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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 6, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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he enjoyed it. officials tell fox that he is planning a military parade here but critics say they are worried about the objects and the cost. most trusted, watched, most grateful you spend the evening withow us. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we've got some stunning news for you about the ongoing russia investigation.s news that will challenge everything you thought you knew about the story. yesterday, we showed you the terrifying extent to which vladimir putin's sinister tendrils have encircled the american body politic, crushing the very life from this republic. russian agents are so intent in undermining our democracy, they've taken to promoting our own bill of rights back to us. the second amendment specifically. we'll admit, we aren't exactly sure how that's bad. but adam schiff has assured us that it is. because schiff is a prominent member of congress and
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appears on cable news, we believe him. tonight, we've learned the foreign subversion goes deeper than that. the russian conspiracy is so subtle, so crafty, such a hall of mirrors, the people warning us about russia are key players in russian conspiracy. the leaders of the witch hunts are witches. sound impossible? listen to this. last year, the director of national intelligence released a definitive report on the russian propaganda efforts in thisve country. the focus of that report is russian television channel, rt, which is run by the putin government. they engage in anti-u.s. messaging likely aimed at undermining the u.s. trust inme democratic procedures." our government considers rt so dangerous that the channel has been forced to register as a foreign agent. rt employees who fail to register could face prison time. no outlet in this country has
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been ever forced to do that. rt is a sinister place. who would go on to a channel like that, one whose sole agenda is to discredit and destroy the american experiment? aoy no one other than adam bennett schiff of burbank, california. you know him as congressman adam schiff, the leading man. and yet, adam schiff was part of that machine. seriously. here's an actual screenshot. we are not making this up. though his office refused to confirm it tonight, we can assure you that is indeed adam schiff, the one and only. in our appearance that we've reviewed, adam schiff's appearance, schiff promotedt conspiracy theories of the u.s. government, that the men and women of our allies who lay their lives down maybe twisting information for
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their own purposes. here's a quote. "we only see what the intelligence community sees what we want to see." adam schiff said that on russian television. there must've been applause in the kremlin when he did. but schiff is not alone. n congressnman jim hines of connecticut also appeared on vladimir putin's television channel. on one occasion, he said this about the men in uniform and their civilian leaders.. "the invasion of iraq, the great american foreign policy mistake of the century." in the background, you can almost hear vladimir putin cackling with glee. here you have two prominent members of congress voluntarily appearing on foreign propaganda outlets in order to underm confidence in america's core institutions. as they may put it, doing the bidding of a hostile foreign power. tokyo rose went to prison for that. we aren't suggesting present at this point. that the decision a new special counsel, federal grand juries will have to make after an appropriately extensive and independent investigation into all of this. that could take years, not that justice has a timetable. in the meantime, schiff and
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hines both must recuse themselves immediately from any role in the russian investigation, including appearances on msnbc's primetime the special counsel will also take up the mysterious troubling case of the nonexistent nude photographs, this story broken by "the daily mail" hours ago. adam schiff had a phone call with russian pranksters who promised him compromising photographs of donald trump witf a russian model. schiff said his office was not fooled by the prank. the transcripts show otherwise. after the call, schiff's office contacted somebody they believe was a ukrainian politician seeking to set up a meeting at a foreign embassy where they could obtain those documents. huh!se let's see. setting up meetings with foreign operatives seeking politically damaging information about a political opponent? we thought that was treason. adam schiff told us it was.ti congressman mark pocan is a colleague of mr. schiff.
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he's a democrat representing the state of wisconsin and he joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. >> glad to be here, >> tucker: the intelligence committee, our intelligence t committee, described rt a key component of the russia propaganda machine. here you have one of the leaders, grand inquisitors of the russia investigation y appearing on it, willfully being used by the russian government to propagandize our people, to undermine our democracy, to hack our way of life. why should he not recuse himself immediately from the investigation on the basis of that? >> i assume from the whole intro, you are doing that as tongue-in-cheek. clearly, as you know, politicians are on many, many networks. i don't think he, as you arean trying to describe, saying that rt is trying to undermine american democracy. i got the point.t. i get the point. i think we all get the point. >> tucker: i'm using the standard that everybody is using, the leaders of your party are using. if you have contact with the russian government and
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particularly if you willingly participate in russian propaganda efforts -- a >> tucker, you don't honestly believe that someone being on af network doing in appearance... it could've been on sugar content in food -- >> tucker: it was on american intelligence gathering. i watched it today. he is going on flattering putin's propaganda outlet to talk about american intelligence. does that bother you? >> tucker, you're comparing that to what we know ultimately happened. there were people who set up meetings with the trump family in order to get information and you are trying to compare that to rt. i don't think that's very effective. >> tucker: adam schiff did exactly that last year -- >> are you honestly -- if i go on fox network, therefore i'm tainted by fox forever? that wouldn't make a lot of sense. >> tucker: this is a total mccarthyite witch hunt, as you know. the attorney generalds recused himself because he shook the hand with the russian ambassado
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ambassador. the whole thing is a joke. we might as well if we are going to use the standards keep to them. >> tucker, but i will agree with the joke, this memo that devin nunes after being forced to recuse himself from the investigation after doing, like, small town community theater, the one that he got out of the car, went to the white house to get info. the next day, "i got info" and he gave it to the white house? the fact that he directed this memo which we all know there is nothing in that, i think that is more substantive than you making a tongue-in-cheek -- >> tucker: i'm not here to defend devin nunes. i think it raises important questions about what the criteria are the government is using to spy on americans. they are clearly quite low. that bothers me. >> tucker, we might find some agreement. along with many republicans and democrats, we have problems with fisa because we want to keep it tighter. >> tucker: nobody should have voted forau it. >> i just think some of the people now trying to use the memo, if they knew it at that time, why did they allow the reauthorization -- again, one
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more reason why that memo is such a joke. >> tucker: i'm with you on that. it doesn't discredit the memo, but it's a real question. i want to ask you about an actual story that just broke in the daily mail that shows that adam schiff had a phone call with two comedians who believe that they were russians and they offered him photographs of donald trump with the russian model.l. he thought it was a prank. it's clearly a lie because he dispatched a member of the staff. we checked, she works there. she emailed them and said this. "i understand mr. schiff had a productive meeting. would you like to make material available to mr. schiff through your embassy?" then she said, "let me know the best way to pick up those materials in washington." she emailed back the next day. "do you know we will have the meeting in washington to pick up the materials"? how is that not adam schiff's'av office coordinating with foreign agents to get damaging material on a political opponent?
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isn't that exactly what trump is being accused of? >> not even close. but i think you ought to bring him in and ask him that. >> tucker: he accused me working with putin and never would come on again. how is that -- how was that okay? >> what they are significantly different. this is one of the issues -- nobody likes to be politifacted -- the meeting they had at trump tower with the russian individual. i got a mostly true. they came in the back door and we couldn't verify that they came in the back door. it could have been a side door or a window. >> tucker: we talked about that forever. >> it is a completely different situation! are you actually equating the two? >> tucker: i'm asking a very straightforward question. >> yeah, are you equating the two? because i don't. >> tucker: it doesn't even matter how it compares to anything else. on its own terms, is it all right for a ranking member, and ranking member of the intel community -- >> i think you need to ask him
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so he can explain if it was what i believe saw in your intro was that you said it was a comedian. >> tucker: we have the emails from his staff. >> he would be a great guest to try to book on it. i can't talk about it. >> tucker: you can't talk about it? [laughs] but you can talk about what donald trump jr. didn't he's now here. >> you are equating it to a meeting that's veryy well-publicized that we know about now.e we learned about it today. the other one, we've known forever. >> tucker: he was trying too get information from a foreign government -- it's right here! let's put it on the screen again. >> if the best we have is rt and the russian comedian, is that really the best? >> tucker: we have an intel committee staff --t right there. >> tucker, i expect better. >> tucker: i am dead serious. >> devin nunes could do this. i'm surprised you are. i have a lot more respect for you are. >> tucker: you aren't going to engage? >> it's kind of ridiculous. it really is.
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>> tucker: it's just a joke? up today -- seriously, when you >> so far, what you're putting up today -- seriously, when you have the intro when i watched it, i thought it was tongue-in-cheek to prove a point. >> tucker: the first part was. but the democratic party has lost its mind. it is conducting a mccarthy-ite witch hunt. speak of the president who said members of congress who don't applaud her committing treason -- >> tucker: i hated that. i'm not here to defend trump, i'm here to defend the basic civil liberties i grew up with. >> i think you and i probably have some agreement on that. >> tucker: why don't you get on this and talk about it latert >> i will take a look at it. >> tucker: appreciate it. spats over russia are distracting from the real issue of the nunes memo. the possibility that intelligent services are spyingg on you and other american citizens without real restrictions. cheryl, thanks a lot for coming on. you spent years on this question
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with basically no support from their colleagues in the media or relatively little. are you surprised by the posture in the press which is, it isis wrong to want to know more about who the government is spying on? >> well, i'm not. as i've written in the last couple of years and spoken to, i think the press, while there are still many good reporters doing independent reporting, it's getting harder. we've invited some of the propaganda into our newsrooms, we allow them to dictate the talking points and messages du jour. it's difficult to find down the middle, unbiased reporting. >> tucker: shouldn't the default position of a journalist be more information rather than less? we learned last week of the possibility that the u.s. government spying on a u.s. citizen on the basis of pretty flaky information, was it weird to see reporters stand up and say, tell us no more! we don't want to know! you are unpatriotic if you don't want to know?w? >> i've never seen anything like it. i've never in my lifetime seen open government groups and
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journalists so uncurious and begging not to be told about alleged or supposed violations of citizens' rights. this leads into a much larger picture of surveillance abuses that occurred over theab past 10-20 years involving citizens, politicians, journalists. >> tucker: just to do the opposite of putting our fears to rest, this is not as uncommon as we hope it is, is it? >> i think not. long before trump announced running for president, i had intel contacts who i'm still in touch with who have said that for a long time there has been a presentation of bad evidence from the fisa court to justify warrants, there has been a reverse engineering when political figures want to target people illegally. they find someone in their orbit they can target and capture them incidentally and then accidentally capture their data and unmask them, acting surprised that's who it was when that's the target they intended to capture all along. >> tucker: that's totally
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cheryl atkinson, you're the first to call attention to this kind of thing. we are grateful for that. thank you.u. >> thanks. >> tucker: david garrow is a historian who's written excessively on the fbi in a number of different books. in a piece for today's "wall street journal," he says some members of congress and some democrats think we are reverting to the j. edgar hoover era in the treatment of the fbi. he joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: the last honest liberal who will commit to the -- when you hear people say the fbi would never do that, you are attacking our guardians by asking that question, is there some historical precedents? >> i'm very worried, tucker, about how people are giving up their principles, their civil liberty principles because of the intensity of their partisan hatred for president trump. as you know, i'm a liberal democrat. but what we've got here is
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democrats forgetting the history of the fbi. and taking up these anti-civil liberty stances defending the fbi simply because of how intensely opposed they are to president trump. the fbi does not have a good pedigree on electronic surveillance practices and everything i'm aware of as a liberal democrat is that the bureau has been really deceptive with the foreign intelligence court in applying this extended electronic surveillance of carter page, the volunteer trump advisor. liberals and progressives should oppose the fbi's behavior targeting mr. page. >> tucker: on civil liberties grounds, having nothing to do with the larger investigation, but an american citizen is having his civil liberties violated. liberals should care, right?
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extensively it >> based primarily or extensively, it appears on the dodgy dossier. the steele dossier is c-r-a-p. >> tucker: [laughs] that's the word i was thinking of. >> the fbi relied on that's going to federal judges to survey all american citizens, that's offensive to me as a progressive democrat. >> tucker: david garrow,w, author of the definitive biography of the last president barack obama. thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: an nfl player is dead because of a twice deported illegal immigrant. will it make reconsider? and some republicans, theird support for de facto open borders. we will find out next. stay tuned.
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♪ >> tucker: nfl player edwin jackson of the indianapolis colts appears to be the most high-profile victim killed by an immigrant here illegally. his ridesharing available was hit by a twice deported guatemalan immigrant who was driving drunk without a license. there is no reason for this man to be in the country save that the country's politicians are steadfast and determined to letting him stay. a recent chart by axios hints at why. democrats are dominant in districts that have a high immigrant population. they know the math, they know
9:21 pm
they've lost middle america, they cannot win without it. the democrat representing seattle, washington, joins us tonight. congresswoman, thank you for coming on. >> happy to be here. >> tucker: you recently said of the trump immigration proposal that it targets "people of color" and it advances his hate filled agenda. i guess i'm willing to believe that. but the proposal would give amnesty, then citizenship, to about 2 million immigrants here illegally. almost all of them people of color. how is that white supremacy? >> well, let me just start by saying what he's proposing. first of all, trump is the person who actually made 1.8 million people deportable. until he came along and resented daca, those folks were all here with legal status working, contributing, billions of dollars to our economy. then he said, okay, i'm going to take this group of young people hostage. across the country, 90% of americans believe there should be a permanent solution for these dreamers. he said, i'm going to hold them
9:22 pm
hostage. the ransom is going to be an ever moving target, the latest target is we are going to cut legal immigration by 22 million, we are going to have to get rid of the diversity visa. we are going to need to get $25 billion on the border. all of a sudden, 1.8 million immigrants he made to portable trade them essentially for ending illegal immigration. >> tucker: to be clear, for most of american history, we have not had a million illegal immigrants coming to the country every year. that has not been the rule for our history. not even close to it. if what you referred to became law, we get the 1990s level of legal immigration. is bill clinton a white supremacist too? >> the cornerstone has always been
9:23 pm
family-based immigration. if you come to this country, you can be here with your kids. the republican party used to be a party of family values. i don't know if anybody's claiming that today. the reality is immigration is all about making sure that we continue to have people here who can do the work we need to do, have done who can contribute to the diversity of the country, who contribute their skills, and across the board, we have -- >> tucker: that sounds reasonable. why not -- the majority of illegal immigrants come because they are related somebody here. we don't look for the most talented people in this or that field. for the majority. we say, do you have a relative who lives here. you would never hire your congressional staff on that basis. you never say, hey, i'm going to take your cousin because he's your cousin. >> that's a faulty premise, because you are assuming they don't bring anything other than being a relative of a family. >> tucker: no, no, no. look, i think it's great when families are unified. i am very pro-family. when you're trying to make the country as impressive as you
9:24 pm
possibly can, why wouldn't you choose the most impressive, possible people -- >> we are bringing the most impressive people. if you look at technology companies, the enormous number of people who are immigrants who started those companies, small businesses, same thing. you look at any field of science, research -- >> tucker: i'm not arguing against immigrants. i'm merely saying, why not get the most impressive ones? you are saying, we are required or we are racist to give citizenship to people who snuck in here and their parents and their siblings and possibly their grandparents and uncles, too also, if not, we are racist. >> that is not true. what you said is not true but we don't allow grandparents into this country. we don't allow to cousins to come in. we don't have any categories along that. if you listen to your show, the people on fox news, to donald trump -- hold on, tucker. let me finish my point. if you listen to just what's going on, you would think the family immigration system is somehow out of control. it's not. it took me 17 years to become a
9:25 pm
u.s. citizen. by the time i could become a u.s. citizen, my parents were already elderly and it would've taken another -- >> tucker: let me just ask you, it is a standard apply to any other country? you met with the prime minister of india. would you say to him, you need to let every person who sneaks in from pakistan becomes a voting citizen immediately or you are a racist? >> that's not what we are talking about. we are talking about -- i'm saying we need to have an immigration system that actually recognizes the needs of our economy, the needs of our communities -- >> tucker: is there any other country that should have its standards apply to it? >> there's plenty of countries. you look at canada. they have a very substantial family-based immigration system. they allow a lot of refugees and immigrants. they have different systems all over the world. >> tucker: congresswoman, we're out of time. give me one more sentence. >> i will quote lindsey graham,
9:26 pm
republican center who said america is an idea and we can't cut legal immigration. it's important to the future. >> tucker: know, america is not just an idea, it's an actual people, i'm not an idea, i'm a person. >> i think the idea of who we are and what we bring with our diversity and people all over the country, all over the world -- >> tucker: that's a decision americans can make. i appreciate it, congresswoman, coming on the show. >> thank you. >> tucker: hillary clinton's worldwide excuses to her just made a stop at georgetown. her explanation is so hilarious. ♪ whoooo.
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>> many of you who read my >> many of you who read my book about what happened, i think misogyny and sexism was part of that campaign. it was one of the contributing factors, some of it was old-fashioned sexism and a refusal to accept the equality of women, and the equality of women's leadership. >> tucker: even though the majority of american women voted for a trump all women lost when hillary did. just yesterday, blaming sexism for her 2016 defeat which is still on top of her mind. the remarks come just days after she was denounced for tolerating sexual harassment on her very own campaign team. blaming people is hillary clinton's primary public pastime for the past year. march. >> the use of my email account was turned into, you know, the
9:31 pm
biggest scandal since lord knows when. i was on the way to winning until a combination of jim comey's letter on october 28th, and russia wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but were scared off. if you look at facebook, the vast majority of the news items posted were fake. there's all these stories about guys over in macedonia who are running these fake news sites. he certainly interfered in our election. it was clearly interfered to hurt me and to help my opponent. there was voter suppression. people trying to prevent other americans from being able to vote. i also think i was a victim of a very broad assumption i was going to win. i inherited nothing from the v democratic party. look, i take responsibility for every decision i make, but that's not why i lost.
9:32 pm
>> tucker: it's possible it's easier to find public appearances by hillary clinton that don't involve blaming everyone in every place fromon manhattan to macedonia. we haven't found one yet. brit hume is a senior fox political analyst and he joins us tonight. nothing feels more empathetic to hillary clinton, brit, then appearances like this because this is someone who has no one in her life to pull her back and tell her how she's coming off to other people. >> tucker, she reminds me of other prominent people i've known who have made a terrible mistake, had a big failure. run into they have a very hard time, some of them, owning up to it and admitting they were involved in, a colossal failure and they are to blame. when you think about her failure, her failure to win this particular election, she was up against donald trump, a man whose favorable ratings were deep underwater throughout virtually the entire campaign.
9:33 pm
the electoral college math appeared to favor her overwhelmingly. the polls all said she was leaving. it didn't seem possible she could lose.ov and yet she did. that is a very, very hard thing to face up to. i think she is doing her best to find a way to look at this and the way to frame it that makes it appear that she wasn't really all to blame. otherwise, i don't know what she would do if she didn't have this crutch she has developed, all sorts of other reasons. >> tucker: not to turn this into a bible study or anything, but you've lived a long time. don't you think that it's true that when you accept blame for things, it'sr liberating, you feel better when you do that? >> i agree with that. now again, i will get asked to make a graduation speech, my message is the same to young people. own your mistakes. admit them, first of all to yourself, then to anybody else who might be involved. it is liberating. the peculiar fact of it is the
9:34 pm
contrary to how it might feel to you, it makes people feel better to you than less. i think in her case, the burden of this is so great. the burden of acknowledging that in the end, it was hard to win the election and failed to do so against a candidate who looked like he couldn't possibly win. here we are. i will also say, by the way, tucker, those most recent remarks, the ones she made yesterday. i don't think it's the case that america is not ready for female leadership and for a womanhi president. they were just -- the country turned out not to be ready for this woman to be president. remember, she turned out not to be, as she refuses to admit, a very effective candidate and she comes with tremendous baggage which she's always been hesitany to recognize as well, going back to her days in arkansas and right through her husband's presidency and beyond. >> tucker: america's pretty open minded, open-minded enough to elect the right woman, i would say. brit, good to see you.
9:35 pm
>> speak with you, tucker. >> tucker: big tech companies know everything about you, but they want to know more. we will see google's plans to spy on your children, for real, next. ♪ y nks. yeah, i took your advice and had geico help with renters insurance- it was really easy. easy. that'd be nice. phone: for help with chairs, say "chair." phone: for help with bookcases, say "bookcase." bookcase. i thought this was the dresser? isn't that the bed? phone: i'm sorry, i didn't understand. phone: for help with chairs, say "chair." does this mean we're not going out? book-case. see how easy renters insurance can be at kayak compares hundreds of travel and airline sites so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. cheers! kayak. search one and done.
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does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event, our queen c2 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides is only $699, save $200. ends soon. visit for a store near you. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we've been telling you months now about the growing power of the big tech companies whose brand of surveillance capitalism has come to shape our politics and culture. in ways many people don't receive. let me give you a specific example of that, looking into the near future and a terrifying illustration of the control these companies seek over our daily lives. we recently reviewed several patents filed by google. as we describe them, ask yourself if you are comparable giving this much power to unelected technocrats who you've never met. in the first filed in september 2016, google envisions how it could send you personalized advertising based on what a camera observes in
9:40 pm
your home. an illustration that google submitted to the federal government, the patent office, and camera in your bedroom sees a "godfather" novel on your bed and uses that to steer you to watching the movie. if you think that's creepy, prepare yourself.he it gets a lot creepier. in another patent application in 2016, google imagines how it can take control of your parenting, the relationship to your children. google's smart home system can detect children in your liquor cabinet or in their parents bedroom. they quote, "when mischief is occurring, deliver a verbal warning." a hypothetical child calledd benjamin, google's cameras would be watching benjamin at all times. they could see fees playing outside our using electronics. presumably they try to use that information to sell him think that some point because that is the whole point of google. the same patent also discusses
9:41 pm
how the smart home could coach families on "areas of improvement." if a family does not spend enough time together, eating together, in google's estimation, google might scold them and suggest they set a goal of eating more often together. that is google's not ours. we contacted google for comment on this and the company, we are assuming it was a person, not a robot, replied this way. "we filed patent applications on a variety of ideas our employees come up with. some of the mature into a product or services, some don't." in other words, don't worry. we aren't spying on you, next ts it we just have a patent on it. of course, tech is also dangerous because it's deeply addictive. more than anything, it's deeply addictive. a group of early google, facebook employees are teaming up to check the companies they helped create. john harris is a former google employee, heads up the new group, the center for humane technology. i jim stier is the founder of common sense media, which advocates for children. they join us tonight. thank you, both, for coming tonight. you describe these products as addictive. what do you mean by that?
9:42 pm
>> most people don't realize, they see addiction and they think it happens by accident. we are addicted to a lot of things. we were worried about our kids in the 1970s, they were addicted to gossiping on the telephone. what this misses, there are 100 engineers whose entire job, not because they are evil, they have to figure out how to get back to you coming back to the products. snapshots want to put the number of days in a row, something called a streak, next to every single person in your kids' contacts. they say, if you got 30 friends, here is the number of days in a row you've sent a message to each friend. it keeps each of them hooked, because the business model so long as it's advertising, how do i hold on to your attention. the entire stock price is linked one-to-one with how much attention i get. >> tucker: we know, jim, screen time has huge consequences. >> huge consequences. >> tucker: it hurts children. >> it can. >> tucker: there are
9:43 pm
disturbing metrics, some of them are linked to tech use. why has there been no publicre recognition? >> i run common sense media. it has taken time. part of it is we got so excited about the incredible technological innovations. we aren't anti-tech. we aren't anti-tech at all. common sense helps you find the good stuff. but there has clearly been no regulation whatsoever, and no real discussion. i think what's happening, you are a dad just like i am. my kids are starting to go, i'm not sure i want this in my life all the time. he just told you addiction is, but 60% of kids in the united states believe they are addicted to their cell phones. that's a really bigta deal. >> tucker: do the tech companies know this? so you worked there. are they aware -- they must be aware.
9:44 pm
the design must be addictive. do they have moral qualms about this?? >> in 2013, i created a presentation, the first google memo, saying we have a moral responsibility as google. because no matter what we do, we bump our elbows, a billion people's attention because that way, a billion people's attention because that way. how do you ethically steer 2 billion people, actually, their thoughts, when they look at a smartphone or a feed? from the moment we wake up in the morning to 150 times we check per day, it's never been easier to see as a kid. you see photo after photo with your friends not having fun with you. is that how we want to ethically care for all these millions andd millions of kids? >> tucker: do you think, jim, there's enough people at these companies who can see clearly enough to pull back from this a little bit?? >> this is the cigarette case all over again. we were just with a group of engineering colleagues saying enough is enough. the key is the leadership at the top.
9:45 pm
i tell you this is a major challenge now to the people at the very top of the key tech companies at the united states. what values do you have? is about how much money you make, how much attention, the arms race of attention you could win so you can monetize it by selling ads? or is it for value? by the way, this is not a partisan issue, by the way. everybody all across the country. >> tucker: it's wrecking society. i couldn't be rooting for you guys more. godspeed. i hope you come back. >> thank you. >> good to see you, tucker. >> tucker: we got another exclusive report on google coming tomorrow. pretty shocking acutally. we will show you in detail how the company is tracking you without your knowledge. we tested it today. #metoo is coming to fast food. pepsi ceo speculated on ways that doritos could could be more family-friendly. is it time for feminist chips? we will meet a feminist chip eater next. ♪
9:46 pm
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♪ >> tucker: we might not have separate bathrooms for men and women anymore, but we might have separate snack in an interview, the ceo of pepsico suggested doritos coulds be more female friendly. it d would have a softer crunch and less cheesy residue on the fingers. the comments sparked a backlashl on social media, as everythingme does, which forced pepsi to clarify today there are no plans for women specific doritos. cathy areu, our spirit guide to the dark recesses of the cathy, great to see you tonight. >> thanks, good to see you. >> tucker: i'm trying to parse,
9:51 pm
what the setting of lady specific doritos? my only conclusion would be they suggest there is some inherent difference between men and women, which i think is illegal now? >> what's upsetting is they were saying that women are different than men in the way that they eat, that women would like to crunch, they would like to lick their fingers when they eat doritos but they don't because women don't feel comfortable in society doing these things. for doritos to even think that way, to think we do not they want to silent us, that's completely wrong. they are trying to silence women by not leting us crunch in public. >> tucker: keep the crunch. what c you are saying as vulgary and rudeness are feminist victories. if a woman took her cheeto paste and rubbed it through her hair and belched at the table, those would be feminist victories, right? >> a feminist victory would women being allowed to do what men do with their doritos. if men are licking their fingers, women should be allowed to do so as well. the ceo was saying that women don't do those things. don't feel comfortable doing
9:52 pm
those things but want to do those things. to allow them to enjoy the doritos, they were going to create lady friendly doritos. >> tucker: you think, it's a good thing, it's a victory for the feminist ideal when women are as repulsive as men are. would you dip tobacco ever? a man does this, i'm doing it? >> why do you get to be gross and we can't be gross? it's a victory when women get to be equal to men in any way. in the 1700s, women couldn't walk in the grass because it was seen as dirty, but men could walk in the grass. it's the same concept.t. you can lick your fingers but we can't? why do we have to be so prim and clean? >> i'm not imposing my values on anyone, i'm wondering where these rules come from. >> men. >> tucker: a lot of these rules are actually formulated and enforced by women. just a guess having lived here
9:53 pm
for 48 years. do you think there's any truth in that? >> absolutely not. it's men that are running thing things. men are. considered the majority even though women are the actual majority numbers. the majority makes up the rules. since -- >> tucker: what if women are the majority, which they are, would that change the calculation? >> unfortunately, they are still making 77 cents -- >> tucker: even if that statistic were totally untrue? let me ask you this. do female specific products always bother you? does it bother you that bras are for sale? is that a slap to women? eye shadow? >> no, products that women need -- no, there's nothing wrong with those products where there's no need to make a chip that doesn't let us dirty or fingers. but men buy eye shadow. in 2018, men are buying the same
9:54 pm
products that women are buying. >> tucker: does it bother you that women's razors are pink? >> women's razors can be blue as well. >> tucker: okay. last question. when you are having dinner out with friends, whatever,wh nondetermined gender, doesn't matter. do you ever think yourself, i'm going to be disgusting. i'm going to eat with my hands. i'm going to drink the soup from the bowl. just as a way to express your liberation as a woman? >> you can do that and get away with it. women, we are not there yet. the reader on pepsico doesn't think we are there yet. we aren't allowed to be -- >> tucker: you ever are eating a big mac and fewer than three bytes? >> if i want to be equal and treated equally, i will start to do that. >> tucker: you're a feminist, cathy areu! i love that about thank you for coming out tonight. canadian foreign minister justin trudeau did some mansplaining about sexism to a woman!
9:55 pm
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i love them because it gets me out of the house. or, you could just trust duracell. (silence) (♪) >> tucker: well, today, prime minister justin trudeau isn't just a >> tucker: canadian prime minister justin trudeau isn't just a case of nepotism gone wild, though, of course he is. he was a drama teacher and apparently still likes to lecture people. during a recent town hall, he corrected a woman for using the sexist word mankind. >> maternal love is a love that is going to change the future of mankind. so we'd like you to -- >> we like to say people kind, not necessarily mankind. it's more inclusive. >> there we go, exactly. yes, thank you. >> we can all learn from each other. >> sean: we can all learn from h other. of course, trudeau can't win in the postmodern pc world that he helped create. feminists have already denounced him for mansplaining.
10:00 pm
tune in every night at 8:00 to this show that is t the sworn enemy of lying, verbosity, smugness, and especially, groupthink, which is in profound supply. good night from washington. sean hannity is next. >> sean: in my hands tonight, vindication, breaking right now this hour, blockbuster developments, key parts of the second memo from senator chuck grassley and senator lindsey graham have now right here, they have been unredacted. the information is beyond stunning. it offers more evidence, more proof that the fbi lied to the fisa court to get the warrant is by on the trump campaign and it was the bulk, the biggest part of their we are going through this whole very slowly tonight. that is the breaking news opening monologue. ♪ in my hands, brand-new at this hour, bombshell revelations from the grassley-graham memo. major parts, the


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