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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 29, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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for one day, it definitely makes it a lot better. >> jon: they collected more than 16,000 bears. thanks for joining us today. i'm jon scott and for dana. here's rick leventhal and for shep. >> rick: president trump making all kinds of news now, telling mccarthy wants a borderline immigration reform, otherwise don't expect any help for young immigrants illegally brought here as kids. the president also talking about the russia metal investigation, saying there's no conclusion. telling "the new york times" that robert mueller will be fair. the president also weighing in on lots of other topics from his new tax law to attorney general jeff sessions and the former republican alabama senate candidate roy moore. also why trump says he will have no problem winning another term. it's the last business day of the year, so could be her last chance to prepay some taxes before the new irs rules kick in. what you need to know, and the
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rest of today's top stories in this hour of "shephard smith reporting" ." ♪ >> rick: i'm rick leventhal and for shepard smith. president trump sitting down for an interview with "new york times" that his golf club in florida, claiming a rush investigation is "very bad thing for the country" and assisting more than a dozen times there was no collusion during his campaign and russia. trump said the investigation "makes the country look bad and puts them in a very bad position. the sooner it works out is better for the country." the president thinks the man in charge of the investigation, special counsel robert mueller is going to be fair. president trump again called the investigation "a witch hunt." rich edson with the news live in west palm beach. rich, the president claimed that he can direct the justice department, why? >> he did. the president was asked in this
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interview whether or not the justice department should be re-examining the clinton email issue, as he hit ted toward that issue during this issue. he said "i have an absolute right to do what i want to do with the justice department, but for purposes of hopefully thinking i'm going to be treated fairly, i stayed uninvolved with this particular matter." he also insisted there was no collusion in the 2016 election because it was his election strategy that won the election, not any assistance from the russian government. he spoke about attorney general jeff sessions decision to recuse himself from the situation, thereby paving the way for a special counsel. president said, "i thought it was a terrible thing he did. i thought it was certainly unnecessary. i thought it was a terrible thing, but i think it's all worked out because frankly, there's absolutely no collusion. that's been proven by every democrat is saying it." the president is also saying he wants to work with democrats and republicans in congress on
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immigration, on issues like health care, and several other initiatives like infrastructure. >> rick: he set a strategy was focusing on the electoral college and not the popular vote. the president also said he had some conditions of democrats want to negotiate on immigratio immigration. >> that's right. this pertains to daca. that obama era provision that protects those brought to the united states illegally as children, so-called "dreamers." the president is phasing out and wants congress to come up with a solution for that. he said he's willing to work with democrats, but he tweeted out this morning, "democrats have been told and fully understand that there can be no daca without the desperately needed wall at the southern border. and an end to the horrible chain migration and ridiculous a lottery system of immigration et cetera. we must protect our country at all costs." democrat leadership will be meeting with chief of staff john kelly to discuss that issue,
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immigration, among other issues next week. >> rick: i understand the president tweeted about the record setting cold. >> he did use it as an opportunity to ridicule climate change. president tweeting, "in the east, it could be the coldest new year's eve on record, perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old global warming that our country, but not other countries, was going to paid trillions of dollars to protect against." scientists have already responded, saying as the earth warms, the warmer and will be uneven, you will have cold spells. democrats are also responding. hundreds of an atom ship writing, "very clutter clever mr. pradhan to matt president. he may not appreciate such a fine sense of humor since climate change may very well have claimed their homes and the lives of loved ones." >> rick: wow. we know the president invited coast guard service members to trump international coal course today. i heard him say the course is
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yours to those guys. i also heard the at least one billionaire had to wait for these guys to play. >> sets right, the houston rockets owner had to wait on the 17th hole because the president was holding a little bit of an event to bring on about 60 or so coast guard service members. he also took an opportunity to thank those service members for their work and hurricanes. >> the job you did in florida, and frankly especially the job they did, you know, the job they did in texas, 16,000 people. it's unheard of. i just want to thank you. the coast guard is fantastic. i said come use my course. i didn't know it be flooded. i said that's okay. >> the white house said this is a four person scramble tournament here at trump international golf course. >> rick: very cool. rich edson, thanks. more now on president trump's latest comments.
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let's bring on our political panel, charlie kirk, a team mark welcome to you both. happy new year to you both. this is a 30 minute interview with the president and a lot of pilots would want to get to, as many as we can. first on whether his attorney general jeff sessions was disloyal by recusing himself from the russia probe. the president that i don't want to get into loyalty, but i will say this, he totally protected him when you look at the irs scandal and you look at the guns for whenever, when you look at it tremendous real problems they had, not made up problems like russian collusion, these are real problems. we look at the things they did, i have great respect for that, i'll be honest, i have great respect for that. charlie, was that they slam at sessions? >> it may be slightly, but i will say this. i will look at the ethics that sessions is conducting himself
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with. it's actually quite admirable. sessions did not have to recuse himself with this russia investigation. in fact, i think it was a mistake. i think if sessions didn't recuse himself, this investigation might've been stopped even quicker. with that being said, you look at what holder did under president obama. president trump is exactly right here. he covered up scandal after scandal, irs fast and furious just to name a couple. sessions has been conducting himself with high ethical standards, and you can't say the same for the previous attorney general. >> rick: let's get a team's reaction. >> here's what i had to say about this. i think that sessions absolutely had to recuse himself because of him being often tied other russian operatives. it put them in a very bad situation. he had to recuse himself. that being said, i think we are getting confused protecting the president versus actually enacting an agenda.
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holding an agenda of president obama. in this case, we are talking about sessions recusing himself so there is acutely her way to do an investigation into something that the administration could be implicated in which is russia's collusion with the election. >> rick: let's get to the quotes on alabama senate race and roy moore. the president said, i feel that i have to endorse republicans and the head of the party, so i adores him. it became a much closer race because of my endorsement. people think that donald trump lost. i didn't lose, i brought him up a lot. he was not the candidate that i thought was going to win. charlie, reaction. >> you have to remember president trump endorse luther strange in the primary, that was his first choice. roy moore was unbelievably flawed candidate. if you would've won matt, we would've been dealing with the media label him as "spokesperson of the republican party." look at president trump, he brought up the numbers. roy moore was down almost 12 points five days before the election and lost by about
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20,000 votes on election day. we have to pick better candidates coming into 2018. we can't have candidates that are the most possibly conserved a we can find. we need them the appeal to the entire populace, not just the g.o.p. base. >> rick: atima, i want you to wayne on the neck scope tobacco. the president says that he thinks it can happen. in my opinion, they should come to me and infrastructure. they should come to me, which they have come to me on daca. we are working and trying to do something about it and they should deftly come to me on health care because we can do bipartisan health care. we can do bipartisan daca. is this a pipe dream? can he work with the democrats? can they work with him? >> they have had attempts to work together and actually seem to be somewhat successful, such as the last-minute budget fixes and a slowing down of the government shutdown. i think obviously going forward, it would be in the best interest of the country to work together
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on things like infrastructure, but on health care, the republicans and the democrats and the senate have both made attempts to work together, but then trump signed an executive order that repealed some subsidies on health care and also there was the individual mandate striking within the g.o.p. tax bill. it's a little give-and-take. he wants it but go ahead and doesn't do it. i think it would be in the best interest of the country moving for peers >> rick: i agree. i wonder if charlie agrees. >> i can understand heidi heitkamp mansion in west virginia, claire mccaskill in montana, they are not going to be doing well in november and these deep red states but they don't get on board the president's agenda. the tax bill was a terrific bill for the country. i can't understand why joe manchin, by the way west virginia, west virginia has the biggest gdp growth of any state in the country thanks to the end of the war on coal.
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why joe manchin is not doing everything he possibly can to embrace the president? i have no problem to get rid of all these red state democrats. it will be in the best interest to work on infrastructure, but they are so controlled by chuck schumer and the radicals in the democratic party, i don't see it happening any time soon. >> rick: the president had one choice work for senator mansion that we cannot repeat. another quote from the president on the media and the 2020 race, he said, we are going to win another four years for a lot of reasons. most importantly because our country is starting to do well again and we are being respected again. another reason we are going to win another four years is because all forms of media will take if i'm not there because without me, their ratings are going down the tubes. without me, "the new york times" will indeed not be the failing "new york times" with the failed "new york times" ." they basically have to let me win. >> i don't know about that.
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i think you all do a good job without him otherwise and have good ratings otherwise. i do think it's interesting he sang looking at 2020 and not 2018. democrats played in races that quite honestly we had no business playing in. it was a 30-point swing for democrats in alabama. in virginia, i'm a virginia democrat. we run up the score about 20 points and almost flipped the house, which was an impossible matt picked up empty seats. we are going to election years with states battling out in places we really shouldn't be and shouldn't be competitive. we are pulling ahead in mississippi for the democratic governors race there. i'm a little skeptical about things politically in the landscape going it '18. we should aim at talking about '20. >> rick: they certainly doubted him and '16 and is hard to argue he's not good for ratings. >> he is really good for
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ratings. from what i understand, the new york time subscription numbers are absolutely up. going into '18 ant '20, there is this narrative that still said that he lost politically. you look at the big was forced to be the belt whether race of the country, which was in northern atlanta it was congresswoman handel's race. she won that race by more votes than even price did back eight or nine months earlier. the president when he was on referendum this last year did rather well. alabama being the outlier because he was horribly flawed and someone he did not endorse and the primary. they have to win neck states with missouri, indiana, west -- >> rick: i will ask you for reactions. on the tax bill, democrats could have gotten a better deal how they come to me and said, we will do this, we will do something, i could have done something or made it less severe, but they were very ineffective. they were very, very
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ineffective. you understand what i mean? if they had come to me i would've gone to them and we could have work something out. bipartisan, and that could have been fewer changes or knocked down. are you saying it's a democrats came to him? atima. >> i think he means mitch mcconnell they put together a letter on the things that they wanted on the highest tax cuts for the wealthiest and cuts for medicaid and medicare, and that's exactly what these two bills -- this bill is doing. it's benefiting the most wealthy americans. we had tried to move forward. >> rick: charlie? >> that's not true. it's the largest middle-class tax cut in history. it doubles the child tax credit. democrats would've supported this if president obama introduced this bill. we will see an explosion of economic growth. >> rick: i think you two will agree to disagree in 2018 as well. thanks very much for being with us on this friday. have a terrific weekend.
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president trump spoke about china and his recent interview with "the new york times," saying, if they are helping with north korea, i can look at trade a little bit differently, at least for it. of time. when oil is going in, i'm not happy about that. earlier, president trump tweeted that he was still very disappointed with china, but china continues to deny anything wrong. lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon. what are you hearing from officials there? >> diff defense secretary mattis spoke to paul today and said there should be expected more sanctions on north korea next year. >> you will see increased pressure and what form that pressure takes, in terms of physical operations, is something that will be determined by the cognizant governments. >> south korea said it received a cargo ship last month and said the vessel was illegally transferring 600 tons of oil at sea, an action prohibited by the
12:19 pm
sanctions. it was called a lighthouse went more entered south korea to fill up with oil. instead of heading south to taiwan a schedule, she rendezvoused with a north korean ship a week later. it transferred captured by u.s. omelettes and released by the u.s. treasury department last month. before blaming china for the incident, president trump was praising them. >> i think president xi for his recent efforts to restrict trade with north korea. and to cut off all banking ties. mr. president, thank you and thank you all to the chinese business leaders here today. for standing with the united states and our coalition of responsible nations. >> and it interview with "the new york times," president trump says he's been to soft on china. >> rick: china says, wasn't
12:20 pm
me. >> china denies that any involvement that the shift is not being involved to them, despite being registered in hong kong and being released in taiwan. >> china has conducted immediate investigation into the case report. in fact, the related ship has never birthed in chinese point since august of 2017, and there's no record of the ship entering and departing chinese ports as well. >> i asked secretary mattis if he's been impressed with north korea's gains in political technology this year. he replied, nothing impresses me. rick. rick appeared >> rick: that sounds like general mattis. lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. thank you. ahead, thousands of home owners rushing to prepare their taxes before the g.o.p. slashes a popular deduction. for many, this might be a waste of time. coming up, we will talk to a tax expert to clear up any confusio confusion.
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>> rick: today could be the last chance for americans to prepay their property taxes for 2018 before the g.o.p. tax plan kicks in. home owners have been lining up by the thousands to pay early. the new tax law limits a popular deduction for state and local taxes, including property taxes, and folks in high tax states like new york, california, and new jersey could take the
12:25 pm
biggest hit. there's been some confusion whether or not home owners are able to prepay and get the deduction while it lasts. blake burman with the news to try and clear up any confusion. >> tax collectors had decided to keep their doors open longer heading into this holiday we can to accommodate the last-minute rush by some home owners who are deciding to prepay through 2018 property taxes. for example, montclair company in new jersey just across the river from me in new york, they decided to stay open tomorrow as well. here's the issue. the new tax code is set to take place next week. it caps the state and local income and property tax deductions to $10,000. some are now deciding to load up on their deductions this year by prepaying their 2018 property bill, leading to those lines that we have seen all across the country, especially in those high tax areas. however, the irs says i can only take place if you pay before the
12:26 pm
calendar year and have a 2018 property tax bill already in hand. many municipalities haven't yet made those 2018 assessments. tax experts say that that has led to a big question of who can actually pay it and who not prepay. some feel this could be headed towards litigation. in his interview with "the new york times" yesterday, the president said, had democrats worked with republicans on the tax bill, there wouldn't have been such a severe rollback on the state and local income tax deductions. the president said new york leaders were "very ineffective. he never specifically mention chuck schumer by name, but that was part of the implication there. democrats contend that tax but was a giveaway to corporations and to the wealthy, which was not nominated by a single democrat. >> rick: we need to dig deeper on this. blake burman, thanks very much. as i mentioned, the g.o.p. tax plan because of some confusion, so you do try and clear it up,
12:27 pm
john vento's. the way i understand it, you can only make prepayments on real property taxes that have already been billed. >> that's correct. as long as a municipality assess the real estate taxes in 2017, those taxes would qualify for the tax deduction. >> rick: if you don't have a bill yet, there's no point in paying? >> not necessarily. you should call your melissa pahlavi. as long as their success and it's on their community system, it still could be paid this year with a tax deductible in the current year, even if it covers part or all of 2018. >> rick: taxes have to be assessed but you might not of gotten the bill yet? >> that's absolutely right. >> rick: is that common? >> very often that will happen. >> rick: what about all those people who already paid without getting the bill yet? >> most people to pay the tax and haven't been assessed before the end of the year, it's not
12:28 pm
the end of the world. what will happen, they will only be able to deduct a portion that was assessed before the end of the year. in terms of assessing the tax, that is based on what the local municipalities do. even though the governors recently had an executive order saying that you can't prepay your tax, the big confusion came in. they should have said we will and is it to make issue an executive order allowing local municipalities to set the tax before the end of the year, thereby making a tax deductible. >> rick: went to those bills typically go out? >> every state and counties a little different. it's very common in new york, for example, when you are assessed for your taxes in 2017, and actually does carter part o. if your taxes were assessed for any part of 2018, just write that check out. as long as that check is written out by december 31st, you're
12:29 pm
good to go. >> rick: the governors of new york and new jersey have been pretty loud and vocal about this. these are the two states hardest hit. some are saying that that is actually complicating things. >> i'm sure it's complicating things, especially at a local level, in terms of having to too with their budgeting issues with revenue coming in a post of the other. clearly complicating things, speaking for my own personal situation in my office, i've never got to this level of calls. on a daily basis, typically i'll get 40 calls a day, it's up to about 150 to 200 calls and emails a day. half of which are on this very subject. >> rick: what is your advice to people watching? what should they do? >> first thing they should do, if in doubt, just pay the real estate tax bill anyway. >> rick: last year's tax? how do they know what to pay? >> again, they should reach out to them as a polity and go online and look up your real estate tax record. if there is no number posted
12:30 pm
there, it doesn't hurt for them to play back pay half of what their 17 bill was purchased prepay in advance. as long as that assessment hit the municipality's records, then it will in fact be tax deductible. >> rick: if they have more questions, they probably shouldn't call you because you're getting to too many cal. thank you very much for being with us today, john vento. here's a way to avoid stressing over taxes. just win the lottery. jackpots for the megamillion each more than $300 million right now. oddsmakers say you have a much better chance of dying in an asteroid strike in winning either of those. sooner or later, somebody has to win. perhaps someone here on the fox news deck. the mega millions drawing is tonight. powerball is tomorrow. best of luck. absolute tragedy here in new york city. it fires two through an apartment building leading a dozen people dead. among the victims, children who
12:31 pm
just couldn't escape the scorching flames and the choking smoke. >> there was a bunch of smoke and that was it. >> rick: what we've learned about how the fire began at about those who made it out alive. coming up next. whoooo. finding the best hotel price is now a safe bet. because tripadvisor searches... ...over 200 booking sites - so you save up to 30% on the... ...hotelock it in. tripadvisor.
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>> rick: a fire tearing through a rooftop restaurant sending crowds running for the doors as the ceiling came crashing down. fire officials say at least 15 people died early this morning after the flames spread through the rest of this building. it happened in a busy night life of mumbai. witnesses describing a scene of chaos. one survivor said there was a stampede to escape. she tweeted, "still don't know how i got out alive." your official say it took eight fire engines and their crews more than five hours to put out those claims. it looks like a child start of the deadliest building fire here in new york city and over a quarter of a century.
12:35 pm
that's according to the new york city fire department commissioner. he set a three and a half-year-old boy was playing with burners on a kitchen stove in a first-floor apartment, sparking a blaze that killed 12 people, including four children last night. it happened in the bronx. fire crews arrived in about 3 minutes, according to commissioner. he said the building stairwell acted like a chimney, pulling up the flames. witnesses say people were running for their lives into a freezing cold night in her bathrobe. david lee miller is live in our new york newsroom. >> the youngest and i was only one year old. the oldest was 63. the back according to a report, four members of the same family perished in the inferno. he said his sister maria and her grandchild were among those killed. >> they couldn't escape. there is just two people my sister and a baby, eight months old. the smoke overcame her. everything happened so fast.
12:36 pm
>> what happened with her baby? it's her baby okay? >> no. >> firefighters had to battle not only the flames with subzero temperatures. 170 were at scene. he will only identified by his first name and his wife and two daughters after opening the front door of their apartment and finding a cloud of smoke made their way to where they could be reached by a fire truck. >> was a lot of smoke. i came to the door and opened it. what you call it? i need to find one after the other. >> the ap is a reporting, according to the records from the building had at least six
12:37 pm
open violations. one for us for a first floor broken detector. that was where the fire began. one of what was so intense that five of the 12 victims died at the scene. among the injured, more people at this hour reported to be in critical condition. >> rick: i understand officials say the fire spread so quickly that people on the higher floors had no time to react. >> that's right. the commissioner went into great detail why this fire became so weak so, so fast, and what could have been done to contain it. it was because because of a young child left unsupervised in the kitchen playing with an oven, but when the fire began to raise, the boy's mother made the situation worse. she fled with a boy and his sister and then left open the apartment door. it was a mistake that allowed the blaze to spread. the commissioner had a life-saving reminder to anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation. >> you've seen the ads, close
12:38 pm
the door, close the door, close the door. if unfortunately you do have a fire in your apartment, you must close the door when you exit. because the results if you don't or what happened here last nigh night. it's just, it saddens our entire department this time of year that our members are carrying out folks, including young children. >> another factor that contributed to the quick spread work windows left open by people flames that created an updraft further fueling the flames. this 106-year-old building was not fireproof. the fire commissioner said today this was the most lethal new york city blaze and 28 years. >> rick: so tragic. david lee miller, thank you. the police commissioner here new york city says the celebration in times square will be one of the most well policed and best protected events in the world. city officials say they are sending out their largest ever
12:39 pm
security presence for new year's eve, following deadly terror attacks here and in other cities. they say there are no credible threats. brian ennis is live in times square with more on this. >> the nypd will be ready this year. obviously, they said there are no credible threats, but they are ready with over 7,000 uniformed police officers, plainclothes police officers, and dogs that have the to sniff out bombs in the air and on people. the city just had two terror attacks in the last two months. with a lot of attention to suicide bombers, so they will be looking with those dogs as well as making sure that police officers are looking out for that. also, hotels and office towers overlooking times square will have extra police officers in it. take a listen. this is not just happening in new york city, by the way. las vegas, boston, philadelphia are all going to have extra security measures this year.
12:40 pm
>> you're going to see some observation officers up on rooftops, both along the waterfront and coffee square. unfortunately, that's the new reality after what happened in las vegas. we are going to have plenty of dod, bomb assets, whether they be dog and technicians out ther there. >> everyone in times square, by the way, will be checked twice before standing out here in this cold weather. >> rick: i think this could be the year you have more cops than revelers in times square for new york he is. it's a forecast of 10 degrees around midnight. any indication of how that forecast might affect the turnout? >> i know that you think it's going to affect it, and i think you're probably right. it will be the second coldest new year's eve on record in new york city. the forecast holds true.
12:41 pm
we spoke to some people here who visited from all over about their thoughts coming out here on that night. >> i couldn't do it. i can't understand how they stand out there for that long. >> i think it's a little crazy actually. it's too cold for that. >> you're going to be packed in here with so many people, it's like all those penguins, you know? they get all that heat going. i don't think it would be that bad. >> cold weather aside, preparations continue today. they testfired some confetti into the air, 25 million pieces of confetti will fall, 3 tons of the colorful paper over what they hope will be over a million people to show up in this cold weather. >> rick: good luck with that. we appreciate you being there. after the ball drops, it's time to welcome in the new year with college football's best matchups into pasadena, california, home of the rose bowl, city officials say they expect more than a million people at the annual rose parade before the game. anita vogel is nearby where volunteers are putting finishing
12:42 pm
touches on this year's floats. >> hey there. we are inside a warehouse where volunteers are really on the home stretch now putting together these amazing floats. they get to do the most fun part today, decorating the floats of these beautiful fresh cut flowers and roses. that's what makes this parade so you need. all of these flows will be covered with fresh-cut flowers. outside of the warehouse, the pasadena police department are also preparing. they are preparing for about a million people to pour into the city on new year's day. right now, they are blocking off streets, they have hidden camera set up, they have barriers in place, and they will have a very heavy police presence that people will definitely feel. >> when people see the police in the area, they note that they are safe because the police are there. when the police are out mingling in the crowd, greeting people, there is that heightened sense
12:43 pm
of safety where now you're feeling safe because you're interacting with the police. and you're there, the boots were on the ground. >> right now, there is no credible threat against the parade, but pasadena police say they are ready for anything. >> rick: they have to secure los angeles too. it's not just about the parade, it's about new year's eve in downtown los angeles. >> definitely. there will be a stepped-up police presence all over los angeles. i spoke to someone in the counterterrorism borough of the l.a.p.d. yesterday, and they gave me this example. on any particular day, he may have three or four cars patrol patrolling a certain division of the city. on new year's eve and new year's day, you deafly have a lot more than that. he wouldn't give me a specific number, but is definitely going to be a lot more. he said police will be out in crowds and looking for anything that appears unusual. >> rick: anita vogel in los angeles, enjoy the parade.
12:44 pm
apple apologizing for slowing down some users iphones and not telling them about it. the company's reason for that and what execs say they are trying to do to make amends with customers. that's c up next. you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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>> rick: apple says it sorry after admitting it slowed down customers older iphones. the company claimed it needed to prevent iphones with older batteries from suddenly starting down. some customers say the slow down seemed like a to buy your products since apple didn't give an explanation until after their claims. claudia talent is live in our west coast newsroom. >> people have been complaining for years that it was no coincidence that our iphone would slow down just before new model was released. now apple is saying it's sorry that happened, but there is no admission of guilt. apple is trying to explain what's going on and offer a discount on new batteries. in a letter posted near the bottom of its home page come
12:48 pm
apple says, "we know that some of you feel apple has let you down, we apologize. we would never do anything to potentially shorten the life of any apple product or degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrade." this comes after their admission that it was in fact slowing down older phones to compensate for degrading battery. in a statement, apple explains, "all rechargeable batteries are consumable opponents like it less effective as they chemically age, and of their ability to hold a charge diminishes." apple explains the software updates that cause the slow down was a power management feature to make sure that the phone didn't shutdown unexpectedly. "we don't want any of our users to lose a call, miss taking a picture, or have any other part of their iphone experience interrupted." the apology may be too little too late. apple now facing a growing number of legal challenges over that future overseas in france, israel, australia, here in the
12:49 pm
u.s., texas and now california all suing apple. it was filed here in los angeles last week seeks $999 billion in damages. in its effort to rebuild public trust, apple is cutting the price of replacement batteries from $79 to $29, a $50 discount that could help apple make mone money. >> how much is my time worth now had to go to an apple store? after bring my phone. in everly, i will bring my phone is he a new phone and probably want that. >> owners can replace the batteries themselves in senate income in, but apple is betting most people will do it at the store. tech analyst eight will be a brilliant move to expose iphone owners to new products, including new iphones. >> rick: apple wins. claudia cowan, thanks very much. new images from michigan of a major crash involving more than 20 vehicles, no word yet on any injuries. it happened in the city of
12:50 pm
muskegon. temperatures there well below freezing right now. it has been snowing, as you can see that from the video. folks across the country now experiencing extremely cold weather as we've been reporting. coming up, chief meteorologist with the forecast. now you can join angie's list for free. which means everyone has access to our real reviews that we actually verify. and we can also verify that what goes down, [ splash, toilet flush ] doesn't always come back up. find a great plumber at angie's list. join today for free.
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>> rick: from maine down to arkansas, record-setting cold this week. forecasters say you better get used to bundling up. the severe cold weather will be sticking around for the new year. people getting a show in bryant park where the water and a fountain is frozen solid. an airy pennsylvania, people can't catch a break. this man trying to get his groceries home, as fresh snowfall today on top of "the five" plus feet of snow that's already blanketing the city.
12:54 pm
they're distracting the call up to my cold front. >> they need delivery service i would say. look at your temperatures right now. a little bit may be better than where you work last couple of days. 31 in kansas city. you see right here, the windchill feels very, very cold. all of that air is right here. there's a big, big change of temperature. we got another little clippers driving down here. we will see want to 3 inches here across parts of illinois. however it's so cold it will stick on roads immediately. across the west, all of the storm contractors getting more rain and snow up there. as the storms come through, it reinforces that cold air. you will see that clipper system die down. a couple areas of snow here.
12:55 pm
tomorrow, it just gets at reinforcing cold air right behind it just in time right here for new year's eve, right around ten, 12 degrees, somewhere in there. though this temperature wise as coldest they hear. fargo is minus 18 degrees and the actual air temperature. monday's call. you do get a little bit of a break tuesday night. cold air comes right back on wednesday. >> rick: as soon as we start feeling sorry for ourselves, we just look at the map and see canada above us. oh canada. >> really cold right there. if you look at the entire globe, we are talking so much about the cold air that's out there right now, we're kind of the one spot on the globe. i think we have a picture here of the temperatures from today. these are your departures from average. if you look at the average temperatures today anyway, you see the yellow and orange, that's above average from where
12:56 pm
you typically would be. it's right where you are there. plenty of it for us to complain, but it means you can get to a hot place quickly and have a good try to get to a place where the temperatures are warmer. >> rick: that sounds like an excellent idea. thanks. ever hear that saying more money more problems? in arkansas finding out the hard way. she and her friend just won $300,000 on a lottery ticket. so far, she hasn't seen one set of it. her story coming up.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> rick: a restaurant in arkansas known as the best burger in town may not be the site of the biggest beef in town. two of the waitresses at the sportsman drive-in named leslie and mandy just won $300,000 on a scratch off lotto ticket. according to leslie, mandy signed the back and claim the money for herself, and now she's nowhere to be found. here she is with her big fat check. their bath, coincidentally named lucky, bath on the ticket to the christmas present and told him split the winnings. the women's have been best friends for years but not anymore. they plan to take legal action if mandy doesn't live up to her end of the deal. mandy, come on mandy. what say you? speaking of money, the dow is up about 87 points right now, 24,000 down.
1:00 pm
down 86 points. 24/7 51. what a good year for the dow. i'm rick leventhal, hope you have a safe and fantastic new year. your world is next. >> who needs to wait for new years. wall street already salivating as the dow closes out a banner year more than 70 record high of 25%, just shy of 25,000. how do you like that everyone? welcome, and trish regan and for neil caboodle, and it's a "your world." while folks will be popping the courts for the new year, there is some investing in this market. fox business network charles payne has a look at how we got here. what a run. >> what a run closing out the year with the biggest month in their 401(k)s since 2013. this rally began in 2009 picked up steam in 2017.


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