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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 17, 2018 2:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> with the fox news alert. we have functional indictments. robert mueller news investigation. this after federal grand jury charged 13 russian nationals claim he carried out the elaborate campaign to try and disrupt the 2016 presidential election. helping candidates donald trump, bernie sanders and jill stein. hello everyone welcomed your brand-new hour of "americas news headquarters". >> hello to everyone. the 37th agent debbie claims russians fragments information across social media. the goal, damage hillary clinton and boost the campaign of then candidate, donald
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trump. the president says all of this proves that he did not collude with russia. tweeting finding how the fake news meter does not want to say that the russian proof was formed in 2014, long before my run for president. maybe they knew i was going to run even though i did not know! >> with team coverage on this developing story including overseas. the kremlin is responding and first let's go to ellison barber live in washington with the very latest. >> the president sent out a series of tweets in the last couple of hours. most of the allegations in the indictments did not sway the election. it is something the deputy attorney general office and as well. the indictment accuses russians are trying to show discord in the us political system. it claims a day by stealing the identities of american citizens creating big personas using social media or orchestrating rallies and russian companies and companies were indicted in this. according to the indictment
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early on the defendants tried to denigrate hillary clinton as well as ted cruz, marco rubio and support senator bernie sanders and ben candidate, donald trump. he says quote - by early to mid 2016 defendants operations included supporting a presidential campaign of ben candidate, donald j trump and disparaging hillary clinton. all of this allegedly began in mid-2014. the president pointed to something that disproves allegation of collusion between russia and the trump campaign. >> this beginning 2014 under then president, barack obama snows. he did not do a thing about it. long before donald trump announcer president, this was going on. also, it points out clearly that in this process, there was no collusion. >> that was deputy press secretary speaking. the president tweeted about that as well. it is worth mentioning for years he publicly said he was
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considering getting involved in politics in december 2014 interview with the daily beast. he was asked if he was considering a presidential run. donald trump and said in part i certainly am looking at it. he said the deputy us attorney general ron rosenstein said the indictment does not accuse anyone of knowingly participating any alleged crimes. also says there is no allegation in the indictment that the alleged behavior alter the outcome of the 2016 election. >> thank you so much. >> meantime the russian government is firing back. the foreign minister dismissing the indictment calling it quote - just blabber. we are in london with more. >> hello. the russian foreign minister dismissed the indictment without really dealing with the substance of allegations. he also pointed to comments from the vice president mike pence that no foreign powers had influenced the outcome of the election.while not acknowledging that russia had done anything, he was inferring that even if russia had, if there has been no consequence,
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there was nothing to talk about. we also heard the former ambassador to the nice days in washington d.c. during the election campaign. his name will be coming up an awful lot in regards to allegations of collusion between russia and the trump campaign. they said, the question american law enforcement truthfulness and accuracy when it came to russia as a guest of the allegations against russia were partisan. retroactively being scapegoated by law enforcement to get at trump. and then finally heard from putin chef. he is pushing the russian president. yevgeny prigozhin is the most important of the individuals in the justice department indictment. his response just after the indictment came out, he told a russian news agency, americans are very impressionable people. they see what they want to see. incidentally, there is video out of what they say is the new
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headquarters of a troll factory in st. petersburg, russia. the justice department says it was used to interfere in the us election and was funded by mr. yevgeny prigozhin. >> thank you brian, reporting from london. >> and for all this would bring in dana hoffman, former station chief in moscow served in iraq and pakistan. now vice president of the -- policy group. always good to see you. you are a veteran of the russians and being in moscow for the cia. what is your reaction tonight the russians niles back. >> well, those denials within the ministry of foreign affairs, it is a completely separate line of operation from russia's espionage operations. and they would also, would also suit vladimir putin if they deny that with the measure of conspiracy. knowing that they did and the
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more they deny, the more it makes it look like what it is. espionage operation designed to influence our populists /multiple do not even rosenstein be the indictment that is starting 2014. what you make of that? >> in cyberspace, we really want to conduct forensics immediately. within minutes. we are first hearing rectus almost 4 years later it is disconcerting we do not collect on this and advise citizens of the car. that's a major problem. >> one reason with the obama administration at the time. the president said they did not want to make it public because they did not want to compromise sources and methods. also do not want to see is tipping the election. this is from buzzfeed. a writer wrote last year, obama officials find themselves grappling with the new legacy is a look 20 world with allies like iran and cuba one of her with diplomacy. he fell victim to sneak attack
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by an old adversary and be let happen. offering obscure ones and adequately pushing russia for achieving something even the soviet union at the height of its power could not manage. meddling in the s election and for those that the americans just in a democracy. to think that whatever they may have done, back channels, clearly it did not work. was it enough? >> clearly was not enough. we knew plenty about russia nefarious espionage activity. when it suited us we took action. remember we arrested russian illegals in 2010. and exchange them for four guys out of siberian labor camps. the administration did take some action but in this case they utterly failed. routinely share intelligence that where we reject information from sources and methods. we do it to protect the citizens from threats. i guess i have to ask one from the obama administration to comment on this. and explain why our citizens were not warned about it.
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while we did not do anything about it to deter russia. the only thing the administration does was to expel russian diplomats in december 2016. which is obviously too late. >> that was after the election. do you think that they even actually adequately recognize it? because you're dealing with ads on facebook, hashtags that look so american. do you think they even really in 2014 new? >> based on a specialty that does this was a hybrid operation. there was a secret clandestine stuff involving stealing identities of us citizens grid including bank accounts and social security numbers. but it was also an eminently discoverable operation with breadcrumbs leaning back to this internet research agency. which yevgeny prigozhin is running. he is leading up to his longtime chef. a manager to many years. it should have been, i think it is something that putin wanted to have been discovered. he needed a geographic endpoint.
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russia, really to soil the democratic process. he also wants to be perceived by his own people and the world at large as a standing toe to toe with best thanks to his asymmetric relatively inexpensive espionage operation. this was one waiting to be discovered. and then, it is waiting for us to do something about it. and he did not. >> and 16. i mean tell me a little bit about him. he is under sanction, was stationed in december because he has his concorde company mentioned in the indictment that apparently was building a base on the russian border near ukraine and even then they abused russian contractors. >> yes. reportedly he is known as an st. petersburg. the internet research agency another reason we should have been well aware that is because they been mounting anti-ukraine
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propaganda, pro-asad propaganda as well. and trying to counter let them influence opposition. so he is a tight putin crony. someone worthy of sanctions as are others. i would highlight that right now it is important for us to pursue those things but we have to be careful of the list of sanctions, that is not too expensive. we do not want to sanction the wrong people. i'm concerned about the treasury list including people that maybe do not deserve to be on it. what to focus on the ones that are eating but it was nefarious policies and not someone in the crossfire does not deserve to be there. >> the president has come under criticism for not going forward with sanctions that passed by congress. to think the president should? he is been criticized for holding back. >> i think you should be following up on senses but i think you should take a harvest of the look of so-called oligarchs and make sure it is
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appropriate. i also think the best way that we can counter russia were one of the best ways, is to get up on the bully pulpit and hold vladimir putin accountable for we expect to be massive fraud and corruption in next month's presidential election. which he will win. >> how do we do that? >> call him out secretary clinton did it. much to the ire of president vladimir putin in 2012. called him out and putin will make it hard on election monitors to show the extent fraud is taking place. our media of them accountable as well. >> finally, when things it just struck me when i read the indictment. what they did was so american. i do not know if i was expecting this but it was completely you know heart of texas was one of the site.
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page, hillary for prison. and then it was trump is not my president rally. i went there! i went outside of that. it was right outside of trump tower. you know activists, the greenwich village type. they were chanting. it would have been unbelievable. you could have won me over if i knew then that this was apparently sponsored according to the indictment, by the russians. how can he saw americanized math does it surprise you at all? is this right up their alley? >> yeah, i'm sorry to say the russians are failures on a lot of things. you know, their courage is their business. their business is corruption. when it comes espionage they really good in their ability to understanding us. they have an exceptional number of intelligence serving the country collecting on what makes us tick as people. they know what divides us. and really that was the key point from the indictment.
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they were trying to sow discord. they were supporting extreme elements on both sides. just trying to heighten the level of animosity so we would have productive discourse. among those of us interested in the political campaign. and that is also russia's advantage. we are the main enemy and they treat us as such. questions because they don't have a russian accent you do not know what they are. i ended up going and it seemed to me that it was homegrown. for those against the president verses like this. finally, does any of this surprise you? >> no. it is not surprising at all. but we are playing catch up right now. better start moving because this is a major threat to the national security. >> yes they are way ahead of us on this. daniel hoffman, as always, thank you. >> thank you. >> at fox news alert on a follow-on investment person. thousands gathered authentic federal court house in florida today to condemn the current gun laws and plead with
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lawmakers for change. today's rally happened that 25 miles from the site of wednesday's deadly mass shooting. 17 people killed when a gunman walked into a high school and opened fire. phil keating is live in florida. what are you hearing there? x there is a lot of anguish and anger still bubbling here in the community. in fact, all over south florida, miami-dade and broward counties. yesterday there were several tomorrow the 14 teenage high school students, one geometry teacher and two coaches. all of the shooting happened in the three-story building behind me. that is not as a freshman building which explains why so many of the 17 fatalities were just years old. that afternoon downtown, fort lauderdale outside of the federal courthouse, more than 1000 people turned out. many of them students, demanding new gun control
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legislation, and holding is like never again. this is monday the ninth apologizing for receiving warnings just five weeks ago from someone close to the suspect, nikolaus cruz. 11 and can specifically commit a school shooting. the fbi failed to forward the morning of the chain so nothing was done about it. [video], 45 to 8000 people grieving gathered for this dramatic candlelight vigil. today, more people returned to see and add to the growing memorial, flowers, candles and
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17 angels, each one for each victim. sharing their grief and giving each other love. >> one of my friends, i saw her in the morning and she gave me a valentine that i was not even expecting. hours later when i was in lockdown, i hear that she was shot. and you know, it was agonizing. >> one another. do not have to know the person to go up to them and offer them a hug. it is very important. you will be surprised how somebody is just in need of a hug. >> florida records show as well as the high school shooting suspect, 19-year-old, nikolaus cruz. a former student expelled last year from this high school for disciplinary reasons. aside from the ar 15 assault rifle that he is accused of using to commit all of these murders as well as wounding 15 others. all in a shooting through a
2:17 pm
time of three minutes in high school. he also owned five other guns and made five other than purchases. the broward county sheriff the last night that over the past few years, his office has received 20 calls for service or calls for assistance to deal specifically with nikolaus cruz. but none of the calls ever resulted in a crime, arrest or any watchlist. it is something the sharks and will get much more scrutiny for similar calls in the future. as for the suspect, his public defender saying that he has agreed to plead guilty to all 17 counts of first-degree murder. in hopes of avoiding the death penalty for cruz, the prosecutor says it is far too early to discuss that. and if any case is a death penalty case, this is the type of horrific crime that warrants it. >> such a sad story. we've been hearing about these
2:18 pm
warnings. we will be truck with a former fbi official that the warnings and what went wrong later in the show. thank you. >> will have more throughout the next two hours. a former governor, presidential candidate and now he is tossing his hand in the ring for a senate seat. how mitt romney tried to get support for his run and make his comeback dreams come true. also an unforgettable site at the winter olympics in south korea. the vice president sitting within feet of kim yo jong, the sister of kim jong-un. now we are told their news at the door could be opening for the beginning of diplomatic talks with the dictatorship. e s. remember janet? she got cash back shopping with ebates and hasn't been skeptical since. where'd the money come from? stores pay ebates. psh!!! psh!!! then ebates pays you. psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! psh!!! and they'll send you a check. psh!!!! oohh!! sign up for free. shop your favorite stores.
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my heart is worth brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. candidate announced yesterday
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that he was running for the senate and today he is wasting no time tackling a variety of issues including gun violence. adam is live in los angeles with more. >> he talked about a number of subjects disappeared and the former governor of massachusetts a 2012 republican nominee for president. looking to take over a republican seat. orrin hatch will be leaving the senate. mitt romney would become the junior senator if you were to win. and it was pushed back a
2:23 pm
response to friday because of the shooting in florida. he will talk about what could be 10 candidates but he separated himself in the present when it comes to immigration. but he also addressed his hot and cold relationship with the president for the last two years. if you were to win, they stand with the current president saying that they could find common grounds like taxes, and smaller government. >> now, i'm not always with the president. on what he might say or do and that happens i will call them like i see him. when i have in the past. but we can work together and our agenda will be for the best interest of the people of utah and the people of the country. >> mitt romney announced candidacy via video on friday afternoon we need to receive backlash though via twitter. saying from utah for utah is tempering homegrown utah leader that knows what every day
2:24 pm
citizens need. this belongs the people of our state not an out-of-state member of the national establishment. bob anderson, chairman of the republican party early in the week and also criticized clarified his criticism via interview. take a listen. >> if you are facing a battle, we pick up the stone and put it in march out. i think there's some people that may have run that will not based on romney candidacy. >> and romney made a couple of more points making a joke that being called a junior senator from utah is a complement of someone his age but he things that the republicans will keep the midterm and the house. >> is will be amazed a lot of people will be will be excitement. thank you. >> and overseas south korea
2:25 pm
sports diplomacy and it might just be working for the us signaling that is open to a preliminary talks with north korea. this comes after the vice president mike pence and the dictator kim jong-un' youngest sister, kim yo jong both attended the winter analytics ceremony and south korea. the vp there apparently did not acknowledge her presence. right behind him. we have more now from seoul. as the south korean president visited the games. and he said nothing for they will take up the north korean author but he did confirm he was a regime of kim jong-un to talk to the united states as well. for the ultimate denuclearization of the north. >> we have heard that from officials recent from president moon. followed by mike pence. meanwhile, a chance to get to
2:26 pm
the olympics site with the focus of courses on sports. moore was off about north korea's participant inspected take a listen. >> is a steppingstone. >> it certainly will not hurt. >> i don't think they're making a good neck showing to have a few athletes. >> i wish every day could be like this. we can all get along. i think is a great time to celebrate everyone being together.>> by the way, the north korean cheerleaders made another appearance on saturday on the sidelines of the games. as you heard that there is a mixed feeling. in the week ivanka trump will go to another delegation. there will go to a closing ceremony next weekend and once again, we hear that politics will be mixed in as well. >> thank you. and at the 6 o'clock hour we will do more on talks that could be meaningful and achieve anything when dealing with
2:27 pm
pyongyang. >> special counsel robert mueller issuing a savings and against 13 russian nationals for election mightily. how the white house is reacting and the potential impact for president trump. plus, the senate hitting a brick wall and immigration. with the fate of the daca recipients hanging in the balance. what happens next? we will discuss the show down. that is still ahead. (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one. so you won't miss a purchase large, small, or very large. technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet? i want you to pick a new truck for your mom or dad, knowing that they could possibly pass it down to you one day. cool.
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edition once again dominates headlines this weekend. after robert mueller's probe that leads to the development of 13 national nationals. now the president is claiming vindication. tweeting deputy ag rod rosenstein state of the news conference, quote - there is no allegation indictment than any american with a knowing participant in this illegal activity. there is no allegation in the indictment that the charge conduct alter the outcome of
2:32 pm
the 16 election. for now let's bring in deputy news editor for fcs. nice to see you. give heavenly.>> for completeness of the political i -- >> as he is mentioned, donald trump feels picketed by this. which is what he has wanted. he knows that the probe is out of his control but truly, he will be vindicated when the probe ends. and there is a conclusion that he did not disrupt justice and know from his campaign knowingly committed with the russians because i think this shows that he is vindicated or not i think the larger issue, there are couple of them but one is that we not more evidence that foreign entities meddled in the election.and this is something that you think the president would be focusing on. >> terry think he is focusing on that? from the russians undermine
2:33 pm
democracy if you do not that there's some wisdom in the president wanting to use this as evidence that there was no collusion? >> i think what i would certainly focus on is the white house statement from siera santos or others from donald trump saying how they will adjust the issue of election meddling moving forward. especially with mike pompeo just said that he is almost certain that there will be some sort of meddling in the midterm elections. which are just a few months away. >> is a good point. because we have not heard what they might do and what the agencies are supposed to be protecting our elections from meddling or planning. do you think we will hear more about how the intelligence activities might work to counter this type of meddling? >> i think we have to. we've heard things and how we are trying to prevent domestic meddling. folks in the us, we have heard about them hacking our elections but it is not addressing the larger issue of foreign entities. not only since we have this indictment for more information
2:34 pm
about the exact tools and operations they created to organize social media. to turn americans against each other. to influence elections even when it was not their intended goal. and to serve general discord. when we are going to elect our leaders is something we need to have more -- >> one of the things will be interesting to argue that he does or does not change his behavior towards vladimir putin. this is president that does not like to be duped. he likes to keep people who he trusts close to him. in the past he has said that he believes vladimir putin when he says he did not meddle. you think you expect the presidents behavior to change towards russia as a result of this information? >> as you mentioned we look at the behavior that the president trump has shown. back in 2014 when he was not present chacko i don't think
2:35 pm
you should expect him to change his tune. i also think it would go get the narrative that he has created this entire time. it will create a rift between us and russia which is the exact opposite of what he wants to do before he came president. >> before the dog would like to ask, do you have any indications as to the timeline of the broader fbi probe as this information is coming out? >> i think we can certainly expect it will not be wrapping up anytime soon despite what the legal counsel will say or what the president believes himself. the latest indictment shows that it is not slowing down. there are many more people in his indictment and the indictment include specific allegations that americans knowingly colluded with russia. it does not mean that there is a door closed for future indictments for that. >> alexi mccammond, thank you. >> thank you.
2:36 pm
>> and on capitol hill dealing with immigration. i know it is installed in the senate. after lawmakers rejected a series of proposals this week. meanwhile the house is forging ahead with its own bill. it makes a hard line approach with document. it would present them with a temporary renewable legal status rather than citizenship and cut illegal immigration by 25 percent. it would have the portable insecurity. while the clock is ticking to get a deal done on daca by march 5. >> it is very important that the president, by and in the daca program because it was unconstitutional, and then turning the congress and says fix it created an opportunity to put this on the front burner. it is important that it stayed in. they must house members want to go home and say that they addressed the daca situation and that they are securing our borders and keeping americans safe. we did i think the senate will be forced to revisit the issue.
2:37 pm
>> one of the lawmakers who has gone home joins us now. he is a virginia republican congressman, scott taylor p member of the house appropriations committee and homeland security committee. joining us from virginia beach. congressman, welcome. >> visibility is always to request the white house announcing that tomorrow the president will be meeting at mar-a-lago with house speaker ryan. what do you think potentially could come out of the meeting? >> from i understand they're going to speak about the 2018 agenda. there is no question about that. unfortunately, with the recent school shooting i think they will be speaking about mental health issues and about dealing with securing our most precious resource, our future. and immigration will certainly be on the forefront. give the deadline coming up with the daca recipients. and as mr. think overwhelmingly in the house and senate and the white house of course, the class and republicans, the majority of members want to get something done on the issue.
2:38 pm
i imagine they will be discussing a path forward. >> there so many competing cases.what would you like to see? are you on board the legislation or where do you stand? >> my position has always been the same. things important that you get water security, i think it is important you get incentives for legal immigration not have the same problem again unless years. i think it's important that we deal with population. you have a lot of folks out there that are very anxious and worried. employers, families, friends and of course the folks in the population. i think americans want to get a solution. for the daca recipients but the majority of americans i think what more security. they do not want the same issue to happen again. i think there's a path forward but right now there are certainly some folks politically that may not want to see that done. if you on the left and you are saying that we want a clean dream act it will not happen. because there are no books for that. people want security, they do not want this to happen again.
2:39 pm
if you are all doing the right it will probably not happen either. i think it is to be a bipartisan solution and yes, it is important we keep it in the front burner. just like the congressman said. so the senate actually takes action. >> at least three if not more proposals in the have the thune/portman, jeff flake and then you have senator grassley with a 12 year path to citizenship with 1.8 billion daca recipients and the full amount. how did this come together? because you are right, those on the full left will not agree with those on the right. >> well, listen, i do think the fact that there are competing proposals negate the responsibility plus to get something done. doesn't -- is political 101. to find something in the
2:40 pm
middle. >> would it be -- what would that be? path to citizenship or path to legalization? $7.6 billion rifle $25 billion? >> i think is pretty clear that you will have in negotiations, border security which means money and more technology, more people, more while on the border. you have to deal with the actual, what creates the visa lottery and chain migration. and imagine it will be for those in the daca population. i think that there is a deal out there. i think we can come together. i think that it will look something like that. the negotiations -- >> the democrats, they are not touching the visa or diversity lottery at the moment. >> something that is interesting, i think that's a
2:41 pm
good point. but you can look back and there are so many videos out there from the president obama, president clinton, nancy pelosi, senator schumer, talking about border security, tucking a chain migration, talking about the visa lottery. they supported dealing with these issues. i think the notion on their side that they want a clean dream act is unrealistic. and i think that using it politically. personally i was in the daca population i'll be pretty passed off that they're not coming to the table and getting things done.>> i wonder why they are against it now! congressman scott taylor, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> of course. >> the fbi criticism after lists weeks school shooting in florida distilling admission from the agency i would failed to take action. we spoke to former fbi deputy assistant director and hostage rescue team commander. >> the fbi has failed. this is going to be one of the
2:42 pm
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tremfya®, because you deserve to stay clearer. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options for tremfya®. >> the fbi admitting it failed to investigate a specific type in january about nikolaus cruz. before he gunned down 17 people. the agency now saying that they warned the government was a threat. that the information was not acted on. letter to governor rick scott is not calling for the fbi director christopher wray to step downstairs and quote - we constantly promote see something, say something. the courageous person did just that to the fbi. and the fbi failed to act. see something, say something is an incredibly important tool and people must have confidence in the follow-through from law enforcement. the fbi director needs to resign. danny is a former fbi director --
2:47 pm
>> thank you. a sad day but nice to see you. >> it is but thank you for being here to talk about this. so many people say that there is no excuse for the fbi received this morning and did not act on it. help us to understand the process of how a tip should go through the present and end up in the field office to prevent something like this from happening. >> let me say possibly fbi is not making excuses. there admitting fault and that was a good thing. the way it works the way it is supposed to work, these things go to a call center. they train people to take the complaint. get as much information as possible. then they refer that joan fbi field office to act on it. i broke down for the community should -- it never got to be miami office. the fbi saves so many people every year. they dropped the ball here
2:48 pm
clearly and they are upset about her previous former agents are upset.but i promise you one thing, the director of the fbi will fix this. it will not happen again. and that i'm absolutely sure. those are things that i have grave concerns about with the incident but i know they will fix this. and they will not make excuses. there was a we did it, i think that is the mark of a good agency. >> that is what people, i'm not sure if my microphone is upon us are talking a few hours late again. the fbi is taking accountability as you said on this. but a lot of people are asking questions about what should happen regarding leadership. mention of the governor rick scott had said the fbi director should resign. he was just put in that position do think that he will fix this? >> i know he will fix it. i know the director of the fbi. he's a bright guy. every agency makes mistakes. think about this.
2:49 pm
this individual was contacted over 20 times by the sheriff department. they got over 30 contacts with local governmental officials and knowing that he had involved himself in self-mutilation, he was disturbed person never dealt with it. as a society. i think where the fbi is to be at fault, we need to decide how do we treat individuals like this and has we protect ourselves, our children, our adults in society and for people that are deranged and so this is not a one issue problem.this is a huge problem. i hope that the states and federal government will give us some guidance. how do we deal with these guys? there were 20 contacts with the local police or sheriff department. why wasn't he referred? maybe he was. i don't know. >> one of the questions i have is the relationship between the fbi and local law enforcement. because it was the tip to the fbi, there was the online tip and then there was also the
2:50 pm
call.within a something local law enforcement really did have a good idea that this was someone who had serious issues. what about the coordination there? >> i think there is good coordination. at this moment i am doing a case exactly like this recliner. a threat against my client online, the local police and fbi are working this thing together. the problem is, what the individual is identified, he gets referred for mental health and goes in for seven days becomes our industry to go again. i think the coordination is there. clearly the fbi missed the boat here. but it is a massive problem with regard. how does law enforcement deal with individuals who should be in a mental facility and are not? >> it is a sad way to end the cs look towards pushing the needle in the right direction. thank you, danny coulson. >> a powerful winter storm now pounding a big stretch of the nation. millions are in his path in the northeast. we will bring you up-to-date
2:51 pm
with a report from our extreme weather center, straightahead tonight on fox news channel. hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. >> we have a fox news alert of
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
a massive winter storm on the move. millions of people are in for a lot of snow. we have adam klotz any thoughts extreme weather center.
2:55 pm
which is named for this weekend! >> yes, it is a very well named because we are tracking a winter will be short-lived but he will do a lot of damage. money watch of the atlantic coast stretching in areas where you are seeing snow from d.c. to philadelphia. and now new york city in the last hour so beginning to get some of that initial snow. an area we most concerned about is along i-95 from new york city stretching up to providence and near boston. all of that under winter storm warning speed even further to the north looking at winter storm watches. as the storm against this evening, running into early tomorrow morning. we'll talk about a lot of snowfall. here is the future forecast. pay attention to the timestamp in the corner.areas like d.c. along the line right now eventually becoming all rain. this will lived through the opening hours as we get into new york and boston area, that is when the snowfall really begins to come down. by early tomorrow morning
2:56 pm
already clearing. there will be warm air behind this good will happen tonight and early tomorrow morning. that is when travel will be the biggest concern. areas will be getting anywhere from four to eight inches of snow. but any snowfall that you get will be clearing off because it gets really warm on sunday and then more so monday even more so tuesday. >> the music is only have one day tomorrow! not a work day at least. >> robert mueller issuing a new indictment in the russia investigation as begin new information about how the kremlin targeted american voters. whow do we keep russians doing this again? up to 50% faster today at
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3:00 pm
fox news alert. all eyes on special counsel robert mueller this weekend as we get global reaction to the latest indictments in the sweeping russia investigation. it comes after a federal grand jury charges 13 russian nationals alleging an elaborate campaign to disrupt the 2016 presidential election. i'm lea gabrielle in for arthel neville. welcome to the second hour of america's news headquarters. eric: thank you for being with us on the fox news channel. the 37 page indictment claims those russians used social media to spread information to try to cause chaos. damage hilary clinton and boost the campaigns of then candidate donald trump and help bernie
3:01 pm
sanders and independent candidate jill stein. the president says the revelations the plot was hatched four years ago and russian agents allegedly communicated with quote unwitting individuals associated with the trump campaign proves he did not collude with moscow. the president tweeting this, quote, funny how the fake news media doesn't want to say that the russian group was formed in 2014, long before my run for president. maybe they knew i was going to run, even though i didn't know. ellison barber live tonight in our washington newsroom. good evening, ellison. >> hi eric. all of this allegedly began in 2014. seemingly around june 2014 according to court documents. the white house says that proves the trump campaign did not collude with russia. >> this began in 2014 under then president obama's nose. he didn't do a thing about it. long before donald trump announced for president, this was going on. also, it points out clearly that in this process, there was no
3:02 pm
collusion. >> the president tweeted that argument as well. it doesn't necessarily change anything one way or the other, but it is worth mentioning that for years trump publicly said he was considering getting involved in politics in december of 2014 in an interview with the daily beast he was asked if he was considering a presidential run, trump said in part i'm certainly looking at it. i'm going to examine what's going on and after the beginning of the new year, i will make a decision. deputy u.s. attorney general rosenstein says this indictment does not accuse any americans of knowingly participating in the alleged crimes, but the indictment does claim that the russians wanted to help the trump campaign. according to the indictment the defendants tried to denigrate hilary clinton as well as ted cruz marco rubio and support sanders and then candidate trump. it says quote by early to mid 2016, defendants operations included supporting the presidential campaign of then candidate donald trump and disparaging hilary clinton. the special counsel says the russians tried to sow discord in
3:03 pm
the u.s. political system in part by making social media groups and communicating with americans, three russian companies and 13 russian citizens were indicted. treasury secretary steve mnuchin was on capitol hill and he told the senate finance committee that the administration is working on new russia sanctions in in regards to election meddling. eric? eric: thank you very much. a former cia station chief weighing in on the russian indictments, now calling on the obama administration to speak out and explain why russia's election meddling wasn't immediately reported to the american people. listen. >> have to ask someone from the obama administration to please comment on this and explain why that our citizens weren't warned about it, why we didn't do anything about it to deter russia. the only thing the administration did was to expel russian diplomats in december of 2016, which was obviously too late. >> and for more on all of this,
3:04 pm
let's bring in judith miller adjunct fellow of the manhattan institute for policy research, pulitzer prize winning author and journalist and fox news contributor. nice to see you. >> nice to see you >> let's start with the cia former operator said was the obama administration asleep at the wheel on this? should americans have been warned? >> well, you can argue that the obama administration should have done more than they did, but it was very clear for those of us and that includes you who is covering the election as it was going on that there were charges that were made, that the russians were interfering, perhaps they didn't receive the attention it deserved. perhaps we didn't know the full extent of that involvement as we do now, but there was tremendous concern, at least internally within the administration about this meddling. >> is there a responsibility, though, to make sure that americans are aware as they are looking at the internet, as they are thinking about how they might vote in an election, at least aware and to really
3:05 pm
provide that sense of awareness to the american people? >> i think the -- in retrospect and it is always easier to say this in retrospect, the obama administration should have done more to alert people, but, you know, it was kind of unimaginable in the beginning, that the russians, even though they had done this in the ukraine, which i visit frequently, and in germany, and even though they might have been involved in the effort in england to get the british people to support brexit, that is getting out of the eu, it was somehow unimaginable that they would try this in the united states. >> yeah >> this was kind of crossing a red line. and i think americans were simply not aware that this degree of influence maneuvering was going on. >> and you are right, it is always so easy to armchair, quarterback after the fact. >> right >> that's a great point you bring up. i want to ask you this, though, you have done extensive reporting including on wars, this is information war faes
3:06 pm
faeshg -- warfare, have you ever seen a scheme laid out in this type of detail? >> no, i have never seen an indictment like this. i read the indictment with extraordinary fascination and alarm because just this last week i was covered the senate select committee on intelligence's hearings on global threats and the leaders of the intelligence and national security community, all of whom were appointed by president trump, not by president obama, said this kind of russian meddling was ongoing and that it was continuing and that we had to be worried about it in the 2018 midterms. now, this is really alarming because it indicates that not only did putin not have any regrets about trying to meddle before, he's doubling down on this kind of meddling. and the united states at this point simply must respond by telling him in no uncertain terms that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and will be met with strong sanctions.
3:07 pm
we have not heard that from president trump. you have heard no outrage whatsoever about mueller's conclusions about what went on in the last election. >> and the question is, will we? will the president change his tune in terms of how he deals with russia and how he deals with president putin? i want to mention about president putin, what do you think -- how do you think he's perceiving this right now? is he sitting back enjoying this? >> oh i think he perceives this as a win because he has not paid a price for what he has done. now, it's true that the indictment said there was no evidence that what the russians did swayed the outcome of the election, and it's true that donald trump can say that there are no americans named in this indictment, and that there's no evidence of collusion, but robert mueller is not done. this is an ongoing investigation, so i don't think president trump can feel confident about that, but yes, vladimir putin's top chef as it were, was one of the people
3:08 pm
named in this indictment. it's hard to believe that president putin did not know what was going on and in fact the underlying message of the indictment is the president almost had to know what was going on, president putin that is. >> it certainly is -- what do you think will be the impact on the american psyche as we go into the midterms and as we move further in elections knowing the russians will continue to try to medd meddle? >> i would hope that americans who are normally skeptical of what they see and hear not only from the media but from ads and the other things the russians tried to do to sway this election would just be sensible and be skeptical. we've got to always challenge the information we hear. we all do our best to bring the american -- as journalists the right information, sometimes we don't get it right, but americans need to exercise extreme caution now about groups that portray themselves as pro
3:09 pm
this or anti this. you never know who anyone is on the internet. you are anonymous on the internet. when you read through this indictment, the 37 pages, you see how easy it was to use paypal to pay 1.25 million dollars a month in a campaign that was meant to sway the outcome of an election. let's say it didn't have any effect. it was still an extraordinarily outrageous action on the part of the russians, which the trump administration will have to respond to, and i hope with sanctions. >> actually prosecuting these companies and these people will be difficult without any support from russia, which i don't expect we're really going to get >> no, i don't think so. >> so your point of this indictment serving as a warning to the american people is well taken. judith miller, thank you. >> thank you very much, lea. eric: hundreds showing up today for an antigun rally in ft.
3:10 pm
lauderdale, including some of those who marched some of the survivors from wednesday's horrible school shooting in park land florida. president trump also today again reaching out to local officials calling them in park land to express support and condolences after he visited the community yesterday. caroline shively tonight live in parkland with the very latest. hi, caroline. >> hi to you eric. the accused gunman says he is willing to plead guilty in this case if prosecutors agree to spare his life. however, today the broward state attorney's office released a statement saying it's too early to make that decision about nikolas cruz but that a case like this is designed for the death penalty. cruz is charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. police say he mowed down 14 students, many of them just freshman, two coaches and a teacher on wednesday. about 400 people showed up to a rally in ft. lauderdale today holding signs that said ban assault rifles, the nra is putting our kids in body bags and it could have been us. here's what one mom had to say.
3:11 pm
>> it's devastating. these parents will never see their children again. i can't wrap my head around that. i have two small children, and you send your children to school every day, and you have to think now is there going to be a mass shooter today? is there going to be a bomb threat today? this is what's wrong with our country. why is it okay to have assault rifles? >> here's a look at the scene of the large rally thursday night. people have been coming by all day, a few hundred at a time to see the crosses left there for victims and some to pet the comfort dogs brought in to help this community heal. the white house press office says president trump did make a call today to the parkland mayor and broward county officials to express his condolences to get updates and to offer his support for this devastated community. eric, back to you. >> caroline, thanks very much. meanwhile in florida's capital city of tallahassee up north the state's legislature about to grapple with potential legislation in the wake of this horrendous tragedy. republicans are looking at
3:12 pm
addressing mental health issues, while the democrats, well, they are focusing on gun control. florida state senator is in parkland, a democrat from broward county, also sits on the education and appropriations committee. senator, first, our heart as you know is with you, the nation's heart tonight is with you and your community. as i said, the state legislature in session for only three more weeks. what do you think could come out of this session? what is your first priority? >> well, thank you first for your thoughts and condolences. it's been a rough few days. but today was somewhat cathartic. we did have a rally in downtown ft. lauderdale. i just heard a report about it. i have to correct something. it was more like 4 to 5,000 people, not 400 people. it was an incredible turnout. they were all there to support our legislative priorities which is to pass common sense gun reform. for two years, we've had bills filed in the state senate and in
3:13 pm
the statehouse dealing with common sense reforms that a vast majority of americans including a majority of nra members themselves support. things like banning assault weapons and the high capacity magazines that were used in this tragic event in parkland. doing away with the loopholes in our background check legislation or current laws. and creating a gun registry so that when law enforcement faces a threat, or has to react to a threat, they have available to them the tools they need to capture the perpetrator. those are our priorities. eric: what do you say to the national rifle association and to those who say it is an infringement on the 2nd amendment? >> that's ludicrous is what i say to the nra. and i said to them top being beholden to the gun manufacturers. again, these are common sense reforms that a vast majority of nra members themselves support. no constitutional right is absolute. we have freedom of speech but you can't yell fire in a crowded
3:14 pm
movie theater. there are reasonable safety restrictions that can be placed on every right. all we're asking for is that these sensible gun protection laws be passed. no one is taking away anyone's right to own a gun, but you don't need an assault weapon to defend yourself. you don't need a 40 bullet magazine to defend yourself. and there's certainly no sporting purpose in the use of those instruments of war, whatsoever. these are devices that the manufacturers themselves will tell you were built and made to do one thing and one thing only, kill a large number of human beings. they weren't legal in 2004. it is time to ban them again. eric: as you know the assault weapons ban, it was allowed to lapse in washington, d.c. senator feinstein now is making moves to try and reimpose that. clearly you would support that. what would you say to the folks in washington about that and perhaps dealing with other things, dealing with the fact that he's 19 years old, was able to obtain that type of gun, as well as school safety and these other issues? >> yeah, and i just don't
3:15 pm
believe somebody who is 19 or 39 or 59 should be able to obtain these types of weapons. again, they are weapons of mass destruction, plain and simple. and i applaud senator feinstein and others who are seeking to reinstate the assault weapons ban. again, this is a recent creation. we live for over 200 years as a country with the right to bear arms, but we didn't have a right to assault weapons. these are killing machines that are military style devices that should not be available to ordinary people. eric: back then, i mean, when the 2nd amendment was passed, it was not ar 15s and these type of weapons on the streets. so how do you deal with this? i mean you are down in the community now. how do you deal with this terror, with the horror, all you have to do is -- if you go on the internet, you can see the school videos done on the cell phones by the kids and you can hear that -- you can experience the terror and what they went through. >> yeah, and yesterday i toured marjory stoneman douglas high school, at least parts of it.
3:16 pm
they won't let us in the building. it is still a crime scene. they are still doing their forensic work. but we were able to peek if windows and look -- peek in windows and look around the building itself. i spoke to the officers who investigated. this person was able to fire almost 160 shots in a matter of a few minutes. he left 120 rounds of ammunition in his bullet proof vest when he decided to try to sneak out of the school. and so i say to everyone, every time one of these events occurs, we read thoughts and prayers go out. and certainly i knew, my family knew victims. for ten years we lived within miles of this school. so we know people who are affected. our thoughts and prayers do go out to them. but thoughts and prayers are not enough. the time is for action. i think this time is different because i think now you have ignited this generation that is on the verge of becoming voting age, and they now have a cause to rally around, and i just say to politicians, you better
3:17 pm
recognize the storm that's coming because we want action and we need action, and we work for the people. they don't work for us. and we better listen. eric: state senator gary farmer our condolences this evening, our thanks for appearing with us this evening with a very heart felt plea from a hurting community on an issue that has affected us across the country from connecticut to now where you are, senator, thank you. >> thank you, thank you for having me. robert mueller's russia investigation leading to the indictment of 13 russian nationals, but will they actually face justice here in the u.s.? or remain protected by the kremlin? our legal panel will weigh in. plus, a new report suggests dozens of white house officials are still without long-term security clearances, and those include president trump's son-in-law jared kushner, coming up, how chief of staff john kelly is now trying to overhaul that process. remember, we were amateur players.
3:18 pm
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3:21 pm
lea: the trump administration now overhauling the way security clearances are handed out inside the white house. this as chief of staff john kelly comes under fire for his handling of ousted staff secretary rob porter who has you remember resigned following
3:22 pm
domestic abus allegations. -- abuse allegations. dozens of white house officials including president trump's son-in-law kushner still reportedly lack long-term security clearances. rich edson has that story from washington. >> white house chief of staff kelly is overhauling how the white house handles security clearances. kelly outlined the changes to the security process in a memo that begins, quote, the american people deserve a white house staff that meets the highest standards, and that has been carefully vetted, especially those who work closely with the president or handle sensitive national security information. we should and in the future must do better. this after a week of criticism of kelly's handling of former white house staff secretary rob porter, and how he remained working at the white house after security clearance investigation revealed months ago allegations of abuse from two ex-wives. and now congress is investigating. >> i also want to know as a former domestic violence prosecutor how in the world someone with credible allegations of domestic violence
3:23 pm
could be hired for any position in government especially the white house separate and apart from any security clearance issue. >> kelly is directing the fbi to personally brief the white house counsel on its findings and raise any information kelly describes as significantly derogatory within 48 hours of discovering it. he says he expects to receive updates on all pending white house background investigations at least once a month and as situations arise. he says the white house will revoke all interim top security clearances for those whose investigations began june 1st or before. that could affect top white house advisor and presidential son-in-law kushner. his clearance is still pending. back to you. lea: rich edson reporting from washington. thank you. eric: 13 russian operatives now wanted for messing with our presidential election allegedly. 13 were indicted in the mueller investigation. do you think any of them will face justice?
3:24 pm
we will look at that next. >> the president said it multiple times. this makes it clear and concise to the american people and proves the president correct, no collusion between donald trump, his campaign and russia.
3:25 pm
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3:28 pm
eric: following our top story of the weekend, federal grand jury handing down charges against 13 russian nationals charging they carried out a two-yearlong campaign to try and disrupt the 2016 presidential election. the latest development in mueller's sweeping russia investigation. top department of justice officials outlining the indictment. they say the russians tried to help then candidate donald trump as well as democrat bernie sanders and independent candidate jill stein. their target to try and take down democratic nominee hilary clinton. >> used stolen or fictitious american identities, fraudulent bank accounts, and false identification documents. the defendants posed as
3:29 pm
politically and socially active americans. advocating for and against particular candidates. they established social media pages and groups to communicate with unwitting americans. eric: but will they ever face justice? doug burns joins us now former federal prosecutor and david bruno defense attorney and former prosecutor and trial attorney. welcome to you both. >> thank you. eric: what are you chances you think that we're going to see any of these russians actually in handcuffs? >> it depends on a couple of factors. if they have the appetite, the willingness to simply remain in russia, then they will never face justice here, and the reason for that is there's no extradition treaty between the united states and russia. there's no legal vehicle or mechanism for getting them before the u.s. courts. next little baby step if they travel to a country that does not have extradition similarly with the united states, then they will also probably be fine. okay? but if they travel to a country that has an extradition treaty,
3:30 pm
you know, interpol puts out notices graded by colors, eight different levels, the red is the most serious, and the point is a country could -- interpol could ask the country that they are found in traveling to provisionally arrest them pending extradition. that's sort of the landscape. eric: that means all you have to do if you wanted these guys pick your countries. you may be constricted in where you can travel in the world, but you can get away with it >> yeah, that's true. we've heard from a couple of the defendants already saying how much they like russia and they plan to stay. [laughter] >> and that would make sense because of the extradition issues that doug just brought up. eric: it's called the internet research agency according to the indictment and the managing director says quote i love my country. in russia there are many beautiful places where you can go, so he's going to be stuck in siberia or moscow or st. petersburg. but doug, the incredibly troubling part of this is that it started in 2014 and it seems so simple and it was so americanized using facebook and
3:31 pm
social media with the hashtags and also allegedly traveling to many states and reaching out to political activists. i mean they don't need a russian accent. they don't have to look like a spy. it's unbelievable that basically they got away with. >> you know what it is? it is like in the intense politically toxic climate that we're in, everybody wants to de-emphasize as it were that this started in 2014 when donald trump wasn't president, hadn't even indicated that he was going to run for president, and so that is very very significant. you know, the alternative narrative as it were and i'm not a political expert, i'm a lawyer, but the political narrative is you know this is all about trump and the trump administration. that's not really true. so we're seeing that this was a concerted effort going back quite some time. and again, you know, you get into this dust-up which is this shows you that the president's claim that it was a hoax is completely invalid. wait a minute, it is more the idea of collusion is hoax and this particular indictment again
3:32 pm
not being political it doesn't show collusion. rosenstein says no americans were willingly involved and also said which many don't want to hear that it did not repeat did not affect the outcome of the election. eric: although, many point out that it is just this indictment. they don't know what else they have. >> americans were unwitting. >> the specific operation with information and that's using social media accounts and whatnot. what's not in this indictment is about the hacks. there was a hack of the dnc and the clinton staffers, and certainly when we talk about the hacks, that is the type of information where the russians tried to reach out and to provide things. we have the trump jr. meeting. we have the wikileaks direct messages. so when we say vindicated i agree with doug that on this particular operation, all americans have been vindicated because they were unwitting and they did not know and they were
3:33 pm
using fake personas, but it does not get to the end to say there's no collusion proven. eric: it also goes right to the kremlin. let me show you one of the main alleged participants in this, the guy who funded the operation in st. petersburg. he's a billionaire. he is called putin's chef because he's up there on the left right behind putin's shoulder you see him there, who apparently handles billions of dollars and he was in fact under sanctions and is under sanctions right now by the u.s. department of treasury. back in december of 2016, let me read you what the treasury department put out when he was sanctioned. he assisted sponsored or provided financial material technological support for or goods or services in support of senior officials of the russian federation. he has extensive business dealings with the russian federation ministry of defense and the company with significant ties to him holds a contract to
3:34 pm
build a military base near the russian federation border with ukraine. so doug, if you can walk us through this for a moment, that company supposedly is concord which is in this indictment, building that russian base and being a potential russian contractor for troops according to the reports. >> it's entirely reasonable for everybody to say look, there appear to be significant, you know, contacts and interactions and a nexus between that particular individual, his business dealings you know and the government, but again, not to be a broken record, politically everybody kind of oversells their positions. it's crystal clear that the russian government was involved. i don't agree with that. versus the government wasn't involved at all. i don't agree with that. the truth is somewhere in between in my view. eric: what do you mean in between? you don't think putin ordered this? it's been said this came directly from putin. >> i don't think so. i don't think he directly ordered that, eric. again we will have to study it more. you know, working off the point earlier, you don't declare a ballgame over at halftime.
3:35 pm
and i don't think the information is sufficient at this point based on this indictment to draw that conclusion. i could be proven wrong later. eric: did the intelligence agencies all say russia did it, came from their interest and that means putin, and there's even indications court report -- according to to their reports that it came directly from him. you still don't buy it? >> there's been dust-ups about 17 agencies said that and there was intense opposition of that and that was a bit oversold. again, everybody overplays a lot of these angles. >> eric, can i make a point? eric: yes. >> this information warfare may explain the dossier. okay? let's not forget christopher steele was investigating during this entire time, and it's been shown that the russians were putting out false information. if they are putting out false information, into social media, why not also put false information into christopher steele's dossier?
3:36 pm
eric: he's supposed to be, you know, former, you know, british intelligence -- well, he is; right? he wouldn't be unwitting or would he -- how could they do that? >> he may be unwitting as well. but that's the source of his information. he was going to the russians to get the information in the dossier. we now know there was an information warfare out there to provide false information. eric: so the russians in your view are intentionally feeding him false information, do you think? >> that's what i think. eric: doug, last word? >> no, i mean, i think that this particular indictment shows for the first time it really shows the american public there was significant activity to disrupt our political system and may affect the election, that's a big step forward. but the further conclusions that this is directly at the doorstep of the president don't necessarily follow and in reverse, it doesn't follow to say he's been completely vindicated. eric: quickly, what dave just said about steele, do you think the russians would be lying to
3:37 pm
steele. >> hard to say. i really can't give you an opinion on that one. sorry to dodge that. >> two points first of all comey said it was unverified and salacious and also there have been many facts in the dossier that have been proven wrong. eric: you know, this is -- say that one more time. what was that again? >> first off, director comey has testified that it was unverified and salacious. eric: right. >> second point there have been many facts in the dossier that have been proven inaccurate. eric: yes, that's correct and some have been proven correct, but i guess this is all part of -- it's fascinating back and forth between the intelligence agencies on what the true or not. david and doug, doug, we'll keep you on that in terms of mr. putin -- >> keep me on that promise. eric: i will keep you on that, doug. known you for a long time. take care. >> take care. lea: meantime north korean dictator kim jong-un inviting south korea's president to pyongyang for a meeting.
3:38 pm
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eric: the trump administration is signalling that it is open to preliminary talks with north korea. this comes after vice president mike pence and the sister of north korea's dictator they both attended the olympics ceremony in south korea. there is the vice president. and off on the left shoulder is the sister of kim jong-un. sitting right behind him, but apparently he did not acknowledge her presence. but the north -- did the north still get what it wanted by showing up and sending their cheerleaders and others? greg palkot is in south korea
3:43 pm
tonight with more. greg? >> eric, with the olympics here into their second week, sports and diplomacy once again in the mix. south korean president moon visited the games. he did confirm that he wants the regime of kim jong-un to talk to the united states as well, with the ultimate aim of the denuclearization of the north. that's what we have heard too recently from officials close to president moon, following the visit here by vice president pence. we are told that north korea talking to the u.s. is a precondition for interkorean talks. meanwhile, we had a chance as well on saturday to get over to the olympic site. the focus of course is on sports, more opinions were offered about north korea's participation in the games. take a listen. >> it's a steppingstone. >> certainly won't hurt. >> i think they are making a good enough showing to have a few athletes. >> i really wish that every day
3:44 pm
could be like the olympics and we all could get along but i think it is a great time to celebrate everyone being together >> the north korean cheerleaders made another appearance on saturday on the sideline of the games, as you have heard, there is mixed feeling about the north korean president. in the coming week, ivanka trump will lead another u.s. delegation. they will attend other events at the olympics, including the closing ceremony next weekend and we have indications once again politics will be mixed in as well. eric? >> eric: thank you very much. lea: for more on this, military analyst rebecca grant is joining me now, president of an independent research. nice to see you rebecca. >> good to be here. >> kim jong-un is a ruthless dictator, a murderer who starves his own people, his military members have parasites in their stomachs is this so called olympic forced diplomacy fooling the south? >> i want to give president moon a double gold for the diplomacy
3:45 pm
out of these olympics. he's pulled off two really important things. first of all, he's been more than generous to north korea and fulfilled some domestic obligations there. he took some heat for it too. statement, he's been able to maintain that maximum pressure policy so moon has very carefully said that he's open to talks, but he wants the peninsula talks, the korea talks to lead to more talks on denuclearization and to include the u.s. he wants to restart the six party process or something like that. he's the clear winner here, having been generous, he has more cards to play than he did at the start of the olympics, yet he's maintained the rock solid alliance with the u.s. and other allies in the area. lea: you are right, there were some domestic objectives there and one of them of course is for the olympics to go off safely and securely that, a lot of people that's why there was this openness to the north so the
3:46 pm
olympics could be a safe place for athletes to compete. i want to ask you, do you think this generosity is going to pay off? do you think north korea is going to change its behavior? >> i think it has a chance to pay off because we see an inkling of progress towards talks. but lea, you are absolutely right. here's what i will be looking for as the olympics wind down. one, what kind of preconditions will moon set on a potential visit up north? and second, and really important, will kim jong-un start up with the missile tests again? he usually takes a break over the winter. in 2017, missile tests resumed in february. so i will be very curious to see. now, last fall he hinted that he might be finished with his arsenal. and as we know, he's only tested that big intercontinental missile a couple of times. so from an engineering standpoint, there's a lot to prove out, but i don't want him to do those tests and to try that nonlocked trajectory that's a more realistic war head entry.
3:47 pm
we would love to see him stop the tests. will he stop after the olympics? >> the general assessment from the intelligence community tends to be that kim jong-un wants to have a nuclear weapon capable of hitting the united states as a deterrent because he believes we're a direct threat to his country. so i mean, with more than 70 ballistic missile tests in the past year, i think it's not really expected that he will discontinue those tests. but i actually want to turn over to cybersecurity because even as these olympics were continuing, a security firm reported that the state sponsored hacker group resumed its campaign of sending fishing e-mails out to basically target financial institutions. we know that the north has stolen millions of dollars from south korean banks and that they've also stolen a bitcoin from bitcoin firms. what is your assessment of the cyber threat from north korea? >> absolutely fascinating. north korea was late coming into the cyber hacking game, but
3:48 pm
we've seen some very effective attacks. first of all, i think they will continue to hack right up through any negotiations that go on. we may denuclearize that peninsula before we see the hacking stop. but the very interesting point here lea is that china is basically north korea's internet service provider. we believe that the chinese assists the north koreans in this cyber hacking unit. so here again, the dilemma for china, north korea used to be just a convenient barking lap dog for them, now they are a menace, and china can't be the world power it wants to be with this maniac regime on its border. so they have to get this cyber hacking under control, just like they have to clamp down on fuel and the other sanctions areas. lea: unfortunately it is not an easy thing to do. thank you for your insight today. >> thank you. eric: it is a sad day for the city of chicago as the police department bids farewell to one of their fallen heroes. he was a well known police commander and police say he was
3:49 pm
shot dead by a four time felon who was chasing in the downtown loop. city leaders joining police brass in mourning coming up we are live with the solemn tribute. >> our entire city mourns because commander paul bauer embodied the best of chicago. the better angels of our nature were embodied under paul's command. wherever he went in life, paul always did more than what was asked. feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you. no one burns on heartburn. my watch! try alka seltzer ultra strength heartburn relief chews. with more acid-fighting power than tums chewy bites. mmmmm...amazing. i have heartburn. ultra strength from alka seltzer. enjoy the relief.
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eric: it was a mournful tribute from the city of chicago as they say its final good-byes to one of their own. thousands gathered in illinois for the funeral of chicago police commander paul bauer. he was killed in the line of duty. the illinois governor ordered flags flown at half-staff today in honor of him who was a well known and respected police official and sadly his not the only police funeral this week in our nation. brian with the details >> the 53-year-old chicago police commander was shot six times and killed tuesday in downtown chicago during a foot chase after a four-time convicted felon. thousands attended paul bauer's funeral today at chicago's
3:54 pm
nativity of our lord church. police officers from all over the country hop norring the highest -- honoring the highest ranking police officer to be killed in the line of duty there in decades. friends and family say bauer's death is the consequence of violence in chicago. they urge people to remember paul's humility and sense of humor. >> i beg that you remember paul bauer not by the way he died, but rather by the way he lived. and until we meet him again in that heavenly reward, let us try to lead lives that mirror paul's, lives that are pleasing to god. >> cook county jail officials also say five inmates could face harsher sentences of security video caught them despicably clapping for shomari legghette the man charged for shooting officer bauer as he walked in the jail for the first time. there were two other funerals in the it is -- in the last few days for other officers.
3:55 pm
two police veterans were shot and killed responding to a domestic violence call last week, heart breakingly the officer's k-9 walked in front of his casket. killed by a man who failed to appear for a warrant. friends remembered him as the life of the party and eric, ten police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty already in the first month and a half of 2018. eric: their deaths another reminder of the sacrifices and courage that our law enforcement officers across the nation face every day, protecting us, and tonight we thank them and say we appreciate them and we will be right back.
3:56 pm
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lea: a 50 inch bronze statue was installed last year to call out the lack of gender diversity in the boardroom. it was placed across the charging bull on wall street. now city officials are saying that they are looking to move both works of art to a pedestrian friendly plaza because there are just too many tourists visiting that busy corner of the city. eric: she is really popular, and the bull is too. everyone stands around those
4:00 pm
statues taking pictures. when you come to new york, go down to see those. lea: that does it for us tonight. thanks. eric: kelly wright is next with the fox report. i will be back tomorrow. have a good evening. president trump's national security advisor reacting to mule ears indictment of -- mueller's indictment of 13 russian nationals. good evening i'm kelly wright. this is the fox report. the white house claiming vindication over mueller's 37-page indictment, which blows the lid off an elaborately choreographed russian effort to disrupt america's electoral system. president trump reacting pointing out that the operation began in 2014 before he declared his candidacy. the white house touting it as further evidence that there was no collusion with the trump


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