longer.
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the idea of quiet settlements with people who make allegations, a complicated process for staffers to come forward and file complaints against their bosses, must change, and the idea that the government, the taxpayers may pay for settlements, a lot of folks are saying that has to go, that it should all be public record in terms of who has been charged, who has settled and how much they settled for and that the money should come out of the pockets of lawmakers going forward. we will see how much is changed but we know there is an active push by a lot of folks for a lot more transparency here on capitol hill, not to have the taxpayers sign a check and make a complete go away but make it a lot more transparent, and the bottom line, if lawmakers misbehave, they should be the ones writing the checks and not american taxpayers. >> harris: you talk about those quiet payments, it wasn't just that they were quiet, they shut down the voices of those women who may have wanted to
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speak up at that time and now the questions about not just paying these women with taxpayer dollars by paying them to be quiet, do not have a voice. i know from women in congress talking with them that this is a big issue on capitol hill and it is bipartisan. i will give you the last word. >> no question about that. as you mention, those nondisclosure agreements, somebody had to break a nondisclosure agreement for some of the stuff to come out about congressman john conyers in michigan. bottom line, people who have behaved badly, i think they are quite anxious at this hour. >> harris: we appreciate your reporting on capitol hill and we will come back to you as the news warrants. a quick programming note, we do have, we've invited her and she is going to be joining me, one of the women who has accused representative conyers of misconduct. we will be talking with her coming up shortly. as we await al franken to step up to the microphone you see
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thereafter having a whole day of media availability in his home state of minnesota yesterday, waiting to see what he will say to a wider public beyond the constituents in minnesota. let's bring in jake sherman, jake, good to have you today. this was kind of a pop up, as someone who has been covering this, what would you first ask? >> i think a few things, i don't think he's going to resign. i think he has made that clear, unless there is some other wave of allegations which he is not ruling out. i do think cameras are going to follow him and this is not going to go away with this pop up press conference, he's going to face questions about his conduct before he came to congress and since he's been in congress. regardless of what he said. this is just another installment in a string of interviews that senator franken is doing.
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he's up for reelection in a couple years and that is going to be another decision point. i do agree with mike that this is pervasive. i think the first question to ask him, are there more things are going to come out? you've seen a little bit of hedging your bets on that question yesterday, why are you hedging your bets? do you know of any other behavior like the behavior that's been described that is happened since you been in congress? i think that will be a question he will get today at that press conference. >> harris: i am looking over some of the transcripts from several interviews that he gave and they seem to echo exactly what you are saying. he was asked on the record, will there be more and he says he doesn't know, i can't say. in terms of being asked if there were other women who would accuse you of grabbing them. "i'm very sorry if these women experience that." he reiterated this point to minnesota public radio, i am someone you know who hugs
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people, i have learned from the stories that in some of these encounters i've crossed the line for some women. >> i think that's clear. it is true that he does take a lot of photos with constituents at big events. >> harris: a lot of people take a lot of pictures. >> i've taken photos of people and i've never been in this situation myself. i think that's an explanation that's not going to get them forward some of his colleagues. they are going to presumably interview folks on capitol hill, those investigation speaking generally, you can't really say anything about an investigation you are not a part of. my experience with covering these things, they take a long time, they are not short endeavors on the house or senate side. these investigations usually last months if not longer. and are quite expensive. i don't think this will have any big closure to this anytime soo
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soon. >> harris: you mention the ethics committee, as you talk about this, what are they looking for? in some counts of this, there is money flow with some of these men on capitol hill. representative conyers, $27,000 to stay quiet about something that happened there and the nondisclosures that we know about. it has allowed members of congress to utilize. the sort of special treatment if you will that involves our tax dollars. >> there are rules when it comes to capitol hill and congress about members of congress behavior, there is an element called conduct unbecoming of a member of congress. we have to keep in mind, if you are more election, he is going to immediately be under the same sort of ethics scrutiny that
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franken and conyers find themselves in on capitol hill. this is not going to end with just these gentlemen, i know because i'm a reporter on capitol hill, all sorts of stories about members of congress behavior it in both parties. power dynamics on capitol hill could lead to some sort of various forms of unbecoming behavior and i think we are at a point where this is not going to end anytime soon. it's going to reach into both parties. >> harris: i read what you write. i asked our reporter to describe the mood and i'm going to ask you, that you can share, what are you hearing about what's on the horizon for al franken? you've seen conyers step away from his role in the house judiciary which makes sense because he's got an ethics investigation going on against him. what's next for al franken that you are hearing? >> listen. he is going to get questions all
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the time, senators and members of the house walk around without security detail for the most part, walk among reporters all the time and are always subject to lots of questions from reporters. i imagine he will get lots of questions. we have to keep in mind that this is not just these gentlemen, there is a history of bad behavior in both parties on capitol hill. from all the people i've talked to who have been at least somewhat aware of the behavior, it doesn't surprise them. i think it's going to take down -- it's going to ensnare people from both parties, from the house and the senate to the next couple months if not longer. what's next is less important than what is next for the institution. >> harris: i am looking more back at his transcripts from yesterday, he told minnesota public radio he was talking specifically about that picture that's been taken with leeann tweeden who was sleeping
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at the time, clearly whatever he was doing in her presence, she was not consenting of which is the definition, he said it was inexcusable for him. you've got somebody getting on the record, that's the political side i would think or how is that being read from your sources on capitol hill? >> this is from my reporting, this is not reflecting what i am hearing from people in congress. this is behavior that happened before he was a senator. in these people's minds, a little bit of wiggle room. it doesn't make it any more appropriate, it gives the ethics committee a little bit less jurisdiction in their investigation. i think that's one element to keep in mind. this is a pattern of behavior that continues into his time serving in congress, that will
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be a problem. >> harris: i hear you saying that i think what's happening now across the political aisle with roy moore facing an election in alabama, you talked about things that happened, he is not in congress yet. i'm looking at the similarities of the words you are using and where you are although the allegations are very different. >> it would give the ethics committee less jurisdiction to try to get roy moore out of congress. obviously roy moore is a republican and they have said they would move to expel him. that's an element that roy moore is going to have to deal with if he gets elected and he's going to face party in near revolt over the allegations he pursued underage women. not a particularly stellar time for members of congress and their behaviors extracurricular.
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this is quite an intense time for members of congress and americans looking at their legislature. a member of congress said the other day, the view is becoming that congress is just a bunch of old, dirty men and that is not exactly the case but they are not giving themselves a good argument to the contrary. >> harris: when you talk about a generation and look at the alleged perpetrators and some of this, there's not a lot you can argue about that. you have someone -- we want to be delicate about people's ages but that same generation if you will in nancy pelosi, former house speaker for the democrats. having to retract after a firestorm on twitter defending representative conyers when there is a paper trail and a money trail. there is a second look, not just
10:16 am
politically. you hear that from them, this puts that in a different light as well. >> i think what happened with house democrats, she seems to defend john conyers, he stepped down from his role as ranking member of judiciary. i think a broader point about the need for new leadership on capitol hill, i am writing a book right now about congress and the era of trump. there is a lot of discussion all the time about how democrats, being led by older people, three leaders in 70s, that doesn't explain this behavior or the defense of conyers but given the larger context it is a discussion that is cap an happening capitol hill. >> harris: we are going to continue to watch the situation. you saw the pop-up of this, we are watching it, waiting for
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senator al franken to step up. we plan to members of our team to try to see what the scuttlebutt is. what people are talking about, outside of what al franken sent to minnesota media yesterday, we don't know what the planned statement will be. jake sherman of politico is telling us that he doubts we will see the senator resign or step aside but we don't know. he got on the record quite a bi bit. my next guests are back from the outnumbered couch. jessica tarlov, senior director of research for, and steve cortez is back. they are both fox news contributor's. you got a situation in congress and a senator who was about to step up to the microphone and tell us something about allegations against him, misconduct allegations. this has got as far afield from
10:18 am
tax reform and i want to remind everybody, we were talking about it last hour, the senate finance committee is meeting right now and they are talking about tax reform with the president. there is a whole big backdrop that affects many americans as we await to see the senator step up and talk about that. >> it is unfortunate, we have a dysfunctional congress, largely a do-nothing congress. i say this is a republican, the american people handed the keys to the car car to the republicn party. both houses of congress and the white house. the white house has done a magnificent job of growth and results for the american people. i think congress has done a miserable job of delivering on our mandate people gave. i am just saying in general, the dysfunction on capitol hill. what i find the worst part of the story, it's obviously awful
10:19 am
if he acted -- >> harris: senator al franken has just walked up to the microphone, let's hear what he has to say. we will watch and listen together. >> i let the people down, people of minnesota, my colleagues, my staff, my supporters and everyone who has counted on me to be a champion for women. to all of you, i just want to again say i am sorry. i know there are no magic words that i can say to regain your trust, i know it's going to take time. i'm ready to start that process, starting with going back to work today. i am going to take a few questions. >> reporter: you sent in
10:20 am
response, i wanted to ask, how specifically does your recollection differ from the women who came forward? >> there are different allegations, the leeann tweeden -- we were on the uso tour together and on the kiss at the rehearsal, we were rehearsing for a sketch. i said i recalled that differently from leeann but i feel that you have to respect women's experience. i apologize to her and i meant it and i was very grateful that she accepted. as far as -- i take a lot of
10:21 am
pictures in minnesota, thousands of pictures, tens of thousands of people, those are instances that i do not remember. it has -- from the stories it has been clear that there are some women and one is too many who feel that i have done something disrespectful at that assert them and for that i am tremendously sorry. i know i am going to have to be much more conscious when in these circumstances, much more careful, much more sensitive and that this will not happen again. again, it is going to take a
10:22 am
long time for me to regain people's trust by i hope that starting work today, i can start to do that. >> reporter: can you make it clear that you are not going to resign your senate seat? in your view, what's the bar for someone like you to have to resign? what kind of behavior demands or resignation? >> i am not going to get into that or speculate on that, i am certainly not going to talk to anybody else. this is what i've been trying to do, i have been trying to take responsibility by apologizing. and by apologizing to the people i have let down. it i am going to work to regain their trust. i am going to be accountable. we are going to cooperate completely with the ethics
10:23 am
investigation. >> reporter: can you make the findings of the ethics investigation public? >> i will be open to that, that is going to be -- i have worked with the ethics committee before, i don't know how that works. i am going to try to learn from my mistakes. in doing so i've been doing a lot of reflecting and i want to be someone who adds something to this conversation. i hope i can do that. >> reporter: you are unable to answer the question of whether
10:24 am
more women will be coming out with allegations, it does seem like a question that only you can answer. what is the reason you can't definitively say that more women will not come out with more allegations? >> if you had asked me to go weeks ago would any woman come forward with an allegation like this, i would've said no. i cannot speculate. this has been a shock, it is been extremely humbling. i am embarrassed, i feel ashame ashamed. what i'm going to do, i'm going to go back to work, i'm going to work as hard as i can for the people of minnesota and i'm going to start that right now, thank you all.
10:25 am
>> harris: a very quick word from senator al franken of minnesota who is facing up to four women with allegations of groping and other inappropriate behavior by the senator. he did a quick round of questions there with reporters who were waiting for him for about 20 minutes or so, we were told he would step up to the microphones on capitol hill and take their questions. i counted a handful or fewer. he started off with "i am hoping to work today." everybody in congress back from the holiday break. "today i can begin to take responsibility by apologizing to all the people who support him." one of the first questions was what would it take, what is the bar for a resignation? the senator has said he would not resign over these allegations. he says "i'm not going to get into that." "i want to be someone who can add to this conversation." the conversation is talking
10:26 am
about is women, particularly in congress, this happened before he was a sitting senator. women in this country coming from all walks of life and society with allegations of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and that is a conversation i believe he is talking about. he was asked why he could not exactly say whether more women would have allegations and he said "if you'd asked me two weeks ago if there will be the ones now i would've said no so i cannot speculate on this." he plans to continue working beyond this one day back after these allegations are made on capitol hill. please stay tuned to fox news channel in this fox nation for continuing coverage of the story. i'm harris faulkner new york.
10:27 am
>> harris: we are back here to fox news channel, we gave our broadcast stations an opportunity to deal team i give the senator al franken. back from "outnumbered," jessica tarlov and steve cortez. they are both fox news contributor's, they were both talking to me moments before al franken stepped to the microphone. we cut in as you were talking, i want to get back to you quickly and get first thoughts. that certainly was very short from senator franken. >> i'm not sure why he held that press conference, there was no new news there. nothing new. the point i was making before he came to the microphone, the dysfunction on capitol hill. i would be as critical of republicans as democrats. we need work done on
10:28 am
capitol hill, particularly tax cuts. we are focused on these ridiculous themes. this ridiculous behavior from members of congress and what i hate most of all is that congress constructed for itself a secret mechanism to use taxpayer money to pay off and silence victims of sexual harassment by members of congress. that astounds me. it is almost beyond belief. donald trump was elected largely on a promise that we would drain the swamp. the swamp is dirtier and murkier and worse than we could ever have imagined. >> harris: what's interesting about what steve is saying, it was kind of there as al franken walked away from the microphone really quickly. what this does is more for al franken in terms of getting on the record or doesn't move the ball forward for women?
10:29 am
what's happening here? he says he wants to be part of a conversation. >> i think he is talking about a legislative conversation in the conversation with the ethics committee. he called for an investigation into himself. i think what al franken did right there was definitely for al franken insofar as appearing publicly contrite. the men who are being accused currently of sexual harassment does work in his favor. john conyers is not out there doing a press avail. but at this moment al franken has been the most open, the most present, a public apology immediately to leeann tweeden, she accepted his apology, he doesn't remember the other incidents, he takes a lot of pictures and we talked about that on the couch, politicians do that. >> harris: politicians take a lot of pictures. >> i am not trying to twist it,
10:30 am
i do not think all politicians do this. i'm sure more due than we know about but i am not letting him off the hook as it were. i think he wanted to get out there and show that as it was and to take a few questions and make it clear that he'll be around. this is obviously -- i can't imagine to say to your peers at this moment, when you are distracting everyone from an agenda with your bad behavior. >> harris: how do we move beyond this? you have a senator who walked up to the microphone, walks away and says i am basically going to work for the state of minnesota. >> i think sunlight is the disinfectant that we need. all those nondisclosure agreements the victims signed, all of those should be released.
10:31 am
we need i think a serious investigation. senator franken is not part of that. he could be part of the culture on capitol hill, powerful men used to position to manipulate others. use our money to cover up, it's outrageous. it wouldn't happen in any other organization outside of government. we need full transparency on these issues. congress can't take its eye off the ball, we need tax cuts. are these important issues? of course they are -- >> harris: why don't we have some of these congresspeople give back some of the money, put $15 million back in the till. it's not exactly a spending cut but it's a start. >> we also know it is more than just sexual harassment settlements. >> harris: thank you very much much, john conyers stepping
10:32 am
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ensure. always be you. >> if you had asked me to go weeks ago, would any woman come forward with an allegation like this i would've said no. so i cannot speculate. this has been a shock it's been extremely humbling. i am embarrassed, i feel ashame ashamed. what i'm going to do is i am going to start my job and go
10:37 am
back to work. >> harris: senator al franken of minnesota on capitol hill moments ago, taking a few questions talking about the allegations of groping by four women against him. he apologized, he is back at work for the first time on capitol hill since thanksgiving break and he is ready to get back to work and rehabilitate, i am paraphrasing him now, his reputation but also apologized to those people who support him. if senator al franken is one of many names right now that we are talking about on capitol hill, men in particular who have stepped wrong if you will. there is another we are going to talk about, congressman john conyers stepping down from his post as ranking democrat on the house judiciary committee and a congressional art investigatioo sexual harassment and abuse allegations from his former women staffers. joining us now, the first former
10:38 am
staffers to speak on the record about the inappropriate behavior, she says she witnessed while working with the congressman, thank you for joining us. you have quite a time on capitol hill working for others, you have a long history as a veteran on capitol hill, what did you experience with representative conyers. >> initially when i went to work for the house judiciary committee, which was a great honor and i was thrilled to be there, it was a terrific job, i worked on crime policy. "overtime" my relationship with mr. conyers deteriorated and he became increasingly abusive to me. he would scream at me and berate me, i have seen some tweets saying you are a snowflake who can't handle tough boss. chuck schumer was also my boss at one point and he is also a tough boss but nothing in the same ballpark.
10:39 am
conyers what it berate me horribly, he once pulled me out of a meeting with domestic violence advocates to berate me in the hallway. there were occasions where other things happened, i organized a field hearing in new york city on crime policy matters, he brought his young child with him and told me to leave the stage and go backstage and babysit the child for the entire period of the hearing that i organized. the other incident where i was called into his office and he was walking around in his underwear. >> harris: that is the most recent one i have read and one that is more consistent with the type of inappropriate behavior that has become the focal point right now. part of your experience i want to ask you about, whether it's something you had happen or that you knew about with other women, now it is coming to light that there is a money trail. that at least one person who was alleged inappropriate behavior
10:40 am
against conyers was paid $27,000 to basically keep her mouth shut and make the case go away. >> that is certainly quite common in settlement agreements, for harassment and all sorts of employment claims. quite generally there is a settlement agreement and a nondisclosure agreement, the person who receives payments is not allowed to say anything. it is more troubling that this is how it's dealt with on capitol hill, given this is taxpayer money and the voters don't have an opportunity to learn about a members behavior when they next go to the ballot box. >> harris: did you speak out at the time when this is happening? >> i did speak out at the time. i spoke to my supervisor, who tried to talk to the congressman to no avail, gephardt was the minority leader and i spoke to one of his top staffers about the problem. i spoke to somebody who worked at a major women's group and asked her to intercede on my
10:41 am
behalf and eventually i talked to a reporter about that reporter went back and talked to another staff member for conyers at the time trying to corroborate what i said in that staff member told them that i was mentally unstable and he said if you are mentally unstable, i can't do anything with the story. as you can imagine, all of that was pretty disheartening and eventually i left. >> harris: you had 12 women who were former staffers of his supporting his position on all of this. what do you think needs to happen right now? >> i think it's good that there's going to be an ethics committee investigation, i have to say i am not overly optimistic. the house ethics committee has never been known for taking a tough stance for unethical conduct by any member of congress. it is often a black hole where allegations go to diane we never hear about them again.
10:42 am
other members of congress can say, it's before the house house ethics committee so i can't talk about it. they never come up with a review. i am a little concerned about that. i think it is good we are talking about legislation and mandatory harassment training but training is not really sufficient. >> harris: do you think he should leave? >> do i think think you shoulde congress? like many americans i am on the fence with what should happen with these allegations, i think there should be a process by which members of congress are held accountable for their conduct. >> harris: to hear what you are saying about what happened with all of them reporting that you did contemporaneously and you were called mentally incapable, that is something that has been said about women making complaints for many decades at this point. we appreciate you coming forth, one of the many women who have come forth against representative conyers today to tell your story, thank you.
10:43 am
president trump right now is meeting with members of the senate finance committee, this is a huge story that affects americans across the country. they are talking tax reform, there is a big tax vote looming in the senate. the house did theirs, now it's in the senate's hands. we will talk directly live with senator chuck grassley next. big day. stay with us.
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to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. never give up. see me. see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. >> harris: this is what we've been waiting for. the president's meeting right now with members of the senate finance committee. that is the tax-writing arm of the senate. we know there are some holdouts among republicans who will vote on tax reform. what does that look like? we are expecting them to come out of this meeting with the president of the white house, possibly take some questions as they emerge from that meeting, we will take live.
10:48 am
for more let's bring in the former chairman of the senate finance committee, republican senator chuck grassley of iowa. his colleagues are meeting with the president right now, what is the message, thanks for joining us this afternoon? what is the message of the senate finance committee hopes to get to the president? >> obviously the best news we can give him, we have 52 votes for passage of this bill. up how do you get there? five or six people have said they have questions about it. i for one went over three or four issues this morning with my staff that i have questions about, whether it's those six or whether it's chuck grassley, i can tell you how i feel over the last 30 years we have screwed this tax code up so bad that even though there's things in it that i don't like, i am going to vote for tax reform to stimulate the economy, make our
10:49 am
corporations more globally competitive and give middle income tax cuts. this bill does that both in the house and the senate and i think we ought to move along and whatever it takes to bring these other four or five votes to the table, i think we will try to accommodate as best we can. >> harris: "the washington post" was saying there were three sticking points you have to get beyond to get some of the nose and maybes on board, talk to me about moving forward with those issues. >> i assume one of them, what senator johnson said we haven't done enough for small business. i am sympathetic to that point of view. whether you can have a quality with corporations for small business but we do have a 17.4% above the line credit for income from small business that wouldn't be taxed which brings about a greater equality between personal tax forms and
10:50 am
corporation tax forms then we have under existing law now. that would be one of those. another one might be the state and local tax deduction and there is a possible compromise there with the house of representatives where the state taxes are not deductible but local property taxes would be deductible. i think that's more an issue to satisfy the house of representatives than it is to satisfy the senate. since i didn't read the post this morning you will have to tell me what the other issues are. >> harris: i think you hit on the big ones. you of the state and local taxes, that's one that's been the sticking point. ron johnson of wisconsin, that's been a big win too because of the pastor taxes for small businesses. right now the senators and president have wrapped up their meeting. senator grassley, thank you very much for your time. so gracious to come out and tell us what's going on, we appreciate it, thank you very much. we are going to turn to news
10:51 am
half the world away, and engagement being announced by prince harry and meghan markle, this is something that fashion designers and people all over the world have been watching. >> we have to reverse the whole process. in front of the television, going out for dinner and being seen in public, we reverse the whole process. it's provided different opportunities. if anybody else -- for us it's an opportunity to get to know each other with -- with that
10:52 am
comes with the job, comes with the role. >> we were able to really get to know each other that way. to go and have friends over for dinner, many of those sort of things. to take the time to be able to go on long country walks and just talk. >> have you met the queen? >> i have, yes. it's incredible. to be able to meet her through his lens, not just with his honor and respect for her as the monarch but the love that he has for her as her grandmother. all of those layers have been so important for me. when i met her i had such a deep understanding and of course incredible respect for being able to have the time with her. we've had a really -- she's an incredible woman.
10:53 am
>> >> that has to be a good si. speaking of dogs, have you got yours? >> i have two dogs that i've had for quite a long time. one is now staying with a very close friend and my other little guy is in the u.k., he's been here for a while. >> let's hope he adjusts well. >> i think is doing just fine. >> your ring? >> the ring is yellow gold. the main stone itself, the little diamonds on the side on my mother's jewelry collection. >> it's beautiful and he designed it, it's incredible.
10:54 am
>> make sure it stays on that finger. >> of course. >> what does it mean to you to have those stones on your finger? >> everything about harry's thoughtfulness and of the inclusion of that and obviously not being able to meet his mom, it's so important to me to know that she's a part of this with us and i think being able to meet his aunts and julie and different people who are so important to his mom, i am able to in some way nor part of her through them and of course through him. it's incredibly special. to be able to have this which sort of links where you come from, which is important to us. it's perfect. >> what do you think your mother would've thought and is said
10:55 am
about meghan? >> without question -- >> harris: all around the world people are wondering what it will be like for the sons of princess diana. but for prince harry, what would be his source for happiness in life, millions of people around the world wondering this even back here in america, wanting to see what it would be like. to marry an american, an actress, will be what's happening for prince harry. that is what his joy and happiness will come from. they are talking about the ring, some of the stones came from his mother's jewelry collection to keep princess diana close on a daily basis. stay close, we will be right back.
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>> harris: it has been a very busy hour. i want to see if he can watch this. while we were showing you the bbc interview with prince harry announcing the engagement to the american meghan markle, the actors, this was planned out as well. outside the white house, i was speaking with senator chuck grassley from iowa but talking tax reform, and the members of his committee that he used to chair, all in this meeting with the president, months ago, they came out and talked about their meeting. the goal here of course is to get the ball across the finish
11:00 am
line on tax reform. the senators talk about how close they are as they get ready to take an all-important vote this week. already past the house, their version of tax reform. thank you for watching "overtime." here is dana perino. >> dana: this is a fox news alert. president trump two move tax reform and al franken refuses to resign after sexual misconduct allegations. big stories as we wait for new reaction from the white house. hello, i am a dana perino, and disses "the daily briefing" " this is "the daily briefing" ." speak i take a lot of pictures,f people, and those are pictures that i do not remember. to be clear, there are some women and one is too many, who feel that i h


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