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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  December 5, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> at your house? >> ainsley and submit questions. i'll also call someone live. go to ainsley >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking from overnight the big victory for the trump team on the travel ban at the supreme court. allowing to version to go into effect temporary. the battle could be far from over. now a 7-2 decision. bill hemmer live inside of "america's newsroom." how are you doing? >> sandra: i'm doing all right, bill. good morning. i'm sandra smith. seven of the nine justice is agreed to allow the trump administration to enforce the travel ban. the white house praising the decision saying the proclamation is lawful and essential to protecting our homeland. we look forward to presenting a fuller defense of the proclamation. the trump administration argued that blocking the full ban that impacts eight countries was causing harm to national
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security. >> bill: our chief legal correspondent, shannon bream, good morning to you on the steps. what does this decision mean right now for the administration? start there with the protests in the background. >> we have protests. talk about those coming up. this couldn't have been a better decision for the white house after various reports that it blocked all the forms of the travel ban in full or part. the supreme court has said travel ban 3.0 can move forward being fully enforced while the lower court challenges continue to play out. it is important to note this is not a decision on the merits. meaning the supreme court is not saying that it finds the travel ban completely legal or constitutional. only the justice is will allow it to be enforced for now. travel ban 3.0 does impact travelers from eight different countries. critics vow they will keep fighting including the aclu saying president trump's anti-muslim prejudice is no secret. it is unfortunate the full ban
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can move forward for now. we continue to stand for freedom, equality and those unfairly being separated from their loved ones. justices ginsberg and -- they would not have allowed the ban to go into effect. >> bill: what's at stake for the case and the court next? >> what they're hearing today are both sides of this argument the justice is will tackle today balancing religious freedom against the rights of lgbt couples and others. it hits basically a baker from colorado, masterpiece cakes and bakery is the business. he says he will serve anyone who comes to him but he will not craft specific items for events or messages he finds in conflict with his christian faith. in this case it was same-sex marriage. >> i serve everybody that comes in gay, straight, catholic, atheist. i welcome everybody in my shop. i don't create cakes for every
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event presented to me. >> we talked with a couple at the center of this case, charlie craig and david mullens. they visited his shop in 2012 before same-sex marriage was legal and asked him to design a wedding cake for their reception after they were legally married. he declined to make them a cake. >> it is embarrassing to say but i cried. we taerd up. it was a very painful and emotional moment for us. >> i feel like the moment made us feel helpless. >> the case will be heard at 10:00 a.m. eastern. a decision is expected by june. >> bill: what's the noise behind you or off to the side? >> we have both sides here. we have those advocating on behalf of religious business owners who say i'm happy to serve anyone.
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i don't turn anyone away but if you want me to craft something for your event that's where i will have to say no if it offends my religious beliefs. those are the criteria the court will look at. we have many lgbt rights supporters rallying here today saying any denial of service is discrimination and this court must not allow it. >> bill: nice to see you again, shannon. shannon bream on the steps of the supreme court. thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert now president trump digging in on tax reform. as republican lawmakers work to meet his christmas deadline. vice president mike pence heads to capitol hill today to meet with senate republicans. the president weighing in promising to spread the holiday cheer with massive tax cuts. >> president trump: we're now one huge step closer to delivering to the american people the historic tax relief as a giant present for
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christmas. remember i said we're bringing christmas back? christmas is back. >> sandra: john roberts is live at the white house. a christmas present for the american people sounds lovely, john. >> the president reminding folks there in utah as well that he is saying merry christmas again. he is bringing christmas back. the president working the phones today to talk with folks in the senate and house about tax reform. he is having lunch today with a small group of republican senators. bringing over a handful of people who wanted to talk face-to-face with the president about a number of different issues. the lunch won't be specific to tax reform. though i'm told tax reform will be part of the agenda. the white house cautiously enthusiastic about how things are progressing in the senate and in the house. senate conferees being appointed today. the white house hoping to limit the scope of the conference that reconciles the house and senate versions of the bill to
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try to make everything as expedient as possible. some areas more work to be done. the pass-throughs move to get the senate bill closer to the house bill and more work to do on state and local tax deduction. members looking for more flexibility in how the deduction can be applied. both bills cap the deduction at 10,000. no push to change that. just to add more flexibility to it. the white house also wants to fix the amt, the senate bill did not repeal the amt. that was a last-minute forward they thought they could fix in conference. the president paid $31 million in amt. in alabama politics, this is pretty big. the president yesterday took the continual step of giving full throated endorsement to roy moore. the president called moore from air force one yesterday as he was headed to utah to give him his support. finished the call by saying go
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get 'em, roy. the white house won't say whether or not the president will do campaign events for moore. he has an event in pensacola friday very close to the florida-alabama border and so it's possible there could be something for roy moore in that. the republican national committee also reupping with moore. the decision was made since he is not dropping out they can't afford to lose the seat to doug jones. they are back in the game. what might happen to moore after he is elected, should he be elected, is another question. still a lot of questions at the white house. a lot of debate as to whether or not he will be seated in the senate. we'll see where it goes. a week from today. >> sandra: how has the f.b.i. agent peter strzok affected the investigation on russian interference? >> it's affected the perception, if anything. because we found out yesterday that as part of the investigation peter strzok did
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interview general michael flynn and find out his role in the clinton email investigation is now under review. that prompted a tweet from the president yesterday where he said report anti-trump f.b.i. agent led clinton email probe. now it all starts to make sense. strzok has maintained a low profile as an f.b.i. investigator. we don't have a photo of him. the department of justice inspector general is reviewing his role in the clinton email scandal reports that he watered down language in the final comey report changing the words grossly negligent to extremely careless. the president took aim at the f.b.i. broadly tweeting its reputation is in tatters which prompted christopher wra*i to send an email to f.b.i. personnel saying i am continually reminded of the significance of our work and inspired by professionalism
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demonstrated around the bureau. it is an honor to represent you. he said keep calm and tackle hard. certainly we're only just hearing the beginning of all of this as it relates to peter strzok. >> sandra: john roberts live at the white house. thank you. >> bill: another way of saying carry on, right? more now from byron york, good morning to you. three topics quickly now. does the f.b.i. have the credibility issue now or not? >> as far as these heavily politicized investigations are concerned, yes. they do. peter strzok seems to be a figure who popped up in all of these. not only the hillary clinton probe and not only the mueller probe but you have to remember the f.b.i. start evidence its investigation, its counter intelligence investigation into the trump/russia affair in the summer of last year of 2016. went on for almost a year before mueller was appointed and peter strzok was part of that, too. in terms of these politicized
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investigations, yes. >> bill: now on taxes, nancy pelosi laid it on the line when she said the following late yesterday. >> this is armageddon. this is a very big deal because you know why? there is really a very hard way to come back from this. >> bill: what is the concern as this moves to conference? apparently kevin brady said the obamacare mandate will be included on the house side as it has been in the senate side. >> i think democrats, as you saw, you don't get much better than armageddon. they are in the throw your body in front of this stage in the legislative process. for republicans, there are some big questions that they have to resolve between the house version and the senate version. a big one being the obamacare individual mandate. it is eliminated in the senate version, not in the house version. you have to imagine most house
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republicans will like that change. then the number of tax brackets. there are seven in the senate version, just four in the house version. there are other differences over the estate tax and tax rates and other things. all of these differences, though, seem to be bridgeable gaps after the house and the senate took the big steps of passing their bills. >> bill: good deal. thank you, byron. check out the piece you wrote yesterday. interesting. a busy news day. senior counsel to the president kellyanne conway talks about tax reform and the latest on michael flynn coming up next hour on "america's newsroom." squeezing 20 pounds into a four-pound bag today. >> sandra: do i say it's a busy news day? it's every day. all right. breaking overnight a police officer shot dead after an ambush-style attack. what we're learning about the suspect. >> bill: plus the u.n. trying to reach out directly to kim jong-un sending a top official to pyongyang.
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john bolton weighs in on that. and then there is this. >> we're talking about collusion this time six months ago. no evidence of that. now they pivoted to obstruction of justice. >> sandra: president trump's attorney sparking a debate about obstruction of justice as the investigation seems to pivot in a new direction as we learn more about the role of that anti-trump f.b.i. agent with alan dershowitz. >> the swamp is sicker, more corrupt and more dishonest than we thought it was. dig deeper, throw the rascals out. we have to recognize the election of 2018 will be truly historic because it is going to be between a radical left that is stunningly corrupt and the rest of us.
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>> people have the right to assume the people investigating them are objective and have not already made up their minds. that's why we need to see the texts and interview this special agent. the bureau has had a really bad last 18 months and this makes it worse, frankly. >> bill: tray gowdy. he was sent anti-trump messages and he was the same agent who
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convinced james comey to alter the final language in the clinton email exoneration from grossly negligent to extremely careless. how big a deal is all of this? harvard law professor alan dershowitz with me out of florida. good morning to you. "wall street journal" editorial, the headline. the special counsel is stonewalling congress and protecting the f.b.i. to you, sir, do you believe there is a conflict of interest here on behalf of robert mueller? >> well, i think there was a conflict on the part of the f.b.i. agent. he should have recused himself immediately. he knew before anybody he sent these tweets and he knew before anybody that he had a bias. i do not believe that it was he who made the decision to ultimately change the accusation against hillary clinton from gross negligence to whatever extreme carelessness. that was a decision that had to be approved and made by comey himself. so i do think there is a credibility issue but comey is
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the -- he found out about it in the summer. he took him off the case. he should have been more transparent about it and made it public but on balance i don't think this really reflects badly on the entire f.b.i. or on the entire investigation. i have problems with the investigation independent of that. but i think comey ultimately i think -- mueller did the right thing. >> bill: a bit of a connection issue here hearing me. i apologize for walking over you that last point there. you are good. i know you're coming on skype. you wrote a piece about why did flynn lie. i'm not here to ask you to answer that. the obvious answer is you think you are doing something and you don't tell the truth. the more important point i think you make in the piece is that the fact that he was charged with lying is a sign of weakness on behalf of the special counsel. now, why do you make that point? >> well, i think when the
6:19 am
special counsel wants to indict somebody and make him into a cooperateor the last thing they want to do is indict him for lying. it makes it clear you can't trust this guy. if he had anything better, he would have indicted him for a conspiracy that involved other people the way nixon, for example, people were indicted and named as an unindicted co-conspirator. if they had anything beyond flynn lying -- why he lied we don't know. he lied about something that was entirely lawful. it doesn't show strength when you go after your main witness and call him a liar. >> bill: the president's attorney is the one who drafted the tweet over the weekend saying the president cannot be charged with obstruction of justice because he is the highest lawmaker in the land. you sent a tweet clarifying your position. let me be clear, a president can be charged with obstruction if he commits criminal acts beyond his continually
6:20 am
authorized acts. nixon told his subordinates to lie and pay hush money. is the white house building a defense publicly at this point? >> i never had to clarify anything. i've made the same point from day one. a president can be charged with obstruction of justice if he goes beyond his article 2 constitutional authority. pardoning anybody and firing anybody in the executive. if the president were to tell somebody to lie as nixon did or pay hush money to witnesses or destroy evidence, that, of course, is an independent basis outside of article 2 for charging a president with obstruction of justice. nobody is above the law. senators can't be charged for doing what they do on the way to the senate. judges can't be charged. each one of the three branches has limited immunity from prosecution for performing article 1, 2 and 3 functions.
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>> bill: do you believe the white house is now setting up a public defense in the messaging yes or no? >> i do, of course. why not? president clinton set up a public defense. it's perfectly appropriate because this case is being tried in the court of public opinion. if there were to be, for example, an impeachment that's a political act. it is perfectly appropriate to use political means to attack political prosecutions. >> bill: i hope you come back. thank you for your time and the connection from florida. thank you, sir. 21 past. >> sandra: we're awaiting an announcement from democratic congressman john conyers on his political future as yet another woman comes forward with sexual misconduct allegations against him. plus this. during the deadly shooting spree, one man saves the lives of 30 people in las vegas.
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>> sandra: just days after north korea's lateist missile launch the united nations political chief is going to north korea after heightened tensions between the u.s. and north korea. let's bring in john bolton. what can you tell us about the visit? how unusual is this? >> i think what's particularly unusual it's an american, the under secretary general for political affairs. jeff feltman, a career foreign service officer, former u.s. ambassador to lebanon. been in this position a number of years.
6:26 am
so if the u.n. secretary general thinks there is any chance that kim jong-un and the north korean regime have anything to say as time gets very, very short here before a key decision point, they may think saying it to an american is the best place to give it to get back to the white house. >> sandra: you have to think this is a rather long trip. you are talking about a four-day trip here. the u.n. spokesperson said it is not in his current schedule to meet with kim jong-un but he did not rule it out. do you think it's a possibility he could be actually meeting with the leader of north korea? >> absolutely. many countries they don't ever say for sure you'll meet with the number one until it actually happens. that prospect is there. i don't anticipate that north korea is really going to have anything new and different to say. they may see it as a propaganda vehicle. it will be interesting to see how it plays out. >> sandra: for his part, the u.n. chief, what do you think he is hoping to accomplish not knowing their agenda? >> i don't know what
6:27 am
communication the state department may have had with him. i know jeff feltman, a responsible person. looking at what we have been saying, what mcmasters said at the reagan defense forum and what the president himself has said kim jong-un better appreciate that barack obama is no longer president and the possibility of american use of military force against north korea's nuclear capability is real. >> sandra: the is coming amid heightened tensions between the u.s. and north korea. how is the president's strategy working? we've been reporting on the word exchange, the rhetoric between the two world leaders. how is his strategy playing out in your view? >> i think he had a very bad hand he was dealt with when he came into office on north korea and iran. because of 25 years of failure to stop both those countries from getting across the finish line to having nuclear weapons.
6:28 am
president trump saw if there is a peaceful way out here it comes in china using its unique leverage over north korea and i think he made that point to xi is beijing. no evidence the chinese have gotten the message. i think you are getting close to a binary decision. either we leave north korea with nuclear weapons or we look at military force. >> sandra: clock is ticking. timing is running out. what does the timing look like? >> north korea is very close to a point where they can deliver nuclear weapons they want in the united states. the risk of retaliation against us. there isn't a lot of time to fool around here. not much of a margin of error if we use military force. if we don't we have a north
6:29 am
korea that can blackmail the united states and sell the technologies around the world. >> sandra: a big meeting between the u.n. chief and leaders in north korea. thank you for being here. >> bill: hi. they don't come easy on capitol hill. a conservative block of republicans pumping the brakes on the current version of tax reform. >> i don't want this to be misconstrued as to saying that the senate bill is perfect. we need to make sure that all americans get the same kind of relief. >> bill: but the bill moves to the next step. what does that mean for the tax battle? john barrasso, republican senator, is here to answer all that coming up next. >> sandra: a massive wildfire spreading overnight forcing tens of thousands of people from their homes. we're live near the scene with the latest. >> my son is a firefighter and i'm not going to wait around for somebody have to come rescue me. i'm out of here.
6:30 am
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>> sandra: members of the conservative house freedom conference nearly derailing last night's vote to conference effectively holding the vote hostage until they were promised a bigger role in crafting the gop's spending strategy in the form of negotiators. republican senator john barrasso is joining us. chairman of the policy committee. thank you for joining us this morning. things took a dramatic turn on the house floor last night. was anybody expecting this or did anybody see this coming? >> thanks for having me, sandra. beyond that there is agreement. we need to do tax reform, tax relief, tax reductions. we're unified on that and we all believe in lower spending, fewer regulations. so i'm with the freedom caucus in what their concerns are about how much money the government spends and wastes. we need to get tax reform done, get it to the president's desk
6:34 am
and provide for the american people the relief that they have been looking for and they voted for a year ago when we elected donald trump president. >> sandra: we've obviously moved beyond that in the form of the vote. conservatives eventually relented and approved what they thought had been a formality to start off the evening. politico asks the question this morning does this underscore the divisions within the gop over a spending strategy? that is an important question because you wonder if this is something that could derail the momentum behind overhauling the tax code. >> we want to get the whole loaf. if you can't get it, you take it a slice at a time. we need to get to the point where we let people keep more of their hard-earned money, get the economy growing better. i think we're working together to that end. that's what people want, a strong and healthy economy and that's what they voted for and what republicans are committed to delivering. >> sandra: how do you diffuse
6:35 am
the government funding battles, four days to go until the deadline friday? how do you diffuse those battles so republicans can move forward on tax reform? >> part of it is you actually grow the economy. you make the pie bigger, not just how do you slice up the pie. there is always wasteful government spending we need to eliminate. you give people more freedom with fewer regulations and to me its lower taxes and letting people keep more of their hard-earned money. i come on the side of lower taxes. we'll work our way through this. we have a bill that has passed the house and senate. the freedom caucus said we're 90% there. i think we're not very far apart in terms of the tax relief. this is a once in a generation opportunity that we have now to get tax relief for the american people. it is the change they voted for. it is time for us to deliver. >> sandra: that was mark meadows several days ago before things unfolded on the house floor last night. it will be interesting if we
6:36 am
can get his take on things going forward. meantime democrats not shy in letting us know what they think. their criticism of this gop bill calling the tax bill armageddon. listen to nancy pelosi. >> the debate on healthcare is like death. this is armageddon. this is a very big deal. because you know why? there is really a very hard way to come back from this. >> sandra: what did you think of nancy pelosi declaring this gop bill the end of the world? >> to me it's classic nancy pelosi. this statement to me seems unhinged. the fundamental difference between me and nancy pelosi. she runs for office to put policies in place to grow the government. i run to put policies in place to have a strong and healthy economy to help people make decisions, not government decide and dictate to us.
6:37 am
to her this may feel like armageddon. to me it feels like freedom. >> sandra: you have the senate republican policy lunch happening today with the vice president. a preview. a few seconds left. >> our opportunity to talk about again the success of the administration in terms of regulatory relief that has allowed for us to now have two million new jobs since donald trump became president. since he was elected president. since election day. there was a sense of optimism and confidence that came with us on election day. two million new jobs. consumer confidence at an all-time high. the next move is tax relief for the american people. the two twin pillars of growing the economy, regulatory relief and tax relief. >> sandra: thanks for your time this morning. coming up on the next hour of "america's newsroom," kellyanne conway will be joining us, president trump's senior counselor. she will weigh in on all of this and her take on this
6:38 am
morning. let's start with this morning. >> bill: a scroll of questions. not a list. that's coming up. cincinnati hosting the pittsburgh steelers, linebacker was carted off the field. he had his head down during that tackle. immediately reaching for his back. he was down for a long time. carted from the field and taken to the hospital for evaluation. the general manager of the steelers releasing a statement saying his condition is improving. he will not require surgery but details beyond that have been scarce. we're praying for him and great foot ballplayer. a really tough, tough game last night some would suggest. as they have in the past played some dirty foot ball. steelers and bengals. steelers won the game. >> sandra: several trump supporters planning what they
6:39 am
are called deep state sabotage. claiming a double standard of the hillary clinton email probe and the indictment of michael flynn. our political panel is here to weigh in. >> this is a real fight for or not america will remain a republican ruled by law or whether it will degenerate into being a purely corrupt system of power. ad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. elusive.
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>> what we know is the swamp is sicker, more corrupt, more dishonest than we thought it was. so we just have to dig deeper, throw the rascals out. we have to recognize the election of 2018 is going to be truly historic because it is going to be between a radical left that is stunningly corrupt and the rest of us. >> bill: house speaker newt gingrich slamming washington cultures claiming a double
6:43 am
standard of the f.b.i.'s handling of the clinton email probe versus the flynn matter. we have adrienne elrod and rich lowry. what the speaker is arguing to both of you. rich, you can start on this one. if you're on the right team you get the right protection. is that the story that's developing now or is it too soon for that? >> i don't know about that. it's true james comey wanted to give hillary clinton a pass for her email setup because he thought it would have been too politically explosive and he didn't want to make that call. so he did everything he could to look the other way. now, robert mueller i'm sure does not particularly like donald trump. he is acting the way special counsels always do. extremely focused and don't have anything else to distract them with and they're focused on indicting people no matter what in their specific case. but look, michael flynn, this
6:44 am
isn't an indictment he is fighting in court. he admitted he lied to f.b.i. agents about the calls during the transition, which as far as i'm concerned with totally above board. >> bill: his bigger point is hillary clinton had 33,000 emails that went missing, a server outside the state department, the comey interview was not under oath. those are the points he was making. >> he said a big political price for that. she is not president of the united states. that email set up and her dishonesty about it played a big role in that. >> absolutely. the mere accusation that james comey was in cahoots with secretary clinton or on her side. i agree. i think he played a major role in costing her the election and reopening the investigation into the emails 12 days before the election itself. first of all again it is such an easy target to bring up the clintons into every single problem that the republican party has which is clearly what
6:45 am
newt gingrich was doing last night to deflect from some of the real issues. there are big differences but one of them in the investigation that robert mueller versus what james comey oversaw with the clinton emails is that mike flynn lied to the f.b.i. he admitted that. secretary clinton did not. two huge differences. >> bill: in a bigger picture to both of you, what is the level of trust that is eroding in these american institutions. because for a while we've argued back and forth about congress and other aspects of washington now it's the f.b.i. and rich, i bet if you went out and did a poll before stories like these emerge i think there would be a pretty high level of trust with the f.b.i. what now? >> yeah. i think every institution has seen an erosion of trust and i think james comey had a big
6:46 am
role with that with the f.b.i. because he didn't play it straight. he just should have called it as he saw it and then kicked it up to loretta lynch and said look, she has committed a crime. it is your decision whether to prosecute or not. instead he took it upon himself and spoke publicly about the case and why he ends up interfering in the election in the final days because he violated f.b.i. guidelines and talked about it in the first place and then had to undertake a running commentary. >> bill: is that an erosion of public trust? >> yeah. >> bill: does it chip away? >> right. on top of it we live in a very partisan time. so how you see a lot of things depends on where you sit. >> bill: how do you see that, adrienne? >> i will agree it's a shame we're seeing such an erosion in public trust but it doesn't help the president of the united states is tweeting that the f.b.i. is in tatters. that's completely irresponsible. we know why he is doing this. so fearful of what the f.b.i.
6:47 am
is looking into. what special agent robert mueller is looking into and what the outcome will be. we is seeing him in massive panic mode and for him to disparage these government institutions especially to deliver red meat to his base is a shame coming from the president of the united states. >> bill: according to gingrich 2018 will be something else. do you think it is? >> 2017 has been something else. 2018 will be something else. 2019 will be something else. look, a huge subterranean issue in the 2018 mid-term elections will be donald trump is impeached by the house of representatives or not. if the democrats take back the house with any bit of a comfortable margin they're very likely to impeach him. >> bill: adrienne, thanks to you as well. thank you today. >> sandra: hard to believe. more than two months now since the mass shooting happened in las vegas.
6:48 am
up next two of the many heroes from that night. jonathan smith saving 30 lives before getting shot himself and needing help. that's when an off-duty cop stepped in to help him. both of them join us live in studio next. plus roy moore getting renewed support from the republican party. we'll tell you why. alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you.
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>> sandra: jonathan smith helped save 30 people as the bullets rained down on that country music festival in las vegas. he was shot in the neck and arm as he tried to get to number 31. that's when an off-duty police officer stepped in and saved
6:52 am
smith's life. smith is being honored as man of the year by a new jersey law enforcement magazine in new york city and i'm honored to be joined by jonathan smith and police officer tommy mcgrath. thank you for being here. first of all, congratulations on the honor. what was it like to receive that? >> it was unreal. especially for nj to recognize me. i have no law enforcement background but for them to recognize me for what i've done and accept me as a brother in blue, it's a great honor. >> sandra: you are credited for saving 30 lives that night in an unbelievable act of bravery. i know that's why they are honoring you with that award. when you look back two months,
6:53 am
how do you remember that night? >> it's hard. i mean, it's honestly -- i try not to think about it as much but that's like my go-to for when i have those moments of feeling depressed i'm just realizing that you know what? it could have been different. >> sandra: how are you? you took two shots. one to the neck area and to the arm while saving those 30 people. how are you feeling today? >> it was actually one shot to the neck. i'm fine, honestly. the wounds -- it's healed. i've spoken with my surgeons and it is the same news that i got before from vegas. >> sandra: enter the man to your right tommy mcgrath who stepped in after you saved 30 people. you were moving to number 31
6:54 am
and you stepped in and did what? >> just somebody who needed help. at the time i was looking for my wife and i think at that point i realized that i was confident she had gotten out of harm's way and i went back into the venue, saw jonathan. he looked like he needed help, asked him. saw his wound. he said he got shot in the neck and holding his shirt up against his neck. i did the best i could as far as rendering aid and whatever training i had and tried to get him out of there. but, you know, i didn't know his story. never met him before. he was somebody who needed help and someone that fell in my lap and i did the best i could. >> sandra: do you remember that moment that off-duty police officer who you didn't even know was one at the time came to save you? >> honestly, i do. and i think that's what -- the whole night stuck in me but
6:55 am
that there just because after i was shot and i actually got back to my feet, i walked over to a bunch of cars and i just told them i've been shot, i need to get to the hospital. they looked at me and as i turned, tommy was right there and he says hey, are you all right? i said no, i've been shot in the neck. i mean, i was going into a panic and the first thing he told me was to do was slow my breathing down. >> sandra: had you ever been in a position like that before to save someone's life? jonathan, i know you've described he directly addressed your wound and actually had to stop the blood by putting your hand in the way of the blood leaving his body. >> yeah. never under those circumstances. definitely it is a lot different. it is more hectic and everybody's emotions are running high.
6:56 am
everybody was scared and just trying to do the best they could. >> sandra: two months later what is the takeaway? i look at you guys walking in the studio. you appear to have a friendship now. looking back at that night, what is the takeaway for you all having experienced such a life changing moment? >> i think for me it's the simple fact that i think i'm still here. the greater takeaway from it my family has grown a lot larger. i talk to a lot of the people that were there, non-stop, the survivors. i talked to them a little bit before i came here. that's the one thing. and i mean i honestly have a new brother. >> sandra: amazing story. tommy, jonathan, i thank both of you for coming and sitting down and telling your story this morning. that in itself takes a lot of
6:57 am
bravery and thank you for everything you did that night. >> bill: thank you, gentlemen, for being here. in a moment robert mueller pulls a top f.b.i. agent from the russian probe over anti-trump texts. what is that all about? for israel and the jewish people as the government spends more and more of it's resources for battling terrorism. the situation has become a crisis. every week the lines get longer and longer. this $25 food box will provide one desperately needy family here in israel with food, with hope and with a note inside each of these saying that it is from christians and jews in america who seek to bless them. israel and it's people need your help now. you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you will give a $25 food box
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so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. number one trusted. number one awarded. it's got to be tide >> sandra: a new bombshell on the f.b.i. agent removed by robert mueller from the russia investigation. we're learning that he was the same agent who conducted the interviews with michael flynn and also played a critical role in changing former director james comey's public language on the hillary clinton email investigation. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: great interview with those two gentlemen. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. the f.b.i. agent has been identified as peter strzok, seen here. the second highest ranking official in the intelligence twigs when he had comey change
7:01 am
his official words from grossly negligent to extremely careless. what does the change mean? trey gowdy from special report. >> people have the right to assume the people that are investigating them are objective and haven't already made up their minds. that's why we need to see the text and we need to interview this special agent. the bureau has had a really bad last 18 months and this makes it worse, frankly. >> sandra: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington for us. >> fox news obtaining that april 2016 memo from loretta lynch to all department employees including the f.b.i. adviseing that politics cannot play a role. the member of comey's inner circle are under new scrutiny. peter strzok weighed in on the
7:02 am
statement where comey recommended against clinton's charges of handling -- he changed the earlier draft about clinton's emails and use of an unsecured personal server exclusively for government business from grossly negligent to extremely careless. this is a key change because gross negligence is the standard under the federal statute for prosecution. 18usc793. the f.b.i. agent was removed by robert mueller last summer for sending anti-trump texts to his love. >> it's not good for the f.b.i. that holds itself up as a paragon of virtue. the f.b.i. is an organization of human beings with political interests, political calculations and of course that happens. >> folks news obtained emails sent by former national
7:03 am
security advisor mike flynn in late december 2016. records turned over to the special counsel's office shows the trump team flynn was talking to the russian ambassador. not focused on sanctions and that is the issue that flynn pled guilty on lying to the f.b.i. about the substance of that conversation, sandra. >> sandra: thank you for your reporting. >> bill: while that's moving this is moving too from capitol hill now. the house voting to send the tax overhaul bill to the next step which is a conference but not without some drama on the floor. right now we're waiting a news conference of house republicans after conservatives in the freedom conference nearly stalled the next step in tax reform. they had some issues last night. mike emanuel live to break it down now. what is the dust-up between republicans now?
7:04 am
>> a two-week government extension to keep the government running. the house freedom caucus clearly worries about lawmakers making bad decisions that close to christmas. >> kicking the can down the road is something that congress continually does. we have a december 8th date. we've known that for many months and yet here we are again talking about another short-term deal. for us having that come due right before christmas and have the uncertainty of a government shutdown and other aspects that certainly will be reported is just not something that my constituents want. >> their position is an extension to december 30th to get through the christmas holiday and come back and tackle the critical year-end fiscal issues. >> i have no problem between the 22nd and 30th when people want to sit. only a week difference. >> we should get an update on the length of the extension shortly from gop leaders. >> bill: is there a sense of
7:05 am
desperation? what are you hearing from democrats at this moment. >> they clearly feel they have some leverage on funding issue. house democratic leader nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have accepted an invitation to meet with president trump at the white house thursday afternoon. they will clearly bring their wish list with them. on tax reform democrats sound pretty desperate. >> this is the end -- the debate on healthcare is like death. this is armageddon. this is a very big deal. you know why? there is a very hard way to come back from this. they take us further, more deeply into debt. what can you do but raise taxes? >> that meeting with the president thursday afternoon, the government runs out of money friday. they cannot afford any missteps. >> bill: thank you, --
7:06 am
>> sandra: john mccormack. your thoughts with so much changing on this tuesday morning. good morning. >> when someone like nancy pelosi says it is armageddon. if this passes before christmas we'll see people's tax withholding change. most people will be better off 7 or 8% people who are making six figures, upper middle class might end up paying more in the high tax states and districts. i don't think nancy pelosi helps her case by putting things in such stark terms. >> sandra: what do you think will be the real problem here when you look at the similarities and the differences between the house and the senate gop bills? what is going to be the sticking point? >> you know, i think the question will be whether it actually comes through that they already did repeal the individual mandate in obamacare in the senate.
7:07 am
that was surprising a little bit. i think it will make it through the house. the question is whether or not some of the senate moderates will allow it to remain without some other healthcare legislation to back it up. really this all happened late on friday night. i don't think the process is very defensible but they came to some key agreements in terms of what deductions would be allowed such as state and local -- >> sandra: i don't want to forget to ask you this. you bring up a really important point about how this will all be judged in the end. let's assume everything happens by christmas and everybody gets a big christmas present as the president called it. how will the success be judged. ? you look at the stock market and it's unbelievable heading to 25,000 and making record after record in anticipation of this getting done. will that be the judge? what will be the ultimate judge of this? >> it's called the tax cuts and jobs act. people will judge it how much of a tax cut they got and how much it grows the economy.
7:08 am
a big political and policy mistake the senate republicans let this mike lee marco rubio amendment fail in the senate that gave a tax cut to people who are working class, 40% of the country doesn't pay income taxes but they pay payroll taxes. 15% of every dollar they earn when you couldn't the contributions taken out to pay for things like medicare and social security. they won't get a tax cut. they could have made the corporate rate a little higher and giving the voters facing higher costs and turned to trump in 2016. it doesn't make sense on a policy or political standpoint. >> sandra: give me a few seconds on these. john conyers is expected to make an announcement from the hospital at any moment this hour. what do you expect to come out of that? >> the earlier report today was that he was going to simply say he was going to retire at the end of his term, not resign.
7:09 am
he does face another allegation this morning and so i think the pressure continues to build for him to resign. we'll have to wait and see. >> sandra: roy moore, you wrote an article about he still had with all the sexual assault allegations and this morning an op-ed in the "washington post" the editorial board there saying is a senate seat really worth this? they start with a tweet from trump saying we need republican roy moore to win in alabama. renewed support coming from the gop for him. your thoughts. >> i don't think support for roy moore makes sense from a moral or political standpoint. he will be an albatross around the necks of republicans running in 2018. it is up again in 2020, jeff sessions won his seat in 2014. if donald trump wants to run alongside roy moore for reelection that's his choice. i think it's a big mistake for several reasons. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: a lot of issues answered in a moment. senior counselor to the
7:10 am
president kellyanne conway is our guest live in 20 minutes. we'll take you to the white house there and get what they are saying on all these matters coming up shortly. >> sandra: could get an announcement from the hospital john conyers shortly we're being told. we'll bring it to you live. >> bill: moments away from a news conference, house republicans now hoping to move the tax bill forward among several of the issues consuming washington now. we'll take you there. house speaker paul ryan should be out in a matter of moments. >> sandra: a wildfire exploding overnight. making thousands flee from their homes. >> bill: robert mueller moving an f.b.i. agent from the matter because he was anti-trump. what other investigations did he influence first? how do we understand all this today from a legal and national standpoint? governor mike huckabee takes that on next coming up. >> it's not just infuriating, it is unconstitutional. the f.b.i. is not its own
7:11 am
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7:15 am
allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment. as soon as we learn what he has to say about his own future we'll bring it to you out of detroit shortly here. >> the f.b.i. is out of control and not just in the trump investigation but more broadly. charged with enforcing the law considers itself above the law. and that's a threat to you and every american no matter who you voted for. >> my friends, this is unacceptable, disgusting and it is unfair. the latest revelations about the f.b.i. agent removed from this russia investigation sparking an uproar as we learn more about his actions. peter strzok, a key supervising agent, was kicked off the case after sending anti-trump messages to his girlfriend. he was in charge of questioning michael flynn and he convinced former f.b.i. director james comey to soften the language describing clinton's conduct
7:16 am
from grossly negligent to extremely careless. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is a fox news contributor. i'm not so sure your words will be any kinder about this f.b.i. agent, governor huckabee. >> no, they're really not. you need a hazmat suit to get close to the stink of this. it is really something that i think outrages americans regardless of where they are politically. those of us who play the political game as candidates or consultants or whatever, we want to win. but the average american just wants the game to be played fair. they want the rules to be applied the same whether a person is rich or poor, black or white, democrat, republican, urban or rural. the rules don't apply equally here. they didn't apply to hillary clinton when this same investigator peter strzok decided to change the language, not saying it was negligent but it was just careless. she gets a pass. on the other hand, mike flynn,
7:17 am
whose very investigation is suspect, was it based on a phony dossier that was paid for by the hillary clinton and dnc campaign, he says something to the f.b.i. that is untrue and he is going down like my dad would say a one egg pudding. the sad part is this destroys trust that people have in their government. it is not just about the f.b.i. it is trust in their government and that's what is really at stake here. it has to be fixed. somebody needs to be fired not just taken off a case. >> sandra: i want to just tell viewers right now that a radio station in his local area of detroit is interviewing john conyers, the congressman who has multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him currently. we are told by his team that he will be making a statement on this radio show this morning. that interview is going on right now. we will bring you any news of that announcement as it comes. what do you anticipate will come from this, governor?
7:18 am
>> i have a hard time believing that he will continue to try to stay in congress. his health is now in question. what is the point? he is 88 years old. does he really want to stay with this cloud hanging over him that is disgusting and embarrassing? i can't imagine that he does. who knows? a lot of people will hang on to power with the last scratch of their fingernails but i just can't imagine that anyone would think this is a good idea to stay. >> sandra: you are looking at the interviewer there. but he is not there. he is in the hospital doing the interview from his hospital room. so again we'll bring you that announcement as we get it. we're currently listening to that. i want to go back to mueller's credibility problem as the "wall street journal" editorial board put it this morning. governor huckabee. the special counsel they say is stonewalling congress and protecting the f.b.i. here is a piece of it. while there is no evidence so far of trump/russia collusion house investigators have turned
7:19 am
up enough material to say anti-trump motives may have triggered comey's f.b.i. investigation. we think mueller is too conflicted and should step down in favor of someone more credible. do you agree with that? >> absolutely i do. it goes back to the point. people don't want two sets of rules. one for those in power, one for those who aren't. when the f.b.i. says we aren't going to answer questions of congress. if you get brought in before the f.b.i. are you going to be able to say i'm going to take that peter strzok rule and take the bob mueller approach. i'm just not going to answer your calls or answer your letters. i'm not going to answer a summons. i just don't want to talk to you guys. it doesn't work like that. if there is no accountability to the elected representatives of congress, then we have lost this republic for sure. this is an arrogant and outrageous act of defiance on the part of the highest levels in the f.b.i. and affront to the good and decent men and women of the f.b.i. who serve
7:20 am
in the ranks. they don't deserve this. they deserve better leadership and there needs to be a housecleaning. i hope jeff sessions will start it today. >> sandra: john conyers will be endorsing his son to replace him we are being told has just taken place in that interview. that's all we have at this moment. governor, your reaction. >> well, my gosh, what is this, a political kingdom where you just pass the offices down to the next of kin? why don't we have honest elections. if family members want to run for office, fine, do it. this idea it will be passed on, we have a lot of families who think that it becomes their heirloom like a piece of jewelry to hand an office down to the next generation. i find it troubling in a country that's not supposed to operate like that. >> sandra: all right. we'll continue to follow up if there is any news that comes out of that. i have to ask you about roy moore this morning as well. governor huckabee.
7:21 am
renewed support coming from the gop and the president also weighing in. we're a short time away from that alabama special election. your predictions. >> i think roy moore is going to win because doug jones is such an unacceptable candidate. they have a lot of questions about roy moore, i understand that. but you know it's down to the fact that as long as al franken is in the senate and conyers staying in office, why not have roy moore? first of all he has denied the charges against him vehemently and categorically. none of this is good. none of us like this idea that people have these clouds over them. i think he ultimately wins. >> sandra: all right. john conyer's son -- he is endorsing his son from the radio interview. we'll bring it to you as it happens. governor huckabee, always good to have you. thanks for being here.
7:22 am
>> bill: more on that from detroit. breaking news, john conyers and his future. here is the headline. he will not run for reelection. what will his son do and how will the people of michigan react? more on that.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> bill: this was pretty much a -- john conyers age 88 says he will retire immediately from his position in the u.s. house of representatives. conyers is being treated for a health issue right now. did an interview with a detroit radio station moments ago. from his hospital room. and made the announcement about his future in congress. this amid another woman who came forward accusing conyers of sexual harassment and we were told a bit earlier today that conyers would heed the warning of nancy pelosi a week
7:26 am
ago saying it was time for him to go she said i pray for congressman conyers, however, he should resign. >> sandra: that's after her calling him an icon several days before that. 88 years old. john conyers. i'm retiring today, endorsing his son, john conyers iii to take his seat in congress. he told the radio host interviewing him locally there he takes the allegations in stride. he says it's the game of politics that we're in. his legacy, he said, can't be compromised. this, too, shall pass. his legacy, he said, will continue through his children. >> bill: it's been in the headlines for so many days now. he stepped down from his post as the democratic leader on the house judiciary committee. so that was really the first move and the first indication he was starting to yield to some pressure from his colleagues on the democratic side.
7:27 am
>> sandra: it's been a long time coming. we have been told of multiple announcements. today was the day. we anticipated he would be stepping down and sure enough john conyers announcing i'm retiring today from his hospital room in detroit. we have a reporter on the ground there that will go to that -- listen to that interview and was there. but meanwhile, bill, this has been coming. >> bill: some of these women who have come forward, some of these allegations go back some time but the details of their allegations are now public. that includes the woman who said he put his hand up her skirt and rubbing her leg in the front row of a church. that allegation hit just hours ago, the latest one before the announcement came today. we had heard from some of those who work with conyers that for more than a decade that a cousin of one of the accusers by the name of marion brown had
7:28 am
reached a confidential settlement with the politician over sexual misconduct. >> sandra: that was eliza grubb. she made an allegation in an affidavit publicized late monday. matt finn is on the ground. what's the latest? >> sandra, i just left the radio station where the local radio host was hosting the congressman where he just made the announcement and he continues to deny any of the sexual harassment allegations, primarily that of marion brown. he said they're false and doesn't know where they are coming from. we've been in detroit the last couple days. there was discussion whether today's discussion would reveal if he would retire. that's what he intends to do and that he endorses his son, john conyers iii to' place his seat in congress. there is a lot of local reports on the ground that the nephew
7:29 am
of congressman john conyers ian conyers might run for his seats. reports are published that he will. we haven't been able to confirm that. i spoke to the chief of staff for ian conyers. he doesn't deny those reports and we spoke to a spokesperson for the family of the congressman who said it will be a free for all, as you can imagine, in detroit regarding who will run for his seat and that his wife might decide to run for his seat. sandra. >> sandra: interesting that he weighed in as well on his health and the state of his family saying his health and his family are excellent. >> yes. we attended a rally for congressman conyers yesterday. a large coalition of people supporting him including state, local and county officials who were urging him not to resign saying he was still in the hospital and his condition was unknown. but as we just found out he remains in the hospital at this hour. friday there was a press conference in front of the congressman's house in which
7:30 am
his attorney, mr. reid, said that he was undergoing some tests and his doctors wanted to continue for him to undergo tests and since he is still in the hospital it would seem like his condition hasn't necessarily improved. we do not know the status of congressman conyers right now. he says his legacy will live on through his children and he formally nominates his son to replace his seat in congress. >> sandra: congressman conyers retiring as of today. matt finn, thank you. >> bill: more coming up in a moment. republicans close to delivering a massive tax overhaul. the president wants it done by christmas. will he get it? kellyanne conway is next to answer that question and more. watch this vote on tuesday. in alabama they're picking a new senator in a week's time. what happens if the embattled republican roy moore wins among numerous sexual misconduct claims about him? stay tuned. back in a moment.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
>> bill: from detroit to new york and to washington, d.c.,
7:34 am
here is the reverberation now. the long-time serving democratic congressman from detroit, john conyers, resigning his post at age 88, endorsing his son to assume his seat. we'll see what the voters have to say about that. what does the white house have to say about this? kellyanne conway counsel to the president with me on the north lawn. good morning to you. i have a big list. let's start with john conyers, what's the reaction from the white house? >> let the people of michigan decide who their next congressman is. that's what we believe in the white house. at the same time congressman conyers was losing support among the leaders in the democratic party and his colleagues. nancy pelosi speaking with a forked tongue. these are allegations they took very seriously. he was losing support among many of his colleagues that previously said they would
7:35 am
stand with him. now it's not up to john conyers, the congressman, to nominate his successor. he is endorsing his son. usually what happens in these states, you have to check michigan law. depending when the resignation comes, close to the mid-terms, you have the governor of that state appointing a successor, sometimes a special election. we'll have to look at michigan long. people will have to decide who they want to represent them. conservatives in the house last night a little hiccup. will they get in the way? >> they've been wonderful. the president has a healthy relationship with all of the republicans in the house and senate. at one time or another. he and the vice president leaned into this process. yesterday was no exception. we have a couple things going on in december. one is we're on the verge of passing historic tax cuts for employers, for businesses and families and individuals.
7:36 am
but we also have to keep funding the government and we certainly hope -- i know there are conservatives hope that the democrats will not stand in the way of keeping the government functioning. won't shut it down for petty partisan reasons and will keep the government going. we'll get the funding that we need for the military, for example. >> bill: the tweet that came from the president's account with regard to the f.b.i. over the weekend said the following with regard to general flynn. i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the f.b.i. he had pled guilty to those lies. it is a shame because his actions are in a transition where lawful there was nothing to hide. now we understand the attorney john dowd wrote that. is that true? second, why make that statement? >> john dowd said he wrote the tweet. the first one he has ever written for the president. i think the president himself has talked before that tweet
7:37 am
and after that tweet quite a lot on the matter. we should look at the full measure of what he has said. he said he was asked -- i was standing there when he was asked on the south lawn saturday morning before we took off for new york by the press pool they asked him are you worried about yesterday and he said no, there was no collusion. we're happy about that. he keeps saying that. that is exactly what the mainstream media who has been in a lather about russia, russia, russia for a year now, that's what they've been focused on and changing their tune now to other charges. the president has also said we need an f.b.i. that is objective and he is very concerned to think that any type of investigation was compromised. the revelation that an f.b.i. agent had to be reassigned for taken out of this particular investigation because he was anti-trump in his texts and had interviewed general flynn and was working with hillary clinton when she was being questioned, that's very troubling for any american who knows justice should be blind and our f.b.i. should be independent. >> bill: i've talked to a lot
7:38 am
of legal analysts over the past five days. was that tweet a defense on behalf of the president and his attorney? >> that tweet was his attorney expressing from i suppose a legal perspective what they wanted to convey. reminding everybody that general flynn lied to the f.b.i. and the vice president. the president has since then -- this is important -- he said as recently as yesterday that general flynn was treated very unfairly. his career and life ruined and hillary clinton got off with very little scrutiny or punishment. that's the president's point of view and he has every right to express it. we should always for everyone take the full measure of the comments but i would defer to what the president's counsel, what his lawyer mr. dowd has said, that he wrote the tweet. >> bill: based on your last answer, not that one, the one previously, you think the white
7:39 am
house believes the f.b.i. has a credibility problem, correct? >> no, i didn't say that. there are many, many men and women at the f.b.i., some recently there, some who have been there for many years and decades i'm sure, who are law abiding and upstanding men and women who do their job well every single day. that's my prevailing view at all of these agencies and departments, there is no question about it. and what i'm saying is the recent revelations, we get new facts about that particular agent every day now, these new revelations that he was taken off that investigation in the summer because perhaps the investigation was compromised if he was sending out anti-trump tweets. this is the information we've seen, as you've seen. we're concerned about questions of objectively and we want investigations to be impartial. that's a going principle that i know, i hope, would cover any
7:40 am
presidency and any investigation by the f.b.i. the new f.b.i. director mr. wray was recently confirmed and the president did a very long and deep search for mr. comey's replacement. in mr. wray we are confident that the f.b.i. is tapping into the considerable intelligence and devotion, dedication and professionalism of the men and women who work at the f.b.i. >> bill: last topic. there is a big vote in alabama tuesday. mitt romney tweeted this yesterday. roy moore in the u.s. senate would be a stain on the gop and the nation. no majority is worth losing our honor, our integrity. the president talked to roy moore yesterday. what did you think of mitt romney's comments? >> i was wondering while mitt romney was doing while the
7:41 am
president was in utah. now i know. he is welcome to his opinions. this president does not want doug jones in the senate. that it would be a sneak attack of a liberal vote, a vote against the shared agenda of tax cuts and second amendment. >> bill: does he think roy moore would be a stain or not on the gop? >> the president spoke with roy moore yesterday and given him his endorsement. i see overnight the rnc is or is considering going back in and providing the resources that they generally provide republican nominees. it is very clear now that mr. moore is not stepping aside. he is the candidate and on the ballot. the election is in one week. the president has stated -- he has made statements on this very clearly and i would refer you to the president's own public statements. everything he said about roy moore is there for everybody to see. the important thing is let the
7:42 am
people of alabama decide their election. leader mcconnell has expressed that on a sunday show this weekend. >> bill: thank you for your time. kellyanne conway from the white house. thanks. >> sandra: a bombshell announcement as congressman john conyers faces sexual harassment allegations. he announced his retirement. endorsing his son to replace him just a short time ago. our panel weighs in on that and much more. hi i'm joan lunden.
7:43 am
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7:45 am
is underway. speaker of the house paul ryan is at the microphone talking everything from taxes to end of year. listen. >> leadership is pressing forward with a december 22nd -- do you believe you have 218 republican votes to pass that? >> i feel like we'll have a majority for passing the cr. we're having a good conversation with our members about exactly how to did this and about timing and date and tactics. we're having the kind of family discussion we need to have about how to proceed forward with a majority and i'm confident we'll have that. >> in the senate version of the tax bill it keeps the corporate -- >> i won't get that. you think i'm go into the back and forth of this stuff? let the conferees wrestle with this. i won't go into nitpicking the
7:46 am
conferees. last question. you will have to -- >> we're having a conversation with the members when the best date is. you'll see when we bring the vote to the floor. >> sandra: there you have it. short and sweet paul ryan on taxes. we'll get this done, a very optimistic speaker of the house there. kevin mccarthy in the room as well. that gop news conference coming on a busy news day. let's bring on lawrence jones, conservative commentator, capri cafaro, lawrence jones, tough to decide where to begin. let's start with what we heard come out of the gop news conference. optimistic that is going to get done by the end of the year by christmas, taxes.
7:47 am
>> well, we'll see. for starters i wasn't too pleased with what came out of the text of the bill anyway. we as american voters when it comes to the republicans asked for the republican -- the senate, house and white house and this is the best we can do? i applaud them for the corporations but i'm more concerned about the individual. i guess you could say something is better than nothing. but i'm a little disappointed. >> sandra: capri? >> i share the sentiments of the content of the bill. there are a lot of concerns that i have in regards to the impact that this will have on individual american citizens, the middle class and frankly state governments as someone who served as the minority leader for a number of years in the ohio senate. the state and local tax deduction will have a significant impact on state budgets, frankly. so that being said let's take the content aside.
7:48 am
this is the largest legislative accomplishment that we've seen. i would say that if there is no problems within conference it is likely they actually will succeed and get this done. >> sandra: things are changing quickly. a few moments ago congressman conyers from his hospital bed announcing his retirement with a local radio station. for first time let's hear it from him himself. >> i am retiring today. and i want everyone to know how much i appreciated the support and my legacy will continue through my children. i have a great family here, and especially in my oldest boy, john conyers iii, who, incidentally, i endorse to replace me in my seat in congress. >> sandra: there it is,
7:49 am
lawrence jones, endorsing his son. >> i'm so disgusted. what a joke. all these senators, the swampy politicians, not only do they get to cover up their sexual assault scandals. then they get to say let me make sure my legacy continues with my kid. i mean, what a joke. this is what the american people are so disgusted by. >> sandra: last word. >> no question about it. look, the michigan voters will have to decide who replaces john conyers. guess what? if this stuff was not exposed john conyers would still be in congress and that's what's gross. >> sandra: because of the breaking news in the conference short and sweet. good to see you both. >> bill: could the final tax bill repeal the individual healthcare mandate in obamacare? if that happens we'll tell you what that means for you in a moment coming up next. mom's got this cold
7:50 am
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>> bill: republican tax bill will repeal the obamacare individual mandate. this as leaders from both parties iron on differences. how will it change the healthcare market for you if it happens? dr. marc siegel. how are you? boil it down to four main things. the individual mandate you argue is unethical. >> like selling swamp land. how can the government force you to buy something that doesn't give you actual healthcare? what if you can't get a doctor that won't see you? what if you are stuck in the large deductibles. it is not ethical to force
7:54 am
people to buy a product that doesn't give them the thing that they absolutely need. >> bill: take viewers back to the full screen here. people should not have ferrari-type coverage. why not? >> let me tell you how it works for people. everyone will understand this point. if i say you own a car and have to have car insurance, would i ever tell you you need ferrari-type coverage? we would let everybody have a toyota type. you need basic toyota insurance if you want go on the road. everyone unstands a ferrari should pay more. why should someone healthy and young pay a lot more to cover someone who has been smoking or overweight or has a pre-existing condition and higher health bills? it is the government's role, not someone who owns a toyota. >> bill: you say rand paul is correct when he said the following to you in washington listen. >> it really is the lynch pin of obamacare, this idea that
7:55 am
government can force you to pay money to a private entity that you don't want their product and being forced to buy it. repealing the individual mandate is a big part of getting rid of obamacare but it also coincidentally helps the tax cut to be a little bit bigger because it reduces some of the costs of the government. >> bill: go ahead on the healthcare issue. >> you are concerned about the middle class and he told me that he is concerned about the middle class, too. he has gone to president obama and said look the middle class better have a tax cut here and why he may want the deductibles back. >> bill: president trump. >> senator paul is concerned the deductions should be put back on the state and local level. what he is talking about here on the sound bite he believes the obamacare mandate is a significant bump for the middle class. here is why. you don't know this, but 80% of the people who paid that penalty last year are making under $50,000 a year.
7:56 am
so it's significant for them to either pay $1200 and a penalty or to pay $5,000 premium for a bronze plan. someone making $40,000 out there you are stuck in the middle. you can't afford the mandate to pay the penalty and you can't afford the premium. if we get rid of that tax penalty i'll save somebody that makes $40,000, $1200 a year. >> bill: high risk pools can stabilize markets. >> senators collins is saying give $10 billion to the state markets to bolster high-risk pools. that's a great idea. >> bill: more with sandra now. >> sandra: vice president pence heading to capitol hill one hour from now and republican lawmakers hammer out their differences on the tax cut bill. a live update from the white house. has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> sandra: do you have anything? >> bill: i'm out, man. >> sandra: what a busy news morning. >> bill: we'll see where we are. >> sandra: we see that on most days lately but truly. >> bill: see you at noon. >> sandra: "happening now" starts right now. >> and we start with this fox news alert. ventura, california fire officials set to hold a news conference on the massive fire tearing through southern california right now. at least one firefighter injured thus far. 30,000 people evacuated. hundreds of buildings destroyed. we're following it for any developments and we will continue to monitor that news conference as it gets underway. >> also this fox news alert. michigan congressman john conyers, the longest-serving member of the house, announces he is retiring today. conyers stepping down amid mounting allegations of sexual


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