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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 8, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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get out and vote for roy moore. do it. do it. do it. working with republicans in congress, we've already signed 88 pieces of legislation. we get no credit. they always say, well, you know, president trump really needs this tax bill because he hasn't passed any legislation. well, so far in ten months we've passed more during this period of time than any other president in the history of our country and the second -- let's call runner up -- is harry truman was second. so we passed all of this, including -- including the long-awaited veterans accountability act. you know what that is, right?
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david shilkin, has done a great job. the v.a. was a mess. they left me with north korea. they left me with a mess in the middle east. they left me with afghanistan which was a disaster, we have made a lot of progress in afghanistan just like we have with getting isis out of iraq, getting isis out of syria, knocking the hell out of them. they left me with a mess. but we're cleaning up the mess. we're cleaning it up and with time we'll have it spinning like a top. for decades, veterans have asked for a law to hold corrupt and incompetent employees at the v.a. accountable. but it never happened. then, we got it done. this piece of legislation for decades, they've wanted. you couldn't fire anybody at the
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v.a. if they were sadists, if they were horrible people, you couldn't fire anybody. now we look at them, they're no good, we say "you're fired, get out of here!" and i must tell you, i can't believe that arnold schwarzenegger bombed so badly on "the apprentice." it was so successful. a big movie star and he can't pull it off. we are respecting americans' heroes and rebuilding america's standing, all over the world they're respecting us again. when i came into office we inherited all of these problems all around the globe, years of america projecting weakness, not
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going over the red line, we go over the red line, you wouldn't have russia and iran going into syria but you know what, he said you're not going to do it, don't violate the red line. they violated the red line, he did nothing so russia went in and iran went in, but you know what, we had 59 missiles and they used gas and we said you can't do that. and we hit -- our great military, from ships 700 miles away -- 59 missiles and 59 perfect hits. [ cheers and applause ] and we've stopped apologizing for america and we have started defending the reputation of the united states. finally.
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[ chanting "usa" ] to prevent iran from ever obtaining a nuclear weapon i recently declined to certify the disaster known as the iran nuclear deal, a total disaster. how about that deal? how about that deal? we give them $150 billion. right? we give them $150 billion. but here's the thing. smaller money but think of this. we give them $1.8 billion in cash. i mean, like, green -- in fact it was so much cash that they had to go to other countries also because we didn't have enough cash in washington, d.c. they loaded up planes with cash.
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can you believe the presidency has that kind of power? i don't want to ever try it. can you believe that the presidency has the power to send bushel-loads of cash to iran? probably for hostages. probably -- $1.8 billion probably for hostages. so sad. we don't do that. we don't do that anymore. as part of a campaign of maximum pressure on the vile dictatorship of north korea, we have imposed the toughest-ever sanctions passed by the united nations security council and we have a lot of other sanctions but i don't know that sanctions are going to work with him. we've got to give it a shot. you know, we'll see? who knows, i'll just tell you folks, you're in good hands. that's all i can say. that's all i can say.
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and i've strengthened our relationships with america's allies and asked other nato members to pay their fair share and now the money is pouring in. the money is pouring in. remember i went to nato a year ago and these fake people back here were saying, donald trump's performance at nato was unacceptable. you know why they said it? because i told the people of nato stand right behind me, while they were standing behind me, they are delinquent, they haven't been paying. i said you got to pay and now they've taken in because of that -- and i guess i emimplied if you don't pay we're out of there. and the press said donald trump was rude to our allies. well they're rude to us when they don't pay. right? so we'll have a nation that
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doesn't pay. then their nation gets frisky with whoever, russia. so we have a nation doesn't pay. the nation gets aggressive. we end up in world war iii for somebody who doesn't pay. so here's what happened. in the last short period of time, stultenberg who is the head of nato, we've taken in $11 billion extra and going into 2020 or 2021, we will have taken in $33 billion extra and they aren't even doing what they should be doing, just so you understand. it's terrible. the way our country has been disrespected, but we will be disrespected no longer, okay?
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now corm morning you will see from these fakers, donald trump again disrespects nato. i think nato is wonderful. but you know what? we're paying for 80% of nato. could be higher. they say 72%. so we're paying for 80% of nato. i can only tell you one thing. it helps them a hell of a lot more than it helps us, okay? and they should pay. germany's paying 1%. we're paying 4%. explain that one to me, right? and germany has unsustainable cash flow. i read a report. their cash flow is unsustainable. so i said to angela, i said, angela, send a little of that cash flow our way. and she said, but, donald, because we're protecting them. we have 40,000 soldiers in germany. nobody even knows that. i said angela, let us have some
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and she said, donald, the german people wouldn't be happy with that. i said well, you know what, the american people aren't happy with the way we have it now, okay? the american people aren't happy. and at home we're restoring the rule of law. we're interpreting the constitution as written, defending the second amendment, you'll keep your guns. and protecting religious liberty. we are protecting religious liberty. and we're getting rid of the johnson amendment. we've stopped the government's attacks on our judeo-christian values. because we know that families and churches, not government officials know best how to
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create a strong and loving community. we know that. getting rid of the johnson amendment. study that up, that's a big thing. that's a big thing. a lot of people are very, very happy about that. we know that parents, not bureaucrats, know best how to raise their children and to nurture their children. and above all else, we know t s this: america doesn't worship government. we worship god. [ cheers and applause ]
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all of us here tonight are united by the same values. we love our country and we are proud of our history. we are so proud of this country. we honor our heritage. and we treasure our freedom. we support our incredible men and women of law enforcement. we believe the united states military is the greatest force for justice in the history of the world. and we are going to take care of it. and we are going to properly fund it. and we are going to have the finest weapons because when we do all of that, we are much, much safer. [ cheers and applause ] and far less likely to have to use them. it's amazing how that works, isn't it? we believe that every american
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should stand for the national anthem. [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting "usa" ] and we proudly pledge allegiance to one nation under god. [ cheers and applause ] our rights come from our creator. and no earthly force can ever take those rights away and they never will. that is why my administration is taking power back from global bureaucrats and returning that power back to the american
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people and you see it all the time. you see it economically, you see it at the church. you see it in every different way. we don't sing a global anthem. our troops don't wear a foreign uniform and we will never surrender our rights to international tribunals. we won't do that. we proudly sing the "star-spangled banner." our brave troops fight and die for the red, white, and blue. and we protect and preserve the american constitution that we cherish. i've said it so often that my job is not to be president of the world. my job is to be president of the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ]
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yet there, are powerful forces in washington trying to sabotage our movement. these are bad people. these are very, very bad and evil people. they know who they are. these are the people who made their money, their names, their careers, their power, off the corrupt and broken system, and they liked it the other way. so they will do anything at any time and they'll never stop. but you know what, we're stopping them. you're seeing that right now. you're seeing that right now, we're stopping them. it's corrupt. it's rigged, and we're stopping them. they will lie and leak and smear, because they don't want to accept the results of an election where we won by a landslide. [ cheers and applause ]
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do you remember, there is no way for donald trump to get 270. we heard that for week after week. what they're doing is the fake news is called suppression. just like they give the fake polls. i call it fake news/fake polls. a poll came out today on cnn. such a fake. they'll have to apologize for that one. another one came out that was through the roof. it wasn't on cnn. but i will tell you, look, we need honesty. we need some love in the country. i'd love to bring both sides together, if that's possible. there is a lot of hatred out there. but i would love to be able to bring both sides together. but remember this, the same failed voices in washington who oppose our movement from the
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beginning are the same people who have undermined the credibility of our government institutions. they're the same one who gave us one terrible trade deal after another and one foreign policy blunder and disaster after another with no accountability or apology. the washington insiders who oppose our movement are the same people who sacrificed our sovereignty, our wealth, our borders. look at our country. we owe $20 trillion. think of it. we have spent as of two months ago almost $7 trillion in the middle east. and you know what we have ? we have nothing. it's worse than it was 17 years ago when they started. these are the people that fight us. and if i want to fix up the
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roads in this country, they say, oh, well, we don't want to spend money for that. it's a tiny fraction. we could have with that 7 trilli trillion, not billion, $7 trillion, we could have rebuilt our country three times over. they've had their chance at running this country and they've failed. so i think i speak for everyone here tonight, and i appreciate you being here especially in numbers where you can't even get into the corners. when i proudly say -- you know the beautiful thing i was telling some of my friends backstage, the amazing thing about this and all the people that couldn't get in, when an election is over, they tell me, what do i know? i've been a politician for two
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years, so what do i know? but i'm doing a good job, i guess, i'm president. i'm president. but it's sort of incredible. you look at everybody. you see everybody. you see the love in the room and you see what's going on with everything. and you say to yourself, this is truly a country that respects -- they say that when you don't have an election -- the election's over. there's no competition. there's no nothing although we always have the deep seats inside. but it's over. they say you can't draw a crowd. in other words, when an election ends you can't draw flies, they say. look at this place. look at this place. [ cheers and applause ] i'll never forget on the trail we'd have 20,000, 25,000. we went to mobile, alabama, we had 49,000 people. we went to michigan, the night
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of the election. i got there, started speaking at 12:30 in the evening. that means it was already election day. we had 32,000 people there. michigan hadn't been won in many, many years by a republican. hillary clinton went is there in an emergency because she was told that day she was doing badly in michigan. she had a crowd of 600 people. i had 32,000 people at 1:00 in the morning and i said why are we not going to win? and we won. we went to wisconsin, hasn't been won in many, many years. you remember that? we went to wisconsin, hadn't been won in many, many years. she decided not to go. thank you very much, hillary. i guess the russians advised her not to go. but -- she decided not to go and
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her husband supposedly said, you better go to wisconsin. you better go to michigan. i don't like what i'm seeing. i was in michigan and driving down the street and there is a trump/pence sign on the lawn all the way to the arena. you better go there. and she said no, no, no. my bunch of dummies -- a bunch of dummies. you know, i don't get credit for one thing. it always bothered me. i spent a tiny fraction of what she spent and we won. in the old days if you spent less and win that's a good thing. over here you don't get credit for it. she was at what number, $2.2 billion, i understand. do you think those consultants made a couple of bucks on that election? didn't she spend $12.4 million
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on a dossier that was a total phoney? $12.4 million? boy. so we spent a tiny fraction -- think of it. a tiny fraction of the money and we won. but we won because of people like you, because of people like you. and i'll tell you what. if the democrats had won that election, instead of being up 39 points in your 401(k)s you'd be down 50% from election day. it was ready to go down the tubes, i will tell you that. thank you, man. so we don't need the advice from the washington swamp. we need to drain the swamp and we're going to do it and we are doing it. that's why i don't really care about all the bitter attacks, all the phony stuff going on.
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big media, special interests, phonies all. they're not here to protect you. they are only here to preserve and to protect themselves and you're finding that out. i had a great life before i did this. think of where i'd be if i didn't do this, i'd be very happy. but i wanted to do it and i wanted to give back and i saw what was happening and i've always been good at doing the money thing. i saw what was happening to our country and it wasn't good. it wasn't good. [ cheers and applause ] i took this job on behalf of the forgotten men and women of our country. but guess what? they are forgotten no more. no more.
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people came out of areas -- you know, they didn't think you existed. you know that, right? remember? and remember the world deplorable? how brilliant was that? i was watching her with that speech. and she was reading a teleprompter and she said deplorables and i said, "huh," that's not nice. she's talking about a lot of people. little did i know, i was right. that thing blew up. that was one of the reasons she lost. and now we're all proud deplorables. we're proud deplorables. very proud. your voice will never, ever be ignored again. they're all going to be coming after you for every election from now on in this country. you will never be ignored again. your dreams are my dreams.
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your hopes are my hopes. and your future is what i'm fighting for each and every day. [ cheers and applause ] we're just getting started. we're on the verge of passing that wonderful, beautiful tax cut, the biggest in the history of our country. it doubles the amount of income taxed at the rate of zero. it lowers tax rates. it expands -- you know that, the child tax credit so broadly, it provides relief from the estate tax, also known as the death tax. it cuts small business taxes. it reduces the corporate rate, very importantly, from 35%, which is the highest in the industrialized world, all the way down to 20%. you're going to have new companies coming in.
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you're going to have jobs, jobs, jobs, and it brings corporate money from overseas back where it belongs. and we're talking about possibly in excess of $4 trillion that we can finally bring back. the typical family of four earning $75,000 will see an income tax cut of up to $2,000, cutting their tax bill in half. people don't know it. and they don't want to report it. these people don't want to report it. our business tax cut is expected to raise annual income for the typical household by more than $4,000. they don't want to tell you that. they don't want to tell you that -- fake news -- our plan means more companies will move to america, stay in america, and hire in america.
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we want every american to know the dignity of work, the pride of a paycheck and the satisfaction of a job well done. [ cheers and applause ] the democrats in washington want to grow our welfare rolls that you're going to pay for. they want to grow all sorts of things that you don't want to think about. i want to grow our employment rolls with great jobs, well-paying jobs, jobs of dignity, jobs where people love waking up in the morning and going to work. and that's happening. so we're going to lift our people from welfare to work, from dependence to independence and from poverty to prosperity. we will restore hope to our struggling rural communities and to our inner cities, where we're making progress.
10:27 pm
we're making progress. we will build new roads and bridges and tunnels and highways all throughout our land. factories will come roaring back to life. new works of iron and steel will be forged from fire and from spark and from our country. and they will be made with american muscle, american hands, and most importantly, american heart. and these creations will be branded with a very simple, but very beautiful phrase "made in the usa." we have it in our power to build this future together. a future of patriotism, prosperity and pride. we all share one home and one glorious destiny.
10:28 pm
and whether we are young or old, i feel very young. do you feel young? whether we are from the city or country, and whether we are black or brown or white, you've heard it before, we all bleed the same red blood. [ cheers and applause ] we all salute the same great american flag. [ cheers and applause ] and we are all made by the same almighty god. [ cheers and applause ] we are the nation that dug out the panama canal, won two world wars, put a man on the moon and brought communism to its knees. as long as we have the courage
10:29 pm
of our convictions and the strength to see them through, then there is no goal beyond our reach. as long as we are true to our values, loyal to our citizens, and faithful to our god, then we will not fail. [ cheers and applause ] this is your land. this is your home. and it's your voice that matters the most. so speak up, be heard, and fight, fight, fight, for the change you've been waiting for your entire life, for the change that you already see happening. our revolution didn't end on november 8th. that was just the beginning. [ cheers and applause ] the greatest adventure still
10:30 pm
lies ahead. never give in. never give up. never back down. and never, ever stop dreaming. [ cheers and applause ] because we are americans, and the future belongs to us. the future belongs to all of you. so with american pride swelling in our hearts, and american courage stirring in our souls, i say these words tonight, "together, we will, indeed, make america strong again." we will make america proud again. we will make america wealthy
10:31 pm
again. we will make america safe again. [ cheers and applause ] and put it all together and what do we have? we will make america great again. thank you, god bless you, god bless america, thank you, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome to this special edition of "hannity," the trump agenda, i'm jeanine pirro in tonight for sean. president trump wrapping up his speech at a make america great again rally in pensacola, florida. joining us are matt slapp, former assist to president trump mark lotter. and noelle nick fort. every time i listen to the president speak and get those audiences fired up i say to myself, there is no one better than the president, than donald trump, with an audience. we were -- the cheering and the sense of americanism is -- infectious. matt, what do you think? >> it's electric. and i think, you know, donald trump is doing something very important that presidents
10:33 pm
sometimes fail to do. he's getting out of the bubble. he's piercing the bubble and talking to real americas. he's feeding off the crowd. it's electric. i think it really gives him energy and it's important for a leader to go around the country and tell them what he wants to do and he didn't leave anything on the table, judge. >> it's clear, mark, that matt is correct. he hit every note whether it was the sanctuary cities, the second amendment, religious freedom, buy american. what's your take from this speech? >> two things, one, he he is doing everything he said he would do. when you see the fake news about how he doesn't like being in the white house, this man loves being president and you saw it tonight. >> and noelle, what do you take away from tonight? >> you know what, judge jeanine,
10:34 pm
america needed this tonight. i was so proud to be an american and he puts america first and we needed this with all the division between the parties, between the gop and another thing is he listed why he is the champion, he's the mascot for the middle class, for the working american, this is such passion and you know he loves this. but he's not reading off teleprompters. this is his heart. this is who he is and why he ran for the presidency. and look at the markets that are enjoying the ride of a good economy, we're back on track. and america felt it tonight. >> and i'll go back to you, matt. one of the things he talked about which is one of the more interesting points is when he talked about the fake news media. he said, you know, maybe, with the drop in the 350 points, when brian ross came out with that
10:35 pm
some would say inaccurate or fake news, some might say a lie, about mike flynn possibly testifying against the president. he said, you know what, they ought to sue abc. that was a shocker. do you think that was an ad libnor the speech? >> a class action lawsuit for the losses in their 401(k)s. he comes back to the theme that he ran on. you hear the cadence of the familiar lines. but in the middle of it, judge, it's all coming from trump's heart. it's spontaneous and what he feels. it's coming right out. and i do think he has a grievance with the media, he's not talking about you, by the way. conservatives have been trying to prosecute this case against the left leaning media for decades after decades for generations. and he comes in with this
10:36 pm
concept of fake news and the american people don't want to hear it any more. >> and you know what, he opened everyone's eyes. everyone in the beginning thought, you know, fake news is ridiculous. but i think people are understanding it really is fake news that there is stuff that is inaccurate and outright lies. but you know one of the things that i wasn't aware of, the president said that black home ownership is the highest that it's ever been in the history of this country. you think anyone would give him credit for this? did you know this, mark? >> not until he said it tonight. when you look at the economic record of this president it's remarkable. the new numbers came out today. manufacturing -- obama was losing a thousand jobs a month in his final year. this president adding 16,000 manufacturing jobs a month. he's doing it. so so many of these things you're not going the hear unless the president says it himself.
10:37 pm
and that is what you saw tonight on full display. >> he talked about $7 trillion we have spent in the middle east. he saying we could rebuild the infrastructure of this country three times over. what do you think he was saying? >> i think he is saying look how much waste is out there. this is why a businessman -- this is why his leadership, we've had massive job creation. we have a rallying stock market. we have -- basically making america great again. i know that is oversimplifying things. but that's is what's happening. anyone who says donald trump is not doing anything, look at the numbers. the economy is not lying. the fact that people have money in their pocket is not lying. >> and the prediction is much more. i want to thank all three of you for joining us. and president trump is vowing to
10:38 pm
push forward on his promise to build a wall on the southern border. joining us to debate these topics are david abella and francisco hernandez. david, as it relates to the wall, the president made it real clear that this is still on the front burner for him. >> he even made it more clear at this week's cabinet meeting when on kirsten nielsen the new -- >> congratulations to her. >> on her first day on the job, someone in that cabinet meeting told me he repeatedly said to her, build the wall, build the wall, build the wall. he is very crystal clear on this. when you think about that in the context of the upcoming budget battle it's amazing to think that the democrats are going to stop funding for veterans homes
10:39 pm
so they can keep illegal immigrants here. >> and i suspect, francisco, that you might have a different take. but what was your take? >> he's talking like the democrats are in charge of congress and going to do away with this funding. but if president trump is down, illegal immigration is down 70%, we don't need a wall. but he can want get his congress to authorize one brick for the wall. >> when you say problem solved you can't help but look at the news and see some of the problems that are happening. you know, the opiod epidemic and the drugs coming from the border. there is still 30%. >> by next year we'll be down to zero. >> david? >> next year we'll be down to zero, i guess. >> let's make sure we are. >> guys, this -- this issue on the border and judge, you have been down there.
10:40 pm
you know the challenges we face with people being able to bring harmful -- particularly our enemies bringing in harmful -- >> what do they bring in? >> this is more than a personal security issue for americans this is economic security. all you need is one enemy to bring a bomb across the border and blow up the hoover dam or electrical grid and it could be catastrophic. >> they were here legally and stole a plane. come on, guys, let's get real about it. we are going to have to legalize 100,000 mexicans to build the wall. >> what about when the president said hispanic unemployment in this nation is at an all time low, something like hispanics said they weren't going to vote for me. but they want the wall too. they want security. >> i -- >> unemployment is not at an all
10:41 pm
time low with president obama. >> i get it -- >> you get it? >> citizen hispanics, i agree with it. but it has nothing to the with immigration. nothing. >> do you want to give him credit for that? >> i did. i did. but it has nothing to do with immigration. we can't even get illegal immigration right and now they want to reform legal immigration. really, guys? >> you know why? because when you have a lottery system and people come in and kill us, it's a problem. david? >> i'm with you on that. >> yes, ma'am. >> the president got elected in part because of his ledge to secure the border. the president is determined to deliver it. >> thanks, gentlemen. coming up, president trump blasts obstructionist democrats during his make america great again rally in florida.
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>> judge jeanine: welcome welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." joining me now with reaction to president trump's rally, the director of turning point u.s., charlie kirk. doug shell and deroy murdock. one of the things we didn't talk about in the last two segment was the president was talking about hillary. i'll start with you, doug, i don't know why. why do you think? he said the system is rigged and he said there are going to be changes. this is a sick system. what can the president do? i mean we saw christopher wray testify in front of congress and everybody is frustrated. what do you think is going to change? >> here's what we need, first i think and have said on this show
10:47 pm
before we need a special prosecutor to look at her, to look at the uranium one deal and to look at the dossier. >> let me ask you a question, do you get people who push back at you because you work with the hiltons -- with the clintons. >> i get more than push back. we'll save that for another time. but this week we have seen we need a separate investigation of the fbi. because we have overly partisan -- we have personal relations, we have documents changed. jeanine, this is just rotten. >> deroy, what did you take away from the speech? >> we have a man who is 71 years old and goes on for 90 minutes without notes and the nay sayers must have their tails between their legs. these failed economy -- we're at record highs, record lows of
10:48 pm
unemployment. all the good things are happening. and the nay sayers have been really, really disproved by this -- >> and charlie kirk, you know, what deroy says is so true. the president has incredible energy. >> incredible. not low energy like another presidential candidate at all. i tell you what is so amazing about the speech is it sounded like a campaign speech because he's doing what he said he was going to do. he's not changing his message. typically once politicians enter office they change. this sounded like he was back on the campaign trail. and look at all the progress we have made. i loved seeing it. >> sorry, guys, short segment. but coming up, president trump rips the fake news main stream media to shreds. stay with us. with an ingredient
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originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." joining us is joe concha and denine barelli.
10:53 pm
the fake news media that the president keeps hitting on is more and more credible every day, he talked about people suing abc if they lost any money with the 350-point dow drop. >> 60% of trump supporters think that the media is the enemy. the liberal media is an advocacy group for the liberal agenda and americans are tired of it. but he made the point for folks to sue when people lost a lot of money when the market dropped. it is a funny point. >> he is an entertainer. besides being the president the man entertains. >> apparently he was supposed to have a physical impairment. didn't see that tonight. >> was that crazy? >> reckless. >> like an intentional hit every
10:54 pm
time the man shows up. when he goes through the list of what he's done, i mean, it's depressing there is so much hatred. >> i don't like hyperbole, but this week for political media in this country was one of the worst weeks in its history. four major stories were wrong. rex tillerson was supposed to resign. last check he is still secretary of state. number two, the brian ross/michael flynn story. oops -- >> a difference between a crime and a lie. >> number three, trump bank records were supposed to be subpoenaed. and the cnn report today that donald trump jr. was getting wikileaks documents on september 4th when it was on september 14th. at the same time when 46% of people think that the media is fabricating stories about this
10:55 pm
administration, these types of stories play into that narrative completely. >> when you talk about the percentage of trump supporters who think the news is fake, do you think it's going to be going up? >> i do think so. for trump to have the rally and to say that to his supporters and people know and it's a shame. the media is doing a disservice to america. >> because of unnamed sources. >> coming up, more of this sfes special edition of "hannity." my name is jeff sheldon,
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." that's all the time we have left this evening. tune in tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. i'm live tomorrow night at 9:00 on justice. co cory lun do youski will join us. i will ask what do americans
11:00 pm
think of lindsey vonn's outrageous comments about president donald trump. have a great weekend. >> good evening from washington welcome to the ingram angle. >> wow, it was a make america great again extravaganza tonight. president trump ral ed the faithful in pensacola, florida. it wrapped up a short time ago. that's not all. conservatives are now calling for the president to go on offense against the mueller probe now that a lot of it is anti trump bias made clear. plus, a so called, bomb shell report from cnn on donald trump junior and wiki


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