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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 30, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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largest private broadcaster, officially for going on a competing network. but he says that his contract is restrict that, and his decision is the real offense. learning the hard way how canada views dissent. he is welcome back here anytime to tell us the details. thank you for all at. hand as he is next. >> sean: a fox news alert. stunning news tonight out of san francisco. the illegal immigrant accused of killing kate steinle found not guilty. we know he had seven prior felony convictions. he is now facing -- get this -- his sixth deportation. believe it or not, his attorney is now blaming donald trump. we will explain how sanctuary city laws and policies killed kate steinle tonight. but first, the g.o.p. is now on the verge of keeping one of their big campaign promises, a crucial tax reform quote in the senate, coming as early as tomorrow. this important piece ofar legislation, while not perfect,
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it will bring jobs back to america,/rates fores corporatios americans, increase take on paper of millions of american menn and women, but predictably, the obstructionist left is now playing class warfare politics with your paycheck. we'll explain in detail. also, breaking tonight, it is a nightmare over at nbc news. their star anchor, matt lauer, fired after disturbing claims of sexual misconduct. tonight, the question, what did nbc executives know?id what that other hosts know? and when did they know it? it appears the chaos at the peacock network is really getting to liberal joe scarborough. he is now lashing out at president trump like never before. we will show you his complete and total emotional national meltdown. plus, new sexual misconduct allegations against a senator grope himself, al franken. there are growing calls for a democratic congressman john conyers to resign, including one of the biggest flip-flops in
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political history from nancy pelosi. all of that into nights important breaking news opening monologue. ♪ our top story, sad breaking news tonight in the kate steinle murder case. the illegal immigrant, garcia zarate, who killed kate steinle on that pier in san francisco, was acquitted just a short time ago of murder and manslaughter charges before he shot steinle. he was released from my san francisco jail, despite a federal request that he be heldr his sixth deportation. he already had seven prior felony convictions. let me tell you something the mainstream media will never tell you tonight. it was san francisco, sanctuary city policies that killed kate steinle. they did not obey the they follow these ridiculous liberal policies and because of their stupidityir and they are "form of justice," and caring more about the rights of the
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illegal, convicted felons, tonight, kate steinle is dead and her family has received no here's the attorney for the illegal immigrant right after the verdict taking a shot at the president? really? >> for those who might criticize this verdict, there are a number of people who have commented on this case in the last couple of years, the attorney general of the united states, the president andd vice president of the united states, let me just remind them, that they are themselves under investigation by special prosecutor in washington, d.c., and they made themselves soon avail themselves of the presumption of innocence and beyond a reasonable doubt standard. i would ask them to reflect on that before they comment or disparage the result of most case. >> sean: i want to go through some of the details. pay very close attention. the family, this timely family,
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has been waiting more than two years for this justice. kate steinle, she was arm in arm with her father on that pier. here y you have a guy, homelesst the time, claimed he found the gun under a piece of cloth under his swivel chair at a pier. then says he picked it up. he accidentally fired it, it ricocheted and hit kate steinle in the back. we know a lot more about mr. zarate and that is in fact because he had little experience with his guns is what his attorney was saying, but we did find out some other facts tonight. for example, he had been requested by the federal government that in fact that he be handed over to federal authorities. they didn't do it. the reason i didn't do it is because of the sanctuary city laws that are in san francisco, the same laws that has been adopted by the governor of california, jerry brown, and this particular case. you look at his track record, you look at all of the deportations, you look at all of the felony convictions.
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tonight, america has to ask a very important question, tell us, tell us what's good comes out of the sanctuary city law, people that never respect our laws and sovereignty coming to this country again and again and again and again and again and again, six times after being deported, after all those felonies, and american, young woman is killed with her father walking on a pier in san francisco? we will have a lot more. michelle malkin joined m us in a minute. now with a tax vote in the senate looming, many are wondering tonight what tax reform could mean for their bottom line. here with the statistics, as of now, this is important to every forgotten man and permanent voters in this election, this bill increases the minimum deduction to $12,000, 24,000 for joint filers. it ends the individual mandate penalty under obamacare. thank goodness. it removes the alternative minimum tax. additionally, the top marginal rate will be lowered, not enough
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in my mind, 38.5%. perhaps the most crucial part of this bill could be in the dramatic reduction in the corporate tax rates from one of the highest at 35% in the world to just 20%. and of course, the 10% tax on repatriation for multinational corporations, foreign cash, that means trillions potentially coming into this country and factories and manufacturing centers being built for the forgotten men and women in poverty out of work. now the question is, what does this mean for you? here are some examples of the mainstream and he will not show you. according to estimates, a middle income family, they can receive up to an estimated 60% tax cut. a single parent with around $40,000 income will likely see a 50% reduction. this is real money and hardworking americans pockets. no, the bill is not perfect. i would have preferred up and down my dramatic,
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across-the-board cuts like in the reagan era, but it's an important starting points, spurring economic growth, for decades, hopefully to come. you listen to the gloom and doom of democrats, it will destroy the middle class and in america. watch the petty display of predictable class warfare from earlier today. >> its astounding pride of the president and republicans in congress set out to pass the middle-class tax cut, as they claim, if that is what they set out come of this bill completely misses the mark. >> they keep pushing it. as a pay after their big donors. if they ran this thing through, they are going to explode the debt, they are going to raise taxes on hardworking families. >> if the deficit goes up by $1.4 trillion, i believe it without any doubt, that the republican party will come down here to the senate and go to the house and say, my goodness, we have raised the deficit, and in
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ordero to deal with that, we hae got to cut social security, medicare, medicaid, nutrition, education, affordable housing, and every program that is important to. >> sean: you got to remember, for almost a decade, those same people you see bashing this tax reduction, this tax reform, are the same politicians that gave us the "economic wisdom" of barack obama. you know, what about the democrats? what they want tell you is this. what happened under the obama economy, they will never tell bad it is. we told you during the last election, under obama, the slowestt economic recovery froma recession since the '40s. 11 million more americans on food stamps. 8 million more in poverty. home ownership rate at its lowest in 51 years. 15 million americans in poverty. and at increased, as i said, of 8 million. get this, obama, the only
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president in the history of this country, never to reach 3% gdp growth in the country. meanwhile, since president trump was elected, third-quarter gdp just yesterday was revised upward 3.3% for the highest rate in three years. in october, 261,000 jobs were created, nearly 2 million now since president trump was elected. unemployment, 17 year low, consumer confidence, 17 year high. median existing home prices oveh all housing types in october, 2017, up 8.7% since january. the stock market today, another record, all-time record, based on that alone, who do you trust? the obama sycophants that gave us these failed policies? their cohorts in the liberal media? their friends on the left side of the aisle? they want this bill to fail when they failed all of us for eight years? what about this president that has literally put confidence in the heart of american corporations by getting rid of
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obamans regulations and red tap? we now have seen what economic growth could mean and what an economic turnaround could be. this bill must pass. our economic future depends on it. we will discuss the tax bill also later on the show and also bring you a vote, in fact, we'll update you any vote that happened in the senate throughout the night. we turn our attention also to the ongoing nightmare that is nbc news today. it has been one day since today show host matt lauer was abruptly fired. now multiple women have come forward with the shocking allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse against the longtime morning host. some ofab these allegations include exposing himself to a staffer, demanding that she perform a sex act, giving a toy, and summoning a married staffer to his office where he had sex with her until she passed out and that he brought her to a
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nurse. he had a pathology a caveat. saying that they were untrue or mischaracterized now, more tape indicated that his conduct was going on for a long while and may have been an open secret at the peacock network. take a look at this clip from lauer's former core host meredith vieira, where she talks about hiss in office bag of se. >> i have to say, i want into your office once, you member this? and you had a huge bag of it sex toys. do you remember this? >> wait a minute. can we explain what happened? you were there. we had a guest on the show who was a -- what was she? a sex therapist. and so when she left, i think you did the segment actually, when she left, she gave each of us a shopping bag of stuff. >>a i didn't get a bag of stuff. >> true story. >> sean: also, matt lauer, an awkward interview with anne
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hathaway where he obsesses over a "wardrobe malfunction." let's take a look. >> anne hathaway, good morning, nice to see you. we've seen a lot of you lately. >> i'd be happy to stay home but iry have to do the film. >> let's get it out of the way. a wardrobe malfunction the other night. what is the lesson learned from something like that, other than that you keep smiling, what you always do? >> well, it was obviously an unfortunate incident. yeah, so, let's get back to the movie. >> t that's the most creative answer to a question i've ever heard. >> sean: earlier today, a varietypo reporter told cnn that his behavior was well known by nbc employees. take a look. >> high-level executives were told about his behavior, both current and prior. the sources say it was not considered a secret. it was known by many employees at at at the "today show," including employees that have gone on television and said that they
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have no idea. according to our reporting, some of the other personalities and on-air personalities were aware of these a allegations. according to our sources, the coanglers were aware of these allegations. they are havinge trouble reckoning what some of these anchors said in private conversation versus what was set on conversation yesterday. >> current anchors are former anchors? >> both. this is not the end of the story. we believe there will be more women comingor forward and more evidence about who, what, when, that will come out in the days to come. >> sean: one of the folks that c now, when did they know it? nbc chairman andy lack is "deeply saddened, but are lauer's actions a turn of events? then there's the current fake news is cnn chief jeff zucker, he served as the head of nbc news during many of lauer's allegations. he is saying that "i didn't know this. was he in the dark or did he turned a blind eye?
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these allegations against matt lauer, they need to be investigated fully, but if true, those who knew about this, and possibly enable this behavior, should be called out. now with allegations abounding, all of the stress that nbc news seems to be getting too crazy liberal joe scarborough. especially after trump made this accusation in a tweet, now that matt lauer is gone, when will the fake news practitioners that nbc be terminating the contract of phil griffith? he runs msnbc, the conspiracy network. and while they terminate low ras joe scarborough based on the unsolved mystery that took place in florida years ago? investigate. earlier today, liberal joe had a complete mental and emotional breakdown on national television. watch. >> we are facing a showdown with a nuclear power and you have somebody inside the white house at the new york daily news chemist says he's mentally unfit, that people close to himy
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is mentally unfit, that people close to him during the campaign told me had early stages of dementia. when is this the right time to talk about a mentally unstable president iny the white house ad a nuclear showdown with another unstable madman in north korea? everybody around donald trump knows he's nuts wow not stable. everybody around donald trump knows he's not stable. everybody. i know for a fact that's not true. by the way, now we have dr. liberal joe. he is diagnosing on television. now instead of worrying about a nuclear north korea, maybe he should worry about getting his emotions in check and not letting this obsessive, compulsive, nonstop hatred of president trump sent him over thed edge. joe, you need help. that there is a a lot more in terms of serious news that you should be covering. by the way, no one should worryn
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about liberal joe under the allegations come why the way, and his friends in the democratic party. maybe joe you should be asking questions about that because the senate ethics committee has opened a preliminary inquiry into the groping allegations against senator al franken. this comes yet after another woman has accused him, and he faces more allegations, and his colleagues in the house, well, john conyers in particular, he is now facing growing calls to resign after multiple sexual harassment allegations and accusations, including involving a taxpayer-funded settlement, even his long-time defender, minority leader nancy pelosi. she is miraculously done a complete 180. today, she's calling for him to step down. watch this. >> the allegations against congressman conyers, as we have learned more since sunday, are serious and very credible. it's very sad.
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three women who have come forward are owed justice. i pray for conyers and his family and wish them well. however, congressman conyers should resign. >> sean: remember, this comes less than a week after nancy pelosi defundedcy conyers, called him an icon, talked about due process, i guess now she said only remember that she considers herself a champion for women's rights. meanwhile, john conyers, who is now hospitalized with stress-induced symptoms, apparently, his remaining defiant. he is still denying the allegations. earlier today, his lawyer fired back at pelosi. watch this. >> it is not up tos nancy pelos. nancy pelosi did not elect the e congressman and she sure as hell won't be there want to tell the congressman to leave. >> sean: we'llll have more on these democratic scandals that are plaguing them tonight and the show. first, we have a lot more. kate steinle scale are found not
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guilty. now walking free. kate steinle, killed back in july of 2015, walking arm in arm with her father on a pier in san francisco. shot and killed by an illegal immigrant, jose garcia zarate. this man had seven prior felony convictions, four involving narcotics. this was his -- that if he was facing his sixth deportation at the time he shot and killed this innocent woman. he said he accidentally killed her. he said it was an accident at the bullet ricocheted off the concrete and hitbu kate steinle. his lawyer said he found the gun just moments before he shot her and it gets worse. he says his client had never fired a gun before and got scared after it went off. what did he do? he threw it off the pier and they found it the next day. as a set of the top of their show, sanctuaryf cities tonight, those that support them, they are to blame for the death of
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kate steinle. with reaction, host of "michelle malkin investigates," michelle malkin. you look at at this in detail,s guy, six deportations he was facing. the federal government said to san francisco,o, turn this guy over, and they refused to obey the law. >> sean, my outrage is laden with melancholy, because i have reported and investigated on so many of these cases over the last 25 years, and there has been so little, if any, accountability for people in the federal, state, and local governments, who have blood on their hands. kate steinle and her family never wanted or wished for the publicity that they've gotten, the pain that they've suffered, and the fact that they have no choice but to be front and center in the headlines as they suffer as a result of this .erdict this really is i think a
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terrible indictment of so-called san francisco values. where is nancy pelosi tonight? where has she been for the last 25 years? this is her city and it is her open border policies that have conquered so many innocent people and innocent lives in san francisco. it is the conversion of america into a sanctuary nation instead of a sovereign nation that has a danger to us and that is one of the primary reasons that president trump was elected in the first place, because people made a choice after seeing this fork in the road, after seeing both political parties, sean, both republicans and their big business donors, and democrats, and their identity politics, grievance mongers, who don't care about the rule of law in this country, and the collusion between most two things that have created sanctuary policies and a sanctuary nation that still exists to this day. when will the city and county
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sheriffs in san francisco and that mayor and the governor ever ever be held accountable for the deaths as a result of bloodied, open borders? >> sean: he spent much of his adult life behind closed -- behind bars. six times, as i said, he actually said once henc had aimd at is the animal. he set another time that it fired when ed stepped on it. ive have been a pistol marksmani since i was 11 years old. guns do not go off by themselves. there can be accidental shootings, ac animal, then you change your story, there is a wd lying. that is called -- that is not even close to being the same story. >> that's right. it is strange credulity, the story that the defense attorney -- let me get back to him in a moment with his comments after the verdict, absolutely disgusting, some of what you showed. the idea that he simply happened upon this weapon and it was an
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accident when there were witnesses that testified at the trial that they saw him twirling the gun around recklessly beforehand and then scurrying away when the police were looking for who it was that caused kate steinle to fall to the ground and be shot in the back when she was, as you said, walking arm in arm with her father on a happy day. the idea that this defense attorney is politicizing this verdict and rubbing salt into the wounds of kate steinle's family, it's disgusting, and it shows you the mentality i think that probably infected much of the jury. did you know, sean, that any discussion of immigration policy and jose zarate, five prior the detainer that was ignored by city and county officials, the pending sixth deportation, the seven felony convictions including four narcotic convictions, none of that was allowed to be presented to the jury. no wonder they ended up with the verdict they did.
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michelle malkin, the federal government had requested, thank you for your time tonight. the federal government had requested when he be handed over to the federal government. a sanctuary city laws prevented them from doing that. this was to be his sixth deportation. how do you get back in the country? because of wide open borders. he spent 46 months in jail. the feds requested that he be handed over so he can be deported again. in the process, and innocent woman is dead. h huge breaking news tonight. we have a lot to cover. we'll have aa live report fromep san francisco on kate steinle's killer being set free. more on the looming showdown on capitol hill. the latest out of nbc with matt lauer. stay with us. they're defined by accomplishments. by victories. by those with the resourcefulness, the ingenuity,
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>> sean: tonight heart breaking news for the family >> sean: tonight, heartbreaking news for the family of kate steinle. the illegal immigrant responsible for her death was found not guilty of murder, not guilty of involuntary manslaughter by a jury earlier tonight. on the ground in san francisco with the very latest is claudia cowan. claudia, one of the things that stands out at me more than anything else, he said he was aiming at ac animal. then he claimed that he stepped on it. >> the defense, certainly made much out of mr. zarate's conflicting statements, that he made to the media, that he made to the press, and they took issue with some of the police translations, as well. the defense did a great job, sean, picking apart the mottled confession and the statements about shooting a sea lion and stepping on guns and so forth. what a stunning end to this case that many had considered a referendum on illegal
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immigration and sanctuary city policies. at the end of the day in san francisco, remember, this was a local murder case with mostly circumstantial evidence. the fact that the defendant, a 45-year-old, jose zarate, was a multiple pollen and deport you, and who was protected by san francisco's refusal to comply with immigration officials, and on the fact wased evidence, and the jury was not allowed to consider that, and nr politics when they went to deliberate. they deliberated about 30 hours for late this afternoon, we got the word that they reached a verdict that kate steinle's death was at in fact a tragic accident. now we are hearing from her family, her father saying that they are "saddened and shocked." her brother, brad, saying "i am not surprised." the system failed kate from the start of the chain of events. why would the verdict be any
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different? again, the defense team said given the physical and circumstantial evidence, the jury made the right decision. by the way, sean, the jurors quickly left after the verdict was read. they had nothing to say to reporters. i should mention that zarate was being a felon in possession of a firearm and that conviction does carry a sentence of 16 months, two years, or three years. the judge will make that determination o at a trial -- im sorry, hearing, probably next month. again, what a stunning end to this case and a big victory for the san francisco publicli defender's office. >> sean: claudia, thank you. this system would fail them. joining us with more, larry elder, dan bongino. the idea that he could say, dan bongino, that he was aiming, the word aiming, at a sea animal, in this case, a seal, if anyone has been in san francisco, and then say he stepped on it?
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could that -- this firearm, can this firearm go off by stepping on it? i understand the trigger is actually one that you really have to pull. >> sean, when i was a secret service agent, we used this firearm, this -- we had a different variation. this was a 40 caliber round, we used it, a 40 caliber handgun. the short answer for you is, hell, no, it can't go off by stepping on it. it certainly won't go off by fiddling with it in a shirt. you actually have to putli some force into pressing the trigger. folks, this is a complete travesty of justice. clearly, san francisco told the world that justice is not blinded san francisco, as political, and it's a complete travesty and an outrage. >> sean: larry, this was supposed to be his sixth deportation. you had a federal request to the san francisco jail whereth he wl being held from 4-6 months. they totally ignored it. they ignored the law.
10:31 pm
because our borders are so wide open, he could come back in all these times. it speaks volumes. i say that those sanctuary laws and our week borders killed this poor woman. >> i agree with you 100%. look, i didn't believe they would get a first degree verdict or a second degree guilty verdict. i assumed it was going to be involuntary manslaughter, but the point is, he should not have been here the first place. he should've been deported. by the way, they have since changed their sanctuary city law, but if you were to apply the change to the same set of facts, he still would have been released and not deported. california is still a sanctuary state. san francisco is still a sanctuary city and this person should not have been here in the first place. be a perspective of the law and the fact of this particular case. >> sean: let me go, if i can, back to dan bongino and talk
10:32 pm
about this. does this impact the daca debate, the need, the necessity, the president ran so hard on building a wall, and now we have plans in the process of being made, and other words, blueprint for what theil wall will be. this is finally motivated congress to secure theng borders of that somebody can come back six separate times? >> you know, gosh, sean, i really hope so. this is a troubling night. i feel for the family. this is an unbelievable human tragedy. think about what happened. we have a guy in the country illegally five times. he admitted to being on drugs. he admitted to at least firing the weapon. he disputes how.s admits to running away. he is caught on video, sean, running away, on video. he then throws the gun into thec san francisco bay. then he gets in front of a san francisco jury and is even acquitted, sean, of involuntary manslaughter. i mean, how do you look at the
10:33 pm
american people in the eye? i'm serious. if you are in the jury and say justice was done tonight, to this woman who, by the way, sean, her aorta was severed as a forwarder caliber round whether her back and pierced her aorta. come on, it does not change the debate. nothing well. >> sean: i agree with what dan is saying. a seven-time convicted felon, sixth deportations, i ask everybody watching tv tonight, put yourself in the place of this young woman, or the parents, or the family, or the friends of this young woman that was -- her life was gone, and we had every opportunity to make sure this convicted felon did not come back in. but we didn't secure our borders, and the system failed by allowing him not to be handed over to the federal government, that requested him, based on what the law of the land is. >> sean, i would hope that this would be a wake-up call.
10:34 pm
but this is california. this is t the same state where jamil shaw jr. was shot and killed by an illegal alien who should not have been in the country. after that happened, after kate steinle, that is when the governor signed the sanctuary state bill. these things were known and they did it anyway. this is california. this is also the same state where o.j. simpson butchered two people, a a mountain of evidenc, and got away with it. robert shaw got away with it. you never know what is going to happen before a jury. after the o.j. simpson case happened, sean, i stopped trying to predict what will happen. this man should not have been in the country in the first place, there should not have been a trial because he should not have been here in the first place. >> sean: thank you, both, for being with us. the system failed this young woman, failed her family, and our thoughts and prayers. i would be devastated, everybody should be devastated. think of it was your family. when we come back, tell me they were in, dana loesch, jessica tarlov way in. also, white house reaction from ed henry. also, programming tomorrow
10:35 pm
morning. kellyanne conway is on "fox & friends" reacting to the verdict. more on "hannity" when return return. ♪
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>> sean: fox news >> sean: fox news alert. illegal immigrant jose ines garcia zarate he found not guilty in the 2015 shooting death of kate steinle. now he was wanted for his sixth deportation. he shot steinle on the pier in san francisco before tossing the
10:39 pm
gun into the bay, running from the scene of the crime. earlier today, his lawyer sounded up on the president. this is outrageous. watch this. >> for those who might criticize this verdict, the number of people who have commented on this case tonight the last couple of years, the attorney general of the united states, the president and vice president of the united states, let me just remind them that they are themselves under investigation by a special prosecutor in washington, d.c., and they made themselves soon avail themselves of the presumption of innocence beyond a reasonable doubt standard. so ird would ask them to reflect ont that before they comment or disparage the results in this case. >> sean: joining us, radio talk show host with radio america, and author dana loesch. also, fox news contributor's tomi lahren and jessica tarlov. here is fact. six times, his sixth
10:40 pm
deportation, they would not hand them over to the federal government, who requested that they him as men over. did the sanctuary city law kill kate steinle? >> welcome of the illegal immigrant himself as the one who killed kate steinle. that allowed him to stay here, and i think there will be a sea change. we saw it in virginia, ralph northam came out against sanctuary cities. i believe it was key in him winning. >> sean: without sanctuary cities, and all likelihood, kate steinle would be alive tonight? >> without the the san franciso sanctuary city policy. she was 33 years old -- >> sean: borders are so porous that a man can sneak back in a sixth or seventh time? >> we know that we have a net outflow -- >> sean: you want to build a portable? know. i think it's an effective youou want to put more border agents are? >> sean: bb not yahoo has
10:41 pm
swear that it's changed -- >> israel in the united states or difference. i do not believe that. a number of republicans do not believe that. they believe it's not the case. they want to put more agents, i'm fine with that. >> sean: let me go to tomi lahren. tomi, your thoughts? >> to answer jessica's question, thess physical barriers work tht is why democrats don't like them. the democrats would putting in a very interesting situation. they will have to choose between illegal immigrants and the american people. and i am anxiously awaiting the response of the democratic party because i think it will help us in 2020. >> sean: dana, like you, i haveir been firing -- using firearm since i was young. he said he was aiming this at a sea animal. then it became that he stepped on it. then it ricocheted and hit kate steinle in the back. this particular gun, it is not one that i have fired. i was wondering if you have? >> i have.
10:42 pm
i thought what dan bongino said earlier was pretty spot on. i thought the defense was moronic and i realized that there are certain things that the jury saw that we the people did not see. but i did find it interesting at the same people who want to look at ballistics and forensics reports as it concerns ballistics, they ignore that ad the mike brown case. for the lawyer to invoke donald trump and falsely say that there is some sort of investigation that was based on criminales propaganda which substantiated a fisa warrant i thought was bizarre. this is moronic. people in california are not protected. the courts have said that there is no justice, no peace for the law abiding. those who break the law and enter illegally are giving preference over law-abiding americans in california has now declared itself to be a dangerous state, sean. california has decided that it wants tohe make it virtually impossible for law-abiding americans to be able to choose their pro-choice right of self-defense, the feminist equalizer, but if you are anf illegal alien and you are in that state being protected by it as a sanctuaryua state, you are
10:43 pm
afforded t all of the luxuries f american citizens including rights that we have sacrificed for duer, process, and you are given a slap on the rest, this wasn't even involuntary manslaughter, that's an affront to due process, an affront to justice, and all the law-abiding citizens in california. this is streamflow. >> sean: the system failed on so many differentma levels. if i'm president trump, i'm saying no federal dollars to any city, any state like california that says -- and you just said to me that you agree. sanctuary city law wasn't in existence, this girl would likely be alive. why should the federal government give 1 penny to any city that doesn't want to obey the laws of this country? >> i think that all sanctuary cities should cooperate with i.c.e. -- >> sean: should we not give them federal dollars? >> i'm sure the president will tweet about it -- >> sean: if i'm president trump, i will say not just a dime fights because there is a lot that is not just used
10:44 pm
for sanctuary -- mayors and sanctuary cities are -- >> sean: it is not going m to bring back kate steinle. >> no, it's not. it's a tragedy, but you will get the 11 million illegal immigrants, get rid of a policy that a number of republicans have backed it, they said that people t can come over the shads to cooperate with law enforcement. >> sean: let me go to tomi. >> i have as someone who is reg in california, as a young woman in california, this sends me a message that illegals are protected in this state and americas are not. i think jessica's heart is in the right place but anytime you'd defend sanctuary cities, i have to ask you, why would you still defend a policy that is harboring criminals? that is the end of the discussion. it's not, oh, there's lots to look at. >> when we have a national tragedy, and we have dana on the panel, a firearms expert, when
10:45 pm
we have a mass shooting, we don't say we need to take away all of the guns -- >> sean: liberals do all the time. >> we don't say we take away all the guns. 94% of americans want -- >> i have to interject. law-abiding americans are>> alws blamed for the actions of criminal thugs like zarate, this individual who murdered kate steinle. law-abiding americans, who are second amendmentw- practitioners are constantly blamed for the actions of repeat offenders like this illegal alien. yet, when the illegal alien doesn't, oh, it was an accident, he might to shoot a seal. if only law-abiding americans got as much courtesy and were afforded that as much as this t individual was. it's never going to happen. now you can understand why so many law-abiding americans are sobi disgruntled at this. >> sean: i got to let you all go. sad night. thoughts and prayers with this family. the system failed this family and this young girl. ed henry next to my capital will on three bigdate stories. also, the war on thes. trump won has reached an incredible,
10:46 pm
unbelievable new low. ivanka trump, the first lady melania trump, they are old major apologies. i will explain. ♪
10:47 pm
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. >> sean: all right. ed henry following three big >> sean: ed henry following three big stories from the capital tonight as we get to other news. what's going on? >> a tough statement just in from the attorney general on the kate steinle verdict. jeff sessions saying in part that cities choosing to put "criminal aliens through the streets rather than turning them over to federal immigration authorities put the public safety at risk." i can tell you, republicans i've spoken to on o capitol hill tonight are already saying that this verdict could give the president new impetus to push his get tough policies on illegal immigration, a key part
10:50 pm
of his agenda. another key part of that agenda, tax cuts for the president got good news when john mccain said he will support them. remember, he sunk the president's push to repeal and replace obamacare. his support on taxes makes it very likely the president will get a victory on that as early as tomorrow. the president has already been counting a stock market that has been on fire lately. the dow today seeing it 63rd record close of the year. it could be going even higher. when you see the details in this bill, for example, the corporate tax rate will be dropping from 35% to roughly 20% and on the personal side, there have been claims that this helps very few people but the joint committee on taxation just put out a new report saying 60% of u.s. households will get a tax cut, 8% approximately will play dough might pay more. democrats jumped on that same study saying that the economic impact will not be very strong and that this will strongly increase the deficit, republicans pushing back on that today, saying that they are
10:51 pm
undercounting the impact on the economy. that will be hashed out tomorrow with the likely final vote in the senate on friday. bottom line, the other big story tonight, o reports that of north korea that the north koreans may be willing tor negotiate about its nuclear i weapons program. that is a bit of a surprise. remember earlier this week, that missile launch suggesting that north korea could reach various u.s. cities. there are nuclear experts tonight saying that this may be a sign that kim jong un just wants to show that he has a deterrent but doesn't want to actually use those muscles and weapons as an offense of weapon against the u.s. and others. remember, president trump has said he does not want to negotiate with kim jong un.te but this is science tonight that the president's tough rhetoric has been working with north korea might lead him to the table, sean. >> sean: it seems to me like kim jong un doesn't want to be obliterated, which would have to happen, not a lot of good options. ed henry, thanks for being with us for joining us with more reaction, white house senior advisor, mercedes schlapp.
10:52 pm
mercedes, when you look at the 60 plus percent of americans that will see a significant reduction on their taxes -- by the way, because i live in a liberal state like new york, i am not one of them. state and local taxes no longer deductible, but really, all these years, states like florida, texas, no state income tax, they have been subsidizing these big spending, big taxing liberal states like california and new york, right? >> you got to think about what the president is committed to. he is committed to ensuring that middle-class families receive a tax cut. that was one of his primary focuses. in addition to making sure they simplify the tax code, and also to ensure that they reduce the corporate taxes. when you lower the host corporate taxes, sean, the benefits go to the american worker. are starting to see actually investments building in factories. you are seeing communities that are going to be revitalized because when you have more of these investments, more of these corporations coming back to
10:53 pm
united states, not planting themselves in other countries, but really coming back to what we called the american model, it is a huge benefit for these communities that have really been strangled under what we would call so much regulation, under the obama years, not enough economicc growth, and wht are we seeing?'r we are consumer confidence up,re business is optimistic. there is really the sense that president trump has said, the rocket fuel economy. wheaton you are going to see by your -- that is real economic g. >> sean: i got to imagine, the president to rip so strongly on the issue of securing our borders and sanctuary cities cities, by the way, "kate's law" was passed in the house, one of the many bills that has not been taken in the senate, about 300 of them, and i hope this tax bill becomes a wave of work nowa sense of urgency by mcconnell and company, and i ask you this,
10:54 pm
i can only imagine, this is only going to fuel the desire of this country to protect innocent people. with this being a sixth deportation, they requested the turnover, he was in custody, open borders allowed him back and every time. >> i got to tell you, i remember one president trump during the campaign said, where is the sanctuary for kate steinle? let's thinky about that, sean. this is an important moment right now, where we are outraged by what we are seeing. obviously, what we have noticed is the fact that there is incredible need for the end of sanctuary cities. this is something the president has pushed through in his principles on immigration, and it is something that he is focused on, as well as in closing loopholes and ensuring that we are going to enforce immigration laws. this is incredibly important. in addition to border security, why? when you look at the jurisdictions, they refused to hand the criminal alien over to the federal authorities and the
10:55 pm
cities did not honor the i.c.e. detainers. you have innocent lives lost. innocent bloodshed. it's not going to be with their families during christmas break that is why the president's primary focus is to ensure the safety of theul american people american people. >> sean: i got to let you go. congrats on the new position. when we come back, the media stoops to a new low, attacking melania and ivanka trump. wait until you see this. it's outrageous. the post offic? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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♪ >> sean: before we go tonight, i got to highlight just how the media has yet again been stooping to new lows, and there are attacks against the trump family, in particular, ivanka trump, the first lady, melania trim. let me explain. the white house earlier this week, they released a photo of the first lady, melania trump, decorating the white house for christmas, and instead of complementing on how beautiful everything looked, and the effort that was put in, well, what does the far left heat trump media do? they attack the first lady. look at this. the daily beast, step inside melania trump's nightmare before christmas. these people are vicious. then the media goes after ivanka trump. check out the social media headline. from "newsweek"! ivanka trump -- get this -- please arises one of her own speeches in india. you dopes, you can't plagiarize
11:00 pm
yourself, your own speech. you know how many speeches, i use the same jokes and a lot of them. i plagiarize myself. you people are so dumb. we will never be fake news, destroy trump, we are fair and balanced. laura ingraham with her baby is standing by. did you bring it? too many serious things. >> sean: i'm so angry over this tragedy, how the system failed the steinle family. i know you're angry, too. >> laura: we'll be all over it. thanks so much. >> sean: have a good show. >> laura: good evening from washington. this is "the ingraham angle." let's get to the top story. a stunning very digit out of san francisco. a five-time deported illegal alien with seven previous felony convictions was found, believe it or not, not guilty of murdering 32-year-old kate steinle on july 1, 2015.


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