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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 5, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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pickle. >> greg: no tree for me this year. >> kimberly: he couldn't reach it to decorate. >> greg: set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." over to you, bret. >> bret: wow. president trump prepares the pull the trigger on the move the allies worn could inflame an already volatile middle east. the president rallies troops in the senate does that work on tax reform, traded, and the spending plan to avoid a government shutdown and to the christian owners of a bakery have the right to say no to a wedding cake for same-sex couple? this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to "special report." i am bret baier. we begin with the mass of the controversial decision by president trump that has ramifications all over the world tonight. he is expected to announce in a
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speech tomorrow the start of the process of recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel. and movie the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv. world leaders are already warning of severe consequences and u.s. facilities in the middle east are stepping up security tonight. we are being told u.s. marine fast teens have bolstered security at several u.s. embassies in the region right now. correspondent conor powell starts us off tonight from jerusalem. >> white house press secretary sarah sanders previewing the president's decision on moving the u.s. embassy in israel, a step that would offend decades worth of american foreign policy. president trump announces tomorrow his intention to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. the move ends the longtime policy that jerusalem's final status would be determined by peace talks. president trump called several world leaders earlier today,
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including israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas to brief them on the move which radically reshape future negotiations. mahmoud abbas rejected the move, set it will have a detrimental consequences on the peace process and the prospects of the internationally endorsed 2-state solution. world leaders from france, morocco, the e.u. weighed in, urging president trump to postpone it. jordan's king abdallah says it will stoke tensions among muslims and christians alike. in saudi arabia, who warning gravely negative consequences including provoking the global muslim community which some see as a veiled warning about the potential eruption of another intifada. turkey's president rich app erdogan says recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is a redlin redline.
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>> translator: we will continue with resolve. this can go as far as breaking off our diff medical elation with israel. >> despite the international condemnation for israel's conservative prime minister benjamin netanyahu, this is a major victory. but it also comes with a potential for unrest. president trump has helped to launch a new round of u.s. peace negotiations next year but those talks look in doubt. for three decades, the u.s. has taken the lead in the middle east peace process. palestinian say the u.s. recognization undermines the u.s.'s role as a peace broker. >> bret: conor powell live in jerusalem. thank you. back in washington, more reaction to president trump's decision on israel. chief white house correspondent john roberts is with us now. >> good evening.
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he will remember many times during the election, president trump said other presidents had promised to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem but that he was going to be the one to finally do it. despite the opposition you saw from world leaders, the white house says the president is "pretty solid" in his thinking. the news about the embassy move came on yet another busy day here at the white house, one that included another push to get tax reform across the finish line. >> is a tremendous bill for jobs and the middle class. >> with the senate and house in the process to reconcile the tax of hornbills, president trump kept up the drumbeat to get it done in time for christmas, meeting with several senate republicans for lunch today. speak of the taxes we are so thrilled about, so popular. i think something is going to be coming out of conference quickly as opposed to long-term nothing is going to go pretty quickly. we are all on the same page. great spirit and the republican party. >> the statement was somewhat
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ironic, considering jeff flake whom the president has derided, was seated to his left. >> thank you. >> later, meeting with small business owners, president trump touted the benefits of tax reform for the american engine that truly drives job creation. >> they want to see tax cuts, jobs, they want choice. in education we talk about choice. we want choice and jobs so you can look for five jobs or six, not take one because that's all you can get. speak with the white house hoping to keep the process focused on a handful of issues to get it done quickly. president trump wants the bill on his desk the week of decembed because the alabama senate race goes to the democrat which would further shrink the margin tax reform needs to pass if he gets pushed to january. president trump has taken the step of endorsing republican candidate roy moore in alabama. the president and republican national committee have decided better to endorse and support moore then face the prospect of
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losing the seat to a democrat. >> i think he's going to do very well. we don't want a liberal democrat in alabama, believe me. we want strong borders, stopping crime. we want to have the things we represent and we certainly don't want to have a liberal democrat that's controlled by nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. >> senator flake left the lunch and revealed he wrote a $100 check to moore's opponent, doug jones. asked why the president went all in on endorsing moore, press secretary sarah sanders said it's all about the president's agenda. >> the president feels he would rather have a person that supports his agenda versus somebody who opposes his agenda every step of the way. >> the white house pushed back hard on reports special counsel robert mueller had subpoenaed deutsche bank for records of the president's financial dealings.
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earlier this afternoon, a source with knowledge of the investigation told fox news mueller's office had sent no such subpoena. later, the president's outside counsel jay psyche lowe said "we have confirmed the news reports that the special counsel had subpoenaed financial records related to the president or falls." sarah huckabee sanders who typically defers to outside counsel, was only too happy to repeat the findings. >> no subpoena has been issued or received. we have confirmed this with the bank and other sources. this is another example of the media going too far too fast and we don't see it going in that direction. >> the president has previously set on several occasions that if mueller's investigation strayed into an examination of his personal finances, that would be a violation of the special counsel's mandate that the president has already set on several occasions is, no attention to fire mueller and sources say the last thing his legal team wants is a brand-new special counsel and start the
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process all over again. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. we are learning new details tonight about what the trump transition team knew about lieutenant general michael flynn's contacts with the russian ambassador and then days between the election and inauguration. this comes as there is new concern about possible bias among members of the special counsel team. catherine herridge has details. >> a top prosecutor who now works for special counsel robert mueller's pressure probe praised then acting attorney general sally yates after she was fired in january by president trump for refusing to defend his controversial travel ban. the email obtained by judicial watch through federal also shows that on the night of january 13 andrew weissmann wrote to sally yates under the subject line "i'm so proud." thank you so much, my deepest respects. the disclosure follows confirmation that another
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investigator, peter strzok was fired from the probe after allegedly sending anti-trump texts. >> is not good for the fbi which holds itself up as a paragon of virtue where there is no political motivations and we follow the facts. >> two dozen emails provided to the special counsel and obtained by fox news show the trump transition team knew former national security advisor mike flynn was in regular contact with russian investor sergey kislyak before the inauguration. the records also suggest flynn did not disclose the full extent of his conversations about sanctions imposed by the obama administration for russia's meddling in the 26 teen election. day after "the washington post" reported flynn's phone call with kislyak, flynn's deputy advised three topics in call. from condolence to russians for the assassination of diplomat to scheduling a congrats call between the russian president and mr. trump to a conference on syria. flynn pled guilty to lying to
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the fbi about the call. on january 13, flynn give a similar expo nation to another transition official. "i'm trying to establish a relationship instead of a posted migration, putting the presidents. nothing was agreed to. the state department spokesman said there was nothing -- no issue with transition team outreach to foreign leaders. >> we stand ready if they want to work through the state department to contact these individuals but we have no comment or no problem with them doing such on their own. >> flynn's legal team has been silent about the guilty plea. contacted by fox news, the lawyers had nothing to add about the fired fbi agent who oversaw flynn's interviews. >> bret: thank you. house and senate negotiators are about to start working on the unified tax reform bill but there was not a lot of compromising the air on capitol hill today. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us where things stand now.
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>> this is monumental reform and we are doing at the right way. >> on the routine vote to approve a tax reform conference, some conservatives nearly blew it up. republican leadership supports a two-week government funding extension. members of the conservative freedom caucus were fighting for an extension until december 30, feeling like the holiday rush can produce lousy deals. >> freedom caucus members acknowledged rank-and-file republicans don't support longer extension. the expectation is there will be a vote on what speaker ryan wanted, clean continuing resolution. >> i feel like we are going to have a majority. we are having a good conversation with members. >> senate majority leader didn't show any interest in shifting gears. >> what we anticipate is a two-week cr in a december 22nd
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which ought to give us room to talk about provisions that are going to be part of the year-end spending measure. >> that sets the stage for a meeting of the big four members of congress with president trump thursday after democrats chuck schumer and nancy pelosi backed out of last week's meeting. >> we showed the president no gains. this is serious stuff. i think he learned and he invited us back. >> on tax reform, with republicans more unified, democrats sound more desperate. >> health care, the debate on health care is death. this is armageddon. >> key republicans countering the argument. >> when we get into conference committee, we are going to be talking about making strong families, strong features and giving the next generation a tax code that helps them. >> leadership sources say republicans share the same goals on policy. there was a disagreement on tactics. most didn't see any advantage to
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saving sites until after christmas. >> bret: mike emanuel on the hill. thanks. let's get some analysis from former house speaker newt gingrich, author of the new book "understanding trump." he joins us from arlington, virginia. thanks for being here. >> good to be with you. >> bret: you have been through a number of these battles, these fiscal clips in your time. how do you look at this, about one, getting tax reform across the finish line, whether republicans can do that and two, dealing with all the loose ends on funding the government. >> there will be a little bit of a mess. the tax bill will be less of a master they are close to working out a deal. i think they probably will meet the president's goal of getting it on his desk the week of the 18. it's good for the american economy. we are above 3% real growth.
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with this tax bill next year, i wouldn't be surprised to cs get a 4% which means more jobs, more take-home pay and good news for the republicans going into the election. i think on the end of the year process, a two-week clean continuing resolution as the democrats will agree to it in the senate, i agree speaker ryan can pass it in the house of they can do it in the senate, you're going to have a week of really hard-nosed negotiating. they are going to have to get some democratic votes. i suspect it will leave some republicans unhappy but in the end, i think no one has an interest in closing the government. i suspect they will finally come around the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, i wouldn't be shocked if it took them that long. i think they will get it done. >> bret: obamacare was
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christmas eve on the senate side. let me ask you about where democrats are. i think there is some criticism that they say the republican party of old is hypocritical. here is congressman maloney today. >> new rule. after today, the republican party can choose to support massive new debts and support politicians who abuse kids but it cannot lecture the rest of us about it. the rest of us have listened to our last lecture from republicans about family values or fiscal discipline. from now on, that party has no credibility on either issue. >> bret: speaker gingrich. >> first of all, without getting off on all sorts of innuendo, i would say the news in the last couple weeks, the democrats are in much of a position to lecture anybody about personal behavior. in terms of a long-term growth,
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ronald reagan convince the republican party along with jack kemp in the late 1970s that economic growth, a bigger economy, more revenue, was the key to the future. reagan launched what was almost 20 years of economic growth. people have more take-home pay. they had a better future. as the president said in an earlier segment you had, when people get to choose between six jobs, they are a lot happier than if it was one job or no job available. the republican gamble is straightforward. if you stimulate the economy, if you encourage small businesses, if you give tax cuts to the middle class, can you get so much economic growth that you begin to move america back on track with this year's side of the revenue stream begins to pay down the debt. we did it in the 90s. i am not only speaker in modern history to offer four street valent straight balanced budgets.
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it will take five or six years but if this the economy starts to roar, you're going to see a flood of money coming and you're going to see, because the economy is bigger. not because we raised taxes but we created jobs. >> bret: let me ask you about this investigation and where you see it, the mueller investigation, what we are learning about his team, past and present and where it is going. >> this is a level of corruption and dishonesty beyond anything i would have expected a year ago. you take everything that happened with hillary clinton. the fact that they deliberately interviewed her without putting her under oath and you take everything she did and it's general flynn who served his country in uniform for 35 years who is guilty. guilty of what? apparently of not being totally accurate in describing an
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interview which probably the fbi had a tape of her talk about a set up. i think michael ledeen wrote an article today that was exactly right. flynn was faced with bankruptcy, a threat legally to his son, he cut a deal to get it over with. i think it's a sad day for america when the federal bureau of investigation allows itself to be this corrupt. i cannot imagine that any american believes that if the same standard had been applied to hillary clinton that she wouldn't have been found guilty over and over and over. but it wasn't the same standard and we now know why. you have members of the fbi -- anti-trump and pro-hillary. >> bret: i want to play one quick sound bite. a lot of the focus has been on the logan act and the incoming administration. in the trump team in transition reaching out to foreign governments.
3:19 pm
this is a sound bite from the spokesperson from the state department seven days before the inauguration of president trump. >> this building doesn't see anything necessarily inappropriate about contact between members of the incoming administration and foreign officials, no matter what country they are from, right? >> no, and this has been ongoing. we stand ready if they want to work through the state department to contact some of these individuals. >> bret: there seems to be a disconnect. >> listen, you would have no reason to know this but i actually used the logan act in the 1980s. the logan act was written in 1798 in order to stop american citizens from negotiating against their own government. but flynn was then nominated national security advisor of a newly elected president. he was not approaching the russians as a private citizen.
3:20 pm
he was approaching the russians at the direction of the president-elect and his role as a member of the government transition team. the logan act would never apply to flynn. it's an absurdity to suggest it would. i warned about this months ago. this is what happened to a very, very good friend of mine, scooter libby, who worked for dick cheney. if the fbi wants to get you, they take something -- in this case they probably had a tape because they had been following the russian investor. they know exactly what was said. you deviate one word and suddenly it is your fault. the fact is karl rove wrote a column in which he said he almost got indicted for "not remembering." that's how sick it gets. >> bret: we have to leave it there. >> thank you. >> bret: we are hitting a hard break but we appreciate your time and your assessment, as
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♪ 's view on border crossings have plunged to a 45 year low while arrests by deportation officers have soared since president trump took office. highlights from figures today released by customs and enforcement. the lowest level -- i.c.e. officers made 143,000 arrests for deportation, a 25%
3:25 pm
increase. stocks down. dow lost 109. s&p 500 s&p 500 dropped 10. and nasdaq fell 13. steady stream of sexual harassment allegations has taken down michigan democratic commerce and john conyers who was the longest serving member of congress. he announced his retirement today. matt finn has the story and reaction from detroit. >> i am retiring today and i want everyone to know how much i appreciate the support. incredible, undiminished support i've received across the years. >> 88-year-old democrat john conyers announced he is stepping down amid sexual harassment allegations and poor health. at least three women, including former aide marian brown, alleged conyers harass them. conyers denies their claims. the congressmen agreed to a
3:26 pm
$27,000 settlement with brown, but conyers' attorney says it was not an admission of guilt but as settlement to spare litigation. the announcement rippling through washington. >> this is a sad end to a long career but i hope we will not forget what he's contributed to our country. >> i did call for his resignation last week but i do believe we as democrats have the obligation to make sure that we are consistent. >> conyers endorsed his son to take a seat but he cannot appoint a successor. that is up to voters. conyers planned to submit a letter of retirement to the governor who will determine the process for special election. conyers' attorney and supporters bashing house minority leader nancy pelosi for initially calling conyers an icon, then flip-flopping and calling for his resignation. >> it's not a good day for democratic politics and they are going to rue the day they didn't
3:27 pm
stand behind john conyers. >> conyers' spokesperson and attorney will not, directly on the health condition but he is still in the hospital. >> bret: matt finn in detroit. thank you. up next, religious freedom versus freedom from discrimination. the supreme court hears a significant case. will bring you that. some of what our affiliates are covering. fox 11 in los angeles. ferocious winds whipping up a ferocious wildfire prompting evacuation orders for nearly a thousand homes. at least 150 structures and burned. one firefighter has been injured. fire is being blamed for a car accident that killed one person. w drv in louisville as china lifts the ban on importing kentucky resources. china had a hold on trading live horses with the u.s. over
3:28 pm
concerns about the spread of disease. and this is a live look at chicago where the big story from fox 32, former president obama's address to amir's conference. the subject, climate change. two's, states, nonprofits who emerged as the new face of leadership on climate change. that's it live look outside the beltway from "special report" ."
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♪ >> bret: supreme court justices heard arguments today on whether the masterpiece cake shop can be forced to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. it's a case that has the potential to affect many individuals and businesses and set a precedent in gay rights or religious freedom. my colleague shannon bream has
3:32 pm
details. >> heated debate inside and outside the supreme court today. in a dispute over the rights of a christian baker who declined to make a custom wedding cake for a same-sex couple. he offered to sell them premade goods in a shop. jack phillips says he's an artist and that the government cannot compel his speech or force him to endorse a message that's in direct conflict with his religious beliefs. couple charlie cragg and david mullins say this isn't about cake. >> this is about freedom. freedom for lgbt people to live full lives in public and not in constant fear they will be denied basic service in businesses, fired from their jobs or lose their homes for who they are. >> during today's arguments, justice sonia sotomayor questioned the baker's claims. "there are sandwich artist now. there are people who crave beauty and what they make but wd
3:33 pm
entitled to first amendment protection." when advocates tried to equate phillips actions to those who once denied service on the basis of race, chief justice john roberts noted that when the supreme court decided it's same-sex marriage case two years ago, "it went out of its way to talk about the decent and honorable people who may have opposing views." justice anthony kennedy who has often ruled in favor of lgbt interest was tough on both sides. raised eyebrows when he said this. "counselor, tolerance is essential to free society intolerance is most meaningful when it's mutual. it seems to me this date, and its position here, has been either tolerant nor respectful of mr. phillips religious beliefs." >> it's hard to believe the government is forcing me to choose between providing for my family and employees and violating my relationship with god. that's not freedom. that's not tolerance. >> attorneys for phillips say every american should be concerned if the court rules that the government can compel
3:34 pm
individuals to speak in a way that offends their beliefs. attorneys for the other side argue business owners who enter the stream of commerce can't pick and choose their customers. a decision is due by june. bret. >> bret: we will follow the case tonight at 11:00. shannon, thanks. president trump's lawyers asking the court in new york to drop a lawsuit involving past claims of sexual misconduct during the production of "the apprentice" tv show. rick leventhal has the story. >> the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> during the campaign, president trump repeatedly denied allegations of unwanted sexual advances. by more than a dozen women. >> he grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again aggressively and placed his hand on my breast.
3:35 pm
these allegations >> these alle% false. >> today, oral arguments in a defamation lawsuit she filed against the president days before he took office. >> as we have alleged in our lawsuit, she has been threatene threatened. she has been financially harmed. she has been subjected to very abusive and unwarranted and false attacks. >> the president's lawyers are arguing against president. in 1997, the supreme court ruled unanimously that paula jones case could move forward, leaving president clinton as the first sitting president to give testimony in a civil case in which he was the defendant. mr. trump's lawyers say the jones case applies only to federal, not state courts. they want the case dismissed in part because political speech is protected by the
3:36 pm
first amendment. if a judge rules the case has merit, the president could be compelled to answer questions under oath. >> it's a difficult one but i can see a judge saying i don't want to touch this and i don't want something to go forward when it's going to look like we are censoring political speech. i never bet. i'm not a gambler. >> the president's attorneys left without, but during the hearing medically or they don't believe state court has any jurisdiction in this matter or any matter involving a sitting president, saying the constitution forbids it. the judge says she will e-file her decision but didn't say whe when. >> bret: rick leventhal live in new york. up next, the president's bold move in israel. we will get reaction from the panel. first, beyond our borders tonight. protesters broke into greece's labor ministry and fought with police. the prime minister's office in athens. they are upset about a new agreement about the government and bailout creditors that
3:37 pm
includes limiting the right to strike. labor unions are calling for a general strike next week. lebanon's prime minister is revoking his resignation. he initially quit november 4, citing the iranian backed hezbollah meddling in regional affairs and assassination plots against him. he put the move on hold in mid-november and rescinded it today. the russian olympic committee has been suspended from the upcoming winter olympics in south korea. the international olympic committee says russia ran a state-sponsored doping program at the 2014 games in sochi. some russian athletes will be allowed to compete in south korea but without their national flag or anthem. russia has repeatedly refused to accept a state-sponsored doping program existed. the decision happened late in the evening moscow time, no formal reaction yet. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight.
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♪ >> something will happen when i become the president. as soon as i take office, i will begin the process of moving the united states ambassador to the city of israel. >> jerusalem will remain the capital of israel and it must remain undivided. >> will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people, jerusalem. and we will send a clear signal that there is no daylight between america and our most reliable ally, the state of israel. >> it was a thoughtful interagency process. the president is pretty solid in his thinking at this point.
3:42 pm
>> bret: presidents have talked out of her long time but this president it seems is going to do it. that's to declare jerusalem the capital of israel and then make a plan to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. the number of calls today between the president and world leaders, the israeli prime minister, the president of the palestinian authority, king of jordan, egyptian president, saudi arabia, there are 17 countries warning the u.s. against living the embassy to jerusalem. this is the list of those countries, because they fear there will be a lot of controversy, potential danger. tonight we can report u.s. embassies across the region are staffing up on security, including u.s. marine fast teams. let's bring in the panel. mara liasson, national clinical correspondent of national public radio. tom bevan, real clear politics cofounder and publisher.
3:43 pm
kimberly stressed become a member of the editorial board at "the wall street journal" ." we have covered this. i've covered it, i know you've covered it. many presidencies have talked about this. it seems this president is going to do it. >> it seems he is. what we don't know is the timeline. we expect he will do two things. he will say he recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel but he will also sign the waiver again which means the embassy isn't going to move just yet. it might take several years. the question is, given those countries against it with the exception of israel, the president will be fulfilling a campaign promise. he will be making his base very happy. conservative christians, members of the jewish community but i don't know exactly how this increases the momentum for middle east peace deal. >> bret: h.r. mcmaster,
3:44 pm
national security advisor, speaking to chris wallace on fox news sunday. >> our options involving the move of an embassy at some point in the future which i think could be used to gain momentum towards a peace agreement. and a solution that works. for israelis and palestinians. >> bret: kimberley, does it put the cart before the horse? >> i think mcmaster makes an underrated but important point. one of the sticking points when you get to an israeli a pile standing in negotiation is a question of jerusalem. what this does moving the capital and taking a step commencing acknowledgment that that something that the israelis are never going to budge on that the united states faxed them. it's also a way of highlighting that the palestinian focus on this has been an obstruction to moving ahead in negotiations.
3:45 pm
there's an argument to be made that if you get it down and get it over with, you lay the groundwork to then move forward. >> bret: tom. >> i agree. it's another example of trump not being steeped in political traditions, diplomatic traditions. not approaching this decision from the traditional of which had this policy signing this waiver even though it's been government policy since 1995. you played the presidents. they have not been willing to take this step of perhaps antagonizing other countries. trump approached the north korea problem the same way. we've done in the past hasn't worked. he's willing to take a different tack. he did that on peers climate. there's a list of examples where love trump or hate trump, he approaches these problems from a different perspective. we will see how it works out. >> bret: i guess the question is, is the reaction of the
3:46 pm
region and if there are u.s. facilities in danger as a result of even the naming of jerusalem as the capital. >> that's the big question. the palestinians said they didn't want him to do it. they are warning about violence, talking about days of rage. the saudis, trump's new best friends in the region, didn't want them to do it. turkey said it would be a redline for muslims. we don't know yet what their reaction is going to be. people are warning about a possible violent reaction. we will find out. i think the big question is when mcmaster says this might make it easier or open up options, what are they and what's the plan. the president says he wants to make this ultimate deal but we haven't heard a lot of details or framework. >> bret: kimberley. >> this get strict credibility. a lot of presidents have said they are going to do it and they haven't followed through and as
3:47 pm
every foreign policy expert will tell you there's no greater currency, no greater negotiating power than a country as mine actually does what it says going to do. with any luck, actually affecting this move, the president gains a little bit of credibility in the peace process if he's going to go forward with it. >> bret: standby, next up, the russia investigation. when you have a cold
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>> thank you, everybody. >> mr. president, has mueller crossed the red line? >> if robert mueller looks into
3:51 pm
the president's finances or if he has already looked into the president's finances, does this white house believe that is a red line? >> the news reports that the special counsel has subpoenaed financial records relating to the president are completely false. no subpoena has been issued or received. we've confirmed this with the bank and other sources. >> bret: well, the reporting was that deutsche bank received a subpoena from the special counsel. you heard sarah sanders saying it's not true. this builds into the questions about the investigation. newt gingrich talked about it earlier on the show. >> i think it is a sad day for america when the federal bureau of investigation allows itself to be this corrupt. i cannot imagine that any american believes that if the same standard had been applied to hillary clinton that she wouldn't have been found guilty over and over and over. but it wasn't the same standard. we now know why. you have members of the fbi that
3:52 pm
are actively anti-trump, actively pro-hillary. >> bret: and now panel, we just have word just in the past few minutes that the investigation appears that strock who appears to have the anti-trump messages, we're being told that he's the fbi counter intelligence agent that worked on the mueller investigation. now his text messages will be handed over to the house intelligence committee. text messages between peter strzok and lisa paige, his girlfriend. that part of the investigation continues. kimberly, where are we? >> they're apparently handling those over because devin nunes finally got very snarly. they have been asking for those texts -- they issued a subpoena back more than a month ago demanding all kinds of documents
3:53 pm
that would have included those text messages. they had specifically asked to speak to mr. strzok and been denied. i think that's one of the more important parts of this story, which is that mueller and the department of justice knew what the house intelligence committee wanted, and purposely did not hand it over because they knew the headlines were going to come out that this somehow would impugn the integrity of what they're doing over there. >> yeah, it was interesting listening to newt gingrich there. that's what hillary supporters were saying during the campaign. they felt like the fbi cost her the election because she was treated differently. i think as this goes forward, i think it would be extremely significant if it turns out that the special counsel is going after trump financial records, especially from deutsche bank, which we know is a big lender to the trump businesses.
3:54 pm
that would mean that he's got a very wide ranging investigation. he's looking at possible investments and trump businesses from russian interests. we don't know if that's true or not. we just heard them deny that subpoenas had been issued. that's something to pay attention to. >> bret: you do acknowledge that we do a lot of that. if this happens, if this is going this way, it could mean -- this could mean -- we do a lot of this. >> that's the problem with this whole thing. what we're finding out is bits and pieces as this investigation goes forward step by step. we don't have a big overview. we don't know where it's heading. the only thing we can say with any confidence is that it's not going away. >> bret: tom? >> i'm just astonished how this whole thing has gone off the rails in the last few days. the revelations about peter strzok, finding out he was in the middle of the clinton e-mail investigation, in the middle of the trump -- signing off on the
3:55 pm
trump probe. all of that undermined mueller's team, the fbi. you had -- abc news had to retract the story. another news that is false today. nobody is covering themselves in glory. everybody is taking a credibility hit. unfortunately, it's going to get worse before it gets better. another special counsel will be assigned or appointed to investigate what the fbi and the doj have been doing or we're going to end up -- we've seen the investigation move from collusion to obstruction. so i don't think this is going to end well and everybody will suffer in the process. >> bret: quickly, kimberly. are we at the beginning of the end or the end of the begin something. >> we're only at the end of the beginning. this unfortunately still has a long way to go. it's unfortunate. this continues to put a cloud not only over the presidency but over our congress and public institutions that we need to have trust in like the fbi. >> bret: panelists all over the globe today, thank you very much. when we come back, a star wars
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
"the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. martha? >> martha: thanks, bret. the story continues from new york tonight with breaking news on the mueller investigative team. good evening. i'm martha maccallum. we now know that the text sent by peter strzok that showed enough bias against the president will be turned over to investigators soon. the new investigations about bias should raise questions to everyone watching this story regardless of your party. can these investigators be fair? can they be just in the russia case? a basic question. the "wall street journal" looked at it today and put it this way. while there's no evidence of trump collusion, house investigators have turned up enough material that anti-trump motives may have driven mr. comey's fbi investigation. the public high school a right to know whether the


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