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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 8, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PST

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todd: tradition goes back 60 years. >> spilling vodka all over a highway. todd: finally the ugly. if you thought upside down christmas trees are bad. some shops selling half trees. designed to be put up against the twiewl save space. happy friday. >> house republicans grilled fbi director christopher wray over concerns that top officials in his agency may be tainted by their political bias. >> if you kicked everybody off mueller's team who was anti-trump, i don't think there would be anybody left. >> top justice official demoted for being behind the trump dossier. >> this is a scam. if this is allowed to proceed america's faith in the constitutional republic is going to be shaken. >> of the man groped resigned. no apologies, no admission of guilt just accusations. >> some of the allegations against me are simply not true. others i remember very differently. >> i think we all hope a
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deal can be reached. we hope the democrats would be willing to put aside partisan politics and focus on fully funding the government. >> we hope we are going to make some great progress for our country. i think that will happen. >> ♪ we shall always remember ♪ died for liberty ♪ just remember pearl harbor ♪ and go on to victory >> yeah [applause] >> what can i say? he is a very shy person, too. ♪ ♪ we don't get fooled again ♪ ♪ steve: who? it's who. ainsley: the who. pete: is that the who? i don't know the who. steve: oh, man, you kids. ainsley: i heard of the who. pete: i like the music. steve: hello. ainsley: it's friday. steve: pete is in for brian.
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ainsley: brian is on a book-signing tour. pete: selling books and i'm filling in. steve: you were up late last night helping ollie north. pete: annual different in washington, d.c. honored to mc it pictures later on in the show. ainsley: did you that and came back here last night. pete: jumped in a consider and rode all the way down here. i'm tired but awake and excited to be with you guys. incredible heroes freedom alliance. give scholarships to kids of those killed on the battlefield. ainsley: do they do that on pearl harbor day. pete: during the army/navy game. steve: it's a busy news day. if you were watching the channel yesterday, you saw the new fbi director grilled by productions on capitol hill over the appearance that some in the fbi may have a political bias. and then there is the news that apparent an assistant deputy attorney general a man by the name of bruceor
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has been removed from his job because, apparently he had undisclosed contact with the firm that did the dossier that fusion gps along with chris steele and the founder as well. ainsley: why did devon nunes have to subpoena him to give information. the doj riffs to hand over any information about what happened. pete: that's right. 10 months ago we learned that the former british spy christopher steele had taken that hillary clinton campaign funded dossier to the fbi. what we are learning now is that congressional investigators, sort of even more consequential discovery like you said that the knowledge of that dossier project goes all the way to the top levels of doj. including this career doj guy bruce orr who works right underneath sally yates. steve: right. pete: a name you might know. all the dots are starting to connect. ainsley: this orr guy had multiple connections that led to that dirty dossier.
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he had contacts with christopher steele who was that agent that spy in the u.k. who was hired to pay russia to get information for that dirty dossier. steve: right and the simpson the guy who runs fusion gps. it looks so cozy. if you were watching the grilling yesterday. and chris wray really did do a good job. but it was interesting the way jim jordan of ohio, who was on this program yesterday. he was trying to say hey, look, we just heard about this peter strzok guy who exchanged 10,000 emails with his girlfriend, he was anti-trump. pro-miller. why did he get removed from the probe because he said everybody on that probing team is anti-trump there must be something else. and it gets down to the dossier. did somebody at the fbi take the dossier and go to a fisa court and say. ainsley: use that. steve: look at this. it's time to spy on the trumps. pete: that's the question. one thing to review the dossier.
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get information look at it another reason to use as it justification to surveil americans. ainsley: let me break this down for you. what they are wondering hillary clinton gives money to this law firm. the law firm then hires fusion gps. fusion gps then hires this spy christopher steele. evidence goes over to russia and does some sort of a deal and pays russia for this dirty dossier did. that lead to spying on or surveilling president trump while he was running against hillary clinton and does that go back to hillary clinton? this is crazy. this is crazy and that walls the question. listen to jim jordan yesterday. >> director, did peter strzok help produce and present the application to the fisa court to secure a warrant to spy on americans associated with the trump campaign? >> congressman, i'm not prepared to discuss anything about a fisa process. >> peter strzok, was he involved in taking that to the court? >> i'm not going to discuss in this setting anything to do with the fisa court applications. >> it's been reported that
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this dossier was all dressed up by the fbi, taken to the fisa court and presented as a legitimate intelligence document that it became the basis for granting a warrant to spy on americans. i'm wondering if that actually took place. it sure looks like it did. steve: it sure looks like it did. and it's simply the appearance of bias. not rank and file fbi but at the very top. the people who are handling all of these sensitive investigations. it looks like they had their thumb on the scale of justice tipping it toward hillary and away from donald trump. pete: that's an important. not your typical rank and file agent. we heard about we are doing a special investigation. just a small group of people at headquarters are looking into hillary clinton's private server and email scandal. when you keep that closed circle, it's not that far to think well is that closed circle also weaponizing this intelligence, potentially
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going to fisa courts surveil. i mean, when president trump said they quirpd trump tower and he got derided for it, it turns out all of this information is pointing to the fact that it was it was our own intelligence agencies. unfortunately at some levels may have been a support of it. comes down to the fact that hillary clinton was supposed to win. she was supposed to win and none of this was ever supposed to be exposed and they were all going to keep their positions and everyone was going to look buttoned up and now it's falling apart. ainsley: i would like to believe the fbi can have their political beliefs, we all can have our political beliefs. i would like to believe they can be on tiff without their political beliefs entering into these investigations. the question is did this happen? he would just want to know. we want to find out all the information. we can't because the fbi won't give us this information on these people. devon nunez has to get answers by subpoenas. steve: devin nunez it was announced. he was no longer under
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investigation. did he not mishandle classified information. he is running that department once again. meanwhile, here is mollie hemingway and she boils it down quite concisely why the dossier, if it led to spying, is such a problem. >> the question is whether the actual special counsel investigation itself was not compromised by its 1r06789 with this dossier. i think the american people deserve to know whether it was and most importantly i think they deserve to know whether that wiretap application was in any way related to the dossier. if it was, oh, boy, that's a scandal. pete: do we have an entire special counsel premised on a dossier that was never true to begin with and part of a conspiracy to build a case against president trump. that's the investigation of the investigation that many are calling for. ainsley: how are you going to get that information? if it's true, if these pricks yesterday everyone it seems at the fbi involved in this investigation, if we removed everyone who was a hillary supporter, there would be no one left. how are you going to get this information?
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steve: and as it turns out there is another name. a woman by the name of jeanne rhee is part of mueller's team. she previously worked on the clinton foundation. ainsley: shocker. steve: fair and balanced, too. this whole investigation is going down hill just like american skier lindsey vaughn. she would like to win another gold meddings at the winter olympics in south korea coming up. pete: that's right. steve: here's the problem, if she wins, she is not going to the white house. pete: she has already said that. steve: she says she does not like donald trump. ainsley: listen to what she said yesterday. >> i hope to represent the people of the united states, not the president. i want to represent our country well. and i don't think there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that. ainsley: she is just another celebrity. another holiday person who doesn't agree with the president. pete: last part of her statement was true not a lot
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of people in government representing us well. maybe she watched the first 8 minutes of our program and saw that's true. not a lot of it has to do with president trump. steve: think about it, her ex is tiger woods who played golf with president trump a week ago? ainsley: maybe that's why they broke up. steve: tiger woods, no problem apparently playing golf with the president. but if she wins she is not going to the white house. pete: think about that athletes preemptively declaring. think about the honor, wearing the flag in combat, battle. it's a team. well, no. it's just we're going to write off our president. ainsley: very unpersonal. hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: happy friday to you this morning and to you at home as well. a student unleashes a deadly attack at a school leaving two people dead. panicked students and staff hiding inside classrooms as the gunman opened fire at aztec high school? new mexico.
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the gunman shot to death. unclear at this point if he took his own life. hundreds paying respects at candlelight vigil last night to remember the victims. cheerleading captain and football player. the motive behind the shooting remains unknown. planned parenthood under investigation by the department of justice over the sale of fetal tissue. the doj requesting unredacted documents from the senate judiciary committee probe last year into claims the organization profited off the transfer of tissue and body parts from aborted fetuses to research firms. committee chairman chuck grassley says they have enough evidence that shows how abortion providers transfer fetal tissue and body parts by overcharging. republican congressman trent franks announcing his resignation. now, this comes following complaints from two of his staff members with whom he discussed becoming a sur divat for him and his wife. this happening shortly after an unapologetic al franken his plans to resign from the senate after mounting sexual
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misconduct allegations. amy klobuchar said franken made the right decision but thought the speech was short: touching moment a world war ii veteran breaks out into song as the president honors survivors of the attack of pearl harbor ♪ just remember pearl harbor ♪ and go on to victory. >> yeah. [applause] jillian: navy veteran sang the traditional song after trump said the signature battle cry. president trump went on to sign a presidential proclamation for national pearl harbor remembrance day honoring the 2300 heros who lost their lives. send it back to you guys. steve: how great was that? pete: singing for the president? that would be tough. steve: thank you very much, jill i can't believe. coming up on this friday, the economy is surging under president trump. but president obama is taking the credit. >> we saw the longest streak
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of job creation in american history by far. a streak that still continues by the way. thanks, obama. [laughter] ainsley: who deserves the credit president obama or president trump? ainsley: we will break it down with the economists coming up next. pete: cracking down on house parties so he decided to do something about it. ♪ >> my name is chad kroger, i'm an activist and house party eb enthusiast. i'm here to stop this future atrocity ♪ rumor has it ♪ rumor ♪ rumor has it ♪ rumor
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pete: under president trump the u.s. economy continues to surge. last month alone saw 40,000 new manufacturing jobs. big number. just one example. but a familiar face is trying to steal president trump's credit. >> as we took these actions, we saw the u.s. economy grow consistently. we saw the longest streak of job creation in american history by far. a streak that still continues by the way. thanks, obama. [laughter] [applause]
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pete: that's a good line, thanks obama. but shouldn't would he be thanking president trump? here to break it down is economist and university of maryland professor peter morici, professor, thanks for joining us this morning. you will see two sides of this argument, of course, president obama is saying i built the ramp for this. this is my surge in the economy. president trump said no, i unleashed the market through deregulation and the promise of tax reform. who is right? >> president trump. you know, president obama reads from a very simple textbook of democratic economics. all the problems in the world are caused by republicans and when the republicans are in they cause nothing but problems. in his administration, whenever something went wrong, he blamed the legacy of george bush and now with donald trump, accomplishing something that president trump just couldn't do. we are going to have three consecutive quarters of 3% growth we haven't seen that since 2004. during the obama period they created jobs for sure. it was a very slow pace. half the pace as during the
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reagan years which by the way was when we last cut taxes and deregular deregulated. pete: almost 30% increase in stock market value. as you mentioned over 3% g.d.p. growth last two quarters. unemployment rate down to 4.1%. which is a 17-year low. a thought exercise here is would these things be happening if it was president mostly cloudy right now? she would have continued the policies of her predecessor barack obama. instead we have president trump. would we be seeing this growth with a different president? >> absolutely not. the whole mantra of the obama/clinton presidency and legacy is the notion that we live in an age of limits. that the economy can't grow. that the wealthy are stealing it all and we have to redivide a limited pie. whereas the whole notion between trump anomics let's make the pie bigger and create more opportunities and give everybody a ladder up. i like that optimism and
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it's catching on in business. it wouldn't be here without president trump. simply america is open for business again. the government is no longer hostile. i mean, at the rate we were going with barack obama before you know it would be about as exciting here as north korea. pete: quick final thought here we only have a moment. 3% growth is where we are at. where do you see us growing 4% 5% some have said 6%. what do you think? >> no. we are not going to grow at 6%. 4% growth is possible during most quarters if we get some more initiatives beyond the tax cuts. we're going to have to have an infrastructure program. we have to have meaningful immigration reform. have to have some reforms in how we spend the money that we have. we're spending far too much on entitlements, which is the discouraging people from working. we need to find ways to enable people to get back out into the labor force. if we do those things, and they are on the list. if we work down the list. if -- i would like to know what are the democrat going to do when all this growth
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kicks in? what will they do come may when people have more money in their paycheck and economy is growing. get on the web and help us get there. pete: that becomes a tough campaign sale. thanks for joining us, professor. more "fox & friends" on the other side. nahelps protect eyesin blue from damaging blue light, filtering it out to help you continue enjoying your screens. or... you could just put your phones down and talk to each other. [laughing] nature's bounty lutein blue. because you're better off healthy.
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we that's why at xfinityic. we've been working hard to simplify your experiences with us. now with instant text and email updates
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you'll always be up to date. you can easily add premium channels so you don't miss your favorite show. and with just a single word, find all the answers you're looking for. because getting what you need should be simple, fast, and easy. download the xfinity my account app or go online today. ainsley: we're back with a fox news alert. the governor of california turning to president trump for help as all those wildfires are still just destroying parts of california. pete: unbelievable images, more than 40 400 destroyed in ventura county. the fires could last for weeks. steve: weeks through christmas. will carr in the evacuation zone where it just wydened. good morning, will. >> this is setting up another dangerous day on the ground here. flames once again racing
3:25 am
down towards this community. we have been on the front lines. take a oak at what we have been seeing. these flames are raced down this hillside in just the past couple of minutes. they are being fanned by the fierce winds we have had throughout the course of the day. you can see that they are eating everything in their path. now, the reason this is such a concern is because on this side of the pacific coast highway, you have a number of beach homes. you can see just how close all of these flames are. there are firefighters on the other side spraying these down, trying to do everything that they can to protect this community. those fire crews are working day and night to up their containment numbers for the six fires burning across southern california. 23,000 homes are being threatened. 190,000 residents are evacuated. we spoke with one yesterday, take a listen we're very, very grateful for the fire
3:26 am
department and all the fire departments from up and down the state and out of state. they are all here helping u us. >> check out this dramatic video of ranchers trying to get their horses to safety yesterday as the flames broke out once again. it can be quite dangerous. we will see what today holds, guys. steve: all right. will carr in ventura, california with the very latest, will, thank you very much. ainsley: it's hard to watch. those horses. steve: moving on to something a little different. ainsley: it is the holiday season and it's a holiday tradition. wreaths across america, they lay more than 240,000 wreaths on the graves of our fallen heroes at arlington national cemetery. pete: this year they are in jeopardy of not having enough the idea that no
3:27 am
grave stone goes uncovered by a wreath recognizing the significance of the christmas season but also of the sacrifice that all these men and women have given. talk to us about your effort and where you're a little short. >> thank you so much for having me this morning. we do currently have a short fall. your viewers have been so fantastic that i keep checking our numbers this morning. they are already starting to come down but we still do currently have a short fall of wreaths of 31,500. our deadline is december the 14th. so it's coming up quick. but, we know that your viewers are, you know, so patriotic and have you helped us out before. so, you know, we respectfully would like to ask their consideration again this year. they are $15 each and they can purchase wreaths at wreaths across ainsley: we crash your website every year because our viewers are the best. >> they really are. ainsley: why do you do this
3:28 am
every year. >> i was part of the navy seal community for years. when my family and i walk the rows of arlington national cemetery. we look down at the grave stones. they are faceless names. we have 30 friends at section 3 at argueton. when we walk the rows we have a lot of memories come to mind. birthday parties. birth of their children, weddings. just last year there was a little boy who came up to me and, you know, try not to do the ugly cry on tv because nobody like tolls see that but a cute precious little boy came up to me last year and he said you know, bree, i wish my daddy could come home just for christmas. and, you know, so that really, to us, that is what it is all about. it is about supporting our gold star families and making sure that their loved ones that their legacy is not forgotten and the families they left behind is not forgotten.
3:29 am
steve: surely. it has been our honor to televise your event where you try to put them all on graves at arlington on one day. but it's not just arlington. i understanding as is the case in past years, do you attend to graves in something like 1200 cemeteries across america and you also need volunteers, don't you? >> yeah. absolutely. we're actually up closer to 1300 locations throughout the country now. and so we'll be placing the wreaths next saturday on december the 16th. so if anyone would like to join us at arlington, or at any of the other participating locations, they can just go to our website at wreaths across and look at the location near them. and it's a family event. it's a free event. it's a wonderful way to come out and honor and celebrate the legacy and the sacrifice and service of our fallen service members. pete: what a great way to teach your kids to love their country. think of a grave stone not
3:30 am
being covered as you think about whether or not to donate. >> at arlington, specifically, you know, there are people that are buried there from all 50 states. because this is, you know, such an active cemetery. there is 25 funerals every day. and there is some older folks that have buried there, you know, many, of course. and sometimes, you know, throughout the years, our volunteers might be the only people that visit that grave for the entire year. ainsley: and you say their names when you put the wreaths in front of their tombstone. thank you, bree, for being with us. god bless you. >> thank you, merry christmas. steve: once again wreaths across i just looked at their website. it's really simple if you look on the smart phone. it's either donate or volunteer. ainsley: you hear stories like lindsey vonn who wants to be in the olympics and doesn't want to support our president then you hear stories like bree who is doing this, $15 per wreath. there are good people in this world and she loves our veteran. pete: i get chills of you saying that only in america a place that appreciates.
3:31 am
leave no one behind. steve: they need 30,000 more wreaths to be bought. ainsley: we can do that we are all committed. we hope you are, too. ainsley: remember the basketball dad refusing to thank president trump for getting his son out of jail in china? he is throwing jabs once again. the video you have to see. pete: don't you dare call a millennial a snowflake. apparently it makes them feel so bad that it's hurting their mental health. snowflaking snowflakes. lawrence jones joins us with why they think they are hijacking a serious issue. steve: happy birthday to sam hunt, he has 33 candles on the sam hunt cake. ainsley: hopefully 33 more songs to produce. ♪ cops show up ♪ try to shut us down ♪ if you're going to be a home body ♪ going to have a house party ♪ if you want to be a home body
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hello counsel, my name is chad kroger. i'm an activist and house party enthusiast. i'm here determined to stop this future atrocity. my first introduction to manhood came when the captain of my water poll loy team boomer kingsley asked me to shock on a bud light whole squad end of season bash. his friends were in tahoe at the time so we tour that weekend up. it was epidemic and i was super stoked. steve: he is pulling your leg. pete: i don't know if he is. steve: shot of the morning. young man not happening with the city of los angeles cracking down on house parties. pete: he is a house party enthusiast. so he marchesd down to city hall, give him credit, to fight for the right to party. ainsley: chad krueger's plea was quickly cut off. steve: sorry, chad he and friend comedian appeared in
3:36 am
front of the town counsel. look who is here. good to have you here from dallas. what do you make we did a story a couple days ago and that story kind of reminds us of this a british insurance company did a survey and they have discovered that the millennials feel that when you call them a snowflake it damages their mental health? >> i'm not surprised at all. this is a generation where they have been taught that can you change your sex if you want to. you can change your race if you want to. if you say anything that offends them they will try to make it where it's a crime. this is what progressives want. this is what liberal mentalities on these college campuses and in these elementary schools are doing to our kids. if we don't stand up to it, we are going to create a generation of with uses, i'm w . my parents did a lot of things that hurt my feelings it got results. >> my momma used to always say they had tough streaghtsdz but the strategies t
3:37 am
they got results out of us. they would come at us but they expected excellence. this generation they are not used to that. steve: when you say you have got to fight back, what do you mean. >> i have always said that parents need to be cautious of where you are sending your kids to will school. you are simply funding a progressive ideology. ainsley: your kids are not going to berkeley. >> no, they won't. honestly i want them to go to a university where i feel like there is diversity of thought. that doesn't mean it has to be all republican or conservative values there needs to be diversity where they learn both sides. it's important that parents also establish that strong foundation at the house so when they do go to those campuses they are ready to defend themselves. that's part of the reason why when i went to college my parents had that foundation already of god, country, and personal responsibility that i was ready for those professors when they said all that nonsense. pete: you wonder if that generation of snowflakes
3:38 am
would be willing to pick up a rifle. >> they would be scared of it. or shoot themself. pete: congressman john lewis has continued his feud with the president. they are opening up in mississippi the civil rights museum, which is a great thing. but, the president, president trump will be attending. therefore, john lewis says he will not. >> i used to have a lot of respect for john lewis. he was a civil rights icon. but he has become so divisive. and i think that's part of him becoming a politician thousand. he goes along with the party. look, you know, you can love or hate donald trump but you can't deny the fact black unemployment is at a 20 year low under president obama double the national average. black businesses are soaring right now. food stamps for black folks are decreasing. what i see for a president trying to do something for all people. the media doesn't cover that the president has to keep going on the road.
3:39 am
ainsley: he is trying. >> there is all these middle men when it comes to messaging and me and ivanka had a long conversation about this a couple weeks ago. the president is his best messenger. if the community sees the president on the road saying look, this is what i did. obama can't do that black unemployment double the national average under president obama right now a 20-year low. the media doesn't cover that. that's something that the community should know. steve: all right. that guy right there is going to be on outnumbered today at noon in this studio. ainsley: are you ready? >> oh man, there is four ladies u i'm just going to rum wblrumble with them. ainsley: jillian is right behind you. she has headlines for us? jillian: good morning. we have headlines. a serial killer indicted by a grand jury with four counts of premeditated member. howell donaldson accused of shooting and killing four people in six weeks in
3:40 am
tampa, florida. >> prosecutors have not yet announced whether they will seek a death penalty. ordering parents to show why they shouldn't be held in contempt of court for refusing to testify against their son and possibly provide critical information. hundreds of angry activists taking to the streets of new york city protesting federal ice agents who try to enforce the law. >> hey, hey ♪ ho, ho. jillian: demonstrators calling on officials ban ice agents from all state courthouses. comes after ice arrested a domestic violence suspect waiting for his hearing. outspoken basketball dad la have a ball taking another swipe of president trump. animation of him dunking on the commander and evidence choovment last month ball refused to thank the president for freeing his son and two ncaa basketball players. there you can see the
3:41 am
graphics. ball has pulled his sphron ucla. he and his son will now play overseas. i always wonder what the sons think about this. dad, let me play. pete: dad, do i get to make a decision? ainsley: when they came back the three individuals who played for ucla said they were grateful for the president. steve: he didn't like it. pete: and pulled them out. steve: a lot of politics in sports. pete: why? steve: holy cow. pete: just put the ball in the hoop. director of fbi grilled on capitol hill over the integrity of his agency. is there a bigger shakeup needed? congressman darrell issa was in that hearing and he weighs in coming up. steve: he is leaving the senate jeff flake bowing out. the man who could replace him could be america's toughest sheriff. that guy ♪ raining down on you ♪
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♪ the courtesy of the red, white, and blue ♪ ould be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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♪ ♪ steve: the director of the fbi,that man right there, grilled on capitol hill over the integrity of the fbi itself. >> i am emphasizing in every audience i can inside the bureau that our decisions need to be made based on nothing other than the facts and the law and our rules and our processes and our core values and not based on any political considerations by any side of the aisle. steve: republican california congressman darrell issa was in that hearing he joins us live from our d.c. bureau on capitol hill. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning peter. steve: i'm peter's dad. steve. >> can't look at the screen. steve, do i know i are the same height but a little older. steve: just slightly. that's the way dads are.
3:46 am
congressman, so many people right now are worried that there might be a bias at the you were levels of the fbi. should would he be worried about that? >> we should, steve. there is conduct that tells you that they were not fully descrossing, fairly practicing in a way that would show you that the clinton investigation wasn't tainted. and the fbi director admitted as the much when he said that on a de novo basis what the inspector general is doing could lead to a reevaluation of the actual decision on indicting hillary clinton. steve: do you think that would be a good idea? >> well, it's important that we get -- dispel any questions of wrongdoing and in this case we have a number of actions by fbi agents and high ranking department of justice officials that clearly show something went wrong in their activity and their tweeting or texting. and that calls into question this very controversial
3:47 am
decision where we know that hillary clinton did leave illegally with documents she should not have left government with denied the government copies of records, and, yet, somehow the decision was made that no crime was committed that could be prosecuted. steve: right. i think it was last week we heard about the case of peter strzok who now we know exchanged 10,000 email with his girlfriend who was apparently legal counsel, also on mueller's team. they exchanged anti-trump texts, et cetera. and he was also involved in the russia thing, the flynn stuff. the hillary stuff. but, yesterday, congressman, we heard a new name. bruce orr an assistant deputy attorney general was removed from his job because apparently he didn't tell anybody that he had been meeting with the fusion gps dossier people. >> well, this is probably
3:48 am
the most troubling because, in the case of deputy attorney general orr, what have you is somebody four doors down from the attorney general who had conduct that calls into question whether or not perhaps people there knew that the democratic national committee was paying for the fake dossier. that using the fake dossier to then launch an investigation was clearly wrong. and you back up and say well, that means that everything that's been going on relative to, if you will, the trump campaign could well be simply following the democratic national committee's intended route. steve: i know a number of republicans on your committee yesterday were talking about you would like to see the information, the fbi presented, to get the fisa surveillance because it looks like they might have used the dossier, which, when you think about it, if they use the dossier, which was opo research paid for by
3:49 am
hillary clinton that would be off the chart bad. >> it clearly would be off the chart bad. but, let's remember that former director comey didn't see a problem with reaching a conclusion not to prosecute before some of the witnesses were even deposed. so there's a lot of bad there. clearly we're having a problem with the new director in that although he says he will consider providing, he certainly has not been forthcoming in sharing even what we call in camera the data that causes these conclusions to be reached. and, by the way, let's remember, with a special prosecutor, there's an ongoing investigation, an investigation that may have been started by nothing more than, as you say, op research paid for by hillary clinton. steve: well, have you got the mueller investigation and you have the inspector general as well going into it. so he had many occasions yesterday, the fbi director, to say we are going to see where that goes and then we will figure out what we're going to do. darrell issa,. >> thanks, steve.
3:50 am
steve: congressman from the great state of california. thank you, sir. >> thank you, steve. steve: still ahead on this friday chuck and nancy head to the oval office not before announcing that god is on the democrats' side. interesting. we will tell you about that still stressed about what to get your child for christmas? have no fear, we have the hottest toys of the holiday season coming up ♪ now the jingle hop has begun ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock when it comes to heartburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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3:53 am
ainsley: we are about to show what you every child is hoping to find underneath the christmas tree. good to hear some of the toys now. steve: little voices. ainsley: toy industry expert has this year's hottest holiday toys.
3:54 am
steve: hold up what's making the noise. >> we will show them. sneak peek. our finger lings. they are completely interactive. their eyes move. they make sound. you can rock them to sleep. there are so many to collect. including a unicorn. here did you go. including a unicorn. they are all adorable and kids are begging for these. they are adorable. ainsley: we need to buy them now. some of these kid toys sell out. >> these are already very hard to find. steve: pete hegseth is on the boomerang. ainsley: ready? there you go. >> power quheels boomerang. pete: i'm a little over the weight limit. this is for 5 to 10-year-olds. this is amazing. goes 6 miles per hour. 4 wheel drive take this off roogd by the way. different terrains bring it out in the dirt. ainsley: are dads buying them for themselves or their
3:55 am
sons. >> newest version of the power wheels and absolutely the best ride. ainsley: this diner is so cute. >> this is from melissa and doug they like to ignite child's imagination. sit down, order up, ring the bell. on the other side a full kitchen. on the other side have you the stove, the burners. steve: that's adorable. >> everything you need. full blown playdate. >> somebody cooks and somebody sits and eat. >> too teaching about currency as well. >> another collectible, cabbage patch kids. cabbage patch kids. they are looking everywhere for these. a lot of fun. ainsley: legos? >> legos so this is lego boost. this allows our little ones not only build creations but bring them to life. download a free app. working on programming and coding. once you make it, can you breathe life into it.
3:56 am
it gives you direction for five different things. this one is ages 7 and up. ainsley: make, this download the app. and control it? >> exactly. gives instructions to build like 5 different things. you can build anything you want. pete: do not let the 10-year-old get ahold of it. >> 7 and up. steve: lightning round. >> foam blocks 8 years and up. they have this layer can you build up. and to the side. steve: finally? >> this is like rock 'em sock 'em. go ahead and grab them. i wants you to face each other and move these and keep -- yeah, just like there you go. battle bot. that's okay. keep going. they will either fall off or the winner ends up popping the balloon 7-year-old to pete hegseth. that's from kd games and it's a lot of fun. thank you so much. steve: toys for christmas. meanwhile. ainsley: coming up, the line
3:57 am
pope francis wants t alter in the lord's prayer. pete: i don't know what i just said but you will hear it on the other side ♪ i've been taken care of business hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really need... ...a sick day. dads don't take sick days... dads take dayquil severe. the non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat... ...stuffy head, no sick days medicine.
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if you take everybody off mueller's team who didn't like trump i don't think anybody would be left. >> demoted for meeting with people behind the trump dossier. >> this is a scam. if this allowed to proceed america's faith in the constitutional republic is going to be shaken, i promise you. >> olympic slam lindsey vonn as she takes aim at president trump. >> i hope to represent the people of the united states not the president. >> we hope a deal will be released. hope democrats will be willing to put aside partisan politics and focusing funding the government. >> we hope we will make
4:01 am
great progress for our country. we hope that will happen. >> we shall always remember fight for liberty. just remember pearl harbor and go on to victory. yeah. ♪ ♪ i want something just like this ♪ ♪ i want something just like this. steve: we are playing coldplay on a cold day here in new york city. ainsley: ho, ho, ho. you have always been good at that ali. steve: brian is off. in the villages today? pete: yesterday he was. steve: that's right. he is in west palm beach pete is here in his place. pete: i wish you would keep
4:02 am
playing that song. just roll it for the rest of the a block. ainsley: i like it, too. steve: meanwhile what's going on up on capitol hill. republican lawmakers are steamed. they are to the stage where they may actually subpoena rod rosenstein the assistant attorney general for the united states and chris wray who appeared yesterday on capitol hill because they simply are not providing the information that congress in its oversight capacity needs to figure out what the heck is going on at the fbi. pete: that's exactly right. we are learning more and more. we seem to learn a lot through the media and through leaks and other things about way what may or may not be happening or when people are fired because of say sending text messages to their girlfriend clearly anti-trump and pro-hillary clinton. congressional investigators are discovering each more that the knowledge of the dossier project, the dirty does way, christopher steele funded by the hillary clinton campaign. they eventually paid russians. the knowledge of that went all the way to the top of obama's department of
4:03 am
justice to include a career justice official, the associate deputy a.g. his name is bruce orr. he works underneath sally yates. he was let go recently. steve: yesterday. pete: ousted from the mueller team. ainsley: bruce orr had multiple contacts with fusion gps. they paid christopher steele. they paid the russians. the question is was it used to justify spying or surveying president trump? was that guy involved in it? what does he know? the doj all we saying is or all these republicans are saying in the house devon nunes saying we just want to know what you knew. you have all the contacts involved with that we want to see if that led to the fake dirty dossier if that led to spying on the current president while he was running against hillary. steve: sure. yesterday, when the new fbi director was up on capitol hill, he had a very convenient way to dodge
4:04 am
questions. because of he said, you know what? your question pertains to robert mueller's investigation. he's working on that. and then we have this another inspector general for the department of justice overlooking the whole shah bag to figure out whether or not things are on the up and up. pete: if it's about fisa i can't talk about it at all. members on that committee had serious exchanges with christopher wray. this is what they said. > if you kicked everybody off mueller's team who was anti-trump i don't think there would be anybody left. the clinton campaign paid the law firm who paid fusion gps who paid christopher steele who then paid russians. >> and now we have special agent strzok. and that same agent is the one who reportedly interview you had secretary clinton in an interview that you and i have never seen conducted that way before. >> whether strzok was involved in this, that needs to be disclosed to congress. whether the dossier was used to generate surveillance
4:05 am
with a fisa court on a trump associate, that needs to be disclosed to congress. >> did peter strzok, was he involved in taking that to the court? >> i'm not going to discuss in this setting anything to do with the fisa court application. pete: because it's one thing for the doj or the fbi to do their due diligence. someone shows up with a dossier that may show connections to the russians, you're going to want to probably look into that a little bit. it's a whole another thing to use it as a justification without any substantiation or very limited substantiation and then use it to justify potentially spying on americans to include wiretapping trump tower. ainsley: it just looks shady. no telling if the fbi was involved in that or if some of these people that had contact with christopher -- i mean with christopher steele. i don't know if they concocted this whole thing to say let's come up with this dirty dossier so that we can have a reason to spy on the president. it just looks like that might have happened. looks shady. pete: maybe there is something there so we can use it to justify.
4:06 am
ainsley: right. which is so corrupt. you can't do that. we shouldn't have to subpoena people. where is jeff sessions? why isn't jeff sessions saying we will give you the information. you don't have to subpoena it. steve: here's the thing, when you look at the names now, every day there are more names. pete: we are learning a new name every day. steve: couple days before we learned about peter strzok and his girlfriend who was having the affair with, extramarital, lisa paige, she was an attorney for mueller. and then have you weissmann. and then i saw this morning have you jeannie rhee who joined the counselor''s team. she sunday scrutiny. she used to the work at the clinton foundation. also a partner at a law firm where she represented ben rhodes former obama national security person. pete: that's right. steve: when you take a look and yesterday the director was very clear, we're looking to see if there is
4:07 am
bias. and we'll let you know. because the inspector general is going to do that. it looks to us like there is when you just look at all those names and what eventually happened in the runup to the election. dan bongino says, look. this fbi investigation and he is a former law man, is a scam. >> i'm really terrified right now. i know that may sound hyperbowl lick to some of the democrats listening. i mean it, as a former federal agent who has been both inside the white house and the federal government, do you realize out awesome power the federal government has? it's so powerful that the citinciting president, most powerful man in the world targetinged by a clearly political process. it's not a criminal process it's a political process. there is nothing he can do. listen to me, this is a scam. and if this is allowed to proceed, americans' faith in the constitutional republic is going to be shaken. i promise you. steve: okay. so there he is talking about whether or not the dossier was used. remember, opposition research to justify a fisa
4:08 am
warrant to spy on the trump people. pete: this whole russia, russia, russia witch-hunt started, they thought it was going to lead to the top of the oval office. it turns out it's cascading and boomeranging right back around. the question they actually asked the fbi director, could the hillary case be reopened? could that be a consequence of what we are now finally learning? this is what the director had to say. >> the inspector general is looking at the very important question of whether or not improper political considerations factored into the decision-making. if he were to conclude that that's what happened, then i think at that point we're in a situation where we have to assess what else might need to be done to unring that bell. pete: you just hope the investigation is an investigation. ainsley: would we know any of this had hillary won? steve: no, absolutely not. pete: if hillary won we would no none of this. they would all be promoted and working with the clinton foundation and enriching themselves. that's what frustrates the forgotten man that elected
4:09 am
president trump. i feel like the system is rig you had against me. now i realize it's rigged in a partisan sense which should scare, as dan bongino said every single person. steve: there are tens of thousands of people that work to the fbi. we are not suggesting they are in on this. we are simply suggesting that it does appear that people at the very tippy top who have been involved in these national security investigations, it looks like there is a political bias. and that's what the inspector general. pete: special investigation with just a few of us. ainsley: we talked about this story in the 6:00 hour. many of you are fired up about it we have got' a lot of emails. lipids is i vonn the olympic skier going to the winter limps in south korea in february i believe. she is going to be competing obviously as an american. she said yesterday that she is not skiing for the president. listen. >> you previously competed as the three olympic games under two presidents. how will it feel competing
4:10 am
at an olympic games united states whose president is donald trump? >> well, i hope to represent the people of the united states. not the president. you know, i want to represent our country well. and i don't think there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that. steve: so she would represent the people not the president. look, that was a loaded question from the interviewer. but, nonetheless, you are infuriated by lindsey vonn saying that you would -- she would represent the people and not our leader. pete: so donald trump is a person, right? steve: an american person. right. pete: so maybe is he part of america as well. you just think about -- i think about wearing the flag on my shoulder in combat. wearing that flag in an international setting representing your country the honor that that is. the question as you said was totally loaded and absurd. it would never be asked of obama. the answer is easy.
4:11 am
i'm going to represent every single american including my president. that's it. how about try that one? ainsley: she is holiday. we are par for the course. we are seeing this in sports. what is this going to lead to? are people going to take a knee at the olympics now? steve: that's what some people have written in this morning. tweet from michael, vonn isn't skiing for my president she isn't skiing for me either. she should ski under olympic flag or not ski at all. pete: vonn's statement is unpatriotic and shameful. don't want her representing me. i hope she gets kicked off the team. steve: tweet from michael. ainsley: he says vonn, keep rolling. the prompter is messing up here. we already red read this one. steve: we would like to hear from you friends at facebook us or tweet us. jillian has a bunch of news for us on this friday. jillian: you see the words in the prompter go -- wait a
4:12 am
second. we are good right now though. good morning to you a student unleashes a deadly attack at school leaving two people dead. panicked students and staff hiding inside classrooms as the gunman opened fire at aztec high school in new mexico. the gunman shot to death but it's unclear if he took his own life. hundreds paying respects at candlelight vigil last night to remember the victims. a cheerleading captain and a football player. the motive behind the shooting remains unknown. a deadly gang plot to kip and beat a classmate foiled by police. five suspects, including three known members of ms-13 now under arrest in long island, new york. police say they planned to abduct a 16-year-old, believed to be from a rival gang so they could kill him. this all happening in the town of brent wood where president trump actually visited earlier this year. vowing to take down the brutal gang. tough-talking sheriff joe arpaio telling the daily beast that he is seriously considering pursuing the arizona senate seat vacated by the retiring jeff flake.
4:13 am
arpaio spent more than two decades as a mayor cope county sheriff before losing the 2016 election. earlier this year the president pardoned his criminal contempt conviction. other republican candidates include congresswoman martha and steve ban backed former state senator kelli ward. look at your headlines. we will see what happens there. steve: we will indeed. thanks, jillian. steve: we have another fox news alert on this friday. fierce winds and fires ripping through california burning homes and causing mass destruction. the worst not over. firefighter on the front lines is going to join us live next. ainsley: lead us not into mistranslations. pete: translation. ainsley: the line the pope wants to alter in the lord's prayer. just listen to his argument. he might have a good one ♪ i'm a believer ♪ not a trace ♪ of doubt in my mind ♪ i'm in love ♪ i'm a believer
4:14 am
♪ i couldn't leave her with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. let's get back there at bass pro shops' santa's wonderland. where kids can get a free picture with santa and you can save big on great gifts!
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from our family to yours... may all your wishes come true this holiday season.
4:17 am
♪ steve: back with a fox news alert. the governor of california asking for president trump's help as raging wildfires intensify with no apparent end in sight. ainsley: more than 5,000 firefighters are battle
4:18 am
those flames, battling all the fatigue to protect the lives and homes. pete: that's right. including los angeles county firefighter and paramedic crew chief michael dubron who joins us live. thank you for joining us this morning. you are a busy man. these images we see are stunning. people are still under threat. what are you dealing with this morning? >> well, we are continuing to deal with an epic condition that we really haven't seen surely in my career with a wind convenient that has sustained winds in the ranges of 50 to 60, even we have seen 70 to 80 miles per hour. and generally these wind events last for a day or two or three days. but this event has been going on for almost a week now. and with so many greater alarm fires going on in the southern california area, as can you imagine the resources are being stretched thin and becoming fatigued at this particular point. we are continuing to work diligently to get these things under control. ainsley: michael, what are. so stories that you can tell us share with us, some of
4:19 am
the things you have witnessed. >> well, it's tough for us to see people lose their homes. we see it from the air. from my perspective you know, flying in the helicopters and we are doing our job to the best of our abilities. there's a lot of tactics and strategy that go along with fighting these wild land fires. but when you get a wind driven event like, this we are concerned with human lives and property. and when we see that kind of devastation going on, it hurts us as well. steve: sure. i know you have been in this business for 27 years. have you never seen anything like this. but, we're just looking at pictures. what does it feel like when you are right there? >> well, for us, you know, with the with the training that we have and the whole system, there is a whole team that works in cooperation to try to put these fires out from the ground, from the air. you know, our brush crews, our bulldozers, our engine companies.
4:20 am
everybody. it's a complete team effort. steve: is it like a blast furnace? is it like standing next to a furnace? >> it absolutely is. you are in absolute awe of the veracity of this type of an incident. really words, i think the pictures do it more justice. i don't know if i can eloquently put into words the magnitude of what we are seeing on some of these videos and what we are able to share. pete: god bless you, sir. you and everyone else fighting these fires like you said protecting people and property. we know it's a tough task. thank you for what you are doing and god bless you. >> thank you. steve: they need some rain and they need the winds to stop. no relief in sight. meanwhile, he is a friend of our program and renowned legal scholar. the political left is furious with professor alan dershowitz. he's going to join us to tell you why coming up. ainsley: plus, colleges across the country striving for christmas-free campuses. our next guest says that
4:21 am
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pete: welcome back to "fox & friends." it's just about the halfway point of our show. now it's time for news by the numbers. first 420 that's how many calories are in starbucks new christmas tree frappuccino. nutritionists are worried about the amount of sugar, calories and packed looks yummy. mocha, caramel and candied cranberries. that could taste like christmas. zero dollars. that's how much you will pay for chipotle queso dip if you are wearing a cheesy holiday sweater.
4:25 am
the deal is only good on tuesday, december 12th. of course you have to buy a burrito, salad or tacos. i will buy two burritos. they are amazing. that holiday sweat ler get you early boarden on alaska airline celebrate national ugly sweater. december 15th. i'm sure we will be celebrating tonight program here as well. ainsley: thank you, pete. it's that time of year again, colleges across the country are issuing guidelines on how to make the christmas season as inclusive as possible. at the university of california irvine, departments are encouraged to focus on celebrating a special occasion instead of a specific holiday. our next guest says the politically correct left preaches tolerance while stamping out christianity. arianna rollins is a campus correspondent and she is a student at that school at uc irvine and she joins us now. good morning to you, arianna. >> good morning.
4:26 am
thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. i'm laughing because i'm reading what all these schools are doing. your school, i want to die into this a little bit more they are saying as i said in the intro don't celebrate a specific holiday. they are saying celebrate the end of the year. celebrate a season like fall, winter or spring but not a religious holiday. what are your thoughts? >> well, you know, i think that it is shocking but not really surprising. campus reform reports on these instances that happen every year. these college campuses across the country are so focused on not offending people and protecting people's feelings that they will pander to the minority to the detriment of the majority and remove and go over a big holiday in the process. ainsley: do they really think though that the minority are going to be so offended by what the majority wants? >> right. well, as you know, colleges coddle students. you know, when i go around on campus and i see a
4:27 am
menorah, i'm not really offended. i don't cry. ainsley: exactly. >> we have freedom of religion in this country. as a christian student at uc irvine, it does feel like i'm unhe can withed. all the other religions get this special priority. all religions should be treated with equality. i would say right now there is discrimination against christians at uc irvine. ainsley: okay to be any other religion just not a christian, right? >> right, absolutely. ainsley: let me read to you what some of the other schools are doing to get your reaction. the university of new york brockport says no culturally sensitive holiday decorations. you can no longer have a secret santa. instead you have to have a grab bag. you can't even have santa. >> right. i think key take away here is that all these colleges teaching students that any visual representations or demonstrations of faith is offensive and these students once they graduate and go out in the real world are going to take that mentality
4:28 am
with them. it seems that college administrators and college campuses don't really have respect for freedom of religion like they don't have respect for freedom of speech. ainsley: here's another one. ohio university. your decorations must be secular. and if they are displayed in a public area. what's your reaction to that one? >> i think that all of these people who are holiday season missing the point. the holiday season is about joy. the holiday season is about friendship and love and all these people who are taking away that meaning in the name of political correctness and inclusivity are really leaning to the people who believe in those things. thousands of years christians have come together and celebrated the birth of christ on december 25th. and just by naming it a different name doesn't take away the fact that people are still going to do it this year. it's a triumph or the at
4:29 am
least triumph of feeling over facts and facts don't care about your feelings. ainsley: all right. air anna, i say thank you very much. i would say merry christmas but i think at your school i'm supposed to say happy winter. >> happy winter, yes. happy winter as well. ainsley: thank you so much. have a great weekend. liberals turning on alan dershowitz saying he is not a serious legal expert all because he defended something that president trump did. alan dershowitz joins us live to react to that next. plus, a gender reveal hits the fast lane. a family finds out the sex of their unborn child in a very unique way. look at that ♪ burn, baby burn ♪ cisco inferno ♪ burn, baby, burn. ♪ burn, baby, burn ♪ cisco inferno ♪ be better.
4:30 am
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♪ ♪ freedom
4:33 am
♪ pete: last night, i was in washington, d.c. honored to be the emcee for the freedom alliance's annual dinner where they honor heroes and they give scholarships to military families, those that have fallen. the fantastic organization led by someone here at fox news channel you may know oliver north started the freedom alliance. ainsley: there he is. steve: ollie. pete: i had the honor of introducing him he is a marine. on saturday they are doing freedom alliance. go army beat ollie is my slogan. steve: i happen to know that freedom alliance is always interested in donations. pete: they sure are. steve: particularly this time of year a lot of people are looking at the end of the tax year for somebody to donate to. that is a great group. pete: make sure no military kid goes without a toy on christmas u they give scholarships to like folds of honor tout children of those who gave their lives on the battlefield. a cool organization. ainsley: i used to go tonight road with sean hannity. do you remember when sean did american tour and he would do the concert on the
4:34 am
weekend and you will the money they made went to freedom alliance. pete: he has been during war stories for 15 years. ainsley: he fought for the country. steve: author emeritus and author of great book "trumped up" lifelong democrat, friend of the show. allen, what did you make yesterday of the grilling by republicans of the fbi director who because it does appear there is a political bias at some of the top levels of the fbi? >> first of all, i want to wish everybody a member are mery christmas and happy hun cat. christians celebrate christmas and jews celebrate hanukkah and wish everybody good tidings on every day. i think it's proof of what is happening. the politicization of the criminal justice system. that's why right from the beginning i wanted to have a nonpartisan commission looking into this.
4:35 am
when you have congress look into it, the republicans try to gain political advantage. the democrats try to gain political advantage. when you have a special counsel lock her up against hillary clinton, lock him up against donald trump, i just think we have to move back and start looking at things objectively and scientifically and finding out what really happened. now, i think we do see some bias among some fbi agents. but i'm sure the bias operates both ways. i'm sure there are people who were trump supporters. people clinton supporters. what we have to do is make sure that people who have strong, strong views recuse themselves from participating in any investigation. pete: professor, you always talk about is the conduct criminal? is there something in the code. if we see there is extreme violence at the top of the fbi u collusion to hurt president trump. are there crimes you see having been committed that would need to be investigated? >> no, i don't see crimes i see ethical violations that the justice department or the fbi might want to look into. but, you remember that old
4:36 am
ad on television that used to say where's the beef? i always say where's the statute? where's the statute. show me the federal criminal statute that's been violated. of course, the democrats say obstruction of justice. well, that's like an add cordian. can you make it as big or small as you want. and the republicans are saying espionage against hillary clinton. that's also a very accordion like statute. i don't want to seat criminal law expanded in that way simply to target political opponents. ainsley: professor, you are being shunned by liberals even though you come on this show and usually agree with liberals. tell us what happened. >> well, i call it the donald trump diet. i have lost seven powntsdz because my liberal friends have stopped inviting me to continue ier parties. after four years, i will be back to my high school weight. look, i think a lot of people on the left don't want to understand my view because they say which side are you on? oh, you're on trump's side? no, no, no. oh, you are on clinton's
4:37 am
side? i'm on nobody's side. i'm on the side of the rule of law, the constitution. and the constitution is clear president exercises his constitutional authority by firing somebody or by pardoning somebody, that cannot be the basis for obstruction of justice. if he goes further and lies or tells his people to destroy evidence, of course that's different. that's how nixon and clinton got in trouble. but president bush cannot be charged with obstruction for simply ers examining his article 2 power under the constitution. that's a clear point of view. steve: president trump. and that's the point of view you expressed on this program a couple of days ago. and then the president of the united states retreated hey you should watch alan dershowitz on "fox & friends" make that case. then your liberal friends their heads started exploding. someone even suggested that you are being paid off by the trump people. >> oh, yeah. no, i have been paid off and i want to be a supreme court justice at the age of 79. look, i'm also being attacked for my article yesterday saying that trump was right in recognizing
4:38 am
jerusalem and obama was wrong when he engineered a resolution that would have changed the status quo by saying all of judaism's holy places are now illegally occupied territory. i'm being criticized for that by people because that's what trump said. and if trump said it, that means dershowitz can't say it because that means dershowitz is on trump's side. i'm on the side of justice and fair news. pete: when you try call balls and strikes, you will offend and frustrate somebody all the time. which is the world that you are living in right now. we appreciate you coming on and giving us your take. >> i appreciate that thank you. ainsley: read it. >> i read it and i respond. i fight back. steve: before you go, alan derby kits any final holiday salutations? >> you know, it's a great holiday season. i think christians ought to be encouraged to celebrate christmas. jews to celebrate hanukkah. every religious group in america is free to celebrate
4:39 am
their holidays and we shouldn't be hiding from the fact that america is a very religious country because we have separation of church and state. that's why religion thrives in america. countries that don't have separation antagonism is caused. that's why i'm opposed to roy moore, among other reasons, he doesn't believe in separation of church and state. pete: happy hanukkah, sir. >> happy hanukkah, merry christmas. ainsley: you too. steve: it is 21 minutes now before the top of the hour on this friday. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: how about we celebrate friday [applause] jillian: good morning to you and to you at home as well. president trump welcoming leaders from both sides of the aisle to let's make a deal at the white house. this time top democrats nancy pelosi and chuck schumer showed up. meeting focused on bridging span the size of a grand canyon. >> it's a well knit together group of people. and we hope that year we're going to make some great progress for our country.
4:40 am
>> we are here to make progress. >> we are here in the spirit of let's get it done. jillian: the meeting coming hours before the house and senate passed a stop gap measure temporarily funding the government avoid ago shut down. one of the most's famous prayers could get a makeover. pope francis lead us not into temptation suggest god is the one who causes people to sin. instead he wants to use the french translation do not let us fall into temptation, which would shift blame to mankind. a gender reveal hits the fast lane. a family finds out the sex of their unborn child in an awesome way. watch. [cheers] jillian: that's crazy. the indiana man burning out in a twin turbo mustang revealing a plume of pink as the crowd cheered. it's unclear when the little
4:41 am
girl is due. people are getting creative. steve: do you have any idea how they did that because that's awesome? jillian: that's crazy. steve: like a pink smoke bomb in the trunk. ainsley: i wonder if she will be danica's competition. they are having a little girl. they will love having a little girl. it is the best. steve: chilly day in new york city. janice dean is outside waiving to some of the folks. janice: do you know that houston, texas has received more snow than boston? take a look at this. today, across the south. southeast texas, louisiana, mississippi, alabama, georgia. this is texas a&m. j.j. watt is on twitter right now going crazy like he is a 5-year-old kid saying it is snowing in houston, texas. this is a big deal. this system across the south is going to bring measurable snow to areas that don't typically see snow. especially this early on. now, where are you ladies from? >> macon, georgia. janice: you know it's snowing in macon, georgia?
4:42 am
how are you lying new york. >> it's awesome. janice: jillian, i want you to pay attention here. where are you from? >> newark, delaware. janice: what are you doing with these t-shirts? >> big eagles fan and anniversary shirt we got. japan january show us the back of our shirts. together since 1981. isn't that awesome? i know. one more shoutout to my girls at michigan mittens. they gave me -- the commit omitt ofmichigan. mitt of michigan. pete: cross section. ainsley: where are you from? hold up your hand right there. pete: i love that. steve: j.d., thank you. ainsley: i love that they left the snow? georgia to come to new york. steve: we have a cold day for them. meanwhile, 17 minutes before the top of the hour, civil rights icon, that man right there congressman john lewis has called president trump in the past illegitimate.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
boycotted the inauguration. now house democrat john lewis says he is skipping the opening of the mississippi civil rights museum because president trump is attending that opening. saying in a joint statement with mississippi democrat benny thompson, quote: president trump's attendance and his hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum. the struggles represented in this museum exemplify the truth of what really happened in mississippi. here with reaction former nypd lieutenant and army veteran dr. darren porcher. doctor, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having us us,
4:47 am
me, pete. pete: john lewis, an icon in the civil rights era. this is an important moment opening the museum. is this the right place to boycott because the president of the united states will be there as well? >> i strongly disagree with his actions. i'm a strong proponent of race relationships. this sets us back. this should be a for greater race relationships moving forward there has been acrimonious relationship between trump and this congressman. however, we need to put this aside and coalesce together as races and as parties, democrats and republicans move forward and set this as a watershed moment in how race relations could be better. pete: absolutely. there are very few moments where people who disagree ideologically can still come together and celebrate something like this. this museum opening strikes me as a perfect example of that. is this a political thing? is this personal for john lewis? where does this animus come from? >> absolutely political.
4:48 am
imagine if trump didn't go to this. what would people say if trump didn't show up? he is a racist. he is this, that, and the other thing. take into consideration donald trump has done good things for the african-american community. you look at 3% increase in g.d.p., et cetera. there has been crime reduction nationally. therefore, this is a strong platform for the congressman to coalesce behind trump and move forward and say hey, look, we are coming together as a unit and this is necessary. we want to patron nice the opening of this museum. i think it's a great thing to do. the congressman, unfortunately, is going to be left on the shelf. pete: great point. joblessness has dropped significantly in the black community under this president. his policies are making a difference. i want to bring you to another topic, the nfl. roger goodell 200-million-dollar contract. >> 40 million a year. pete: 25 players around league took a knee last weekend. how does it make you feel as a veteran yourself to see this kind of award to someone who hasn't been able to address as something as basic as standing for our
4:49 am
nation's anthem. >> you know as well as i do you lead from the front. that's the military's concept. you lead from the front. here we have roger goodell who is leading from the rear. there has been precipitous drops in ratings. it really begs the question of what is he doing as a leader to mend the fences here so to speak? one thing i think he should do is take a major out of the nba's. requirement to stand for the anthem as opposed to roger goodell unfortunately he withered under the pressure of the players. i think it's a travesty in the wake of the nfl trying to do better things for the community. pete: you raise a great point about ratings. they are down significantly this year from 2015 to 2016. >> i'm a cowboys fan, too. >> i'm sorry for that i'm a vikings fan. we are in the ratings business as well. if our ration are down significantly you wouldn't be signing a big shiny contract. you would be leading from behind. thank you, darren. >> as always, pete. pete: planned parenthood under investigation by the
4:50 am
department of justice. we will tell you why they are under investigation at the top of the hour. and deck out the inside and outside of your home this christmas season. skip fidel is here with some great options you won't want to miss ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ fa la la la la la la la ♪ tis the season to be jolly ♪ fa la la la la la tada!
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quickly and inexpensively. steve: something that's new and so cool. my big problem with putting the lights on the outside of the house was doing hooks. now they come with clips. janice: bag clips. >> this is clip lights. brand new product exclusive to home depot. the clips are there. no more hooks. less time on the ladder. inexpensive great way to deck roar rate. >> my neighbor has that. >> stake them in the ground. they are $20. it lights the whole house. it's a great way to light up the whole house. janice: ease, 1, 2, 3. >> easy, stick it in the ground. janice: even moms can do it. >> clip lights. led. come in multicolor or white. steve, you just clip them anywhere on the house. makes it super easy. you can put your bag of potato chips on there. >> yes, that's what i'm saying. i'm like a light show. look at this. >> that's awesome. >> check those out at home depot. also, of course, this is a great way to decorate the front doors.
4:55 am
entrance to the home. sets the theme for what's on the other side of the home for the holidays. christmas wreaths on the front door is great around holiday times. martha stewart has these great shatter proof plastic. >> great shatter proof? you don't have to worry about it. >> put them outside on the bushes. can you decorate the fronts of your house or inside. pete: i'm going to test it out. janice: pete proof. do it, martha stewart. >> that's what i'm saying, right? steve: good job, pete. >> love this stuff, right? this is the best way to decorate the front lawn. super easy. inflatables. santa theme. santa on the elephant. santa on the fire truck at the north pole. janice: he hugs. >> i love this guy. hugging teddy bear. who doesn't need a hug around the holidays. japan january i love it. you guys ready? the hug is coming.
4:56 am
here it comes. janice: oh, pete. a bear hug. this is super easy way decorate front lawn. steve: lights on the inside. >> projector on the inside. pete: i was wondering why there wasn't a face on there. >> got olaf from frozen, we got the minions, we got mickey mouse. this is awesome way to decorate the front lawn. basically giving that basic holiday feeling for the house. janice: these are so popular now too. >> so popular and super easy. five minutes, plug them in and put a stake in the ground. up and running. janice: what's the website. >> skip links on the website u find all of these products on home as well. steve: skip, put her there. janice: thanks for the hug, skip. steve: indestructible. >> get in there. janice: yea. steve: coming up on this chilly friday from new york
4:57 am
city and washington. another official kicks off the trump/russia investigation. now congress is asking the question what will be the fallout? we will talk about that at the top of the hour. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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5:00 am
steve: new fbi director was grilled by republicans on capitol hill just by the appearance that the fbi may have a political bias. >> you think everybody on mueller's team is anti-trump, i don't think there would be anybody left. >> devoted to meet with people behind the trump dossier. >> i think it's what's happening with the politicization of the criminal justice system. i think we have to move back and start thinking of things scientifically and find out what really happens. >> lindsey vaughan as she takes aim at president trump. >> i hope to represent the people of the united states, not the president. >> we hope that the democrats will be willing to put aside
5:01 am
partisan politics and focus on fully-funding the government. >> we're hoping that we're going to make progress for our country. >> we shall always remember i'll die for liberty. just remember pearl harbor and go on to victory. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: it is friday, december 8th, and you are watching america's number one cable morning news show from the mezzanine level here at our world headquarters 48th and 6th avenue. pete looks fine right now. but actually, he got into a car last night at about 11:00 after an event in washington. pete: i've been sleeping like this. steve: and you slept for what? four hours in the car?
5:02 am
pete: yeah, and then about a half an hour in the house. but i'm excited to be here. but you know why? it's not just the center of new york city, it's the center of the free world. we get to broadcast to amazing americans in the greatest country and freest country in the earth. what an honor. ainsley: what a great event. pete: i've had a chance to mc. they do great things for vets. ainsley: and happened on pearl harbor day. steve: tomorrow. philly. meanwhile, this is our lead story today. how many times have we heard republicans in congress say it kind of looks like that dirty dossier as it has been nicknamed was used to rationalize why through a fisa warrant why the federal government should be spying back during the campaign on the trump campaign. well, now the big question is how high did that dossier go on g in
5:03 am
president obama's justice department? now we know at least part of the answer. a guy who is four doors down from one of the top guys. his name is bruce orr. he was the -- ainsley: he was the. steve: assistant deputy attorney general. pete: yep. steve: and apparently he was meeting with people behind the dossier. and that's the problem, and he got fired from that part of the job yesterday. ainsley: let me recap for you if you're at home. this all gets very confusing. hillary clinton paid this law firm; right? the law firm paid fusion gps. they paid christopher steel who is that spy over in the uk, and then he pays russia to come up with this dirty dossier that the president has debunked and said social security not true. so if that's true, it's not true, and they use that dirty dossier surveilling president trump and the fbi was in on this, that's corruption. pete: that's right and we want
5:04 am
to know how high did it go, who knew, and what was their motive. if you get a dossier like that in your lap, it needs to get verified. and then they use to justice potential surveillance. when you lose bruce orr, he's fired. we've seen other people get fired all for reasons that look surprisingly -- not surprisingly political. ainsley: all of these people have connections to this dirty dossier, and they work for our government. so you have these republicans in the house that are saying we want answers. we want to know what these conversations were like. so now they have to subpoena the doj because the doj and jeff sessions are not releasing that information. steve: right and yesterday -- ainsley: everyone wants to know what those conversations were. steve: yesterday the director of the fbi said i would like to answer your question but the inspector general of the department of justice is looking into whether there's a political bias, so i can't answer your question.
5:05 am
but jim jordan at one point toward the end of his five minutes, he asked the quintessential question of the director of the fbi. show us the information the fbi took to the fisa court to rationalize whether or not you should spy on the trump administration -- then the trump campaign. well, you would think it would be simple; right? not so much. >> did peter help secure a warrant to spy on americans with the trump campaign? >> congressman, i'm not prepared to stop sign anything about a fisa process. >> peter struck, was he involved in taking that to the court? >> i'm not going to discuss in this setting anything to do with the fisa court applications. >> it's been reported that this dossier was all dressed up by the fbi taken to the fisa court and presented as a
5:06 am
legitimate intelligence document that it became the basis for granting a warrant to spy on americans. and i'm wondering if that actually took place. it sure looks like it did. ainsley: all dressed up by the fbi. pete: let's hope not. a clarification we've been making all morning. this is not the entirety of the fbi. agents do great work at the fbi, and we're quite proud of that. it seems to be a small circle of clinton and obama-affiliated officials who used and weaponized intelligence, if you will. we bring up a new name every day. people you would never hear from, now they're household names. steve: and these are the people that are doing the investigative. so we're just talking about the very highest levels of the leadership of the fbi, and that is the worry. and that is because they can't really get the answers from -- at this point from the fbi. they are considering a
5:07 am
contempt of congress. ainsley: well, everyone has their own political views and political opinions. we wouldn't have an fbi if we put people in that didn't vote. so it's understandable that they have their own views. but are they making their decisions within the fbi political? and if that's the case, we need to know about it, and those people need to get out, and that's definitely going to influence these investigations. and it is fishy, it is funny that they're removing people from these investigations because of that. pete: but it's because they're being exposed, not necessarily because they're playing it down the middle. bob has hired the all-star team for his so-called special council. steve: and you know what? so far through this inspector general, we have learned pretty special stuff. that this peter stroke guy, anti-trump. he had the text messages with his girlfriend who was the lawyer on the mueller team as well. apparently doesn't look good. allen dershowitz was with us a little while ago. he has taken heat, actually,
5:08 am
for saying the president of the united states did not obstruct justice. here he is talking about what appears to be political bias and corruption at the fbi right now. >> i think it's just proof of what's happening the criminalization of the political justice system. that's why right from the beginning i wanted to have a nonpartisan commission looking into this. i just think we have to move back and start looking at things objectively and scientifically and finding out what really happened. now, i do think we see bias among fbi agents, but i'm sure there are some who operate both ways. people who are trump supporters, people who are hillary supporters. and what we have to do is make sure that people who have strong, strong views recuse themselves from participating in any investigation. pete: none of this was ever supposed to come out because hillary clinton was supposed to win. can you imagine how much deeper and swampier the swamp would be if this was all covered up? steve: let me add one more name to the swamp.
5:09 am
her name is jenny, a former justice department lawyer who has joined the robert mueller special counsel team. brian: wait for it. steve: now, she used to represent the clinton foundation. she was their lawyer and represented former obama security adviser ben rhodes. ainsley: we need the graphic of santa ana rolling out his list and the list just gets longer and longer. steve: it does, indeed. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about lindsey vaughan. lindsey vaughan was appearing on television yesterday. ainsley: olympic skier. steve: she has won gold before. she would like to win another one. ainsley: tiger woods ex-girlfriend. steve: as she skis, is she skiing for the united states, the president of the united states, who is she skiing for? watch this. >> how would it feel competing in the olympic games for the united states whose president is donald trump. >> well, i hope to represent the people of the united
5:10 am
states. not the president. i don't think there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that. >> would you accept an invitation to the white house if you were to win an olympic gold in? >> absolutely not. but i have to win to be invited. no, actually, i think every u.s. member is invited. but i won't go. >> but for you, definitely not. >> no. pete: she may get the preemptive disinvitation just like steph curry did. ainsley: i'm old school. i'm traditionalist. i think if the president of the united states invites you to the white house, you go. i don't care if you voted for him or not. if you're skiing for america, the red, white, and blue, you represent everybody. including. and when the president asks you to come to the white house, why would you say "no" to that? even if you disagree, can't we all be one country under the red, white, and blue? steve: i was looking at the e-mail machine, and i saw somebody say if you don't want
5:11 am
to represent all the people of the united states, but that also includes donald trump because he is the president, don't go. ainsley: i think the president should say fine. don't accept the invitation. that's another invitation i'll send to someone else. pete: and the question is absurd too. would they ever ask that of barack obama? it doesn't even get asked. ainsley: it's getting funny. pete: it's getting absurd, and i think that's why folks are feeling the same way. steve: and that's why we're telling folks about the absurd story. time with a developing story with julie. >> that's right. guys, we are following developing stories at this hour. a student unleashing a deadly attack at school leaving two dead. students panicked inside. the gunman was shot to death but at this point, it's unclear if he took his own life. hundreds paying respect at a candle light vigil last night. a cheerleading captain and football player. the motive behind the shooting
5:12 am
remains unknown. planned parenthood under investigation by the department of justice over the sale of fetal tissue. the doj requesting unredacted documents from the judiciary committee, the same panel that led the congressional probe into the women's health organization. it comes after a 2015 investigation where undercover activists negotiating prices for that tissue. planned parenthood claimed the video was heavily edited and misleading. republican congressman trent is stepping down. his resignation coming as the house announced they will open a sexual misconduct investigation. frank to be responsible. this shortly after senator al franken announced his plans to resign amid sexual misconduct allegations. three lawmakers have resigned this week along. frank and john conyers who was accused of sexual harassment. and it's a bird. it's a plane. nope. it's a meteor. check it out.
5:13 am
dash cam video out of new jersey capturing this amazing moment as a fireball ignites the sky just after 3:00 a.m. the officer who witnessed the ball of light said he was taken by surprise while on patrol. the american meteor society receiving multiple other reports of other people seeing it as well. i've never seen anything like that, but i always wonder how i would react. steve: are you sure it was a meteor and not people driving by? >> it's either peter or a meteor. pete: well done. i see what she did there. what if you wake up and your front lawn has a meteor there? steve: hundreds of thousands of acres and homes torched. no end in sight. live report from california. next. pete: and tom brady has a new job. and it's a traffic cop. ainsley: the best-looking sign i've ever seen.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
steve: we are back with a fox new alert. it is 5:17 in california and a
5:18 am
live look at the wildfires ravaging the state. now turning to president trump asking for help. ainsley: that is so sad, y'all. these are americans. these are their houses. more than 400 structures have been destroyed in ventura county alone and fire crews now warn the fires could last for weeks into christmas. pete: and, again, that is a live shot. we have will carr live into that evacuation zone. what do you have for us? >> well, at this point, guys, there were four wildfires in southern california. at this point this morning, there are now six, including the thomas fire behind me where in just about the last hour we've seen the hellish smoke blooming up. this is what residents are going to see when the sun finally comes up this morning. the past couple of days, we've been on the front line. take a look at what we're seeing or what residence are saying. >> these flames have raised down this hillside in just the last couple of minutes. they're being spanned by the
5:19 am
fierce wind that we've had throughout the course of the day. and you can see that they're eating everything in their path. now, the reason this is such a concern is because on this side of the pacific coast highway, you have a number of beach homes. you can see just how close all of these flames are. there are firefighters on the other side spraying these down trying to do everything that they can to protect this community. >> we're very, very grateful for the fire department and all the fire departments up and down the state and out of state. they're all here helping us. we never dreamt it would be back here again. we thought we were safe last nature. >> and this morning, we have dramatic video of ranchers trying to rescue dozens of their horses as flames circled their property. it shows you those terrifying moments when the flames can break out and as you see this live look again at this is what they're going to see when the sun comes up here, it's another day where the winds
5:20 am
are supposed to be strong, so we'll see what did these fires have in store? back to you. steve: we will, indeed. will carr in ventura. thank you. ainsley: the lives, the homes, the animals. pete: unpredictable and almost unstoppable. it's insane. hundreds of activists taking to the streets protesting federal ice agents who enforce the law. ainsley: plus, there are movies hitting the box office this weekend if you want to go. should you see them or should you skip them? kevin mccarthy, the self-proclaimed movie guy. look at this outfit. >> so good to see you guys. ♪ ♪ manolo! you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free
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ainsley: a underwater love story is swimming into theaters this weekend. it is a take on a old tale where even a fish out of water can find their soulmate. pete: it's called the shape of water. should you see it or skip it? let's ask fox news contributor kevin mccarthy with his review. >> good to see you guys this morning. the shape of water. i know the premise sounds odd but bear with me here. steve: what is the premise? >> well, it's the idea of a woman falling in love with a sea creature. ainsley: sounds great. >> it takes place in baltimore in the 1960s. now, hear me out. it's actually a very grounded story. it's a romantic film. it sounds strange but the idea that this woman works at a government laboratory, and they essentially communicate
5:25 am
through sign language. she's a mute character and pays amage to the asl. it's a beautiful love story. sally hawkins is great in the film. you will see this. best actor and director nomination. i'm tweaking out about this. this is pretty wild. very low budget film in regards to overall hollywood. 19.5million to make movie. here's the cool thing he did. he used an old school technique called dry for wet. and what that means is you you put your actors in a dry environment and make them look like they're underwater. here's how he did this. look at this. >> this is relatively small budget. it looks like a $100 million film. >> yeah. we did 19.5. we knew the opening scene was such a theatrical scene. >> one shot; right? >> one shot. >> and we needed to make you feel is underwater, so what we did is used an old technique dry for wet. we filled the stage with
5:26 am
smoke, shot at high speed. put everything on wires. actors, props, furniture, everything is on wires. and then you shoot it with fans hitting their clothes and the fabric, so it moves like it's underwater, and it looks like it's underwater and then the actress, you add bubbles. >> he's a kid. it is a kid making movies, and you can feel his passion in every single flame and the gentleman who plays the asset, the creature doug jones who has been acting for years. hell boy. steve: you must be giving this four stars. >> i gave it a 4.5 out of five. it is one of the best films of the year and premise aside when you see this, you will fall in love with this story. i love this movie. it's brilliant. it's what we love about you too. steve: you've ruined it now. you told us how they did it. >> it's so cool, though. steve: tell us about darkest hour.
5:27 am
>> yeah. so my favorite movie of the year is dunkirk. so this takes place during world war ii. winston churchill and it's the idea when he becomes prime minister and changes operation of war. they save hundreds of thousands of soldiers were saved and brought back home. ainsley: by civilians; right? >> by civilian ships. they sent out these civilian pleasure boats to pick up these soldiers and bring them home. it is a beautiful story. but gary plays this character masterfully. he became winston churchill. you don't even see him. now, i will say he's going to win the oscar this year. no question. steve: just like that. >> best actor. i don't think this has this is the his best work overall. i think dracula were better films. ainsley: all of those are. okay. pete: recall. >> he is so good in this movie, and it's shot well by joe wright, the director. i gave it a 4 out of 5.
5:28 am
now, i will say nationwide these are on platform releases. they come out in new york, dc, and then they will expand to theaters. so if you don't see it in your market yet, they will say. ainsley: when i got pregnant, they said see a lot of movies. this is your job. when you have a kid, are you going to see movies? >> absolutely. my wife's a film critic. we met. she watches movies with me all the time. all we do is go to the movies and talk about movies, and she's my best friend. so i love watching movies together. ainsley: just hire a baby-sitter. >> i definitely will. we're going to be hiring them every week. steve: but you're right. when you start having kids, you stop seeing movies. >> by the way, our first date was taco bell. pete: there you go. >> now we're married. good to see you guys.
5:29 am
i'm so happy to be -- i'm going to meet spielberg today. steven spielberg. steve: tell him we said hi. ainsley: you didn't say what you always say. you are so grateful to be here. >> i didn't want to overdo it, but i'm honored to be in new york city. i love this city. it's the best city on earth. you guys are the. ainsley: merry christmas. pete: at president trump's last rally, he went off on the nfl and started a firestorm. so what's going to happen tonight when he takes the stage in pensacola? coming up white house press secretary hogan joins us live with what we can expect at the make america great again rally tonight. steve: plus, a pearl harbor vet steals the show as president trump commemorates the day in the oval office. >> let's remember pearl harbor and go on to victory. [applause] let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee.
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trump: throughout the war, one great battle cry could be heard by american friends and foes alike. remember pearl harbor. have you heard that before a couple of times? remember pearl harbor. >> just remember pearl harbor. we shall always remember how we died for liberty. just remember pearl harbor and go on to victory. [applause] ainsley: how beautiful. that's your shot of the morning on this friday. the touching moment a world war ii veteran breaks out into song as president trump honors survivors of the attack on pearl harbor. steve: navy vet ricky, that is to say, in traditional song after the president referenced the signature battle cry yesterday in the oval. pete: that's right. the commander-in-chief also signed a proclamation for
5:34 am
national pearl harbor remembrance day. you know, 9/11 shaped the lives of so many of us. you always want to believe it will be remembered just like pearl harbor. i mean, that many years ago, it's important we never forget. steve: indeed. ainsley: absolutely. steve: right now, let's go down to the white house and bring in press secretary jay hogan. hogan, good morning to you. >> good morning, everybody. steve: it's good to have you. hey, the president is going down to pensacola, florida later on today. what for? >> well, he has a campaign event. and, obviously, i can't speak to that because york for the campaign. but i do know that in the first year of this presidency, we've seen a lot of historic moves by donald trump and a lot of successes. i mean, look, we're talking about neil gorsuch on the supreme court, which is absolutely amazing. we're crushing isis. they are losing territory. president has done all of that, not to mention the fact of the booming economy. i mean, we're talking a million and a half jobs the first year of this presidency. the first time since 2014
5:35 am
we've actually seen two consecutive quarters of 3% growth in gdp. and the economy has grown 30% just in the first year of this presidency alone. not to mention as soon as we knew he was going to be the president of the united states, everything started taking off. rolling back the regulations. you know, only in this town would it be considered a success to slow the growth of regulations. this president gets in office and cuts regulations. the economy responded and people are doing a whole lot better than they were with barack obama. steve: no doubt, and we've heard others from the white house touting how things are taking off. but, hogan, you say it's a campaign event. do you mean a campaign event for roy moore who is nearby in alabama? >> no. it's a campaign event for donald trump. i mean, he's the president of the united states. he won florida when many pundits said he couldn't do it, and he wouldn't do it, and he has a house in florida. and many put him into office. this is a thank you to them that this president is finally giving a voice to.
5:36 am
ainsley: he went to pensacola twice. this is going to be the first time he's there as president of the united states. i understand it's going to be a campaign-type rally. the folks love that. why is it that he resonates so well in places like florida with these rallies? >> well, he gets to go around the dc bubble. the punditry class here in town where all they can do is talk about the inner workings of government. he goes and talks directly to the people. this is the first time i've seen in my lifetime we have a president in the office who actually represents middle america. he is their voice. he is doing things for them like no other president i've known, and it's a reward to people of florida who got out there and used the shoe leather to put fliers in people's mailboxes and go out and vote for this president and tout something. they wanted something new. they wanted the change. they wanted to drain the swamp. they elected donald trump, and he's doing all of those things, and it's wonderful to see him out there in the campaign trail in his element. he gets to talk directly to people, and we're excited
5:37 am
about it. pete: i think the last campaign event he had or maybe the one previous of that is when he raised the issue of the kneeling in the nfl and started an entire cultural conversation. did you -- did you guys know that was going to happen? i know there's a coordination with the campaign and the white house and all of that. but did you know that was going to happen and do you expect -- do you do you have any idea if there's a topic he may emphasize tonight? >> who knows i mean, donald trump is his own man. he's the best communicator. we just pare at what he does. but ends what people are going through out there, and that's what he speaks to everywhere. he obviously supports the flag. he supports the anthem, and that's one of the issues that he saw right up from not and thought it was disrespectful for the troops out there, for the folks who have died and paid the ultimate sacrifice to this country. to be disrespected like that by the nfl where people make millions of dollars a year, it was just disgusting to him, and he obviously expressed
5:38 am
that and a lot of the country shares that sentiment. steve: all right. well, we will be broadcasting that appearance -- the campaign appearance to the president of the united states from pensacola tonight. jay hogan, thank you very much. ainsley: great to see you. work for governor huckabee. clearly, the family loves you because now you work under sarah. >> that's right. i've been blessed enough to work for two huc huckabees, so it's exciting. steve: thank you. a little noisy down there at the white house. ainsley: it always is. steve: what's going on down there? ainsley: it's always when we start up the interviews. steve: top of the hour. jillian. >> hey, happy friday to you at home. let's get you caught up to the news of the morning. an accused serial killer is indicted with four counts of murder. accused of killing four people over six weeks in florida. a judge now organized his parents to show why they shouldn't be held in contempt
5:39 am
of court for reducing to testify against their son and possibly provide critical information. activists taking to the streets of new york city protesting federal ice agents who try to enforce the law. >> demonstrators calling on officials to ban ice agents from allstate courthouses. the demand comes after ice arrested a domestic violence suspect waiting for his hearing. this is a bizarre story. a patient is suing her surgeon accusing him of taking a spanish test during her operation. mary edwards says that he tried to explain himself by telling her it was his only free moment to work on his language skills. she was under anesthesia and heard him take phone calls in spanish. she says it caused her severe emotional distress. and a teacher is using tom
5:40 am
brady to keep students safe. frustrated with speeding drivers putting him on crossing signs. saying quote he is so good-looking, cars will have to slow down for him. so far, the experiment is working. what do you guys think of that? ainsley: i would be watching the sign and not the road. >> does it really work? pete: claims it will work. steve: what if you're not a patriots fan? pete: that's true. ainsley: then you just run into that sign. steve: exactly. ainsley: i'm kidding. i'm kidding. don't mate haiti me on twitter. tom brady is married to giselle. steve: poor guy. pete: what? five super bowl champions. ainsley: one of the highest paid super models. pete: tough life. steve: janice is out there with the people. >> speaking of football players, who is from the south? who is from texas? you know that there is more snow in texas, in houston,
5:41 am
texas, in corpus christi, texas, than there is in the northeast. j. j. watt, we all love him. he was like a 5-year-old kid this morning. look at him. he said in his career he never thought he would see snow in houston, texas. it is happening. let's take a look at the maps real quick because across the south not only texas, mississippi, alabama, georgia. they are getting measurable snow and all of this snow is actually going to make its way up to the mid-atlantic and the northeast to here in the northeast tomorrow. we could actually see several inches of snow. are you guys excited to be on fox and friends? do you want to say anything to steve, ainsley, and pete? >> merry christmas. steve: and happy new year. >> happy new year. you guys are awesome. steve: that's right. pete: and they're all your folks. a lot of southerners out there. steve: keep in mind, folks. if you're planning a big trip to new york city around christmas holiday, new year's, stop by 48th and 6th avenue.
5:42 am
she'll put you on tv. pete: she says if you make a sign, she'll definitely put you on tv. campus snowflakes this time creating an alternative space to protect students by gun rights activists. so why are colleges so afraid of conservative speakers? steve: great question. find out. and coming up, we introduce you to a veteran whose product solves a common everyday problem. what's that? stick around and find out.
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i mwell, what are youe to take care odoing tomorrow -10am? staff meeting. noon? eating. 3:45? uh, compliance training. 6:30? sam's baseball practice. 8:30? tai chi. yeah, so sounds relaxing. alright, 9:53? i usually make their lunches then, and i have a little vegan so wow, you are busy. wouldn't it be great if you had investments that worked as hard as you do? yeah. introducing essential portfolios. the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life. steve: we have a fox news alert. the labor department releasing its official hiring and unemployment figures for the month of november. 228,000 jobs were added last month. that's more than the 200,000 that were projected. the unemployment rate was
5:46 am
4.1%, unchanged from october. it is the strongest job market in a decade and jobs have been added for 86 straight months. that's good news for our economy. all right. ainsley and pete. ainsley: all right. listen to this story, steve. campus snowflakes taking aim at conservative speeches. pete: creating a quote alternative space to sprect students by a speech by a second amendment activist. this just one day after another college canceled the very same speaker. ainsley: so why are all of these colleges, why are they so afraid of conservative speakers, you know? because they're scary. joining us right now is the gun rights activist who was giving that speech. nra commentator antonio. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you so much for having me. ainsley: so your speech canceled at new hampshir hampshire college, and then they created an alternate space for people who were
5:47 am
offended by you or scared what you were going to say? >> yeah. thank you for having me. i'm enjoying being able to speak somewhere instead of being canceled last minute. so thank you, guys. but, yes, an all girl college, and they decided they were going to have a separate space instead of protesting me and empowering women through the second amendment. because apparently compared to what the hampshire college said is that it's basically very controversial topic to have. so that's why he canceled it. but it's also very controversial for apparently women on college campuses as well. so they have an alternative space. at least i was able to speak, and that's important. pete: at least you're able to speak. i can think of another safe space, which is called your dorm room. you wouldn't even necessarily have to have -- it's not a mandatory event for all students. so where does this idea that
5:48 am
you need to not only not attend, you need to be coddled instead? >> yeah. my safe space, though, is the united states of america. my free speech zone is the united states of america and my right to carry zone is the united states of america. and with this tour that i'm doing, i intend to fight and protect our first and second amendment rights so that every single college campus can make sure that they know to support the constitution. and our students these days, they don't know that. i can't tell you how many times that i would speak that these students would come up to me whether they're liberal or conservative that these professors are really keeping them in the dark when it comes to our rights as american citizens. our natural rights as american citizens, and i think it's important that people like me whether we are canceled last minute or not, continue to fight that good fight because they're not hearing it. they're not hearing it from these role models they call celebrities and people in the hollywood industry. and they're not hearing it, unfortunately, at home or from their professor. so it's important that people continue to fight and stand up
5:49 am
and talk about why it's important to being an american. >> well, i'm now triggered and need a safe space. that was very dangerous rhetoric that you brought to the television program. hey, thanks for doing it. it's still not easy to go to the campuses where you know you're going to face resistance. so thank you for your message and the cause you're fighting for. >> thank you so much. pete: thank you. well, served our country with honor and now he's helping americans fix a common everyday problem. coming up, the all american gift you will want to buy from veteran paul cunningham. there it is. i'm interested to see what it is. but first. ainsley: i want to thank him for fighting for our country and then hand it off to sandra. what floor are you on in this building? >> i think we're on 12 at the very moment. all right. ainsley and pete, thank you. great show this morning. a state of emergency that we are watching. it is in the state of california amid the worst wildfire season in decades. hundreds of homes have been reduced to ashes there.
5:50 am
a representative of the u.s. forest service joins us with the latest. plus, fbi director christopher ray facing a grilling on capitol hill yesterday over the integrity of the fbi. did the fbi agent who sent those antitrump text messages also bring the controversial trump dossier to the fisa court? congressman matt gates who's traveling with the president tonight will be joining us. america's newsroom in just momes it's resourceful. elusive. shrewd. cancer. is. smart. it pushes us. we push back. we even push each other. to challenge conventional thinking. find smarter solutions. that's what makes us one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. forging ahead with technology that wasn't available to cancer patients just a short time ago. like advanced genomic testing. a diagnostic tool that lets us see cancer at the molecular level. then helps us find different ways to target it. and immunotherapy, a treatment that
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who are interested in fitness... namaste. whichever audience you're looking for, we'll find them we're the finders. we work here at comcast spotlight, and we have the best tools for getting your advertising message out there. anywhere, any way your audience watches. consider them found. ainsley: well, all week we've had the distinct pleasure to bring you veterans who took it beyond their call of service and are giving back to our country. they risked their lives for our country and now making
5:54 am
money for their country. pete: started notch gear to solve an everyday problem. when i put these glasses on, it was the first time that they felt good in a hat like this. >> so i've been always a curved-brim guy. i can't pull off the flat bill. ainsley: it's about our heads? >> i don't know but a lot of times when you wear a curved glasses, it will push the glasses down onto your nose. so i was sitting on the couch one sunday, and i saw a golf with the hat back. and i was wearing my hat backwards or not wearing any glasses. so it fixes the interference. ainsley: the so it notch is all in here. >> oh, the notch on the side. >> exactly. the ones that are fitting in the glasses right now. ainsley: your glasses fit into that notch. now i get it. and how has it been going so
5:55 am
far? >> really great. a lot of fun. we also pander with a organization called children's hunger fun. so it provides for five meals in need. and to date, we provided about 270,000 meals. pete: what's that material? it's almost like a rubber; right? >> it's plastic. it's really soft. it won't scratch your lenses. >> you look like a cool guy. >> you kind of feel like a cool guy. i'm not that cool, but i play one on tv. >> and we offer the notches in two locations. the one you're wearing with straight wrap around sunglasses and the one right here is designed for my wife, we move the notches away from the body of the hat for aviators, prescription eye wear, so we have it for just about everybody. ainsley: men and women overseas they come back and can't get a job. why is it important, especially for our service members to know about small businesses and tax reform is going to help you; right?
5:56 am
>> it's great because companies like ours provide jobs and the more we can provide jobbing, the more we can help veterans coming back. >> what's the website we can go to? pete: notch it's not just a hat, everything they have is cool. ainsley: supporting two kids, and we need you to put those kids through college and support our veterans because you have done so much. pete: got bless you. thank you. ainsley: merry christmas. pete: more fox and friends in just a minute. ainsley: it's friday sometimes a cough gets in the way of a good night's sleep. that's when he needs vicks vaporub. proven cough medicine. with 8 hours of vapors.
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>> going to be a fun weekend. >> happy weekend, everybody. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news this hour. state of emergency in effect for california amid the worst wildfire season we've seen in decades. hundreds of buildings and homes reduced to ashes, flames lighting up the morning sky and more bad news as a new front in the fight opens up seemingly overnight. this has been the way it has gone all week. good morning, everybody. i'm bill hemmer. it's friday inside of "america's newsroom." >> sandra: unbelievable sight. i'm sandra smith. strong winds and dry conditions giving the fires plenty of fuel as fire crews have a hard time keeping up. there are now six major fires burning across southern california. the latest sparking just north of san diego


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