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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 9, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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rather than pushing a specific bill let every bill offered up or down vote. tell you how your lawmakers voted on issue that. have a great weekend. see you monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to hannity. a lot of breaking news this friday night. new information, new developments on a lot of issues. politico is reporting this hour that the former white house chief of staff strategist steve bannon may have been picked up by fbi surveillance while the bureau had a fisa warrant on carter page. also tonight house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes is asking for transcripts from the fisa court while the fbi was trying to get approval to monitor page and brand new information about that second anti-trump dossier. now, according to a report, congressional investigators, they are examining the documents and they want to interview the author, long-time clinton ally cody shearer. plus a former state
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department official confirms what congressional republicans have been saying by admitting that he was sharing anti-trump opposition research from friends of the clintons with the dossier author, christopher steele. opening news opening monologue. >> politico out with explosive report about potential deep state spying on a former top trump advisor. here is the headline. fbi surveillance of carter page might have picked up bannon. now, according to the reporting, carter page was being surveilled by the fbi last january during the presidential transition when page had a phone call about russia with former white house chief strategist steve bannon. now, according to politico, page made the shocking revelation during congressional testimony and page said at the time that bannon called him about canceling a planned television appearance and then page eventually brought up the phony dossier which buzzfeed had published just a day earlier on
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january 10th. now, it's not certain if the conversation with bannon was picked up by the fbi, but national security experts, they're telling politico that it's very possible that it did happen. now, investigative reporter sharyl attkisson who said the obama administration you may remember, made. >> donald trump announced for office that intel officials and i was told this by insiders has sometimes been using bad court other people that are the true targets that they can't get a warrant against but to wrap them up in incidental targeting. different ways without maybe a direct warrant. >> sean: wow, this is beyond shocking and raising very serious questions given the other information that we already know. now, according to two republican memos, the fbi lied to the fisa court.
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remember? they used a clinton bought and paid for russian dossier they never verified or corroborated it in order to get a warrant to spy on carter page. now, remember, the grassley graham memo, that detailed how comey never bothered to verify all this anti-trump information in the dossier that christopher steele had put together because he thought well, the former brish spy was credible in the past. uncovers how the bulk of the fisa application the fbi presented to the fisa judge consistent with the dossier that they never verified. they also know that comey told them president-elect trump that the dossier was salacious and unverified during the transition. that was, what, two months before. and the dossier was good enough to get a fisa warrant? but it was unverified and salacious? this entire scandal now wreaks of corruption beyond anything which we have seen
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before. in other words, what is he admitting here, what we are seeing here is the powerful tools that we give our intelligence community to protect us abuse to spy on opposition campaign. during an election and before an election. and after an election. now, also tonight, fox news has obtained house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes' letter requesting transcripts of carter page's fisa court hearings. this is important. now, chairman nunes is asking for, quote, any relevant fisa court hearings associated with the initial application or subsequent renewals related to electronic surveillance of carter page. i would like to see them too. the house committee is setting a february 16th deadline that's one week from tonight for the court to provide those transcripts if they in fact have them. getting these transcripts would be a massive development as we have been explaining night after night we know the top echelon of
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the fbi again they rye lied almost exclusively on this hillary clinton bought and paid for dossier to get that warrant. and then, of course, on carter page and they didn't tell the fisa court that the dossier was, in fact, bought and paid for with about $12 million of moneys paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc funneled through the same law firm. now we are following this developing story because this is key in all of this. how could you use an unverified russian propaganda dossier to get a fisa warrant to spy on opposition candidate and an incoming president? all right, also, other breaking news this hour. another new explosive report, according to abc news, senate investigators they are examining a second anti-trump dossier. now, this was put together by long-time clinton ally, guy by that the name of cody shearer. according to abc the senate intelligence committee is now trying to set up an interview with shearer who reported solid claiming that he put together the second
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dossier as, quote, an independent journalist. now, nobody is buying that because, according to the guardian shearer has ties going all the way back to when bill clinton was president in the 1990s. we did reach out to shearer for comment. shocking he didn't get back to us. we are also learning tonight that the state department was in fact involved in obtaining and then spreading phony anti-trump information during the campaign. really? and a former top ranking official at the department that hillary clinton used to run is admitting in a "the washington post" op-ed that he was in contact with christopher steele also. and that clinton confidante. rosenthal gave him information. cody shearer who we just told you about. striking from the state department because remember, christopher steele used the information it was never verified, clinton paid for it her friends are feeding steele, nobody verifies it and then it's used as a basis for a fisa warrant.
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you got this guy jonathan, matches exactly what the memo put together by senators grassley and graham exposed earlier this week when we got the unredacted version. and, of course, we have congressman devin nunes, well, he told us in an interview earlier this week that his committee is now investigating the state department and their involvement in this. now, in an op-ed entitled devin nunes is investigating me, here's the truth. well, winne w winier says he meo talk about information in the does area. after wish winer talks about the dossier i was allowed to review about you but not keep the copies enabled me to prepare the state department. i prepared a two-page sum ril and shared it with new land who indicated like me she felt the secretary of state needed to be aware of this material. former obama secretary of state john kerry may also be involved in this scandal. which is why he needs to now
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answer questions under oath about what he knew, when he knew it and if he ever saw this dossier, what he knew about the dossier. now wirn goes on. he admits he, talking about blumenthal, showed me notes gathered by a journalist i didn't know, cody shearer that allege the russians had compromising information on trump of a sexual and financial nature. and what struck me was how some of these materials echoed steele's but appeared to involve different sources. so winer then goes on to write on my own i shared a copy of these notes with steele to ask for his professional reaction. he told me it was potentially collateral information. and i asked him what he meant by that and he said that it was similar but separate from the information he had gathered from his sources. by the way, russian sources. then he writes i agree to let him keep a copy the
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shearer notes. winer goes on to say christopher steele shared the information that he gave him to the fbi. do you see how unbelievable this is? we reached out to blumenthal for comment. he's not responding to our request. so this whole scandal starts with hillary clinton. remember, rigging the primary against bernie sanders. why bernie people aren't more mad, i don't know. then she tried to rig the general election against donald trump. she pays for a phony russian propaganda dossier filled with russian government lies and propaganda. the fbi then takes that bought and paid for dossier, they don't tell the fisa judge the truth to go out and get a warrant to spy on the trump campaign before the election and then they use it after the election. now concerns that steve bannon, former top trump aide, well, that he might have been caught up in incidental surveillance. by the way, a lot of other people. by the way we are learning in addition to the clinton campaign, while we have
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hillary's allies, they are feeding anti-trump dirt to the state department, which is sharing it with christopher steele. like we have been telling you, sit tight. if you think this is bad right now, i promise you it's going to only get worse. what we have now is a sliver of the information. it's coming out day by day. i have been warning you from the beginning, this is watergate on steroids. as you can see this gets more corrupt by the day. here now with information, new information, fox news contributor, investigative reporter sara carter. also influence legal analyst gregg jarrett. let's try and break this down. i talked to a very good friend of mine today, sara, really smart guy. my best friend from 3rd grade john gomez. he is a lawyer in his own right. he says this is hard for him to follow every night. and we're trying to, you know, lay the foundation, bring the new information in. and try and make it explainable because the level of corruption is so
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deep it's hard to follow every single aspect of this. >> it is. it is. if you just lay out the facts, sean, here you have the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc paying for a dossier that is being gathered by a foreign agent, a british foreign agent. that british foreign agent is using russians to gather information. then have you members of the hillary clinton campaign, people that were close to her and her husband actually gathering their own separate dossier and then feeding that that information to the british foreign agent who is trying to get the fbi to open an investigation into then candidate trump and then president-elect trump it's really quite simple and as simple as that. for people who were so afraid of the russians. for people who were so terrified in those last years of russians interfering in the elections, they had no problem accepting information from russian kgb
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agents, disinformation that was never verified and then lying to the court about this. one of the things they will discover in those court applications is the fact that even the fbi, wasn't just a footnote. they never admitted that they actually knew. they only speculated that it might be political. they only speculated and mark my words on that. >> that's a purposeful deception and omission to the fisa court. that is beyond material that is beyond material that would have been a game changer for any judge. >> that was deceptive even if its own footnote statement. wouldn't it have been easier to go to the judge and say we know that the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee were paying for this dossier. that would have been a lot easier than trying to bury it in a footnote. hillary clinton campaign and
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dnc paid for that document. >> you hit people making up information. feeding it all to steele. steele, we learned in the undedacted graham grassley memo. the bulk of the fisa, they don't tell the fisa judge where it comes from. they lie judge get a warrant. it's all designed to impact a presidential election. and they did it successfully in some ways. they got the warrant. >> sure, and i was just reading the declassified opinion of the chief justice, chief judge of the fisa court was declassified nine months ago. 99 pages long. what it tells me is the department of justice and the fbi knew they could get
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away with it. repeated acts of incomplete and misleading filings before the fisa court. so, the fbi and the department of justice likely knew that they could go in to that judge the first one and three after. the judge probably wouldn't know any better. they have gotten away with it so many times before. so they use all of the information, this paid for and now put together in part by the clintons and their allies. and department of justice fbi knew this stuff was all fabricated. they sort of hid that from the judge and used it as a pretext to go after and destroy donald trump and it's an american tragedy. >> you and john may 25th last year. you were on this program
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talking about it how the foreign intelligence surveillance literally ripped to shah reds the obama administration not only breaking america's surveillance laws violating the constitution, those aren't my words, those are the judges words. >> those were the judges words? that came from the foreign intelligence surveillance court? they did blast them, sean, they said that they stepped all over the fourth amendment. they were conducting warrantless searches. they knew that they knew that they were violated the rules and regulations the fbi cannot self-regulate. it can't watch itself. there needs to be changes. there were a lot of things that did change but a lot of things that haven't changed like we have seen. and i think that this calls for further investigation. i know that the house intelligence committee, the senate committee is also looking jewish area and others intelligence apparatus and whether or not that was weaponized against our own people. carter page is one example
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of many we need to get to the crimes that potentially are committed here. misrepresenting information to a court is bad enough but, it suggested in the grassley graham unredacted memo think had actually seen all four fisa warrant applications. grassley and lindsey graham saw them. saw them available in some capacity as devin nunes believe asking for this information tonight. >> they have probably already identified the felony statutes that were likely broken by the fbi and the department of justice. abuse of power and perjury. and what will be critical is as you reported and actually we talked about it two night ago is that nunes is now requesting the presiding judge to provide the transcripts of all four of those fisa hearings. to get to the bottom of the false representations, the fraud upon the court per at
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the traited during those hearings. if those transcripts provide that evidence, then charges should must be brought officials department of justice and fbi. >> sean: if they knew. >> that footnote may have political origins and knew darn well it was bought and paid for by hillary and if they knew on top of it hillary aids were feeding this and remember go back to the grassley graham unredacted. they are saying this is russian government lies. the russian government in that christopher steele is putting in that information. it's the irony in all of this is insane. just like the irony of uranium one is we are giving russia 20% of our uranium. you know, we have heard a year about russia and now we have real evidence. >> any intelligent lawyer and comey is certainly a veteran lawyer, would know that you can't rely on evidence that comes from a
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source in russia or sources in russia who are experts on lying and deception and disinformation. nor can you rely on a former spy in great britain who is trained in the same thing. and then you factor in that it was political research paid for by the opponent of the target. you can't make up such deception and fraud if you tried. >> sean: how could you present grassley graham memo was saying, sarah, unverified russian government information that hillary paid for to get a warrant to spy on an opposition party. >> grassley and graham memo basically substantiated everything nunes was saying in his own memo. >> sean: true. >> it went further it implicated them in criminal acts. this is why they want to speak to christopher steele.
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this is the reason why they want more information. and i tell you, this sean, in march, when the ig report comes out and hopefully we have been hearing it's going to be the first weeks of march or by mid march, i think it's going to be an explosion of information that we didn't even know. the focus on andrew mccabe, the deputy director of the fbi. former deputy director of the fbi. all of the other things that come into play with the clinton server investigation. those things will be so relevant. and they won't be able to dismiss those facts. >> sean: the fix was in, sara. the fix was. in it was rigged by comey. it was rigged by peter strzok. what are the statute of limb limitations i don't know if you know off the top of your head the clinton email server. considering the fix was in. >> some of the statutes are five years so they may have run. others have not run as of yet. so on that basis alone there ought to be a second special counsel appointed. reopen it and quickly re-examine the evidence. send it to a grand jury
6:20 pm
which is where it should have gone to begin with. let a grand jury decide whether there is sufficient compelling evidence that hillary clinton committed a anywhere adof crimes. i guarantee you if an honest grand jury looked at it, she would be indicted. >> unbelievable. i agree with you, too. thank you both. we appreciate it we have more breaking news from washington tonight. ed henry has a report. also dr. sebastian gorka, herman cain, so much more. breaking friday news night. we're glad you are with us.
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house intel not yet. citing national security concerns. deal between u.s. intel and cyber thief is called off not before a first payment of 100,000 bucks was made. russian offerings to sell stolen cyber weapons for $1,000 wells compromising material on president trump at least that's what it said it was. u.s. intel afraid of getting involved in ation an operation that could create problems with the u.s. government. another white house staff is out amid domestic abuse allegations. "the washington post" reporting speech writer david sorensen resigns following claims by his wife he was abusive. sorensen claims he was the victim. now back to hannity i'm ed henry. ♪ ♪ >> sean: joining us now with more reaction to tonight's opening monologue and huge news we have had all week former deputy assistant to the president and fox news national security strategist
6:26 pm
sebastian gorka and fox news contributor herman cain, you know, dr. gorka, think of what we had a week ago today we got the house intel, the nunes memo. then we got the senate memo on monday. then we got the unredacted version on tuesday. then we foinsd out that the uranium one informant testified before three committees in washington the great irony here is that we're learning that there was real russian problems in the election. and that's hillary paying for russian lies that then gets used as a foundation for a fisa warrant and that we knew 18 months in advance of bribery, extortion, money laundering kick backs by putin operatives in america. and we still allowed him to get 20% of america's uranium. and the mainstream media still stuck on trump-russia collusion with no evidence. >> right, sean. so if you want to see chapter and verse, just go to peter schweizer's book or
6:27 pm
watch the free video online on youtube. clinton cash documents all of, this whether it's uranium one, whether it's haiti, whether it's all the corruption that's connected to how this woman and her husband became multi, multi, multimillionaires after being public servants all their life. number one, it's all laid out there. let's look at the recent charges and the recent things that we have learned from devin and from senator grassley. the left loves to talk about watergate. you know, the movies, constant references. what was watergate? allegedly the biggest political scandal in modern times in american, which is about the cover up, just the cover up of one bungled burglary. what do we have in this case? not one event and the coverup. we have a systematic weaponization of federal government under obama. this isn't just about fisa, about the illegally spying on american citizens. it's the irs.
6:28 pm
it's the doj. it is, again and again and again. and look at the trail of bodies already what is it today we have the 8th person? >> up to 8th. demoted fired or retired. >> or moved on. that's before we know the whole story, sean, 8 already. this is, perhaps, the inflexion point. i am waiting for those fbi agents, those analysts, those doj employees who have been suffering in silence, who have been afraid but now there is a point where they see it's going to come out. so, get in front of it now, and tell us what you know. >> sean: well, i know many of the rank and file are. and we have gone to great pains on this program to make sure our audience understands. this is not rank and file fbi. this is not rank and file intelligence. this is thought rank and file of the doj. this is the upper echelon. we have a cast of characters abusing power. her man, historically, i don't see a bigger abuse of
6:29 pm
power corruption scandal in our history as big as this one. >> neither have i. this is the absolute biggest. i commend you and your staff for continuing to report the facts and connect the dots. there is no question that some laws have been broken. but due process takes time. somebody should go to jail. and all roads lead to the clintons or somebody associated with the clintons, but it's going to take due process and some time before all of the dots are connected. when there was a coverup as dr. gorka talked about, that's one thing. and when it was exposed, it was out there almost immediately. this isn't a coverup. it started out, it was supposed to be about the trump administration or
6:30 pm
candidate trump and his people. now we know it wasn't. it was the democrats, the clintons, and it was all about hillary clinton campaign. >> sean: isn't that the most ironic thing here? >> yes. >> sean: it's a great irony. look at the graham-grassley memo. it's not only russia. they talked about russian government lies. >> right. >> sean: fed to steele that then is used unverified by anybody to get a fisa warrant. i mean, and the uranium one deal. same thing. they knew about clinton, putin operatives in this country. robert mueller was the fbi director. we had a spy within. we will talk about it in the next segment. >> sure. but we need to understand the enormity of this. number one, it's perversion of justice to illegally spy upon an innocent american. number one. which means it can happen to anybody watching this tv show. but at the same time, when is this illegal spying happening? during a presidential election.
6:31 pm
so what we're talking about is trying to pervert a presidential election by giving the fbi pure tainted information to get that warrant. that's a high crime, sean. that goes right to the essence of this republic's constitutional order. >> sean: yeah. you know, herman cain, what i'm hoping for here is that we are able to get to the bottom of it if we get to the bottom of it, if this inspector general report coming out in a couple weeks is all we expect it is all go back to hillary clinton was protected and where any other american would have gotten arrested because we have a special category for the clintons and there was a massive rigging of the crime she committed -- people said why are you talking about clinton, hannity? if we did the things she did delete subpoenaed emails and putting it in mom and shop
6:32 pm
bathroom closet and using bleach bit and hammers i think we would all be arrested. >> absolutely. we will get to the bottom of it because the more and more rewe veal what the facts are eventually we will get to the bottom of it it's not going to go away. >> sean: thank you both. we appreciate it when we come back, we had three congressional committees hear from the informant on the issue of uranium one. the person that broke that story, the author of clinton cash peter schweizer has a full report next. ♪ ♪ ld, stuff happens. [ dog groans ] [ coughs and sneezes ] nothing relieves more symptoms than alka seltzer plus maximum strength liquid gels. the commute is worth, the more you know you and that john deere tractor... you can keep dreaming up projects all the way home.
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sean shane it is one of the biggest most egregious scandals that will not go away. for years on this program we have been telling you about the highly unusual sale of a company called uranium one to a russian state owned energy company. now we can report that an fbi informant is telling
6:37 pm
congress that russia paid millions of dollars to a lobbying firm in order to influence hillary clinton while she was working as secretary of state. now, we did in fact reach out to the lobbying firm involved apco. they gave us a statement it reads in part, quote: apco never worked for uranium one or on their cfius matter and they worked for ten it's nex the clinton global initiative was never connected. hillary clinton is calling these developments a charade. here the person who actually broke this story on uranium one years ago the author of the best selling book clinton cash, the untold story of how and why foreign governments and businesses help make bill and hillary clinton rich peter schweizer. so, you wrote about this 145 million kick back to the clinton foundation. with all the actors involved in this. this week, we have been
6:38 pm
hearing about an informant that had infiltrated vladimir putin's operation in america to get a foot hold in the uranium market in america. he was there from the get-go. he was there before cfius ever signed off. and he found all of this evidence, bribery extortion, money laundering, kick backs. everybody knew about it how is it possible they would have -- knowing clinton operatives are in this country, committing crimes, wanting uranium, why did they ever let this deal go through when we don't have enough uranium? >> well, it's a great question, sean. that's been one of the mysteries. you know, can you look back. it's 2010 when this takes place. maybe there are some people in the obama administration, you know, misguided and naive who think this is going to help with the russian reset. and it's a stupid decision. and that may have been part of the motivation when you look at the fact that hillary clinton who was hawkish on these types of
6:39 pm
cfius issues. in other words, she has an issue of opposing these types of deals came out in support of this deal along with the fact that money was flowing to her husband in speaking fees and also to the clinton foundation, the key question is what was their motivation and all along the way, sean. >> sean: well, we know the testimony before three congressional committees this week of this informant who was there from the get-go. he was telling them that those people involved in this deal were very confident the nine separate departments that were needed to sign off, the cfius group, were going to because of clinton influence. that's interesting, especially when you follow the money. >> that's exactly right, sean. look at what he has said and whether those facts are born out. he was a mole that was
6:40 pm
talking about kick backs and extortion by russian officials. that was found by the department of justice. people went to jail. this is a guy who is talking about how the russians wanted to corner the world uranium market. well, there are state department cables and other evidence that corroborate what he is saying there. this is an individual who says that $3 million was given to this lobbying firm apco and it was supposed to indirectly benefit the clintons. well, if you go back and look at the clinton global initiative report from 2010 and 2011, you find out that low and behold apco was doing a lot of inkind work for the clintons. so, everything he is saying can be independently verified. >> sean: so the clintons number one excuse is well, she is only one of nine separate departments. she doesn't control the departments. she didn't sign off personally on it. what is your answer to their response, their talking
6:41 pm
pointed? >> well, first of all, sean, she was a lead agency in this cfius review. and that's key. but, also, it's irrelevant what the other 8 people voted for. if you have a committee of nine and one person gets bribsd to vote affirmatively for something, and the other eight vote affirmatively because they think it's a good idea, it's still bribery. that's sort of the heart of the issue here. the other thing we have to factor in, sean, is that this is the clinton's essentially monetizing national security. people say to me oh, this is history, she is not president, why do we care? we care because the precedent it sets. if you let people in washington, d.c. monetize something, they're going to do it. and given what's happened, there is no reason we could not have a secretary of defense a couple years from now say i'm going to set up a foundation. i'm going to take all this foreign money from interested parties. my spouse is going to go out and give all these paid lectures and there is not a thing you can do to stop it because the clintons did it
6:42 pm
and nobody objected to it then. so this goes to the heart of the integrity of our national security system and the decisions that are made. >> sean: really scary. and, again, the russia connection is on hillary's side. amazing work. thank you so much. we appreciate it, peter schweizer. when we come back, how is it possible the news media in this country, journalism is dead, has missed the biggest story in their lifetime? how is it possible? sean spicer and joe concha next. ♪ ♪ (announcer) dance to your own beat this valentine's day.
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>> sean: the media's hatred of president trump is once again on full display. listen do this. >> feels like we have reached a level of crazy in this white house and it's difficult to take it
6:47 pm
anymore. reality tv appearances. tabloid gossip. conspiracy theories, name-calling, vulgarity and a level of egomania people have never seen in washington. that's saying something. like we are living inside a parody from three years ago. consider what would happen if donald trump. reality show. he tweets like it's a reality show. many of his actions are like a reality show. >> by the way chuck todd, he claims to be a hard newsed unbiased objective journalist. but that's not all. remember how the media reacted to president trump's idea of having a military parade. let's see. how many ceremonies are there out there in hollywood. take a look at this insanity. >> that's right. trump wants a military parade. so you are just going full dictator now? just [bleep] wasn't enough. >> i guess he wants his toy soldiers to march in front of him in line in lock step. >> some said it would put us in the same category as folks like russia and north korean leaders where they
6:48 pm
love a military parade. >> the idea that we have to look like red square, it's just absurd. maybe the antidote is to just get donald trump a military uniform with on the shoulders and give him some salad dressing to put on the left lapel and let him march around. >> sean: i said it before i will say it again. the left wing destroy media is missing the biggest story of their lives. here now is shower sean spicer d the hill's joe concha. you go back and see this wouldn't be the first time, sean, oh, fdr, the beloved fdr had this happen and eisenhower had something similar and let's see, jfk, not a full display but they had their own displays. and then i think of every hollywood award ceremony, every music ceremony but we can't have an honoring parade of the military?
6:49 pm
really? why is that so hard? >> well, i thought a couple things were interesting. one, everyone jumped to the immediate conclusion of associating with a dictator as opposed to somebody who loves and respects the military and's to honor them for their service. it's amazing. i thought of the people you played that clip with and maybe i'm wrong. i aboil guise if i am. i don't think a single one of them has ever served. funny whether you have a president who respects and honors law enforcement, first responders and the military and says i would like to have a parade to showcase them to the american people, that's somehow a negative thing? less than 1% of the people have served in the military these days. more and more connected from those who do. those deployed every day to protect our freedom. when you have a president who wants to honor them and show the respect that they deserve and maybe make them a little closer to the other americans that haven't been able to meet someone who has served before, i think that's a positive thing for our country. and to see some members of the media immediately jump
6:50 pm
to negative conclusions. >> sean: unbelievable. >> shows how disconnected they are to the not only the military but what's going on in this country. >> sean: like the time for honoring themselves in hollywood will soon come to an end. i think i saw that in gladiator. >> hold on, sean, in contrast, when the president decided not to go to the white house correspond's dinner it was a national tragedy. he was disrespecting the first amendment. oh, it was the end of the earth, the apocalypse was coming. when he wants to have a parade to honor the military, oh by god that's horrible. >> sean: you know, you think about it, i added up, it was something like 25, 30, between the music industry and the academy awards, the global awards, this awards, joe concha, i think it's actually a great idea. and i think the country, we owe them a debt of gratitude and any way to honor them i think is well worth it. >> i think because president trump's name is involved in this proposal, sean, that that is causing the reaction. and you can play a game of
6:51 pm
p.u., parallel universe take the name trump out and put in chuck schumer. what if chuck schumer had actually proposed a military -- oh, that's right. he did in 2014. and there wasn't a sniff of outrage around that. but, to one point though, you can honor the military with a parade. no problem. the costs are down. logistically pull it off. no problem. i think the president could really back up those words and back up a parade by actually going to afghanistan and visiting the troops. he hasn't done that yet. i think that will go a long way in showing he is not just doing this for show as his critics are charging. >> sean: even if he does that i'm sure it will be criticized. how did they miss the biggest story in their lifetime co-concha? how did they get it so wrong on trump-russia collusion. >> have they go got it wrong. the evidence is still going. >> sean: is there any evidence over the year that you see. >> no. no evidence presented. remember, everything gets
6:52 pm
leaks these days. if they did have something, it probably would end up in the hands of "the washington post" or the "new york times." not yet. let mueller finish his investigation before we start saying there isn't any. >> sean: i don't think mueller should have been there in the first place. we have learned just in the last week with the nunes memo and unredacted grassily graham memo, sean spicer, seems to me this whole thing was a witch punt from the get-go. >> well, we will see. i want the investigation to play out only because i do believe the president has been very clear fruft beginning there was no collusion. at some point you run out the clock and you say as have you noted that if you haven't found anything by now, let's give it a break. the stuff they found people for in terms of lying to them and fara are obviously violations of the law and those people should be prosecuted. the underlying premise of this whole thing collusion from russia as you pointed out and joe corroborated,
6:53 pm
there has been nothing so far. we let this play out. but i think it's going to be interesting to see where the press goes from there. because they were wrong about the election. they were so ready to coronate hillary clinton they were all crying election night. now that they have wrapped themselves around this axle we will see where they go from there. will they admit they were wrong? will they convinced indicate trump or move onto the next one? i have a feeling that's what will happen. >> sean: how did they miss the bulk of the fisa warrant was paid for bill lies. >> sometimes there is bias where it's out in the only and clear a reporter or anchor is rooting for a certain outcome. then there is another kind of bias and sean knows all about this. that's the bias of omission. i mean, when sean was press secretary, i'm sure he was just stunned at the questions that weren't asked of him at a press briefing instead concentrating solely on russia. yeah, i think that's a big story that have not been
6:54 pm
covered because they don't like the narrative. >> you have pep in your step the patriots lost and here you are facing fire. >> sean: when we come back friday video of the day and hannity hotline. i can't wait for the lovely comments you have for me tonight.
6:55 pm
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>> tonight's heartwarming video of the day comes to us from the kissimmee, florida police department where 6-year-old russell was sworn in as a special policeman on wednesday on his birthday. his uncle is a sergeant of the consist memy police department. only 36 years old when he was killed in the line of duty last august. as you know on this show, we always support and thank all of the brave men and women in law enforcement, f.b.i., intelligence community, those that put their lives on the
6:59 pm
line. great job, kissimmee. i can hardly wait for these comments. >> i want to know when the parade is for the veterans because i am going to get balloons, red, white and blue and also write my family names who has fought to give me my freedom that these other people are trying to take away from me. >> hannity is a tool for the people. he speaks the truth. if it wasn't for hannity, none of this is [bleep] would be coming out in public. and he is right. people need to go to jail. hannity, keep up the good work. >> wow, we end on a really good note. i appreciate the kind words. we're working very hard. i promise we're digging for the truth. we aren't the destroy trump media. if you have anything you want to say to it, mean, nice, hateful, 877-225-8587. that's all the time we have
7:00 pm
left tonight. a lot of big things coming next weekend. jason chaffetz is sitting in for laura ingraham tonight. hope you have a great weekend. we'll see you back here on monday. >> good evening from washington welcome to the "the ingraham angle". i'm jason chaffetz in for laura tonight. we have a great show full of big stories an breaking news. democrats and republicans cooperated to end a government shutdown but many conservatives are not celebrating. we'll tell you why. and we have ambassador john bolton on the odd couple at the olympics. vice president mike pence sitting almost next to the sister of north korea's dictator. president trump has decided tonight he cannot release the democrat's fisa memo. he is inclined to release it but it needs changes because it contains classified material and a very sensitive passage. let's go to fox's ed henry


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