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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 16, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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that sounds fun. >> julie: my girls will disagree. thanks for watching. >> jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, a florida community mourning the loss of 17 innocent people, killed at a high school in parkland, florida. we are told only 6 minutes passed from the time the gunman entered the building to the time he left. as questions grow about the many, many warning signs that were missed, this is "outnumbered" and i am melissa francis, host of "kennedy," kennedy. also, dagen mcdowell, fox news contributor jessica tarlov, and joining us on the couch today, conservative commentator and editor in chief of, maurice jones. he is "outnumbered." a pretty serious and somber day to be here. lawrence jones. >> lawrence: this is going to
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require honesty on all sides of this debate. i believe every side is going to have to give a little bit. >> melissa: good for you. we are getting troubling new information about the teenager who is now confessing to the crime. a 19-year-old nikolas cruz was ordered held without bond yesterday. his public defender describing him as an "broken human being," at least 1,000 people attended a candlelit visual where authorities say he opened fire on valentine's day, killing 14 teenagers and three adults. their friends and neighbors sobbing last night as the victim's names read aloud. >> it's good to be together on this night. some of my friends won't get to see their brothers and sisters ever again. it's one of the worst days of my life. the worst day. >> jamie was such a special kid. all of the kids here are.
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what is unfathomable is jamie took a bullet and is dead. i... i don't know what i do next. >> melissa, we've been watching people pull their cars out of the school parking lot, escorted by police throughout the morning. that school has been a crime scene, pretty much locked down since wednesday. people are beginning to get their personal belongings back. i walked by a young boy, 14 years old on the sidewalk. he had his leg in a boot, shot and the leg. you look at someone that young and you wonder how they are understanding what has happened to them. we saw a large vigil last night, more than 1,000 people in attendance to remember the 70 7. one was a father of girl killed. >> she was supposed to be safe.
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my job is to protect my children. and i get my kids to school. in the morning, sometimes, she runs out behind and she's like "i've got to go dad, five. and i don't get to say "i love you." i don't remember if i said that to jamie yesterday morning. >> the police have released a detailed timeline, minute-by-minute of exactly what happened. the shooter was inside the school for just 6 minutes. of that time. not, just 3 minutes were shooting. as many as 100-150 shots were fired from the ar-15. he reloaded at least three separate times. he moved back and forth between five different classrooms. after the shooting finally stopped, one student described the carnage that will remain. >> once police escorted us, i
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had to step over a dead body to get out. right outside my classroom. there was a dead body laying like a fish. >> the suspected shooter made his first court appearance yesterday, 19 years old, nikolas cruz. 5'7", 130 pounds. his arms were shackled and legs were shackled. he looked down for most of the appearance, briefly saying "no, ma'am." his attorney spoke on her client state of mind. >> when your brain is not fully developed, you don't know how to deal with these things. when you have to lack of impulse control that a 19-year-old has, that affects the behavior you exhibit. that is the child i'm sitting across from. he is sad. she is mournful, he is remorseful. he is fully aware of what is going on. and he is just a broken human being. >> of the wounded who are still in the hospital, one remains in
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critical condition. the first of 17 funerals began this morning at 10:00 a.m. melissa, back to you. >> melissa: thank you. it was hard to watch all of that. >> lawrence: i will remind this council that this will be a jury trial. when it comes to the death penalty. she should watch her words very carefully, considering the jury will be -- >> melissa: it seemed very clear she knew the jury was listening. she called him a child when she is not a child. >> lawrence: that angered me when she took that stance. she should be talking about the victims right now. that's how you get a jury, private investigator for years, you talk about the issues affecting them. >> kennedy: this is not impulse control. i'm so deeply offended by that. this is one that profession sickens me. it is so disgusting and so
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incredibly offensive. she's talking about him being remorseful. we have parents and families, 17 people who are murdered in cold blood in a psychotic, rageful execution. and she's talking about his impulse control? i am so deeply offended as a parent, someone sitting there watching that. how dare she? she should be ashamed of herself. for every defense attorney, that's not how you do it. >> melissa: you said you are a private investigator. i think the reason every american is angry at what we are learning is the fbi dropping the ball on getting a chance on youtube, nikolas cruz wrote his name in the exact spelling. the fbi did a cursory check. this was seven months after he had purchased the weapon he has used to kill all of those people. >> dagen: they did a cursory
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check, never notified local law enforcement. this is on the hills of dylann roof getting a gun when he should not have and murdering people in a church in charleston. the shooter that the fbi knew he was in contact with the terrorist, he didn't tell the army. mahteed was interviewed twice by the fbi. they never did anything. >> melissa: your initial response, jessica? >> jessica: she completely ignored the fact that this was 100% premeditated. going back to everything that happened with the fbi missing, this individual was in a mental facility. this rarely happens with shooters. he was known to be psychologically unsound. there were warnings at school, the teacher said he could not bring a backpack. other students talked about him not as as a loner but abusive o his girlfriend at the age of 18. and cruelty to animals. one of the top signs of someone
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who is psychotic like this. that lawyer, i'm not a p.i. either but this would not have been the way i would've gone. you would think the best she could hope for him is life in a mental facility. that's not the way to go. >> dagen: i don't want to see that defense ever again. >> melissa: i wish he had seen himself out. parents are going to stand with victims in the next few weeks to talk about what needs to be done to prevent more school shootings. he is reportedly looking at background checks and school safety, this is according -- the president tweeted "i will be leaving for florida today to meet with some of the bravest people on earth. the people whose lives have been totally shattered. i am also working with congress on many fronts." the democrats, who represent parkland in the warehouse
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responded "yes, i am ready to welcome you to parkland, i am ready to work with you to stop this but the answer is not more guns." white house deputy press secretary raj shah was asked if a 19 euros should be able to get the kind of weapons used in this attack. >> this individual did obtain the weapons through a legal background check. we don't know all the circumstances surrounding it but obviously, he should not have had that weapon and should not have been able to do the kind of things he did. with that being said, there is a whole host of issues surrounding this matter from mental health to school safety and a range of other things we are going to be looking at. >> melissa: it doesn't make any sense for anyone to retreat to their political corner and point fingers because literally everyone on every side dropped the ball. there is blame to go around whether it is the background
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check, some mental health facility, the school that threw them out and didn't follow up whether it is the fbi. literally everyone fails in the spirit right, jessica? >> jessica: i do feel that way. you just let out a many list. the pulse nightclub, sandy hook, columbine. if you are going to have a discussion on all sides of the table, i really hope the president is able to talk about mental health and school safety but giving a little on these background checks. 90% of americans support background checks. even in this particular instance it would not have been stopped because of a new policy, you would at least have a deliverable. i'm saying sometimes when we have the events unfold, people say these events what if woulde unfolded anyway.
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>> dagen: everyone knows he's violent? and has a screw loose? that's a really important part. >> kennedy: someone at a gun store who sees this kid, what if he is exhibiting completely normal behavior? what if he doesn't have anything in his background? it is very difficult for the person in that moment to know but for the teachers and counselors and parents and guardians -- >> lawrence: who all knew he was problematic. before we have the gun conversation, we've got to talk about basic police work. >> lawrence: >> kennedy: we cant it all at the same time. >> lawrence: there's a pattern of behavior of them dropping the ball. communicate with the local police. >> melissa: every single person screwed up but we have to change the way we are talking about this and sit down and have a conversation altogether, where everybody accepts some blame. dagen. >> dagen: lawrence, tear point, and the state of florida,
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police can send somebody who is a danger to themselves for involuntary psychiatric evaluation for up to 72 hours. and take a weapon away from them. more and more states have begun enacting gun violence restraining orders. more recently, california, washington, oregon. in connecticut, it works like a domestic restraining order. family members or government authority, if they think someone is a threat, it they can get a court order. >> dagen: it's a question, what 19-year-old needs a semiautomatic weapon? >> jessica: the number of shootings are not necessarily increasing at the rate that some organizations they are using. evidence that someone shot someone in the parking lot of a school that kids weren't there, is not a school shooting.
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the number of people murdered in these events is what is going up and it is because of these weapons. that is the difference. >> melissa: maria bartiromo got an exclusive interview with attorney general jeff sessions. warning signs that law enforcement may have missed. >> i met with a group of sheriffs yesterday. they all believe we need to do a better job of receiving these signs and acting on them and following up on them. that's probably the most valuable thing we can do to stop these kind of cases. >> melissa: you can see that entire interview this weekend, tune into sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern, right here on the fox news channel. growing frustration on both sides of the political aisle after former trump advisor steve bannon refused to answer questions now preapproved on the white house on capitol hill. what this could mean for the
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>> melissa: welcome back, growing concern about whether congress can attract the dreamers, a republican measure was backed by president trump but it was shut down. a bipartisan plan, president threatened to veto. >> when democrats shot down the government after this issue, this week we've been in, and immigration debate in a fair process, i just did that. our friends across the aisle were either unable or unwilling to get something done. >> kennedy: the democrats pointing the finger at the white house. >> i think it is very unfortunate that the white house with a "take it or leave it"
9:19 am
approach thought it was more important to hurt young people that wanted to stay in the country than to create jobs and grow the american economy. this is a decision the senate is going to regret. >> kennedy: this as president trump tweeted this morning "i cannot believe how badly daca recipients have been treated by the democrats. totally abandoned. republicans are still working hard." lawrence, there's a big dog in this fight. >> lawrence: i have to give the president credit. he angers his base by saying 1.8 million people. to say the president is not giving a little bit, he is already halfway across the finish line. i believe the wall is a difficult situation because it is more symbolic, it should be fencing.
9:20 am
>> kennedy: a wall system. >> lawrence: many elements to that wall, if the democrats can give a little bit on that, i think we have a deal. but i don't think the democrats want a deal. >> kennedy: we happen to have one on the counter, lawrence. >> jessica: i agree with you here. $25 billion for this wall system just sounds naughty. that's what kamala harris has said for this wall. i don't disagree with you, if you came out there, if you said our number one priority is protecting dreamers, you really have to go along with the bipartisan bill. there are a number of democrats -- coat >> lawrence: it's the number one -- >> dagen: but it was put together by susan collins and mike brown. that's virtually everything they
9:21 am
wanted and then the bizarre midmorning, "the stephen miller veto," they came out and said it would drastically change our national immigration policy for the worst by weakening border security and undercutting existing immigration law? it legalized 1.8 million dreamers in this country as president trump laid out. $25 billion for the border wall. >> jessica: that sounds close to what both sides want. >> kennedy: how is that being reframed into turning the country into a sanctuary country? >> dagen: it dramatically reduced chain migration, dreamers sponsoring their parents, because stephen miller wants to reduce and cut legal immigration in this country. that's why stephen miller put his hands on the wheel and drove the truck. >> melissa: it was the judge that struck down the executive order. if anyone that's negotiated a deal knows if you want to get it
9:22 am
done, put an exploding deadline on it. all the parties come together and work together. the president issued that executive order in order to then have daca recipients back, but the moment the judge removed that, you saw everyone move away from the table because politicians don't do anything unless their feet are held in the fire. >> kennedy: you are absolutely right. unless there's a gun to their head, they cannot act. there are so many unintended consequences. >> dagen: let's be clear, trump will take the blame. this is on his shoulders because he got rid of the daca protection. >> jessica: to the deadline point, there's an enormous deadline coming up. the february elections. they both had to have deliverables. democrats and republicans. i'm not thrilled with what is going on. >> lawrence: he is demonstrating he's willing to
9:23 am
give 1.8 million people citizenship and the right to vote. >> jessica: the majority of americans are in favor of that. >> kennedy: the hot pepper pot that is the "outnumbered" counts. former president obama is chiming in saying america is long overdue for more gun laws. our democrats politicizing this tragedy? some liberal celebrities are actually blaming republicans for the tragedy. but also demanding gun control. ted cruz hitting back on the hollywood hypocrisy. we will debate in moments. >> a lot of these movie stars have armed security traveling with them. they are perfectly happy to say yeah, my armed security can keep me safe but don't let a law-abiding citizen. ♪
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>> melissa: fox news alert. continuing to follow the florida school shooting that left 17 people dead, more than a dozen others injured. police say the suspect, nikolas
9:28 am
cruz passed a background check to purchase the weapon. former president obama weighing in on the attack and again calling for more gun control. tweeting "we are grieving with parkland but we are not powerless. caring for our kids is our first job and if we can honestly say we are doing enough to keep them safe from harm, including long overdue safety laws, that most americans want, then we have to change." the former president did not provide details in what these laws would entail. i think when you go back -- >> kennedy: into think he was president for eight years... >> melissa: one thing we know for sure, when celebrities come out, going to your normal talking points has not made it. so let's just dropped out. what you think, dagen? >> dagen: nothing happens in terms of president obama's time in office in terms of broad gun
9:29 am
protection. when the democrats were in charge of everything, even at one fleeting moment, they had a super majority in the senate, 60 votes. the only gun legislation that was passed was to make it easier to carry a gun on amtrak and in the national park system. there was a moment to really make a change. by the way, this was just a few years after the virginia tech shooting. which, by the way, was not an assault weapon. that was carried out with a handgun. at that point, he is saying -- he has a beautiful way of being so eloquent in saying nothing. >> lawrence: here is the problem, he's stepping ahead of the current president and i feel like it's very disingenuous to do this. president bush did not treat him this way when he had the same national tragedies. >> kennedy: all the rules are out the windows now. i think we've given up on --
9:30 am
>> jessica: the way president trump had spoken about obama and hillary, no other president had done anything close to that. i totally agree with the first part. he doesn't have a method right now. i am enthusiastically awaiting his message out of parkland because as we were talking about on the break, president trump is not a natural gun guy. he's a new yorker. he shifted towards this but only because of pressure from republicans in congress and the nra. that's what republicans do now. >> kennedy: can i say something about that? this is where i think democrats really have it wrong. there are a lot of people in this country, i look at melissa, when you are parents, you look at this regardless of how you feel about the second amendment, i'm very pro-second moment because i feel like the people who have guns in any system of government are the ones with the power and that is a true democracy. having said that, as a parent, i look at this and it scares the life out of me. i want my children to be safe.
9:31 am
i don't want them to be scared when they see stories like this but i also don't want to worry that they are sitting ducks on the go to school. this president and i know you guys back off because he doesn't have a message but if you have the most convincing people on your side, who can actually reach out and instead of going to those talking points say hey, you know what? background checks, if you tell people you are going to take their guns away, they will panic and buy more. there are 300 million guns on the street. if you have people come together and truly figure out a way that this does not keep happening, there are so many -- >> melissa: the message when you are personally in a situation and someone threatens your life or a relative, the message from law enforcement individuals is we are not doing anything until you get hurt. >> dagen: we aren't doing anything until someone actually, physically attacks you. that's going over and over again. that cycle needs to be broken.
9:32 am
>> kennedy: lauren made that point on my show with the fbi, that's the fbi. they should do something. there is calls can make to law enforcement. >> dagen: more and more people on the right and the left, law enforcement is pushing them to arm themselves. >> melissa: >> kennedy:>> kennes wasting no time to demand more gun laws just hours after the attack, tweeting and accusing the g.o.p. of being complicit, tweeting "we have to let candidates that are not funded by the nra in november, they have an opportunity to elect candidates who won't allow kids to go to school and get shot. it is disgusting how many times this has happened and republicans do nothing. you all have blood on your hands." beth midler launching a full-scale tirade against mitch mcconnell's condolence message, midler tweeted "bleep
9:33 am
you and your worthless thoughts and prayers. you and your obfuscating shills got what you wanted, money, while our kids get to die in school." a message aimed at president trump. >> tell these congressmen and lobbyists foresees allegedly question men and women who stuff their profit pockets with money from the mra year after year to do something now. now. don't you dare let anyone say it is too soon to be talking about it. >> kennedy: he even advertised a gun-control group. hitting back at the hollywood left on this issue. >> hollywood issues on gun control and global warming, they fly their jets to a conference and step out and say global warming is terrible, let's take away everything from the working men and women.
9:34 am
similarly with gun control, we have armed security officers protecting you. maybe you shouldn't be trying to strip second amendment rights from law-abiding citizens. >> kennedy: this is all where we have been before and it is totally not helpful. we found the same back and forth. it's not helpful. jessica made a really important point where she said president trump is not the one where you necessarily know, it's possible that he could be someone that could come forward and what we need is to bring all sides to the table. >> melissa: we can all agree that everyone failed in this incident. this situation, this person felt through every crack known to man. everyone has responsibility here. >> dagen: >> kennedy: this emotl lysing that celebrities do, i ky feel good about themselves and e
9:35 am
they are memorializing and it means something but it's so empty and hollow. none of them study the issue, they don't know what they are talking about, and they never represent or offer good ideas or practical solutions. especially on orthodox kinds we've heard before but definitely need right now. >> jessica: we definitely need a shake-up plan. in both of those clips you showed, we heard the talking points. we heard the nra slogan from ted cruz, they are coming from your guns. they want to strip you of your second amendment rights. and then the left, they are letting your kids die in school. they don't care. that's all the right will do. those things aren't true. the nra is making calls right now, fund-raising off of this. the dnc is fund-raising off of this. >> dagen: i just wanted to correct it, i saw the headline, "trump repealed a rule to buy young to -- to let young people
9:36 am
buy guns. they were going to take people who were on disability and could not take care of their own finances and deemed the mentally ill and put them into the national background check database. don't tell me that lacking financial document equals violent mental illness. all the republicans moved to repeal it. the nra wanted it repealed. but so did the american association of people with disabilities and the aclu, myriad groups who represent disabled america wanted that repealed because there was no due process in it. it was unfair. it's before jessica said the president doesn't have a plan. no one has a plan because no one knows how to prevent this. that's the honest truth. >> jessica: we do know little things that count. >> lawrence: no, we don't know. maybe the fbi and other law
9:37 am
enforcement officials following the evidence but no one knows. >> jessica: let me ask you this, when i see a story like this and i keep going back to the fact that it is not mental illness. a lot of people suffer from mental illness. it doesn't mean they are going to pickup a gun and kill as many people as they can. >> kennedy: is such a cruel argument to make. but there's something here we are not looking at. and we are not focusing on. that's why we're doing doing such a great disservice. that's where we are dropping the ball. when we talk about background checks, closing some of these loopholes -- -- >> lawrence: cover the evidence. >> jessica: like dagen brought up the charleston loophole with dylann roof, he should not have been able to get that gun. that doesn't matter, why can't we have the conversation? it's not fine he broke the law. there was a loophole that allowed him to have that gun.
9:38 am
>> melissa: i want to bring you news we are just getting right now. an fbi statement about parkland, florida. a person close to nicklas cruz contacted the fbi's public access line, the tip line to report concerns about him. the caller provided information about his gun ownership and his desire to kill people. also his erratic behavior and disturbing social media posts. they told all of this as well as his potential to conduct a school shooting. the information provided by the caller should have been assessed. do you think? >> jessica: that's the second instance they were told about the same person. you have someone you know by name, someone you know has guns. someone who has talked about a school shooting. how many do you have to check? they can get your entire digital footprint.
9:39 am
>> melissa: "we are still getting the facts. we are reviewing our process. it's up to all americans to be vigilant. >> kennedy: can i translate that, melissa? it translates in english to "blah, blah, blah." >> lawrence: we realized we must up on this. just like numerous other cases, just like texas, just like all the terror attacks. >> melissa: we gotta go. >> lawrence: the fbi hasn't been doing its work. >> melissa: why lawmakers are weighing in contempt citations for steve bannon and what it could mean for president trump as another former aide reportedly closes in on a plea deal with robert mueller. ♪ that's my girl!
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's >> melissa: republicans and democrats on the house intelligence committee frustrated with steve bannon's closed-door testimony on the russia investigation. >> dagen: president trump, former chief strategist met with the lawmakers for nearly four hours yesterday but they said he would only answer questions that were preapproved by the administration. >> 25 questions that the white house authorized to have your answer, he answered each of those. he will not go beyond those questions and that is frustrating to the rest of us in the committee. we have further steps to take and we will be taking those. >> dagen: those next steps could include a contempt citation after adam schiff calling the move "laughable." >> the white house must have decent lawyers at the
9:45 am
white house, this is certainly a broad claim of privilege and the undermining their own position y making such a claim. i think they feel that if they can just delay it long enough, if they can appeal to the partisan interest on our committee, making may be makino away? >> dagen: robert mueller speaking to his team for hours. 20 hours. meanwhile, reportedly cooperating with the special counsel and is close to a plea deal. [laughter] [laughs] you were laughing under your breath when adam schiff was speaking. >> kennedy: i don't think you can invoke this broad, executive privilege. it's your constitutional right but don't piecemeal it and don't go halfway.
9:46 am
if you're going to answer questions, answer questions. if you're not, face that contempt citation. >> dagen: >> melissa: what mattf course is the mueller investigation. he did answer every single question there. he was a question 18 hours. >> dagen: >> kennedy: why answer everything for mueller but not for congress? >> lawrence: political purposes. because adam schiff is involved. because he likes to rent to the press about everything and it leaked classified information to the press. i think the trump administration is just focused on mueller. >> kennedy: nothing ever comes of them. if you expect them to do something in the most they can do is go out afterwards. >> jessica: you just call that adam schiff running to the press but just adding that, but there are ways he has gotten out of
9:47 am
it. we got a lot of jeff sessions months ago. there are moments when you can get these breaks. everyone uses it for their own two-minute platform for campaign ads. that's disappointing when you have people at this level sitting in front of you. steve bannon knows everything about what happened. i feel very confident in that, that he was plugged in and in a way that others work. it's great he's talking about mueller in such an open way. 18 hours is a lot of testimony to be getting. i'm wondering when this thing is going to wrap up. why is it a waste of time? george papadopoulos, mike flynn, why is it a waste of time? >> lawrence: all for with russia. >> jessica: mike flynn? >> dagen: what about devin nunes? he gets credit for uncovering the fact that the fbi was relying on a phony dossier
9:48 am
funded by the democrats. >> lawrence: no investigation on that, though. >> jessica: the investigation started because george papadopoulos -- >> kennedy: they are wasting their time and resources instead of following up on tips about unstable people. >> jessica: they are not fbi agents. who can do it all? >> dagen: sadly, the fbi is doing almost nothing. abc, meantime, facing a tidal wave of criticism after a host of the view mocked mike pence's christian faith. how they are responding. patrick woke up with back pain. but he has work to do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol,
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he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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>> jessica: >> kennedy: panelisn "the view" mocked mike pence his christian faith. watch this. >> i don't know that i want my vice president speaking in tongues. >> like i said before, it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. >> exactly. [laughter] >> that is what mental illness is, if i'm not correct.
9:53 am
i'm hearing voices. >> kennedy: vice president mike prince himself hitting back, watch. >> demonstrates how out of touch some of the mainstream media are with the faith and values of the american people, you can have a major network like abc permit a forum against religion like that. i called him out on it. not because of what was said about me. it is just simply wrong. for abc. to have a television program that expresses that kind of religious intolerance. >> kennedy: joy behar responded. >> i don't mean to offend people but apparently i keep doing it. [applause] >> it was a joke. comedians are endangered these days. >> kennedy: her cohost, meghan mccain thinks the vice president deserves an
9:54 am
apology. meghan mccain should be the only one on that panel standing up for people of faith, regardless of what your faith is. this isn't just an attack on christians. she's basically saying anyone. >> lawrence: i talk to people on the street about this. people were upset about it. of all different faiths. there's a lot of religions i don't believe in because i am a christian but i don't talk about those religions. whatever they decide to do, that's up to them. at the other hosts are cowards. some are christians that have talked about christ. >> kennedy: is not even about christians, it's about hearing from god. it should be applied to anyone. >> melissa: i said this on the air, i try to give my children, i've never talked about that when i worked at nbc because i knew that was an unpopular point of view. when i look at that table, i know most of the people around the table think the majority of americans share the view that
9:55 am
you are silly. >> kennedy: that's what it really comes down to. >> jessica: i think she's right and honest when she says it was a joke and it was a bad joke. i am jewish. she doesn't actually think mike pence is mentally ill. she thinks he's crazy. >> melissa: what's the difference between being crazy and mentally ill -- 's >> jessica: she thinks he's crazy because of the policies he supports. >> melissa: one did she become a credible source? >> dagen: she's a professional troll. i was raised in a church and i will say in this day and age, i saw meghan mccain's pained expression on her face and a time in our personal lives and national life where we lean on
9:56 am
prayer, morning, noon, and night, i pray for people i don't know every single day. it is shameful and appalling that joy behar would belittle someone's faith that way. >> kennedy: more "outnumbered" in just a minute. highly-educate and vocational job training. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit to grow your business with us in new york state, with its high-tech the cameras and radar, contemporary cockpit, 360 degree network of driver-assist technologies,
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>> kennedy: thanks so much to the brilliant lawrence jones.
10:00 am
>> jessica: we will take your guns and you love new york. >> kennedy: you are a very important voice for freedom, thanks so much. we will be back here monday at noon eastern. have a beautiful weekend. here's melissa for harris for harris. >> melissa: a fox news alert for you right now, we are awaiting rod rosenstein. he's going to have a press conference coming up a few minutes from now. we are learning that a federal grand jury in the district of columbia is going to indict 13 russian nationals and three russian entities. this has to do with the last election and all the investigations that have been going on. they said criminal law has been allowed to interfere with u.s. elections and political processes. stay tuned for that. another fox news alert, a stunning new statement from the


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