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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 4, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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the dow has ever jumped 1,000 points, ever. up more than 5,000 points this time last year. hopefully you are in on the ride. "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> shepard: all right. thank you, shepard. we're following a lot of records. falling from this fierce winter storm and also the corner of wall and broad as the dow crosses 25,000 for the first time. not boo about what is happening in stocks at that white house briefing. just as we warned you would be the case when i was on fox business network. that was your homework assignment. to see how many times it would come up and did not. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. deidra bolton on that big milestone. whether it was talked about or not. >> exactly. neil, huge day. we spoke earlier about this headline from twitter. bull beats wall. a reference to the stock market
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bulls outshining the upset caused by journalists and michael wolff, "fall and fury." excerpts have been released. investors don't care. all stock buyers shrugging off the turmoil in d.c. the dow last year hit five 1,000 point milestones. the most of its kind in its 120-year history. plus, just worth remembering, we're in a nine-year plus bull market. tech stocks are a big part of the momentum. here's the biggest supporters of the markets of these gains. this is more than just today. so you see facebook slower. i'm talking overall in the past six months, facebook, amazon,
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google, microsoft, all higher. most higher on the day. most of them responsible for some of these huge gains. in addition to last year, of course we saw the nasdaq up 16%. so all of these gains are already on top of what we saw last year. so the big question is, where do we go from here? market optimists say the lower corporate taxes will help a lot of companies, especially companies with tons of cash overseas. they will repatriate a lot of the money overseas. one-time low tax rates 15.5%. in the future, they won't have to pay taxes on revenue that they earn overseas. so essentially, this puts american companies in line with most other industrialized nations in treatment of the overseas revenue. we know this tomorrow. the job market is looking strong. we're looking for verification of that tomorrow morning. economists that we have spoken with say payrolls probably grew by 190,000 last month with even
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fewer lay-offs. so if you talk to the bulls, they're going to say nothing but green, nothing but more gains to come, neil. back to you. >> neil: thank you very much, deidra. meantime, back to those hurricane force winds battering the east coast. a very unusual type of a snowstorm that went all the way down to florida. wind gusts over 70 miles an hour expected in eastern massachusetts. 50 miles an hour winds in long island. a lot of folks are without power. tens of thousands. temperatures expected to plunge and state very low. single digits or worse in much of the country. bryan llenas in boston on how folks are dealing with this. bryan? >> hi, neil. we're talking about 22,000 plus folks here in massachusetts that are without power. these a big deal for a number of reasons. you mentioned those near hurricane force gusts and hurricane force gusts that we're seeing on the cape, nantucket and the eastern islands of massachusetts. that is a big deal.
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power outages with the heavy wet snow and the precipitation cause as lot of strain on the power lines. then that causes people to have to be in their homes perhaps without heat. so they're telling people that if you are without power, assess whether or not you can stay in your home and stay warm. if not, go to a friends's house or go to a warming shelter. we had been seeing record flooding here in boston in terms of the tide. i want to say this. this is either going to be the highest tide boston has ever seen or it will tie the highest tide ever setback in the blizzard of 1978. some 15 feet is the tide. we saw some flooding in seaport. water going down into the aquarium's key subway line there along the waterfront in downtown boston. it's not just water. it's that slushy water. the big concern now is that in all of these area along the water, eastern massachusetts with that coastal flooding is the deep freeze that is expected
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when this storm rolls out of here tonight. if that water is taking a long time to recede because of all of that ice and because of the temperature, it could cause problems. we're talking about not only hours, but days in which people can't get back to their homes or in which the flooding persists. so again right now, people need to heed the warning. boston schools are closed tomorrow. good news for some of those students. stay off the road. the plowing needs to be done, neil. >> neil: none of this will be melting any time soon. thanks, bryan llenas. let's go to adam klotz in the fox news weather center and what we can look at now. you educated me on this type of storm, what it does. it's the fall-out from it that we don't really understand, right? >> yeah, we're still going to be dealing with this even after it moves across the coast here in the next couple days because it gets so cold. here's where the storm continues to linger. there's the circulation.
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snow in new york city. as it runs north and to the east, it's getting closer to the coast. that's why spots in boston seeing the worst of it. it will be worse if you run to maine. spots where you'll see more heavy snow and strong winds. snow in boston, providence. snow falling off and on in new york city. it's lightening further to the south in philadelphia, atlantic city. colder air is on the back side of this system. no surprise here. we've been under a blizzard watch, warnings, stretching up and down the entire coast. that continues for now as we track this moving to that northeastern direction. what makes something a blizzard? well, that's visibility and wind, a big part of it. you get a lot of wind whipping and picks up the snow, makes it almost impossible to see. the visibility has been low in boston. at times down to a tenth of a mile. winds anywhere from 30 to 40 miles an hour. currently running into new york, closer to half a mile visibility. winds still very strong. winds still stronger on the back
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side of this system even though the visibility is beginning to improve at this point. as this continues to lift to the north, this is what you want to pay attention to. look at how the numbers fall. all the air circulates around this. grab cold air from canada, pumps up to the east. highs in the teens for tomorrow. neil? bundle up. >> neil: thanks, adam. this storm is also wreaking havoc on travelers, particularly flyers. more than 4,000 such flights cancelled across the u.s. another 2,000 flights suffering delays. that's in the case of airports open. a good many are not. let's go to chicago's o'hare airport and jeff flock. >> we're just now learning that international flights that can't go to new york on boston and newark are being diverted to chicago. that's the only place they can get in. they were in the air. so take a look at the boards out here. we just learned from american, we're in the american terminal here in chicago, by the way, at
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o'hare. boston, everything today cancelled. the ones from chicago, to boston from chicago, cancelled. nationwide, anything from or to boston cancelled. providence, newark, la guardia, american, all cancelled for the rest of the day today. j.f.k., a potential you'll get in there. la guardia, pictures from inside the terminal. you can about run a track meet in there. nothing happening at la guardia. this storm has been hitting there all day. we have a map for you also that shows the misery and where it's worse. obviously in the northeast. boston, as we said, shut down. new york almost shut down. as you look all over the country, misery anywhere. anybody trying to get to the cities won't get there as well. they're hopeful about tomorrow. as you just heard, it will be awfully cold getting planes de-iced with all the snow. a mess tomorrow, too. >> neil: yeah, definitely.
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thanks. jeff flock. how do you protect yourself in the event of the cold? you're out there. charlie neese has tips for you. good to have you back. the biggest thing people forget is when it's really cold how really vulnerable you are when you're outside. big time, right? >> that's right, neal. with this storm, we also have the added complications of lots of power outages. you can have folks in their homes. they lose power. then you get a domino effect. sometimes you lose power, heat and then you're facing frozen pipes. now the cold air is coming in as the system pushes off to the northeast more, we're going to be dealing with the frigid temperatures on through the rest of the weekend. so look out for the power outages. make sure that you have lots of layers of clothing. better to wear layers of clothing rather than putting one thick layer on.
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also, if you lose power, conserve the heat in the house. close doors to each room. put a blanket or a towel at the bottom of the door. seal the crack up to hold the heat in those rooms. also, in case you're about to have your frozen pipes and you're going to lose your water source, fill up a sink or bathtub with hot water that can provide a source of heat for a while. also provide you with a source of water if your pipes do freeze and your water quits working. don't use generators inside homes. the carbon monoxide is a big threat. >> neil: thanks, charlie. following all of this in nashville, tennessee. there was a white house briefing today. on fox business when we talked about it, i had like to remind everybody, make sure you keep track of the questions that concern the storm. nothing going on there.
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>> the white house staff, did they have to sign nondisclosure agreements at the white house? >> a few of the examples of things said in this book that are false. >> the president said i don't talk to steve bannon. >> will the president go to court to stop the publication of this book? >> neil: you saw that, right? the white house briefing. i'm all for going into the book. fascinating. great issues.
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we had another record on the dow today. investors, that would include you, whether you know it or not. directly or indirectly. you're up $7 trillion in market related wealth since the election of donald trump whether you wants to take that in or not. that's fair game. it's a big story. no market on earth has done what our market is doing here and not a single question on that. that's weird. make it's because i'm not there. but fox news channel's kevin corke is. that's remarkable. >> it really is. it's frustrating. i tried to get to the heart of that. i know what that is like, neil, when you have an agenda, obviously, as a spokesperson for the white house. you're trying to get your message out there and share part of your agenda and what you can accomplish. you can't do that when the talk is about some book that they believe is full of falsehoods and outright lies. here we were again.
1:16 pm
another day and another day wasted talking about a book. and i say "wasted" from a policy perspective. i get the interest. i'm a journalist. people will talk about it. sometimes it's frustrating if you want to get to the heart of what really matters to the american people. but there was news today for the first time. we heard the president talking about one of the people who is frequently quoted in the pages of that book. his former chief strategist, steve bannon. as you know, the book has generated a storm of controversy because of a number of allegations, neil, including a few eye openers from bannon himself. among the buttes from this guy, he said that ivanka is as dumb as a brick. he said the president eats mcdonald's because he fears being poisoned and a 1 and 3 chance that the president would resign before the end of his term. for his part, bannon played down any rift that he might have with the president. he took to radio and said listen, i'm still 100% behind the commander-in-chief.
1:17 pm
>> don't worry. there's no worry with donald trump and breitbart and the website. i support the president day in, day out. whether given the trump miracle speech or on the web site, you don't have to worry about that. >> the patience of white house officials is -- well, the ones that have had to field countless questions about the book, it's getting thread bare. >> i'm less concerned with my exhaustion than the people of this country that could care less about a book full of lies and would rather here and the the booming economy and the crush of isis or the big problems that we're focused on tackling. i don't think they care about some trash that an author that no one had heard of until today. >> yet, this is part of the culture inside the beltway, neil. we have to react and respond to what is happening and sometimes when the president weighs in on it, whether it's a statement or
1:18 pm
he comes out, makes a tweet about it, we have to follow where the news goes. that can be frustrating inside and as you can well imagine, outside these walls. back to you, my friend. >> it's a legitimate story. the arguments they bring up. that's fine. the market is a legitimate story, too. we have time to cover everything. >> you would think we can hit on that, too. the wall, immigration reform. healthcare. you have some time? we can talk. >> neil: all right, buddy. thanks very much. stay warm. kevin corke at the white house. that is my point here. when you have a record on the dow, you don't have to exclusively be on it. we have three news channels, a few business channels. >> all 24/7. a lot of time. so i have three hours a day here. pretty soon on the weekends. i have time to get into it all like we're doing now. liz, what do you make of this? this fixation on this stuff not happening? >> right. it's unsurprising if you watch the white house press briefings every day.
1:19 pm
it's always a variation of the same question asked over and over again. i mean, today we had 19 questions asked about steve bannon and this book. zero questions about the dow. zero questions about jobs being the lowest lay-offs since 1990. you have other things going on like the administration opening up almost all offshore waters to drilling. you have a new proposed regulation that will open up free market options and healthcare. you have all of these things happening and no questions about it. because the media is very shallow and they latch on to the most petty gossip story of the day and that's what they do. >> neil: very wise point, liz. they don't have -- you can start and barack obama and the meltdown. the oil and drilling this thing in the pacific. you've given up on the environment. it's fair game to get to this other stuff. all in the media, your fine
1:20 pm
publication have time to do that but it's not happening. >> exactly. like you said, there's 24 hour news networks. >> neil: incredible. >> the good fox at fox business tend to cover more of the actual news of the day. if you flip around, it's either this petty new gossip that comes out or it's russia. russia, russia, russia. a year of this. they don't talk about anything else when, of course, you can be critical about anything the administration is doing. there's other news going on. i think you can see with the tax cuts, the effect on the market, a lot of positives going on but trump is never going to get a fair shake from the other news networks. >> neil: thanks, liz. to her point, someone has been called a never trumper, this time of journalism, it's always wrong. you can cover everything. you can get into everything we want. i'm telling you, folks, we have a lot of time. we do. temperatures are plunging,
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prices are spiking. why this massive storm could hit you no matter where you live. keep watching. i'm a lightning r. waiting to protect your home from a lightning strike. it's my new years resolution. whatever. can you get my plane? yeah, i don't do planes. i just do lightning. ♪ but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> neil: all right. the president's legal team is sending what they call a cease and desist to michael wolff. he's the author, a well-known guy despite what sarah sanders said, on a new book about the white house. he sent a similar letter to steve bannon that is widely quoted in the book. do they have a case? wolff has just tweeted a response to this. we'll get to that in a second. attorney caroline belisi joins us right now. normally public officials have a tough time making this case.
1:25 pm
what do you think? >> you're absolutely right. there's the added element when you have a public figure of the actual malice element. i'd like to make a distinction here. there is a case against steve bannon not just for defamation. steve bannon had a written contract with trump, many trump aides signed nondisclosure, nondisparagement agreements with trump or the organization. that means that his conduct is really governed by this agreement. so when you look at it from that perspective, you don't even get to an inquiry of whether or not the information that he gave was true or not. the question is whether or not -- if you read the letter that charles harder sent to steve bannon and his team, it makes perfectly clear that confidential information was leaked with a capitol c and a capitol i. you know what that means? it's a defined term in the contract. so this is a contract case at
1:26 pm
its heart. when you get to the question of michael wolff, the publisher, that i think is a very much more difficult road to go down in terms of achieving a win on a defamation case. i also will just say that charles harder, this guy is the go-to guy when it comes to defamation in the media. he's fresh off of a win from melania trump. he got the multimillion dollar settlement against "the daily mail." he got a retraction and apology. >> neil: you're right about that. you did mention michael wolff. he's tweeting out, here we go, you can buy it and read it tomorrow. thank you, mr. president. obviously he's thanking the president because he heightened interest in the book. >> absolutely. michael wolff faces no sort of legal liability here. in terms of -- there's first amendment issues here at play. the steve bannon issue, much, much different. i think harder -- >> neil: why would that be different? we're led to believe that michael wolff visited the white house, which was weird when i
1:27 pm
first heard it. so he would be seen there. obviously he was talking to people there. for all i know he might have bumped into the president. it wasn't as if he was an unknown entity. yet there he is talking to folks. >> but michael wolff did not sign a nondisclosure agreement with president trump. he's not under any contractual agreement. he's sort of a player in the open market here. so therefore the inquiry -- >> neil: so they all sign these agreements. we've had presidential tell-alls for prior presidents. what would make this case different? >> it's not a first amendment inquiry. in the case of a civil suit, what would need to be shown is the information govern to michael wolff comes under this subset of the agreement. we haven't read the ins and outs of what is covered in this agreement. it's pretty likely there's a strong case here that he violated the terms of that
1:28 pm
agreement. we've seen agreement like this in employment all the time. it's not a defamation issue. >> neil: i always here they're not worth the paper they're printed on. >> in my estimation, steve bannon said the liability that he faces for the repercussions of breaking this agreement is less than any amount of money he may be making by gaining sort of a publicity around this event. so i think he's making a calculated legal analysis. i would be shaking in my boots if i were him from a legal perspective. he should be lawyering up and looking at all the issues. i don't think he faces a geor a georgia -- a garden variety defamation claim but a breach of contract claim. >> neil: thank you, caroline. you might have heard a thing or two about the record cold. it's going to get more freezing. heating up running up, gas prices. the heat is running up.
1:29 pm
oranges and other crops are running up faster a lot faster. food for thought after this. there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
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>> neil: remember jeff flock yesterday in chicago in phil flynn is almost the exact same place. the startling development here. two different coasts. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> neil: all right. we're so focused on the storm and the effect it has ahead of
1:33 pm
the fact. a lot of people see heating oil prices running up, gasoline running up. that can be more longer term in nature here. phil flynn with the financial hit from this. phil, that is not the coat i thought you would be wearing. i thought you and jeff flock shared the same coat. that's a nice coat. touche. >> thank you. jeff's was a cheap imitation. this is the choice of the eskimos in alaska. this is about heating oil. that's what we normally talk about. the prices hit a two-year high. natural gas prices not as much. local markets where it's really cold they are spiking. it's about what we eat every year. i'm worried about this storm when it goes down south, when we get frost and snow in places like florida, alabama, all of those warm states that we could be in for a salad spike. that's right.
1:34 pm
everything you put in a salad is coming in harvest in the south. we're talking lettuce, tomatoes, we're talking broccoli. all of that stuff that is good for you, those prices are coming up. it's coming at one of the worst times, this is the beginning of the year. everybody is on a diet right now. all going to salads. could be a good excuse to put off your diet. it's a weather emergency. you can put it off until the prices come down. that's what i'm recommending. all kidding aside, this is going to affect the u.s. economy to a small degree. we're talking billions of dollars of a hit to the u.s. economy. the good news is, with the cold temperatures, we'll get a boost from people that are shovelling snow, people that have snow blowers, people that buy warm coats like this. people that are very good about the market, the traders can take opportunities. like i took an opportunity last year on a thought.
1:35 pm
somebody offered me $25 for this scarf. that's opportunity. >> neil: that's the way you roll. i want to make sure i got this right. anything you put in a salad including lettuce soaring. you said nothing about processed meats and cheeses. any updates on them? >> that could see price goes up. >> neil: what? >> the farmers, when you get snow and cold, they can't bring the cattle to the market. so those prices are going up as well. you'll have to go to straight carbs until the prices come down. >> neil: we'll have to get through. there's a bakery around the block. if that gets hit, game over. phil, have i a deal for you. flynn joining us in chicago. i'm going to talk to flock about this tomorrow maybe, that he's wearing a cheap imitation, a
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which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> neil: growing number of hits from this storm. american airlines say they have cancelled 1,300 flights, collectively 3,000 industrywide. now american is saying they're cancelling any flights through the night headed to the new york metropolitan area. so if you are planning ahead by american, it ain't happening. so for loved ones and all those wanting to know where they're going to be, they're not coming to new york, not if they're on american. normally the way this goes, other airlines quickly follow suit. we'll keep you posted. meanwhile, a number of companies are announcing that they're going to start giving workers bonuses, pay raises, maybe increase their own 401(k)
1:40 pm
contributions to share some of the savings from that republican tax cut bill. there's dozens of companies doing this right now. my buddy charles pain over at making money, the host of that fine show, that kicks off in about 1 1/2 hours on fbn has been saying this is how it would play out. a lot of people were suspicious of that. i guess they still are, charles. they don't see it happening. it is happening, isn't it? >> neil, it's happening in so many different ways. the trump tax plan is introducing instant main street dividends. more and more companies are announcing wind falls for employees and now communities and charities. dozens of companies have announced actions based on the new tax rates and they include the window to bring home overseas profits. i'm sure everybody has heard about the bonus checks from $1,000 to $2,000. there's additional ways that america is benefitting. higher minimum wage. mounting evidence that wage hikes like minimum wage hikes a you'lly produce job losses, but
1:41 pm
when you have companies that have to competence to hike wages on their own, there's no enemployment disruptions. bb&t starting employees at $15 an hour instead of $12 an hour. and retirement increases. 401(k) matches for 22,000 employees. they're offering certain accident and hospital care. infrastructure. when companies invest on their own, they put the entire communities to work. comcast has announced $50 billion in additional infrastructure spending. one thing that is not getting enough ink, charitable giving. u.s. bank corp giving $150 million to charity as a result of the new tax laws. i counted five companies alone that have announced $355 million in charity. i'm sure that number will climb significantly higher. >> neil: you always hear, charles, people poo-pooing this on the left and they say the
1:42 pm
companies feel guilty. i don't care what their motivation is. i don't care the cynical view about at&t. who cares? they're doing it. the question is the impact this will have if you buy the established sort of rip on the tax cut that it benefits corporations, which it does, but those corporations in turn do stuff like this because it does. that could have given the immediacy of this a big impact. >> should have a major impact. nancy pelosi says more employers have a multiplier effect. you give out $150 in welfare, you get $1.50 in spending. you have wages and jobs and investments. so i'd rather see the money going there, creating opportunities for people to take care of themselves for this nation. >> neil: thanks, charles payne.
1:43 pm
best-selling author. great show. he has to make you money and he does. meanwhile, the congressional hopeful breaking with one steve bannon. it started with the president. now a guy that wants to be in congress to help the president. meet him next. for mom,
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>> neil: all right. well, first the president said that steve bannon lost his mind. now it appears that mr. bannon might be losing his friends or those with whom he had a sort of political relationship, including my next guest. he's the former congressman, michael grimm running for his old husband seat. anyway, it's very good to have you, michael. thanks for taking the time.
1:47 pm
>> great to be here. i tell you, it was treacherous getting here. >> neil: i appreciate it. you're a tough stock. a former war veteran. we appreciate that. >> absolutely. >> neil: let me ask you a little bit about you and bannon. i wouldn't say were really tight and you were close and he was interested in your race. now nothing. what happened? >> we did meet twice. that's not the point. the point is, i was working with bannon's team for one purpose and one purpose only. that is to help president trump move his agenda forward. period, end of story. i will not work with anyone that doesn't want to help our president and get that agenda where it needs to be, which is across the finish line, which will help not only the people of brooklyn but our entire country and quite frankly the world. >> neil: bannon still seems to like the president's agenda. but he did say that he had i think a 33.3% chance, referring to the president, of not making
1:48 pm
it through the first term here, that he might have to resign. what did you make of that? >> i think the most disturbing part to me really is taking shots at the president's children, his family. that to me is -- it's appalling. you shouldn't go there. i have said from the beginning that this russiagate nonsense is a political witch hunt. to give it any credence whatsoever, hurts the president and certainly hurts his administration. it's a major distraction that the left has used to slow down the president's agenda and to delegitimize his presidency. so anything that feeds into it is hurtful and harmful to the presidency. i can't support that at all. i'm diametrically opposed to this absolute political witch hunt. something that i know quite a bit about. >> neil: looks like bannon has been sidelined after the roy moore loss. doug jones came in, narrowed the gap in the senate to 51-49 to 52-48. you think that bannon is
1:49 pm
finished? >> i really don't know. for me, it's -- i won't allow it to distract from what i need to do. i look at it as these were harmful comments. but not as harmful as my opponent who has voted against the president's agenda every chance he got. repealing obamacare he voted no, sanctuary cities, banning that, he voted no. he voted against the tax reform bill. what i care about is what the people of staten island -- >> neil: you can argue why he would vote against tax reform bill in your neck of the woods. >> sure. >> neil: a lot of people that can't write off their local state and sales taxes. that's a big deal, right? >> but still over 90% of the people in my district will still have a tax cut. that's the part that is very misleading. will we have as much as a tax cut as someone in texas or florida? no, we won't have as much but we'll still have a tax cut. everyone is leaving out the ancillary benefits that you just mentioned. how about the fact that 401(k)s
1:50 pm
are going up, the jobs being created. charitable contributions. can't forget this. a lot of people in my district that will have the ancillary benefits on top of a tax cut, although the tax cut is not as high as the lower tax states. it's still very good for our economy and over 90% of people in my district will have a tax break. >> neil: do you worry with what you're trying to do to get your old seat back that maybe given what happened to bannon and what happened to his primary candidate in alabama, roy moore, that renegade or rebel challenges -- i don't mean to trivialize you -- to established republican congressmen or women, that that ship has sailed? no one wants to risk it? you say what? >> i think my race is unique and different. let's -- the people in staten island, brooklyn, remember number 1 i'm the person that
1:51 pm
took on the entrenched democrat that held the seat. i took it back for the republican party, not my opponent. he wouldn't have done that. >> neil: you're also the guy that had to serve time for something that you say was an unfair rap. they'll remember you for that as well, right? >> i think they're going to remember me for the work i did during sandy recovery. they'll remember all the bills i signed in. my opponent has not signed in one bill to law. yes, my opponent will make this about the fact that i have criminal regard now. when we look at loretta lynch, the same person in the news now, i'm the only one not to be given a civil fine. the people of statin island and brooklyn are upset about that. they know it was a political witch hunt and know i was targeted unfairly for one reason, to get me out of office. i was doing a very good job and the people will believe in me again. >> neil: you think it's a congressional race. i grant you it's a primary
1:52 pm
battle, i grant you. you think the president and do you want the president to campaign on your behalf? >> i would welcome the president to campaign on my behalf. i'm 100% supporter of president trump. but i don't think he would get involved in a primary like this. i don't think it behooves him -- >> neil: you don't think you're dividing the republican field, and say you or donovan would win -- dan donovan did return our phone call. we're working on something. do you think you're harming it for the party and a democrat just slips in? >> not at all. unfortunately, donovan's voting record going against his base and going against our president so consistently has put him in a position where he cannot win the general election. i'm the only one that can defeat the democrat challenger when that time comes. he's just consistently voted against -- and the nra voting card. he's pretty liberal. >> neil: i'm going to put you down as a maybe on him.
1:53 pm
michael grimm, thanks. be warm. >> thank you. >> neil: the market making a lot of history. i dare you to read about it tomorrow. maybe you will. i have my doubts.
1:54 pm
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1:56 pm
>> neil: we hit another milestone on the dow today. 25,000 a little more than five weeks after he climbed to 24,000 just after thanksgiving. maybe this this is why this dot get much coverage. this is the seventh time in little more than a year that we have done this and since donald trump has been present for most of that time little wonder he would grow about it. >> we did in fact break 25,000, very substantially, very easily. the stock market is at an all-time high. hitting another record right now on the stock market. you see what's going on with the stock market. they know we know what we are doing. it is going up at record clips. >> our stock market has reached an all-time high today. i will -- all-time high.
1:57 pm
nobody ever talks about it. they don't talk about it. >> the critics are quick to say he is taking a bow for a bowl his predecessor unleashed. >> we've seen the greatest job creation, a streak that continues. thanks, obama. >> neil: methinks each president likes to toot his own horn. i can't blame either president from crowing. under george bush under the market meltdown and i'm sure that wasn't because bush was a republican. like i'm also sure the market is soaring out of this president and the media generally paying no attention have nothing to do with the fact that donald trump is a republican and worse, a really hated republican. why should they give him credit
1:58 pm
at all for a market rally looks pretty real? like i said, they hate him. more interested in covering steve bannon and whether he's lost his mind. i will tell you what. it sure as heck would be news if stocks were losing trillions of dollars in market wealth. then i can guarantee you this president would be blamed for each and every story. that's the story, that's the problem. each story so caught up. this market is the bomb. we are in a freaking stock bomb cyclone. we get so locked into politicizing these things that we failed to enjoy these things. generally when stocks go up, that's a good thing. strong markets shouldn't be a red or blue thing. they are a green thing, they are about making money. conservatives and liberals like making money.
1:59 pm
who cares whether this whole bull market started under barack obama in march 2009 which he did or picked up considerable steam with donald trump which it has. stop the bull and cover the bul bull, the bull market. the vantage stuff is a big story too. how about we cover both stories. i can see the bad and the president but it doesn't blind me to the good. i cover it all when it comes to this president. it's called being fair, balanced. refusing to credit may be something this president is doing to keep this bull market going, that's called neither fair nor balanced. take it from someone who's been called a never trumper. maybe we should make it never about us. this milestone, maybe we should use the moment not to take stock at stocks but something much closer to home.
2:00 pm
ourselves. good night. ♪ >> dana: i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, geraldo rivera, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." did steve bannon betray president trump? the president wouldn't answer the question earlier but he offered these words. >> i don't know. he called me a great man last night. he changed his tune pretty quick. thank you all very much. i don't talk


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