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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 1, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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many members of congress are predicting,pr it will, we'll be here live to cover it and interpreted and bring you new information on it. 29, 8:00, they show that is the sworn enemy of lying, verbosity, and groupthink. >> sean: breaking right now, president trump has read the classified memo showing stunning fisa abuses against his campaign and it will likely be released as early as tomorrow. also tonight, #metoo's john solomon reporting that republicans are looking to make the case that the so-called rusn investigation was based on "politically tainted evidence tied to clinton loyalists. we'll explain. and meanwhile, an all-out war on what is the truth and transparency being waged right here in the united states of america. fierce, unfair opposition mountingng to conceal and coverp one of the biggest scandals in the history of this country.
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democrats led by future msnbc contributor congressman adam schiff, they are desperately trying to block the memo from going public by lying and playing cheap partisan politics h evidence.the tonight, sara carter is reported that the fbi director, christopheran wray, at the doj want all names redacted in the classified document and the media is proving just how abusively biased, agenda driven, and corrupt they really are. that is tonight's breaking news opening monologue. ♪ breaking right now, truth and transparency are under assault in our country. democrats, liberal media, they are peddling their lies and conspiracy theories about president trump with impunity. it has nowed reached the point where they want to hurt the president so badly that they are now turning on wii, the american people, and they refuse to pursue what is true. without the evidence that they can muster. they are trying to destroy the
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people that are exposing the single greatest threat to our constitutional government and lifetime. here's why, it's been a year of hell foree this country. the media has been lying the whole time. they've been pushing propaganda, conspiracy theories, about trump-russia collusion, even the evidence does not exist. it's a fabrication. it's constructed in their liberal media echo chamber and falsely repeated overea and over again, they may even believe their own lies. the media has carried out this lie even after breaking democrats and national security officials have all said there is no collusion. in case they forgot, let us do their job and remind them. >> the allegation of course is that the russians and the hacking and dumping of documents in the election had a surge of the relationships with trump campaign people but i'm not prepared to say p that there is. if you could take to a jury. >> do you agree that there is no
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evidence of collusion? >> we haven't>> seen any of tha, george, we've been trying to see everything they possibly had that has not led to that. >> the last time we spoke, ask if you had seen evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians and you said to me, i'm quoting yous you said "not at this time." has anything changed since we spoke last? >> well, no, it hasn't. >> just to be clear, there has been no actual evidence yet. > no, it has not been. >> the time i left, i did not see any smoking gun certitude evidence of collusion. >> sean: no evidence of may have been focused on perpetuating something they know is alive. we've been slowly uncovering a massive american scandal that makes watergate, the pentagon papers, look like minor infractions. fox news is reporting tonight that president trump has in fact reviewed the four page
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classified men without explosive massive and severe price abusesf his campaign and his incoming cabinet. sources are telling us that memo will be released tomorrow. as you can imagine, after a year of lies at painting a false narrative, democrats in the media, they are now hyperventilating and breathlessly doing everything theynd can possibly do to discredit and stop the memo from being released. were they so afraid of? let's start with the msnbc conspiracy hosted training, congressman adam schiff. he went running to all his liberal allies in the media, like paul revere, claiming that the memo sent to the white house had been "secretly altered" and thathe "material changes" were made. in his twisteded mind, he thougt that it shouldn't be released to the public. the media goes into hyperventilation mode and they were ecstatic at all wrong.ak
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we'll explain that. first, take a look at what was happening. >> devin nunes apparently feeling the heat of these criticism and according to adam schiff, going to the point of making material changes in the memo. >> it has been a parade of depredation, the kind of cherry on top of that sunday.g >> you have devin nunes who made a full of himself going down for the white house with no information, he was a courier for y donald trump, now he's coming forward, as you said, they have cooked facts in a memo. >> devin nunes altered the memo. >> that is what adam schiff says. >> it is what devin nunes' people say. they either altered or it a or a lot, for editorial reasons, and to water it down before sendinge white house. either way they altered it. isn't c there a protocol? >> sean:ss the echo chamber. you have the liberal congressman and the liberal media and to
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help each other. big surprise and they are wrong. schiff is lying. catherine herridge reporting that edits made to the memo were for grammar and clarity ands additional edits, the ones that were down, were requested by the fda to protect sources and methods and at the request of democrats, meaning people like adam schiff, on the house intelligence committee. this part is very key and i hope adam schiff is listening because he apparently was rushing to an msnbc interview when the memo was being updated. all of the edits were made before the memo was sent to the white house for review and not after, mike schiff is claiming. in typical democratic distraction passion, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, they are all doing their best to disparage the memo and attack devin nunes and they are demanding that nunes be removed. the liberal colleagues are attacking the memo. notice they all sound alike. one big lying echo chamber.
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it's amazing. propaganda. >> the release of this memo is really reminiscent of the darkestit days of the mccarthy area mischaracterization assassination. it endangers methods and sources. >> the republicans were declared war on the national security. to speak of the main that i have most of the allegations in the memo are. >> if he were to release that memo, he would not only be endangering our country, but he would also be violating the rules of the congress of the united states. >> you don't cherry pick classified information and publish it to give the country misleading impression to protect the president's hide. >> sean: the liberal media's following their commands from their democratic allies because they are one big group together and all they have in the media as an extension of for the democrats want. they are also trying to slam the memo. why are they so afraid of it? watch this.
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>> he and his republican allies are preparing an assault on this country's law enforcement institutions. the trump attack hinges on a memo that trumps republican's minions in the house intelligence committeeee voted o release on monday. >> john kelly says he wants everything out, even if the fbi says it's a dumb and dangerous idea. republicans make it there memo released today but it will not be the last shoe to drop. >> this memo is a pack of lies and yet we are still, right now, on track to have it released. >> this is a tipping point for our democracy. areft we going to be a democracy after today or will this be demagoguery and despotism? >> this is something that could haunt this white house in the months to come. >> sean: this is something that will haunt this country if we don't fix what has happened, which i'll be explaining. even james comey, he is trying to get in on the action. tonight, comey tweeted...
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by the way, the last thing we need our lectures from jim comey. way, jim, just a reminder, you have the right to remain silent. anything you say can and will be used against you. jim comey needs to be put under oath. he needs to be questioned. jim, i want to know why you exonerated hillary clinton months before you did the investigation, before it even took place. jim, what do you know about trump eating fbi agents peter strzok and lisa page and jim comey, what do you know about andrew mccabe waiting three weeks to alert congress about the emails that had been found on anthony weiner's laptop? by the way, what did you know and when did you know about hillary clinton's paid for a dossier? they do know it was phony, jim?
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did you know it was bought and paid for by an opposition party candidate?as did you know it was presented to a fisa court? did you pay christopher steele? did your want to pay christopher's deal, the former british spy, to put it together with russian sources that he likely paid? jim, let's cut the sanctimony. what is going on today happened on your watch and with all due respect, i don't see any street in the future big named. if i was you, jim, i'd be saving these comments for your lawyers. back to the memo that we here will be released tomorrow. sources are telling us tonight that this is just the tip of the iceberg. the memo is only 10-15% of information that will be coming out in the days, weeks, months ahead. john solomon of "the hill" is reporting that republicans are looking to make the case that the russia investigation that we have been highlighting and special counsel robert mueller's probe were based on "flawed or
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politically tainted evidence connected tooy partisans loyalty hillary clinton." cen that would mean the entire thing was a based on clinton bought ad paid for lies. if the media had any ethical standards left and if they really cared about truth, if they p cared about the american people, if they believe in transparency, they would have been all over this story, demanding on behalf of theme american people that the memo be released. let's put this in a little historical context here. i want to show you a couple of examples. let's go back, remember watergate, third-rate break-in, trying to get oppo research from the headquarters of the other party in a presidential election and then you'll i uncovered her. the president had to resign over that. here's how the media covered watergate. then, they were little different, not as partisan as todays. >> as you probably know by now, seven persons were indicted today for trying to cover up the
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watergate scandal. overshadowing what happens to those seven men is the moree important question, what does today's development mean for richard nixon? for the president of the united states, is the worst now over? or only beginning? speak of the country tonight is in the midst of what may be the most serious constitutional crisis and its history. >> history shows the american people will put up with a great demands onwhen the them are outrageous. as they often are. but they will not put up with anyone who claims to be or tries to be above the law. immune to the rules applying to everybody else. it seems to be known instinctively that if anyone acquires that privilege, it will be the end of this country. >> sean: is hillary above the law? do we have a dual justice system? to be have equal justice underre the law? impaired that coverage to what we showed you earlier, about how the media is trying to malign, ridicule a memo detailing a
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major daca abuse against an opposition party during a campaign. this scandal, in the end,l will make watergate look like a parking ticket. members of congress that have seen the memo say it shocks the conscience. yet the media doesn't want youu to see it and seemingly doesn't care, as they do the bidding for the democratic party like they have done for years pushing a false trump-russian narrative that has no evidence. the media is actively working and in concert with the democratic party. theyey are working to prevent y, the american people, from seeing what's in the memo. let the memoid speak for itself and you decide. all of this proves that the news media doesn't seem c to care abt civil liberties. we do have constitutionalhe protections, the fourthen amendment, unreasonable search and seizure. the media has just become shills and tax for the democratic party. their only focus is to undermine and destroy t president trump, whatever they can possibly find or do our makeup.
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here's another historical comparison. the pentagon papers exposed to the american government, especially the lyndon johnson administration, lied to the public about the country's involvement in vietnam for decades. "the new york times" and "the washington post" at the time, they fought all the way to the u.s. supreme court for the right to publish those classified documents and w guess what, they won, and guess what, the truth was exposed. now the media is doing the exact opposite. they want the memo kept secret, which is pathetic, and they are doing a great disservice to you, the american people. instead of pushing for truth, they areha trying to attack anybody that is trying to expose the biggest case of abuse of power we have ever seen in our lifetime. peoplepa that are trying to be transparent and let you see the truth are under attack by the press and to the left that has now aligned themselves -- theyat are one in unison now. thereal is no separation between left-wing liberal politicians and youre media. no line of separation.
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the media is a bunch of willing accomplices and basically propagandists desperately trying to change the narrative, they have been wrong for an entire year. here's what they won't tell you. this is what this all comes down to. this scandal starts with hillary clinton.ed they don't care she rigged, down a result, header of the dnc, wrecked a primary against bernie sanders. imagine if donald trump did that in the republican primary. then corrupt officials, james comey, peter strzok, lisa page, and andrew mccabe and probably loretta lynch, they put the fix in, protecting hillary clinton within exoneration before an investigation, even though we know she mishandled and destroyed classified information and broke the law. from there, clinton took that idea of working primaries and try to apply it to the general election. hillary clinton's campaign of the money she controlled through the dnc, they spent over $12 million for what turned out to be unverified, totally false,
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a dossier filled with russian lies to influence and why to you, the american people. then, this is where it could ges interesting. then a dossier was taken by senior obama administration fbi officials, not rank-and-file, we love them, and used in part -- this is what we will learn tomorrow -- to obtain a fisa warrant to spy on members of the opposition party, the trump campaign. in other words, they politicized and weaponized america's powerful tools of intelligence to spy on an opposition campaign during an election year and shredding the constitution in the process. how do you people in the media not care about this? then the user to spy on an incoming presidential, you know, transition team. beyond that. how bad is it? we'll talk to fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett and fox news contributor sara carter.
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it all starts with hillary, rakes a primary, gets exonerated without a name investigation, we know she broke laws, 18 usc 793. she pays for russian propaganda, russian -- russian -- propaganda to lie to the american people because we know it is full of lies, them along dossier is used to obtained a fisa warrant. how is this not figure on a scale on steroids and human growth hormones than watergate? >> it should be so much bigger, people should be so very concerned. john, whaty bothers me most is the fact that they don't want the memo -- i'm talking about people in the mainstream media, the democrats and others, that are trying to stop this memo from becoming public. i spoke to people intimately involved with this memo. there is nothing in the memo they say -- people within the intelligence community -- in that memo that would expose the national security apparatus of
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the united states, what is going to expose is the domestic problems that has been unearthed and uncovered. but let's go back. what about the dossier? everybody was selectively leaking over the last year information on michael flynn, highly classified information -- >> illegal and a crime. nobody has been charged with that yet. there was selectively getting on attorney general jeff sessions, eric prince. let's go back and look at all of this, -- >> sean: here's my question. if donald trump paid for a phony russian dossier millions of dollars july the american people in a campaign, and the dossier is used to get a fisa warrant on hillary, okay, how would the media in america react to. that? >> the media would have stormed the white house had taken him in handcuffs. look, the fact is that there are plenty of villains to go around, top officials at the fbi, rod
10:19 pm
rosenstein at the department of biggest but lately the villain is adam schiff, the ranking democrat on the intel committee. he spent months -- >> sean: he lied. >> and now he is trying to misrepresent the truth and the law by mischaracterizing the changes in the memo as a pretense for stopping it. this is not a war against the fbi. this is an attempt to hold people in government accountable for their wrongdoing. adam schiff knows that, he knows the rules, and he is aiding and abetting the cover-up of potential crimes. to crimes. >> sean: okay. you have more information, we will -- explain what you were telling me earlier tonight that's coming. >> i think what we are going to see is a concerted effort, like you said, sean, to use the dossier in order to verify the warrant. i think it's going to go beyond that. i think the fbi come up with
10:20 pm
this memo, is going to expose, the fbi used other information in an effort to get that warrant -- >> sean: do they know it was false? did they know hillary paid for it? >> i believe they did know that it was false and i believe that they knew hillary paid for it. >> sean: did they know that the information was fed to somebody else? >> absolutely >> absolutely. >> sean: christopher's deal, they try to source the same information -- >> absolutely. >> sean: the fbi knew they were telling the court false information, paid for by an opposition candidate. the top echelon, not rank-and-file, we love you guys. >> this is about cleaning up house. they were are a lot of fbi agents out there, former and current fbi -- >> sean: they are on my side, they are writing me every day. >>. they want to see this cleand up, they want to stop with the partisan politics. >> every lawyer in america knows you cannot go before a judge and solicit a warrant on an affidavit based on a false
10:21 pm
document. speed when they knew hillary paid for it, correct? >> yes. especially if you. know that the had and nefarious reasons, political reasons. the judge in this case who signed this warrant should be outraged and pulled the people in contempt. >> sean: can he do it when it's released? >> he can absolutely do it. he can haul the litigants, the lawyers -- >> sean: whydi did you give me false propaganda? >> answer me these questions. to be questions. the whole country has been held hostage because of this phony dossier? >> it's a fair statement. if they want to accuse -- the democrats and others -- of the russians, the russians won. >> sean:n:at is that fair? >> absolutely and completely fair. it is worse than matt. they never had a basis to even begin the trump-russia investigations. they violated the department of justice laws.
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♪ >> sean: we are being told >> sean: we are being told the classified memo will be released tomorrow. here with reaction, fox news contributor mike huckabee and michelle malkin. i don't get to see you and we are related. it's so good to see a parade >> it's a reunion. >> sean: i'm so happy about your daughter, as we talked about today. thank god she's doing so well, going to college, i am proud of her and proud of you. >> s that means a lot. >> sean: imagine it's trump, donald trump pays for a russian propaganda dossier, it's used to obtain a fisa warrant to spy on
10:27 pm
hillary. what would happen? >> you'd have all the watchdogs, the crack investigative reporters clamoring for as muchs transparency and sunlight as possible. when the tables are turned, they are the obstructionists. i can't tell the. difference between the liberal democrats tweets and the mainstream media tweets. >> sean: they are one in the same. it's never been this bad. they wanted truth and watergate, to their credit. maybe because it was a republican. in this case b they want to prevent truth because it's the biggest scandal i think we've seen. governor huckabee, you are also a historian, i know you love history. from a historical perspective, compare this to watergate. compare a third-rate burglary cover-up into opposition phony russian propaganda research, bought and paid for, then being used as theas basis for a fisa warrant against the candidate
10:28 pm
and sitting president and what havoc it has wreaked on this country for a year. >> first off all, to compare it to watergate, watergate was a fraternity prank compared to this because this goes to the heart of the highest levels of law enforcement. it's a bad enough when campaign aides do things that are nefarious and wrong. but when you have the people who carry badges and guns and have the power to take away people's personal liberty, put them in jail for the rest of their life, now you are dealing with something that goes to the very heart of the most fundamental constitutional protections that america turns out to be able to expect. but i don't understand, sean, is why there is not a unified outcry and a demand to see what really happened from democrats, republicans,y s independents, aa true and free press. we don't have a free press. >> sean: the fisa warrant in part, the foundational argument, in part, was the phony clinton
10:29 pm
russian paid for dossier. i mean, it takes my breath away. if it were trump paying for phony russian propaganda forga hillary and event that being used as a fisa warrant in part, what with the reaction in this country. now? it would be so vastly different. >> it would be. the fact that we are not getting the different reaction, and they still wantt to talk about some russian meddling, sean, there is no evidence. i'm not so worried about it, that the russians meddle in the election? i'm worried, to the fbi and department of justice meddle in the election. that is what ought to be of a far greater concern to americans than anything else that has been alleged toward russian involvement. >> sean: it seems, when comey and strzok and paige, who hate trump, and all the names they called him, mccabe, the insurance policy, have you ever heard of and an exoneration being rated months before youci investigate an interview the key
10:30 pm
participants in a potential crime? >> the whole thing is such a bizarro soap opera with pizarro romeo and juliet tweeting and texting each other. then, what we are dealing with here, sean, is fundamental corruption of our core intelligencera infrastructure. >> sean: weaponizing intelligence as a political weapon. >> exactly. it wouldn't have happened without the parallel corruption of the media. what we are talking and seeing is the death of true, honest investigative journalism,s and it's been left to people like you and your team and a few lonely people with integrity who are never treated as journalists, right? i mean, it is these lapdogs who get to t determine who is doing journalism or not. theree is no credential for doig journalism. it is the pursuit of truth wherever it leads. >> sean: wall side. i cannot say that any better. what do we do at this point, governor? especially as it relates to robert mueller.
10:31 pm
if you take away all of this, i argue there is no robert mueller, there is no special counsel, that all of that, you can connect to the phony dossier, then to the phony fisa warrant based on lies. paid for lies. >> the one thing we need is truth. jesus said it best, you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. >> sean: amen. >>oc i don't understand why the democrats will flood the stuff come out, why don't they push it out? if it is what they say, which i, nothing, just a bunch of stuff, thang they ought to be demanding it be put forward to the american people could see it for nothing. the reason they are so resistant to this information coming out is because many of them,it particularly schiff and others, they know what's in it and they are scared to death that is going to expose all that they have been lying about for more than a year and that is going to put them in a real difficult position to try to defend what they in the people they have been protecting have done to the american constitution.
10:32 pm
i'm going to make clear, this is no longer about donald trump, like him or hate him, this is not about him. this is about whether our constitution is going to be followed and whether all americans are protected under the same law or not and whether laws, enforcement agencies can target us based on our political views and if that happens, we lost this great republic republic.or >> the schiff has hit the fan. justice brandeis also set a best. sunlight is the bestar disinfectant disinfectant. there is been a dark cloud over these intelligence agencies and they don't like the light. >> sean: it so good to see you in studio. governor, thank you, very profound comments. this country is in a car economic crisis it does not know about. it will know more tomorrow. when we come back, ed henry has a report from the white house. jesse watters, jessica tarlov, much more. tomorrow night, also a big night. hope you join us. ♪ but at home.
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♪ >> sean: president trump making big news during two separate speeches he gave to republicans today. joining us from the white house with w more, fox news' chief national correspondent ed henry. is tomorrow release them on monday? >> that is what senior white house officials suggested to us. that is obviously going to be a big story. in fact, i spoke to a scene or public in a short time ago who push back on the reports suggesting that may be the memo will be less than has been hyped up, saying that there are four separate revelations in the memo that have not leaked out, that is something we will be watching very closely. as you noted, the president also trying to conduct other business particularly his domestic agenda, and made news and immigration. a few moments ago, you saw him at the rnc event at the trump international hotel,is his own hotell in washington. he declares open to a deal on daca but insisted democrats have terms of an inch inn either daca or working with him on cracking down on illegal immigration. the president suggested it's
10:38 pm
because democrats wants an issue in 2018.he he said if that is the case, he is going to turn around on them in the midterms. he expanded on that headline grabbing comments where he said americans are dreamers, too. he said republicans should stop calling the kids of illegal immigrants dreamers because it's a trap to make illegal immigration seem less ominous. you see those pictures of nancy pelosi, he told lawmakers today, the president, that he was stoned that pelosi and democrats did not applaud when he noted african-american unemployment has reached a new low. he blasted democrats as what he called stone cold when it comes to economic recovery. >> we were waiting for february and then we got hit with these corporations giving tremendous bonuses to everybody, that nancy pelosi called crumbs. that was a bad -- that could be like deplorable and crumbs? does not make sense? goes two words seem to have a resemblance. i hope it has the same meaning, but she called it crumbs, when
10:39 pm
people are getting $2,003,000.1000, that's not crumbs, that's a lot of money. >> interesting because today, hostess brand announced they are giving their workers a $750 cash bonus plus an extra $500 in their 401(k) plans. the house majority whip steve scalise joke today it's a matter of time before democrats start realizing an economic recovery isin baked in a cake, sean. >> sean: i love twinkies. thank god they saved the company. ed henry, thanks for being with us for joining us with reactione the cohost of "the five," it's his world, we live in it. in fox news contributor jessica tarlov. tohe me, there's only one story. let's imagine for a moment, donald trump and his campaign pay $12 million, they are about, for a dossier, filled with russian lies, russian, russian propaganda, misinformation, july
10:40 pm
the american people, to influence the campaign, but even worse, then that is used, and part, to get a fisa warrant on hillary. how would you feel? how would you feel about that, jessica, the liberal? >> fine, i'll take it. if that is what had actually happened, than i would feel terrible about it but that is not actually what happened. >> yes, it is. >> it's actually not. >> how do you know? >> i know because they read. >> did you read the memo? [laughter] >> i didn't read the memo. >> sean:n: this is a tag team. >> unfair every week. [laughter] no one has read the memo. another president has now. >> people in the media were saying that i'm advising him. first of all, you can't advise as president. he has it all man. you can't tell him not to tweet. >> i don't know what's happened. >> sean: i've been saying it everygr night, call your congressman, hello.
10:41 pm
go ahead. >> how i s understand it from al of the sources that i have read -- not about the memo, the steele dossier, is that the fbi certainly had it corroborated, elements of it, and that is what they used. we also don't know if they used thatrv to get their surveillance warrant on carter page, who was under surveillance -- >> sean: they used it, i know for a fact, we'll learn tomorrow. >> we'll learn tomorrow. the left doesn't like dirty cops on the street but you have dirty cops in the swamp and they are okay with it. congressional oversight, you're supposed to be okay with transparency. >> i am. >> i think it was barack obama who said, if you don't want the truth to come out, you g have something to hide. what do you guys have to have? >> i haven't seen the memo. i'm not doing everything i can -- >> he was the guy who ran up to the white house and broke into the fake information. >> it seems like yours are the one obstructing justice. >> it doesn't seem like that at
10:42 pm
all. >> you guys don't want the truth to come out. as the a journalist, you would want the truth to come out. >> i do want to know about it so i can deal with you. >> sean: we'll know tomorrow. let's assume what i said is true.he we do know there was salacious lies. let's sayay donald trump producs a memo that says hillary clinton had people in her room in moscow, an effect that was in there, and it wasn't true, and it ends up being the basis for a fisa warrant against her, used by tram, you'd be pretty mad and the media would be apoplectic tonight, true or false? >> this is the only show i put ever been able to talk about this tape on. >> sean: you know it's not true. >> no one peas in the bed. where will you sleep? >> i don't think he's having a sleepover. >> i don't think is a cut off
10:43 pm
last. >> sean: we will learn that the fbi, i believe, knew that the dossier wasn't true. and they did it anyway and they allowed her to be used anyway. hypothetical, we'll be d able to do it tomorrow. let's say that's true. >> okay. >> did the fbi use their power by bringing it to a fisa court? yes or no? >> if they knew they were taking factually inaccurate information to a cart, to get fisa warrant's to on members of her team -- >> sean: i'm holding you to this. >> we have you on tape saying this exactly. >> any person would say that. >> do you hate the fbi when they were going after hillary? you hated the fbi. they cleared her and then you love them and then they came out of the emails on the eve of the election then you hated them, now they are opening up an investigation and you love them again. i get it. >> over the summer when jim, came out there and indicted nonindicted her and said those things about her that carried
10:44 pm
over -- >> sean: we got to go. >> i was just getting started. >> you got to go quicker. >> it's his world, you live in it. >> i remember it and every week. maybe nextt week it can be my world. >> sean: we'll make an exception for next week. rush limbaugh sounding off on the fisa memo, that's next from a straight ahead.
10:45 pm
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10:48 pm
>> sean: earlier today, >> sean: earlier today, rush limbaugh had some very wise, harsh words for those tryingliso block the release of the pfizer abuse memo. watch this. >> t what's the big deal with ts memo? if trump is guilty, if drum did all this, why are they worried about a memo detailing how he did it? if trump did that, if trump colluded, if trump did all this
10:49 pm
horrible stuff, if carter page did all this horrible stuff, if stephen miller did all this horrible stuff, melania trump that all this horrible stuff, donald trump jr., if baron trumpeted this horrible stuff, why in the world is the fbi so afraid of finding out how they got it? why is the fbi, the democratic party so worried, concerned about how they got there? i've gone through as much of this as i can absorb. before it all starts to turn into a blue-purple markey hayes. i can't find any good reasons to not disclose this memo. >> sean: that's great. by the way, when i do radio, microphone is here. how does he do it so far away? i guess that's why he's number one. here with reaction, fox news
10:50 pm
contributor jason chaffetz, judicial watch president john president competent. i think this is what we will get tomorrow. the phony dossier was used to get ad fisa warrant. its russian propaganda. congressman? >> i think we will also start to see the financial trail, who was paying for it, how it was financed, who was moving it along. i'm worried that it's broader than just the fbi. remember, this peter strzok character, this is the chief of counterespionage. he was the assistant director for counterintelligence. he is using a nonsecure phone to send 50,000 text messages to his lover who he's having an affair with. the russian, the chinese, everybody else. the american people will be the last ones to hear about it. >> sean: the irony of hillary paying the russians, paying for russian propaganda in the end, and it's used to get a warrant to spy on her opposition candidate in an election year, tom fit in.
10:51 pm
you deal with government corruption all the time. ever deal with anything this big? >> no. f i've been doing this for 20 years at judicial watch. i saw the fbi files go to the clinton white house, the chinese generals go to the white house, but never did receive the powers of government being used just by on the political opposition like this, at least any information that we had to date. i know why the democrats don't want this to come out.d hillary clinton helped pay for this, her campaign, the democratic national committee also helped pay for this dossier, which was used for the democratic administration. you have a democratic party upset about news or confirmation that democratic party money went to help the democratic party spy opposition. in james comey, who went to president trump directly with this dossier and threw it in his face in a private meeting, did he tell the president that it had been paid for by hillary clinton? that precipitated ultimately and
10:52 pm
his firing and the appointment of mueller, who by all accounts, is still using most dossier to target trump. >> sean: at the end of the day, congressman jason chaffetz, that's it. there would be no trump-russia collusion without all of these events or the fact that if the fbi knew that this was hillary clinton paid for propaganda, and comey, as we understand it, wanted to how your course diverse deal and pay christopher's deal. we all learn more about that, also. did rod rosenstein expand the fisa warrant? if he did, he's the one at thati appointed mueller. it seems so corrupt and incestuous to me at this point. how do we possibly make this right? >> only sunlight is going to make it better. only exposing it. i find it curious that the fbi is saying, please, don't release
10:53 pm
the names. we don't want to disparage all of the fbi. we want to highlight the people that are doing the wrong and you call them out by name. that is how you get rid of those people, that is how you highlight the wrongdoing, and you make them accountable on this and it will be the inspector general act will come up on the heels of this and fill in even more. the inspector general. >> sean: felonies were committed, tom fitton, and comey comey, page, strzok, loretta lynch, gave her a pass to stay in the race. true or i false? >> that's what it looks like. the question is whether the next step is going to be after this moment release, will we get the accountability we desire? who did the unmasking come of the leaking? this iss the tip of the iceberg, one bottle. >> sean:en that's a very important point. tomorrow, i am told, 10% of what is coming. that is scary. thank you all for following the
10:54 pm
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♪ >> sean: democratic california congresswoman maxine waters has has some pretty crazy things but last night in her state of the union were bottle, she outed herself. take a look. >> this president, with his vulgarity, and his. disrespect for women and people of color, is a terrible role model for our children. whenever he appearsri on tv, the should be a disclaimer that says "this may not be acceptable for children." to be when i don't think she likes the president. it must remind you of some of the congresswoman's best moments. take a look. >> impeach 45! >> this is a bunch of scumbags! that's what they are! they are organizeded around makg money. >> the fact that he is wrapping
10:59 pm
his arms around putin while putin is continuing to advance into korea. >> sean: she thinks russians are to get her. that was in the news today. hannity hotline time. >> sean: [laughs] tucker doesn't talk to me.n: if you have anything to say,
11:00 pm
shout out at me. 877-225-8587. i can't believe. i'm taking ten seconds of my show. laura ingraham is next. ten seconds early, you're not even ready, are you? stuffed? we talk every night, tucker just says hannity is next. >> laura: how was your day? >> sean: there goes a scandal in and of itself, big news tonight, big show. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle," we have a ton of news to bring you tonigh tonight. we are all waiting on the imminent release of that controversial pfizer memo. democrats are trying to stop it but president trump is already given us the green light. a follow-up to last night's heart-wrenching interview with a parents of a young girl brutally numbered


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