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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 17, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> do do you know your chinese -- >> this is a fox news alert, reaction pouring in to the bombshell indictments in the russia investigation carried out by special counsel robert mueller. hello, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. >> i'm alicia acuña. 13 russian nationals trying to interfere in 2016 presidential election. top department of justice official say they spread misinformation about democrat nominee hillary clinton hoping it would propel then candidate donald trump to victory. >> the defendants allegedly conducted what they call information warfare against the united states. but the stated goal of spreading distrust towards the candidates
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and the political system in general. >> we have fox team coverage right now, ryan, is in london with russia's response to all of this. but first, let's go to ellison barber live in washington. >> hi, kelly, the special counsel's indictment accuses russians of trying to discord the u.s. political system in part by creating bogus social media groups and communicating with americans. >> used stolen or fictitious identities, fraudulent bank accounts and false documents, russians paid real americans to engage in political activities for political campaigns and stage political rallies. >> three russian companies and 13 russian citizens indicted on charges relate today interference in the 2016 presidential election. one a man, close putin ally. white house national security
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adviser says it is clear russia meddled in the election. >> i'm surprised russian kinders available based on how active they have been in undermining the democracies in the west. [applause] >> as you can see with the fbi indictment, the evidence is now really -- >> others at the white house are focusing on the facts that according to indictment this all began in 2014. >> long before donald trump announced for president, this was going on. also it points out clearly that in this process no collusion. >> in a statement nancy pelosi says there's more work to be done. she write it is american people deserve to know the full extent of russian interference in our election and the involvement of trump officials, yet, disturbingly the president has not presented a strategic plan to confront the russians and refuses to enact the sanctions
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against russians as required by congress. some lawmakers criticized the administration for not implementing new russian sanctions at the end of january when there was a congressional deadline. treasury secretary steve mnuchin was on capitol hill this week and told the senate finance committee new sanctions are coming and they are working on them. as for russia, russian foreign minister sergey lavrov, dismissed. >> russian foreign minister sergey lavrov saying, quote, you can publish anything, until you see the facts, everything else is blabber. >> yes, sergey lavrov also said and also pointed to some comments he sad had been made by vice president mike pence that no foreign powers had had any influence on the actual election results while not acknowledging
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that russia had not done anything that if an action doesn't have any consequence, then there's no foul. now, the russian foreign minister made the comments at the munich security conferences, biggest conferences in the world of foreign policy. he wasn't the only russian diplomat there. we also saw sergey kislyak, that name should be familiar. he was russian's ambassador to the united states an his name came up on daily basis early on in the discussions of the allegations of collusion between russia and the then trump campaign, he was the ambassador then and he said about the indictment that he doesn't trust the accuracy or the truthfulness of any report that comes out of american law enforcement and he said that he thought it was a partisan report, that russia is being scapegoated, he was suggesting because of the political divide of the united
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states. this was just one side of the argument using russia against the other. now, we heard importantly from one individual inside russia, you heard about him earlier from our colleague. putin's chef because he once served the russian president and has had lots of contracts with catering company and with the russian military and reporter approached him and asked him what he thought about it, he said, quote, the the americans are impressionable people, they see what they want to see, they have no problem that the name was on the indictment. if they want to see the devil, let them see the devil. the associated press is distributing new video today that they say is of the new headquarters of the troll factory that the department of
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justice says is -- was used to direct this information campaign against the united states during the election campaign that they say is owned or at least funded by mr. pregoiv. kelly: national security mcmaster says the actions from russians have united congress to take angst against kremlin. >> in the effort to polarize societies and support rightest groups, even the most extreme forms of fashion and groups on the left in an attempt to pin western societies against each other, all of that is done, appeal to the big fringes while uniting all of our policies actually against russia and russian interference. kelly: former justice department official robert joins us now, he served as department assistant
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attorney general and before we get into the weeds of all of this and drill this down, what's your reaction to these indictments? >> well, i think there's a significance and certainly russian involvement online, stirring the pot so to speak in 2016 election, but this is a fairly detailed indictment and i think importantly they've got the actual names, account numbers, paypal accounts, all of the things set up and so we have been relying on testimony, it appears that there's pretty good digital footprint the doj layed out which implicates the russians. >> so robert, in and of itself should be disconcerting and alarming to members of congress and the president but even to
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americans themselves particularly looking forward to the midterm elections of 2018 and then ultimately the presidential election of 2020. it's clear that now based upon these allegations and this indictment against these 13 russians and three russian organizations that something is a miss and we need to -- better protect our electoral process. >> i think it's somewhat of a diplomatic or public relations an toll this indictment as well because, i mean, frankly the 13 russians are not going to be dumb enough to come to the u.s. and russia is not going to turn them over. i don't think they will ever stand trial here or unlikely or not the main point. part of this is the u.s. government sending a shot across the bow of the russians essentially saying, we know this happened, we will be monitoring for this kind of stuff in the future. i think that's what part of what the indictment is doing and
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separate and apart from the trump issue and the politics surrounding pit r. kelly: that being said, not to argue with you, critics argued that president trump is not focusing on russia's interference in our election, they argue he's only concerned about validating that there was no collusion between his team and russia but now based on -- how would those critics respond to president trump's national security adviser h.r. mcmaster statement made in munich making it clear that russia's interference is beyond dispute? >> well, i think mcmaster statement is good and hopefully we will get everybody, democrats and republicans on the same page in terms of separating the issues that russia's involvement in the election and possible involvement in future elections is a separate issue which everyone needs to take seriously regardless of political party, we obviously don't want a foreign country influence elections in and illegal manner.
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i think that, you know, both sides -- both trump and his critics kind of merged the two issues in some respect, every time trump is previously heard about russia, he's dismissed it because he used russia as shortland for your election was tainted or somehow doesn't count and i think now it's healthy for people to separate these two issues and even last week, we saw the intelligence community speaking in unison warning about russian online influence and cyber issues affecting elections. kelly: so let's review real quickly for viewers who maybe just discovering this what deputy attorney general rod rosenstein announced with this, he said, the russians were charged with, quote, conspiracy to defraud the united states and illegally using social media to divide americans and disrupt the 2016 presidential campaign. mcmaster's comment today is
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comments that are response to indictment and being sharp contrast from what the trump white house previously discussed calling special counsel robert mueller russia's investigation a witch hunt, a hoax, what political ramifications are we looking at here based on the indictments in light of the charges against russia? >> i don't think any in the sense that the president will continue to press innocence and focus on the fact that at least thus far there hasn't been any evidence of collusion, that's clearly what he wants to focus on and critics of the president will focus on the fact that there now is proof of russian involvement in -- and the president made dismissive statements about the entire investigation being a hoax and part of it clearly is not although presidential statements have been all over the map on that. hopefully this will help separate those two issues for everybody. kelly: robert, we appreciate
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your perspective on this and shedding professional expertise based on experience on department of justice, thank you, sir. >> thanks for having, kelly. >> alicia. >> sad something like this can happen, but the job the doctors did, nurses, first responders, law enforcement, really incredible. >> last night president trump thanking those who helped the victims of wednesday's tragedy in florida that left 17 people. now some of the focus shifting to the intelligence community. attorney general jeff sessions saying, quote, the warning signs were there about the 19-year-old shooter and tips to the fbi were missed. florida attorney general pam bondi says whoever is at fault should be fired. >> chris wray has only been with the fbi about five months at the helm and, you know, some of these happen prior and one happened in january when he was here, let's see what he does and if he does a full investigation
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and the people who had that information and did not do anything with it, they are the ones that need to go, chris wray needs to investigate it. >> rick is in florida, rick. >> alicia calls now for 3-story high school building in parkland where the shooting took place to be torn down and replace sod that students never have to walk the halls or sit in classrooms where blood was spilled. the fbi is struggling to explain how it fail today respond to a tip that could have stopped the shooter before it started. the fbi admit that is a person close to the shooter nicklaus cruz called the public tipline in early january six weeks ago leading investigation on cruz's gun ownership and disturbing social media post and potential that he might commit a school shooting but the information was never forwarded to the miami field office like it should have been angering some of the fellow
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students here. >> the fbi has failed, this is going to be one of the days, it's going to be a mark on their name forever and their mistake has cost the lives of 17 people. i think that there is incompetence in the fbi. >> broward sheriff's office received 20 calls to cruz's home but no one being arrested. >> every one will be looked at and scrutinized. if we find out like in any investigation that one of our deputies or call takers could have done something better or was remised, i will handle it accordingly. >> meanwhile two of the death were buried yesterday, 14-year-old alyssa and senior,
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one funeral scheduled today, one more tomorrow and a dozen more after that. the state attorneys says t way too soon to take the death penalty off the table, alicia. >> thanks, rick, kelly. kelly: a military helicopter crashing in méxico just one day after massive earthquake rocked the area, ahead on how that took place and we will continue to follow the developments just one day after massive earthquake rocked the region ahead of what caused the deadly incident (vo) make her day with
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kelly: 13 people are dead in helicopter crash in méxico, it happened after a 7.2 earthquake struck the southern portion of the country yesterday. the helicopter with your carrying government officials who were surveying the damage, it was trying to land when something went terribly wrong, crashing into a field where a group of people were sleeping. five men, four men -- i'm sorry, five women, four men and three kids all on the ground were killed. no government officials were seriously hurt. >> if everyone could put their hand over their heart and feel that spark, feel that spark that
11:20 am
still burns inside and to gather in our community recreate a flame and that flame will bring that light even in the darkest of days. >> the community of parkland, florida still reeling after wednesday's shooting. and asterisk -- asrick reported, the mayor of florida, there's still so many more many to come but i want to you, what is next for school faculty to help them cope? >> the schools in florida are all run by the county and the broward county public school system under the wonderful leadership of superintendentant
11:21 am
has been deploying counselors and make sure they have facilities to meet and receive the services they need. >> and this, however, also goes beyond the schools, beyond the walls that are going to be turned down and it's going to live in the community for a very long time, do you feel in terms of the community that you have the resources needed to help folks there? >> we have been very blessed in that we have received offering of support from all over, from within our community, within broward county, within the state of florida and throughout the country, so we have had an amazing outpouring of support, so we hope to have and expect to have resources needed and we will do whatever we can to make sure that our community gets through this together. >> okay, well that's good to here and hopefully resources
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will continue to pour in because they'll be a point where cameras leave and nation's intense focus on parkland, florida, lessens to a degree, it's inevitable. but from covering tragedies the aurora theater, physical wounds will require lifetime of medical attention, the emotional toll remains. do you know if there's apparatus in place to make sure parkland continues to get what it needs in the months and more importantly the years to come? >> we have many elected officials, citizens who are active and will make sure that we have the resources we need. we've also been reaching out to other areas that have faced similar tragedies so that we can prepare for the weeks and months and years ahead. >> now, as you know, the fbi admits it received substantive
11:23 am
information on the shooter warning that he may do exactly what he's accused of doing and it slipped through cracks,, do you have any thoughts on what should come from that discovery? as you know, pam bondi says the director should be fired of the fbi. >> the fbi definitely needs to be held accountable and they need to put processes and procedures to make sure that never happens again. all agencies have lots of information coming in. the problem isn't getting the information, the problem is making sure that something is done with the information received. so i hope that -- and i'm sure everybody hope that is the fbi will look at itself critically and held itself accountable and make sure that information like that never falls through cracks again. >> so much needs to be done, you're exactly right. kristin, the mayor of parkland, florida, thank you so much, kelly. kelly: major changes to white house security clearance process, trump top aide now in
11:24 am
spotlight as chief of staff john kelly makes another move to bring order to west wing. plus, how the white house is reacting to special counsel robert mueller indictment and what it means to the president? >> it's been a year with multiple plea agreements, a lot of testimony, a lot of interviews, and they're saying that they still don't have any evidence of any knowing engagement with the russians involved in the effort that has to be good news to the trump white house.
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>> special counsel robert mueller's indictment against 13 russians shows no evidence of collusion between russia and the trump campaign. deputy white house press secretary hogan saying the indictment proves president trump was right. >> this began in 2014 under then president barack obama's nose and didn't do a thing about it.
11:29 am
long before donald trump announced for president, this was going on. also it points out clearly that in this process there was no collusion as you just pointed out, the president said it multiple times, this makes it clear and concise to the american people and proves the president correct. no collusion between donald trump, his campaign and russia and also, i think, this is important too, it did not affect the outcome of the election whatsoever. >> meanwhile former cia director john brennan tweeting doj statement in indictments reveal the extent and motivations of russian interference in 2016 election. claims of a hoax in tatters, my take implausible that russian actions did not influence the views and votes of at least some americans. white house correspond for daily caller and joins us now. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> is the president correct that he is right, the indictments clear him and others in the
11:30 am
campaign because last i checked special counsel mueller is still conducting interviews, should he claim victory until lid on the investigation. >> they are frustrated. what they see a politically-motivated investigation. white house press secretary sarah sanders she's saying and the white house is saying that it's not a hoax that the russians meddled in the 2016 election, they view it as hoax as the media narrative that they actively colluded with the russians and that the, you know, they obstructed justice in an effort to stop showing any sort of collusion. so that's kind of what the white house means there, but as you said, it's a bit premature to come out here and declare vindication which is something that the president is eager to do. you can show how frustrated he and many white house officials are by the ongoing investigation, you know, in the
11:31 am
briefing room 13 out of 15 questions most of the time are about the investigation and it receives and breathes a lot of the air in the room when they are trying to focus on opioids and, you know, infrastructure and many of the other initiatives that they view as the things that the media should be focusing on from that room. >> do you think republicans need to be careful, though, here especially in congress with regard to the president and these indictments and not running too quickly to point out, like the president was right, like he said, because couldn't they get themselves into trouble heading into 2018 if they are not right? >> exactly. everybody needs to be somber here. there's no longer any doubt that russian mount campaign to med until 2016 election. a lot of nuance that goes into this. he actually said something that was quite interesting that the campaign in a major way has backfired on the russians which
11:32 am
is that it has united the mainstream elements of both parties against the russian government and all that it really did was target the most fringed elements of our american politics, i think you're absolutely right, which is it's very premature here to declare that the entire investigation has vindicated the white house, vindicated the 2016 campaign and also very premature here to say that, you know, mueller is going to be digging in much, much deeper and this is only the first thing to come. so there's a middle ground and i think that that's probably where the white house should be. >> democrats really shouldn't doing victory laps either. my kid plays and starts bragging about it, don't talk smack and the game is not over yet and the truth is, we don't know where we are in this investigation, half-time, fourth court, -- quarter, do we? >> exactly. all we can do is look at indictments and see where it
11:33 am
tells us. this particular indictment, there's no allegation that an american citizen knowingly colluded with the russian government to med until this election. we also know that at the height of this campaign the russians were spending approximately, i think, $1.25 million per month. now, i have talked to several campaign finance officials, you know, with rnc and dnc and that's laughable amount of money, that's minuscule compare today 8$00 million by the clinton campaign and super pacs on behalf of president trump and trump campaign. >> let's go into that a little bit more. go into the money we are talking about here because there's so much money, right? >> yeah, 1.25 million to average person does sound like quite a bit of money, it's almost shocking but the reality is if you know anything about digital ad buying that's actually not very much at all and if you think about the tv space, i
11:34 am
mean, 1.25 million is really not going to get you very far, so as i said, at the height of this campaign, the russians were spending $1.25 million per month, the hillary clinton spent approximately about 800 million, so if you look at that on a monthly average that's a 53 to 1, you know, 53 to 1 advantage that the hillary campaign had even if you assumed that all of the russian money was targeted against her and towards the president and the indictment actually clearly reveals that some of the money was directed to boosting senator bernie sanders' candidacy, some of the money use today organize antitrump rallies, some of it was just spent on plain weird and very racist political campaigns to stir up resentment against the black lives matter or, you know, towards neo nazis and so we have to dig into the nuance here, we have to understand that not all of the money was spent on behalf of the russians in order to influence
11:35 am
campaign in the direction of the president and even if all of it was it's minniscuele in campaign dollars. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. kelly: overhauling the way security clearances are handed out in the white house this as kelly comes under fire for his handling of former staff secretary rob port whore is accused of of abusing his two exwives. >> white house chief of staff john kelly is overhauling thousand white house handles security clearance. kelly outlined the changes to the security process in a memo that begin, quote, the american people deserve a white house staff that meet it is highest standards and has been carefully vetted especially those who work closely with the president or handle sensitive national information. we should and in the future must do better. this after a week of criticism
11:36 am
of kelly's handling of former white house staff secretary rob porter and how he remained working at the white house after security clearance investigation revealed months ago allegations of abuse from two exwives and now congress is investigating. >> i also want to know a former domestic violence prosecutor, how in the world with credible allegations can be fired especially in the white house. >> kelly directing fbi to raise any information kelly describes as significantly derogatory within 48 hours of discovering. he plans to receive updates at least once a month and as situations arise. kelly says the white house will revoke all whose investigation began june 1st or before, that could affect son-in-law jared
11:37 am
kushner, his is still pending. kelly: thank you. >> olympics now in second week, as you remember the photo from opening ceremony showing vice president mike pence sitting in front of the sister of north korea's leader kim jong un made ways at the time. now there are signs that the u.s. is considering preliminary talks with north korea, greg is in seoul, greg. >> hi. absolutely. it is being described as tactical shift. president moon was visiting the games and he said, in fact, that he would not confirm whether the south will take up the north korea on summit. he did confirm, however, today he wants the regime of kim jong un talking to the united states with the ultimate aim of denuclearization of the north. that's what we have been hearing
11:38 am
from close officials by president moon, we were told that north korea talking to the u.s. is basically a precondition to enter korean talks. meanwhile we did have a chance saturday to get over to olympic side ourselves while the focus of, of course, is on sports, still we are hearing more opinions offered about north korean participation in the games, take a listen. >> i think they're making good enough showing to have a few athletes. >> i really wish that every day could be like the olympics and we all could get along but just a great time to celebrate everyone being together. >> by the way, the north korean cheerleaders again out on saturday making yet another appearance on the sidelines of the game as you heard there is mixed feelings about the north korean president just about everybody, of course, wants peace on this peninsula, not everybody is sure exactly how to get there. alicia in the coming weeks, ivanka trump will be coming here. leading, yet, another u.s. delegation and attending some
11:39 am
events at the event and strong indication from the government here that politics will also be on the bill, back to you. >> of course, they will. greg in seoul, south korea. >> mitt romney officially launching campaign for utah's senate seat. how it may impact the midterms as republicans look to maintain control of the house and the senate? >> he will to exceptionally well in utah, a lot of ties here and he's be formidable. the question he needs to answer for utah is why, why is he doing this. g power than tums chewy bites. mmmmm...amazing. i have heartburn. ultra strength from alka seltzer. enjoy the relief. this is the story of green mountain coffee roasters
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kelly: mitt romney speaking to utah republican party annual meeting after he announced candidacy for u.s. senate. the former gop presidential nominee touched upon a number of issues including this week's
11:44 am
mass shooting taking place in florida. >> i think we can't just sit and wait and hope and expect the things are going to get better because these things keep on happening. now, i've looked at some federal legislation. i haven't seen any federal legislation that would have prevented these attacks, but exception maybe by the way for senator orrin hatch's proposal that he's been promoting enhance background checks. >> adam housely is live in los angeles with more and adam looks like mitt romney is trying for a comeback. >> yeah, the former governor of massachusetts, of course 2012 republican nominee for the presidential race is trying to get into the senate seat health by orrin hatch for seventh straight term, one of four candidates running on the republican side, pretty safe to say republican seat by most people standards. now announcement was push bad on
11:45 am
friday and touched on topic, romney's run comes with criticism and questions about returning to utah. he cites all of his grandchildren living there, his family residing in the state and, of course, olympics there and overall time in utah. addressed hot and cold relationship with donald trump in the last two years specifically talking about differences in immigration and if he was to win as a junior senator from utah where he stands with the current president saying they can find some common ground on topics like taxes, regulation and small government. >> now, i'm not always with the president on what he might say or do and if that happens i will call him like i see him like i have in the past but we can certainly work together and our agenda will be for the best interest of utah and the people of our country. >> of course, romney has had the hot and cold relationship with the president. he did make a couple of jokes
11:46 am
about being called junior senator from utah, being called junior is a complement if anything. he hopes, of course, to be the senator from utah and finally getting back to kelly, interesting enough, when you look at the poll numbers coming in right now shows him very early but strong candidate as compared to some of the other republican candidates, we have a lot of months ahead. the idea that there could be 8 other republicans jumping in, at least the latest possibility coming out of utah. you could have as many 12 people running for republican nominee, right now he's the clear front runner, kelly. kelly: the fact that he's in it would draw a lot of interest in utah. adam housely, good to see you, my friend. >> fox news alert, gun control front and center this weekend after the deadly school shooting in parkland, florida, this is a live look at a rally in fort lauderdale with hundreds of
11:47 am
people have gathered near the federal courthouse, they are calling for stricter gun laws in the wake of this week's tragic events. [cheers and applause] kelly: we pay tribute to heros from the florida school who is bravery saved so many lives. >> my main goal was to make sure that everyone got home safe to families, i got as many people as i could to the classroom and from there i tried to arm myself and get ready for the worse.
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kelly: a somber weekend in parkland, florida as the community and nation mourn it is victims of shooting but in tragedy we often find light. here you're looking at a pair of hero, on the left football coach and on the right a geography teacher who lost his life. one student chose to help its peers. >> as soon as i heard the seven gunshots, i immediately turned around and ran into the second rotc room where we have the -- people that we brought in and from there i wanted to make sure that everybody got in the line safely and lined them in the
11:52 am
wall and utility closet that we had in the room and from there i was standing with first sergeant, these are bullet proof material, let's move these in front of everybody. >> just amazing what that young man was thinking about, joining me now is rodney, executive direction of chick-fil-a and maybe wondering why he's joining, he has a book about heros that comes out next week, also an air force academy graduate so i should ask you about the young man who has rotc experience, quick thinking led to saving his classmates, what do you say about that in. >> yes, kelly, we want to be honoring of the heros and particularly honoring heros just like that young man who lived what they had been preached and in the moment of crisis selflessness, team work, all the
11:53 am
things that we would want them to do and so this is a national tragedy but an opportunity for us to be inspired by this community, be inspired by heroism of all the bravery that we saw. kelly: as i mentioned you had written a book about topic that many are reflecting on in the wake of horrific tragedy in florida and your week is titled heros wants, and we have certainly seen examples of heroism at douglas school in parkland, florida. what hope do we find in the stories from students and heros who acted courageously to save the lives even at the risk of losing their own? >> yes, well, kelly, i think that's a great question. i think we find a great deal of hope and the heroism and bravery that they exhibited but have to acknowledge that they were heros
11:54 am
even before this day and before this act, that they were teachers and that they were counselors and coaches and people who were the foundation of any community in this country and what is remarkable is that they really did show up in that way as heros and so everyday heros really are highlighted within the book. kelly: it's amazing that you state that because we've heard students in broward county sheriff reflect on the life of assistant football coach erin who was killed when he threw himself in front of students to protect him from oncoming bullets and he has been described, the hero already in him, died the way -- the same way he lived, he put himself second, a very kind soul, he died a hero, when you hear about the coach making ultimate sacrifice what's your response based on your writings about heros wanted and needed?
11:55 am
>> yes, when i hear about coach's sacrifice, i think that we all had the opportunity to be someone else's hero, i think we had the opportunity in everyday moments to a, recognize folks just like coach fice, to recognize also the janitor who was very heroic in ushering children to safety. kelly: not to cut you off but i want to mention the geography teacher scott who was killed as he ushered students back into the classroom when he saw and heard nikolas cruz opening fire with his weapon. so these are everyday heros who came to light. >> everyday heros who came to light and we all had the opportunity to stride to be an everyday hero, hopefully it does not but we can recognize, acknowledge and also reach out and touch someone else. kelly: rodney bullard i think you have written a very good
11:56 am
timely piece that a lot of people will be obviously eager to listen and learn from what you've written but we can actually see it in life. tragic as it is. thank you for bringing some inspiration to us this day. >> thank you, kelly. >> beautiful point. hero was already in there. robert mueller issuing a sweeping indictment in the russia investigation, more on the political impact of the special counsel's announcement.
11:57 am
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more news, journal editorial is next. ♪ >> no child, no teacher should ever be in danger in an american school. no parent should ever have to fear for their sons and daughters when they kiss them good-bye in the morning. we are committed to working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health. paul: welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot, that was president donald trump reacting to the valentine's day shooting in high school in parkland, florida, the president and first lady travel to go that community friday night to meet with


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