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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 29, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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that's it for this "special report." "the story with martha maccallum" is down the road here in washington and starts right now. >> martha: we will see a the state of the union. the story live from washington tonight. the president gets ready for the big address to the nation from the capitol tomorrow evening. very important. the-year-old trump presidency. we will hear from what the white house as to what to expect and if today's big events will come into play. high drama the deputy director of the fbi is removed from his post. good evening, i am martha maccallum. andrew mccabe sat down hours after his boss christopher wray made a trip to the house intel vault. wray took a look at that
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controversial memo that was touted by republicans as proof of government surveillance abuse during and after the 2016 election. according to reports, the memo directly names mccabe and others including james comey. the house intelligence committee voted to release the fisa memo. it's been described by some as revealing kgb tactics by the obama administration and even as a watergate party ii. here's the back story. >> critics of the president are paintball andrew mccabe's ouster as part of the pattern of the president attacking people who investigate him. also mccabe may have seen the hand writing on the wall himself about his own conduct during the obama administration that may be about to spill out because of
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that memo. we learned chris wray came up to capitol hill on sunday to view that republican memo about the obama administration surveillance of trump officials. republicans suggest mccabe and others like the number 2 at the justice department rosenstein used that dossier paid for by the hillary clinton campaign to get fisa warrants to spy on a former trump advisor. and text messages between peter strzok and lisa page talking about an insurance policy of a trump probe if he won the election. quote:
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today the white house insisted they had nothing to do with the ouster. >> look, the president stands by his previous comments. in terms of the situation today, as i just said, we have seen the reports as all of you have. we don't have any specific comments. i would refer you to the fbi for any specifics. >> in afternoon we spotted rosenstein and wray leaving the white house. john kelly has been pressuring the president to let this republican memo be released. that memo could show wrongdoing by mccabe and others. the other key point is the justice department horowitz is expected to release an explosive report looking at the handling of the clinton email matter by mccabe and others. when that report hits and this memo, if that is released, will
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there be for resignations at the fbi and the justice department. >> martha: the only real dynamic that changed is that christopher wray now read it. >> he read it and wanted to go back and talk to others at the fbi about what their objections may be. adam schiff the top democrat said that republicans took information out of context. here's the bottom line tonight. now that the house intelligence committee led by the republicans have voted to release this memo, the president has 5 days to block that or not. there are rumblings that the president may put that out over the next couple of days. >> martha: thank you very much. here our fox news judicial analyst. judge, what do you make of this tonight? >> well, we have a bit of a stand still with respect to the committee.
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in response to this republican drafted 4-page memo based on raw intelligence data, the democrats drafted their own memo which they say is based on the same raw data and the committee voted to release the republican version but not the democrat version. i am of the view that when christopher wray the director of the fbi went to the house intelligence committee safe vault on sunday afternoon to read the 4-page memo, he saw something in there about andrew mccabe which was the straw that broke the camel's back and decided it was time for mccabe to go. i don't think christopher wray saw the inspector general's report. that would be highly irregular. but remember, martha, you just reported a few minutes ago that the justice department last week cautioned the house intelligence committee against releasing the
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report when no one from the justice department had seen the report. as far as we know the only human being from the justice department who has seen the report is the director of the fbi yesterday afternoon. >> martha: so in terms of what happens now. just to mention, there was a story last week that christopher wray was being pressured to lead andrew mccabe go and he pushed back on that. now, for whatever reason, it may be revelations to mr. wray there these memos, he changed his mind based on something he said he saw or read or perhaps information he passed along to andrew mccabe and said, you should know this and get out in front of it. >> right. we don't know if andrew mccabe was pushed or if he jumped. we know it followed so closely in time to director's wray's view of not only the 4-page memo, but most likely the
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underlying raw intel, on which the memo was paced. he went to his league and long-time friend andrew mccabe and said i don't think you want to confront. this i think it's time for you to go. >> martha: but, in terms of the fisa process, judge, there is a judge that approves -- a panel of judges that approve these requests. that's supposed to be the stop gap in these situations. if something phoney in a dossier is brought before the judges they are supposed to say this doesn't add up. >> but the judge's discretion is only as good as the evidence brought before him. i am have been critical of the court meeting in secret and nobody is there from the other side. the court accepts what the nsa says. if they give garbage to the court, then garbage will come out in the warrant that the
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court will sign. question: did they knowingly mislead a federal judge in order to get the judge to sign a warrant? if the answer is yes, then heads will roll. not just disciplined from the doj but criminal prosecutions of the people who misled this judge. >> martha: judge, thank you very much. joining me live here in washington anna, and byron, and jason. the two gentlemen are fox news contributors. let me play what adam schiff said tonight. there are two different memos floating around. one from the democrats and one from the republicans. >> this committee voted to put the president's personal
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interest and their only political interest above the national interest. when you have a deeply flawed person in the oval office, that can infect the whole of government. today tragically it infected our committee. >> i think is a stark example of how partisan things are in washington. two sides with two different sets of facts. the fact that none of us have seen. the underlying documents, this fight won't stop tomorrow or next week if the president decides the house republicans can release this. >> martha: byron, i can't believe this document won't come out. the white house would like it to be out there. we have spoken to lots of people on the hill who believe there is enough in here that looks bad that people have the right to see it. >> i believe it will come out. it's the president's decision
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alone to release this or object to release. the full house could still vote to release it. the president is not in control of this situation. i am told that the house intelligence committee voted today to make the democratic memo available to all members of the house in the secret room setting which is the process that they went through with the republican memo. >> martha: that's what they are saying. jason, we allowed everybody in the house to read the republican memo. we won't release the democratic version unless we go through that same process. what do you think is going on here? where are we on this? >> we will get to a set of facts. there has been a lot of political barb. now we will have facts. the most definitive view will be the inspector general and
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horowitz. when the fbi says we can't find a month's worth of text messages, in less than 48 hours the inspector general found those. it gets shared with the white house and the department in advance. the last point, i think it's naive to think this is just the fbi and the departments. -- dependence. department of justice. >> martha: and the obama administration? >> most goes back to the campaign and election of 2016. you talk about people that were there. some are career. curious as to whether or not they spill into the political appointees. the unmasking is not just necessarily the fbi. it could be others. >> martha: one of the 36 that surprised me in this, given all the leaks throughout the course of this story, is the content of
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this is not how the there. trey gowdy gave a road maps to what is in there. >> do you want to know whether the primary source in the court proceedings had a bias against 1 candidate and said he would do anything to keep that candidate from becoming an elected president? >> i think one of the things that has been surprising, there hasn't been very much information. a little drip here and. there we don't know what will be in this -- it's only 4 pages. >> martha: it's a summary of the intelligence that nunes and oth others on the committee feel is valuable. >> there will be other documents forming this. this is the first step. even if they release it, a lot more questions will be asked. >> martha: an editor today in
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the "wall street journal." he believes the russians were pulling the strings on the democrat and republican sides and that's what we will learn. they loved the idea of steele former agent dabbling in russia to find dirt on donald trump and they felt like they could use it both sides. there is a 3rd possibility that the dossier targeted both parties. that puts a fine point on the finger pointing on both sides. >> congressional investigators have been thinking about this possibility for quite a while. fusion gps was working with the russians in the sam pain. -- campaign. if you look at the dossier, it's a former and current kremlin official. maybe the kremlin is behind
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this. >> martha: playing everybody. another editor suggested that the kremlin was playing simpson. they knew what he was looking for. they didn't care who won the election but wanted to put chaos in the american democracy to make them look back. >> right. there are key facts in the development of this dossier that should have gone before a judge: who paid for it? did they have political motivation? all of those things play into whether or not this dossier should have been used as a key to spy on somebody in the middle of a political campaign. >> martha: you can just imagine. if this theory is true, they are laughing all through this thing. everybody is arguing about this dossier. is it true or false? thanks. it will be the first state of the union from a president who
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has taught the nation in a year to expect the unexpected. white house senior advisor has a preview tonight. and hillary clinton hails herself as a chammion of women. confronted with her own me too situation, her campaign manager said she failed to act. she is here exclusively tonight to respond. >> sexism and misogyny are indemic in our society.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> [applauding]. e >> we worked on it hard. covered a lot of territory including our great success with the markets and with the tax cuts. it's a big speech. an important speech. we cover immigration. for many, many years they have been talking immigration and never got anything done. we will get something done. >> martha: president trump earlier. he expected to announce tomorrow night plans for a massive overhaul for the nation's infrastructure. something previous
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administrations failed to deliver on although they talked about it a lot. watch. >> i am announcing my administrations efforts for high speed rail. we will lay and maintain 4,000 miles of our railways. enough to stretch from coast to coast. i will keep on fighting along side all of you to make sure we are doing everything we can to rebuild america, not just rebuild one bridge. i want us to rebuild every bridge. >> martha: james inhofe, senator, good to see you. when you watch that, president obama talked about that? >> it sickens me. when he said it, i was sitting there. he pushed through this
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836-billion dollars and he didn't do anything. the percent that went to infrastructure, roads, and highways and bridges, 3%. that's just outrageous. all of that money went into is environmental agenda. >> martha: and the jobs that were not as ready. >> he had no intention to do anything on infrastructure. >> martha: you have been frustrated with this administration on infrastructure? >> no, he will talk about it tomorrow night. that will be one of the main things. and rebuilding the miltary. how much will the president commit to infrastructure? we are hearing from states that they are worried that the burden will fall on them and they don't have the money to do it. >> there will be an incentives
4:22 pm
for states and private sector and local governments. the differential is going to be a lot of the incentives will be there for them to do it. there will other things. there would be a program to change the definition so it could go to other projects. the major area where money will be coming in, nobody believes it, it's not logical. the democrats won't admit it. this started with john kennedy. this was his program. you were too young to have been there. but you remember reading about it. he said at that time we need more money for the great society programs. he said the best way to increase revenue coming into the country is to reduce margin rates and he did. four years after he refused the rates from 90 to 70%. >> martha: unbelievable. >> it is.
4:23 pm
but that's what happened. 4 years after that increased the total revenue coming into the country by 30%. then along game ronald reagan. >> martha: because more people had jobs. it makes you realize how much money comes into the government from taxpayers across the country. how do you prevent the swamp from sucking that money up and arguing these projects belong in my city and it turns into paying people off and having the money go to corrupt things? >> i think that depends on if we win the election and i think we will. for each 1% increase that translates into 3 trillion dollars of fund over a 10-year period. i was going to give the example
4:24 pm
of reagan. there is not time for that. every time we do this, money comes in. the key is to keep enough conservatives in the house and senate along with this president, we will have a huge amount of money coming in. >> martha: you have your work cut out for you. coming up tonight president trump talking tough on terror. what it means for troops at home and abroad. and hillary clinton under five after a bombshell report shows how she protected a top advisor accused of sexual misconduct. >> the doubl standard is alive
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> if we are serious about building a better, stronger and fairer america, we need to be serious about supporting and nurting our girls.
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especially the young women who put their faith in me. nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. >> martha: hillary clinton long presented her as a champion and defender of women building two presidential campaigns around that premise. a bombshell report from the "new york times" details an incident in which clinton refuseed to fire a senior advisor despite of learning of disturbing cam paints of sexual harassment. in women's a top advisor to mrs. clinton is here on why clinton hasn't apologized. first trace gallagher with the back story. >> during the 2008 campaign, hillary clinton advisor was strider. he would send mrs. clinton scripture readers. he was accused of sexually
4:30 pm
harassing a young woman. he was married and she claimed he rubbed her shoulders and sent a string of suggestive emails. her complaint got the attention of the campaign manager patty doyle. >> i interviewed all of the parties involved. i looked at the evidence and emails he sent and other documents and came to the conclusion that there was sexual harassment involved. the young woman was very credible. >> doyle recommended he be fired but hillary clinton refused. nine years later hillary clinton tweeted quote: the campaign allowed him to continue in his role and reassigning the young woman.
4:31 pm
the reason it's going public is the former clinton associates were unwilling to talk about the event until the me too movement compelled them to speak to the "new york times." the 2016 clinton campaign was cited as an inspiration for the me too movement even though harvey weinstein was a long time donor to the clintons. she used one group's literally name. >> thanks for your feminism and activism and i hope you keep up the really important good work. >> [bleep]. >> [laughing]. >> this is directed to the [bleep]. >> [laughing]. >> the man accused of harassment worked for a group that supported the 2016 campaign but was fired for numerous workplace
4:32 pm
issues including harassing a young female aide. >> martha: thanks. a trusted clinton advisor. thanks for coming. why didn't she just say this was wrong and i should have fired him? >> that's the question she is asking herself. look how she got to that point. lots of things went right before we talk about what might not have gone right. the campaign created an environment where a woman who was harassed felt comfortable coming forward. the process listened to her and believed her and took her complaints and brought them to the candidate through the campaign manager. that's supposed to be how it works. there is no issue. >> martha: there was an issue. doyle on cnn today.
4:33 pm
>> i was disappointed by that tweet, that response. it was the wrong call. i wish she had said it was the wrong call. said having to do it over, i would have fired him. >> i am saying secretary clinton never questioned what he did was wrong. >> martha: there was a debate about whether he needed to be fired. why was he not fired? he was doing creepy thing. he is a huge advocate for women every day. >> i think for a few reasons. she is asking herself the same exact questions over the last few days. she is probably coming up with the same answer many others did. >> she called this young woman and talked to her? >> she did. >> martha: will we hear from this young woman? >> that's up to her. we are not holding her back.
4:34 pm
>> martha: even if she wants to complain about hillary clinton? >> absolutely. she should say whatever she wants. that should be respect. s she told secretary clinton she was happy with her sharing this the conversation. >> martha: will we hear more? >> we will. >> martha: we heard from her in the grammys. >> he it a long time fear of being poisoned. >> [cheering]. >> that's the one. >> you think so? >> oh, yeah. >> martha: how is that okay for a former candidate and a former wife of the president of the united states to go on a national awards show to be for all americans and go after the president of the united states?
4:35 pm
>> i think unfortunately it's not okay. when i watch football games. why has the nfl become politicized? this was a joke. this was funny. i think nikki haley overreacted. don jr. over reacted. grow a sense of humor. reading the book is not politicizing. >> martha: that's a book that attacks the president and has been undercut in being false. it's a call about whether or not you want to be a classy person. do you want to go on tv and demean the president of the united states in that way? >> i would to stay on for another segment to debate classiness between her and president trump. >> martha: it made me think of mccrystal and the things he said in the interview in "rolling
4:36 pm
stone" that were seen as undercutting the president. i am trying to figure a -- picture a leader on the grammys stage. it was a 10-minute photo-op. it said obama did not know anything about him. try to imagine if that happened at the grammys going after president obama in office. >> hold on a second. he was a uniformed military officer. hold on. she is just a person. >> martha: a former first lady and former secretary of state. >> [overlapping talking]. >> she needs to be told to be
4:37 pm
quiet. help us figure out where she can be critical and how. >> martha: it was her decision to do that. time and time again the book and everywhere else it's about excuses for why she was not elected and going after the sitting president. [overlapping talking]. e >> martha: it's a question of the decisions you make and what kind of mark you want to make on the country. >> i am comfortable with clinton's class and dignity as opposed to the president. >> martha: thanks. we have come to expect the unexpected from the trump white house. will the first state of the union address be the same?
4:38 pm
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for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> martha: the white house said the theme for tomorrow's speech will be building a safe, strong and proud america. that's the tone that the administration hopes will be set tomorrow night heading into year two. 9 democrats won't be there. they will boycott the president's address tomorrow evening. mercedes and senior advisor for communications. also nancy pelosi and 23 other members are bringing dreamers with them to this speech.
4:43 pm
what kind of statement does that make? how will the president take that in? >> i got to tell you, the president is very focussed on talking about being forward-looking in his state of the union. talking about his accomplishments. how they are affecting all americans and talking about his agenda, jobs, infrastructure, national security. all of these important topics that resonate with americans. this is about uniting the country and talking about values americans carry about. patriotism and the economic boom and the result of what the president has done in his historic first year. i worked for two presidency. -- presidents. president trump in terms of economic success he has quite the story to it will pushing forward more job creation. >> martha: that's interesting. after the health care bill went down, the talk was there was no
4:44 pm
legislative accomplishments of this white house. senator mcconnell today said i have never seen so many things accomplished in the first year. when you look at these focus who say they will boycott and we have some sound. >> for the sake of the institution, i cannot give this man who does not respect me the respect of being there. >> i would rather skip this than listen to the rhetoric coming from a white house that has done away with decency. >> martha: how does the white house respond? >> that's unfortunate. let's look at the contrast. you have leftist democrats hanging out with celebrities at the grammys and you have president trump talking about the forgotten americans. that agenda is an agenda that
4:45 pm
resonates across party lines. when you are talking about job growth. when you are talking about deregulation that impacts real businesses. companies are coming become. over 250 companies giving bonuses and increasing their wages. this is a positive story to tell. this is about expanding opportunities for americans. the democrats have an out of touch elite mentality. in terms of agenda and you listen to what they were saying. it's pointing out what they see as someone in the white house that they don't approve of. >> martha: cynthia nixon weighed. i will do a dramatic reading of her. president trump's first year...
4:46 pm
she is encouraging americans to do whatever we can to take our government back. it should be about the people standing up and saying how horrified they are about the trump presidency. >> president trump fights for americans every day. it's his focus and what he wants to do. ensuring that we bring more jobs back and that all americans have the opportunity to succeed. he is focussed on it. >> martha: does he enjoy this process working on the speech? >> absolutely. he is energized. he will speak from the heart. he wants to show the american people he is committed to ensuring that their lives improve every day. the fact is the democrats will take away their tax cuts. if the democrats have no agenda. they can't accept reasonable immigration reform. that's clear that their only
4:47 pm
message is divisive and the president's message is providing better opportunities for all americans. >> martha: andrew mccabe did the white house have any role in him being removed from the fbi? >> no, the president was not involved in this decision making confidence. the president has full confidence in the fbi director christopher wray. >> martha: up next one of the most talked about stories ahead of the winter olympics. why did north korea cancel a cultural event with south korea? that's next on the "story." here? we've been helping you prepare and invest for retirement since day one. why would we leave now? because i'm retired now. so? we're voya. we stay with you to and through retirement... ...with solutions to help provide income throughout.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> martha: tonight president trump ramping up his rhetoric against the taliban after 2 deadly attacks in afghanistan in just 1 week. took the lives of more than 100 people. in a meeting with the u.n. security council the president pledged to end the terrorists once and for all. >> when we see what they are doing and the atrocities they are committing and killing their
4:52 pm
only people, many, many women and children that are totally innocent, it is horrible. so there is no talking to the taliban. we don't want to talk to the taliban. we will finish what nobody else has been able to finish. we will do it. >> martha: a former greenberet commander. good to see you tonight. >> thanks. >> martha: the taliban is spiking up again. horrific attacks in the last 2 weeks. why at this moment? >> well, a number of reasons. one is that we started taking on pakistan. this is why i supported this president since he won the primary. he is calling it like he sees it. enough is enough with pakistan's support of the taliban. we will see this escalation. i think the president is right to send in air support for the afghan army as they move
4:53 pm
forward. he is trying to undo 8 years of the obama administration passive approach and peace talks at all costs. they traded 5 taliban members to get the peace talks started. the president today said enough! we won't talk to terrorists who did this to innocent memand children. -- women and children. >> martha: pakistan enabled them. >> they just with held 900 million dollars from the pakistanis. that's long over due. >> martha: the u.n. and nikki haley and the voice this administration put forward as we look back on this year and look ahead to next year, what is the priority? >> well, the president met today with the u.n. security council members again in the white house. he declassified missile parts
4:54 pm
that the iranians provided to terrorists all over the region. he is taking a diplomatic approach and walking the security council through the process of saying, look at their support of terrorism and their missiles program that is out of control just like north korea's years ago. look at their bad behavior. you can take care of this or we will. >> martha: north korea has extended a hand to south korea to get ready for the olympics. now they are changing their tune about the together performances they were going to do. how do you read this? >> one, extending the hand is out of the north korea playbook. when the pressure gets too hot and the sanctions were starting to might that president trump put in place thanks go to the table. at the same time they knew the south korea president wants
4:55 pm
olympics without missiles. the day after the olympic are over, we need to dial the sanctions back up on north korea and china. that's the best way to avoid war. the president knows this. he abandoned obama's patience campaign that got us to this point. only through pressure can we avoid a military option. >> martha: thank you very much. a quick break. we'll be right back with more of the "story" from washington, d.c. live tonight. ron! something's going on at schwab. oh really? thank you clients? well jd power did just rank them highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms... again. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs.
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5:00 pm
democratic response. see you back here tomorrow night. tucker carlson is next. don't go away. that's the "story". e >> ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we have exclusive new information tonight about one of the most perplexing mysteries in washington. andrew mccabe the deputy director of the fbi announced today he is leaving his job. the most obvious question is why? was he pushed or did he decide to leave himself. mccabe's name has been in the news for years. in 2016 his wife took a large sum of money collected by one of hillary clinton's closest friend. this is significant because mccabe helped lead the


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