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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  January 18, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> harris: across the bottom of your screen, we where outnumbered o.t. across all platforms. love hearing from you after the show. give us your thoughts, your questions. i'm harris. thanks for watching. here's dana. >> dana: we start with a fox news alert. the president is set to touchdown in pittsburgh moments from now, where mr. trump will tour an equipment plant and promote tax reform. and his visit certainly welcomed by a republican candidate in a special house election nearby. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the president's trip comes as the house prepares to vote on a short term spending bill to avert a government shutdown friday night. the white house saying the president now supports that bill, which also provides a six year funding extension for the children's health insurance program. chief white house correspondent john roberts has more. john? >> reporter: you know, the president always supported that, dana. just seemed he had a momentary
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bit of, shall we say, uncertainness about the whole thing. but the white house does continue to drive a continuing resolution to keep the government open. they hope that this will be until february 16th. legislative affairs director mark short of the white house drive way just a short time ago saying he is confidence that he can get the vote in the house. the senate, though, is another question. they need ten democrats to pass the bill in the senate because senator lindsey graham of south carolina looks like he's going to vote against it. a democrat activist group is keeping track of democrats who are voting against this bill. they're taking names and short put the odds of it passing in the senate at 50/50. what the white house is throwing its support behind, six years of funding for the state children's health insurance program, delays in obamacare taxes on health insurer, medical devices and cadillac plans and keep the government open through february 16th. the president didn't quite seem to be on message this morning when he tweeted, quote, chip
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should be part of a long-term solution, not a 30-day or short-term extension. that said, the white house press office scrambling to come up with a clarification. the principle deputy press secretary saying the president supports the continuing resolution introduced in the house. congress needs to do its job and provide full fund of our troops and military with a two-year budget caps deal. however, as that deal is negotiated, the president wants to assure our military an national security are funded. he will not let it be held hostage by democrats. but that whole statement, dana, begs the question that if they can even get an agreement on a measure to fund the government for less than a month, how are they ever going to come to an agreement on something that will fund the government for two years? >> dana: well, this morning when the president first tweeted that, i was asked if i wanted to put it in the show. i said no. by 2 p.m. they'll fix it. the president heading to pennsylvania today? >> reporter: he is.
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he's going out there for what is a tax reform event, trying to sell tax reform across the country, but underlying that whole thing is a political event for the republican candidate in the special election on march 13th in the 18th congressional district, which is just sort of on the western side and south of pittsburgh f pittsburgh. for a republican kirstjen nielsen to win should be a no brainer. the seat was held from congressman murphy from 2003 until he left the house late last year. president trump won that district by 20 points. mitt romney won it by 17 points. the only poll that i have seen, which was a poll shows sicone up 12 points over his competitor, but it's said to be much closer than that. the president tweeting, quote, we'll be going to pennsylvania today in order to give my total support to rick sicome running for congress in a special election march 13th. rick is a great guy. we need more republicans to con our already successful agenda. because of recent losses in
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alabama and the 10th congressional district just a couple days ago in wisconsin, it was a district leaning republic onfor the democrat blew the republican away by 11 points. if they lose this one, dana, i don't want to be a republican candidate in november. no question about that. >> dana: all right. john robert, thank you. there's a bipartisan meeting under way right now to hammer out a fix for the dreamers. key leaders from the house and senate are talking and democrats threaten a government shutdown without a daca deal. the house expecting to vote this evening on a short-term spending bill. peter doocy is live on capitol hill. so who is in this meeting, peter? >> reporter: dana, they're in the house majority leader's office about 200, 250 feet behind where we are standing. so the house pmajority leader i there, he's got john coryn there as well.
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democrats there. house minority whip and the senate minority whip dick durbin. they have been daring democrats to vote against this month long spending bill because they put six years of money to pay for the children's health program in it. their argument is a vote against this bill is a vote against chip. but the house minority leader, nancy pelosi, is still telling her people to vote no. >> this is like giving you a bowl of doggy doo, put a cherry on top and call it an sundae. >> reporter: the democrats are all expected to vote no because their demand for a daca fix was not met. >> dana: so if this bill does pass the house tphrbg spite of how she feels about it, how hard is it going to be to pass in the senate? >> reporter: dana, it sounds like the senate thinks they need
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five more days to round up enough votes because now republican senator jerry moran is pitching a five-day long continuing resolution to fund the government, and it is gaining a little bit of traction so far. >> jim moran's proposal, i liked it, too. do a short term deal, five days with the understanding that gets us time to have a break through on immigration, on defense spending, on chip, on disaster. and end this madness. >> reporter: many lawmakers have been complaining that a one-month long funding bill was too short because it did not do enough to help the pentagon stay as ready as they possibly could be, or as ready as they could be with a longer term deal. it is not sure how much traction a less than one week long bill would get, but that is what they're talking about on the senate side. the house is gonna vote first today, and if all democrats
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stick to their guns and vote no, then paul ryan the speaker of the house, can only afford to have 23 of his members vote no and have the cr still advance. >> dana: i hope you brought your sleeping bag and toothbrush because you might be there overnight. >> reporter: i hope not. >> dana: all right. thank you so much. joining me for more on this is mike allen, co-founder of axis. i think i have read every single day. thank you for being here, mike. >> thank you so much. one year of smart recipes, we thought by now we would be 50 people. we're 95 people and growing. >> dana: you do something in the morning and in the afternoon. in the olden days, reporters used to just file once a day and that was it. how much would something like today's scramble in the morning change what you were going to do in the afternoon? >> well, dana, that's a great question. today, your fox viewers have seen this play out in real-time
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all day. multiple moving stories, just a morning paper wouldn't capture the drama of what's going on. you just had your great coverage of what the latest axios intelligence indicates is a coming shutdown. house republicans seem confidence they're gonna get the votes peter doocy said they need. in the senate, it looks like democrats think it's cost free enough to allow the shutdown. it looks like it may happen there. separately, you this fascinating story that was touched off on fox last night with the white house chief of staff, general john kelly, giving comments to bret baier that were different than the president's about immigration. of course, the president slapping back on twitter today. tough day for the chief in the west wing. both those going on. dana, you've been there. you know even if you waited for the evening news, you'd be missing it. >> dana: we're taking a live look at president trump arriving on air force one in pittsburgh. tell me a little more about that
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meeting. because i actually think that, perhaps it wasn't artful, but in my mind, what general kelly said was very similar to things that president trump has been indicating in the past six weeks, as he's talked about the wall and understanding that some of it is going to have to include technology, where you can't actually have a physical barrier. what was so wrong with what general kelly said? >> well, dana, that's very astute. you're right about your reading between the line. for some time, the white house has been making it clear that when they talk about a wall, they're not talking about something that goes through wire or something that goes through totally uninhabited, inaccessible areas. where the testiness, the au kwarness was touched off was the way that general kelly phrased it, and the way "the new york times" wrote it up. president, in addition to watching fox news, reads the front page of "the new york times" where that story was, which made it sound like general kelly was not only saying the president has moved and, dana,
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you know that presidents don't like to change their minds, even when they have. and second, general kelly seemed to be taking credit, along with experts for enlightening this president. you know president trump. if there's anything he doesn't like, it's being told that he's being enlightened by expert. it was the framing of it more than the substance that no doubt got him stewing, got caught in his craw and resulted in that tweet this morning which looked like a brush back pick to his chief of staff regardless of whether the chief was even trying to do work for him. dip took it as the chief was trying to help advance the ball into the strategic move. tuesday in that meeting everyone talked about that was so wonderful, he said i'll take the heat. you know you're gonna get heat. even if you get funding for the military an chip, this all comes down to something that's happened in 2007 and 2015, it's that the congress cannot come to an agreement on what to do on immigration. that is why we are back in this
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position again. it's not just the chip money or the military funding. it is actually about immigration. can they actually get it done this year? >> well, the president in the end, when he says the wall is a wall today, what, dana, i know you agree with this. what they need is something they can call a wall, that plausibly a wall, that in 2020 he said i delivered. that's the real thing here. >> dana: all right. mike allen, we're sitting here watching the president just arriving in pittsburgh. thank you for taking us down the tarmac. we appreciate it, mike allen. thank you. air force one, as i just said, arriving in pittsburgh, where president trump will deliver remarks on tax cuts and economy. our next guest was on the tax floor yesterday sharing how the tax cuts are helping pennsylvania. senator pat toomey straight ahead. >> those were the two goal. direct tax relief for ordinary
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americans and making the business tax code competitive. mr. president, i am thrilled to be able to say that i believe we achieved both goals.
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right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. >> dana: president trump landing just moments ago, walking down air force one steps. he's in pittsburgh on a trip men to highlight the effect on tax cuts on the economy. pat toomey, senator for pennsylvania. have you already seen results from tax reform in pennsylvania? >> yeah, we sure have, dana. you know, i fully expected, and i said at the time, that if we lower the cost of investing in business by lowering taxes on capital expenditures, that business would invest more and we would see, over time, higher compensation for workers. the only thing i was wrong about was, i didn't realize it would happen immediately.
11:16 am
but well over 2 million workers including many, many tens of thousands of pennsylvania pennsylvanians have already gotten a pay raise, a bonus, increasing contribution of their pension plans because the business sees the greater free cash flow that they have and they need to invest in their work force to retain and to attract good workers. so it's already happening. >> dana: the obama administration sort of regrets after passing obamacare, that they didn't get out on the road and continue to sell it. that's one of the reasons it remained so unpopular while he was president. do the republicans understand the need to get out there and talk about that? and is that why president trump is there today? if you look at these two marist poll, the two aspects of it, still only 36% of people polled here favor the bill and only 39% think that tax reform will help them financially. is there a way for you to help sell this so that they will understand -- people will understand and maybe change
11:17 am
their mind about the bill? >> first of all, the problem with obamacare is it was bad policy. >> dana: that's why i said it was only one aspect. >> you're right. some of my democratic colleagues and some in the media have done a good job of completely mischaracterizing the tax reform. in fact, there's a lot of americans that think they're going to get a tax increase when, in fact, they're getting a tax cut. one thing that's gonna help us is with holdings are going to change by the end of february. people are going to see the pay check that they bring home has gone up. there's nothing more powerful than what you see with your own eyes. i think right. we should continue to go out, make the case. i wish i could be with him, but i'm stuck here in washington, as you know. but we should be making the case and reminding people of the benefits that are occurring. >> dana: at the beginning of the show, john roberts from the white house is reporting about the president's trip and the president's tweet this morning in support of mr. saccome.
11:18 am
he's running in the special house election to replace tim murphy. polls have him up 12 points. apparently there are republicans who are nervous about that race. do they have a right to be nervous? >> so i'm very confident that rick is gonna win that race. he's a good candidate. he's been elected before. he's doing a good job. but, look, we shouldn't take anything for granted. the fact is, in special elections four house seats across the country, democratic candidates have overperformed what you might typically expect for those districts. so we don't want to get caught asleep at the switch. rick is a good candidate. he's working hard. there are additional resources being brought in to help him, and i'm confidence he's going to win this race. >> dana: last question to you. what's happening? are we gonna shut it down or not shut down the government? and will you vote for the cr if it's a short-term one? >> so i believe the house is likely to pass a short-term continuing funding measure. i will support it if it gets over here. the question is, you know in the
11:19 am
senate, we need 60 votes. will the democrats join us in keeping the government open and getting six years reauthorization of the children's health insurance, or will they shut it down over the fact that we have not yet resolved immigration? >> dana: how will the republicans put the pressure all back on the democrats so that they're the ones having to grapple with it? >> if a republican controlled house passes theirs, passes it in their body and then the vast majority of republicans support it here, but the democrats don't give us the votes to get to 60, then it's pretty clear, democrats took it down. >> dana: interesting. pennsylvania senator pat toomey, thank you. >> thanks for having me, dana. >> dana: an accused serial killer now behind bars. ahead, how police tracked him down. plus, what do recent special elections tell us about the midterm elections and the possibility of democrats taking control of the house in 2018? we will speak with republican congressman steve stivers of ohio. that's coming up next. it's the phillips' lady!
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>> dana: police in arizona say they have the man behind nine murders last year. he was already behind bars, arrested in connection with the murder of his mother and stepfather in december. authorities now say they have ballistics evidence linking cooksy to other murders in phoenix in november and december and have not ruled tout possibility that there were even more victims. house republicans are working overtime to hold their majority in the midterm election. democrats claim they could flip dozens of seats and seize control. but the gop just set a fund-raising record, putting them in good shape for a
11:24 am
competitive campaign season. ohio congressman steve sivers is with me. sir, midterms for the first midterm for any president is never usually good. you often lose seats. so you're not necessarily in an enviable position, but have you put yourself in a place where you think you'll be able to hold on? >> dana, we have put ourselves in a great place. we set a fund-raising record in 2017. we also went 5-0, winning every competitive special election, every special election where we had a republican on the general election ballot, we won in 2017, including georgia's 6th district, where we were outspent by $20 million. we still won. >> dana: let me ask you about the tax reform bill. the president is in pittsburgh. he's going to be touting that today and the benefits of it. as i was saying to senator toomey, polling for approval of
11:25 am
the tax reform bill still lags behind, around 36%. do you think for republicans running in blue states where they're going to possibly see their taxes go up in new england and california, got about 12 republicans in those areas. are they vulnerable to being flipped by democrats next year? >> i don't think so. i think we're working many of those republicans in very high tax states are working with the internal revenue service to get a clear opinion letter about people that chose to prepay their real estate taxes. and they're looking out for their constituents. some of them voted against the tax bill because they didn't think it was a good deal. but i will tell you the tax bill is a great bill for america. 2 million people have gotten bonus checks as a result of it. pretty soon, in february, the with holding tables will be changed and every american can look at their check and see if tax reform is good for them or bad for them. tax reform also has our economy
11:26 am
moving. apple announced $300 billion investment yesterday. tax reform's gonna be great for the american people. we need to let people know that. but i feel good about what it's gonna mean. >> dana: so if they didn't vote for the tax reform bill, do you think they should run on it? >> you know, i think people have to support their districts. i tell everybody, there's no one size fits all answer. you have to do what's right for your district. and there were people that chose to vote with their district, and that's okay. the tax bill will be great for america. >> dana: i absolutely get that. what about recruiting? how's that going for you in terms of the types of people you've been able to recruit to run? i know the person that you wanted to run in illinois '17, mr. klein, has decided not to run. are you running out of time to find good people for those seats? >> i think we need to keep working to get folks in seats. i can tell you, peterson in
11:27 am
arizona, in mcsally's seat is an incredible recruit. she headed the hispanic chamber of congress in tucson. we have young kim in ed royce seat in orange county, california. ed announced he was retiring. within 24 hours young kim was in the seat. it's a 25% asian-american seat. and she's going to be a great candidate. she's already raising money. ed has endorsed her. she will be very competitive. i think she's going to win that seat. i would be remiss if i didn't stalk about pete stauber up in the iron range in minnesota. he is an incredible recruit. he's deputy sheriff, professional hockey player. he is minnesota. he's going to be a great member. >> dana: he's like picture perfect. like, i want that guy. how has it been recruiting women in the republican party to try to run this year? >> well, just this week, as i said, young kim got in. we had lea marques-peterson got
11:28 am
in. we have a record number of women running. another seat on offense that we're going to take back, tim walls is retiring in minnesota's 1st district. we've got a great female recruit there. she's gonna be very competitive. i think she can win that seat back. >> dana: do you think the democrats are overconfident that they can take back the house this year? >> i think that they are a little overconfident. democrats are excited, dana. we know that. but we have proven in races like georgia 6, where we were outspent by over $10 million, that we can still get our voters to the polls. and that's what we have to do. that's our job, is to get our voters to the polls. we will run on our record. tax reform is gonna make our economy strong. it's gonna be a big deal for every american. and everybody's gonna be able to look ats their pay check by the enof next month and say, is tax reform good for me? and most americans are gonna give a big thumbs up. >> dana: president trump's up in pennsylvania. certainly not going to hurt the
11:29 am
efforts of rick saccone running for the election to replace tim murphy. but as i understand it, republicans are a little nervous about that seat. do you think he ultimately will win it next month? >> i am confident rick saccone will win that seat. the contrast is clear. rick saccone supports tax reform. conner lamb has decided to side with nancy pelosi over his local constituents. pnc bank is paying $1,000 bonuses to their executives -- i'm sorry, to all their employees. conner lamb is coming out against a bill that's getting thousands of his constituents bonuses. >> dana: interesting timing. >> that's a problem. >> dana: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> dana: i hope to have you back. big change in health and human services. new protection force doctors nurse and medical professionals when it comes to their religion. plus rex tillerson weighing in on the middle east and its hot spots. what he has to say about syria, iraq and the rise of isis.
11:30 am
and why one comment in particular is drawing a lot of criticism. ♪
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>> dana: secretary of state rex
11:34 am
tillerson speaking out on the situation in syria. tiller son laid out the case for why regime change is necessary. >> the nights of the assad regime like that of its sponsor iran is pha lignan. it has promoted state terror, it has empowered groups that kill american soldiers such as al qaeda. it has backed hezbollah and hamas. and it has finally supressed political opposition. >> dana: joining me now is former u.s. ambassador to bahrain and former deputy state department spokesman. it is good to see you. you know the region very well. what did you think about what secretary tillerson said? >> underwhelming, frankly. nobody can disagree with him that assad is bad and the world would be better off with him out of power. what wasn't clear to me is what is the united states prepared to do to achieve that objective? this really is the problem with u.s. policy under obama and under trump.
11:35 am
we do not match the resources required to achieve the objectives. if our objectives are to get rid of assad and have a unified syria that all syrians can live in peacefully, then it's going to require a lot more than what trump or tillerson have -- >> dana: how much more? >> well, look. they said we're going to keep 2,000 troops there, right? in eastern syria. to basically keep al qaeda from coming back to support the geneva process, to preserve safe areas. >> dana: push back on iran. >> 2,000 troops? is that what's gonna do it? that's gonna get rid of assad? that's gonna create free and transparent elections? you need a lot more. especially when you keep in mind that iran has maybe 40,000, 50,000 troops. it's spending over $1 billion a year in syria. and, look, trump and tillerson have said iran is the big threat. well, 2,000 u.s. troops in syria
11:36 am
versus the iranian empire? not a fair match. >> dana: you haven't mentioned russia yet. how does that play into it? >> again, russia is a very interesting case. i mean, first of all, russia would like nothing more than to see a strategic set back for the united states in syria and in the middle east. and they are doing everything possible to make that happen. what struck me about tillerson's speech yesterday was that he was saying russia, we expect russia to support the geneva process and to help bring about a political settlement in syria that will see assad leave power. what? why in the world does tillerson or the united states think russia's gonna do that? assad's their guy. >> dana: right. >> why should russia get rid of him? >> dana: what about turkey then and the issue of the kurds? >> the president of turkey said he will kill american soldiers if they get in the way of turkish troops going after kurdish guerrilla, armed kur
11:37 am
dish militias that the united states supports. again, all these people that the united states says are gonna help them in syria, russia, turkey, the free syrians, whatever that is, doesn't add up. they're not gonna do it. so, really, the only way the united states can accomplish its objectives in syria, meaning, prevent al qaeda from coming back, get rid of assad, is if we are willing to devote the blood and treasure and prestige of the united states to accomplish that objective. there is nothing worse for the united states than to make empty threats or empty promises. so if the united states said it is going to do this in syria, back up your words with deeds. don't just talk the talk. walk the walk. we're not doing it. the signal that sends to everybody is we're a paper tiger. >> dana: is that what you hear from people in the region? >> well, you know, they say, where's the beef here? i mean, he's saying that but what's he gonna do about it?
11:38 am
>> dana: i guess the good news would be for tillerson is that mattis seems to agree with him. >> okay. mattis an tillerson are on the same page, but neither one -- first of all, there's one boss. right? it's trump. the president's gonna tell the secretary of state and secretary of defense what to do. number two, i don't think either trump or mattis believes that anything the united states does is going to get rid of al-assad. they say it. they have to. but they don't believe it. third of all, if they were really pressed to say, you know, what do we need to do to get rid of assad, they'll tell you it will take more than 2,000 troops. >> dana: i'm so glad you were here today. >> thank you. >> dana: health and human services department announcing a new division that will make it easier for medical profession nears to opt out of providing services that avoid their religious beliefs. this is a wide array of counter
11:39 am
objectives president trump is using to push back against obama era regulations that impacted religious freedom. >> reporter: the trump administration opposed the contraceptive care of obamacare in support of the baker and the master piece cake shop case. today it created this new division called the conscience and religious freedom division within its office of civil rights. its intention is to make it easy for doctors, nurses to opt out of providing services that violate their moral or religious briefs, as president trump said. >> we are a nation of tolerance and we will not allow people of faith to be bullied or targeted anymore. >> reporter: the division will also be responsible for ensuring that hospital, clinics and health centers are accommodating religious beliefs. this all follows the president's signing of an kpeufrb order last year that instructed agencies to expand religious liberty under federal law. and it gives strength in legal
11:40 am
resource to people like sara hellway, a midwife, pro life midwife who said she was rejected from a job at a health care center. >> i was then told that because of these convictions, i would not be allowed to interview and proceed with the hiring process. >> reporter: the new division at hhs is also intended to strengthen the first amendment protections which hhs notes, quote, are just empty words on paper if they are not enforced. but one citizens civil right is another's injustice. one abortion rights group said under this new office, hhs is a place, quote, where backwards ideology rules and science, ethics and concern for the well being of all americans are nonexistent. the aclu said trump's executive order would, quote, permit discrimination and called it a broad side to our country's hropb standing commitment to the separation of church an state. dana, we've got the huge differences of opinion on this matter. >> dana: might there be some unintended consequences here,
11:41 am
though >> reporter: yeah. keep in mind in that regard just what the first phrase of the first amendment says. it says, quote, congress shall make no law respecting an establishment about religious or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. we'll see how this all plays out. there will no doubt be many court challenges. if the administration sticks to a firm interpretation of the first amendment, you can see all kinds of religious accommodations for beliefs in the health industry, from worship centers to time off for various religious holidays to food accommodations. this would have been easier in a day of christianity and judaism. now we have diverse religions out there, so we'll see how this all plays out. >> dana: all right, doug. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> dana: president trump is in pennsylvania. we are awaiting his comments on taxes and the economy. many believe there is another reason for his visit. plus, live to capitol hill, where congress may be eyeing welfare reform after the trump administration's decision to
11:42 am
allow states to impose work requirements on medicade beneficiaries.
11:43 am
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>> shepherd smith at the fox newsdesk. coraopolis the center of attention outside pittsburgh. president trump expected to speak there. the white house said he's there to promote his agenda especially the republican tax law. but there's a lot more. because the president tweeted he's in pennsylvania to support the gop candidate running for congress there. republicans have held that seat for 16 years, but the analysts say this special election could be a tough fight. we'll take you live to coraopolis, outside pittsburgh, where the president is coming up, top of the hour on shepherd smith reporting. >> dana: president trump making a tour of h and k equipment company near pittsburgh, taking some question. let's listen in. >> the tax cut, the tax reform has not been working well for the democrats.
11:46 am
yesterday you saw with apple, $350 billion investment. now they're all giving thousands of dollars to their employees. that's happening all over the country. and i'm really happy. people are doing well. they're doing better than they have in years. the tax cuts, they're working much bigger and much faster than we ever thought possible. >> rick is a great guy. he's going to do really well. he loves this area, loves this country. he just met me at the plane. he's here someplace. rick is a great guy. he's a special person. >> you won the district by 20 points. can he do as well as you? >> i hope so. we're here. we're going to be helping him. i'll be back for rick. we're gonna fill up the stadium
11:47 am
and do something really special for rick. i look forward to it. i really think the democrats want a shutdown to get off the tax cuts. nobody thought they could work this well. they've been so good the democrats would like to see a shutdown in order to get off that subject. that is not a good subject because of the way they've worked. >> mr. president, lot of steel workers looking for help from your administration. >> we're gonna be helping them. just like we helped a lot of the group, including here. i love the work you did. i love this business, right? i understand this business. you probably are a little bit surprised. when i see that going into that, that's a 1980 version.
11:48 am
>> that will be good. that's 1980 and it looks like it just came out of a factory brand new. thank you very much. rick saccone, great man. great cuts. >> dana: that was president trump. he's touring h and k. he's taking some questions from the press.
11:49 am
>> labor participation season as high as it should be. unemployment is low but a lot of people have dropped out of the work force. you see there's still too many people who are not unemployed but they're not working. that's what we have to be paying attention to. people are at the margins who have lost skills are usually middle age. they're in small town america. sre to have better policies that can give incentives for companies. >> dana: the administration and the republicans are thinking ab pushing forward these new work rules for people that are receiving medicade benefits. >> right. >> dana: should they do that? and how should they talk about it? >> it's really important policy. it's a great idea. resistance to it is a stupid thing for the democrats and for republicans. why? because we have a lot of experience on work requirement. it's one of the most important things we can do for welfare. we don't need to dismantle the welfare state. we should declare peace on welfare, but with work. why? work dignifies. lot of people have jobs, lot of wealthy people, politician, people in new york or washington. they'll say, my job is awesome.
11:50 am
but a dead end job? why should we make people do that? work is not a punishment. work is a blessing. we have to keep that in mine for them, too. >> dana: arthur brooks, thank you very much for being here and for sitting with us as we got the news from the president. so president trump is wrapping up that factory visit in pennsylvania. in just minutes he's expected to make remarks on taxes and the economy. of course, we'll bring that to you live. mom and dad got a new car... with the extra third row of seats. they think it's theirs. look at them, they have no idea! it's not theirs. it's mine. mine. mine. mine. the new lexus rx 350l with three rows for seven passengers. are you excited about your baby sister coming? experience space for the unexpected with the rx l, part of the rx family. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> dana: president trump continuing his tour of a local business outside of pittsburgh. he'll make remarks on tax reform and the economy in about 15 minutes from now. we'll let you know if he speaks to the press before then. from coast to coast, 20 cities are now in the final running for amazon's second headquarters. out of more than 200 cities that submitted proposals. here are the locations.
11:54 am
the company said it prefers a city with over 1 million people. access to mass transit and international flights. the $5 billion project is expected to create 50,000 jobs. another big company shelling out a lot of cash, apple said it will give many employees stock bonuses worth $2500 each. this comes on the heels of president trump's new tax plan and the company's $350 billion investment in america's economy over the next five years. fox business hillary vaughn is live in cupertino, california. hillary? >> reporter: hey, dana. apple ceo tim cook admits the company let $252 billion just sit overseas because, until now, he said it was way too expensive for them to bring the cash home. but now, under the president's new tax law, they could pay a one time tax to invest the money here in america. cook said they're still handing over $38 billion to the u.s. government. that's the biggest tax payment of its kind ever.
11:55 am
>> large part to this that are the result of a tax reform and there's large parts of this that we would have done in any situation. and so i haven't spent a lot roff time categorizing the two. it's about america, not which bucket you put things in. we want to help america. it feels great to do that today. >> reporter: apple plans to invest $350 billion, which will bring 20,000 new jobs with it. the money is also going to supercharge apple's plan to boost manufacturing here in the u.s. apple is adding $4 billion to their advanced manufacturing fund, which cook said has already helped american manufacturers thrive. but all it will help companies overseas set up shop here for the first time. dana? >> dana: out of those 20,000 jobs in the united states, any idea where those are going to be located? >> reporter: right here in the u.s., dana. in fact, a lot of those jobs
11:56 am
will be staffing apple's brand new campus. they're keeping the location a secret for now, but they do say there isn't going to be any type of amazon hq2 auction where states are competing for apple's third home base. instead, he said they've already narrowed down the option. to say where it is not going to be is california or texas because they already have campuss there. >> dana: thanks for that report. we said president trump was going to come to the podium and here he is for you live. >> what a great place. what a great place. >> what a great place. the workers, the people that make america great, thank you. thank you for being here. i'm very familiar with the setting, as you found out. this is something special. i am thrilled to be back in pennsylvania with the hard-working men and women of h&k equipment. good job you
11:57 am
good job. [cheers & applause] good job you do. we're honored to be joined by the secretary of the treasury, steve mnuchin. director -- look at that, steve! [applause] they must know you. there's about 5% of this group. [laughter] the director of national economic counsel, gary cohn. your tax guy. our tax man. where is gary? did a good job with the taxes. everybody being helped by those taxes, huh? big tax cuts. as well as a number of outstanding members of congress. representative lou barletta. [applause]
11:58 am
he's been a friend of mine for a long time. another one. mike kelly. mike! i won't have you go through and open those dpaets. pat meehan. thank you, pat. these are real friends of mine for a long time. representative keith rosphus. thanks for being here. a man that everybody in washing knows and respects, bill shuster. bill? thanks, bill. [applause] representative g.t. thompson. and you know this, g.t., a person that people are hearing more and more about, a real friend and a spectacular man,
11:59 am
rick secone. [cheers & applause] and mrs. saccone. special people. my daughter ivanka is also here with us today. [cheers & applause] she worked so hard on the child tax credit. ivanka, come on up here. will you? [applause] come on up. and a very special thank you to george cook for hosting us. done a great -- done a great job. really a great job. thank you. what an incredible company. ivanka, are you going to say a couple words about the child tax credit? did you work on. come on. >> hi, everyone! it is always amazing to be here in pennsylvania and to be here with all of you.
12:00 pm
we worked so hard on tax cuts and tax reform. and the president, my father, was very specific about what he wanted to accomplish. it was so core to him to support hard-working middle income families and the child tax credit is key to doing that. so it's going to be a big win for everybody in this room and everyone across this country. we're very excited about that. doubling the standard deduction, the child tax credit, all of these elements that make this a very family-friendly plan and also enable great american businesses like this one to thrive and be competitive in a global landscape. so we're very proud of it. america is just starting to realize just how great our tax cut plan is. so more of that to come. thank you for having me here. [applause] thank you. >> thank you, baby. thank you very much, ivanka. she worked hard. she's a hard


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