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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 28, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: tonight the countdown to the president's first state of the union is on. while the battle over immigration freeform intensifies on the hill. welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. and thank you to my viewers for make "justice" number one again last saturday. the white house press secretary and congressman ron desantis are both standing by. but first my opening statement. the biggest snow job in political history is taking place in the united states. illegal i am granlts trying to make you feel bad about
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president obama's offer to grant 1.8 million illegals amnesty and a path to citizenship. i would like to know what country anywhere in the world that would let in 1.8 million people who violated their rules and disrespected their laws but were still willing to forgive them and allow them citizenship only in the end to be called racist. >> that plan is a campaign to make america white again. it's a plan that says over 50% of the current legal immigration will be cut back. many people will be sent out of the country. judge jeanine: ray gain gave am snels city in 1986 and just over 30 years later we are in this same mess. why? because the border wasn't secured and closed. illegals just kept pouring in.
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just like those obama years in teenagers from honduras were virtually invited in. some even members of that violent gang ms13. you say have a heard. the dreamers were born here. this is the only country they know. most of americans don't have a problem giving dream early path to citizenship. but somehow that doesn't seem to be good enough. senator dick durbin says dreamers should not be held hostage to president trump's crusade to tear apart families spain waste tax dollars on an ineffective wall. you dare to call us names when tens of millions of legal immigrants followed the rule, waited in line, hired attorneys,
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studies american history, and swore allegiance to this great nation. most of of them saying the day they became an american citizen was one of the greatest days of their life. tino because as a superior court judge i swore in thousands of newly naturalized citizens. they didn't complain and call us racist. they thanked us. but no, not the dreamers. immigration advocate eddie veil called the white house proposal a legislative burning cross. what makes you twhi you are entitled to citizen smip? what have you done to earn it? on second thought, it doesn't matter what you think. you have no standing in this matter. you are not a citizen. the daca narrative of young high
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schoolers ready to go to college or in college when in point of fact dreamers are not a highly educated segment of the u.s. population according to a study by a harvard researcher. 21% of daca recipients have dropped out of high school, far above the national dropout rate of 5.9%. according to that study, dreamers have lower than average educational attainment. daca supporters say dreamers are no more likely to commit crimes than u.s. citizens. but according to the crime revenge research center, dreamers commit crimes double the rate of u.s. citizens. and according to a december 2017 report illegal immigration costs the united states taxpayers a
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net cost of $116 billion. that's billion with a "b" dollars a year. clearly outweighing taxes paid to federal and state governments by a ratio of 7-1. the federal government alone spend $46 billion on illegal aliens and their u.s. born children for public education, medical care, justice enforcement and welfare. so here we have president trump willing to give almost 2 mill illegals amnesty in exchange for a border wall, an end to chain migration and end to the visa lottery. but instead of being grateful, they are indignant. >> we want these workers to not live as second class citizens and not have the right and inability to speak up. jesse: you are either illegal or a citizen with all the rights
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and privileges that go along with it including the right to vote and the right to pay taxes like the rest of us. what makes you think your parents had the right to be citizens because we are allowing your spouse and children to be citizens. you are here because of the united states' largess. you have no card, no chips, and no leverage in this game. and on top of that you complain we are white you supremacists. how can we be white supremacists if most of of the 2 million the president wants to give amnesty to are not white. the daca organization says let's call this proposal for what it is, a white supremacist ransom note. trump and steven miller killed daca and created the crisis that
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immigrant youth are facing. they have take us hostage, pitting us against our parents, black immigrants and our communities in exchange for our dignity. i have news for you. you are being used. crying chuck, nancy pelosi, dick durbin couldn't care less about you. you are nothing but a pawn in a bigger game set up by your hero barack obama who intentionally didn't resolve this when he was president. president trump whom you hate has more than doubled the number of people he's willing to give amnesty and he's willing to pay a political price for it. these people would rather reject trump's offer to make 2 mill of you legal and keep you in the shadows rather than giving donald trump a win he's entitled
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to. you get it? you are being used. they don't want it to work. and what is the problem with the wall anyway? open borders only allow more people to cross and add to our tax burden. what who are you to say what a sovereign nation can and cannot do. try doing that in your home country and see what happens to you. and who are you to say you are entitled to bring in your parents as well as your spouse and children. your parents created this mess in the first place by bringing you here. citizenship is a privilege. we don't grant it to people because they think they deserve it. what have you done for the united states? were you in the military like my dad and grandfather? what have you done to benefit this country? if you have been collecting welfare, how about you pay it back.
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i believe in the american dream. i don't want anyone to take advantage of it and i don't want anyone to right. especially people who are not grateful to be here who seemingly hate us and call us racist. there needs to be an he lee jones to the united states and what this country stand for. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook and twitter. instagram. white house press secretary. >> an amazing open just now. judge jeanine: every one of us unless you are a native american are immigrants. we all get it. we are the sons and daughters of immigrants. but our families came here legally. they followed the rules. the rules had to do with whether what he could afford them and
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whether they could sustain themselves. now with all this globalist nonsense going on, everyone thinks they are entitled to be here. >> let's remember what got us here. this is 40 years of failed policy that in essence put the interests of other countries above the interests of the american people. democrats had the white house and the senate and the house. and they did not touch this issue. president trump has exposed the democrats' position. the democrats want to use this as a political issue. they shut down the government, put america's military at risk. all over hundreds of thousands of people who are here unlawfully and illegally instead of the hundreds of millions of american citizens. now, after this thing has been
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reopened, the government is functioning again, the president comes forth, puts a package out there that is extremely generous. and it's three times the number of daca recipients that president trump asked for. so this exposes the democrats for what they are. they want to put the politics over american people's lives. and quite frankly, it's disgraceful. judge jeanine: that brings us to the question of what happens february 8 and what happens in the march. are the democrats so political, so non-caring for these daca individual that they would rather risk not getting them the amnesty president trump is offering, and instead shut down the government under the guise of you are not getting what you want. >> it's more than not caring about the daca population which
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you articulately pointed out they don't. they refuse to protect the american people on the back side. they are against ask chain migration. they are against the visa lottery system which lets in random people with no discerning skill whatsoever. it's completely russian roulette with people frother countries. you have no idea if they want to do us harm or contribute to society. this president came in and said i want this immigration system to work. i'm willing to work with you and give you a long-lasting solution to daca which you said you wanted for years. in exchange we in must protect american lives. and for whatever reason. not only did democrats not want to help out the daca folks. they don't want to help out the american citizens by protecting this nation. judge jeanine: they say the
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illegals are making america a better place and a richer place, but when we say we want a merit based system, they say that we are racist. how do you deal with these people? by the way, there is a study which i think is stunning. 85% of black voters think that immigration based on merit is the only way to go. so it certainly isn't racist, is it. >> absolutely. you are talking about the harvard-harris poll. 70% of americans want a path to citizenship. but they want an end to chain migration. they don't think you should be here for a millial ties. -- for familial ties.
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judge jeanine: hogan gidley, thanks so much. the text message evidence proving the fiction was in for hillary in that email investigation. and just one of many shocking text exchanges. trump bashing fbi agent lisa page. she says, one more thing, she might be our next president. the last thing you need, us going in load for bear. do you think she'll remember or car it was more doj than fbi? and strzok her boyfriend agreed. they were worried about doing a real investigation because they thought she would be president. joining me now with reaction is
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congressman ron desantis. member of the house oversight and reform committee. this week was a crazy week. they are missing the text messages. they said -- this is the fbi statement. mobile devices did not capture or store the effect messages due to misconfiguration. then we find out the department of justice i.g. was able to recover the text messages that the fbi told us were never record. so one of two things. either the fbi is lying or the inspector general performed miracles. and i want to know who donated them, who lied about them never being captured or record, and what are you going to do about it? >> if you believe the i.g. performs miracles, i have got a bridge in brooklyn. of course, they were there. the doj-fbi did they do the john
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koskinen treatment of lois lerner's emails? the fact that these things turned up within 48 hours is devastating for fbi and doj. we'll get to the bottom of why that letter was sent because it did mislead congress. judge jeanine: my viewers, my viewers love. i have you on. but they keep want to go know, what is going to happen? now that we are getting the facts. hillary clinton smashed her iphone with a hammer and bleachbit and lois lerner said the main server wasn't work. they all lied. if we did this, we would be in jail. what are you going to do? >> when we go back next week i think the intelligence committee will vote to release the memo that details how the fisa was
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used against donald trump. that's important because strzok, page, they are all involved in this. they bent over backwards not to make a case about hillary. but took thin gruel, this dossier, perhaps is what the memo may or may not answer the question on. and then did this counter-intelligence thing where you are focusing on trump associates. when it does, it will answer the question about the question and your viewers have. once that is public, i any we have the ability to press for people to be held accountable. judge jeanine: i want them taken out in cuffs. i don't want to hear their parking space got moved. this is crazy. >> that is something -- i think
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once the memo is released, i think there will be calls for a special counsel, from all the committee chairmen involved tonight, and it will be hard for sessions not to do that. that special counsel will have to follow the facts. you need somebody outside the swamp. i don't agree with this idea just pick somebody who there are knows the people inside the bureaucracy. bring them in, they don't owe anybody anything. judge jeanine: how can you make jeff sessions appoint a special counsel. >> the congress is telling him you need to do it. judge jeanine: the president tells him what to do and he doesn't do it. >> i think in this case session' office has been cooperative. there with been other elements
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inside doj, the bureaucracy and the fbi. but i do think they want to get to the bottom of it and realize this stuff wasn't handled properly. you look at how they handled hillary and the so-called russia collusion. it stings to high heaven and you have got to clean this up. judge jeanine: if jeff sessions believed in truth, justice and the mayor candle way, he better do something by the. because people are fed up. congressman, it's always good to have you on. we are very, very bleetds what you are doing. and let's see what happens with this fisa memo. >> i have seen it. it's bad and i want you to sight very soon. judge jeanine: send it to me tonight. >> we have to vote to release it. that's coming up. judge jeanine: now that we note fix was in for the clinton email
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probe, a brand-new "street justice" on tap. i head to hillary's hometown to see if i can find her. does hillary clinton drop off her pants suits here for dry cleaning? does hillary drop off pants suits? suits? do you take pants
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and above all, now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. jean require told you the clinton email investigation was corrupt all along. my next guest is here to outline the latest developments confirming our worse suspicions about the way the fbi and the justice department have been operating. tom fitton is the guy who goes to court and gets this stuff that the fbi and departments of justice tell congress they don't have. he's my hero. let's talk about these text messages from strzok and lisa
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page. you go to court. tell us what happened. >> we used for them and they said they found them two hours later. who are they fooling? don't worry twhribs an internal watchdog in the justice department investigating both self and the fbi. he recognizes -- this is just the tip of the sighs berg. he should send the u.s. marshals over to the fbi and secure the evidence. there are other text messages yet to be turned over to congress. we knew there were text messages. we sued in december for the text messages of andrew mccabe. they told us this week they gave everything they were going to give us and not one text message was turned over. judge jeanine: back up. i haven't heard this before. the fbi is saying they have no
12:26 am
text messages from andrew mccabe. >> they have not turned over any text messages. they said they are going to give us everything they are going to give us. we represent a former fbi supervisory agent in this lawsuit. he knows what to ask for and they told us you are not getting any text messages. where are andrew mccabe's text messages and james comey's text messages. judge jeanine: andrew mccabe's wife was running for the office. you want marshals over there, i want them taken out and cuffed. >> what is director wray doing?
12:27 am
he's defending strong and protecting mccabe and lisa page. so there is a real problem with the leadership of the fbi. ite for wray is oblivious or complicit. either way we need strong action and pressure to clean out its ranks that aloud this scam to go upon obstructing congress, obstructing the courts and the text message issue and maybe obstructing justice in terms of with holding and trying to hide these text messages and other documents. it's this justice department that fought tooth span nail to turn over the dossier which shows they lied to the court. if rod rosenstein can't doirt they need to find someone who will. rosenstein runs the operation of the justice department day to
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day. there has to be accounts built. we have to start calling these individuals out directly. judge jeanine: that place is dirty. and that's because it's in the headquarters. the field offices are good. but when they take these major cases to headquarters and they play politics. coming up, the gloves are off immigration reform. and my political panel is fired up and ready to battle it out. back in a moment. rnc
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yesterday. he says the allegations are being spread by his ex-wife. judge jeanine: chuck schumer at it again, rejecting the president's immigration proposal. the president tweeted this. ask. my political panel is here to battle. former trump campaign
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spokesperson, katrina pierson and chris hahn. what we have got is a president, president trump who is tripping the number he's willing to give amnesty to that obama was, doubling it from two weeks ago, and now schumer and pelosi and the rest of them are calling him a racist. are these people stupid? >> i don't think he's racist. but i will say the plan falls short in that it doesn't acknowledge the market conditions that drive millions of people here every year to work in our factories, cleaning and doing other jobs most of americans won't take. and this proposal lead to an increase in illegal immigration. the president needs to stop listening to steven admiral and start making sense. he worked in the construction
12:35 am
history and the hospitality industry and he understands there is a market here that needs to be addressed. >> i don't think daca recipients are the home chris is talking about. but nice talking points. the democrats haven't gotten the memo. the people of the united states delivered an america first president in donald j. trump and that's what he's trying to give them. we hear about the daca kid. what about border security and enforcing our current laws that are on the books that so many people are upset about. they are really upset about the free flow of illegal immigrants coming into the united states. we need to address those issues. but the poor kid, they are not even kid. but what about our kid in our kid are important as well and they dream, too. we hear this notion we have to be more sympathetic because they were brought here through no fall of the their own.
12:36 am
well american children have to suffer the consequences of their parents' actions for the rest of their lives every day. so why put people in this country illegally over them. >> 90% of americans want to see things resolved it's only the steven millers of the world and maybe you, katrina that don't want to see it resolved. >> that is the beauty of the will president trump hand delivered to chuck schumer. this is about the kid, chris, and you have the perfect plan. >> the president will get the wall for daca. even though he promised america mexico will pay for it, he will get the wall for daca. >> now you are leaving the topic. the topic is about daca.
12:37 am
he's given chuck schumer more than president obama did, so why won't he take it. if this is just about daca, what is the issue? it seems to me he delivered. >> his bill basically destroys legal immigration in this country. it takes it away and doesn't acknowledge the market. you are all about markets. >> the markets are doing real well. you would think your former boss chuck schumer who delivered the visa lottery would be first in line to get rid of it considering 8 people were murdered a couple months ago because of it. >> we are talking about immigration. >> let's talk about gunts if you want to talk about murder. let's talk about guns.
12:38 am
judge jeanine: we are not talking about guns. >> the constitution says you take care of the american people over that others. jennaothers. judge jeanine: chris, is chuck schumer willing to go along with this or is he going to shut the government down again? >> i don't expect another government shutdown, but i do not believe this immigration plan will pass. i think the dream act that passed the senate two years ago might pass the senate and die in the house. and the president will sign it baits is a bill of love. judge jeanine: this president has done more than obama did for minorities and jobs and immigration. i want you to assume that the president of the united states had a private server and was getting money from other
12:39 am
countries. you got text messages saying the fbi was investigating him but they hate other person running against donald trump. do you think you would take the same position that you are that this is much ado about nothing when everyone knows the fbi and the doj were in the take for hilly? >> hogwash. there are all these stories about how the doj and fiber with in the take for trump. judge jeanine: what did trump do? >> hillary would be president now but for that. judge jeanine: the only reason jim comey came out with that 10 days before the election is because nypd was going to out him. nypd said if you don't open an investigation we are going to the press. jim comey did it to cover himself. >> this is a positive
12:40 am
affirmation that not only was the election rigged for hillary clinton in the primary, but the doj and fbi tried to rig the investigation against hillary clinton. judge jeanine: what do joe scarborough and maxine waters have in common? they made my list of outrageous comments this week. vo: gopi has built her business with her own two hands. each unique piece comes to life in the same way... a messy, sloppy, splattery way. but now she's found a way to keep her receipts tidy, even when nothing else is. brand vo: snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings. smarter business tools for the world's hardest workers.
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solely political reasons to protect the president who is not worth your protection with your lies. you are only making it more difficult for our law enforcement officers to protect your family and mine against islamic terrorism and homegrown terrorism that you supposedly fear so much. judge jeanine: that's just one of the most outrageous things i heard this week. did any of that make sense? >> no, i think he lost his mind. just weeks ago he's peddling conspiracy theories about the president's mental state based on anonymous sources. cher has taken a swipe at sanders, would someone please
12:46 am
tell sarah huckabee sanders to stop dressing like a sister wife? i want you to take a look at what cher dresses like. >> don't make me say it. it hurts me to the core to criticize cher. judge jeanine: what is wrong with sarah huckabee sanders and the way she dresses? >> cher has been a vocal advocate for women's rights throughout her career, but then to trash another woman for the quay she dresses discredit everything she has done before. judge jeanine: maxine waters, our favorite is set to response to trump after the state of the union. michael, what do you think maxine waters is going to say in response to the state of the
12:47 am
union? >> i never understand what she says. she is not a team player. the democrats have joe kennedy speaking as the official democratic response. here she is drawing attention to herself. judge jeanine: she is going to say impeach 45 impeach 45 impeach 45. >> she was on the view and joy asked her if trump goes, then we are stuck with pence. her response is we'll go after him next. judge jeanine: isn't it a racist thing reverse. >> i don't know. judge jeanine: come on, michael. >> it's partisan thing. judge jeanine: rival state of the union addresses. the day before trump delivers
12:48 am
his state of the union, celebrities are planning to gather in new york city for the people's state of the union to spur voters and win congress. they should all give back their 401k increases. >> they will talk about the stock market being up 44%. working class people getting bonuses, companies like apple pledging to invest hundreds of billions into this country. will that come up? judge jeanine: i doubt it have much. you have been waiting for it all night. night. my streels "justice" my bladder leakage was making me feel like i couldn't spend time with my grandson. now depend fit-flex has their fastest absorbing material inside, so it keeps me dry and protected. go to - get a coupon and try them for yourself. go to -
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judge jeanine: i head for hide old friend hillary's hometown of chappaqua, new york where she likes to hide out in the wood. here i am. i'm in front of the cleaners in chappaqua. does hillary clinton drop off her pants suits here for dry cleaning?
12:53 am
hey, does hillary drop off pants suits? do you take pants suits? have you seen hillary clinton? do you ever see her? would you approach her? >> i might be shell shocked. >> for for her or him? >> more for him. judge jeanine: do you think people like him more? >> yeah. judge jeanine: have you seen hillary clinton? did she get her nails done? do you think she is in the woods? >> yes, she is in the woods a lot walking her dog. judge jeanine: i walk down the street, people hate me. do you ever deliver to hillary's house? >> i have. i remember one of them is gluten free, i don't know if it's bill
12:54 am
or hillary. judge jeanine: do you think hillary eats crow now that she lost the election? >> we do have some ducks over there. judge jeanine: i'm at standard bookstore in chappaqua, new york and i'm interested in whether the clintons come around. >> they do. judge jeanine: when the clintons come in here what do they look at? >> president clinton reads everything. a lot of fiction and a lot of thrillers and he saves up on the non-fiction that's brand-new. judge jeanine: do you see her as much as you see him? >> we don't see her as often. but we get historical fiction books for her. judge jeanine: have you seen
12:55 am
hillary in the woods? do you think that hillary should run again for president? what do you think? should oprah run for president? i spoke to some people in chappaqua. i'm still look for hillary so i'm off to the woods. i'm look for hillary. i can't find her. hillary! i bet she is in the woods. hillary, come out, come out. maybe don't come out. maybe she is home writing another book or still reading "what happened" because she can't figure out what happened. hillary, we are look for you. we'll be right b
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start at one of the cancer treatment centers of america hospitals near you. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. >> i want to take a moment to thank a justice viewer. laura of wallace pets portraits sent me this beautiful painting of my dog who as you know passed away a few months ago. she has him surrounded by the rainbow bridge like in the pole. thank you so much. i will treasure my baby, always. thanks for watching. i'll see you next saturday. i'm jeanine, advocating for peace, justice and the united way
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>> i'm a free trader.totally. a fair trader. i'm all kinds of trader. >> greg: i don't know what that means, but i love it. [applause] interesting. another weekend schumer blinked. in an idiotic move the democrats tried hold america hostage putting noncitizens before citizens. what happened? [laughter] the government


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