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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 19, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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his rights to his bright idea 103 years ago today. that's it. that's all. we'll see what happens. "your world" with neil cavuto is coming up. great stuff for great people. >> we had a long and detailed meeting. we discussed all of the major outstanding issues. we made some progress. we still have a good numbers of disagreements. discussions will continue. >> neil: all right. of course by now you know chuck schumer after meeting the president at the invitation of the president of the united states, only chuck schumer and some of his key folks. republicans are wondering what went down. democrats are wondering what went down in that meeting. a lot of people are wondering what went down. we're less than eight hours away from a potential government shut down since 2013. it lasted two weeks and there
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was concern that it would hurt republicans that were deemed to be at fault for it. the next year, they capitalized in big mid-term wins. that was then, this is now. could be a different environment. to peter doocy on capitol hill with the very, very latest. peter? >> neil, the very latest is that right when schumer got back from that white house meeting that no republican lawmakers were present. he invited nancy pelosi and dick durbin to his office to go over everything that he and the president talked about. at this point, every senate democrat is still saying they will vote no on this continuing resolution to fund the government for a month unless they are also given a vote on a law that would protect daca recipients. some senators on the democratic side still seem to think that that could happen. >> the president is supposed to lead. if you're good at the art of the deal, this is a good time to show it. i know when i was governor for
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eight years of delaware. situations like, this i was very much involved. very much hands on. reaching out to both sides. there's a deal to be had here. >> but there's not much wiggle room. republican leaders insist the only thing that anybody will be voting on today in the senate is the month-long spending bill that passed the house last night. any talk about an alternative bill that would only be three or four days long that some lawmakers see as a contingency to avoid a shutdown isn't going anywhere. >> the democrats are willing to shut down over the government for the daca population. we all agree to that. they're willing to shut down the government because they don't want future flows of immigration. >> they don't want arbitrary unskilled immigration? that doesn't make sense to me and won't make sense to the american people. >> right now if you look at the scoreboard, it seems that mcconnell needs at least 13 democrats to cross the aisle and support this spending measure
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nor it to have any chance of passing because they need 60 votes. because democrats and republicans seem completely unwilling to bend on daca, that seems like it may be a stretch even though as the white house pointed out earlier today, there is no daca bill for anybody that wants to vote on a daca bill to actually vote on because it's not been written yet. neil? >> neil: it's a hypothetical. but some asked chuck schumer to change some democrats minds or compel them to change their minds. he's been leading that effort to keep them of this opinion to vote against whatever the house voted on last night. you still have to contend that -- the republicans have to contend with three prominent minds including rand paul that are not keen on this. >> some of the republicans that i have spoken to at rand paul's office, they say there's no way they'll support something that goes for three or four days. they don't think many others will either, including
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democrats, unless there's meaningful movement toward daca. so that's basically saying if they don't think they can make a daca deal by midnight tonight, they're completely sure that they could do it on monday or tuesday. and because of the gulp for things like the border wall, visa, chain migration, that seems like not a lot of time. >> neil: i don't know. seems weird. the whole process is weird. that's what it's evolved into for both parties. thanks, peter. john roberts is at the white house on where we stand. i remember the hamburger skit from pop eye. i'll trade you a hamburger today to go for a few days. that was a cartoon. supposedly this is not. what do you make of it? >> apparently that idea is being floated. the meeting that schumer had with john kelly and the president, the four of them in the office, i'm told by sources
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that schumer walked in and presented a list of demands on a number of different domestic topics, not just daca but going well beyond that. the president sort of talked to him about it for a while and said, you know, you're not going to get all of that into a continuing resolution. i'm told that schumer was open to the idea, possibly open to the idea of a five-day continuing resolution. so there's your gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today. the white house still insisting on a 30-day spending measure though. so we don't know if maybe, neil, there's a little bit of wiggle room there. this morning the white house laid the foundation for this to be called the schumer shutdown, the omb director mick mulvaney taking to the podium in the brady briefing room saying that he can't figure out what the democrats have a problem with because they like everything in the c.r. listen here. >> there's four clean crs. they're for the extension to the chip program.
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in support the medical device tax, the cadillac tax. they don't oppose anything in the bill. but they are opposing the bill. >> what it is, neil, you have the democrats like everything in the continuing resolution. what they don't like, what is not in the continuing resolution, and that's a fix for the so-called dreamers, daca. the white house legislative affairs director, mark short, pointed out there's nothing on daca that they can put in to a continuing resolution. there was some agreement between senator dick durbin and lindsey graham that got shout down last week. other than that, there's no legislative language. not even really a frame work of legislative language that could be voted on today along with the continuing resolution and the legislative affairs director saying that the democrats are accusing the republicans or the democrats rather are trying to do the same thing this they accused the republicans of doing back in the 2013 shutdown. listen here. >> chuck schumer said at the time that it's sort of like this.
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someone goes into your house, takes your wife and children hostage and says let's negotiate over the price of your house. in essence, that's the same tactic they're deploying. >> so what happened in 2013, you'll remember, the republicans were insisting on including obamacare in the resolution. now the democrats want the dreamers in this. that's not going to happen because there's nothing to put in there right now there's an up or down vote on a continuing resolution. the wiggle room may be the length of time. we'll see if the president moves. >> neil: do you know when it came to the chuck schumer meeting if the president bounced that off of mitch mcconnell or any republican leader? >> no. as far as i know, he said chuck schumer come down here. we've known each other a long time. we've had our disagreements, but we have had a lot of agreements.
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let's talk and get this shut down idea avoided. the president has a lot vested in this on a personal level as well. he's got this big fund raiser, celebration of his one-year anniversary at mar-a-largo tomorrow. he was supposed to have been taking off about ten minutes from now to go down there. he's postponed that until at least tomorrow. if the government shuts down, i don't know if he will go at all. he wants to get a deal, too. not just because of that. he wants a deal because he doesn't think the government should shut down. >> neil: thanks, john. to his point, people that were frantic or worried about it, in the markets they have a funny way of showing it. the dow up 54 points. 26,071. the point to raise with chuck grassly, member of the budget committee and so much more. senator, the markets don't seem to be worried about this. are you? >> absolutely not. all the years i've been in the united states senate, there's only been two shutdowns.
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that's two shutdowns too many. you heard mulvaney and roberts talk about everything in this bill that the democrats agree to. they want daca in. daca doesn't even have the so-called republican democratic compromise doesn't have any legislative language at this point. you couldn't get it done by tonight if you wanted to. it would be difficult to do after four or five days as well. so there's a march 5 deadline for daca. so what is big deal? let's keep the government open and get on with it and do the other business that needs to be done and we'll work out a daca compromise. you can't have one republican, one democrat sit down and think they're going to negotiate something for the other 98 members of the senate. so that's how unrealistic this
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has been going at this point. >> neil: so when the president met with chuck schumer and we're told he might not have bounced that off of republican leaders, yourself or mitch mcconnell, maybe we're getting different reports on that, the worry i guess would be some of your republican colleagues, sir, is that the president is sympathetic to the last person to whom he spoke and might sign a deal that would favor democrats. you say what? >> i'm not worried about that at all. a week ago tuesday, we had a bicameral, a group of the 23 people with the president of the united states and the president was engaged in it. we agreed to four things. in other words, narrowed about 50 things to four things. we ought to reach an agreement. that's what the president said he was for. he is still for that. that's taking care of daca kids, it's border security, it's doing away with diversity visa and it's doing away with chain migration.
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this program that durbin and graham are pedalling is a bipartisan solution, is way, way away from what the president said he would sign. >> neil: so you're talking about lindsey graham who said he preferred the president's posture and tone in the tuesday meeting, a meeting that went on live versus the thursday which seemed like a change in mindset on his part. regardless, do you think the middle ground here is at a minimum a vote on a four or five-day extension and again, whether it's daca that is addressed by march or sooner, something to avoid an outright shut down tonight? >> as of about 2:30, the last time i was at a meeting with other senators, that was not a -- that wasn't even a possibility for us. there's all kinds of reasons why it's february 16. you can talk about the house being gone next week. you can talk about democrats
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having a restreet. republicans having a retreat. february 16, sounds like a long ways off. but it really doesn't give a lot of legislative days to get things done. so february 16 is just about maybe a day or two. just about what it has to be for reasons of the schedule of the united states senate. now, maybe that schedule should be more forget retreats, forget this or that, get down to business. i'm not going to argue with that. this is why february 16 was set. >> neil: now, i know you're not focused on who gets the blame or whatever. but the rap seems to be you republicans have the run of the table. you control the house and the senate and the white house. i understand the votes are required in the senate. democratic votes to close this deal. but are you afraid that the rap is going to be you guys are not able to govern? >> well, let's say that out of 51 republicans 47 of them or 48
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of them vote not to shut down government and you have 45 or 44 democrats vote against it, quantifiable, it's pretty easy to tell that the democrats don't want to move this bill along, a bill that they agree with. >> neil: senator, wish you well. we'll see what happens. senator chuck grassley. good seeing you. >> thank you. >> so the issue is whether there government can stay open another few hours and maybe passed midnight tonight. the issue in new jersey is who they want to go back to days where the rich were the target of taxes. just in case you thought in a high tax state and you're unable to write off state local taxes, that the incoming governor would change his mind on taxing the rich, think again. after this. hold together.
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>> neil: do you know whether others share your fear in your party that that would be a mistake, to pursue a sur tax on millionaires, whatever you want to call it, would be the way to go? >> there's other members like me that are concerned and they want to have a full picture before you move forward doing new taxes, neil. you know, the more you tax, the more people leave. >> neil: all right. that was not a republican. that is a very powerful democrat. probably the second most powerful democrat after the governor. here's the deal. the democratic president, stephen sweeney, wants to help the incoming governor in any way he can, but he thinks it's sort
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of a dead-end issue to pursue a goal of a higher sur tax on millionaires or the richest in the garden state. now is not the time, especially when you can't deduct state local taxes and a high tax state like new jersey. that will chase people away. art laugher is a former adviser to ronald reagan. i envision fireworks there. what do you think? >> there will be fireworks. it's crazy what they're doing, neil. when you think of eliminating state and local tax deductions will do, it will raise the taxes by 45% just by itself and adding on top of that additional tax increases, it's crazy. new jersey will be empty in about a week. >> neil: the argument i've heard for this, art, given under new jersey's proximity to manhattan, they won't leave that. where else are they going to go? i think of that. that's what people are saying in california when this agreement
1:19 pm
exodus to texas went. what do you make? >> there was a real drop in movement of people in the states in 2009 and 10 with the great recession. it went way, way down. since then, it's been picking up and accelerating. huge movements of people. they go to the low tax or zero tax state like mad and take their money with them. the movement of money out of california is far faster than the movement of people. rich people are moving, taking their money with them and leaving the states dry. some of these states get into a death spiral. look at connecticut. look at michigan. look at illinois. look at west virginia. they're in this death spiral, just going down. new jersey is not far away, by the way. it's pretty darn close. chris christie gave it a real reprieve for 8 years. now it's going to start its death spiral again. that's terrifying. >> neil: we don't know what governor murphy will bring.
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we do know that he will be bumping heads with the guy that runs the senate there. he will have a run of the table. the democrats control the state now. so the party certainly will push the new governor to the extremes just as you can argue that republicans are pushed to the extreme on the right and that he will be compelled to do something like this. you say longer term that would be a mistake. >> that would really be a mistake. not only a death spiral for new jersey, which is having one now. new jersey is not a good growing state. it's not a prosperous state like it used to be. new jersey in 1965, they had neither an income tax or sales tax. one of the fastest growing states in the nation. people from everywhere with moving into new jersey and they had a balanced budget. that was new jersey in 65. look at them now after corzine and what he's done. i hope they don't do this again
1:21 pm
and do another spiral down. you know, it -- you can't tax a state in prosperity, neil. you can't do it. >> neil: you raise a very good point. when we first got married, we settled in new jersey because it was the least costly alternative among the so called big three, north and connecticut. we could barely afford new jersey. the point was and is that a lot of states are reassessing what they do in this federal environment. what do you think they do? >> the big high tax states have to quickly reverse their tax policies and bring the highest marginal rates down. there was a guy in new jersey, tepper that moved from new jersey to florida. that person alone had a devastating earthquake effect -- >> neil: multibillionaire. >> hundreds of millions in tax revenues gone. there will be more going if these guys continue.
1:22 pm
i live in tennessee. >> neil: so you don't care. >> i do care. we're the fastest -- >> neil: you don't care. >> not for me personally. but i love my fellow man. >> neil: you don't even know where new jersey is on a map. >> i don't. >> neil: art, thanks very much. we're going to get the read on this from texas governor abbott. his reaction to states that do what new jersey could. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters.
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>> neil: you know, i might have mentioned once or twice, i'm starting this new saturday show from 10:00 a.m. till noon. the kickoff is appropriate on the one-year anniversary of donald trump's ascension to presidency. since his inauguration how we have fared. for the markets, it's been a historic run. let's take a look at the dow since his inauguration. we can take a peek at that. the gain, the first year in office, 32%. it was 96% for f.d.r.
1:26 pm
a lot of people that harken back to when donald trump was first elected and how the market has soared. better than 7.5 trillion in value since then. whether from the election itself or his inauguration and performance. can it continue? market watchers,gary be smith and john layfield. different markets, different reads. a bullish one. gary b. smith, how much credit do you give the president for that? >> a ton of credit. look, i think during the eight years we used to like to say on your show and on bulls and bears and others, it was the great malaise. seemed that obama was against big business. it was hard to grow. i think donald trump is almost exactly the opposite. except for maybe his stance on trade. i think he's very pro business. i think he wants to remove the
1:27 pm
government shackles. he's cutting red tape like no previous president. i think he gets a big and of credit for the growth in the economy and the market. >> neil: john, what is remarkable about it, the growth came well before the tax cuts. could be in anticipation of the cuts or could be the deregulatory push. be that as it may, it's a strong performance. some have a feeling that, you know, there's got to be a give back here a slow down here. we don't see it. do you? >> no, we don't see it. that's the scary thing. everything seems like smooth sailing. oil prices, commodity inflation, could be a factor in the next 16 to 18 months. janet yellen said she didn't see a recession on the horizon. a lot of this attributed to president trump. the markets were flat from november of 2014 to november 2016. the one thing that changed is president trump was elected. the last year has seen the
1:28 pm
highest cap spending according to the morgan stanley plan index since 2007. that is because of a business friendly environment. now we're trading on corporate earnings. president trump deserves the credit. >> we can step back. i hear from democrats saying you forgot the bull market was along in march 2009 when it started under barack obama and picked up under his presidency. i can look at the federal reserve keeping rates low, which is a worry for me now. now rates are going up, a ten year today, a good gauge of where rates are going. it's at the highest level in more than a year. indications it could go higher. a lot of people say it gets high enough, people don't need to risk it in stocks. they can get a safe return in bonds or elsewhere. do you think that is a worry? >> neil, like when i grew up in the 70s and it was like -- >> neil: nothing like that
1:29 pm
buddy. >> exactly. the interest rate on money market was 10%. no, i don't think so. the one big thing the fed looks at is inflation. we're in an entirely different economy in the last few years, ten years. really since the advent of the internet. companies like amazon, that their inflation fighters. used to be it was easy for a company to raise prices because you didn't have choices. now you have choices from everything from clothing to the food you buy. so it's going to be difficult for inflation to rise. i think the fed looks at that. if they do raise rates, it's those little itty bitty quarter point here, quarter point there. just to kind of tamp the brakes a little. almost no effect on the market and the economy. >> neil: yeah, you're right so far. john layfield, a government shut down, if it should happen, would that upset your market gain plan? >> no, it wouldn't. there's been several government shut downs. none of them had a significant
1:30 pm
effect on the economy or the market. it's bad for the country. certainly bad for the people that aren't getting checks. they'll get them but puts them in a hole during that time period. unless this is a two to three-month shut down, i don't see any effect it has on the market or the economy. >> neil: thanks, gentlemen. gary b., you're right to remember those days, the great old days where double digit returns in a safe investment were the norm. obviously stocks were not very appealing. thanks, guys. we're not saying that happens now but you have to wonder if a shutdown will happen later tonight. the latest talk we're hearing is that they're going to try to cobble together a deal that can keep us going for another few days. they have settled the differences over the daca thing and all this other stuff. here's something about the daca thing, a few days isn't going to make this something that will have unified spirit. never theless, hope springs etern eternal. the hope is that they can do that and get their mouth c.r. to
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>> neil: we're learning more about the meeting at the white house between chuck schumer and the president. john roberts says chuck schumer arrived with a list of demands. the president took them all in but seemed to be considering a five-day continuing resolution. ...down-alternative pillows... ...and of course, price.
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>> said this was the schumer shutdown. how can it be the schumer shutdown when republicans control the white house, the house and the senate? >> you know the answer to that as well as anybody. i have to laugh when people say that. we control the house, the senate and the white house. why can't you get this done. you know as well as anybody, it takes 60 votes in the senate to pass appropriations. you know that. when you have 51 votes in the senate, then you have to have democrats support in order to keep the -- to fund the government. that's your answer. >> neil: to that point, mick mulvaney going back and forth on that issue. we're getting word and coming from john roberts, i touched on it, but might have been cut off there. that the president was surprised that chuck schumer arrived in the oval office and presented a list of demands on domestic issues that went beyond daca. the sources also telling john roberts that senator schumer did appear open to considering this
1:36 pm
so-called five-day c.r., the continuing resolution. that might be greeted favorably as a middle ground to avoid an outright shutdown tonight. too early to tell. wanted to pass that along. good reporting on john roberts' part. now sarah, if that is true, and the president was surprised that chuck schumer had these other demands, but at the same time was open to a temporary extension to sort presumably those demands out, is that the makings of a deal? >> certainly seems like the senate is not going to pass the same four-week continuing resolution that made its way through the house. so it looks like we might have a week-long cr or a shutdown being the two options on the table. so you mentioned earlier five days is not a very long time when democrats and republicans
1:37 pm
are so far apart on this daca issue. republicans wanted to attach these other things. boarder security, changes to the diversity program. a solution for chain migration, all of this to accompany daca and they thought they had until march. democrats are forcing their hand to come up with something in the next few days and it's not likely to happen. >> neil: there might be conservatives in the republican party that could say enough of this nonsense. whoever merits to keep the government open, there's some limits we have and nine of them in the house already voted against this sort of thing last night. >> yeah, it's a tricky thing. if you look back to the 80s, republicans always get blamed for shut downs. we're not seeing a difference here. there's a "washington post" abc news poll that just came out. republicans are getting blamed. so it's a risky game to play. at the same time, you have to call out democrats who are playing politics on this. it's questionable whether they want a deal or republicans have offered a lot of reasonable
1:38 pm
compromises. i think their litmus test is a mid-term victory. unfortunately, that may mean a government shut down. >> neil: stubbornness is in the eye of the beholders. republicans want to control spending on the prior shutdowns. nobody would blame the democrats for being just as stubborn to avoid that. that's politics, i understand. but there might be a problem for both parties here in that voters get frustrated that this keeps happening to say nothing of foreign investors who right now see us as a capitalist mecca. but might get tired of this nonsense in the meantime. >> that is absolutely true. voters are looking at this as a sign of dysfunction. it's not ben fitting either party to have this kind of gridlock potentially shutting down the government. for democrats, you've seen them have difficulty articulating why they're bringing congress the edge of a shutdown when as the white house said there's no daca
1:39 pm
deal to attach. the compromise presented to president trump was nothing more than a summary. there's not a bill waiting in a backs room somewhere for republicans to trot out. so when democrats are pressed on the rationale for shutting down the government, it's not as clear for a republican. it's a cut and dry look, we've put six years of chip funding, we're willing to negotiate protections for the dreamers. might be a hard sell for democrats if they do bring us to a shut down. that's why you see this talk of a five-day c.r. now on the table. >> neil: yeah, the fear is of the unknown. democrats might assume it's republicans that will get the blame. that's the conventional sentiment. if it's framed in a way whatever you think of the daca kids, that's how republicans will frame it. looking after illegals, they're not looking at you legal americans what do you think? >> the daca issue is so
1:40 pm
emotional. that's what democrats may want to hold on to. that may be part of the reason that we're having a difficult time reaching a deal on it. if they can blame republicans for putting these daca kids in loam bow -- we're talking about a group of people that is 63% of trump voters support. democrats see that as a point and that explains their unwillingness to negotiate or budge. >> neil: not that i ever was last minute in college, but i hear that any paper done the night before is a paper you regret. all right. we'll see what happens later, ladies. thanks both. one fellow that is worried about this is our defense secretary, james mattis warning a shut down now is not good. more after this. hi, i'm joan lunden with a place for mom every day we hear from families who partnered with a senior living advisor from a place for mom to help find the perfect place for their mom or dad thank you so much for your assistance in helping us find a place. mom feels safe and comfortable and has met many wonderful residence and staffers.
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>> neil: all right. mad dog mattis is mad. he said this government shut down imperils a lot of things, our military, safety.
1:44 pm
a lot of key projects on tap. lea gabriel is looking at that strategy. >> secretary mattis says that great power competition is now the focus of national security. that means that the air campaign against terrorists has to be efficient. air warfare is a symphony in the sky of fighter and attack aircraft, tankers, drones and other support aircraft. until recently, much of the tools for decision making were antiquated. in some cases, the military was using dry erase markers to do it. here's how that is changing. take a look. >> it's all about decision making fast than the enemy. >> on today's complex battlefield, winning comes down to timing and saying time. lieutenant general is the commander of the air war in iraq, syria an afghanistan. >> we can't do what we need to do every day without software that is the leading edge.
1:45 pm
>> seeking greater efficiency on the battlefield is why the military is partnering with silicon valley. >> you can imagine, there's a target out there that we see that we want to get after quickly and put ordinance on it. >> one of the companies, pivotal software is trying to them the military move starter and faster. >> a bunch of chat windows up on a computer screen and a bunch of people look into systems to find out where is that target. what munition would be appropriate. do we engage or not. >> companies like his to the air operation center to see how they can help. >> they saw lots of white boards, spreadsheets, erasing and writing. a manually intensive process. >> even planning where and when to are refuelling tankers was cumbersome and dated. >> it's about 60 air refuelling
1:46 pm
tankers. then you tag on to that another 150 to 200 fighters that are out there every day. we're war fighting. you can't have a fighter show up and not have a tanker there. it would take us literally eight to ten hour to do that every day. >> the solution? make an app for that by putting software experts next to airmen. >> we built the software side by side with them. >> it takes half the manpower and half the time and saves a million dollars of fuel per week. they developed a program to quickly answer that war fighter question. to engage or not to engage. >> think about using microsoft word, excel, google earth. and a tool that manages all of our targets for us and a decision make tore see the information at once. then we can immediately get after the target. it allows to us stay in front of the enemy.
1:47 pm
>> a central command spokesman said that decision makers can make quicker and better real-time decisions and that's because they have one app for what used to be 16 different programs it cuts the time for planning strikes from two days to up to several hours. >> neil: in the middle of this, the budget battles and everything else, we limp along from funding to funding to kept so many departments going. what are you hearing from people on the ground about this and how it's affecting even budgetary thinking and where we commit folks? >> neil, i'm hearing echos of what we've been hearing the past several years with the military starting with the budget control axe and how sequestration went into effect and the caps a and the resolutions. they're damaging to the military. we continue to hear this from leaders that don't want to give away to the enemy that we're having issues but they want lawmakers to know as they keep
1:48 pm
getting funded on last year numbers and they can't plan for the future, they're not giving the military what they need to go out there and maintain the strongest military in the world, neil. >> neil: very good point. as far as how this looks as a capitalist society, maybe under the defense worry how it looks as a safe society. more after this.
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1:51 pm
>> neil: all right. there's still no deal. so obviously this all goes until around midnight tonight. if that's still the case, then you have serious problems. you don't have a deal. the latest talk we've heard, they can find a way to get another three, four, five-day extension, sort this out another day. seems crazy to me. again, i don't know how these
1:52 pm
guys operate. this guy does. better than anyone on the planet. senior capitol hill producer, chad pergram. spill it out. what are they going to do? what are they trying to do? >> that's what's interesting right now. we don't know. the information right now is phenomenal. usually when you get into these situations, the phones are intense, the phones are ringing off the hook. people are running back and forth. we don't see much of that here right now. that's what is amazes. it's almost as though there's no plan. usually you you'll get leaks. okay, this is the plan. we're going to try a three-day interim spending bill or a five-day interim spending bill or a two-week bill. dick durbin was asked about that a few minutes ago. he said i really don't know. so there was a meeting with the president and chuck schumer. chuck schumer came back to the capitol. he met with durbin. he met with nancy pelosi. hey, they came out and basically there's no more information.
1:53 pm
john cornyn, the republican whip has indicated that at some point there's going to be this procedural vote on the house to pass a interim spending bill. they need 60 to break the bill. you need 13 democrats to join 47 republicans. there's three republican nos. unless something changes, the government will shut down at midnight. >> neil: okay. forget about the blame. i look at market chat. so i can outnerd you when it comes to the markets. you can outdo my on this stuff going on down there. i'm wondering how long it lasts in this case. i could see a scenario where, you know, markets could be getting ahead of themselves. this could drag on for considerably longer than the 16 days that it did in 2013. what do you think? >> you have to have something that is willing to bend. republicans were very concerned, especially conservatives when
1:54 pm
chuck schumer went to the white house to meet with the president. they were afraid they were going to get rolled here. remember what happened in september when schumer and pelosi went down on the interim spending bell. they kept the government open in december with almost no drama. the speaker of the house and mitch mcconnell basically didn't have anything to say about it at the end of the day. but we don't have that deal right now. again, all of these government shutdowns are very organic. we don't know what is going to happen. when you have the trifecta of government shutdowns in 1995, 96, it played out differently. newt gingrich was a different speaker after his dealings with bill clinton. it undercut newt gingrich and clinton came out the winner. in 2013, it was immediately eclipsed by the issue with the obamacare website and we had this dramatic high-speed chase and shootout here at the capitol with the capitol police, which kind of took a lot of members aback and said these are capitol
1:55 pm
police that are defending us. they're not getting paid in this government shut down. let's reopen the government and the government reopened a few days later. so you have the events that can be unforeseen. can that effect the market? maybe, maybe not. and it deals with money. how much you willing to spend on this. certainly an issue on defense and nondefense issues. they want to increase defense spending, the republican defense hawks do there. but this is really about daca. that's why republicans say wait a minute. democrats are trying to shoe horn this in. in the end of the day, it's not about spending and it's about daca. because republicans don't have the votes, they have to turn to democrats and democrats to pro pound the daca issue. >> neil: it's amazing, the back and forth. whether it can be resolved in a day or two is any one's guess. chad, thanks. >> any time. >> neil: and remember the last
1:56 pm
time that the united states aaa rating was down graded was in the middle of a shut down. the chicanery before one. we'll have more after this. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's go to sumatra.
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's. they are you curious whether there'll be government shutdown. from 10:00 a.m. to noon, nation's capital. we kick off this big gig everything a saturday because we are here for you, america. senator tim scott will be with us, michael dukakis, rnc chair, i've got many other big names. i'm telling you, i cannot share them with you. i hope you understand why. i hope you understand why it's incumbent upon you to watch tomorrow that on top the oncoming drama, we did not
2:00 pm
orchestrate the government shutdown and a cheap ploy for ratings. we considered it. they already appear to be doing the job for us. we will see you tomorrow from washington. good night, america. >> dana: i'm dana perino along with kim legal file -- this is "the five." all right. see the clock on the bottom right of your screen? that's how much time is left for the senate to avert a government shutdown. down to the wire in less than seven hours, the house passed extensions, but democrats are including protection for young, undocumented immigrants. president trump invited minority leader schumer to no deal but little progress. >> we


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