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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 22, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. congress now has the support to end the government shut down. for a moment at least, republicans and democrats are showing signs of cooperation. >> i want to thank the democratic leader for his comments. >> shepard: so what happened? that just ahead as lawmakers move closer to finalizing the deal. plus, president trump sent some tweets but otherwise kept a low profile during these negotiations. strategy? let's get to it. and a live look at the floor of the united states senate where lakers are set to take the final
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vote on the short term spending bill. so the shot town is effectively over because democrats caved. the one thing they wanted, the one thing was a fix for dreamers. the hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants whose parents brought them here when there were children. there's no fix for daca, no solution for the dreamers. yet the democrats backed down after getting nothing. and the first shutdown under government control by one party since the 1970s is over. last hour, the white house press secretary sarah sanders said democratic leaders knew their position was indefensible so they struck a deal to end the shut down. the senate minority leader chuck schumer said they accepted a deal with mitch mcconnell. in exchange for funding the government, republicans have agreed to take up legislation on the dreamers. in a speech from the senate floor this afternoon, the minor leader schumer praised the
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bipartisan efforts in the senate saying he hopes it's a sign of things to come. he thanked leader mcconnell for bringing -- helping broker a deal. senator schumer said both sides came together in spite of the president. >> since our meeting in the oval office on friday, the president and i have not spoken. the white house refused to engage in negotiations over the weekend. the great deal-making president sat on the sidelines. despite and because of this frustration, i have been having conversations with the republican leader over the weekend about a path forward. i believe that this group has the potential to return the senate to the kind of place that it should be on the issue of immigration. a place for bipartisanship. a place for action. >> shepard: last hour the white house took some credit for the deal. >> the president was putting
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pressure and standing firm on exactly what he was willing to do and what he wasn't. it very clearly worked because we're back where we basically started on friday and the democrats have now allowed this to move forward. hopefully the house will move this through quickly and it will be at the white house for the president to sign and we can start immediately on discussions on immigration reform. >> shepard: as i reported, the senate is set to hold a final vote on the temporary spending deal very soon. the measure would then head to the house and eventually to the president's desk and the shut down is over. for all the talk of compromising, make no mistake, nothing has changed. senator mcconnell has promised an up or down vote in the senate for a fix for the dreamers. something republicans promised was happening anyway. there's no promise in the house. without the house, there's no bill. besides, the president has promised nothing. search as you may for areas of
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gray. in washington there's winners and losers. democrats wanted a daca fix. they didn't get it. the democrats lost. we have team fox coverage. john roberts live on the north lawn. first, the chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. hi, mike. >> shep, good afternoon. a senior aide says they should be voting shortly. sounds like a few senate republicans were at the white house for a meeting. earlier the senate majority leader couldn't contain himself jabbing the democrats for shutting down the government over an unrelated issue. >> if we have learned anything during this process, is that a strategy to shut down the government over the issue of illegal immigration is something that the american people didn't understand. and would not have understood in the future. so i'm glad we've gotten passed that and we have a chance now to
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get to work. >> about two dozen moderate senators spent much of the weekend trying to hammer out an agreement. one republican senator says they he need input from president trump about what he's willing to do on immigration. >> ultimately the president is going to need to get on board in order for the house to vote on it. the house still very much more so than the senate relies on the backing of the president. >> a february 8th government extension is not a lot of time on capitol hill. government workers have to work in a hurry for budget, government funding and the immigration talks, shep. >> shepard: what else are you hearing from democrats, mike? >> they're saying they're hopeful the promise from mitch mcconnell will lead to action on immigration. >> leader mcconnell made a clear public commitment on the floor of the senate. we're not going to move forward if we don't trust each other. i'm going to trust that leader
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mcconnell will keep his commitment. >> a moderate senate democrat up for re-election this year saying shutting down the government for immigration is a mistake. >> we should have never shut it down. you have to go through some of this pain. i didn't not vote to shut down. get to the point that we got to today. we had a weekend of pain and we're back open for business and hopefully the senate will do its job. >> first things first, they must finish reopening the government before they can move on to the immigration talks, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel on the hill. thanks. let's go to john roberts who is live on the north lawn this afternoon. john? >> shep, good afternoon to you. the white house as you pointed out at the beginning is insisting that nothing, maybe a little changed between friday night and today. friday night when the government shut down and today when the government is slated to reopen, the white house saying that the president is glad to see that chuck schumer came to his senses
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and accepted the deal that was on the table friday night. now the white house is moving to get back into negotiations about daca, which is one of the things suspended because of the government shut down and re-affirming the fact that the president wants to see four principles included in this. a fix to daca, an end to chain migration, an end to the visa lottery program and money to build the wall. here's sarah sanders. >> that's part of this negotiation. something the president has committed to do but we don't want to do that without the other three components. it's like having a stool with two legs. doesn't work well. we want to address this more fully and in a responsible way so we're not just kicking the can down the road. >> mark short told me earlier today some progress is being made. both sides are beginning to give a little bit. it's interesting to point out, shep, the one thing the democrats want to see is citizenship for the hundreds of thousands of children that are covered -- older children now
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that are covered by the daca program. the white house will only go so far to say that its seeking a permanent solution but will not say the word "citizenship." >> shepard: john, some republicans are criticizing one of the president's chief advisers saying he's holding the government back. >> it's senator lindsey graham who was over here not quite two weeks ago with senator dick durbin on the democratic side trying to sell the president on a plan that they had put together. but the president's aide, john kelly and senators purdue and tom cotton said this isn't a deal. this isn't what we can sign off to, which led lindsey graham yesterday to say that the president is not served well by his staff. reiterating something that he said a week ago and pointing out in particular stephen miller who is a hawk on immigration. listen here. >> his view of immigration has never been in the mainstream of the senate. >> his view of immigration has
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never been in the mainstream of the senate. senator graham going on to say that steve miller is an outlier, which prompted hogan gidley to say that senator graham has been an outlier for this on years. listen to what the press secretary said earlier today. >> i think it's ridiculous when a united states senator is calling out an adviser to the president. look, this is the president's agenda. stephen miller is part of the process. he's advocating on behalf of the president. the things that have been laid out by this administration were dictated by the president. he's the one that wants to see these things. >> a suggesting too that senator graham is not part of the conversation, which really is a slap in the face to the senator because he's always been a leader on the immigration issues. i'm told when he came to the white house a week ago last thursday, two weeks ago now and
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had that plan that just -- that he should have known wouldn't have gotten anywhere with the president, he really hurt himself with the staff here. so they're grinding him up, as it were. >> shepard: i heard one of your colleagues there ask sarah sanders about this trip to davos switzerland. when she answered, i wasn't sure what the answer was, really. >> well, it's -- as far as we can ascertain, the president is still scheduled to go to davos wednesday night. i hope he is. because i'm on a 6:00 flight tomorrow night and i'd hate to be halfway there and find out that it's not right. it's interesting to see the reaction. he's an outlier when it comes to the general tone of a conversation like that. it's globalism, climate change, social activism, that sort of thing. the president will be a disrupter at an event like that. they like the idea that he's refocusing attention on davos to say yes, it's relevant and
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there's a lot of ceos that are fond of the president's tax cuts. it's interesting to see. "the new york times" put it the fox in the globalistic hen house. looking forward to that trip. >> shepard: are you going? >> yes. tomorrow night. >> shepard: i here it's a fantastic trip. have a great time. >> thank you. talk to you from there. >> shepard: yes, sir. so if you really wanted something and you didn't get it, what happened in the end there? what happened? at some point did democrats go, oh, yeah, we're doing really well for the mid-terms and this could really screw everything up. or what did happen? if there's anyone that ought to know, it's chad pergram, our senior producer. he knows everything up there. we'll ask him in just a minute. what happened when last week they wanted a deal for daca. they wanted a deal for the dreamers. since they didn't get a deal for the dreamers, they just -- they melted. what was that? i'll ask him.
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ask your doctor about victoza®. >> shepard: more now on how lawmakers reopened the government on the third day of the shut down. chad pergram has more. >> hi, shep. >> shepard: so the democrats folded like a house of cards. what happened there? what just happened? >> a lot of this was optics.
12:15 pm
the question is how long could they continue to keep the government closed. this bipartisan group of about 20 to 25 senators made the difference. bill nelson, a democratic senator from florida. obviously he has a lot of daca recipients in his state. he indicated there were words of mistrust of mitch mcconnell. he said the lights were then turned on mcconnell and that that's why they finally got an agreement to put something on the floor sometime in early february. at the end of the day, a lot of people thought there would be an agreement to talk about this. in mitch mcconnell's defense, he said at a press conference right before christmas, not a lot of people picked up on this, he anticipated putting an immigration bill on the floor in january. probably wouldn't happen until the end of january and more likely february. you talk to some liberal house democrats and they don't like this at all. louise gutierrez, the democratic congressman from illinois. he indicates that they got a vague promise here. they don't know what it will
12:16 pm
look like. nobody knows if this can move through the house even if they get it through the senate. >> shepard: it's so popular. this idea that when you were a kid, your parents brought you over here. you didn't have any documents through no fault of your own. you're in america. you're an american. this is the only country you know. there seems to be bipartisan agreement that they need to have some sort of fix on it. that said, there is a part of the president's base that says that is amnesty, no how, no way and it seems that is the part that sliver of the president's base that has won the day. this oh, i'll put something on the floor for consideration. come on! >> yeah. that's why there was this rather extraordinary scene that not a lot of people picked up on last night. mark meadows, the chair of the conservative husband freedom caucus came on the senate floor before mitch mcconnell began to speak. there was a lot of back and forth from people from the left and right on what the bill would
12:17 pm
look like. sources are not committing what the bill would look like. conservatives say it might tilt to far to the left. you know if it goes too far to the right, you won't get it out of the senate. that's why the bipartisan group won't be pleased. >> shepard: so did democrats in the end just go, we looked good for the mid-terms. looks like kind of a wave election to us. if we keep doing this, the base might be mad at us and maybe we just quit now and live to fight another day? because they did not -- they didn't get anything out of mitch mcconnell. we can sit around here and pretend they did. but pretending, you know -- >> everybody was searching for an exit. nobody knows how they look in the mid-terms. remember after the shut down in 95, 96, it was clear that bill clinton won that. he won re-election and newt gingrich was never the same. a lot of people forgot about the 2013 shutdown. thought this was going to be bad for republicans and ted cruz,
12:18 pm
the senate republicans -- >> shepard: he's against shut downs. i heard him say it today. so i know it's true. >> absolutely. we're waiting to see if house and senate vote. the still has not agreed when they were take the vote to reopen the government. that will take a simply majority. then they have to move it to the house. they just haven't done it yet. >> shepard: chad pergram, chang you. >> any time. >> shepard: the white house says president trump was keeping tabs on the shutdown negotiations but apparently not directly involved. we'll look at how the two sides handled the standoff and what it could mean for the immigration debate that seems to be ahead. that's next. to everyone else, i look like everyone else. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica.
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>> shepard: as lawmakers work through the weekend to end the shut down, the president
12:22 pm
remained silent on the topic. the press secretary sarah sanders said the president met with his cabinet to manage the shut down and talked with lawmakers. >> the president was putting pressure and standing firm on what he was willing to do and what he wasn't. it worked because we're back where we started friday. >> shepard: the president cancelled his trip for the big party in florida and today chuck schumer said he hasn't heard from the president since friday. let's turn to tom lobianco from the associated press. how are you? >> good, shep. >> shepard: strategy or something else? >> looks like strategy. a sharp one at that. think of all the times that trump's advisers, the current and former, in rotation, out of
12:23 pm
rotation, have tried to get him to stop tweeting, stop talking to so much, stop blowing up and here we are and the white house is claiming victory. whether it's a victory for them or not, we'll see. but it's better strategy than some of these other instances that they have handled in the past, it looks like. >> shepard: it was interesting because the president said he wanted a deal for the dreamers and send him something. he will sign it. then senator graham and -- they went over there to do that and then there was miller and then that didn't happen. and then the president stopped and the democrats made the demands and they caved. and now it's over. that's what happened, right? >> that's a big -- i can tell you right now, over here at the capitol, the big question is whether there's any follow-through on the promise to deal with immigration. we saw sarah sanders' press briefing. that was a big question for her.
12:24 pm
no guarantees. they want to do it. >> shepard: they want to do what? >> deal with some sort of immigration compromise. possibly something for the democrats in there, possibly something for the trump white house and the republicans in there. you know, now this balancing act that we see, whether or not that will actually carry through -- if you look forward -- >> shepard: wait. traditionally everybody is kind of for legal immigration and everybody is against illegal immigration except the democrats are a little more for it and the republicans are a little less for it except everybody wants somebody to do the kinds of jobs that nobody seems to want to do. so -- immigration. isn't that how we do that? >> that's right. it's like a lot of these obstacle road block policies that we see. you never quite sure what side actually -- whether both sides want to get something done versus keep on milking it for politics. the thing to look at here for
12:25 pm
the republicans, you have the wall. for the democrats you have daca, dreamers, some protections involved in there. and for either side, those are also nonstarters. so that hasn't changed. the politics of this hasn't changed at all. basically what happened is they just jumped off a cliff for three days and decided they didn't like it and now coming back. now they're at the same point that they were on friday. >> shepard: the last time this happened, green eggs and ham shut down from -- remember that one. everybody said oh, this is going to be horrible. didn't hurt republicans a bit. democrats are different than that though. their base usually is different because the democratic base seemed serious about wanting this fix for the dreamers. they seemed very serious about it and it doesn't sound from the twitter machine today like they're less serious about it now than before schumer caved. >> exactly. this is the dynamic that's in
12:26 pm
play that is hard to pan out. on the one hand, you fire up your respective bases. that's great for these guys going into the mid-terms. each side wants to do that. the flip side is as you fire up the base, it makes it less likely that you're going to get anything. now the next question is, do you have to deliver going into the mid-terms? that was the big question with tax reform and for the republicans. they did deliver. they have something to take to the voters. the next question is, what do the democrats and the republicans do on immigration? do you try to deliver something on that? >> it has to happen february 8. they kicked the can down the road thing. they keep saying the analogy. so if you keep kicking the can and mitch mcconnell promised and up or down and you don't get anything, what do democrats do? the base is fired up and ready to go, as somebody might have said. >> it's a horrifying process.
12:27 pm
but shut down, c.r. spending fights that they have, looks like the new normal. so we could be doing a lot of weekends over here. >> shepard: government by chris cyst. thanks, tom. the issue of immigration is at the heart of today ideal. even if the senate passes protections for undocumented immigrants, how will the bill do in the house of the representatives? home of the freedom caucus. we'll go live to capitol hill. and who gets the blame for the weekend of drama? both sides of the political aisle trying to pen the fault on the other. the truth is one side wanted something they didn't get. one side. first, a fox urgent. a blast at an oil rig and a search for the missing. that and check of the day's other top headlines at the bottom of the hour coming up on fox news channel.
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>> coming up, a suicide blast in afghanistan. some guests escaped from a hotel climbing out windows. after reports of homemade bombs exploding at a shopping mall in florida, central florida, we're hearing the devices were actually flares. that's according to place in lake wales. nobody hurt. cops say the flares went off in a delivery area away from shoppers. investigators are releasing surveillance images of two persons of interests after witnesses reported somebody running from the scene. plus, a time lapse video shows a volcano exploding in the philippines. more than 30,000 people evacuated. officials cancelling some flights and orders planes to
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of fox's top story. the deal to end the government shutdown and that deal is now underway for the government shut down to end. the top democrat in the senate, chuck schumer, says the agreement includes a plan to protect the dreamers. hundreds of thousands immigrants that were brought to the united states. it's set to expire march 5. peter doocy is live on capitol hill. hi, peter. >> hi, shep. now the attention turns to how much support does a potential daca deal have. the word is that at this point, it's got more than enough support and that is coming directly from one of the democratic senators that changed their vote on this continuing resolution, which hinged on a potential daca deal from a no to a yes. democratic florida senator, bill nelson. >> when it gets to the end of the day, we will have 60 votes on the daca for the dreamers.
12:34 pm
and i think it may be more than 60 votes. that will put a lot of pressure on the house, put a lot of pressure on the president if the president is still not participating. >> in terms of timing, we keep hearing they want to have it wrapped up by march 5. despite today's continuing resolution deal is the word if you support this things for three weeks, we might have a daca solution by then. that's not really date that anybody is talking about. sounds like the original deadline still stands. shepard? >> shepard: the border wall or the security or a wall in some places, that's an area for negotiations? >> right. but it's got to be in there. the president says he will not sign any kind of a daca deal protections for daca recipients without border wall money. one of the negotiators on the republican side, jeff flake, a frequent trump critic thinks the president may be getting some of what he wants because chuck
12:35 pm
schumer last week tipped his hand, showed his hand and said that he put border wall funding on the table in an oval office meeting. >> well, senator schumer indicated that he was willing to give additional money. what is on the table so far and what we have in the bill so far is what the president has requested for this next year. if additional commitments need to be made in terms of a mix of authorization and appropriations beyond that time, we'll do that. >> but the hardest thing for republicans is going to be getting on the same page. republicans in the senate and republicans in the house and republican in the white house all have different public positions on what they expect to come from an immigration deal. so watch over the next couple weeks. republicans just trying to get on the same page so that they can use their votes to get something through. shep? >> shepard: thanks, peter.
12:36 pm
so who gets the blame for this in the end? chuck schumer said president trump turned away from not one but two bipartisan deals. all of this just months before the mid-term election with control of the house and the senate on the line. let's bring in alana shore from politco. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> shepard: when this happened in 2013, we thought it would hurt the republicans and didn't. is anybody expecting anything to be as -- i don't know -- what one reporter used the word tidy. >> nothing about this has been tidy. we're seeing a huge liberal backlash against the democrats for agreeing to the deal when getting nothing much of substance that they couldn't have gotten friday night. namely an agreement from senator mcconnell. so you'll see democrats reeling and republicans frankly struggle to figure out what to do on
12:37 pm
immigration. >> shepard: it's very soon to figure out what happened. we know they lost jeff flake. we know they lost lindsey graham. last week jeff flake and lindsey graham were siding with the democrats. they lost them both. the democrats peeled away in area mostly where they were up for re-election. >> democrats are really holding fast through that late friday night vote. once they crossed the rubicon and the government formally shut down over the weekend, that's when the pressure started to mount. a lot of it happened because there wasn't a clear exit strategy for the democrats. red state folks put their necks on the line, except for the few that voted yes on friday. you saw they all turned today because they realized this is our only way out. as much as we're going to get. >> shepard: which is nothing. >> yes. it was mostly nothing. >> shepard: they allowed them to get up there and speak today and said, you know, bipartisan, all of that sort of thing. but they're really -- there
12:38 pm
wasn't any of that. there wasn't any of that at all. you wonder, did they just hurt themselves come mid-terms? did the democrats just hurt themselves through whatever it was that just happened? >> well, to be clear, you know, there's a lot of compelling polling that showed both sides were getting the blame for this. given the trump era's news cycles, i'd be shocked if this turned into a huge campaign issue. november is an eternity from now. let's give the democrats a little air on this. they acknowledged that they got all they could get. they claim this will set the stage for a lopsided senate vote that will put pressure on the house. one might so i that is dubious given that paul ryan made clear he won't be subject to what the senate agreed to. the democrats do acknowledge they blinked. >> shepard: on the republican side, getting the house freedom freedom caucus, anyone from that group to come over to any sort
12:39 pm
of daca legislation, legislation that would be seen as helping the dreamers, that would be a very tall order at least given the politics of the day, would it not? >> absolutely. it's universally acknowledged that you could get a bipartisan immigration deal through the house, but it would not get a majority of the house republican conference. there is in the buy-in for paul ryan. there's no political incentive for him to put anything on the floor that would pass with mostly democratic votes. >> shepard: thanks, alana. great to see you. thank as lot. >> thank you. >> shepard: a fox urgent just in. five workers in oklahoma are now missing after a drilling rig at a natural gas site exploded this morning. that is according to emergency workers on scene. happened south and east of tulsa. witnesses there say you can see thick black smoke billowing from the area for miles in all directions. here's some video from the area.
12:40 pm
emergency officials said pretty much everything in that area was on fire. it looked contained in this video. according to the emergency workers on scene at the time, it was insane. the sheriff said more than 20 employees were on site when this rig exploded. in texas a teenage boy shot a 15-year-old girl in their high school cafeteria this morning. that's according to the sheriff in italy, which is about 45 miles south of dallas. italy, texas. he said emergency crews airlifted the victim to the hospital in big d. no word on how she's doing. the sheriff didn't give any clues about a possible motive. here's what one student said. >> it was a conflict coming back and forth. the shooter looked so angry. because she gave him a hug.
12:41 pm
he pushed her away. from my point of view, looked like the trash can had popped but it wasn't. he pulled the gun out. he stood there. she was right there. he shot her. >> officials say the suspected walked out of the building afterwards and cops arrested him. there's word that president trump may be giving himself some wiggle room after promising to keep his businesses separate from his administration. that's according to an analysis by the associated press. details and the response from the trump organization. that's next. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. and for pain relief and a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am.
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>> shepard: before the president took office his lawyer explaineded how he would separate his business there his presidency. now there's a new report telling how that looked out. one report said that trump would donate any profits from for writ government guess toss the u.s.
12:45 pm
treasury. thousands of dollars have been spent at trump hotels the last year but the trump organization has not given any money to the treasury. let's go to gerri willis. >> you're right, zero dollars have went so far. trump officials say this will happen maybe in february. here's what we've seen. saudi government officials, saudi arabia government officials have stayed in trump properties within the year. the malaysian p.m. stayed there. a kuwati ambassador had an event at the trump hotel. >> shepard: what about the other business pledges he made? >> no new foreign deals. they're skirting this. one good example here, in the dominican republic, they're reviving a dead licensing agreement there with a republican family where they were going to build a hotel and resort. they're trying to make that go. in aberdeen, scotland, they're
12:46 pm
building another golf court. in indonesia, they're using the trump hotel to build hotels along the coast. other things going on, trade marks. a big question. foreign government give trade marks. it's an asset and worth money. the trump organization have gotten 38 trademarks from foreign governments the last year. pardon me. 38 of them from china; that's very interesting. lots of questions about when this would be reported or when money would go to the treasury. we thought it was 2017. now looks like 2018. we're just getting this information now -- >> shepard: definitely not 2017. that already happened. >> i know. it didn't happen. >> shepard: we already did that year. >> so true. >> shepard: great to see you, gerri. this is an associated press report. >> yes. they put together in information looking at all kinds of records, figuring out what's going on.
12:47 pm
the relationships are symbiotic. we don't have much in the way of a previous president that looks like this to make a comparison. one other international business person can you say was actually in the white house running the government. >> shepard: not much. if you're interested in this, you can google the associated press and this topic. you can see it. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: good to see you. were there more children? that's what investigators are reportedly asking about the house of horrors in california. police there said they discovered a couple had been holding their 13 children captive while starving and torturing 12 of them for years. the parents apparently spanked the youngest child, a 2-year-old. now the syndicated show crime watch daily reports detectives are considering sending cadaver dogs to the perris property to
12:48 pm
look for others. defectives are debating whether to use dna tests to make sure that the 13 kids are actually related. fox news is working to confirm this. david and louise turpin faces child abuse and false i'm imprisonment charges. both parents have pleaded not guilty to all of it. they face up to life in prison. vice president pence says the united states will move its embassy to jerusalem ahead of schedule in israel. the vice president making that announcement during his trip to the middle east. a live report from israel next. millions of us suffer from the symptoms of dry eye. theratears® unique electrolyte formula, corrects the salt imbalance that causes dry eye. so your eyes will thank you. more than eye drops, dry eye therapy.
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>> shepard: terrorism concerns have the feds increasing
12:52 pm
security screening from flights from the united states from five predominantly muslim countries. tsa will conduct screening from cargo on planes from these countries the head of the tsa shows terrorists from those countries are intent on attacking planes. vice president pence announcing the u.s. embassy in jerusalem will open by the end of next year. president trump announced last month the u.s. would recognize jerusalem as israel's capitol. the vice president visiting the middle east and addressing israel's parliament. some applauded him. a group of israeli arabs shouted at the president as he tried to speak. afterwards, vice president pence responded that he was humble to speak before a vibrant democracy. david lee millner jerusalem with more. david lee?
12:53 pm
>> shepard, mr. pence is the first vice president to speak before israel's parliament. this speech was carried live on israeli television and radio. those that disrupted the speech said jerusalem is the capitol of palestine. they were forcibly removed from the chamber. the vice president received a standing ovation when he revealed the details of when the united states was going to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. he said it would happen before the end of 2019. the palestinian leadership, they boycotted mr. pence. a palestinian lawmaker accused the vice president of using his religion to set diplomatic policy. in addition to the israeli and palestinian conflict, mr. pence talked about iran and saying they're the number 1 cause of state-sponsored terrorism and he
12:54 pm
said the obama deal with iran was a disaster and he pledged before the parliament that the united states would never allow iran to get its hands on a nuclear weapon. shepard? >> shepard: the vice president reacted to a report about his boss? >> indeed he did. although it wasn't much of a reaction. mr. pence, a devout christian is here in israel and the mideast talking about such things as isis, the israeli palestinian conflict and iran as i just mentioned. a reporter for the associated press asked him about his alleged affair, mr. trump's alleged affair, with stormy daniels. the brief exchange was reported on audio tape. listen for yourself. >> there's no news about this actress and stormy daniels and her relationship with the president. do you think she's telling the truth on this? were you aware about it?
12:55 pm
>> i'm just not going to comment on the latest baseless allegations against the president. >> other than that exchange, mr. pence has not publicly discussed stormy daniels, at least as best we know, not publicly. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller live in jerusalem. thanks. top of the hour headlines moments away. stay with us.
12:56 pm
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experience the new 2018 lexus nx and the nx hybrid with a class-leading 31 mpg combined estimate. lease the 2018 nx 300 for $339/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> shepard: dilly dilly. the philadelphia eagles won big last night to advance to the super bowl. one of their fans took an l. that guy ran after the subway and slammed into a pole. oops! perhaps the biggest hit of the night on anyone in an eagle's jersey. the birds ran up 38 points against the top-rated minnesota
12:59 pm
vikings defense. up next, the pate -- patriots. hopefully that guy gets better. on this day in 1959, coors introduced the aluminum beer can. before that, it came in a steel can with a tin lining. it's almost 100% recyclable. coors offered customers an incentive to recycle. the company bought back empty canses for a penny apiece. historians say folks in the steel industry laughed at that idea. people are still cashing in today. after doors changed the way we cracked up a cold one 58 years ago today. alumin aluminum. who knew? someone was just doing that fly eagles fly thing.
1:00 pm
back behind the camera. my goodness. they did grease the poles. you saw that, right? grease the poles. you can fill in the rest. winning, winning! #winning. >> neil: all right. they're confused. there's supposed to be a vote in the senate. so much we don't know followed by a vote. the government reopening. wall street already concluding its a done deal. the government will reopen and likes what they see. the dow sprinting ahead. 26,214. up 142 points. largely an optimism that we're but hours away tops from a three-day government shut down ending. mike emanuel on capitol hill on what we can look forward to now. mike? >> yeah, it's expected the senate and the house will give final approval and the brief government shut down will be over in a matter of hours. earlier, the senate had an


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