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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 15, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PST

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the shooting in parkland, florida, at 11:00 this morning. you'll see it live right here on fox. >> we'll debate immigration as well as give you the latest on the shooting on radio. >> see you tomorrow. >> bill: our coverage continues. breaking news on what we're learning after the parkland massacre. the teenage suspect charged with 17 counts of pre-meditated murder. this nearly a day after walking to his former high school wearing a gas mask and gunning down his peers. we're hearing there will be a news conference with the broward county sheriff in an hour. welcome to "america's newsroom." good morning at home. >> sandra: two big events. the president will address the nation at 11:00 a.m. we're learning more about the former student police say shot and
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killed 17 children and adults at that south florida high school yesterday. nikolas cruz blended in with students as he opened fire using an ar-15. chaos ensued. kids were forced the take cover under desks and in closets. police say he launched smoke grenades and pulled the fire alarm to get students into the hallways. >> bill: at least 17 people are dead. authorities have identified the suspect as 19-year-old nikolas cruz, a former student at that school and had been expelled for disciplinary reasons. >> sandra: authorities have charged him with 17 counts of premeditated murder and set to make his first court appearance this afternoon as we get new details from students who were inside the school. >> he ran up and down the hallway just shooting into the classrooms. he shot through my door. >> i was sitting down and pop, pop, pop. i left. i was not going to deal with
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that. >> i heard boom, boom, boom. that can't be anything other than the gunshot. >> everyone climbing the fence, everyone. there is no room on the fence. everyone climbing. >> bill: authorities arrested the suspect an hour later in a nearby neighborhood. he did not put up a fight. law enforcement officials calling the suspect pure evil. here is the governor. >> everybody has worked tirelessly to keep everybody safe and have a thorough investigation. this is pure evil. i will be staying here to do everything i can to be helpful. >> i'm sick to my stomach to see children who go to school with backpacks and pencils lose their lives. this nation, we need to see something and say something. if we see different behavior, ab herent behavior, we need to report it to local authorities. >> sandra: steve is in parkland.
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what is the latest here? >> a grim scene. people in shocked. nikolas cruz, the 19-year-old shooting suspect spent the night in jail. he was interrogated there for several hours by both federal and local law enforcement. he makes his first court appearance this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. charged right now with 17 counts of pre-meditated murder. that number could change. there are still 12 people in the hospital, five of those are in life-threatening condition. the mood here the day after is one of people just walking around stunned at what happened. many of the students starting to try to piece together how this could have been carried out by a former classmate. >> all people were saying it would be him. a lot of kids said he was the one to shoot up the school. it turns out everyone predicted it. it's crazy. >> a number of different grief
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and trauma centers have been set up around the city to help students and families deal with this massacre. >> sandra: what are we learning about the shooter at this hour? >> the investigation is going ahead on several different fronts. most immediately with his social media account. local law enforcement officials describe that account as, quote, very, very disturbing. a number of pictures of the suspected shooter with guns and with knives. also a search of the house where cruz had stayed the past several months. a friend's family. his mother died three months ago. his father died 13 years ago. he and his half brother were adopted by an elderly couple. they searched that house. the search of a mobile home 35 miles away from him in lan tanya, florida. investigators removed objects from that home. bomb making equipment may have been involved in that mobile home. going to the level of preparation involved in this attack. sandra, back to you.
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>> sandra: steve harrigan on the ground in florida. >> bill: the eighth most deadly school shooting in u.s. history coming four months after the massacre in las vegas. 58 people killed when a gunman opened up. a month later people were gunned down at a church in texas. we've witnessed 21 fatal school shootings nationwide going back to the year 2000. at least 65 people were killed in those attacks. >> sandra: a foot ball coach's last act one of the most heroic moments we're hearing about today. aaron feis has died. he jumped in front of the suspect as he opened fire on students shielding those students from a hail of bullets. >> he was in his golf cart and i heard from a friend of mine he was a big man.
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he sprinted with everything he had towards it to make sure everybody was safe. he got in front of a couple of people and shielded them. he took the bullets for them. he didn't make it. he saved their life for sure. >> sandra: he leaves behind his wife melissa and young daughter. >> bill: with me now commissioner michael udine. i know you're close down there in that town in south florida. thank you for your time. your daughter is at the school. home at the time i believe, right? she left early. you had a niece that was hiding in a closet. how did that go for your family, sir? first on a personal level. >> good morning. yeah, i know most of these kids on a personal level being around town as mayor for a number of years and now as the county commissioner and parent i live right around the corner from here. my daughter had just left the school. my niece was still in the school. it was a chaotic scene. a lot of stress.
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major response from law enforcement and thank god that first responders were able to get here quickly to prevent what could have been worse. >> bill: how is your family doing? how about your daughter and niece? >> they're in shock and disbelief. they have friends. this is a small community, everybody knows everybody here. as we hear the names come through, the kids are in a difficult place, as are the adults. the entire community is reeling from this senseless, horrible act of violence. >> bill: no question. can you tell me about the security system at that school? what sort of barriers are in place to prevent somebody from entering there especially after the reports we're getting that this killer was banned from the school and banned from bringing any backpack on school property? what more do you know about that? >> so the school does have an
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armed police officer that is stationed at the school. all of the schools in this town have a deputy that is assigned to the school in addition to security on top of that. ingress and egress to the school is supposed to be monitored from one location. when you are talking about a school as big as this i would imagine there are ways to get a person in and out. the security is going to have to be something and the ingress and egress of the school will be something we'll talk about in greater deal. >> bill: a large school. 3,000 students. did he open fire outside initially or what would explain why some of these students were found dead inside the building and at least two or three were found outside, sir? >> my understanding is that there was an alarm that was pulled that caused some of the people to scatter. i know that a window of the door of a typical classroom door was shot out and then the
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gun was pointed in the room and just sprayed with bullets. and just the chaos that occurred. and then like you mentioned the size of the school. afterwards it was still an active scene and to try and reunite the children with their families became a very difficult task. this is a big school with multiple buildings and over 3,000 students. >> bill: what is new this morning? we've been reporting as much as we can when we get it. what more can you add from what you are hearing from the sheriff's department or perhaps those clinging to life at local hospitals? >> i know that there are people that are in the hospital that are being worked on surgically. we are praying for them. the sheriff will make an update in a half hour or so and they will have a news conference. i mean, this is the community is in shock and disbelief. so they are dealing with that and we will have to deal with that as a community, come
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together and try and move forward from this tragic, heinous, violent act. >> bill: sir, good luck to you. it will take some time and i'm certain based on your answers you are already aware of that and they'll need strong people like you to get them through. michael. my best to your daughter and niece as well. thank you for your time. more reaction from the sheriff coming you have. oftentimes these press conferences we get the best and newest information. we'll have that live for you. >> sandra: the president is expected to speak in the next couple hours as well. as we mentioned president trump will be addressing the nation. that will be coming at 11:00 a.m. eastern time as we get brand-new reaction from the white house on this deadly shooting. >> bill: lawmakers calling for more gun control. could and would tougher laws have stopped the gunman in this matter? trey gowdy, some thoughts on that in a moment live from the hill. >> sandra: as we mentioned we're awaiting an update from investigators in the next hour. we'll bring you the news
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>> sandra: you're looking live at the white house right now where the american flag has been lowered to half staff. president trump will address the nation at 11:00 a.m.
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eastern. earlier this morning president trump tweeting so many signs that the florida shooter was mentally disturbed even expelled from school for bad or erratic behavior. neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem. must always report such instances to authorities again and again. the president also tweeting yesterday quote my prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible florida shooting. no child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an american school. vice president pence vowing the administration's support tweeting this. we'll continue to monitor developing following the terrible shooting in broward county and provide any and all federal assistance to local law enforcement. grateful to all the courageous law enforcement and emergency medical personnel who responded so swiftly. >> it's important to know all of that before you jump to conclusions that there is some law we could have passed that could have prevented it.
6:16 am
there may be. shouldn't we at least know the facts? >> we ought to sit down democrats and republicans and talk about the whole range of issues. >> we could not even get past a bill that would take the terrorist watch list and prohibit them from buying a high-caliber weapon or any weapon. we couldn't even get that passed. so when you say what can be done, i don't know the answer to that. >> bill: the focus shifting for those florida lawmakers to the conversation turning to guns in america. trey gowdy chairman of the house oversight committee. there has been a lot of news from the hill that i'll touch on in a moment. what do you tell americans who think congress does not act be it on mental health or guns or pick your topic. >> this generation of children, how sorry i am.
6:17 am
you have witnessed school shootings and mall shootings, concert shootings. there is no place that seems safe in our society. so as devastating as the loss of life is, the loss of innocence for this generation of children, i don't know anyone who would not pass a bill today that would prevent the next mass shooting. but to senator rubio's point, you have to find out how he accessed the gun. whether there was a data point at some point in his background where someone could have reported it. accessing the gun legally or illegally. we hear about the gun show loophole. fine, close that loophole. how many mass killings have resulted from guns purchased at gun shows? my criticism of the obama administration, we had an eight year decline in gun prosecutions. my objective is prosecute the person before he takes a life. enforce the laws for which the obama administration said there is no jury appeal.
6:18 am
i get it. no jury appeal in -- there is in a murder case. we should avoid the murder. if you can show me a law that will prevent the next mass killing, go ahead and sign me up for it. >> bill: i think people listening at home would say, sir, once the facts emerge the topic itself is forgotten and we move to the next thing or the next battle or debate or again pick whatever topic you want to on the hill. but there doesn't seem to be movement toward protecting america's kids. that's a strong indictment. >> i would respectfully say to them i think there has been some movement in the last 12 months. we were very clear to attorney general sessions that we are disappointed that the gun prosecutions went down for eight years. so before we begin to advocate for new laws, i think it is imminently fair to say how are we doing enforcing the ones we currently have?
6:19 am
there are a long list of prohibited people from possessing a single bullet much less a gun. a long list of prohibited people including those who have been adjudicated mentally ill. how are we doing enforcing the current laws? if all we do is pass another law, that an attorney general and u.s. attorneys won't enforce. i don't know how it makes people safer. >> bill: we have a lot going on. you have a lot going on, too, immigration debate on the senate side and entering the house phase as well. 36 hours ago you broke news you will open up an investigation into rob porter and his access to the white house. what have you learned or want to learn now? >> i want to understand the interim security clearance process and why there are so many folks in that interim status. that means the investigation was not as full as it should have been. that's the classified information security clearance part of it. i also want to know as a former
6:20 am
domestic violence prosecutor how in the world someone with credible allegations of domestic violence could be hired for any position in government especially the white house separate and apart from any security clearance issue? >> two others have since resigned from their positions within their connection to the executive branch. have you been given assurance from the white house that they have done enough background checks sufficiently to make sure there are no others who could find themselves in a similar situation? >> i think we wrote them yesterday. i drafted another letter last night actually about the interim security clearance process and who is in it and whether or not you've received any derogatory information. my first questions will be to the f.b.i. i want to fully know who knew what when and who did you communicate it with and we'll direct the inquiries to the white house but i'll start with the f.b.i. >> bill: a couple of topics today. thank you for coming back with us here. >> sandra: we've got new images
6:21 am
coming into "america's newsroom" right now showing the shooting suspect nikolas cruz on the ground moments after the police arrested him. all of this as we are moments away now from the latest update from the broward county sheriff's department. in less than an hour we'll go to it live. >> bill: the stories we hear about the chaos and fear in the hallways of the high school as the killer pulled the fire alarm to get students out into the hallway. next we'll speak to a 15-year-old freshman what he heard and saw during that horrific moment inside that school. >> they pulled the fire drill. we went outside. boom, boom, boom, we heard gunshots. i thought it was firecrackers. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. ( ♪ ) only tena intimates has pro-skin technology
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>> we're monitoring the subject right now. he went from the third floor to the second floor.
6:25 am
third to the second floor. he may have a gas mask on now. exiting the building running south. >> sandra: those are police scanners giving us a glimpse into the terror inside a south florida high school yesterday. officers unsure at how big a threat they were facing. they went from room to room. the victims getting to safety in single file arms raised. joining me now is will gilroy, a 15-year-old freshman at that high school. thank you for coming on with us this morning. could you tell us a little bit about what went on inside of your school yesterday and what you saw and heard? >> yeah. well, it was a normal school day. it was valentine's day and we had a fire drill earlier in the
6:26 am
day. so we had a second fire alarm went off and we were a little skeptical about it. we weren't sure if this was a joke or prank or real or not. so i was in the building across from where the shooting was. about half of my classmates went outside. we saw security guards. they told us to go back inside. we heard firecrackers and we heard a firecracker-like noise. some of the students had to run to other classrooms and we thought at first that since we were told we were going to have an active shooter training sometime in the coming up weeks that this was our active shooter training and it is not serious. my class went to a closet. 30 kids were in the closet. and we weren't taking it serious because we thought it was just a drill for about 20 minutes and we were in that closet for an hour. then we heard sirens and a lot of us went on our phones and
6:27 am
started texting our parents and laong on new channels. we saw we were on the news and all my friends and i got text messages saying are you okay from places out of state and from our parents and also texted our parents to tell them we were safe and we were on lockdown. we know there is a shooter on school. we didn't have our phone i don't know if we would have realized there was a shooter in school. we didn't hear anything. we thought it was just a drill. and then i had some people call me that i couldn't answer because the shooter i was texting people and then i heard some students -- a few friends of mine, they got out from the other side of the building and they said that they needed somewhere to go. my house is right behind douglas. i told them they can go to my house. my dad was home. and they just ran there and so they stayed there and they got off campus. i was pretty good to hear that.
6:28 am
we were really scared for that and we were just trying to keep each other comforted and pretty scaring. >> sandra: 30 kids piled in a closet texting your parents, i'm sure, who were terrified. what did you think when you heard the accused shooter's name? nikolas cruz? >> actually there is a ninth grader who was in our grade and i believe his name is nikolas cruz, too. one of us thought it's him and we were surprised it was a freshman. others said oh, he is an ex-student, was part of rotc. a current senior. a lot of us were scared. we knew someone with that name and we were hoping it wasn't him. and it was kind of crazy. >> sandra: have you been able to connect with your friends this morning? >> a few of them. some i haven't been able to connect with. i don't know what's happening to them right now.
6:29 am
>> sandra: are you back with your family at home now? >> yes. >> sandra: i'm sure your parents were so scared while this was playing out. it is wonderful to hear your story and the many others that we are going to hear in coming days. we're so happy that you are safe, will, thank you for coming on this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: will is a freshman and that's just one of the many stories from inside the school. also coming up here we have heard from several students that describe the suspect they thought they knew as a classmate at that school. >> he was a kid that was in trouble. he always had jokes and there was crazy stuff he did. just not right for school. he got kicked out of school most of the time. >> bill: more on that and this is a live picture of the home where the student was last living. apparently he moved in with a family around thanksgiving time. there is a lot of police activity there. we'll take you there when we get more from that location.
6:30 am
nikolas cruz is in court later today. he is 19 years old. police are finding what they call very disturbing details on his life. lawmakers looking for answers and the gun control debate continues as it reopens again on capitol hill and across the country. >> when you put the whole picture together you see it is a serious that could be a serious problem. how can you prevent it from happening and get a jump on it? that's the problem here. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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>> bill: 9:33. parkland, florida, awaiting the news conference from the broward county sheriff's office. we'll hear from the president around 11:00 a.m. eastern time. what you are seeing is a line of police cars in parkland, florida, outside the home where we believe the suspect was living last and according to some reports he moved in there around thanksgiving time after he requested to move in with a
6:34 am
family friend in northwest broward county. according to the associated press reporting the family knew he owned an ar-15 and they had him keep it locked up in a safe but he had a key. he killed 17 people. others hospitalized and some in critical conditions. we'll hear from the doctors next hour here as well. 19-year-old cruz, the possible motivation at this hour still unclear. the florida governor rick scott vowing to leave no stone unturned in this investigation. here he was about an hour ago. >> there will be a thorough investigation and we'll know what happened in this case. hopefully we can take whatever happened here, we can't save the lives that we lost here but we do everything we can the make sure it doesn't happen again. you just can't imagine how a person can senselessly go shoot and kill another human being.
6:35 am
>> bill: that suspect facing 17 counts of premeditated murder. his first court appearance will happen as expected later this afternoon. >> sandra: here is what we know about the suspected shooter, nikolas cruz is in police custody in a county jail. police are questioning him about his motive. when asked students aren't shocked to learn that cruz was the shooter. police discovering a trail of very disturbing material on social media. >> he was a former student of douglas high school. he got expelled for disciplinary reasons. i don't know the specifics. we've already began to dissect his websites and some of the things that come to mind are very disturbing. >> sandra: let's bring in daniel linskey, former chief of police in boston. it just seems like there were so many red flags. why were these warning signs
6:36 am
missed or were they just ignored? >> there were amazing amount of red flags. hours after it was over students say they knew it even though they didn't see the person's face. a failure of the system. they expelled this child from the school. that's a procedure not a solution. law enforcement needs to be working with school officials, having conversations, exchanging information and constantly monitoring that threat. the expulsion might have aggravated the circumstances around this kid. there is an ability to do not social media monitoring but threat alerting. the language of harm around your school or campus and be alerted when you see pictures being put up of firearms and people talking about mutilating animals. that information if we had captured it authorities, law enforcement could have proper actively if they were made aware of it gone over and intervened. get resources with public health. find out what's going on with this kid. knowing he had a firearm, maybe
6:37 am
taking means to remove it until such time that we can be assured he was good mental health. >> sandra: do you think there was something that could have been implemented here to have stopped or prevented this shooting from ever happening? >> absolutely. there is behavioral intervention teams when challenging students present, the officials from the school, with law enforcement officials and public health officials in a team approach manage that individual. getting them services, getting them to a doctor and getting them some support and on a program where at least looking for threat keys that might be coming from that individual's social media profile. we don't want to monitor it but alerted if he is posting pictures of firearms and threats. especially in context to the school and places where he had some challenges. definitely systems. something has to be done to look at the first line of
6:38 am
defense, which is what -- kids don't talk to each other now. they talk to each other online. then we need to make sure our students have relationships with the teachers so that when they hear something. there are two different shootings stopped in the past couple months where students went to teachers where they saw something they didn't like on social media. the teachers got law enforcement official and the tragedies were averted. >> sandra: you heard a lot of that. if you see something, say something. these kids saw a lot on social media to the point it was as we've heard from many witnesses that this was an ongoing joke in the school that something was going to happen with this guy eventually. they knew what he was saying online. authorities are looking at what he was posting and saying it is completely worrisome. something like this was out there and it could have been prevented. so who -- it's tough to look back at any one thing that could have prevented this.
6:39 am
but the conversations already going political to guns. >> there is not any one thing that could have prevented this but there are different things that could have been put forth missed. opportunities were missed here. sometimes schools don't have the ability to share information with law enforcement on students. if that's the case we need to change legislation with that. we need to have a proactive system in place to keep all kids safe. >> sandra: what's next for the shooter as we look at him? this is him earlier. he was taken in barefoot to the jail. he was taken to the hospital for a short time. he is expected in court in the noon hour today. what happens with this accused shooter next? >> he is going to go to jail. his attorneys will probably try and mount a psychological defense and try to mitigate the number of years in prison he will spend. he is probably going to be a good candidate for cell farm inside the jail. it is a tragedy. so many lives impacted and lost. the ability to have at some
6:40 am
point prevented this is so glaring and that's what's making so many people angry. if the opportunities were there and people could have -- if there was a system in place where information could have been exchanged we could have done something. if our mental health laws. >> sandra: are you a fan of arming security guards in high schools? >> i'm a fan of school resource officer. they should be in each high school, absolutely. i don't believe we should arm teachers. they should focus on the kids. we don't want people in civilian clothing running around the school. we think we have a second shooter as opposed to one. armed security at schools is something i certainly support. >> sandra: hearing the fear in the 15-year-old freshman's voice, something has to change. dana linskey, thank you. >> bill: families waiting to hear news about their loved ones and their own children
6:41 am
inside that school. >> we can't find my grandson. that's all we know. we're waiting here to find out. they're trying to identify the bodies. and we're waiting here to see if we can get any word, any news, anything. >> last night police say all students were accounted for. keep in mind a lot of students left their backpacks behind and they had no identification on them. it took a long time. so far 17 is dead including one teacher. more than a dozen are seriously injured. the doctors will brief in 45 minutes. when you walk through the hallways here where we work, you know, ours is just one hallway and one office. in america you can see it on the faces of many. somber today. >> sandra: seeing the faces of those parents being reunited with their children outside the high school. the freshman we just spoke with was with 30 other students in a closet for an hour. thank goodness many of us had cell phones and able to
6:42 am
communicate with our parents while in there. >> bill: you think about the teachers and principals trying to keep people safe about america and doing these drills all the time once a month. >> sandra: there was one planned at school later that day. >> bill: remarkable this is the age in which we live and the generation that's growing up with us. some of these kids on tv are brave and strong and courageous and we've seen that for the past 12 hours. >> sandra: as we've mentioned president trump is going to be addressing the nation as america flies their flags at half staff we'll bring you that moments away. >> bill: there is a lot more to learn about the killer, about his life, the warning signs. lawmakers saying this time is finally the time for change. florida congressman is one of the voices by fred deutsche. >> what does it take for us to come to our senses as a civilized and loving people to
6:43 am
stop this mass murder?
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>> bill: if you are just joining us now we'll hear from the hospital, we'll hear from the sheriff in 30 minutes and hear from the president in an hour and 15 minutes. some people calling on congress to act in the wake of yesterday's deadly shooting rampage. a debate that begins today and will continue. florida congressman, a democrat live from the scene. you flew down last evening, is that correct? >> i did, bill. >> bill: what are you hearing from authorities and teachers? have you talked to any students? >> well, i did. i just talked to a student that i visited with. i was at the school a few weeks ago talking to a number of students in their politics club and some of their other groups who wanted to get together and learn how to be involved in the community. one of those students interviewed me for their school tv station. i just bumped into him after he did an interview and he just
6:47 am
looked at me and said i commended him for being so braved and offered condolences. he said i want there to be action. i don't want there to be division. i just want action. that was a powerful reminder of where we need to go. >> bill: so many have said they had a bad experience with this student. he was expelled from the school and warning signs and alerts about him and a security guard outside the school. how are you able to piece this together based on what i would argue the very few facts we have right now? >> well, there actually is a lot of information coming in and the f.b.i. is pulling together and i think has pulled together a lot of that. there has been some reporting. there are disturbing images this shooter had posted on social media. the students at the school who knew him were -- had real concerns about him and as we go
6:48 am
forward, one of the things i think we have to discuss is yes, it's important for us to talk about mental health generally and getting people access to care, but when someone posts the kinds of things that they post and make the kinds of claims that they make, how does that information wind up in the database for background checks? i don't know if it does. it would be reasonable for us to want to have that kind of information. >> bill: interesting point. no doubt. you mentioned the f.b.i. there is some reporting out there suggesting the f.b.i. was aware and they were aware of this 19-year-old. have you spoken to them about that? >> i have a call scheduled with them for later this morning. i think i saw the same reporting and it's obviously very concerning the reports that someone saw some of the posts, the threatening posts about possible school shootings. saw that on youtube. called the f.b.i. the f.b.i. followed up with the
6:49 am
individual who raised those concerns and then that person heard from the f.b.i. again yesterday after the shooting. obviously there is a lot we want to know about what transpired in between. >> bill: what is being reported is the person who saw it online reported it to the f.b.i. do you know if the f.b.i. spoke to this 19-year-old killer, did that happen? >> yeah, i don't know. that's the question that we all have. again, if someone saw what happened and reported it to the f.b.i., right now we need to know what the f.b.i. did with that information, how they treated it, how they -- what they did to conduct surveillance on this kid to the extent that they did. then we need to know -- learn from that to try to work that into policy proposals to prevent these things from happening in the future. >> bill: if true it is an intriguing development. ted deutch from florida.
6:50 am
give everybody our best. >> sandra: as we continue to learn more about the suspect we're awaiting an important update from doctors at the hospital that has taken in some of the critically injured patients. update straight ahead on that. >> i know that three people -- i think three in my classroom got hurt. i saw blood everywhere. taled ne. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
6:51 am
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>> beautiful town of parkland where i have lived up until a year ago, i lived here with my family and raised our kids here for 10 years. we lost a football coach tonight. my triplets graduated from this very school. we had a deputy sheriff whose son was shot tonight, shot in the arm.
6:54 am
>> sandra: we're awaiting an update from the broward county sheriff's office as well as doctors on the latest of the school shooting. 17 are now dead. several people are in critical condition. dr. marc siegel is a professor of medicine. horrible to have you under these circumstances. you have an update with the situation with the hospital that took in victims. >> i've been hearing from the broward health medical center. they also have -- they had seven patients and two life threatening. broward north which we heard from last night took in nine victims -- eight plus the shooter. three were in life threatening and three in non-life threatening. the three have been in and out of the operating room and started to stabilize them. the three that are in critical
6:55 am
condition have unstable vital signs. >> sandra: we'll continue to pray for them and their recovery. you have some information about the effects of a bullet from an ar14. >> here is the issue. a lot of it is hemorrhaging because you damage blood vessels. what people out there don't know is a lot of these blood vessels are damaged indirectly because a rifle like this, the bullet travels three times the speed of a handgun. when it enters the body it does something called -- it creates a large path. give you an idea. if it goes through a bone, the bone pulverizes, a handgun would lodge in the bone. it turns the liver to jelly. if it goes through the path, the path sends a ripple effect to damage blood vessels and why you need multiple operations to stabilize patients. exit wounds are the size of an orange. by the time it goes out of the body it's the size of an orange. if it splinters it can go to
6:56 am
various organs. they all require repair. the trauma surgery involved here is a great art. >> sandra: these doctors have a huge responsibility for those especially in critical condition. >> i think so. again, they don't necessarily know until the second or third operation how much damage has been done. the first operation is always stop the bleeding. that takes 24 hours to know also, sandra. you have to keep checking the hemoglobin to see if it's stable and go back in and find the bleeder you didn't even know about. stabilize the vital signs. three at broward north are awake. thank god the other three they're working on and hopefully save them all. >> bill: sandra, thank you. a lot happening next hour. we expect to get new information on the suspect. the shooting victims as well as the injured. we'll see the president address the american people. you will see that live. breaking news coverage on the
6:57 am
parkland massacre right after this break. i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended... ...prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed.
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>> sandra: this is a fox news alert. president trump will address the nation one hour from now as we await an update from the sheriff on the horrific florida school rampage due to begin minutes from now as new details emerge about one of the worst mass shootings in modern u.s. history. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. authorities describing a diabolical plot saying that nikolas cruz wearing a gas masks armed with an ar-15 and magazines of ammo pulled the fire alarm to lure students out of the classrooms and then opened fire as they went into the hallways. this story is developing by the minute. here is what we know so far. >> sandra: the gunman killed at least 17 people. students and staff. the number could rise as some victims fight for their lives. the suspect nikolas cruz was expelled from school last year
7:01 am
for bad behavior. >> cruz has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder and expected to appear in court for the first time later today. witnesses inside that school giving chilling accounts of the blood shed they saw. >> he pulled the fire drill. we went outside. boom, boom, boom. we heard gunshots. i thought it was firecrackers and after the last shot i'm out. >> i was in the classroom. i heard the gunshots. we went outside and the police let us go outside i saw dead bodies on the floor. >> you don't expect this. a gun to shoot up the skao. you are just like you never -- you start texting your family i love you. you never know if you get shot or killed right then and there. >> bill: cruz was caught without incident an hour later nearby.
7:02 am
investigators pouring over his media profile online with the sheriff calling his postings, quote, very, very disturbing. >> we've already begun to dissect his websites and the things on social media he was on and some of the things that come to mind have very, very disturbing. >> do you think this kid woke up this morning hell bent on causing massive destruction at the school. >> i have no idea. >> sandra: we have catherine herridge standing by with the latest on the investigation. >> as the investigation begins on the ground if florida and federal agencies build an electronic profile by analyzing social media accounts a disturbing picture is emerging of the suspect. he was expelled from the school for disciplinary reasons. school officials aren't confirming the exact details. he was expelled after a fight with his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. a former teacher said he was not allowed on campus with a
7:03 am
backpack as his behavior deteriorated. the school superintendent gave the basics at last night's news conference. >> today's shooter was a former marjory stoneman douglas student and currently enrolled in broward county schools. because of federal laws about student privacy i can't provide you any additional information about this student at this time. >> this morning we're working to confirm whether the f.b.i. was contacted about a post he made online last fall about becoming a professional school shooter. we hope to learn more about that specific topic at the news conference 10 minutes from now. >> sandra: it looks like there were so many warnings out there. what are we learning about his family? >> most of the information is coming from a lawyer who represents a friend whose family took cruz in. the lawyer confirmed his adoptive father died when the suspect was a child and lost his adopted mother suddenly. he was living in a trailer with
7:04 am
a friend's family trying to regroup. >> wouldn't have any other place to go and they had an extra room and he lived there and lived among them and was going to school at an adult education center. was working at a dollar store. seemed to be getting his life back together. getting over the loss of his mother and this totally came out of left field. they had no idea. no predilection. >> the friend of the family had no idea he was dangerous. they said cruz made a comment about not going to school on valentine's day. it seemed odd at the time and don't know if it was connected to what he did yesterday afternoon. >> sandra: let's bring in former f.b.i. agent. >> they will dig deeply into all the social media and any writings he may have had at his
7:05 am
computer. we'll see a lot of things that could have tell graphed what possibly could occur. it is important for the public to realize when you see these sort of things, this is the type of information to bring forth and let the authorities know. >> sandra: these are some of the pictures we are showing our audience right now that were grabbed from some of his social media accounts. he was clearly advertising the fact that he had gotten control and ownership of multiple guns and was making that very clear to those who followed him. these are just some of the pictures and we know that he posted pictures of targets that he was clearly practicing on and advertising that to those who followed him on social media. some of the gruesome things he said what he wanted to do with these guns is why authorities are calling those posts very disturbing. why was this not enough of a red flag? >> it was a red flag. i think the problem is that a lot of people don't realize
7:06 am
that they have to act. they can't leave it up to somebody else. many people are afraid thinking i don't want to report somebody and blame them for a crime that is never going to happen. people need to realize if you call the authorities, they aren't going to run out and arrest somebody. they'll make contact, see what it's about. keep it anonymous so they'll never know you are the one that called. but the worst thing that happens it is a misunderstanding. the best thing you could possibly prevent what happened yesterday. >> sandra: if he was able to legally obtain the ar-15 with a background check, what could have possibly prevented him from acquiring that? this was clearly somebody who was unstable enough to post things like this and we he know some of the things that he said and that he wanted to do. that he wanted to shoot as many people as possible. he was making that very clear. what could have stopped this? >> when he applied for a weapon, there is no reference to any social media, no one
7:07 am
doing a background check is looking at something like that. but the people who are seeing his social media if they brought it to the attention of the authorities, and things like this in the future if people do so the authorities could perhaps intervene, contact with law enforcement. perhaps law enforcement might have referred this person for a psychiatric attention or perhaps they would have discovered elements of preparation of a crime. anything to try to intervene before this occurs again. >> sandra: police say he was armed with multiple magazines and at least the one ar-15 we're talking about or that style rifle. we know in these multiple social media posts he is brandishing a pistol that appears to be this type of gun, a bb gun and other pictures he is covering his face with a black handkerchief and brandishing long knives. what changes based on your experience could be made as we look into the future and try to
7:08 am
prevent these things from happening again? >> people want to talk about gun control and perhaps there are issues to be addressed there. but this is also a mental health problem. and we have to make sure that we have the resources that are available. that's the one thing we're lacking in this country. the ability for law enforcement, friends, family, to intervene. this is a troubled person who needed psychiatric care. was that available to him? probably not. we need to be able to look at those solutions because these problems aren't going away. >> sandra: 19 years old, expected in court in the noon hour eastern time today. he is sitting in the county jail right now after being released from the hospital after a short period. what should happen to this 19-year-old man? >> well, the court is going to take a look at this and determine is he competent to stand trial? based on his actions that's probably going to be the case. regardless of psychiatric
7:09 am
issues, if you know the difference between right and wrong, and this was wrong, he should stand trial for his crimes. >> sandra: so we know he is charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder of these 17 people who are now dead. we have a lot more to learn. we're expected the hear from the white house at the top of the next hour. john, what do you want to hear from the president today as this story moves forward and sure enough it is already becoming political? >> every time we have an issue like this it becomes political. i think what the country wants to hear number one is a president that is emotion pennsylvania thet -- there is a time to discuss the issues of what we do next and we would like to see congress and political action in that direction. but right now let's deal with the problems at hand. let's allow the people who have suffered to recover and mourn appropriately. then let's not just wait for
7:10 am
the next one, let's do something about it today. >> sandra: we'll hear from the broward county sheriff in a moment as well and get more facts on this. thanks for coming on with us today. >> bill: a couple of things happening right now. you can see the governor rick scott. he was at the hospital last night. meeting with a lot of people at the school as well. this morning he said they're mad, i'm mad. this school system cares enough to figure this out. we await more news on that. i thought it was also touching what marco rubio had to say earlier today. people choose to move to this community. it is one of the safest places you'll find in all of america. >> sandra: he knew it well and knew many people who live in that community. >> bill: at the moment here is what we expect next. awaiting an update from the broward county sheriffs office. the doctors from the hospital will brief as well and the president will address the nation at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. all of that is coming up here. and the congressman jim jordan live from the hill about the
7:11 am
renewed debate in america. all that moments away on "america's newsroom." >> i know that he also went to the school. i heard he was a former student. just like me, he knows where there will be a lot of people at a certain time. so i don't think it's a coincidence. mercedes-benz glc with its high-tech cameras and radar, contemporary cockpit, 360 degree network of driver-assist technologies, and sporty performance, what's most impressive about the glc? all depends on your point of view. lease the glc300 for just $449 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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going somewhere? whoooo. here's some advice. tripadvisor now searches more... ...than 200 booking sites - to find the hotel you want and save you up to 30%. trust this bird's words. tripadvisor. >> sandra: right now we're waiting an update on yesterday's dead lay mass shooting at a florida high school and president trump expected to speak at 11:00 a.m.
7:15 am
eastern time. jim jordan joins us now. congressman, thanks for coming on this morning. just horrible tragic news continues to come in. 17 dead as a result of this mass shooting. your thoughts this morning as we all wake up and continue to see the horrific news. >> every time one of these terrible things happens you first think about the family. we all have kids and grandkids and you think about those families who lose loved ones and probably a lot of americans like us you think wow, not another one of these things. you can only pray and hope that this stuff stops and you obviously thank the law enforcement individuals who go in there and risk their lives and try to do the best they can in these terrible situations. >> sandra: authorities are talking about a very disturbing social media profile this killer had. it was visible. his anger was visible, his willingness and ability to carry something out like this
7:16 am
out was visible. why wasn't something done? >> i don't know. i would have to see how much -- where he got the weapon. if there was any type of things that should have been noticed during that process or what. it is hard to say. you just -- there are sometimes evil and bad things happen and we wish they didn't but hopefully we can have where this doesn't happen as much in the future. i don't know what else to say. we can hope our culture and country doesn't have as many of these things take place as we move forward. >> sandra: there are a lot of conversations this morning. this has already gone political to the gun control debate and conversation but a lot of talk about government's responsibility with social media as you see those disturbing images of his accounts, whether it was instagram or facebook. is there a bigger role that government should be playing with social media companies to track these things down? >> we have to be careful.
7:17 am
the first amendment is very important. the second amendment as well. whenever we have one of these tragedies take place folks want to infringe on fundamental liberties that we as americans enjoy. on the second amendment we have an endless number of gun control laws and regulations currently on the books. i don't know that more of those will stop evil like this when it takes place. i always say bad people aren't -- they are bad people. they will get around the law and do something bad if they're bent on doing that. we have to be real careful about restricting fundamental liberties. where we can do it with the bill of rights and constitution we have to be open to it but we have to be careful. >> sandra: what we know is the killer acquired the gun legally and passed a background check. an ar-15 style rifle. we're waiting on more details on what exactly that was. the gun control debate seems to be heating up already. hard to believe this quickly. >> it always does.
7:18 am
>> after the kids went through this in this high school. where do you fall on this? does another mass shooting like this change the debate from your perspective at all? >> i always say the second amendment is next to the first because it's important. the founders understood that. i don't see that -- remember, this guy broke law. he brought a weapon to a gun-free zone. there are already laws on the books that say that you should not be bringing firearms to this location. that was the case and he violated the law. what other laws are we going to put in place to stop this? i don't know that you can. bad people figure out ways to do bad things. they don't adhere to the rule of law as evidenced by what the terrible deeds this individual did. i'm always nervous about putting restrictions on law-abiding citizens fundamental liberties when we have these terrible situations take place. >> sandra: the broward county sheriff is expected to talk in a few minutes and president
7:19 am
trump at the top of the hour. what does he need to say to the nation right now and people are terrified to send their kids to school in many parts -- this was an incredibly safe community. >> i'm sure the president will have reassuring words for the country. i thought what he tweeted out earlier on this issue was right on track. so i'm sure he will say that he feels for the families who were impacted and our thoughts and prayers are with them. as americans we have a way of coming together and praying for our fellow citizens when terrible things like this take place. i'm sure the president will have comments along those lines and we look forward to hearing what he has to say. >> sandra: what he has been addressing as you referenced, he is talking about mental health being a major problem in this country. >> yeah. >> sandra: congressman jim jordan, great of you to be on this morning under horrible circumstances unfortunately. a busy week for congress. thank you for coming on. >> bill: a lot of things moving
7:20 am
now. jeff sessions comments about the school shooting. listen. >> it is partnering with you. we in the federal government aren't competitors or need to be trying to take over jurisdiction. but we need to work with you and be able to amplify many of the things that you are doing. and use these fine federal officers in an effective way. i want to -- sheriff, thank you for your support and this group's support. i am not forgetting it. also as a native floridian, i know this is a painful day to you. the tragedy we've seen there really all americans feel the loss that we've seen in that school and young people we lost. it is certainly a tragic event and we are going to work on it in many ways to do something about it. it cannot be denied that
7:21 am
something dangerous and unhealthy is happening in our country and we are once again watching the images of children terrified, streaming out of their school, hands over their heads. it's an image we don't need to continue to see. when parents once again go to sleep and fearful their kids will not be safe even when they go to school. parents have told me and gang-infested neighborhood that children can no longer stand on the bus stop by themselves. parents take turns of being out there every morning and afternoon. so we have to confront the problem. there is no doubt about it. i know that each and every one of you in this room feel the same way. i know that our sheriff in florida trained schools and committed his resources and effort to try to train school people and other groups on how to respond to these kind of
7:22 am
tragedies. i bet most of you do the same thing in major cities. so we at the department of justice are going to make this a priority. but we know your deputies -- your deputies are the ones who arrive first. they respond to the danger, not knowing what they are going to see but responding, putting their own lives at risk to save our children. and without regard to their personal safety. that's something we have to always remember. in this situation that we're seeing just cannot continue. we will take such action as we are able to take. we've got to reverse these trends we're seeing in these shootings. since the day i took office in conjunction with our state and local colleagues and our sheriffs departments, we prioritize violent crime and violations of federal firearms laws. in the first quarter that i was
7:23 am
sworn in, we -- we sent out a directive on gun prosecutions. the first quarter i was in office we saw a 23% increase in gun prosecutions. virtually all of those, or a big percentage of those, came tr partnering with our state and local law enforcement. this is a big issue for us. i think effective enforcement of our gun laws focusing on criminals and dangerous people, mentally ill people that have been -- where we have the legal ability to do so can reduce violence in our communities and improve public safety. it is not good if we've got gun laws that say criminals can't carry guns that never get enforced. we intend to enforce our laws and if anything, the recent events have caused us to know we need to do even more in the
7:24 am
future. so i have directed today we met with -- this morning our office of legal policy to work with our partners at health and human services, the department of education across this administration to study the intersection of mental health and criminality and violence and to identify how we can stop people before these heinous crimes occur. it is just too often the case that the perpetrators have given signals in advance. we had a brief meeting with your leaders before this speech and they all agreed that every one of these cases we've had advance indications. and perhaps we have haven't been effective enough intervening immediately to deal with that. it appears we've seen that again in this case.
7:25 am
so you are experienced professionals. you and i know we cannot arrest everybody that somebody thinks is dangerous. but i think we can and we must do better. we owe it to every one of those kids crying outside their school yesterday and all those who never made it out of that school. our hearts are hurting today and all the law enforcement community knows that we have a challenge in front of us. i know together we'll meet it. it is also a reminder of how important the work of law enforcement is. people sometimes denigrate or don't appreciate what you and your deputies do until we have a tragedy. and then they are glad you're there. and that's who is called upon. the most important thing that any government does is to protect the safety and rights of its citizens and i understand the importance in this country of respecting the civil rights of every american
7:26 am
as you do. it's taught in your training academies, you teach it every day in your meetings with your deputies before they go out to work. but the first civil right is the right to life, the right to be safe in your community. that's a fundamental right that you protect every single day. everything else we do in government depends on that. we cannot allow politics or bad policy to get in the way of this mission. all of us no matter your political party depend upon law officers for our safety and protection. i know first-hand the important work that each of you do. my experience as i indicated was firsthand working directly with sheriffs and deputies. and we'll continue to do that and we want to see that even further advanced under my tenure with the federal government in working with
7:27 am
state government. back in mobile, i worked with sheriff there and sam cochrane and he -- i remember sam as a lieutenant narcotics officer. next thing you know he is sheriff. i think he is like you, sheriff judd. judd doesn't even have opponents when he runs for reelection. but good sheriffs are important to our communities. you all know that. together we are a close group of teammates taking drugs off our streets. dismantling international gangs and fraud schemes. we prosecuted civil rights violations to the fullest extent. there is nothing i'm more proud of than having worked with our law enforcement community as a united states attorney. >> bill: addressing a sheriffs
7:28 am
conference in washington, d.c. said a number of things. dangerous and unhealthly in our country. we will make it a priority. the message from the attorney general in washington caroline shiedly is with us outside the school in parkland, florida. we're about to hear from the sheriff and more others, the doctors who work in the hospital. caroline, good morning to you. what are you picking up before these briefings begin? >> one of the most interesting things is talking to students. many of them weren't surprised nikolas cruz when they were told that name not a surprise in the bunch. i have covered way too many of these shootings, bill, as have you. there is always a surprise, not my neighbor, not my friend, not that student. but in this case many of the students who went to school with him at this high school before he was kicked out last year said yes, plenty of people joked about it and mentioned his name even before he was listed as a suspect. now he stands charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder,
7:29 am
bill. >> bill: thank you, caroline. want to bring in bret baier and you heard from jeff sessions. what are you hearing in washington so far as the debate gets underway yet again? >> it is tough to listen to. he has said the department of justice has decided to work with department of hhs on mental health and school violence. we've heard all of these prescriptions before. capitol hill has really not addressed this issue despite all of the shootings we've been dealing with over the past year. just since this year the shootings that we've been dealing with. now, there are all kinds of things are talked about but as far as action and something actually happening, it hasn't happened. you've sensed this frustration around the country with this. after las vegas 59 dead. there was not any legislative action that was taken. i'm not talking just gun
7:30 am
control or something that has to do with security. there was nothing. and you wonder, bill, what will be the impetus for something to change. >> bill: i think what jeff sessions just said to these sheriffs really hits home for everybody. if you are parent and a student in school you want to make sure they're safe there. he said you have the right to be safe, you have the right to life and the right to safety in your community. i would imagine the president picks up on that in 30 minutes from now when we hear from him. >> i totally agree. you talk about infrastructure projects. he is talking about building a wall along the southern border, talking about improving highways and airports, how about security at schools? maybe add that to the list of the infrastructure projects. you could see the president say something like that. i think this white house is looking to try to find something active, positive to say that they are at least pursuing to deal with this
7:31 am
problem that we have seen far too much. >> bill: i would imagine his tone is very important. the tone and message that he delivers is something that we're listening for. this is a west wing that has been getting hit from a lot of sides. the events of the day and the news of the world have a way, bret, as you know of sending us in a different direction almost immediately. this is one of those stories when it broke yesterday around 3:00 in the afternoon. and bill nelson was on with peter doocy. i saw him on your program. he said there were multiple casualties and he mentioned fatalities. we waited for hours before we received a number. and when the number hits you, it is 17 holding right now. we hope it doesn't go any higher. it can take the national conversation and send it in a different direction, which it has already. >> big time. it has. it will take a lot of the oxygen and rightfully so of the news coverage over the next day.
7:32 am
there are big things, big stories happening here, immigration, the vote affecting a lot of people. but this and you're right, the tone of the president as a real consoler in chief really. we've seen this role many times before. president obama played it many times. but now this president is going to be in that role in a devastating situation in south florida. >> sandra: you know, bret, sandra smith. as we do await the update here from broward county and as we await the president coming up at the top of the hour, this is a big moment for the president. i mean, he showed a lot of compassion in the wake of these tragedies and here 17 students dead down in florida. the president -- this is an important time for him to come out. what do you expect he will say? you make such a great point about there was no legislative change after las vegas.
7:33 am
and here we have 17 dead in florida. jim jordan didn't suggest a few minutes ago there is any discussion about any change in the future. >> yeah. i think there is a real opportunity for the president to lead on this issue. and it is complex. and it has -- you talk about taking heat, as he did about the immigration issue. you would take heat for some kind of comprehensive piece of legislation that deals with the big picture here. but there has been nothing done -- i mean zero, not even a proposal that has come forward. and you are now talking about a chronic situation for the country that we have dealt with for many years since columbine in colorado. and there are people sitting in their homes, sending their kids to school saying what does my school have? is there anything?
7:34 am
is there a security guard? is there some process by which my kids are going to be protected? as the children are saying they are stepping over dead bodies to get out of the school that they just went to learn in. >> bill: bret, stand by. we're waiting on more information from florida and hear from the sheriff, hospital and president. a former f.b.i. agent with me now. good morning to you. speaking with my youngest sister last night, a high school teacher in cincinnati, ohio says we were just practicing our drills yesterday morning and her story is not unique. it is just one of many, hundreds, if not thousands in schools across the country when you are teaching a freshman in high school, a 15-year-old young boy or young girl how to use your desk as a way of deflecting a bullet that could potentially come in your
7:35 am
classroom. wow. this generation is growing up with a reality that we have never faced before in this country. based on your own experience, what is the lasting effect on that for a young man or a young woman as they grow older in their life? >> it seems every generation grows up with a different set of problems who makes that makes life harder. this is a different world than what you or i experienced when we went to school. but the important thing to remember is it's not going away. it is not going to change. so wishing it was something different or hoping it is going to get better and better is probably not the way to go. the way to go is to prepare our children and make sure they understand the dangers in the world. doing it in a way that's sensitive and not scaring them. not making them paranoid but making them prepared. >> bill: sandra and i were commenting last hour how remarkably strong these young
7:36 am
men and women seem on camera. have you noticed that as well? just the way they're able to recount their experience and do it with such strength i would suggest. >> i have dealt with young victims throughout my entire law enforcement career. it is amazing how resilient these people can be which is why we shouldn't underestimate their ability to protect themselves. this generation, unlike any other, is using technology so much. we saw all the tweets and instagram messages sent out to their families. we can use that same technology perhaps to try to let law enforcement know in advance some of the things they're seeing and what concerns them. >> bill: as we await the sheriff to come before the microphone here, there is a report out there suggesting that somebody online saw the killer here post something several months ago and they reported it to the f.b.i. and interviewed by the f.b.i.
7:37 am
how often is that happening now where someone sees something online, they report it to authorities and it is followed up by the federal government? >> well, if it was reported to the f.b.i., certainly it doesn't mean it was ignored. the f.b.i. gets a voluminous amount of information and they take all things seriously. the problem is when they look at it on its face value, is it enough to be able to allow the government to do something more? in our country we don't want the government prying into our personal business unless there is a reason. so a posting and having not seen what it is may not be enough. but that's why i talk about with young people and their access to technology, perhaps if the f.b.i. had been sent multiple images and multiple persons expressing concern, that would have given rise to do something further. >> bill: what is the policy, though, within the agency for something to alert them, that would get them to move and act to the point of face-to-face
7:38 am
contact and in-person interview? >> first amendment rights, people have free speech in this country. if you are posting pictures with weapons, etc., that is fine. it's when you are making some sort of specific threat. if the message is i want to go out and kill people, that certainly gives rise to law enforcement intervention. we don't know exactly what was shared with the f.b.i. yet. and i'm guessing it may not have been enough to do anything because it fell within the guidelines of free speech. >> bill: we're still trying to confirm those stories, too. thank you for your expertise on that. he is a former f.b.i. agent. stand by. we'll get more information in a matter of minutes here. >> sandra: a lot coming up in the next couple of minutes. we're awaiting an update. the microphones are set up in broward, county. we're awaiting an update from the sheriff and as well as the victims. many are still in the hospital now and we'll get an update there and we're awaiting president trump addressing the
7:39 am
nation at the top of the hour. we will have this update for you in florida in just a few moments. people would stare.
7:40 am
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don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. >> sandra: we are awaiting an update on the florida shooting that happened yesterday leaving 17 dead. many more still injured and in critical condition in three area hospitals there. you are look being live at parkland, florida where we're expected to get an update from the county sheriff there on the situation with those victims. what happened yesterday, further details we await from authorities on the ground there, f.b.i. investigation is underway at this moment. let's get an update on that. catherine herridge is live in washington with the latest on that. what are we learning? >> good morning. within the last half hour we've had some comments from attorney general jeff sessions who has been getting regular updates on the shooting in florida. he told a conference here in washington that's focused on the opioid crisis he has
7:43 am
directed a justice department entity called the office of legal policy to work with health and human services as well as the department of education to study the intersection of violence and mental health in schools. the attorney general also said that this trend has to be reversed and he also said there were strong indications that there were warning signs that the suspect was going to take action in what we saw. something similar to what we saw in florida. we're trying to independently confirm reports this morning that there was a warning to the f.b.i. that came from a blogger in mississippi in september. there was a comment under one of his youtube videos from an individual who identified online as nikolas cruz and his aspirations to become a professional school shooter. this individual says he was interviewed briefly by the f.b.i. at that time and contacted again after the florida shooting but that's what we see in the reports right now. we're trying to independently confirm that and find out more whether any action was taken by the f.b.i. to identify the
7:44 am
person who made that posting online and whether that nikolas cruz online was the nikolas cruz who is the suspect in the florida shooting. >> sandra: an update on the f.b.i. investigation currently underway. you're looking live at parkland, florida. we're told the authorities are there and nearby the cameras but they are all having a huddle and conversation right now about what they know and they are about to share a lot of that information with us. broward county sheriff scott israel is expected to provide an update. a lot we don't know still at this point. >> bill: just picking up some of the reporting so far. there is no motive that has been made public yet. we've seen a lot of social media postings. a lot of people trying to connect dots now. no motive has been announced for attacking the school with 3,000 kids inside. he was adopted. his mother passed away the 1st of november due to pneumonia.
7:45 am
we also know he requested -- the killer did and moved in with a family friend right around thanksgiving time. apparently he had a number of weapons in a safe that were held inside that house. and he was the one who had the key for the safe. but beyond that there has been very few facts that we've been able to piece together right now about why he chose this school on that day. >> sandra: we know the accused shooter was brought in and interviewed by authorities overnight for about 12 hours about the motive and trying to find out what that was. perhaps we'll learn more in a few moments here. he was then escorted to the county jail where he is now awaiting a court appearance that is happening in the noon hour eastern time today. he has been charged 17 counts of premeditated murder. >> he was kicked out of school a year ago. the camera with a number of
7:46 am
people coming in is the sheriff from broward county and others. we'll pause for a moment and let our fox stations join us as our coverage continues now. this is fox news coverage now of the deadly high school shooting in florida. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. 17 confirmed dead. at least 15 others wounded. the sheriff from broward county about to brief reporters and then we'll hear from the doctors treating the injured. 19-year-old student nikolas cruz is the suspect. picked up not far from the school an hour after the shooting killing spree began and charged earlier today with 17 counts of premeditated murder. the broward county sheriff is scott israel and has been a source of all the information when it comes to facts in the story. now we hear from him again live in florida. >> all the victims families have been notified. we will be releasing a list of those that lost their lives
7:47 am
yesterday. it will be released in a very short period of time. but all the families have been notified. our detectives worked through the night on this very daunting and challenging task but it had to be done and it was the right thing to do and they worked tirelessly. this community is hurting right now. there will be a lot of conversations over the next couple of days and weeks and i will be very animated about what i think this country can do to possibly prevent these tragedies in the future. today is a day of healing and a day of mourning. the suspect is in custody. he will be appearing before his first magistrate today at 2:00 p.m. at the broward county courthouse. this morning we have begun working with the f.b.i. and you'll be hearing from the special agent in charge of the
7:48 am
f.b.i. in a few minutes. we're also working with the florida department of law enforcement under the direction of troy walker and interview every student and person in that school that possibly knew something. they will be thoroughly debriefed and we'll make sure we're able to prosecute this case, the suspect has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. and law enforcement will do everything we can, the f.b.i., ourselves, to make sure that this person is convicted of all charges and that justice is served. sadly, there have been copycat threats made today at other schools. we will respond to every threat. every threat we receive will not classify it as a prank call
7:49 am
or copycat. we will respond in full and investigate it. any call that is made, any fake call, any call that is made to take out resources at a time like this and place them in places where we don't need to be, we will do the full power of the sheriffs office will investigate this and charge anyone accordingly with the maximum charge we possibly could for doing something so horrific, so pathetic. governor scott is going to come up and speak and then you will hear from special agent in charge of the f.b.i. i'll return to the microphone and answer some questions. i think it's noteworthy that at our next press conference i will be releasing a timeline based on investigation and video that we've captured as to what happened yesterday and i would like to take you through
7:50 am
it in chronological order. we aren't ready to do that at this time. when we are we'll be back and release that. now i would like to introduce florida's governor rick scott. >> thank you for everybody in the sheriff's department for all their hard work to make sure that this individual -- we have justice and make sure it never happens again. so i think everybody up here will say the same thing. we -- our hearts and prayers are with these families. the families that clearly lost their loved ones and other families that have loved ones still in the hospital. i had the opportunity to visit with some of those families last night and then also we want to make sure this never happens again. the next week in tallahassee i will sit down with state leaders and have a real conversation about two things. how do we make sure when a parent is ready to send their child to school that in florida that parent knows that child will be safe?
7:51 am
number two, how do we make sure that individuals with mental illness do not touch a gun? we need to have a real conversation so we have public safety for our schools in this state. i've spoken with the speaker, and the senate president. they are committed to provide the resources and have a real conversation about how do we make sure that we have public safety? i want to make sure that my children and my grandchildren, yours, everybody in this state can wake up and be safe. i will stay here and do everything i can. i know all the state resources are here. attorney general and everyone will work hard with the sheriff's department and school district but the violence has to stop. we cannot lose another child in this country to violence in a school. there are many families grieving right now. we have to grieve with them,
7:52 am
mourn with them but give them their space. there will be a time that they will want to tell their story but right now as you talk to individuals -- we went through this, they want their own time to grieve. i want to thank everybody from the sheriff's department and to the federal government for everything they're doing and the school district to keep people safe and thank the attorney general for the victim advocates that are coming down here to be helpful. >> good morning. i'm rob last key special agent in charge of the f.b.i. i want to express my heart felt condolences to the victims, family, friends and the entire community who suffered this senseless and cowardly act. the f.b.i. continues to stand by he the broward county sheriffs office to support them and give them every resource they need to investigate this crime. in 2017 the f.b.i. received
7:53 am
information about a comment made on a youtube channel. the comment said i'll be a professional school shooter. no other information was included with that comment which would indicate a time, location, or the true identity of the person who made the comment. the f.b.i. conducted database reviews, checks but was unable to further identify the person who actually made the comment. again as a native south floridian my heart goes out to the victims, the families and friends and the entire community. thank you. >> i would like to bring up our superintendent of schools, ron runcie. >> again, we can't say this enough, every minute of the day is focusing on how we can support our families, our students and our staff as we
7:54 am
work through this horrific situation. we have provided grief counselors at several locations for our students. two in parkland, two in corral springs, and, you know, we are doing everything we can to make sure that we are supporting our students and we're also providing grief counselors on site for students and staff at west glades middle school that is near here. throughout the district we're providing guidance to all of our schools on how to have conversations with our students on this particular topic. i will tell you that students have been reaching out to me, reaching out to staff, probably board members and others saying that now -- now is the time for this country to have a real
7:55 am
conversation on sensible gun control laws in this country. so our students are asking for that conversation. i hope we can get it done in this generation. if we don't, they will. the second thing i would say and the governor alluded to it, something that we can do now and get done in this legislative session is real funding for mental health support for our youth and organizations in our communities so we can properly provide the right kind of intervention. we should not have disconnected youth wandering around in our communities when we know they need additional support. i've been on the phone with members of the legislature. they will work with the leaders there and the governor to substantially increase the thaments are being put on the table right now for mental health services so we can have more counselor, more psychologists and family counselors and caseworkers in our schools. it is absolutely needed. the last thing i would say is that there have been a lot of
7:56 am
inquiries as to where individuals can provide support. i want to thank everyone in the broward community and around this country for your continued thoughts and prayers, acts of kindness that we see minute by minute. there is a go fund me account that has been set up as we talked about yesterday. there have been a lot of fraudulent type of activity set up out there. so we have worked to establish something that is credible. go fund me account stoneman douglas fund. go fund me stoneman douglas fund which folks can make contributions. again, please keep our babies, our families, and this entire community in your prayers as we go through this healing process. it is going to take quite a while for us to be able to deal with this but we'll do everything we can every day, the greatest amount of flexibility we can the make
7:57 am
sure we're supporting our families. again, i want to thank our law enforcement agency, sheriff israel, f.b.i., first responders. they have been incredible and i want to acknowledge some heroes in our school. we had an athletic director, campus monitor, who responded immediately when there were signs of trouble in the school. unfortunately those two heroes gave their lives for our kids and probably to help prevent this from being a worse tragedy than it is today. we need to acknowledge the heroes in our schools every single day. our teachers and educators ensuring our children are learning but they love them and treat them as if they're their own children and put their lives on the line every day. that's another thing we need to do is figure how to better compensate and reward teachers in this country and not give lip service to the the quality of work they provide. thank you.
7:58 am
>> as i said yesterday when our attorney general found out about this tragedy having dealt with the pulse nightclub and having a lot of expertise in this area unfortunately, they got on the plane and she was down here within hours and has begun to help a lot of our families out. i want her to tell you about the great things they're doing to try to help out families in parkland. >> thank you, sheriff, thank you, governor and thank you, special agent. last night there were over two scenes going on. one the actual crime scene and broward sheriff's office second to none. they were unbelievable what they did. that crime scene from a prosecution point of view was meticulously detailed, processed and it took as long as it needed to take to make sure it was thoroughly processed and accurate ray processed. the other scene was at the
7:59 am
hotel where we were with the family members. having to tell with the f.b.i. advocates and my advocates that a child some 14 years old dead is one of the hardest things you have to do in your career. these parents, tremendous families are grieving and again please respect their privacy. we were there until about 3:30 in the morning with these families. and many of them had siblings who were in the school and survived and then a brother or a sister did not. so that was extremely tragic. we're praying for these families. we will continue to pray for these families and that justice is done for the one that brutally murdered all of these students. my job now will continue to be to help the victims and the families. we have gotten to all of the victims who have lost loved ones to be sure that we can help pay for their funeral expenses. if you are in the hospital with
8:00 am
your family, we will be coming to you today to help you to make sure we help with your hospital bills. you have nothing to worry about there. we also will be on scene with f.b.i. and with superintendent who has done a great job. our advocates will be there to provide counseling. what we saw in las vegas and what we saw as pulse. people who we don't think who were impacted were impacted and we'll provide counseling for all of them. i was on the phone with 2:00 a.m. with go fund me and first thing this morning. it is safe to give to go fund me. they are pulling bad websites off constantly and monitoring everything. one of the top people at go fund me knew a victim. that's how far reaching this is. there will be one unified site. please don't be afraid to give to go fund me. all of these victims and families will be protected and governor, i cannot th


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