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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 22, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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that's pretty neat. >> be careful with a fire in the ice castle, you don't want that thing to melt. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert, president trump headed for mar-a-lago florida. after signing a historic tax bill into law. the president is set to spend the holidays in florida as he looks ahead to a very busy 2018. not that 2017 wasn't busy. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. today from the fox business network, dagen mcdowell. republican strategist and fox news contributor lisa boothe. democratic strategist and fox news contributor, jessica tarlo tarlov. and political editor of, guy benson. >> guy: you are like a stadium
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announcer. >> harris: news director said stick with news. >> dagen: i don't know about that. i set i was going to be a singer, my mom said it wasn't going to happen. >> harris: maybe she will sing for us this hour. president trump again is headed for mar-a-lago for christmas. before he left the white house a few minutes ago, he signed two big bills into law. a bill to keep the government running through the middle of january, january 19th. and the historic tax bill that marks his first major legislative victory. here he is. >> i watched the news, you know we had the largest tax cuts in our history just approved. i was going to wait for a formal signing sometime in early january but i watched the news this morning, will he keep his promise, will he sign it by christmas? will he sign it by christmas? i called downstairs and said get it ready, we have to sign it now.
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bottom line is this is the biggest tax cuts in the history of our country. this is bigger than president president reagan's many years ago. i'm very honored by it. all of this, everything in here is tremendous things for businesses, for people, for the middle class, the workers. >> harris: big day, john roberts' live at the white house. >> it was a big day, good afternoon to you. this was the president's biggest legislative issue item, the thing he campaigned on, obamacare when first because he wanted to get extra money to put into his tax reform package. tax reform, the big kahuna for president trump. he got it done in record amount of time in terms of going from congress down to the white house. it's a huge bill, the
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white house had to review it but they got it in time for him to put pen to paper this morning and assign it before he took off her christmas break. listen to more of what the president said. >> this is the bill right here and we are very proud of it. it will be a tremendous thing for the american people. i didn't want you folks to say that i wasn't keeping my promise. i am keeping my promise, i am signing it before christmas. i said the bill would be on my desk before christmas and you are holding me literally to that so we did a rush job today. not fancy but it's the oval office. >> no democratic support for this bill, the president would like to change it next year. he's got big legislative items, some of which will need democratic support. one of those is rebuilding america's infrastructure. the president tweeted "at some point for the good of the country we will start working
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with the democrats in a bipartisan fashion. infrastructure will be a good place to start after having foolishly spent $7 trillion in the middle east, it's time to start rebuilding our country." the president has talked about the positive effect of tax reform already, boeing, at&t, comcast, wells fargo all either giving out christmas bonuses are increasing their minimum wage to $15 an hour, boeing actually saying it was going to increase charitable contributions because of that. while it is possible the president could get bipartisan support for infrastructure, a couple of other agenda items, it will be much more difficult to attract democratic support. immigration reform, though he does want to get that daca fixed on, and welfare reform. not likely a lot of democrats will want to sign on to welfare reform but like president clinton did in 1996, president trump could use the reconciliation process to get welfare reform through on a simple majority. we will see where that goes, no
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question a lot to come for 2018. 2017 was a busy enough for you? just wait a while. >> harris: you've got it. add water and stir. john roberts, thank you very much, merry christmas, my friend. you know what i'm noticing is kind of a trend, the president isn't looking to just get daca. he's not looking just for tax cuts. it's a reformation. that makes things more difficult to get. you've heard immigration reform, welfare reform, why is that? >> reform as above his as a bun washington, changing the law to make it what you wanted to be. that's the framing of it. the thing that struck me watching the video from the president as it came in, we talked about this this morning, i was a little bit confused that they were going to have this not to live, not dramatic signing ceremony with the president by
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himself in the oval office, it seemed like a big missed opportunity. for the white house and then we heard what the president actually said, his explanation made perfect sense to me, i wanted to get this thing signed as soon as possible, keep the pre-christmas promise, get this thing implemented as soon as possible and then they said there's going to be another ceremony coming up in the new year to remind everyone about tax reform and my recommendation for the white house, go out and find a middle class families from across the country that are going to benefit from this tax reform bill, it won't be hard to find them because 80% of americans, have them surrounding the president and drive that point home. >> harris: i wonder if the republicans aren't in the risk of looking at the mission accomplished banner. you heard the president say, others among lawmakers who helped pass the tax legislation, february 1st is when you start
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to feel that. why don't you do it on february 2nd? have everybody with their paychecks, open up that paycheck and start to see it. >> lisa: if i were the republicans in president trump i will be pushing this as the massive local win that it absolutely is because the media is not going to give them credit. they need to go out there, claim that because this is a huge banner win. this is something they've been trying to get done for 30 years. it's something proponents have been trying to get done for 40 years. the repeal of the individual mandate, something republicans have been promising for eight years now. this is a massive win and for president who the media has continued to criticize, this is a president who has demonstrated he keeps his promises. you can go down the list, immigration, moving the embassy to jerusalem, pushing back on isis, confirming neil gorsuch. the list goes on about him
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keeping his promises. >> dagen: the regulatory reform has been a huge thing driving the stock market this year. one new regulation, 22 regulations gone. talk about -- a government takeover of student loans, the internet, essentially health care in this country. a lot of that had been rolled back. >> harris: my question is specifically about risk and when i hear you saying, you don't buy into that at all, just go out and get it done. >> dagen: this is such a huge win, i followed each baby step of them putting this plan together starting with that adjustment tax that -- there were so many dumb ideas that were thrown out, producing 401(k) contributions, changing the way capital gains or handles for retail investments. those things didn't end up in this and the fact that they
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coalesced around something that is pro-growth, that hands are tax cut to 80% or more american americans, it is astonishing. >> harris: jessica, before i come to you is when did democrats jump into the water is now? the president talked earlier just moments ago about what he has learned in terms of working with people in congress and shaping relationships. let's watch that. >> it's been a process, a pretty great process. i do believe that the fact that i have gotten to know so many of these people, many of these people i have to say, i am not saying all but many of these people are great people. that truly love this country. i think that helps. i think you'll see that in this legislation. >> harris: you saw the president talking about when the time is for bipartisanship. he fully anticipates infrastructure, he said that will be the easiest thing he does. when did democrats jump in.
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>> jessica: i think they certainly jump in if infrastructure is what's next. we'll have to talk to paul ryan who wants well welfare reform . if you get into a fight with democrats about entitlement reform after you've had this arguably huge win on the tax bill, i think that doesn't bode well. donald trump knows, he has an infrastructure guy, he works with democrats his own life, he is a new yorker and we are full of democrats. to your question to lisa about the risk here -- >> dagen: i want to say something about infrastructure, this is critically important. you have several trillion dollars, of money, of profits overseas that with a 15.5% repatriation tax and the tax reform bill, if that money comes back here, it's taxed immediately and has been talked about by major politicians, that's one way they could pay for infrastructure and that is why the democrats won't get on board with it.
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that would hand the presidente win. let's get ready for a nancy pelosi pothole. >> jessica: we are all acutely aware of the fact that we have ten democrat senators up for reelection in states that when blood red for donald trump. heidi heitkamp got on air force one and stood up there on the same stage with donald trump to appeal to north dakota to say i understand you voted for this man and some of his agenda does appeal to yo you. >> dagen: she is proposed $9,000 tax hike -- >> jessica: do you know how many lies come out -- i'm pretty confident that she can read numbers and we know what we need to do to win and some of that might be to stand on stage with donald trump and work together on infrastructure.
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>> guy: she voted stood on stae with him and voted no. >> harris: it looks like democrats have their work cut out for them in 2018. they have failed to deliver on ethics for daca, the obama era program that protects thousands of undocumented immigrants from deportation brought to as chil. members of the hispanic caucus, a 31 member group of the house and senate gathered in chuck schumer's office. trying to push him to do more for those so-called dreamers. it reportedly got pretty heated. congressional leaders have signaled they will revisit the daca issue and the new year. the program ends march 5th. you have another looming deadline. lisa? >> lisa: march 5th is forever in congressional terms. we are so far away from that,
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it's like a year away. i think that's why this isn't getting done right now. i would have to guess that speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell gave assurances to nancy pelosi and chuck schumer that something will get done on daca but if you are president trump, this is the opportunity to leverage daca and get some of his immigration priorities it done. do not push for funding for the border wall, not push for some of these principles he campaigned on and sever his priorities. >> guy: i think the contours for a deal on daca are there. when this first arose as an issue, i went back and looked at that bill that passed the senate but not the house during the end of the obama administration. in that bill which bill which all of a sudden democrats supported, it called for 700 miles of completed fencing, a physical barrier and a doubling of border agents. i think if you are going to say let's do this, which i think is
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fair and the right thing to do, let's get some border security as well. here's what democrats are already on the record supporting, i think that's how this gets done. >> harris: here's how we know the president has that in mind, when he spoke at his last cabinet meeting, we think for the year, we never know. he specifically talked about how he wants to go down and visit the wall and see the prototypes they've been working on. in arizona, we had it on "outnumbered overtime" about a month ago, they were choosing, we got to see those prototypes. the president has said that's next on his to-do list and wouldn't it be -- it's kind of sequential for him to pull that into the legislation they are working on. >> dagen: what's going on in mexico to give him support for his idea to crackdown on illegal immigration, with -- this is going to be the deadliest year in modern history for mexico in terms of murders.
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you have stories of bodies hanging off bridges and tourist destinations. this teenager killed because he said something negative on social media about her drug cartel kingpin. i think that resonates with the american people and to nancy pelosi's point, daca, i said this on this very couch, she literally was more concerned about 700,000 people under daca than the 140 million people that tax reform impacts. i think in terms of optics, that kind of says it all. it's a sliver of people in this country versus giant swath of this country that she really -- >> harris: at the same time, as much as that may be true, the dreamers don't feel that way at all. remember when she was bum-rushed at the lectern almost two months ago now, they were not happy with her focus and what it has
9:16 am
been. even though you may feel like there's a sliver, the sliver isn't even happy. >> jessica: what we do know which rarely happens, politicians on both sides of the aisle are making daca their priority. jeff flake said when he went into negotiations to get out yes vote on the tax reform bill, he wanted the provisions for daca and he got a little steam rolled that front. i do see this happening, i agree that it should be a pass for republicans. for the safety of americans and messaging for democrats, we do o to have some enhance border security measures that we can say hey, we heard you. we know how you reacted and we know what's going on in some of the sanctuary cities. >> harris: that would be a little revisionist history. we didn't hear from democrats when that was going on. >> lisa: hillary clinton was criticized for not addressing illegality during the campaign.
9:17 am
>> jessica: donald trump certainly won in part to the harsh rhetoric about illegal immigrants who come here to hurt people, not the 11 million people who are here and working hard and want their kids to have a better life. >> harris: they may use it as i am hearing because there is some shifting and so how they handle issues like families. >> dagen: >> harris: democratse their pick for the top guy on the house judiciary committee. not our guy. it may show that preparing to push for the president's impeachment. we will talk about that. new reactions to the explosive reports alleging that the obama administration gave a major terrorist group a pass. in order to preserve the nuclear deal with iran. stay close. [ keyboard clacking ]
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♪ >> dagen: a growing number of republicans demanding answers after investigative reports claim the obama administration gave a free pass to has blessed drug trafficking and money
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laundering operation. ended it to make sure the iran nuclear deal stayed on track. nebraska republican added in his letter "if the administration did so in order to shore up this foolish nuclear deal with iran, it was a mistake of historical proportions. a mistake the consequences of which reach from the battlefield of syria to the streets of omah omaha. these are incredible charges but i think for anybody who feels like this was a bad deal to begin with this makes it smell even worse. >> guy: you start to wonder, where there are no depths to which the obama administration was unwilling to go in order to pursue this terrible nuclear deal with an iranian regime? that cheats all the time, it was a lopsided, terrible deal and apparently the obama administration was able to let
9:23 am
hezbollah, a terrorist organization off the hook for a drug trafficking ring which they used to call money for terrorist activity and we turn to apply d eye to it deliberately. which is extraordinary. that's the foreign policy side of it. part of the reason this story really bothers me, there's a great column today in "the new york post," tracking the media coverage or lack thereof of this particular story, it came out in "politico," a meticulously sourced, multiple name sources, documents that back up this story and it has been greeted with near silence for most of the mainstream media. >> dagen: is except for "the wall street journal" editorial page. and obama treasury official telling the house foreign affairs committee that under the obama administration, hezbollah
9:24 am
investigations were tamped down for fear of rocking the boat with iran. >> harris: this is the administration they gave us the talking point -- look how long it took us, not the decade some democrats said it would take to take them down, but look how long it did take us. we were under the determination of the obama administration that they were not big players on the landscape of terrorism. this causes i think -- i will be quick with this, a look at what we recently learned from nikki haley, and of those warehouse sites behind her that she's invited other countries to look at that map and see where the uranian markings were on weapons that are killing so many people. and forcing a humanitarian crisis. it makes me look to see, how long has that been going on and does this also fall under that category of the obama administration wanting to tamp things down and not look?
9:25 am
it's just a question. >> dagen: we knew this. as we were negotiating, iran then announced, state sponsor of terrorism, number one, funneling money to terrorist organization organizations, hezbollah, in yemen, these yemen rebels firing these missiles you are talking about, saudi arabia, we knew this. this administration had part of its nuclear deal with iran shipped $1.7 billion and $1.7 e would never know about it if not for "the wall street journal" ." >> lisa: president obama essentially by turning a blind eye propped up hezbollah with the billion dollars they profited off of this. for his legacy, to protect his legacy which is the iran deal. and it wasn't just the obama administration turning a blind eye, it's the media. the media blackout from abc, cbs
9:26 am
and nbc on the story which was well sourced. meanwhile running countless stories about the russia investigation, that have turned out not to be true. >> jessica: i think it is a great disturbance to everybody that not the entire news media is talking about the story, it's an amusing read and everybody should look at it, a number of prominent journalists, jake tapper was tweeting about it, saying how though guy who wrote it is not the number one guest on every single show. >> guy: if you were to guess why this is not a huge story, what would it be? three for liberal bias. >> harris: jessica is very candid. >> jessica: what do i have to lose at this point? what trump said, that wasn't cute. you set a ron cheats on the deal constantly. nikki haley, the evidence she put out there, there are a
9:27 am
number of push backs on that saying they can't say that definitively. they say they are cheating on the deal. >> guy: iran cheats systematically on almost anything. >> dagen: state sponsor of terrorism funneling our cash to these organizations. >> jessica: was in it they are cashed in the first place? >> dagen: courts held up uranian assets in these banks in the united states because it goes to the families of those victims of terrorism. right on the heels of an epic win on tax reform, new reports that there could be some tension in the white house over the 2018 midterms. recent legislative victories help secure receipts for republicans or they have reasons to be worried? quit smoking.
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ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. ♪ >> harris: hot off the heels of its historic tax reform victory, the white house is turning its attention to the 2018 midterms. there are reportedly growing fears of more congressional setbacks, which could paralyze the president's legislative agenda moving into next year. this says president trump gathered wednesday in the oval office with top aides including john kelly, kellyanne conway, hope hicks and the political director to talk about the political environment ahead of the midterms. cory lewandowski and former trump 2016 digital director brad park scale.
9:33 am
the president reportedly met with reince priebus on that same topic earlier this week. some reports are that i got kind of contentious and that and that there may not be units in agreement on how you go forward. >> guy: imagine that, disunity and the republican party. it's a very unified moment because of tax reform but i think a lot of republicans are looking at the polling, which has double-digit generic ballot lists for democrats in almost every poll and that is a worrisome sign. you look from our republican perspective, the gender gap going so heavily against republicans, the enthusiasm turn out in like virginia, something has to change. i think the house is definitely in jeopardy for republicans. the senate is very kind to the g.o.p. but they are going to have to knock off some senate democrats who represent trump's face and if the white house is
9:34 am
going to be smart about this they will look at the polling state by state and pin point, he is still popular in north dakota, west virginia, missouri, indiana. places where the most vulnerable democrats are seated and lead it to just those. >> harris: i have a question for you, how does it work -- i know it's a holiday season but it's also a good time to talk to people. do you think this white house goes and does its own polling and what kind of question do you ask, the president hovering some as low as 32%, as high as 35%. besides those states where you know he won or did well -- >> lisa: i worked during two wave elections now. to be fair to president trump, it's the same with any president. president obama wasn't going down campaigning in every congressional district or state, you campaign in the states where you can help boost the candidate
9:35 am
on the ballot that you are trying to help that are going to be judicious about what states they send the president to. i do think the house is more in play than the senate, democrats need to knock off 24 seats. >> harris: is the white house looking to -- >> lisa: each candidates focus is on the congressional district at hand and democrats have a big uphill battle in the senate. there's only one state where hillary clinton won the state where there is a g.o.p. incumbent. meanwhile senate democrats are defending ten senate seats, five that he won by double digits. the senate map is not favorable for democrats. the chances of them knocking that off are going to be tough. >> dagen: i caution the democrats for being overconfident. what are you going to run on? you hope that tax reform fails? we hope you don't get more money in your paycheck? because that's a lot of the messaging you've heard last wee
9:36 am
week, frankenstein from nancy pelosi, armageddon, and of the world talk, that doesn't resonate with people. you watch what's happened on the judiciary committee and the house, top democrat on that committee is now from new york, big democrat. his specialty, impeachment. what is their platform? if you elect us to these seats we are going to impeach the president? that does not connect. >> harris: people vote based on what will happen in their own lives. >> dagen: trump rates better than the actual republicans in congress. 40% in the new "wall street journal" poll say he's made the economy better. >> jessica: if it's just on the economy i could understand this not being as bad for republicans. if you look at the generic ballot, 13-15 points ahead for democrats.
9:37 am
i don't think we will take back the senate, i think we should work really hard to defend and those red states and that's fine. as far as jerry nadler specializing in impeachment, there's a lot more to him and he is my congressman as well. i think he was a smart pick, he is an experienced legislator. i am personally not a fan of the impeachment tract, nancy pelosi is not as well. >> dagen: on a leaflet, "he is a strongest leader for our potential impeachment." >> jessica: democrats would be silly to lead with that as policy for 2018. we can talk about economic policy that will make people better off like raising the minimum wage, we can talk about health care. >> dagen: $15 minimum wage -- post before you i am -- >> harris: republicans decide
9:38 am
whether to focus on repeal and replacing obamacare in 2018 or focusing on other items. it's not a bill anymore, it's a law. we will talk about it. any object. any surface.
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>> of course the individual mandate which is a very unfair and very unpopular provision, as you know, with obamacare. essentially i think it ultimately leads to the end of obamacare. i think obamacare is over because of that. we are going to come up with something that will be very good at. >> lisa: that was president trump touting the newly minted g.o.p. tax law, which also delivers a major blow to obamacare by repealing the individual mandate that requires people to buy health insurance. mitch mcconnell said that congress may now turn its attention to other agenda items, let's look. >> we were able to complete the repeal and replace, we will have to take a look at what that
9:43 am
looks like with the future 149 senate. i think we would probably move on to other issues. >> lisa: the majority leader's comments are drawing a sharp reveal from senate republicans like lindsey graham who tweeted that in 2018 there will not be another effort to repeal and replace obamacare, you are stanley mistaken. where is obamacare right now as a law? it's a huge blow to the law, president trump said we are no longer going to pay for the subsidized -- the subsidies, rather. what's the state of the law right now? >> guy: it's been a failing law since the implementation. one of the good things about the supreme court's decision that ruled the individual mandate was a tax was that you could get rid of it as a tax which we have
9:44 am
seen in this tax reform law. that's why. my suspicion is what you just heard from mitch mcconnell in that npr interview makes sense, they could not get on the same page, they are down to 51 votes. they are going to be a lot of agenda items on the table to try to get to. i am an obamacare opponent, it's double the premiums on the individual market. i would like to see the alarm replace. i think they are going to take another go at it. >> jessica: you have a bipartisan bill, they will have to deal with it now that there is no individual mandate and continue to work it through. when you have the opportunity for a bipartisan success that would help both parties going into 2018 and americans who have higher premiums that didn't get to keep their doctor, i think that's really smart.
9:45 am
obamacare is at plus 21 in popularity right now. a lot of that is people are scared and they are going to lose their health insurance. >> dagen: republicans are in a pickle right now in terms of obamacare. they get rid of the individual mandate, which potentially could send a premium skyrocketing because you have fewer young, healthy people on it so you have a cost spiral upward that is worse than what we've seen. there was a report out from the american academy of actuaries saying that the murray-alexander bill would not be enough to offset the cost of that repealing the individual mandate. that's a problem one. the health care sign-up, although on the overall national health care web site, the number of rome romans was down, that wasn't as much as expected. there still 8.8 sign-ups on the
9:46 am
national one. and in states, california, washington, new york, minnesota, sign-ups were up compared to a year ago. all these people on it, you could have calls going up. >> harris: two things are happening simultaneously. we have an aging population. when you wipe away a mandate it causes other problems you may not have considered. that aging population is going to reach about 50% of those over the age of 65 in just a few years. we have to start paying attention to that. the other issue is when you take the oxygen out of something you have to replace it. we learned yesterday they were having -- just as they did with the tax bill, behind closed doors meetings and some of those pretax legislation meetings were off-site. there is talk about this. maybe in the public there isn't a repeal and replace but behind the scenes we know they are talking about this.
9:47 am
republicans have to come up with a way. >> lisa: we will continue to have behind-the-scenes conversations because we have to move on. nikki haley provided the white house -- is proving that the white house is paying attention to who voted against the u.s. on the u.n.-jerusalem resolution. how the administration is responding and whether there can be further repercussions. you are going to want to stay tuned. >> the united states will remember this day, we will remembered it when we are called upon to make a world's countries to largest contributions and we will remember when so many countries come calling on us as they so often do to pay even more.
9:48 am
at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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>> the united states is by far the single largest contributor to the united nations and its agencies. we have an obligation to demand more from our investments. america will put our embassy in jerusalem. that is what the american people want us to do. and it is the right thing to do. no vote in the united nations will make any difference on tha that. but this vote will make a difference on how americans look at the u.n. and how we look at countries who disrespect us in the u.n. and this vote will be remembere
9:52 am
remembered. >> dagen: u.s. ambassador nikki haley doubling down on her promise to take the names of the u.n. members today who voted to condemn president trump's decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. she is now invited the 65 countries who did not support the resolution to a january 3rd reception as a thank you for their friendship. the symbolic gesture shows the administration pays close attention to which members are backing up the u.s. will be eventually talk with our dollars? >> guy: i think we should, this was the finest hour for nikki haley, standing up for the united states and for israel. there is a broader context here. jake tapper had a really interesting commentary when he went through and found the statistics between 2012 2012 ad 2017. the u.n. general assembly voted 97 times to condemn a specific country.
9:53 am
of those 97 times, 83 were israel. the only liberal democracy in the middle east, a tiny country, the only jewish state in the world. there is something dark behind that pattern and for the u.s. to simply state empirical reality and enforce actual u.s. policy and make this decision, for the u.n. to come in and try to make it null and void and a symbolic vote as a slap at santos but israel, it's another insult to the u.s. which is constantly antagonized at the u.n. we should reduce what we pay and because what are we getting for that investment? terrific to speech. >> dagen: jessica, marco rubio tweeted yesterday, given its tendency for anti-americanism, reevaluation as the u.s. role as
9:54 am
the single largest donor to the u.n. is long overdue. speech to >> jessica: this is something that donald trump ran on. we will see if that comes to fruition. i personally think, though we are having a party and you can't come thing is a little immature but i understand the point is to drive it home. what's fascinating to me is to see that there are so many politicians year after year, resolution after resolution, vote that they want to move the embassy to jerusalem and slip out now that it's actually happening. and that's controversial for me. >> dagen: congress voted 20 years ago to make this move. >> jessica: we know chuck schumer was one of the leading advocates of this move. i am generally in favor -- >> dagen: if a peace between the palestinians and israel hinders on this, the foundation of peace isn't there.
9:55 am
>> lisa: if it hinges on this, why hasn't it gotten done over previous presidents, resident clinton, obama, george w. bush all said they wanted to move the embassy to jerusalem. jessica is right, only in washington, d.c., where you can have brought a margin support for something and suddenly it's a problem because it's president trump as opposed to president obama. if this was president obama there would be crickets and zero concerns. >> jessica: i don't know, i think he probably tried and they said no. >> lisa: there were 100 senators who signed a letter to the u.n. secretary back in april expressing concern over that very matter. >> guy: if you want peace in that region you need the palestinians to put down arms and recognize the right of israel to exist. they won't do those things, that's on them. it's not on israel and it's not
9:56 am
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10:00 am
"outnumbered." right now it is all about harris faulkner. >> harris: jazz hands. sweeping tax reform now a law of the land. "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the president delivered on a promise of a big beautiful tax cut for christmas. on his way to the winter white house in florida after signing landmark tax reform into law. a short while ago at the white house, the president talked about why he was signing the legislation into law, now rather than waiting for a formal signing ceremony after the holiday break. watch. >> i was going to wait for a formal signing sometime in early january, they were saying, will he keep his promise, will he sign it by christmas? will he sign it by christmas? i called downstairs and i said get it ready, we have to sign it now. >> harris: did you see him call out one of the reporters who said that? john roberts j


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