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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  January 21, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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sayings. here we go, back to work. the winner will play the new england patriots or jacksonville jaguars. >> sorry about that. we are back in one hour. 6:00 p.m. eastern. we will have more news. nothing about the saints. probably would not be psyched to live next to your kids near melter. >> chromium. >> chromium. >> chromium plant >> back to trump. how did she do that? [applause] it's hard to believe
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it's the one year anniversary of trump's inauguration. we go live to media outlets around the globe. that's pretty rough for them. but trump narrowly rolls on. first there was his physical which turned into the most transparent examination of a world leader in history. >> can you address the presidents physical fitness for office. >> there was an incident where the president appear to slur his words. did you look into that cause of that? >> are you doing things out like early-onset alzheimer's or dementia like symptoms? >> are there any concerns for his heart health?
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>> tenuously how a guy eats mcdonald's,diagnose and never exercises isn't as good a shape as you say he's in. >> there's a healthy group. all that is missing is a video of his digital rectal exam. we learned that president trump is healthier than anyone on the planet. >> some people just have great jeans. i told the president if he had a healthier diet, he might live to be 200 years old. >> 200! that means president trump is just 25 years old right now. that doctor kicks butt. he should have his own show. >> the doctor breaks hearts as he meant them. you can remove your appendix but to go your funnybone. >> if something should happen to you, most likely i will be the the one called to help you. >> 22 years of medical practice
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meets a press corps on life support. >> the president would be clinically obese if he was just an inch shorter which he probably is. >> they tried his patience over his most important patient. but when breaking news makes a house call, will journalistic integrity be left in the waiting room? >> by all standards, the president does have heart disease.>> doctor ronnie jackson stars as doctor brock artery. - - as scrub mcgee and hope hicks as hope hicks. don't miss this season premiere, i seei see in my drea. >> i give that three thumbs up. the good news wasn't enough for some.
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>> the president has heart disease. those numbers qualify him for having heart disease. it clearly needs a plan to prevent some sort of heart problem down the road. >> so wait, there's a lead. cnn finally admits, wetrump has a heart. of course all of this good news only unnerved beavis and butthead. >> he didn't sound like a doctor. >> i'm sure he's a great guy, great physician. he sounded so - - he works in the white house. were just about everybody who makes public statements, lies. >> they are like that couple they get stuck next to at a wedding reception table. that make you want to know your own face-off. we are calling the same doctor who worked for president obama
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a hack, you lost the plot. which is why the fake news award was perfect timing as the press gave trumps physical a physical, he gave one right back. turns out he's a way better shapethan they are. how higenius was it to have the media cover their own report cards . we break in with this breaking news, we suck! speaking of report cards, how is trumps after one year? the economies way up and isis is way down. if you stop there, i will take it. jobless claims are lower since 1973 and i believe we have footage of your 401(k) since trump took office. [indiscernible] >> trumps tax plan was so good that even tim cook is offering bonuses and bringing thousands of new jobs to the u.s. watch him try to admitted. >> there are large parts of this that are result of ethe ta reform and large parts that we would have done in any
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situation. >> just come out and say it. the guy you can't stand did some good. i know it's painful to credit someone you hate.the media tech companies are like children in highchairsshaking their heads as trump the them their vegetables . tastes bad but it's good for you. anyway, what did we get amidst this good news? fake news. >> the enemy of the people was how the president of the united states called the free press in 2017. mr. president, it is the testament to the condition of our democracy that our own president uses words infamously spoken by joseph stalin to describe his enemies. >> very moving but very false. flakes attack was actually fake news because trump never said of the ss was the enemy people he said fake news is the enemy of the people.
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trump treats the media like flies buzzing around his ear. the nding them it's not reporters who are important but the people that are reported on. no wonder they are test. here's my one year assessment, if trump can just control himself, he might be a figure for the ages. the entire planet is feeling his impact every day. they are talking about him in the jungles of borneo. like it or not, take a freeze-frame of right now, he's the most important person on earth. by keeping him on his toes, so are you.and that ain't fake news. [applause] >> let's welcome tonight's guest. i can get behind his legal mind. his latest book is called trumped up. harvard law professor, alan gershwin. shelby holiday.
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[applause] she's the feisty dame who thinks everything is lame. - - [indiscernible]. an innertube is his pinky ring. former bodyguard - -. [applause] professor, you can comment on anything.y but despite these missteps happening constantly, when you step back, there seems to be a path of accomplishment which to me is astonishing given all of the stuff going around. it's like a drunk man walking a straight line in an earthquake. it's like both affects are canceling themselves out. so he just walked a straight line. does that make insense? >> no. you.hank >> first of all, i am still trying to get my head behind what donald trump will look like in 2147 hewhen he turns 20
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you have to promise to put him on the show. he will come in and look back. look, i think this has been a very mixed year. there are some very bad things. the statements he made about african countries that is simply inexcusable as the grandson of immigrants who came from ywhat was considered, s-holecountries back then and has accomplished a lot. we should never judge people on the base of natural origin. i don't like the way he deals with immigration, the way he deals with people from foreign countries. on the other hand i like he has the peace process moving a little rebit in the middle east. maybe the recognition of jerusalem will push the palestinians to come to the bargaining table.ot mixed record on judicial appointments. mostly i don't like them but a
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couple of them are not so bad. it's a mixed record for me. i would say, more on the negative than the positive side. but he has three more years. prediction, only three eamore years. in three years, - - [booing] >> this is a professor! >> i don't know why any president takes eight years to save our country. i have done more in four years than any president since george washington.i don't see any reason to take an additional four years. i can go to the private sector and really make a difference. >> this is a good point. it didn't take him that long to do - - in new york. he can get this thing done and do something else. i guess is yourpoint. >> my grandmother used to say, sleep fast, we need the beds. >> . [laughter] >> if he can get it done in four years, he will not run a second time. >> shelby, a theory to play off
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what the professor said. he is kind of a jerk. but a lot of times your boss is a jerk and he gets stuff done. what is your take? >> he got a lot done. i just did an article and i feel like the - - is the response going on to recap a year in four minutes was nearly impossible. but also amazing to watch the market to continue to go up. the president makes controversial comments but he's also a big cheerleader when things are going on. the market keeps going up so that's a huge take away. i do have a bone to pick with the fake news awards but you cannot come out with fake news awards and have the number one fake news issue be an op-ed columnist. that is not news. you are undermining your entire point. >> but you over minute when you pick - - because boy does he deserve it. >> that's not news. >> he's an opinion maker that everyone respects no matter how crazy he is. >> why not call it fake media awards andyou have better things to do .
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>> i think it's fun. i nget your point though. i want to talk to you about the health thing viewed he had that guy up there for an hour. doctor dreamy, answering everything. >> which is my nightmare. if i was ever in public office they would be like, oh, she is crazy within 3 and a half minutes. i don't eat healthy. sometimes i don't eat until nighttime if i am too anxious. i have 30 pairs of penguin socks i wear year-round. i have a cat that i let sleep in bed with me. if he doesn't, i can't sleep. i watch episodes of bob burgers on the everything will day as i am getting ready. in the shower. i will play it real loud. the neighbors love that. the neighbor lady wouldcome in as a witness on cnn. thank god we don't let tv doctors diagnose us because we all be screwed . >> that is so true. all l right, big finish with yo. >> i am stuck on, how many
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pairs of penguin socks? >> you want to make fun of my auntie barbara. she was a very nice lady. frank.cle >> what do you think? even if you are a supporter of trumped, you would deceive yourself if you don't admit there's a sense of chaos. it's like you're in a bar in the old west, in an old western at veany moment things can star flying. >> yes and no. to go back to one thing, i actually was irked out of my mind with the coverage on the physical. he passed the physical so they kept looking. does he have a hangnail, anything we can use. the best part was, i will needw them nameless. these really chubby reporters at cnn who sit at chairs and
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tables irbut when the camera turns, you see their bellies. calling himobese. it was hilarious. everyone in america is dam near obs.near obese. it's amazing to me, the people talking about him. there was no mirror at cnn when you're talking about him? he has been's antics on his heart. he's an old man. he passed the physical, move on. >>. [applause] >> i am jealous that trump can eat whatever he wants. i call this old-school health. he's not personal trainer healthy. they are muscular but all they do is eat strained kale. he is dockworker healthy. he eats anything he wants but can twist the head off a deer.
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>> it is funny but it reflect a very serious problem. that we are trying to pathology eyespathology - - but republicans did the same thing when hillary tripped going into that car. it comes from both sides. let's cut that out of both sides. [applause] >> it's a good point. fair point. up next, the fire and fury but will now be a tv movie. i hope i get to play stormy daniels. [applause] i have heartburn. th
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heads to the screen. this week it was announced my goals book fire and fury would ncbe turned into a tv series. not sure that's a good idea. tv exist to make books more how do make prompt more interesting than trump? how are they going to make a tv version that is more interesting than the real thing?
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the guy is a walking blockbuster. good luck to them. i don't think fire and fury will work on tv. i am pitching acompeting show called fire and furry . here's a clip of the pilot episode. >>. [indiscernible] >> they are delicious. [laughter] shelby, my theory is that, how can you make what's really happening, better without making it up? >> i have no idea and i was talking to a friend in the usually don't see nonfiction book become something funny. all i can picture is something totally bananas. just don't see that happening with a nonfiction book. you never know. it's going to be hard to outdo
2:21 pm
what you are trying to >> alex baldwin does trump with a stream of writers. a team of writers. trump is funnier without that lbecause he is real. could you do this? >> only on one condition. if you can get trump to play himself. then he could be a great start. think of the career he has ahead of him. >> he'd be the worst actor. he'd be like, i don't like this. then you get stormy daniels to play herself.i want to do the hotel scene three times to get it right.. - - i just got this article on my affair with donald. do you think that should be part of it? >> that's the only kind of, sort of, may be true about the whole thing. it's literally memoirsof an ang the steve bannon.
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the movie will be him pouting in the office. what kills me about that whole thing, he paid off a pornography star for having an affair. would it be better if she was a housewife of five? would that be a better affair? >>. [laughter] i didn't look at it that way. r>> just keeping it real. if i was looking for an extracurricular, i would go to a pro who would not want to call me all the time. so i'd probably go that route. i'm not saying i would. i'm not saying he did either. but fellas, women, hear me. if you're going to sleep aroun . you want someone that will come home and ruin your life? if your tooth hurts, you go to the dentist. >> such a good point.if you are a golfer, you probably want to play with a professional golfer.
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>> if you have a toothache, you go to the dentist. >> the interesting part of the book - - >> i don't know what that means. >> they actually could make a decent tv series out of that is the competing groups in the white house. the ivanka and jared group and the republican group. that was the insightful part of the book. >> and - - she was her own group. >> we had no idea what she was doing.>> cat, where do you see this going? would you >> only under one condition i have the perfect person to play trump. put on the screenplays. there we go, right? they have the same hair.the same scalawag attitude. for the fire and fury book, we keep the part about eating cats.
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all of the problems in the white house is because trump eats cat scratch that's what. >> that's what else does does? they would have to do it exactly, real life is better than whatever they can offer a. >> i would stick my face in the beehive and play steve bannon. >> stick my head in a beehive? [laughter] >>still to come, a week ago hawaii told 1 million people they were all going to die. now the story is going in the trash. we did get up, next. [applause]
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like stomach ulcers,... ...a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. slow heart rhythm has been reported. tell your doctor about bleeding,... or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. if you recently had a heart attack, ask your doctor about brilinta. my heart is worth brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca... ...may be able to help. >> a fox news alert. i am arthel neville. congress back in session as they scramble to get the government back up and running. mitch mcconnell promising a vote on a spending deal by 1:00 a.m. eastern time. as a small group of bipartisan senators were to hammer out a
2:29 pm
deal. president trump and administration officials saying senators should invoke the nuclear option two and the stalemate that would effectively lower the amount of votes needed for a bill to pass in the senate. majority leader mcconnell has said he is opposed to doing that. as negotiations continue, democrats and republicans are digging in their heels and continuing to trade blank. we'll bring you the latest on capitol hill throughout the night. for now i am arthel neville. i will see you at the end of the hour. right now, back to greg gutfeld. >> contrary to the alarm, no one bought the farm. remember that alert that went out in hawaii? everyone was told and missile was heading toward them. they were put through 38 minutes of sheer hell. then they were told, it was a mistake. that only happened seven days ago. but it's forgotten as if decades have passed. [music]
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>> beautiful hawaii. bnothing but warm beaches and smiling faces. but not way back in 2018. back then, technology was permitted to say the least. one unlucky chap clicked the wrong item and holy - - statewide panic. the emergency management employee sent a false alarm about an incoming ballistic missile. a38 minutes, people were hightailing it for cover. as for the employee, he's been reassigned. at least he didn't go out with a bang. [applause] >> why has this story fallen so quickly under the radar? for one thing, you can't blame trump for it. although some have tried with every fiber in their - -. if you can't blame trump, it's not a story. so what if parents were putting their parents down manholes and
2:31 pm
priest were forgiving people of their sins and familieswere tearfully saying goodbye to each other. the president said a thnaughty word and that's all that mattered. for more on the hawaii story. let's see what others are reporting . [music] >> crazy. >> it all goes back to the little tiki doll. doesn't it? i can't believe we don't talk - - just because it was a false alarm. we are not taking it seriously. >> the part that really bothers me is it took 38 minutes. >> they know. five minutes. >> before that. ballistic missiles should be national security. i don't think a local station be taking care of that. to go 38 minutes. many marriages were ruined? that moment for your like, i never liked your mother. i only stayed with you because of the kids. >> for those of you that are
2:32 pm
old enough to remember.and cover. when we were kids, we were scared out of our wits that the russians would come. but we would be saved because we got under our desks on our knees and prayed. that brought that these terrible memories. >> it was not. my wife was there. thank god i wasn't. i am the worst. i would have covered myself in slow-moving elderly. i would have. i would have been like, they would have been shields. >> are you insulting me here? [laughter] >> honey, dear, i didn't mean to take out of the - - >> i was going to look for help! >> you really can't imagine what it was like to be there. clearly this person had no business being near a button. when we have heard so much about big powerful buttons.
2:33 pm
there were a few things that came out of this, the ap reported according to a man contracted by dhs, it can take 30 minutes for other states to blast a message about a missile. that's a problem we should probably fix. and a nationwide alert has never been tested. these are things that seem so simple. the fear is we have moved on so quickly from the news, will they ever be fixed? >> we move on quickly from everything. look at the vegas shooting. t it's like 10 years ago, we still don't know what happened. >> i disagree. i don't think there should be any of these warnings at all. if you're going to get bombed to the, what are you going to do, get a raincoat? stock up on canned goods? you never get a chance to eat those canned goods. why not just let people live and one second, you are not.
2:34 pm
>> the best response i heard was the husband of my wife's friend. they were there for her birthday party. russian. everybody panicking, people crying. his wife is crying. he goes, we go to bed. if you wake up, all good. [laughter] you can't get better than that. >> that's a cool dude. >> i love hawaiian shirts but it's weird when they are at a national security conference. do you through a tie over a hawaiian shirt? i don't know. i don't get it. i love hawaiian shirts. love them. >> just not in a serious meeting. >> you can wear them anyway. coming up, north korea's.olympic fever. north and south are joining hands to win a few metals. or die trying. seriously, if you lose, you die. that's next. [applause]
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>> their dear leader, sending cheerleaders. north and south korea will march under a united flight. they've agreed to field a women's ice hiking team. the north will send 230 cheerleaders to their death. but a foreign minister said the word shouldn't be so nacve about the norse participation. adding quote, i believe north korea wants to buy time to continue their nuclear and missile programs. meanwhile, an american expert on north korea may have come up with the best bloody nose option for military strike against kim jong-un. blow up his personal toilet. telling all the pictures of kim jong-un and missile launchers have one thing in common.
2:40 pm
take a look at the back left of this picture. his border party is always nearby. as jeffrey lewis explains, taking it out will send an unmistakable message. we can kill you why you are dropping a deuce. [laughter] i am never pooping again. - - promises to be a huge hit. [music] [laughter] >> i'd say that blows. [laughter] newwhat you do you s about this assassination plot? >> as funny as bombing a toilet would be, it could be seen as an act of war. if they were to retaliate i would hate for the reason, there was no morning city or los angeles we thought bombing a toilet would be funny. >> don't base your
2:41 pm
foreign-policy on areally cool joke. >> as cool as it would be it wouldn't look good in the history books. we thought it would be funny . >> professor, to olympics help foster diplomacy amongst adversaries are does the help of rogue nations like north korea to put a face on their misery? >> if we go back to 1936 where the world welcomed hitler and the nazis and allow them to disqualify jewish runners and hitler would ultimately shake hands. all of that. it could be used as a terrible show. helping to radicalize regimes. it can also, let's think of how many of these cheerleaders will go back to north korea. i hereby offer to represent any of them that want to defect. >> think about this. here's the reason why i think they will defect. each one of those cheerleaders ffamilies are probably in a
2:42 pm
room. and it's like, if you don't return, they are a casserole for the starving citizens. i hate to say it but there are reports there are bad dietary - - yeah, go ahead. >> cheerleaders are interesting because when you read the headline, it sounds silly. cheerleaders, athletes, the cheerleaders are considered soldiers.they are the army of beauty. they are meant to go out there and do the rest of the world like they are peacemakers. show how innocent and soft the regime is. and then one of the alumni is kim jong-un's wife. >> i didn't even know he was married. >> married a cheerleader just like everybody else. [laughter] >> they always marry the cheerleaders! [laughter] is this a way for kim jong-un to put off stuff?
2:43 pm
to delay stuff why he is still developing weapons? >> it's probably a little of that back at the same time, what has happened for him and his country with getting the president of the united states and the leader of the free world. he has the spotlight right now. so chances are, if you wouldn't have the interactions he had with president trump, none of this would be happening right now. he is trying to play a sympathy thing. every one of those cheerleaders, they have a reason to come home. several reasons because once they get over there, they see a warm bed, free hot meals. free speech, tv. i don't know if you've ever been to the olympic, it's like a little city. a lot of fun going on. and stuff. >> it's been a wild for me. >> a good friend of mine, mark henry, the strongest man.
2:44 pm
some of his stories from the olympics, i'm like, did you even have energy to lift. they party, they have fun. they will be exposed to a lot of things. >> this a lot of - - jerking going on. >> i am talking about sharing ideas. you're like a dirty old man. >> would you guys stop attacking old man? >> still to come, new california wants to become the 51st state. why stop at 51, let's add the moon while we are added at it. if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, to help more people stay alive
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