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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 18, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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heather: 93-year-old and his family are looking for the woman to thank her. the veteran donated the cash, that's the reason for the season, right? "fox & friends first" continues right now. ly see you back here tomorrow. have a great day, bye. >> you're expect to go check into a flight and you find out that it's canceled, a lot of plans that are ruined. rob: monday december 18th, fox news alert. chaos in atlanta, georgia, crippling blackout at the world's busiest airport causing a holiday travel nightmare, thousands of people stranded for 11 hours in the dark. the scramble this morning to get things back on track. >> no i'm not, no. >> president trump setting the record straight. rob: putting america first, commander in chief unveiling a new security strategy, what we
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just learned about the big announcement and what it means for the nation of china. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> nice look at midtown manhattan. carley shimkus. rob: good to have you here. carley: big girl chair. i do have a cold. rob: happy monday. i'm rob schmitt, thanks for starting your day with us. we begin with a fox news alert today. lights are back on at the
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world's busiest airport. carley: massive power outage brought airport in atlanta to complete standstill for 11 years more than 1,000 flights in and out grounded, passengers stranded in dark terminals and trapped on planes for hours. >> the lights flickered once, that was really scary and thought hopefully nothing happens, they flickered again and didn't come back. >> i literally spent 7 hours on plane without food or water. >> we had to go through tunnels, scary. >> a fire at underground local facility is to blame, 300 flights already canceled this morning as we begin one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, now, we will have much more on this in live report from the atlanta airport over the next half hour. rob: terrible timing. carley: awful, awful timing. rebuilding military and taking on terror. president trump making good on
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his america first promise. rob: he is set to unveil his first national security strategy today and kelly wright is live in washington with the first look at what exactly we can expect on this, hey, kelly. kelly: hey rob and carley. good to see you as well. the president is excited about his administration's national security strategy and that he personally wants to introduce it to the american people. so he will deliver his first major speech on this topic later today. here is what we can expect from the commander in chief starting with senior administration officials say he will lay out four pillars of national security strategy, protecting the homeland, promoting american prosperity, preserving peace through strength and advancing american influence abroad. during weekly address, the president urged congress to stop playing politics with the military and provide more funding for the military and to end chain migration to protect
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the homeland. >> it is time to create a merit-based immigration system that makes sense for a modern economy, selecting new arrivals based on their ability to support themselves financially and to make positive contributions to u.s. society. this process begins with congress passing a bill to end chain migration and also end the visa lottery. >> on the economic front, the president will talk about the imbalance of trade the u.s. has with china. fox news sunday treasury secretary mnuchin discontinued the administration's push for fair trade. >> this isn't about trade wars, this is about reciprocal fair trade and if we have to protect american workers and put on tariffs or other things where they are -- they don't have fair trade with us, the president will do that. >> and senior administration officials also say that national security strategy documented is mandated by law and must be
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given to congress, the official adds no administration has ever finished it in its first year, the trump administration has completed it in 11 months. back to you. rob: okay, kelly, thank you so much. today kicks off a big week on capitol hill, investigators from our nation's top agencies will be grilled about allegations of bias within fbi and department of justice. carley: everyone is asking will president trump fire robert mueller, todd pirro joins us with that and the latest of the investigation that's changing by the way. >> good to see you, bruce ohr expect today testify. you will recall he's the former associate deputy attorney general demoted at the justice department in the wake of revelations about undisclosed meetings he had with officials from fusion gps. that's the company that commissioned the antitrump dossier containing salacious
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allegations about then candidate donald trump or his wife, nelly who worked at fusion gps specifically on trump-related issues. tomorrow is fbi director andrew mccabe, he will appear before house intelligence committee. particular interest is text in mccabe's office referencing an insurance policy if trump won the election. president trump was asked yesterday about rumors he will fire russia special counsel robert mueller. >> no i'm not. no. >> but there's the slew of trump transition which trump team lawyers say were obtained illegally. >> not looking good. it's quite sad to see that, so my people were very upset about
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it. there's no collusion whatsoever. but a lot of lawyers thought that was pretty sad. >> mueller's team defended their possession of the emails saying they were legally obtained in the course of ongoing criminal investigation. rob and carley back to you. rob: thank you so much. debbie wasserman schultz also said to face tough questions on capitol hill today, cnn reports the florida congresswoman will be interviewed by the house intelligence committee as part of its russia probe. debbie wasserman schultz resigned as dnc chair last july after leaked emails revealed were favoring hillary clinton to be nominee instead of bernie sanders and help to fund antitrump dossier. the worldwide effort to nullify president trump's historic jerusalem decision is intensifying today. the united nations security council is expected to vet on a measure from egypt that would void the declaration of the
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ancient city as the capital of israel. but the u.s. is expected to veto that. if that happens the proposal may go to un general assembly at the point. the vote comes after president trump announced plans to move u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. carley: u.s. soldier killed in ambush by islamic state fighters fought until the very end and died in hail of gunfire. two senior defense officials tell fox news sergeant la david johnson was not captured as previous reports suggested. the 25-year-old was shot nearly 18 times, three other american soldiers including two green berets died in that attack. a fallen her remembered as loved ones line the street to say good-bye san diego firefighter iverson who died, covered 200 miles through ventura and
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orange county, iverson has been with the department since 2009 and leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter and pregnant wife. gofundme page for the family has already raised more than $400,000, the massive thomas fire has scorched more than 400 scare miles and it's about 45% contained. rob: huge fire. just days after allegations of workplace misconduct the embattled owner of carolina panthers is selling his team. in an issue statement on sunday, i believe that it is time to turn the franchise over to new ownership therefore i will put the team up for sale at the conclusion of this nfl season. rapper sean diddy combs says that he wants the buy the team and sign colin kaepernick. carley: all right. two dozen nfl players protested and hail reports viewership is
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down 9%. major confusion on the field for pittsburgh steelers against new england steelers, big ben throwing for a late-go ahead touchdown but it's ruled, yikes, incomplete. the steelers offense giving it another try and it is intercepted, patriots won that game 27-24. and friend of the show rob o'neil helping rally the minnesota vikings, check that out. the man who killed osama bin laden leading the chant. how about that? rob: i like it. ten minutes after the hour, congress poised to pass tax reform, while they'll possibly have to do it without senator john mccain, live in washington next. carley: cnn contributor now eating her words after calling a
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carley: historic week on capitol hill as republicans unit behind tax reform bill to deliver it to the american people in time for christmas. rob: griff, looks like it's going to be a real thing, where does it stand right now. >> the president is poise today prove them wrong in a major way this week. he predicted over the weekend on twitter that he will deliver on campaign promise of historic tax reform and said it's days away this as republican leaders say they are confident that they
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have the votes in the razor-thin majority that senator mccain has return today arizona and will miss the vote. the president spoke with mrs. mccain and if needed the senator would return. >> i did speak to senator mccain, i understand he will come if we needed the vote hopefully we won't. >> meanwhile treasury secretary mnuchin took oh to sunday shows touting the benefits of the middle class and simplification of the system. >> this is about simplifying taxes and simplifies the system business. they'll always be people that complain that are losing tax breaks but this is about making it simple for the american public. >> but they're going to have to do it without a single democrat. senator bernie sanders says this is just a tax cut for the wealthy.
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>> at the end of the day, what you had is people like mr. mnuchin who himself is worth 3 to $400 million and the president of the united states who is worth several billion dollars, what we are seeing here is a real massive attack on the middle class. >> so here is where we are, the voting could begin as early as tomorrow. goal for the president's signature by friday, guys. carley: all right, griff jenkins live in washington, d.c. democrats waging war against the republican tax reform plan since day one. rob: kevin jackson says this was never about the actual proposal, it is about trump winning the white house. >> two words. we won. you know, they passed obamacare, most of the nation hated it. you have seen the outcome. at least with trump you got one year under your belt and consumer confidence through the roof, unemployment at all-time low, i mean, what can you look
2:17 am
at and go this guy doesn't make it happen, so when he proposes something at the very least you can say i have a year of success, contrast that with obama's first year where he had lost 4 million jobs, unemployment through the roof and on, why would you follow that logic? so trump has a proven track record and believe me, those rust belt democrats and all the people that supported him, they understand. rob: well, democrats say they are voting no to this because it adds more than a trillion dollars to the deficit and too much of the cuts go to the wealthy instead of the middle class but the trump administration maintain that families, most all families will start seeing bigger paychecks come february. carley: all right, doug jones is not in washington yet but the new alabama senate elect says he's already ready to reach across the aisle. >> i'm going to be a doug jones democrat for sure. i'm going to be looking at issues on both sides, i'm going to do what i believe is in the
2:18 am
best interest of both the country and my state. everybody thinks because you're a member of one party or another you're going to vote a certain way, don't expect me to vote solidly for republicans or democrats. carley: jones also says the country needs to move on from sexual harassment allegations against president trump, jones was declared winner of last week's race against republican roy moore who still has not conceded. rob: cnn contributor slammed for going out of bounds, hillary rosen beraiding a georgetown student because of the outfit she was wearing. she tweeted look at the guy in the bacon suit, georgetown jolla fan. the student himself responding on twitter writing, hey, it's bacon, man, it's actually mr. bacon, pronownlsed bacon. i don't know what that means. just a fun costume. saying it's a joke. fun costume.
2:19 am
awesome, pretending she's happy about this. you found me, thanks for telling me. i'm new to school rivalry and got bad info and took my tweet down. carley: bacon should never be controversial for the record. former cia to break it all down next. rob: liberal hollywood taking aim at congressman darrell iza, how the republican representative is now firing back.
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rob: top doj and fbi officials expected to be grilled by lawmakers on robert mueller's investigation. this, whatever this is could be worse than watergate. carley: here the break down the key players former cia officer buck sexton. can you tell us why lawmakers are concerned they are bias against president trump essentially? >> what you have seen here is a series of high-level of doj and fbi officials who have been involved at key points. not just in the russia-collusion information but -- investigation but also in the hillary e-mail investigation and when you talk about who is going to be testifying this week, this is something who met with fusion gps, the fusion gps, so-called dossier, may have been the basis
2:24 am
for the counterintelligence investigation that led to the russia collusion investigation. so in a sense, you have someone here who may have been around and involved in the very origin of all this russia-conspiracy mongering and has a wife working for fusion gps. at some point the coincidence is piled up too high. rob: the deputy director, interim at one point, and the conflict there is that his wife had gotten money, she's a state senator in, i believe, virginia and she had gotten money from some hillary clinton cronies and pretty sizable money as well. this is the guy running the fbi. >> whose wife has close ties to the dnc, and also mentioned specifically we believe it's by first name but it would make sense in the text messages from peter struck who has referred to
2:25 am
president trump as loathsome, that in and of itself is in poor taste but isn't necessarily problematic from a bias perspective. but when you look at the possibility of the former -- or the fbi and doj, not former yet, officials saying that they wish there was an insurance policy in the case of peter struck, that's when andrew mccabe's name is a problem coming up in the investigation as well as other potential ties. rob: there it is right there. there's the text message talking about the insurance policy and it sounds like this conversation happened in mccabe's office. this is the guy running the fbi. >> i think when you read the text, a fair-minded person would have to say, hold on a second, what else could they be referring to. so this isn't just people at the fbi, it's really important for everyone to understand that. these are people at the top level who could have very directly influenced the highest level of resource allocation and
2:26 am
decisions made specifically about the hillary clinton e-mail investigation and the russia collusion probe that has been ongoing. so this is all very concerning stuff. carley: that's not all, also other key players that come into this whole other information, andrew wiseman, he praised sally yates which deemed bias against donald trump, explain that. >> inyuiding sally yates has to be viewed but the context very political decisions from the tarmac meeting with loretta lynch and bill clinton to hillary clinton no charges to then the opening of the russia collusion investigation to the flynn leaks, there's been all the politicized actions and now we are seeing and that's what's come out in the last week or so, the very senior-level people already have a clear proclinton antitrump bias, in the case of sally yates, it's not that there's something that's i don't
2:27 am
think in someone praising yates, wiseman, senior doj guy. it shows a leftist antitrump proclinton, prodemocrat bias, so just adds to the perception that this thing is rotten from the top down. rob: refusing to impose the travel ban. that's where it came from. you look at all this, the obsession with the russia collusion investigation within the media and by democrats and all of a sudden we see just a few people at the fbi could have been working against this election to try and fix this election. i mean, it's incredible to see. >> this is a critical point. they will say he's at war with the fbi, that's the smear, it's not true. vast majority, 99% of the people are just doing the job they are supposed to do which is national security, law enforcement, but a very high-level cobal, if you will, bitterly, proclinton
2:28 am
people at that level could turn an entire investigation and that's what people are concerned about. carley: big deal. thank you so much. rob: 27 minutes after the hour, president trump and republicans about to pass major tax reform it appears without any help from democrats. is that a bad gamble by the left? we debate next. carley: message lebron james is sending on the court with his shoes, check that out. we will explain coming up right after this.
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rob: welcome back, republicans eyeing the finish line on tax reform. but democrats not backing down just yet. >> tax reform bill is a disaster, it helps the wealthiest, most powerful corporations and individuals and it hurt it is middle class. rob: but is this strategy a
2:32 am
major miscalculation by the left? that's what we are talking about today. joining me now to debate this executive director of the pac america rising and democratic strategists chuck rocha. thanks for coming on this morning. >> good morning. rob: you have this essential plan, we have all seen the bullet points of what the tax reform is, and blended together. you the republicans saying this is the greatest thing ever and democrats saying this is full-on assault on the middle class. how can you get two completely different stories from the same plan? >> of course, we have politics at play once again. you can look further from the democratic rhetoric to see what their objective is. senator schumer called this a gift behind closed doors, nancy pelosi said that this was their road map to take back the house. i think they are really aiming to ramp up the rhetoric on this just to achieve a single goal which is to try to tank the gop
2:33 am
in 2018. meanwhile, this tax plan is going to help millions of americans, whether you look at the -- the increased standard deduction, both for individuals and for married couples or the extended child tax credit, this is going to put money back into the wallets of american people. for the democrats to be playing games like this this is going to hurt them in 2018. rob: chuck, you would argue that both sides use rhetoric all of the time. let's get down to the meat of the actual issues here. democrats are trying to pose this as though it's going to be a tax cut for the corporations and the wealthy on the backs of the middle class, but it does appear that everybody gets a tax cut, is the reality here that the middle class is not getting as much of a cut as democrats should be getting and democrats think the big guys are getting too much of a cut? >> rob, let me be clear. rhetoric is my business. chaos is good for me and my work, let me be clear about this bill, it's not really the democrat or the republicans,
2:34 am
it's the people who think this is unpopular and out there right now this bill is the most unpopular tax bill in the history of our country. sure, you have people on my side you are not getting poor guys anything, if you give all the rich guys the tax cut, it will trickle out. i'm in miami today. chuck, what's going on in washington and why they want to give all our money to the richest guys on wall street, i was like, i'm winning, this is good. rob: i do think there's a point that the media is against it and also has trump's name on it and why it's unpopular right now. let's go to topic two right now and i want to talk to 2018, chuck, really fast, nbc saying that the democrats have the biggest edge in decades in midterms coming up here, what do you say? >> look, i'm not going to pound my chest because we are doing good. it's just a fact the opposite party always wins seats in off year. this will be a special year. i have been doing campaigns for 27 years and i have never seen
2:35 am
ground swell of activism among our party. if those normal voters who vote in presidential year come back and vote in off year will be big year for democrats. rob: it swung to the right last year and you say it'll swing back? >> when you look at just how many candidates are running on the democratic side, that's going to be a huge problem from them because recruitment strategy unlike big year like 2006 isn't coming from the top down, it's coming from bottom up. you have all of the groups contributing candidates and when all of the candidates are in the field and they are tearing voters apart over issues like impeachment and single-payer health care, i think what we are really going to see is money is going to be spent early, money that can want be then spent in the general application. i think giving republicans little bit of advantage. rob: we shall see. nbc poll and we all know how much we can trust polls after 2016, don't we guys? thank you for joining us this morning. thank you so much. carley, over to you.
2:36 am
carley: thanks, rob. putting america first, president trump promise to go build up military in the face of terror, the commander in chief set to lay out strategy today. senior administration officials saying she will lay out four pillars protecting the homeland, promoting prosperity, peace through strength and advantaging american influence abroad. the president also urging congress to stop playing politics with troops. hudson institute senior fellow rebecca supporting his america first mentality. >> we are getting out of the business of nation building, we are getting out of the business of, you know, trying to meddle in other people's countries where there isn't a clear national security interest for the united states and for americans. it's going to focus on the threat that is we know that are known that really harm the united states and it's going to attack those really head on and try to address them. carley: president trump will address trade imbalances between
2:37 am
u.s. and china. according to politico, the administration gave iranian-backed militant group hezbollah a free pass on drug-trafficking operations, some unfolding here in the united states. officials secretly throwing road blocks at the dea, derailing and former obama officials said decisions were meant to improve relationships with iran to help stall nuclear weapon's program. and hundreds of people attending a funeral of vietnam veteran and purple-heart recipient who they never even met. the indiana funeral home couldn't find any of 68-year-old glen shelton family members so they reached out on facebook involving people on facebook to pay respects to the marine. >> i know he's looking down on us and just smiling because his family is here, his family is truly here.
2:38 am
>> listen to this, so many people showed up. the ceremony had been held in bigger venue where it was ceremony. cold in new york city, but for a more complete weather, janice dean, what do you have? janice: are you ready for a warm-up? carley: really? janice: yes, temperatures close to 60 dries and then come all the way down again. we have warm air coming from the south ahead of the boundary, 34 right now in new york. a little bit of snow flurry activity and you can see where the cold air is across the central u.s., the temperature changes but we are really going to reach far into the 50's this weekend, even the 60's by week's end. the past 24 hours, you see the abundant moisture from the gulf of mexico and northeast, not a big deal, but the big story is going to be the extreme warm-up that's going to happen this week. little bit of snow in new
2:39 am
england. look at new york later on tuesday, 40, 50's, 60's, by the weekend. better conditions for firefighters in southern california. they are going to get a break in the waiter for the firefighters throughout in southern california. carley: warm-up. janice: little crazy. rob: one of the busiest travel weeks to have year. chaos in atlanta. lights finally back on after a blackout cripples the world's busiest airport. >> every hour just kept increasing and increasing by hour and delay until they finally told us that it'll be six hours. rob: what a mess in atlanta, traffic control desperately tries to get back on track. >> george foreman rediscovers
2:40 am
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rob: fox news alert. power back on at the world's busiest airport after massive outage brought flights to standstill stranding thousands of passengers. carley: unbelievable, mark, fox affiliate in atlanta live inside the hartfield international airport with the latest. mark, what's going on? >> well, guys, good news the lights are back on. the bad news is a whole lot of people inconvenience. a line of people trying to get rebooked. guy in front of the line, kid, college kid trying to get back for the end of the semester. he's been in this line more than three hours. he will fly anywhere on the east
2:44 am
coast and have his dad bring him to pennsylvania. we talked to other people in the line. they are trying to get to charlotte. you can drive to charlotte for three hours, they will not get to charlotte till probably wednesday night. give i don't -- it gives you an, world busiest airport all because of a fire at substation. the fire is out and the power is back on. obviously it's going to take some time, 900 flights last night, delta 30 more canceled. hoping to have restored and operational by the middle of the afternoon but taking a lot longer to get where they are getting. reporting back from international airport in atlanta i'm mark, fox news. rob: all of this leading into some of the busiest traveling days. we will see how the delays affect. thanks so much. carley: thanks so much. rob: isabella waking up to find
2:45 am
family's new york city apartment in flames, the child yelled fire alerting her sister and other relatives getting them out of the build ago live. carley: family losing everything in charred home. it's the perfect dance that is going viral online. rob: two little girls making most of airport wait in dallas, through a terminal window. look at this. carley: how about that? the girl and crew members doing the airplane during imprompt to routine. here is the season for tipping. >> how much did you tip this year? >> we were going to give 50 but if you guys gave more, we don't
2:46 am
want to look bad. carley: how much cash you should give out and to whom. etiquette expert is here next.
2:47 am
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2:49 am
>> hi, everybody, i'm steve doocy. a couple of g-men are going to be in the hot seat, two high-ranking officials at the fbi will be combined closed doors on capitol hill doing explaining that they did not try to tip the scale in hillary clinton's favor. at least that's what we presume they are going to say. also it looks as if the president is on the verge of major tax victory for all americans, anthony scaramucci is going to be joining us, remember him in he was the white house communication's guy for about 15 minutes and ivanka trump and
2:50 am
kevin mccarthy. busy three hours kicks off in ten minutes right here in the channel that everybody trusts for news, right, carley? carley: very busy. you don't want to miss that. republican darrell iza firing back at jane fonda after she donated one hundred thousand dollars to unseat him. >> i have so little respect for her after she betrayed our country all those years ago and literally caused prisoners of war to be further punished. so if that's the best they can do is come up with somebody who should have been jailed instead of noterrized, i'm okay. carley: she visited north vietnam during the war to protest, other celebrities shelling out to turn california seat blue, bill mahr and
2:51 am
leonardo dicaprio. rob: james was wearing a pair of black and white shoes on the court that said the word equality on the back while vow to go stand up to the president. >> this is a beautiful country and we are never going to let one person how beautiful and powerful we are. rob: lebron james was a hillary clinton supporter and he claims to keep using his platform of professional sports. carley: the season for tipping. >> how much did you guys tip this year? >> we were going to give 50 but if you gave more, we don't want to look bad. >> this year we made cookies. >> twenty-five dollars it is. rob: how much cash do you need to shell out and who gets a tip. somebody thinks that everybody deserves a tip.
2:52 am
here to break it down etiquette expert. thank you for coming up this morning. i live in the building that has 25 people working in it and if i gave everybody 20-dollar bill that would be annoying time of the year. carley: is that enough? where is my 20, i work with you every day. the big question is who should you tip? for me my big question because, you know, i get my nails done, my hair tone and i see the people basically once a month, should you be tipping those people and if so how much? >> well, you know, first of all, it's a great time of the year, it should be something that we look forward to because it is a time that we can give back to those people that serve just like you said all of the time, hair hair dresser and those people that you go to regularly
2:53 am
and what a joy to give extra to those kind of people and the general rule for that is if you are going, let's say to a hair dresser and for us, carley, maybe it's $100 for a haircut or whatever, then that same amount would be a good bonus tip, in other words, the service amount for someone that is serving you regularly, but i don't wants us to forget those people, unsung heros that make us look good like at the office, maybe the mailman that gets our mail to us right away or the production people that we can count onto make our coffees and so be intentional and opening our mind to give those people who deserve to have a little bit extra this time of year. rob: where is the line, valerie, that's what i was trying to allude to earlier? it gets very expensive and to the point where almost everybody that you come into contact with you have to give cash to during the holidays, i mean, that gets
2:54 am
tricky, gets very expensive for a lot of people. >> well, you know what, it shouldn't be. you should not give cash to people that as an example certainly the mailman and your fedex people or first of all just come from your heart and give to the people that you want to. give to the people that you intent to, want to, make it authentic. carley: all right, now, there are a lot of people that you talked about that have been forgotten. you gave an example of a fast-food worker, somebody that you might not think to tip. talk a little bit about those types of folks. >> well, it's a great story to tell on that, i happen to be at a fast-food restaurant not so long ago, just last week and i noticed this young man that was just wiping the tables and doing such an intense job and seeing
2:55 am
so into wiping the floors and i just watched him for about ten minutes and when i left i got up and i handed him a 10-dollar bill and i just said, you know, thank you for keeping the restaurant so clean for me and everyone else and he lit up like a christmas tree. you would have thought it was a coat or a car, it was awesome. and so think about it and just be aware that there are people out there that don't make a lot of money and it would be very special. carley: absolutely. that's what the season really is about, right? >> it is. rob: valerie, thank you so much. 55 minutes after the hour. we will be right back. looking for balance in your digestive system?
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rob: all right. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. #shalive. out of the hospital the crowd erupting after the seeing the star linebacker on the jumbotron two weeks since he suffered a devastating spinal injury. jillian: now the bad. this mailman's goes from bad to catastrophic are you kidding me? and then gets run over. delivering mail in oklahoma city when he lost control. the truck finally slamming into a tree outside.
3:00 am
and i think is he okay. rob: i didn't know he got run over by the truck. gee that's scary. the ugly. george foreman still has that hook. 68-year-old delivering a knockout punch to clutch, the bear on the court. we will see you later. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> the special counsel's office responds to accusations that it unlawfully private emails by the trump transition team. >> by people are very upset about it. i can't imagine there is anything on them because as we said, there is no collusion. [inaudible] >> no, i'm not. no. >> confident they will pass tax reform this week. >> historic moment we are excited to be here. >> president trump said mccain is returning home to arizona as he battles side effects treatment. he will come back to d.c. if they need it. >> he is going through a tough time, no question about it he will come back if we need his


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