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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 15, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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country. we wish you comfort and peace, to all of you there. thank you for being our guest. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. >> let's go! >> the suspect has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. >> i find probable cause. i find the proof of guilt to be evidence or the presumption great. sir, you're held with no bond. >> neil: incredible. just incredible. new details are emerging as we speak about the florida school shooting as the suspect makes his first appearance in court. nikolas cruz charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. here's what we know right now. we're waiting for an official timeline from the broward county sheriff. that could come any minute. officials say they know where the weapon was purchased and it
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was purchased legally. we also know there's still bodies on the scene, even now. it's still an active investigation. names of the 17 victims just released by officials. phil keating in coral springs right now has -- parkland florida, i should say, with more. phil? >> hi, neil. this afternoon at 2:00 eastern time, the young man accused of the worst high school shooting as far as fatalities goes outsurpassing the 13 victims of columbine, nikolas cruz went to court facing a magistrate. the judge ordered mr. cruz who stands 5'7" and weighs 131 pounds, that he notified him that he's charged with 17 counts of first degree murder. he will remain in custody without bond in the custody of the broward county sheriff's
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office. cruz did not say anything really at the court. there was very much a first appearance formality. his arraignment will be coming up in the near future. but mr. cruz had his first appearance. you can tell he's a slight young man. what he's accused of doing is unwielding a rampage of terror and destruction not only destroying lives but destroying families, parents, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, loved ones who last night realized the person they perhaps saw that morning they'll never see again. that was the court wrapping up very quickly and the judge did have some brief commentary in the courtroom. take a listen. >> i find probable cause. i further find the proof of guilt to be evident. mr. cruz, you'll be held without bond until further order of the court, this order is without prejudice for you to feel a motion to set bond with your
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assigned division judge and request a hearing. >> this morning at the 10:45 a.m. rough time presser, daily briefing by the broward county sheriff's department, governor scott and attorney general pam bondi and the school's superintendent, they all continued to express the devastating grief that they're still victim too. the second day after this tragedy is not any better than how horrible and horrific it was yesterday. later this afternoon one of the responding officers after those 911 calls went out at 2:23 p.m. from inside the school yesterday about an active shooter and multiple people down, the coconut police officer that was assisting broward county here, he is the one that arrested the suspect in the neighborhood about a middle away. here's how he described it. >> as i continued down this roadway, i discovered an
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individual walking on the sidewalk that was wearing the clothing description that had been given over the radio. he looked like a typical high school student. for a quick moment i thought could this be the person? is this who i need to stop? >> talk about a stroke of dan good fortune for that arresting officer. keep in mind, this was an hour, an hour and 15 minutes after the first bullets started flying in the high school off in distance behind me. no timeline when it will reopen, perhaps next week or later than next week. we got details today, confirmed that in fact the suspect, cruz, took an uber, uber confirmed
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this, took an uber to the school with the gun, gas mask, smoke grenades all on his possession unleashing the terror on two floors inside the high school before doing what other school shooters have not done in mass shooters. he did not inflict suicide upon himself. instead, put down his weapons and tried to blend in with the fleeing students and teachers. the description was given by so many witnesses on what he was wearing that officer was able to nail him down about a mile away. neil? >> neil: amazing. phil keating, thanks very much. how much was this was telegraphed? how much could authorities have known? catherine herridge on that side of the story. >> the lead fbi agent for the miami field office confirmed to reporters that fbi agents investigated a disturbing online
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comment to a youtube account under the same name as the suspect, nikolas cruz. the agent said the lead went cold because there was no indication to indicate time, location or the individual's true identity. fox news asked the fbi to clarify whether agents filed to identify the computer's ip address, the code that identifies every computer. the 19-year-old suspect was in a florida court this afternoon as forensic teams continued to process the crime scene. the evidence will be used to build a case against cruz as well as interviews that are being done at this hour on the student witnesses. florida's attorney general describes the next steps in the case. >> he will go before a judge. i'm certain he will be given no bonds with 17 deaths. the state will have 45 days to determine whether they will seek the death penalty or not. i can't talk about the facts that i know, but i'm certain they will be seeking the death penalty in this case.
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>> the attorney general this morning said he's directed his department to work with the health and human services and the education department to study the intersection of violence and mental health. >> it's too often that the perpetrators have given signals in advance. every one of these cases, we've had advanced indications. perhaps we haven't been effective enough in intervening immediately to deal with that. i suspect it appears that we've seen that again in this case. >> law enforcement services says the fbi is conducting an extensive review of how they handle the tip to see if mistakes were made and in the criminal complaint that was made, it confirms that the weapon was purchased legally by cruz, neil.
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>> neil: we should have connected but it's easy to be a monday morning quarterback. jeff, we have a bunch of kids that were saying, this guy is not all there, he had problems, anger management issues, the abuse with animals, on and on and on. then this posting on youtube, which is maybe easier than it would appear or harder than it would be appear to trace and to follow up on. so many things that fell through. what happened? >> i think we need a more detailed explanation from the fbi to answer that question. what happened. we know that someone using the name hoff nikolas cruz, which turned out to be his real name, of the shooter, posted this comment back in september, which was reported to the fbi. we know today that the fbi hearing from the special agent in charge in miami did an investigation. however, the investigation ran cold. at what point did it run cold? what did they do to determine the identity of this person, as
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i say, true identity. at some points, you run these things down and stop running them down. but what caused it to stop the investigation? to stop running it down. was it they had too many nikolas cruzes to look into? did they think it was a false identity? were there more pressing things? the fbi needs to explain what happened here because they did have some information with the person who turned out to be the shooter's real name. what did they do with that? the public needs to understand that. we all do. >> neil: if you have any mental issues, you can't purchase a weapon but that has to be in a file, something official. can't be word of mouth, reports you're getting from people that you go to school with or knew him or whatever. so that also is something that has to be addressed. there's a lot of people that
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obviously have a lot of mental-related issues. without an official report or comments from someone in an official capacity, that doesn't pop up anywhere, right? >> that's right. probably would not have prevented him from getting a gun unless there's a documentation of the particular issues. people are concerned about this as they should be. this is an opportunity for them to write their congress people and say, this shouldn't happen this way. there should be more checks and balances as to how people that seem to be having mental issues could get ahold of weapons. take this as an opportunity to do that. to maybe when this happens next time, someone hoff this caliber won't be able to get a weapon. >> neil: you wonder about the next one out there planning the same sort of thing. jeff, thank you very much. >> you're welcome, neil. >> neil: if authorities had more
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power to go after people making dangerous social media posts or worse, bad word of mouth, we would see fewer images like this? after this. >> people will be rightfully so concerned about their rights, as am i. what about the rights of these students? what about the rights of young kids that go to schools with book bags and pencils? don't they have the right to be protected by the united states government to the best of our ability? you can't predict the market, but through good times and bad at t. rowe price we've helped our investors stay confident for over 80 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. you or joints. something for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> neil: also following developments at the corner of wall and broad. wall street is in its own world. it's about money. in their world, they made it again. the dow in positive territory now. market averages as well.
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that despite backup on interest rates that they won't back up too much. we shall see. a good day for those that trade stocks. meanwhile, for those still shaking their head wondering how this can happen again, flags at the white house, half staff. honoring the victims of the shooting. president trump planning to visit parkland, florida. we don't know when. kevin corke has more at the white house. >> we're tracking that detail and trying to figure out when he will make his way to the sunshine state. my sources are telling me it could happen sooner than you imagine. as soon as i get clear details -- i'm checking my phone -- as soon as i find out something, i'll pass it along. this is something that is not just near and dear to his heart and all americans, this is literally in the president's own back yard. mar-a-largo, his resort down in florida, is only about 40 miles away from the site of the carnage. we expect him to make his way
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down here in the coming days, this is clearly something that he talked about today from here at the white house. he had a specific message to the great many children that are watching the president today. he said to them, you are never alone and you never will be. >> we mourn for all of those that lost their lives. we comfort the grieving and the wounded and we hurt for the entire community that is in shock and pain and searching for answers. >> searching for answers. yesterday's death toll at 17. more than a dozen hospitalized. as he's done in the path, the president pointed out a need to focus on more than just guns and new gun laws. >> we are committed to working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools and
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tackle the difficult issue of mental health. >> mental health is something that you'll hear a great deal about in the coming days. since columbine in 1999, there's been 25 fatal active school shootings. among them, you can see the pictures there, sandy hook in 2012. richard blumenthal is a senator from the constitution state. >> the president will talk, but thoughts and prayers, words of contemplation, talk about mental health is not enough. they must be followed by real action. the president has to lead or get out of the way. >> little bit difficult to hear him despite the noise. what he was really saying, neil, is simple. the president has to lead or get out of the way and get to work one way or the other. clearly the white house would argue he is doing that and has charged his administration with doing as much. again, we'll keep you posted as we continue to check our noting
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here to figure out when the president will be making his way to florida. as soon as we find out, you will, too. >> neil: thanks, kevin. a plea by the sheriff, scott israel, whose life should take priority in situations like this today. those that are about to lose their lives or the killer? who he wants the power to do after this. it's not theirs. it's mine. mine. mine. and it always will be, forever and forever. the new rx 350l with three rows for seven passengers. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> give police the power if they see something on social media, if they see graphic pictures of rifles and blood and gore and guns and bombs, if they see something horrific language, if they see a person talking about i want to grow up to be a serial
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killer, we need to have the power to take that person and bring them before a mental health professional at that particular time involuntarily and have them examined. people are going to be rightfully so concerned about their rights, as am i but what about the rights of the students? don't they have the right to be protected by the united states government? to the best of our ability? >> neil: all right. sheriff scott israel wants power to examine people making threatening posts. ted williams on that. what are the powers that authorities have now, ted? what can they do, what can't they do when someone is saying something threatening online? it depends, right? >> it depends what they're saying. let me give you an example, neil. if someone says on the internet or social media, i'm going to kill the president and that is
1:23 pm
out there, well, the authorities and the secret service will probably at that house before they can finish the sentence. so you can do that. the problem is with what the sheriff is talking about here. the constitutional safe guards that a person has when they have freedom of expression and freedom of speech. what i would suggest is not bring them immediately to a healthcare provider, but that each state marries with the federal government and they get funds from the federal government, neil, where they can have units, peruse the internet over and over to try to see what people are saying out there. we have those units set up now for pedophiles. the fbi and the state have units where they peruse the social media to see what pedophiles are doing. so they can do that in these
1:24 pm
kinds of cases. >> neil: someone was telling me there's ways to set of algorithms and way over my head where any reference, threatening references, where you're using key words like "kill", "destroy", "murder", et cetera. this has come up in prior incidents that would lead you to someone or get attention. but a lot of privacy advocates say that's a slippery slope. because then you're going after people. it's a freedom of speech issue. what do you say? >> to some degree, you cannot holler fire in a theater. that's what the constitution says. there are safe guards and there's limitations. when you look at this killer, nicholkolas cruz, in september , he was supposed to have said "i'm going to be a professional school shooter." and the fbi, you had something
1:25 pm
on the last segment that i agreed with. i don't know. it seems to me the fbi dropped the ball here. so no, you can't just say any and everything you want. you can say these things but there should be investigated, neil. >> neil: if you knew someone was saying something threatening like this and they use a fake name. i don't know what you can and cannot do on youtube. turns out here, nikolas cruz, if it's the same one, he was using his actual name. but how would you trace that? how would you follow up on that? >> look, the fbi has all sorts of computers set up. you have number 1 the name. that's starts you off right there. you put it into the database. you try to find if there's other writings out there. you bring that together and you try to determine what part of the country that person is and you continue to narrow it until
1:26 pm
you actually come down to this guy. when these people do this on social media, there's always some clues they put out to where they live maybe. in this instance, this guy had all sorts of guns and he was behind certain photos of everything. they could have used that. he also said he was shooting animals. all of those things they can put together. the agents could have located him if they tried hard enough. >> neil: amazing. so much we don't know. ted williams, thanks very much. all right. phil keating is on the scene. we'll have an update from him. also waiting to hear from the sheriff with maybe more of a timeline. that might or might not come out later tonight. it is reconstructing the events from yesterday. they're scary events at that and how he did what he did after this.
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1:31 pm
unredacted version of the arrest affidavit written up by the broward county sheriff's office here. it shows black lines for the victims. that remains redacted. as for their interview with the 19-year-old suspect, nikolas cruz, expected from this high school for disciplinary reasons. they say post miranda, after his rights were read to him, he forth came -- he came forth with details. according to this mostly unredacted arrest affidavit, cruz who was in court today, stated that he was the gunman that entered the school campus with his ar-15, went inside the school and then began shooting
1:32 pm
students and teachers as they fled into the hallway. this after investigators say he pulled a fire alarm to trigger that to happen. so that he would suddenly have all of these targets running in front of his ar-15 assault rifle. he was wearing a vest with a lot of pockets. they were loaded with fully loaded magazines for the rifle as well as gas grenades. he also was wearing a gas mask. after he was unleashing his terror in the school where 12 fatalities were found, keep in mind, three were found outside the school which happened before he entered the school, he decided to put down the gun and the vest and blend in with the students and disseminate from the neighborhood where he was later arrested in short time. neil? >> neil: i always think if he put a jacket on or something, he would have never been found. so weird. >> yeah.
1:33 pm
matched the i.d. perfectly. >> neil: great reporting. thank you. i want to show you the scene in washington. they have flags at half staff. this is at a time where they're trying to do business as usual and it's not getting done in this case on immigration pressures. they try repeatedly. connell mcshane has more. >> it's interesting. things got ugly rhetoric-wise in washington this afternoon. but at the end of the day, nothing was accomplished on immigration at all. there were four votes held to 4 different amendments on immigration. they all failed to receive the 60 votes, including one supported by president trump. that received the fewest votes of them all. needed 60. got 39. to the point about it getting ugly. the white house blasted a bipartisan compromise that was worked out by a group of senators. would have given the dreamer as path to citizenship and provided $25 billion for border security
1:34 pm
funding over the course of ten years. the president went after it. here he was on twitter before the vote. the president saying the schumer immigration bill would be a total catastrophe. creates giant amnesty, keeps the visa lottery, continues deadly catch and release and even for future illegal immigrants, voting for this amendment the president said would be a vote against law enforcement, a vote for open borders. if the dems are serious about daca, they would support the grassley bill. but really in the process destroying this compromise supported by lindsey graham. >> after this crash and burn experience, we'll do one of two things. we'll reconfigure the process to be able to get us to a yes
1:35 pm
position where 70% of americans reside, by the way, or we'll do what has happened the last 35 years, punt to the administration. if you continue this attack on everything and everybody and make it a political exercise, we're doomed to fail. and it is president trump's presidency that will be the biggest loser. >> the biggest problem the white house seems to have with this bipartisan provision is part of it that prioritized deporting people that arrived at a certain date, june 30th of this year, they say that basically set up what the administration official said called a future amnesty date. it was a ordinary rebill for a reason because it was the only thing that could happen. as we reported at the end of the day, for now, turns out that nothing could pass. the future for immigration is uncertain. back to you. >> neil: yeah. increasingly. thanks very much. collin mcshane in washington. let's get the read from karl rove. they don't seem to be making
1:36 pm
much progress. is it a dead issue? can they regroup? they have lots of other stuff to do as well. >> yeah, i didn't expect them to come up with a bill today. i expect them to lay out the markers, lay out the sort of edges of what might be possible. the question is, are members on both sides of this issue, the people that want to restrict immigration more, the people that want to resolve this issue more, are they going to try to find some common agreement? we don't know. this was the day that we should have expected four proposals, none of them got 60 votes. three of them got a majority support. mccain, koonce, senator toomey's bills to end funding for sanctuary city. the one bill that got 39 votes in favor and 60 opposed is senator grassley which is what mirror what's the administration would like to have. they have to begin work again.
1:37 pm
this was to be expected. >> neil: yeah, to that point, as susan collins is frustrated. she says i don't know what form or how to get to the march 5 deadline. chuck schumer blaming the president on this. can cooler heads prevail or given this election year, they table it? >> well, two things. first of all, there's no march 5 deadline. we have two federal judges that have put the whole withdrawal of the democrat program on hold for a period of time. the regional deadline, you have to get this done by march 5 because that's when the president extended it to, it doesn't work that way. i don't think it was good for the president to unleash on the grassly versus the gang of 16 bill today because they were going to vote on these things. the votes were locked in. so there was no need to sort of bounce the rubble, if you will, on the gang of 16. it wasn't going to get to 60.
1:38 pm
the president maybe was trying to compensate for the fact that the bill that he wanted most of all got the fewest numbers of votes. now, what was interesting to me, 54 out of 100 senators did vote to defund sanctuary cities. there's more sentiment there that i might have thought. this is going to be a patient thing where people say, okay, we've now tried the parameters of this. within those what can we get to? >> neil: karl, if you don't mind me switching gears. i'd be remiss if i didn't mention the shooting in floor. the president's remarks today. they serve this role more often than they wish as consoler in chief. the last four or five presidents have been thrust into that, including george bush a number of times. how do you think the president addressed that today? >> well, i think he did all
1:39 pm
right today. i wish we heard from him yesterday. one of the lessons of past experiences of presidents is say something sooner than later. may not be what you say, but be heard from earlier in this context and be heard personally. not enough to issue a paper statement or do a tweet or a facebook posting. better to hear the comfort -- the country needs to be comforted in moments like this whether it's a natural disaster or shooting like this. the president and his presence on camera in front of the american people is always helpful. >> neil: i was thinking -- obviously you have to be careful and how you say it. i remember george bush in the oval office addressing after 9-11. he was emotional about it and shaken up. and other presidents, similar situations. and then there's the issue of afterwards visiting as he
1:40 pm
obviously did in new york after 9-11. but this president wanting to go to florida. just to be there. how do you handle something like that? >> well, you've got to go. the emotions will be high on this. this involves a mass shooting. there's large number of people in america that think that incidents like this demand immediate action, that there's some magic provision that can be written into law that will somehow strike evil from the hearts of people. you know, the president will have to go down and express his condolences and he's going to have incoming fire from people. that's just the way it is in a moment like this. it's important that he go, important that he be seen. i'm glad the white house announced he's going this weekend. you can't help but look at this and have your heart broken. i mean, 17 young lives snuffed out. and the heroic actions of the assistant coach.
1:41 pm
this just -- it tears at you and tears at the soul of every american. it's good that we heard from the president today and it's good he's going to the community this weekend. >> neil: karl, thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> neil: more after this. mercedes-benz glc
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>> neil: the new york stock exchange observing a moment of silence for the victims of the high school shooting and the business went on. the dow rising its fifth straight session. so how real is this? deidra bolton. deidra? >> we have to get used to the volatility. the dow was down 84 points at one point. closed more than 300 points higher. the s&p and nasdaq higher by 1.2% or better. so green on the screens today but the pattern to come is
1:45 pm
choppy. most strategists say that's here to stay. take a look at the financials. three tech standouts you'll see. you had amazon, google, alphabet and netflix. of the 11 sectors in the s&p 500, 10 finished higher a week ago, neil, just to underline this point about volatility, we were in a different scenario. last thursday, the indices closed 10% below their record highs set january 26. at that time we talked about how the heavy losses last week were in the context of investors adjusting to the idea of rates going higher. seems as if investors are getting used to it. we had ten-year yields hitting new four-year highs. that didn't knock stocks off their path to gains today. we got a data point on the prices that business charge each other or the government for their goods and services. went up 4%. so that number is not that significant but confirms the trend, the presence of
1:46 pm
inflationary pressures. investors are adjusting. if you look at the charts, neil, all of these indices are on track for their best performance since the presidential election. the nasdaq or track for the best week in six years. s&p 500 in five. so we take a look at last week and so i what bad week? back to you. >> neil: could be dangerous, too. thanks, deidra. jim, you like what you've seen. >> so far, as far as the fundamental torre. the song is the same. the economy continues to get better, the global economy gets better. look at corporate earnings. they'll be around 15%. for technology, it's 23%. and neil, we're not seeing any bear tracks or any signs of a bear market. we're not looking at a
1:47 pm
resituation. we're not seeing short-term interest rates being pushed harder. junk bonds are intact. so you're not seeing this big risk off move in asset glasses. speaking of asset glasses, who will buy bonds? very low rates but raising. so the bonds are very unattractive as interest rates rise and they don't pay much to begin with. i think that actually helps stocks. so yes, we corrected. we might correct more. we might retest the lows. the bull market story does remain intact. i have not seen any evidence yesterday that we're entering a bear market. >> neil: dan, you say talk to you, right? >> talk to me. the spread is between the 30, the ten and the two years tr tresuries have been collapsing. >> neil: but you're not envisioning that. >> it's similar. the dollar is falling as the
1:48 pm
economy supposedly is expanding. that's usually another sign. i don't agree this is a bull market anymore. i think we're in the final popping stage that should end between now and june. the volatility is here to stay. the 300-point games are not here anymore. they artificially sustained the market and kept pushing it up. i don't see the signs. usually you get the perks of inflation, that look dangerous, at the end of an economy. >> neil: so we're not out of this in your eyes. the highest interest rates will go higher and a ten-year note will go over 3%, which you and i can remember it's still low, but it's moving higher what do you think? >> neil, collapsing interest rate spreads have never been a marketer of a bear market.
1:49 pm
it's when they inverted is when you have to be careful. interest rates are not high enough to attract money away from stocks when you have the earnings spread that you have with stocks. >> neil: maybe stocks have seen that factored in? >> you're not going to have a bear market unless you have interest rates substantially higher. >> neil: all right, dan. you're seeing that we factored in all the good news already, right? >> the good news is baked into the markets. i don't think the markets have much more room to go considering what is coming. jim, i beg to differ with you. if you look back prior to 2007 in year 2000, the yield curve spreads collapsed before the markets collapsed. >> neil: guys, you're encyclopedias on this stuff. if it completely inverts, it could envision worse. i want to thank you very much. we are getting word, by the way, switching gears, to what's going on in florida right now where the sheriff's briefing will be
1:50 pm
coming up at 5:00 p.m. apparently will detail a timeline on nikolas cruz and how he got to do what he did. took an uber to the high school and we know what happened after that. the details, the timeline is coming up in ten minutes. thank you. ♪ imagine if the things you bought every day... earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes.
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>> neil: all right. we told you before from a lot of different people now that looks like nikolas cruz has pled guilty to his crimes. on what he could face. sharon? there's not a death penalty in place but we heard from pam bondi that they're going to push for that, the attorney general there. where do you see this go something. >> florida's law has changed substantially regarding the death penalty. florida used to be a flag ship state when it came to number of
1:54 pm
executions in this country. because of a u.s. supreme court case in 2016, the members -- mechanism has changed. it used to be a judge. now they need a jury. they need a unanimous 12-important vote to invert the death penalty to a case. that's in his favor. but that's probably the only bright spot, if you want to call it that he has to look forward to. he's got lots of problems, lots and lots of problems. it's an egregious case. >> it's heinous, particularly awful. there's so many victims. he's 19 years old. the defense will have their work cut out for them. they'll have to investigate his past. he had mental health problems. what the extent of his mental health problems were. he was adopted. why was he adopted? was his more a crack addict, did he have fetal alcohol syndrome,
1:55 pm
did he have brain abnormalities -- >> neil: you're talking about his biological mother? >> yeah, right. does he have low i.q.? what kind of mental, intellectual functioning does he have? you know, the defense has their work cut out for them. they have to find some mental -- serious mental health problems and play that for as much as they can. >> neil: obviously you mentioned about why his biological mother might have given him up. the issue is from his own lawyer today in court that he's very remorseful, probably had a lot of tragedy to deal with. his adopted father die ago few years ago, his mother a few months ago. she was sort of the one blue -- piece of glue in his life. he was -- we're told she will create a case no doubt to say that he was bullied and he had all sorts of problems and
1:56 pm
ostracized kid. would that matter? >> it will have an impact. what will have more of an impact if he had some sort of brain damage. lots of kids are bullied and lots of kids suffer the loss of their parents and they don't mow down 50 kids at a school. >> neil: a good point. >> so he will have to have something that they can hang their hat on to say this guy wasn't functioning like a normal human being. he was seeing a therapist. he stopped. don't know why. he was on medication. don't know if he stopped the medication. there is all sorts of things that could have affected his judgment. that is what the defense has got to decipher. >> neil: sharon, thank you very much. we might get more details on this. we're waiting on a sheriff's briefing in a couple minutes. more after this. time to bask... in low prices!
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>> neil: how did he pull it off? how could he do it? we are going to find out in a matter of seconds how it was one of the worst school shootings in history was implemented. ♪ >> kimberly: hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle. this is "the five." we are waiting for word on the schools shooting from broward county. a lot of new details emerging today on the suspect who made his first court appearance this afternoon. 19-year-old nikolas cruz has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder, one for each victim slade at marjory stoneman douglas high school yesterday. the deadliest school shooting since sandy hook in 2012. more than a dozen of gnomic others were wounded and two remained in critical condition. we know a lot more today about the suspect and his crime, but still not the motive. let's go to phil keating live in florida with the very


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