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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 11, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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more than any woman ever. finally, we are honored to be joined by apollo astronauts jack schmidt, exactly 45 years ago. almost to the minute, jack became one of the last americans to land on the moon. today we pledge that he will not be the last, and i suspect we will be finding other places to a land in addition to the moon. what do you think, jack? will find some other places out there? there's a couple of other places, right? we will learn. the directive i am signing today will refocus america's space program on human exploration and discovery. it marks an important step in returning american astronauts to the moon for the first time since 1972 for long-term exploration. this time, will not only plant our flag and leave our footprint. we will establish a foundation for eventual mission to mars and
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perhaps someday too many worlds beyond. this directive will ensure american space program once again leads and inspires all of humanity, the pioneer spirit is always defined america, and we are picking that up and many other fields. i think you see that. i think it is obvious. all you have to do is look at the market, all of the great things, we are leading in many different fields again. he'll get more and more obvious you go along. after braving the vast unknown and discovering the new world our forefathers not only sailed home and in some cases never to return. they stayed, explored, built, guided, and through that pioneer spirit, they imagined all of the possibilities that few dare to dream. today, the same spirit beckons us to begin new journeys of aspiration and discovery to lift our eyes all the way up to the
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heavens and once again imagine the possibilities waiting in those big, beautiful stars. if we dare to dream big, and that is what our country is doing again we are dreaming big. this is a giant step towards the aspiring future, and reclaiming america's proud destiny in space. space has so much to do with 70 other applications, including a military application. we are the leader and we will stay the leader, and we will increase it in many fold. i want to invite vice president pence to say a few words. he has been leading this for me, and i appreciate it. >> vice president pence: thank you for your leadership and the honor to be here today. in my capacity as chairman of
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the national space council, for what i believe is a momentous occasion in the history of american space exploration. to all the extra ordinary leaders who are gathered with us today to members of congress and the pioneers of space exploration, who are gathered here, we thank you. we thank you for all you have done. serve our nation and expand the horizons of human knowledge and advance american leadership in outer space. mr. president, in signing the space policy directive, you are ensuring that america will lead and space once again. to guide this new era of american space leadership, president trump is relaunching the american space council and the council inaugural meeting in october, we nastily approved a recordation to instruct nasa to return astronauts to the moon. a delay of foundation for mission to mars.
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today's action by president trump makes that recommendation official for united states of america. establishing a new presence on the moon is vital to achieve our objectives the objectives outlined by our national space council. in pursuing these objectives, mr. president, we will enhance our national security and our capacity to provide for the common defense of the people of the united states of america. we will also spur innovation. as a space program has always done, mr. president, you reflected on it often, and we will see jobs created that we cannot imagine to be created today. we will also ensure lastly that the rules and values of space expiration are written with american leadership in american values. mr. president, you said that the pioneer spirit has always defined america.
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and by your action today, with this clear vision of returning americans to the moon, preparing to lead to mars and beyond. you are ensuring mr. president that america will lead in space in the future and for generations to come. i thank you for the honor of being a part of it. >> president trump: this is very exciting and very important for our country. it also happens to be jobs. jobs, we love jobs too, right? [cheers and applause]
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thank you, everybody. thank you very much. thank you very much, everybody. >> shepard: a few questions to the president but no mentions of the terror attack in new york city. good afternoon, i am at shepard smith in new york. let's get to it. new video of the moment of the
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explosion in new york. investigator say a crude device in the underground passageway near times square. as hundreds of thousands of people were trying to get to work this morning. the video we are about to show you is rainy and you'll be able to see somebody holding a cell phone up to eight surveillance monitor. we will play it for you. watch. [indistinct] spiel and there it was. the crowd running after the smoke clears. the sub the suspect is there. the smoke and people right next to them were able to run away. the man himself survived. another image of him. this went after the bombing. investigator say he had burns on his abdomen and on his hands. three other people suffered
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minor injuries. mostly headaches and ringing in the ears. investigators are now questioning this man, the suspect. he is said to be in serious condition at bellevue hospital, and the please commissioner said the suspect is making statements. the police commission it would not elaborate on that, but law enforcement tell the associated press, the isis was an influence to carry out or attempt to. it does not appear he had any direct contact with that terror group or any other. bomb squad teams working to clear the suspect's home across the east river in brooklyn this afternoon. investigators say the suspect had strapped a pipe bomb or something like it to himself using velcro and twist ties after researching how to build a low-tech explosive device online. the governor said, the device did not go off as planned. the mayor, bill de blasio, said there is no other credible threats to the city. >> this was an attempted terrorist attack.
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thank god, the perpetrator did not achieve his ultimate goal. there is no additional known incidences at this time. there are no additional known activities. >> shepard: this, the attempted attack at one of the busiest transit centers or transportation centers. the port authority bus terminal and subway complex beneath it. i submitted 220,000 people use that facility day. the botched bombing after the deadliest attack since 9/11. on halloween, man drove a pickup truck down the bike path in lower manhattan, injuring a dozen and killing six. ahead of today's attack, isis supporters was showing this image appearing to threaten attack in times square. that is according to the extremist monitoring group. fax coverage, laura ingle and rick leventhal.
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>> and port authority has not reopened. investigators just getting started. why the suspect would apparently try to blow himself up and kill others in that tunnel that runs below 42nd street this morning. law enforcement sources tell me, they do not believe that akayed ullah had any coconspirators. they believe he acted alone and told authorities, he made that device at work. he had a job at an electric company. the device described as a low-tech pipe bomb. as you said, strapped to his body with velcro and zip ties. a lot of speculation as to whether the device exploded prematurely. we cannot confirm that. i bc it is part of the investigation. you show the video, and there searching the home. the family's home also of course scouring social media and anyone he was connected to.
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i was also told ullah had overseas travels since arriving here in the u.s., shep, since 2,013. >> shepard: it is my understanding, in fact i know it is, they stepped up security around the city. >> the governor announced and had security measures across the state of new york with bridges and tunnels and other mass transit. the guard is along with local police and how to be in full force. they immediately dispatched the groups and critical response teams to stop any follow-up or copycat attacks. here's more from the mayor. >> the first responders responded brilliantly. now, the mission of the nypd is to secure all major transit hubs and major sites in the city.
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>> what we want to give credit where credit is due, shep. the port authority police officers were the first to collect the suspect. jack collins, sean, and anthony manford and dominic were quickly here this morning. during morning rush hour. again, this is remains on high alert remains atop dominic. >> shepard: who is this suspect and back on? laura ingle? >> we are learning a lot more about 27-year-old man. he has been in the country and what he has been doing for work the last couple of years. take a look at the driver's license that we were able to obtain from the new york state. lisa that identified him as a akayed ullah, brooklyn the last seven years but came to the united states as a bangladesh native and 2011 in a family immigrant visa and is a lawful, permanent resident on extended
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family chain migration status. we'll be hearing a lot about that. and criminal history, it does not appear he has one. or in his home and country per checking in with his daily desk, he has no record there, and are to come near and state criminal courts up nothing. the taxi and limousine commission confirmed to fox news he was licensed to drive a delivery cab or a black car from 2012-2015, and investigators have descended upon his neighborhood in brooklyn, and we are told, they are looking at several places of residence. his apartment, possibly that of his parents. police are asking anyone with any information about ullah or what happened today, cell phone video, call the terror hotline. >> shepard: what is his condition? >> he is still in the hospital. does not need surgery. he does have the blast area around his torso when the thing went off.
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they do say his liver will be okay, but lacerations and some injuries. he will be in a hospital for a few days at least until they can get him to the prison ward, which should be two or three days. >> shepard: laura ingle unseen. the white house says 1 of president trump's policies could have prevented today's attack. that is coming up from the news deck on a monday afternoon. shi! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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full-bodied. it's ok that everyone ignores it's fine. drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. >> shepard: the white house
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says one of president trump's immigration policies would have kept the suspect in today's attempted terror attack in new york city out of the united states. chief white house correspondent john roberts is alive on the north one. john? >> the white house is coming back to the point that is favored among the president back in the campaign and now as president in a desperate need for immigration reform. extreme vetting, and people who intend harm, and there is no indication at this point that even though new york bomber came from bangladesh that he wasn't properly vetted before he came into the country. while the president has yet to weigh in on this personally or even on twitter, he did release a tweet yesterday talking about the need to keep people out of the country who will do harm to americans, the department of homeland security did weigh in and say the bomber came in on it f43 43 in 2,000 letter and benefited from chain migration. that would this press secretary
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a short time ago in the briefing room. >> democrats and congress failed to take action in places where you feel we could have invented this, the policy has called for an end to a chain migration, if that was in place, that would've prevented this immigration mike person to come to the united states the president will push forward response will immigration reform and any chain migration would be at the heart of that process. >> or huckabee sanders to indicate the white house, no know about the suspect then they've said publicly. she said, she was not at liberty to disclose that information. >> shepard: the briefing seemed somewhat heated over the media and with the white house called misleading. in fact, sarah sanders called this intensely leaked misleading reporting. >> they talk about misleading reporting and fake news. over the last week, there has
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been at least three cases, shep, when reporting was wrong in one case, spectacularly show the drop points in the dow when it was reported as president trump told michael flynn, the national security advisor when he was a candidate to go make contact with russia. a couple of other cases since that had been walked back. sarah huckabee sanders did challenge my colleagues in the briefing room. she got worked up to the point that have never seen her before. watch this. >> when journalists make honest mistakes, they should own up to it. sometimes, and a lot of times, you do not. i'm sorry -- i am not finished. there is a very big difference between making an honest mistake and purposely misleading the american people. something that happens regularly. you cannot say -- i am not done. you cannot say, you cannot say it is an honest mistake when you
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are purposely putting out information that you know to be false. or when you are taking information that has not been validated, that has not been offered any credibility and continually denied by a number of. >> certainly, the president on a couple of occasions issued dismisses on twitter when given further examination. i'm not exactly sure lined with the facts, but there seems to be a race here to make recently so that news organizations are trying to get after as quickly as possible with the damaging information about the president. in a topic and issue that is this inflammatory, there is a risk that that can come back to bite you. as we have seen in the past week, come back to bite you hard. >> shepard: john roberts at the white house, thank you. morehead on today's attack in new york city, and what we are hearing from the white house. that is next. person who opens it.
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>> shepard: more now on the white house claim that president trump's immigration policy would've prevented today's terror attack in new york city. we turn to ken thomas. how did they say this would have worked? >> their contention is that if there were stronger immigration policies, it may have prevented someone like this to come into the country. we do not have a lot of information yet on the background. we know he was from bangladesh. about seven years ago we believe. the white house is trying to use this as a way to pry congress to work on immigration. they are specifically targeting what they called chain migration. a person can use a family member to get into the country. they are trying to point out that this is a way to get
12:25 pm
through immigration. >> shepard: it is interesting that the president did not mention it. >> he is limited of what he can say at this point. they focused more on the breaking news, and since i got commissary just wanted to leave it. >> shepard: she charge that members of the press had intentionally reported false stories. >> clearly, it is a sensitive spot in the briefing reporter asked sarah about the president tweet over the weekend. it was a photo of the arena that showed a lesson attacked arena. he said that he made a mistake in treating out -- didn't he say, he had taken that picture earlier in the night and it misrepresented the crowd size and he apostatized, right? >> when the issue came out with
12:26 pm
sarah, it struck a nerve. they have cited some of these recent cases, where stories have come out very fast about the president and the news organizations have had to make some sort of correction. it is definitely -- i got tense there in briefing room. >> shepard: also the accusations against the president. and of come from a number of different women today, some of them came together for a news conference as they promoted a movie, and in addition, a number of members of congress calling for the president to resign. that is not a topic that they are interested in either, right? >> if there is a legal term that the white house would like to use the term asked and answered. they have argued that the president answered these questions during the campaign, and even with those allegations out there during the final weeks of the election, the american people elected this president. they would like to move on from
12:27 pm
that. >> shepard: ken thomas from the associated press read thank you for your hard work. we appreciate it. we're learning more more about today's attempted attack near times square. the port authority bus terminal in the subway system below. live update and putting americans on alert by traveling this holiday season. details on that, and it is special election day tomorrow in alabama. much more all head. where to go, and how to work around your uc. that's how i thought it had to be. but then i talked to my doctor about humira, and learned humira can help get and keep uc under control... when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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>> shepard: a fox report, headlines that russian president bennett mayor putin victory over syria after visiting the country. he will pull some troops out of syria. that does not mean it will actually happen. russia started launching air strikes against isis fighters and rebels in syria nearly two years ago, and
12:30 pm
analysts say it helped the dictator stay in power. thousands of people are still in the dark days after the rare snowstorm in the deep south. officials in georgia say nearly 25,000 homes and businesses had no power this morning. also reporting in mississippi, alabama, and louisiana. in firefighters risking a deer from a pond in oregon on. this happened in sunriver, east of eugene. the deer kept falling down, when to try to get up. firefighters used this sled to get the deer to dryland
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>> shepard: updating a story, federal events gives a looking into today's explosion at the subway station here in new york city during the morning rush. chief intelligence chris bonder, catherine herridge. >> counterterrorism source said there's been no claims of responsibility by isis. the limited number of ices accounts are celebrating. we have seen that in previous
12:33 pm
cases with domestic attacks in the states. this money, the house and chairman who gets regular briefings said the threat level is high, but not specific. >> i waved at isis sent a message that we will see you in new york for christmas soon, and so we know that they are directing, targeting attacks around christmas season, not only here in new york, the number one target, but also in europe. >> on thursday, christopher ray testified that there are more than thousand active fbi investigations over all 50 states. while they lost strongholds in iraq and syria, the online recruitment based on this number has not diminished. >> shepard: the bigger picture, what are the analysts saying is ices next move >> the isis online magazine, the
12:34 pm
attack in new york city with the vehicle, but what was significant, is that isis was encouraging followers to flee the scene and survive, rather than be a suicide attacker. the loss of the caliphate in iraq and syria, they are facing a shortage of recruits who are willing to die for the cause. separately, al qaeda is focusing its efforts on women. it issued this magazine online. second edition devoted principally to women issue. not entirely to women's issue. translated from arabic, it is called, "your house." the sense that it mixes the qaeda ideology with raising your children. they're trying to pitch it as not a terrorism group, but really a lifestyle. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington. before today's attack in york city, the state department, whose warning americans about traveling this holiday season, the government put a worldwide caution alert after
12:35 pm
president trump recommends jerusalem as israel's capital, and will move the embassy there. protests against the move continue today. trace gallagher with the details on the warning. what are you also hearing about this worldwide caution? >> they update these warnings every six months or so. with that sense, caution is not unusual, but it is highly unusual for a worldwide caution to be issued, because of a policy decision. in fact, it was a longtime diplomat a correspond a free associated press has already noted the last time a warning was issued based on u.s. policy was in march of 2003 at the start of the iraq war. this is clearly an indication that the government believes that because of the decision to recognize it jerusalem as the capital, americans around the world could be targeted. here is the department. watch. >> it is a worldwide caution. we know that american citizens can be targets. in many places around the world.
12:36 pm
in some instances, we have seen this time of year, one in which americans have been attacked at the holiday time. speak on top of the comments like maintaining a high level of good looks when you travel, they are reminding americans to sign up for the smart travel alert program or step as they call it. that way the government has a way of notifying you if there is an emergency with a terrorist attack in a safety measure to have in your back pocket. >> shepard: we've already seen some violent demonstrations in the middle east. >> a lot of demonstrations in the west bank. we've also seen unrest in bethlehem, which is very popular this time of year. the u.s. diplomatic staff and israel has also been banned from traveling to the west bank and jerusalem old city. although it is fair to note that between different incidents of outrage and at israel, the
12:37 pm
overall response has not been nearly as robust or nearly as violent, although sometimes as we have learned these things take a few days to ferment. we expect all u.s. government facilities worldwide to remain on heightened alert for the near future. of course, travelers should also stay informed. >> shepard: trace gallagher, thank you. the pentagon officials say, they are repairing to allow transgender people to enlist in the military at the beginning of the first of the year after federal judge denied the trump administration's request to push back that date. back in july, president trump tweeted that the military would not accept or allow transgender. a month later, he issued a formal policy. two federal courts ruled against that band. sarah sanders said the justice department is reviewing legal options. it is president trump versus former president obama with a senate seat on the line. the two presidents recording robocalls, but will the
12:38 pm
president the dam cats use obama connect they're trying to have an historic upset tomorrow. we are live in the deep south. as next. ♪ it's red lobster's
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new ultimate surf & turf event. and that means five mouthwatering pairings to choose from. like our new feast with lobster-wrapped scallops and a juicy steak. or a new lobster and seafood-topped filet. tempted? better hurry in, it ends soon. >> shepard: the u.s. senate race in alabama is now a battle between current and former presidents. hours to go. former president obama and former vice president joe biden reporting robocalls for the democratic candidate doug jones, that is what they told fox news but we have not heard those calls play, we do not know if they will use them. we have heard president trump's robocall for the republican roy moore. the president endorsed moore, despite the fact that many women have accused him of sexual misconduct. one said she was 14 years old, and he was 32. moore denies the claims. president trump says his agenda would be stopped cold if voters do not elect moore.
12:42 pm
>> roy moore is the guy we need to pass our make america great again agenda. he is conservative who helped me steer this country back on track after eight years of the obama disaster. get out and vote for roy moore. >> shepard: alabama has not elected a democrat to the senate for 25 years. they are going to have rallies tonight. a source familiar with roy moore tells if we use president trump as "drain the swamp" theme and will be decorations including moss and alligators. peter doocy is following the jones camp versus jonathan and milton city, where roy moore's rally will set. he has been busy. >> this public appearances are few and far between. the last time we saw him was at a similar rally last tuesday.
12:43 pm
the "drain the swamp" theme. we are watching them set up, a dark green camouflage tarp to go along with that "drain the swamp" theme. roy moore is going to be joined once again by a former white house chief strategist, steve bennett, who rallied with moore at his last major appearance at another barn on taking place last tuesday. at that event, steve bannon lashed out against establishment republicans. the g.o.p. is not unified behind moore. here's what alabama and senior richard shelby is saying. >> i'd not advocate for the democrat, but i cannot vote for roy moore. the state of alabama deserves better. >> and a radio interview with breitbart, talking about some of the challenges of this campaign, not only is he fighting against
12:44 pm
democrats, but also elements within his own republican party. in that radio interview, roy moore says the republican establishment actually wants roy moore in there, because they can beat him in two years without a contest. of course, the democrats want jones and therefore their votes. he's fighting both the republican establishment out of washington as well as the democratic party, and that is a big problem moneywise for us. spiel ten is reminding his conservative base, not only of his own socially conservative values, but also strong support for president trump's agenda. president trump remains very strong here in the state of alabama. how is this campaign going over with alabama voters? here's a stamping of public opinion. >> i vote republican, i disagree with the democratic, concerned about roy moore, i think what he is accused of. >> am still undecided. probably leaning to vote for
12:45 pm
roy moore, but i'm really concerned about the allegations. >> i was going to vote for doug jones, . >> again, shep, a state would strongly favor the republican candidate in a statewide race with the allegations against roy moore have completely changed the dynamic. >> shepard: who are we expecting to be there to connect something about a surprise gues guest? >> we know that steve bannon is going to be there. also texas representative is going to be there as well. as far as any additional surprise guests, we will have to wait and see. they are keeping very tight-lipped about a. >> shepard: thank you, jonathan. coverage continues. peter doocy is in birmingham covering doug jones' campaign on the democratic side.
12:46 pm
the democrat here, doug jones with a very fine line as he tries to flip a seat the republicans jeff sessions had for 20 years. he is much more moderate than any of the democrats see or hear washington, d.c. he said on radio and tv ads, he is somebody who can work with the republican senator, richard shelby, without becoming what president trump says, a puppet for chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and the senate. i just talked to his campaign chairman who explained it like this. >> doug jones is nobody's puppe puppet. with good ideas, richard shelby is very important to the state. i look forward to working with shelby. >> the campaign is not leading to much in the polls, turning one way or the other, but they are spending a lot of valuable time on the final day of the race. jumping on unconfirmed reports that roy moore may not have been on the trail for the last few
12:47 pm
days, because he may have gone to the army-navy football game in philadelphia over the weekend. we heard from the candidate and just now in montgomery. >> how may times have you seen a candidate for an office as important as united state senate flee the state the weekend before an election? it goes to show that there is no sense of duty to the people in this state. he is out for a personal agenda. that is all he has cared about, ever since he started his career. that is not what the doug jones campaign is about. >> jones has talked a little bit about the allegations about his opponent. he said a few minutes ago in montgomery, he thinks his campaign, the democrat side is about empowering women but otherwise not a ton of talk about that in his campaign. time if humans will come if they are counting on a lot of people voting for him, because they like him, not just because they
12:48 pm
dislike roy moore. a busy day today for doug jones. he was in birmingham, montgomery, and went back here tonight for a rally with a surprise guests. we have no idea. >> again, surprise on both sides. no secret to what his path to success. it revolves around the city where you are. >> him and cory booker were here this weekend. saturday and sunday. also had former massachusetts governor. they were trying to motivate african-american voters in birmingham area to get out. they may have not been motivated before, but very enthusiastic speeches to an event, he had about 100 people turn out. booker gave a rousing speech where he said he thinks alabama's reputation is on the line, and people may not look so finally upon alabama elsewhere
12:49 pm
as roy moore becomes the senator from the state. everywhere you go, car, radio, tv, there are a ton of ads. jones is really trying to cast himself, not as a progressive, which some of the leaders in d.c. are trying to steer the party, he says he is a moderate and wants to work with republicans. he has a lot of guts and wants her vote. >> shepard: peter doocy in alabama. thank you very much. three women who accused president trump of sexual harassment are calling for congress to investigate the president. on the left, rachel, former receptionist at trump tower. she said she introduced himself to mr. trump and he started kissing her cheek, and then kissed her directly in the mouth. her and the other women say lawmakers who put aside politics and looking to the claims against the president. >> objective setting with -- it's a moment record would have
12:50 pm
entered the graveyard of political aspirations, never to return. here we are with that man as the president. >> shepard: this came up in the news conference, and here is how the white house responded. >> the president has addressed these accusations directly and denied all these allegations and took place long before he was to become president, and the people of this country in a decisive election supported president trump and we feel like these allegations have been answered. >> shepard: in a statement earlier, the white house suggested the women were on a publicity tour with a documentary about more than a dozen women, who have accused president trump of sexual harassment in one form of another. also hosting today's news conference. next, an update on the deadly wildfires that have torn through southern california. new images from the firefight. that is next.
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>> shepard: a wildfire alert, the most destructive wildfire in 15% contained in this hour. a week after it started a small brushfire commit pushing west and threatening to new areas and new evacuations today. here's a view over santa barbara county today. that is north and west of l.a. one of several wildfires around the state with images for you in our slideshow this afternoon. here's the first one. this is from santa barbara county, and you can see the flames racing towards a home -- and what is occult? this next picture also of reduction in wind, and they're
12:55 pm
mighty thankful for that. i will helicopter dropping water. more news and a fire engine with the same flames. no rest for the weary and southern california. north korean dictator, kim jong own is apparently so powerful, he can control the weather. kim jong own ascended to the nine 9,000-foot tower, and we got there, a blizzard made way. media also reporting that kim jong own reflected on his nuclear ambition while at the top of that mountain where the fine weather broke out. saudi arabian government listing a longtime band on movie theaters. the prince's move to move back ultraconservative laws in september, the government announced it would let women
12:56 pm
drive. saudi arabia was shut down in the 1980s theaters. hardliners accused movies of being depraved. movies did not respond. filmic assay the band did not make any sense in the age of youtube. we will be back with the landmark mission to the moon and it got there on this day. excuse me a minute...
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>> on this day in 1972, nasa landed its last astronaut on the moon. apollo 17 launched four days earlier. the lunar roving vehicle traveled the farthest of any apollo mission. one of the astronauts who walked on the moon was a trained geologist, the first for nasa, and the crew brought back more rocks and soil than previous trips. the apollo 17 commander still holds the title of last man to walk on the moon after touching down 45 years ago. today.
1:00 pm
as news breaks out, will break it and come in anything changes. "your world " with neil cavuto. i am shepard smith in new york could have a good afternoon. >> neil: all right, the rush hour is on. beefing up security at airports and bridges and tunnels in mass transit systems in the wake of today's terror attack in the new york city subway system. it is not just the conservative big apple, but pretty much across the country. any major transit hub whether at a big locale or not, they are learning a lot more about the suspected bomber. they darn near pulled it off. >> the suspect reported that they were inspired by the isis call to commit terror attacks during the christmas holiday. they were walking in the subway car when they saw a holiday poster and that set them


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