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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 12, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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you've been pretty healthy. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next. bret has special coverage of the election in alabama. bret, and he recovered from being on "the five"? >> chris: just barely. thanks, dana. this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier coming to you live from america's election headquarters studios in new york. its decision day for voters in deep red alabama who are being asked to choose between a republican nominee for senate wounded by allegations of sexual misconduct and a democrat painted as a liberal puppet by the national party and by president trump. we have complete coverage here on fox. we have just received new information on who is voting for whom and why. important stuff. fox news voter analysis. my colleague and anchor of
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""fox news @ night,"" shannon bream. >> hopped off the presses. using a unique combination of polling information and data. people are still voting and we will learn more. here are some initial responses. when asked about the president's impact on their decision to vote, here's what we learned for the vast majority, 67%, said the president was not a factor for them in voting today. 21% said their vote was about expressing support for the president and 12% said they wanted to send a message that they oppose him. we know the president has repeatedly, talked about electing roy moore, what it will do to the g.o.p. agenda. how important his vote would be. what were the most important factors for voters? 92% said the candidates morality it was a key factor for them. party control came in second at 88%. abortion was the third most important factor in the
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allegations against moore finished fourth. number three, abortion, a hot topic in alabama. when asked how important the positions were, 34% of jones voters said it was critical. nearly double, 63% of moore voters said it was very important to them. we also want to hear from people who decided not to vote. we have a way to reach out to them. here's what our research reveals. a majority of the nonvoters say the allegations against moore were important in their decision to stay home altogether. 59% say that kept them at home, versus 41%. more data trickling in. we'll keep you updated. >> bret: interesting, thank you. at this point, it looks like it could be a tough race to call at this point. martha maccallum, my cohost for tonight's coverage, is here.
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it's exciting. >> it certainly is. you look at areas around huntsville, mobile, birmingham, suburban areas, the vote will be watched closely. suburban women, how did they react? african-american voters really important as well. >> bret: turn out as the big factor but also as the polls going in, it's tough because of the dynamics in this race. we have our decision desk. >> of the things that makes it hard to predict is you have a candidate who has had many allegations. it's possible some people are saying they are undecided but they are going to wind up voting for this guide. democrats aren't supposed to be competitive in alabama and there is some evidence this guy can win. that's so challenging to accept. >> bret: the gap could be one way or another, pretty big. >> in the recent polling, 3.5%
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margin, which is what you see in terms of the margin of error in senate races. you have the factor, because of the nature of the race and the controversy over the allegations against roy moore, it's plausible there are a lot of people who didn't answer the phone, don't want to respond. they may walk in and pull the lever for roy moore. >> bret: we saw that in the general election people said they either weren't voting are warned voting for donald trump but when they got in the booth, they did that. >> speaks to the divisiveness in the country. i think it is reflected in these polling devices. there was a time people would be asked by upholsterer and the assumed it was an unbiased person who wanted to know their opinion. now i think people see gremlins behind these things in many ways and they are suspicious. they may not be revealing their true feelings. >> bret: we are going to get
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more data along the way. i will come visit you on "the story." we'll do cuttings throughout the night. who do you think should win tonight in alabama? let me know on twitter @bretbaier. use the hashtag #specialreport or on facebook at meantime, president trump tweeted early today he believes the people of alabama will look to the right thing in today's election. in his words, he is supporting moore. the president is dealing with calls for him to step down, released face an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations from multiple accusers. his attention-grabbing tweet of the day and new calls for another special prosecutor to look into potential conflicts of interest involving the justice department and fbi officials in the russia probe. another busy day at the white house. here is john roberts. >> good evening.
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the president is looking at an investigation into russia that he has not agreed with for a long, long time. his outside counsel looking at new revelations surrounding the associate deputy attorney general they say warranted a new special counsel. jacek yellow called for the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into numerous revelations. fox news reported that bruce ohr was demoted after it was revealed he met with two people associated with the unverified dossier about president trump in 2016. ohr met with glenn simpson, the founder of fusion gps, and christopher steele, the former spy. yesterday we learned ohr's wife worked for fusion gps during the presidential campaign. today the white house stopped short of endorsing the call for another special prosecutor. >> if we are going to continue
quote quote
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to investigate things, let's look at something where there is some real evidence and real proof of wrongdoing. >> the president's legal team has not made any type of formal request. attorney general jeff sessions spoke to fox news producer jake gibson said he already has a senior attorney in place to review such cases. >> to recommend to me if standards for special counsel are met and the recommended one should be established. >> president trump did not weigh in today, his only public appearance, to assign the national defense authorization act for it on twitter, the president lashed out against kirsten gillibrand for demanding he resign in the face of renewed accusations of sexual impropriety. the president tweeting: "lightweight senator kirsten gillibrand, a total flunky for chuck schumer and someone who would come to my office "begging" for campaign contributions not so long ago and would do anything for them,
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gillibrand and many others read it that she would trade sexual favors. >> i will not be silenced. neither will the woman who stood up to the president yesterday. >> elizabeth warren frequently a target of president trump leapt to gillibrand's defense, tweeting "are you trying to bully, intimidate, and slut shame senator gillibrand?" sarah sanders said that your mind out of the gutter. the president was talking about access and catering to special interests. >> talking about political games people play and the broken system he has talked about repeatedly. this isn't new. >> in the middle of this back-and-forth, president trump is preparing for a speech tomorrow build as a closing argument for tax reform.
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the white house is confident the house and senate will reconcile differences in conference tomorrow. mark short concedes the president mayhap do except a slightly higher corporate tax rate. >> the president has been consistent about 20%. if there's changes, it depends on what you're getting in exchange. we are optimistic if anything bumps up, there will be other cuts elsewhere. >> tomorrow the energy secretary rick perry will be attending a so-called one, two, three agreement meeting, to discuss american nuclear reactors. as part of the agreement, the president is considering relaxing the rules regarding the enrichment of uranium. according to administration sources, tomorrow's meeting is to determine "how to ensure proper safeguards without being so dogmatic and uncompromising" that it costs thousands of american jobs and american
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businesses billions. >> bret: thank you. we have no information tonight that may undercut the claims of a so-called whistle-blower in the investigation of former national security advisor michael flynn. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tells us what she has learned. >> reports a whistle-blower says michael flynn began potentially selling out the trump administration within minutes of donald trump taking office. figure the allegations against the president's former national security advisor from the house government oversight committee senior democrat were closer. >> boasting that sanctions again russia will be ripped up. >> in a letter, congressman elijah cummings had a whistle-blower and come forward with a evidence that flynn told the business associate their plans to build nuclear reactors in the middle east are good to go. the business associate responded to the allegations with his company providing this letter.
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as evidence they say there was no communication between the men on january 20. adding other allegations of the whistle-blower are equally false and unfounded. congressman cummings wants a transcribed interview with a witness, former justice to foreign officials suggested there may be a rush to judgment. >> i think people often get in partial information or they filter information to the lengths they want to see things through. they will hear something that the administration did. they will immediately say a half. a smoking gun we've been looking for. >> the politicization of the russian investigation and intelligence were further stored in a candid interview with mike morrell. >> gets the first intelligence briefing after becoming the nominee and within 24 hours, there are leaks. they are critical of him and his national security advisor michael flynn. >> morel said they should put themselves in the president's shoes. >> this starts to build and he
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must've said, what is it with the intelligence guys? >> today the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee secured a deal for the fbi's deputy director who, allegations of political bias in the clinton email and russian investigations, to testify next behind closed doors. andrew mccabe was scheduled to testify today but didn't. >> bret: thank you. let's get some perspective on the investigations and we have been learning. senior political analyst brit hume joins us tonight. good evening. >> hi, bret. >> bret: your thoughts. >> i must say having listened to their report, it looks like a lash of cummings conclusions hastily reached. the evidence we have seems to show that this incident involving flynn may not have occurred at all. the fortunate thing is it isn't one more example of some media outlets getting involved. if you looked at the beginning
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of the msnbc piece shown at the beginning of catherine's peace, evidence flynn sold out the administration. i'm not sure if the story was true, that was a conclusion that could be reached. too much bad information. the problem is it is feeding these calls to have an independent investigation of the so-called independent special counsel investigation. pretty weird. >> bret: it is getting muddy. to that point, you have people looking at how the doj has handled, the people dealing with this investigation, like ohr and his wife working for fusion gps on the trump dossier. >> that's right. we do have some intersections here between people working on the clinton investigation or senior in the justice department during them and who are now in
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some way, have some role in the current special counsel investigation. in addition to mr. ohr and his wife and their connections in the fact that ohr apparently met with a representative of fusion gps. all of this is getting pretty sick and this plot is going to somehow have to be unraveled. all these connections are going to have to be spoken to. of course at the same time, you have stonewalling going on with the fbi and justice department and fellow republicans on the hill and that raises all kinds of questions. why don't the people testify, provide the documents? we have a real witches brew of different elements. makes this picture muddier than it's been for a long time.
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>> bret: quickly, the president's attorney saying tonight that the special console and that office has told them they are done, with white house officials being interviewed. they believe they are weeks or a month or so away from the end of the investigation. we have heard that before. seems like it's starting to come to an end. >> there are a couple ways to look at it. one is, self-serving of the administration to say it's coming to an end and you heard the president's lawyers have been saying that. the problem is of course that these are the people that are actually in touch more than anybody with the special counsel's office, setting up interviews and the rest. they may indeed have a better sense of how far along this investigation is than anybody else. we will have to wait and see what i don't think we can rule out there right. >> bret: okay, as always, thank you. see you later tonight. senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley
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expressing concern to the white house about two of the presidents judicial nominees. up for a spot on the federal bench in texas that in 2015 that transgender children are evidence of "satan's plan." bret talley, nominated in alabama, defended the early ku klux klan in an online message board. grassley says they need to look at those nominees. california firefighter struggling to keep flames generated by one of the largest wildfires in state history from roaring into downtown neighborhoods and some of these towns. seaside towns in ventura county remain at risk. the fire is 20% contained. it's been burning for more than a week. the men charged with executing a failed terror attack here in new york city yesterday apparently flying under the radar. we will tell you what we know about him now and how it may affect u.s. policy when we come back.
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♪ >> bret: the suspect in yesterday's terror attack in ia new york settable a platform is facing federal charges. we are learning the man posted a message for president trump on social media. but was not known to authorities before the bombing. senior correspondent rick leventhal it's outside the port authority bus terminal here in new york. >> authority say the location and timing of monday's terror attack below the port authority bus terminal in new york city was no accident. they say the suspect akayed ullah has admitted he wanted to hurt as many people as possible with his homemade pipe bomb. >> in the middle of rush hour,
3:21 pm
as every day new yorkers hurried to their jobs, to their schools, ready to start the work week and get going with their busy lives, one man came to kill, to maim, and to destroy. >> ullah faces five terror charges, use of weapon of mass destruction and bombing a public place. his radicalization began in 2014 and he told them "i did it for the islamic state." the 27-year-old brooklyn resident emigrated from bangladesh on a family visa in february 2011. benefiting from the extended family chain migration program allowing him into the rest of the because a relative won a visa through a lottery. it's a system president trump says needs to be fixed. >> there have now been two terrorist attacks in new york city in recent weeks carried out by foreign nationals here on green cards.
3:22 pm
the first attacker came through the visa lottery in the second through chain migration. we are going to end both of them. the lottery system and chain migration. we're going to end them. fast. >> on the morning of the attack, authorities say ullah posted a message on facebook, writing "trump, you failed to protect your nation." they also say they found a note in his passport saying america, die in your rage. they say the bomb was built in ullah's apartment. a pipe triggered by christmas lights connected to a battery. law enforcement sources say some parts were collected from jobsites where ullah worked as an electrician. officials admit the scene would've been worse if the bomb had detonated instead of fizzled. investigators have question family members reportedly including a teenager and 4-year-old pulled out of class on monday. >> the investigation is ongoing.
3:23 pm
we do not stop because we haven't the individual charged. our ongoing priority is to always identify other potential operatives and address potential threats. >> the u.s. attorney's office tells us ullah will most likely be formally presented with new charges against him tomorrow and that could happen in the hospital room where he is recovering from the wounds he sustained when the bomb went off on his body. the penalties for the charges he now faces range from 20 years to life in prison. bret. >> bret: rick leventhal outside the port authority. thanks. president trump assigned a sweeping defense policy bill that authorizes a $700 billion budget for the u.s. military. it includes additional spending on missile defense programs, to counter north korea's growing clear weapons threat. the budget won't become reality into lawmakers agree to roll of 2011 law that set strict limits on federal spending.
3:24 pm
the federal government took in a record amount for november and also spent a record amount of money. treasury department figures show the deficit for last month was $138.5 billion, up about 1.5% from last year. stocks mixed. dow surged 119 to close in another record. s&p 500 up 4 for another record close. nasdaq dropped 13. up next, we go live to the front lines in alabama and checking on the senate campaigns of doug jones and roy moore. it is election night in america, in alabama. we are covering it here. i accept i don't conquer
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3:28 pm
those surveyed think the sexual misconduct allegations against roy moore are true. for those who consider a candidate's personal morality very important to their vote, 56% of those chose doug jones. 40% voted for moore. we have fox team coverage. doug mckelway covering the doug jones team in birmingham. we begin with jonathan serrie with the roy moore campaign in montgomery. >> that evening. fox news has learned if roy moore wins tonight's election, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell plans to call a meeting of all g.o.p. senators to discuss messaging and whether to launch an ethics committee investigation. as for roy moore, he literally rode to the polls on horseback. this is his normal election day tradition. this particular campaign has been anything but normal for moore. the republicans facing an unexpectedly competitive race in
3:29 pm
this red state because of allegations of sexual impropriety. >> judge moore, are you prepared to face an ethics committee investigation? >> the moore campaign has accused outside interests of meddling in the race but at his rally last night, moore paraded prominent supporters from out of state, including former texas congressman louie gohmert, former milwaukee sheriff david clark and former white house chief strategist steve bannon. the campaign faces some criticism for comments moore's wife made during her introduction. listen. >> fake news would tell you we don't care for jews. one of our attorneys is a jew. we have varying close friends who are jewish and rabbis and we fellowship with them. >> moore's supporters insist
3:30 pm
those comments or a heartfelt outreach to the jewish community. supporters gathered here for what they hope will be a victory party. fox news has learned "the washington post" has been denied access to tonight's event. back to you. >> bret: interesting. jonathan serrie in montgomery. thank you. we will follow that. doug jones says today's election is all about whether decency will prevail. corresponded doug mckelway is with the jones campaign tonight in birmingham. good evening. >> good evening. we spoke to doug jones campaign manager earlier. he said they expect an extremely close vote. he said we're going to work as hard as we possibly can to get each and every one of our voters out before the polls close at 7:00 p.m. central, 8:00 p.m. eastern. he said we are taking nothing for granted. earlier this morning, jones voted, cast his ballot in the
3:31 pm
well-to-do birmingham suburb of mountain brook. >> this is an important time in alabama's history, and we feel very confident where we are and how this is going to turn out. >> polls have been widely divergent that it's virtually impossible to tell who's going to win but if doug jones is to pull out a victory, there are two things he must do. first, he must succeed in painting roy moore's alleged behavior is so inappropriate that republican women don't vote or vote for for a write-in cane or vote for the democrat, jones. more importantly, he needs to get out the african-american vote to get them to come out in greater numbers than the percentage of registered voters. they make up about 25% of the population in alabama. jones has trotted out a veritable who's who's of african-american leaders. new jersey senator cory booker and former basketball star charles barkley, who played at
3:32 pm
auburn. jones is well-positioned to be much admired by african-americans in the state of alabama. he is from a blue-collar family. his dad worked at a steel mill in birmingham. he was a staff consul for alabama's esteemed democratic senator. he won perhaps most apparently the conviction of two former klansman in the bombing in the 14th street baptist church. his problem is that alabama is that a truly red state. donald trump learned that in 2016 when he beat hillary clinton by a margin of 63% to 35%. doug jones is support for obamacare, climate change, lgbt rates, does not sit well with alabama voters. >> bret: minutes before the polls close. thank you. overseas, less than two months from the start of the winter olympic games in south korea. as you might imagine, recent
3:33 pm
tensions with north korea over its nuclear weapons program have pretty much everyone associated with the games extremely concerned. greg palkot shows us how they are getting ready. >> preparing for the worst at the upcoming winter olympic games in south korea. police going through drills at the site 50 miles south of the heavily militarized border between north and south korea. fears pyongyang could target the games with hostagetaking, a chemical attack, even a bomb-laden drone. >> translator: please keep in mind accidents always happen when no one has expected. >> south korea is reportedly asking the u.s. to delay joint military exercises until all the winter games are over. pyongyang sees the exercises as rehearsal for war. >> if it doesn't have a major impact on the readiness of u.s. and south korean forces to defend south korea, then i think
3:34 pm
it's fine. >> there were more drills this week by the u.s. and allies in the waters off the korean peninsula. kim jong un was cheering on his side, meeting with officials and scientists behind the recent launch of an icbm capable of targeting the u.s. speeches today, secretary of state tillerson said diplomacy is still possible. because i tell people many times, i will continue our diplomatic efforts until the first bomb drops. >> a footnote from another era, the u.s.-north korea tensions. 77-year-old charles robert jenkins has died, a u.s. soldier in 1965, he defected to north korea and was used for propaganda. he later married a japanese abductee and return to rome in 2004 where the u.s. gave him a token sentence for desertion. secretary tillerson went on to say today the military planners have a range of contingencies regarding north korea and they are ready.
3:35 pm
>> bret: greg palkot live in london. thanks. up next, house republicans offer a new investigation into how the fbi handled the hillary clinton email scandal, the uranium one case, and how the doj is handling the early days of the russia probe. we will talk live to two members. beyond our borders, one person was killed and at least 20 hurt in an explosion at a major national gas facility near austria's border with slovakia. the pipelines bring gas from russia, norway, and other countries. official site with the calais technical costs for the explosion. police say the situation is under control. france's president has announced a dozen international projects that will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to fight climate change. emmanuel macron is hosting 164 world leaders at a global warming summit in paris. the conference aims to counter president trump's rejection of the 2015 paris climate of corporate firefighters in italy used helicopters and rubber
3:36 pm
dinghies to evacuate stranded residents of a town that flooded. heavy rain and snow has hampered travel in stretches of northern italy with train severely delayed. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. is in full swing. ( ♪ ) you are going to be a big surprise. (whining) aww, i see a big puppy. i see a b-i-i-g pu-u-ppy. hey greg! that's ford, america's best-selling brand. now get exclusive holiday offers, with 0% financing for 72 months across a full line up. for a limited time, get an additional $1,000 cash back on top of 0% financing for 72 months. get these exclusive offers during the ford year end sales event.
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with advil's fast relief, you'll ask, "what pulled muscle?" "what headache?" nothing works faster to make pain a distant memory. advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. what pain? stay when a group of lawmakers want a new investigations of the fbi's treatment of the hillary clinton email scandal. they want a closer look at the uranium one case and how the justice department handled the early days of the russia probe. joining us now from capitol hil capitol hill, matt gaetz and ohio congressman jim jordan. thanks for being here. you were on the floor today. what are you calling for? >> we have seen a double standard of bias the benefits
3:40 pm
hillary clinton and works against president trump. hillary clinton was investigated by her own fan club essentially and we are finding out that bob mueller's team was essentially selected when he was fishing in the "never trump" aquarium. it's hard to win when you got together team, the referees wearing the jersey of the other team. you have mr. ohr's wife getting paid by the fusion gps company that put together this fake dossier. calls into question the integrity of the investigation. >> bret: congressman jordan, are you calling for special counsel to investigate the special consul? >> we called for a second special consul for and a half months ago. it needs to happen. with each day as we learn more and more it reinforces this idea that you had the james comey fbi and obama justice department coordinating with the clinton campaign to go after president trump. think about what we learned, the dossier paid for by the clinton
3:41 pm
campaign, democratic national committee, who paid the law firm and paid fusion gps and paid christopher steele who paid russia to put together this fake dossier that we believe was the basis for securing warrants at the fisa court. that's what we have to find out about. that's why we are calling for a second special counsel. >> i asked trey gowdy about the call for a special counsel on t. here's what he said. >> these are trump people. special counsel just means we either don't think you can do your job and the women and men we pay millions of dollars dude to run the doj. so we're going to find somebody who is not part of doj and give them a bunch of fbi agents an old, by the way, the fbi has issues right now. special counsel is not a panacea. we need a serious investigation. who does it is immaterial to me. >> look, i mean, i think trey
3:42 pm
gowdy has a lot of affection for the department of justice and the fbi. our problem is that senior officials at those agencies, below the director and attorney general, are being implicated for bias. how can we allow the department of justice to conduct this investigation when the head of counterintelligence had his wife moonlighting for the fusion gps company digging up fake dirt on the president. we have to have clean eyes, and outcome we can rely on and with the fbi and department of justice, there's far too much bias, too much evidence of coordination with president trump's enemies. we can't trust them. >> bret: is this the problem for attorney general sessions? is he at fault? >> he doesn't know where his recusal starts and stops. that was evidence four weeks ag ago. no one likes special councils but when the attorney general doesn't know where his recusal begins and ends and robert mueller is inherently compromised on uranium one. one of the top guys of the
3:43 pm
justice department, bruce ohr meeting with glenn simpson and christopher steele, the guy who wrote and paid for the dossier. and his wife is employed by them. you don't think there's a conflict? we don't like special consuls either but there is no other way to get to the truth for the american people. that's why we called for at four and a half months ago and it needs to happen. >> bret: when you hear congressman schiff say there may not be specific evidence of collusion but there is circumstantial evidence and he lays out how he laid it out this weekend, what do you say? >> i would say there's a heck of a lot of evidence of collusion between the democrats on russia. like mr. jordan said, the wife of a senior official of the department of justice was getting paid by the people who were getting paid by the democratic party to go and pay russians to tell lies about the president. that is de facto collusion. i think there is a heck of a lot more circumstantial evidence,
3:44 pm
there is real evidence. the question is whether the entire narrative about president trump and russia was made up to cover up the collusion between democrats and russia, and that's what the evidence seems to be pointing to. it is why we are asking the question. we don't have the answers. that's one of the reasons why we are bringing mr. rosenstein tomorrow to the judiciary committee and we hope he will give us answers because the attorney general and fbi director, they didn't give us answers but they don't think the american people deserve to know whether they are taxpayer money was used to discredit the sitting president. i think the american people do deserve to know and that's why we are pressing on. >> bret: congressman jordan. >> that's exactly right for a jeff sessions wouldn't answer our questions. christopher wray wouldn't answer our questions. hopefully mr. rosenstein will be better. we were going to press him just as hard. this is the judiciary committee. primary responsibility, oversight of the justice department. they won't give us the
3:45 pm
information we need. they won't answer the questions. if that's the case, i don't know any other remedy logically you can get to than a second special counsel. >> bret: there are some conservatives in talk radio and other places were saying all of the calls for president trump to step down for past sexual misconduct allegations are coming because this russia probe is not going where they think it's going to go. do you believe that? what do you think of today's exchange with senator gillibrand? >> i think the left has gone crazy over the fact that donald trump is the president. they will do anything to try to distract us from the important work we are doing to improve quality of life for the american people, improve our economy, regulatory environment, so we've got to make sure the president's time in office is not clouded by these fake allegations that have been ginned up by people. don't forget andrew weissmann, number two guy in the mueller
3:46 pm
probe, was that hillary clinton's victory party, praising sally yates when she defined in order for the president. i think you're good to hear from the left these different excuses and circumstances why donald trump shouldn't be president. the reality is he is our president and we should be working together. >> bret: congressman, we appreciate your time. we promise we are going to cover all elements of these investigations. next up, the all-star panel on the alabama special senate election tonight. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. yea, s#stuffynoset this cold
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♪ >> we are alabama. we are republicans. >> i'm not talking to accusers
3:50 pm
today. >> i voted for conservative judges, traditional family values, second amendment, and against abortion. >> how are you feeling? >> exuberant. >> it's a clear choice. >> it's about decency and integrity. >> will make a difference if we come out. >> we await the outcome of the alabama senate race. >> bret: well, it could be a barn burner in alabama. it is election night for the senate special election. roy moore, doug jones. where are we? our panel: lisa boothe, chris stirewalt, and caitlin huey-burns. before we go further, you've been in the deep, dark room, the decision desk. looking at motor analysis -- voter analysis. what do you god? >> turnout looks robust.
3:51 pm
speculation from election officials in alabama we were in the ca 25% turnout. we're looking at approaching the kind of numbers you would see in the midterm. real engagement, voters coming out. may not be great news for roy moore. >> bret: that's the question, for their new voters are somehow energized by all the controversy to come out. >> this has become a nationalized special election certainly. you've democrats talking about this as a way to set a message. you have republicans concerned about the election. this would be the first congressional election we've seen in which national republicans might be rooting against their own candidate in this race in roy moore. concerned about how to deal with him if he's elected tonight. >> bret: to that point, roy moore did a radio interview today in which he was asked about a senate ethics investigation possibly if he wins the election. here's what he said.
3:52 pm
>> it does not concern me. it would be unconstitutional. under article one, section five, it's not a qualification for office and it's not, if it were true, it's not true. not only not true. they don't have that jurisdiction. >> bret: not the smoothest closing argument. >> that's what republicans are grappling with. if moore, wins, what do you do? expel a duly elected member of the senate when voters had knowledge of the allegations? this election is a national election democrats are making. there is a reason conyers and senator franken were forced to step aside. democrats are looking at 2018 and 2020. democrats held a press conference today.
3:53 pm
making it about president trump. they are flawed without, looking opportunistic. nancy pelosi not too long ago was saying franken was an icon. gillibrand has embraced people like bill clinton until it was no longer politically expedient. we don't know what other shoes are going to drop with these allegations. >> bret: with other lawmakers? >> right, do they make 2020 and other referendum on identity politics question mike didn't serve them well and not focusing on the issues. >> bret: clearly looks like the democrats are clearing the plate to make this an issue in 2018. the press conference got the president fired up. he went to twitter saying: "lightweight senator kirsten gillibrand, a total flunky for chuck schumer and someone who would come to my office "begging" for campaign contributions not so long ago and would do anything for them is now in the ring fighting against trump. very disloyal to bill and crooked-used!" here's the senator responding.
3:54 pm
>> it was a sexist attempting to silence my voice and i will not be silenced on this issue. neither will the women who stood up to the president yesterday. >> that tweet was nasty, unbecoming of a president. senator gillibrand is an outstanding member of the senate. the president needs to cut it out with the tweeting. >> bret: the white house said he has used that terminology before, talking about men who asked him for donations on both sides of the aisle. >> they made that argument, i think given the backdrop in terms of the cultural change, it could be taken as very insensitive. and open-ended. i do think democrats carry risks in politicizing this. but for now, they think this is an energizing moment for them, being able to say we cleared our decks, putting the spotlight back on the president ahead of these midterms, especially given
3:55 pm
how much the ground has shifted in the past few weeks in congress with these allegations. >> bret: what are we looking for tonight? >> pay attention to birmingham. i'm sorry to the rest of alabama. going to be paying very close attention to birmingham and suburbs, that's where jones has to run up the score. that's the whole thing right there. a little bit on the gulf coast but birmingham and suburbs, that's where it's at, that's where he's got to do it if he has a chance to be the first democrat to be elected statewide since 2006. >> bret: panel, thank you very much. when we come back, will hear from an interesting intro to voting.
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
our special coverage later this evening. but, if you want to see how roy moore's horse sassy, he rode in to vote interacted with some of our cam are as, we can show you that right now. >> we are dealing with horses right now and these cameras frighten the horses. >> get away. get away with the cameras, everybody, you will frighten the horses. >> y'all better back up, man, because when they get crowded out, they get really excited. >> get them away, you will get run over. >> is that a pal mean know, sir? >> no it's tennessee walker. >> what's the name of your horse, sir. >> tennessee walker. >> get out of the way, guys. >> fueled by the president has become a significant [inaudible] pretty bret says he was not in to the cameras but in to riding him into the voting booth. so thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special
4:00 pm
report" fair, balanced and unafraid. we have complete coverage tonight. the story hosted by my colleague, martha maccallum starts right now. i will see martha at the end of her show. >> martha: thank you, bret. we will see you in a little bit. breaking tonight 59 minutes and counting now before the polls close in alabama. then we have a story to tell, folks. we are about to get the first results so what message are alabama voters about to send to washington? and to the country tonight? about what they care about most. good evening, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. conservative fire brand roy moore you saw him ride off on his horse sassy there showing up to vote as he always does on horseback. he defied president trump earlier in this race and got a boost from steve bannon. he won the primary. and then the bombshell allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls dropped last month. will conservative voters stick with him tonight? as democrats rally behind doug jones. a candidate that president trump has called proabortion, weak onme


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