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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 30, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

2:00 am or post to twitter and it's to graham pages and complete coverage beginning with "fox and friends" in washington dc today. that wraps it up for me and "fox and friends" first continues, have a great day, goodbye. >> it is going to be an important speech on trade. jillian: the only message -- the president's message of a solution and fighting better opportunities for all americans. rob: january 30th, donald trump addressing the nation in his first state of the union tonight, the aggressive agenda he is expecting to layout as more democrats boycott the speech. jillian: the never 2 man at the fbi is out, the controversial memo allegedly, improper use of surveillance tend to the president. will he release it? rob: old glory under fire, fury
2:01 am
of a college professor tricks his students into stepping on the american flag. discussed over a disguised doormats. "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: nothing like a little kanye to get you going at 5:00 in the morning on the east coast. rob: makes me think of politics. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends" first on tuesday. rob: thanks for getting up early. donald trump will deliver his first state of the union address to layout his aggressive agenda
2:02 am
for 2018. more and more democrats are vowing to boycott this big speech. jillian: griff jenkins joins us with what we can expect. >> reporter: when it comes to the bully pulpit it doesn't get bigger than this. the headline will be the booming economy, record smashing market rates, unprecedented job creation but it won't all be a victory lap. he will use the occasion to push for bipartisan action on immigration. >> works on it hard, covered a lot of territory, a great success for the markets and the tax-cut, and important speech covering immigration, for many years, talking immigration, never got anything done. republicans don't have the votes to get it done. >> this on the heels of the white house releasing the plan with a pathway to citizenship, $25 billion to build a wall,
2:03 am
democrats not buying it. >> for right now if you care about the dreamers, and agreement to be reached, seems like the president is right there and is not, to put a wall there is in effect, almost immoral. >> the white house says they will strike a unifying tone for all americans, 11 democratic members planning to boycott this speech, including john lewis, outspoken critic frederica wilson, maxine waters, a list of five democrats giving alternative state of the union speeches. bernie sanders, don edwards and elizabeth -- the official party response will come from
2:04 am
massachusetts, joe kennedy. the white house is calling this must watch tv. jillian: i am sure a lot of people will. democrats who plan to boycott the state of the union say they are doing it to send a message to donald trump. >> for the sake of the institution, i could not give this man who does not respect me respect to be in that audience. >> i would rather skip this than listen to the rhetoric coming from a white house that has done away with decency. rob: mercedes slap, white house senior advisor for strategic communication says the only message they are sending to voters, they don't want to see this administration succeed. >> at the grammys, and forgotten
2:05 am
americans. and resonates across party lines, and deregulation that impact real businesses. and basically giving bonuses and increasing wages. this is a positive story to tell, expanding opportunities for all americans and they have no agenda. >> this is a new tactic for democrats, 50 refused to show up for the inauguration last year. >> donald trump has final say after the past intelligence committee voted to publicly release this controversial pfizer memo, alleged fbi surveillance abuses.
2:06 am
>> a major shakeup. so we could even get to that. >> step closer to learning what is in that document described by gop lawmakers as shocking, troubling and alarming, what role the anti-trump dossier played in trying to get a surveillance warrant on one trump associate. 5 days to decide whether he had any objections before the memo can be publicly released. >> the perception that you are fighting against the fbi accused of being a russian spy. >> we are not defending anybody, this is about process and doj and department and fbi, reviewing national security equities, when you read the memo, hard-pressed to argue we
2:07 am
are defending anybody. >> the memo came hours after top fbi official andrew mccabe was, quote, removed as deputy director, taking terminal leave using vacation time until he reachedes his retirement in a matter of weeks, his days at the fbi are done. >> the president did not play a role? >> the president was part of the decisionmaking process and refer you to the fbi where christopher ray served as director, last week, i will repeat again today the president has full confidence in him and put the decisions in his hands. >> democrats blasted both the decision to release the memo and mccabe's departure. former fbi director jim comey weighed in tweeting the, quote, small people were trying to tear down the fbi. jillian: much more to come on
2:08 am
that. mccabe, a long line of recent shakeups at the fbi and doj. in 2017 donald trump fired james come a mac. peter strzok was removed in august. lisa page left special counsel's office, associate deputy attorney general bruce or was demoted in december. the same as general counsel james baker was reassigned. steve of staff left earlier this month bringing us to the latest shakeup, deputy director andrew mccabe being removed from his post. rob: fears of another terror attack after an erratic driver hits one person thankfully with his car. it is not clear if more people were targeted. another driver was able to block the car with their own vehicle. and off-duty officer confronted the man before being attacked.
2:09 am
the officer firing two and shots, hit a man in the head, the suspect later died. nobody was seriously hurt. jillian: donald trump rejecting peace talks with the taliban after a string of deadly attacks in afghanistan. >> i don't think we are prepared to talk right now. a whole different fight over there. they are killing people left and right caminos and people being killed left and right. there may be a time but it will be a long time. rob: a top us general thing the military defeating isis could be just weeks away. central command general making this claim after changing the rules of engagement put in place by the trump administration. isis blocks 98% of its land since donald trump took office. rob: keeping america safe, homeland security rolling out security measures for refugees from 11 high risk countries. christian nielsen has not named the countries but those measures
2:10 am
include additional screenings. this fall is a 90 day review of those nations to ensure refugees do not pose a threat to the united states. jillian: nearly 80 illegal immigrants are stuffed inside a tractor-trailer. border patrol agents busting the undocumented immigrants that attacked the check point. the driver, a us citizen was arrested. the incident happened near the check point last week when 29 illegals were found locked inside a semi. the technique turns into a tragedy when ten undocumented immigrants died after sitting in the back of a hot tractor-trailer. rob: exxon mobil the latest company to demonstrate from the tax plan, announcing it plans to spend $50 billion storing that into us investments over the next five years. exxon plans to increase oil production in texas and new mexico and build new manufacturing plants creating
2:11 am
thousands of jobs. jillian: 10 minutes after the hour. the president addresses the nation, the world will be listening. from north korea to isis our next guest says tonight is donald trump's best chance to set the record straight on foreign-policy. rob: the father, son and holy ghost no more. how the pc police are trying to take gender neutrality to biblical proportions. >> very disappointing as you hear that with my daughter or any child, they don't deserve that, speak with you guys some other time. jillian: tom brady giving a boston radio station the cold shoulder. to defend his family just days before the super bowl. ♪ [ click, keyboard clacking ]
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jillian: donald trump's first state of the union happening tonight, one of the biggest topics he will be hitting on his national security. how has donald trump's approach on foreign-policy handled the past year? here to weigh in is cia analyst brad flake. i will start with how do you think you have done in the first year? >> he has had a pretty successful year blonde terrorism i don't people realize isis soon will not control any territory in iraq or syria and this is because of donald trump's policies, he changed the rules of engagement, stopped micromanaging what was going on on the ground, trusted his generals. isis is still a global worldwide terrorist network but it will not be an organization that controls territory. jillian: isis has lost 90% of the territory once held, talk about how big a deal that is. >> a significant blow to isis's reputation, its ability to
2:16 am
recruit followers worldwide, it will not be able to use iraq and syria as a safe haven to promote terrorism worldwide. it is moving into other ungoverned spaces, trying to recruit followers over the internet, the battle is not over but this was a significant blow to this organization. jillian: the fact that you make them read the plan and approach, is this in part because of the more aggressive approach by the trump administration? >> no doubt about that and people on the left like to say the president is just continuing mister obama's policies, president obama's policies against isis were very restricted. the bombings were restricted, isis was not going to be wiped out under barack obama or hillary clinton.
2:17 am
it is donald trump who said on the campaign i want to bomb the hell out of them and that is what we have done. jillian: we spent a lot of time in the last few months talking about north korea and last week new sanctions were handed down on north korea. how do you think donald trump is doing as far as that is concerned? >> donald trump inherited a mess. there have been some hopeful signs, north korea turned on north-south military hotline was turned off during the obama administration because concern about donald trump, fears donald trump, there are some signs it may be willing to enter talks, it might be propaganda but we know it is the strategic patience. and tough resolutions in the security council, pressed china to cooperate with un sanctions. there is hope on the horizon. jillian: what is your message to people who are still uncomfortable with the rhetoric, the way donald trump speaks about north korea and kim jung un?
2:18 am
>> there are many who said donald trump, tensions in north korea, in 2013 there was a crisis with north korea, so severe that several nations evacuated embassies from the capital of north korea. let's not claim these tensions are donald trump's falls, he is standing up to a nation that has been posting plans to nuke the united states, training nuclear war against this country and saying to north korea we are fed up with these threats, you have to denuclearize. jillian: anything you would like to hear tonight? >> i would like to hear donald trump say i am backing out of the fraudulent nuclear deal with iran. it is not stopping iran's nuclear program, giving iran an opportunity to advance, pretending to cooperate, the time was up with this program. jillian: thank you for joining
2:19 am
us, appreciate it. >> brand-new fallout after a high school teacher attacks our nation's heroes. >> they are not high-level maintenance, academic and selectable people. >> now the pentagon is firing back, we will talk about that and the happiest place on earth not so happy anymore. what happens to this little mermaid character that left kids in tears? ♪ first, we head to vermont. and go to our coffee shop. and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness.
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>> they are not high-level
2:23 am
academic people, intellectual people, they are the lowest of the low. >> a southern california teacher sparking syria with an anti-military rant and it went viral. rob: the pentagon is responding and kelly wright live in washington. >> reporter: and alert student recorded his teacher's anti-military and. let's listen to it again. so actually we don't have that. let's go to what the pentagon was talking about. the pentagon was basically saying, from amber smith, i have seen may be a few things that he said that were very uninformed and i that's an excellent example of who we would like to connect with and inform them with an accurate image of those who are serving and why they
2:24 am
serve. that is from amber smith. we also heard information from karen von, goldstar mother of a navy seal. >> what the difference is is not intellect but what is here in their heart. that is something that he does not understand and that is the heart of a warrior. >> reporter: we have twitter responses. a lot of people on twitter advising him what he should or should not do, recorded that -- he has a father and two uncles who served in the marines and in vietnam and the gulf war and afghanistan. twitter users slamming him but some teaching the teacher about those who serve like this tweet, i am a veteran, i teach college, i have a phd. you embarrass me. i won't hate on you, i pray you find a new line of work because
2:25 am
you are what is wrong with our youth today. i served in the army for four years as a sergeant. when i hear comments like this from any teacher especially the language he used to convey his message to the students which was foul, shouldn't have been done. my suggestion is he go out and visit va hospitals, talk to veterans and this is an active military unit, to see how much work these men and women do in service to the country. >> what a great kid to expose this kind of nonsense. thanks for your service, we appreciate it. jillian: a major church deciding god is gender-neutral, the diocese of washington dc which oversees the national cathedral voting to replace prayer references like the father, the son, with gender-neutral pronouns, church leaders publicly supporting open borders and embracing transgenderism.
2:26 am
rob: the cleveland indians removing their iconic logo in the year 2019. after years of debate baseball's commissioner says the depiction of a native american is no longer appropriate. the decision was made mutually. the team has been phasing the image out on some uniform designs. what will happen to the major league? jillian: democrats working to stop the release of the 5 a memo. >> i believe the memo as written is a brainwashing memo that relies on inaccurate facts. >> a central figure on the russia investigation is bowing out early. could this be the democrats worst nightmare? they are worried about this coming out. putting the lid on the clinton fbi investigation, joins us live with this perspective coming up next.
2:27 am
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jillian: donald trump will be the deciding factor in whether controversial pfizer memo will be released. the house intelligence committee, democrats wasting no time slamming the move as political. >> i believe the memo as written is a brainwashing memo that relies on inaccurate facts. >> crossed a deeply regrettable line. this committee voted to put the president's personal interest above national interest. >> joining us is the president of judicial watch. my first question, it looks like christopher ray to look at this document and potentially fired andrew mccabe yesterday. is that what you see happening here? >> potential disclosure of
2:31 am
information implicating mister mccabe in the memo and the it report, last -- the report yesterday, referencing the reporting removing mister mccabe, this sort of thing that result sometimes in public official leaving and unless this material is made public memo or it report, public officials remain in office and this is why you get the blowback from the democrats and allies in the deep state on the release of this dossier memo. jillian: who is hurt by this memo being released? >> the doj and fbi, director comey has a lot to answer for. robert mueller is relying on
2:32 am
this dossier, justifying a lot of people involved in abuse of power during the obama administration setting up the mueller operation with targeting the ambush of general flynn leading to this plea deal and subsequent criminal actions and collectivity and prosecutorial decisions. the pfizer memo debate is about whether mueller's operation is legitimate. >> i watched adam schiff, he was very disappointed. a lot of them mortified about this information coming out at this point. chris ray who schiff made a solid effort to point out is a trump, somebody trump installed in the fbi, christopher ray has not in that beholden to trump in
2:33 am
his time in the job. he defended his fbi from a lot of the president's criticism so if he did in fact read this memo and fire andrew mccabe that is a big deal because it is not like chris ray is the director of the fbi, under trump's them by any stretch of the imagination. >> he talked about the independence of the fbi, he supposedly was pushing back against removing mccabe prior to the removal yesterday, those who fire mccabe before him. mister ray is i think one of the concerns i have is the fbi director only acts when pushed and i think we know there will be disclosure requiring mister mccabe's recusal removal and that is why ray took these steps and i have to wonder why he
2:34 am
waited so long. was italy the politics or something seriously new he found? judicial watch found that mccabe was compromised with a conflict of interest, he recused himself a week before the election and used fbi account that the government to promote his campaign. all the info requiring or justifying his removal was announced for months, mister ray is late to the game, better late than never. jillian: we have seen the text messages between mister paige and peter strzok but judicial watch, refusing to turn over texts from andrew mccabe so the question is what is the connection now that we don't know about between mccabe, strzok and lisa page? >> text messages, the fbi gave us documents and we have reason to believe the text messages
2:35 am
exist, did they disappear? we see peter strzok lisa page text messages there is a reference to a meeting in the office, talking about having this insurance policy which is outrageous against donald trump because he was elected. a lot of questions remain about mister mccabe. should not stop the disclosure about what he was up to at the fbi. to fully explain, why he is no longer number 2, if he was removed for improprieties or abuse of power we need to know that now because mccabe engaged in this misconduct or any misconduct, who else to hold
2:36 am
responsible. rob: you guys have done a fantastic job thanks for coming on to explain to us, we appreciate it. donald trump addressing the nation later tonight, his first state of the union. jillian: janice dean heading to washington dc for the excitement ahead of the big speech. rob: do you want to get away from the snowstorm? >> we have snow in dc, can't you see it? in the background here, sort of a snow and sleet mixed. you know how steve doohpsi, i saw my friend at the state department, i see my friends at the white house. take a look. do you think it helps that you are alone when you do these briefings? >> i think so having young kids, answering the same questions over and over again, a lot of
2:37 am
patience in doing that because i have a 51/2, 4 and 2-year-old, that helps but also makes our message more relatable, the people that are here on the front lines, we have a lot of moms, kellyanne conway, a lot of women around this president, it helps us show a different side that everybody doesn't get to see. >> reporter: we love moms in dc. we will talk to sarah sanders at the white house, heather now or at the state department and all our friends at the dc bureau and shannon bream and i, turns it into a disco studio on friday at midnight, just a little insider tip. stay tuned for "fox and friends," the first reported 6:30 and we will talk about the weather here in dc toward the northeast, a little bit of snow, not a big deal, it will cause
2:38 am
problems on the commute to my 39 °, up to 42 today, sarah sanders said they would love me if the temperature got up to 80. don't know if that is going to happen but you see me in the press room doing my thing. rob: they do a lot of heavy lifting in the network, they put together some great products, thank you, appreciate it. i saw a few of them. jillian: they are known for violent protests calling for the death of cops. why are they honoring black lives matter? rob: flag under fire, college professor tricks students into stepping on the american flag. can you believe this? carly shimkus is here with a look at that story coming up.
2:39 am
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jillian: they are known for violent protests calling for the death of cops. [chanting] rob: one vermont school is planning to fly a black lives matter flag right next to the american flag. rob: carly shimkus is here with rate online. >> this is happening at montpelier high school, unanimously approving a request to fly the black lives matter flag every day in february which is black history month. students who agree with the decisions that i feel like raising the flag will show that we are here and we are here to be heard and we want to be
2:43 am
represented in our education. they say this is a bad decision and sets a bad example. some on social media agree with that. and on top of a government building, you are the privileged lot, the rest of us share one flag, the american flag. gary tweeted the school superintendent should be fired. a lot of people say this is fireable. >> we have another one like this was a doormat of an american flag. >> school flag outrage, this is happening at a florida college, a professor there, and art piece at the school. painted overweight so people would step on it as a doormat.
2:44 am
this happened at broward college, student and is disabled veteran complained, extremely disrespectful, a kick in the gut, caskets were draped with the same flag. a powerful statement by the student, people on facebook, they make me sick to see this happened and people echoing the sentiments, this is protected by the teacher, free-speech rights. >> tom brady focus on the far right, >> people talking about this. w eei's in boston, the tom brady calls into, a documentary on facebook brady released about
2:45 am
his family and him practicing football, his kids featured in a documentary at a radio reporter insulted his 5-year-old daughter so brady called into the radio station yesterday and brought it up. >> i always tried to do a good job for you guys. very disappointing when you see that, my daughter and my child, maybe i will speak with you guys some other time. >> he cut that interview short. these remarks are indefensible and mean-spirited commentary directed at any way at children is wholly inappropriate, the reporter made those remarks suspended indefinitely from the platforms. brady hopes this guy doesn't get
2:46 am
fired. he was in his 20s, never make fun of a child but he learned the lesson the highway. i am sure we got the state of the union stuff going on. rob: let's check in what is coming up on fox. >> live in dc ahead of the big speech. >> reporter: i would like to tell you what we have coming up. we have paul ryan last night, that speech coming our direction. majority whip steve scalise joining us live to preview the big speech, sarah huckabee sanders on the bipartisan optimistic project and the titanic news yesterday, goodbye andrew mccabe, we would rather you not come to work, what is the story behind that and the release of the memo. the question on the president's
2:47 am
desk, 5 days to look at the memo, should i let the people see it? we could see it all as early as today. we will talk to trey gowdy about that. we are live on top of a roof, we set up tents and if we don't get tossed, the next two days at this very location, don't miss a minute. i urge you please get dressed if you go outdoors. how do you win at business? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at start winning today. bp's natural gas teams use smart app technology to share data from any well instantly. so they can analyze trends
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>> donald trump's first state of the union will tout a safe, strong, proud america with a focus on republicans and democrats coming together to do so. what does the president need to
2:51 am
say to make this happen? former deputy to george w. bush and liberal commentator wendy. we are going to pool up five big pillars we expect to hear about in this speech, jobs, the academy, trade and national security. the president made some strong headway on four out of five, he made some good progress on the rest. and boasting about his accomplishments. >> challenging the status quo, the largest tax cuts we ever had in 31 years, american corporations repatriating
2:52 am
offshore profits and returning those profits to shareholders and most importantly they are pleased. wall street and main street performing very well. he is going to challenge congress, a lot of stuff left to do. if we understand these problems exist like immigration and as americans we need to join in and unite in a solution. this is going to be a challenging speech and an uplifting speech to let everybody know this president is willing to solve problems. >> with the economic output, the great news with tax reform, the approval rating in the mid-40s if he didn't have a twitter account would be much higher.
2:53 am
democrats decided to boycott the state of the union. let's show these people, 11 of them at this point, the president trying to bring people together, he will need 60 out of 100 to get them this fast, bipartisanship has been tough for him. what do you say? >> those touting his economic numbers, on the left looking for the president to bring this together. rhetoric has been the flagship of his presidency, we look at his comment after the charlottesville incident, david johnson passed away or his pocahontas comments have torn this country apart. what we need to see is to understand he is the president for all people not just his base and we need to see more than words. if he speaks well tonight that
2:54 am
is great but what we need to ensure as he puts forth policies that do not exclude people. we need to be an inclusive community and that is what this is. >> i want to ask about this pfizer memo. does the president release this? the expected answer is yes. >> the president is not going to get involved because we have a coequal branch of government picking a decision, the president will respected and it is their work product and the american people need to see. >> the left say this is a distraction but there are some damning things that have come out as far as strzok and page. what do you say? >> will the president release it? yes. should he release it? no. even his own doj said this memo is reckless. i don't think he should release it. we will see if he puts his personal feelings ahead of what advisers tell him to do. rob: we will do this again
2:55 am
tomorrow, thanks so much. >> a big day for donald trump addressing the nation the first state of the union. what do you want to hear in his speech tonight? comments coming in and that is next. o our coffee shop. o our coffee shop. and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness. (whispering) with the capital one venture card, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. not just airline purchases. think about all the double miles you could be earning. (yelling) holy moly, that's a lot of miles! .
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2:59 am
tell us where he is headed for 2018. jillian: he will stay the course and stay on message and be the great man he is and not get on name-calling speech but explain to the american people where he wants to take our nation. rob: randy on facebook clearly a president trump voter just be the president we have all come to love and respect. jillian: all right. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first up the good. sheriff's deputy in michigan being hailed a hero from drag ago teen from a burning car. >> get out. here. get away. jillian: the 18-year-old broke his leg and may face charges suspected for drunk driving. rob: now the bad. am electronic ursula beheaded at disney's california adventure. >> broken. rob: riders on the little mermaid attraction witnessing this terrifying cables and wires sticking out of her neck. the kids were horrified.
3:00 am
jillian: finally the ugly. passed out covered in peanut butter. probably coming off a crazy night didn't even feel the creamy conne conned condi mint g slathered on him. rob: see you later. >> the director of the fbi is out. mccapable may have asked fbi agents to actually change their 302s. those are the interviews with witnesses. >> i have been saying from the beginning this guy mccabe needs to be taken out in cuffs. >> the house intelligence committee has now voted to release the fisa memo. it has been described as a watergate part 2. >> very sad day, i think, in the history of this committee. >> where are the democrats on this? i thought this was the party of civil liberty? >> it i it is here. president trump will deliver the first state of the union address tonight. >>


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