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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  February 18, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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lumix and the other where his leather pants. special thanks to terry, shawn, kept sam's and tyrus in the studio tonight. thanks. eric: kelly wright is next with the fox report. i will be back tomorrow. have a good evening. president trump's national security advisor reacting to mule ears indictment of -- mueller's indictment of 13 russian nationals. good evening i'm kelly wright. this is the fox report. the white house claiming vindication over mueller's 37-page indictment, which blows the lid off an elaborately choreographed russian effort to disrupt america's electoral system. president trump reacting pointing out that the operation began in 2014 before he declared his candidacy. the white house touting it as further evidence that there was no collusion with the trump
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campaign. >> it did not affect the outcome of the election whatsoever. what the russians were trying to do is outline by deputy attorney general rosenstein was create chaos in the america election system, and i will just say this, there are two groups that have created chaos more than the russians, and that's the democrats and the mainstream media who continued to push this lie on the american people for more than a year. >> the indictment details how a businessman with ties to putin funded the multimillion dollars operation, which included a ground game, along with targeted trolling own social media. national security advisor hr mcmaster reacting at the munich security conference. >> we would love to have a cyber dialogue when russia's sincere about curtailing its sophisticated form of espionage, what you might call this modern day sort of form, enabled by
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modern technology. >> ellison barber is following all this from washington. she joins us now. ellison? >> hi, kelly. the president sent out a series of tweets this evening, most talking about how the allegations in these indictments did not sway the election. the president also retweeted the vice president adds that facebook -- the account is not verified, but it was confirmed to fox news that this is goldman's personal twitter account. the president wrote hard to ignore this fact and quote retweeted one of goldman's tweets that said the majority of the russian ad spin happened after the election, few outlets have covered it because it doesn't align with the main media narrative with trump and the election. 3 russian companies and 13 russian citizens were indicted on charge related the interference of the 16 election. it accuses them of trying to sow discord in the u.s. political system. >> the defendants posed as politically and socially active
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americans, advocating for and against particular candidates. they established social media pages and groups to communicate with unwitting americans. >> according to court papers, early on, the defendants tried to denigrate hilary clinton as well as ted cruz, marco rubio and to support senator bernie sanders and then candidate trump by early mid 2016, according to these court papers, the defendants operations including supporting the presidential campaign of then candidate donald trump and disparaging hilary clinton. in a statement, house minority leader pelosi says quote the american people deserve to know the full extent of russia's interference in our election and the involvement of trump officials. she adds disturbingly the president has not presented a strategic plan to confront the russians and refuses to enact the sanctions against russians as required by congress. treasury secretary mnuchin was on capitol hill wednesday and told the senate finance committee that the new russian
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sanctions are coming. they missed a deadline at the end of january. kelly? >> ellison barber from washington tonight, thank you. meanwhile, the russians dismissing all this as fantasy and quote, just blabber. but lieutenant general hr mcmaster suggesting that u.s. lawmakers are able to see through the smokescreen. >> as you know, you might have heard in the united states it is pretty difficult to pass bipartisan legislation these days. for example, across our parties. it is pretty difficult. except in one case, which is sanctions against russia, where the vote was 98 to 2. that was made possible mainly by russia itself and russians themselves in engaging in this campaign of political subversion. >> hr mcmaster responding to that. ryan chilcote has more from london. >> russia's foreign minister flatly dismissed the indictment without really dealing with the substance of it. he also pointed to some comments
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from the vice president mike pence that no foreign powers had influenced the outcome of the election. well, not acknowledging that russia had not done anything, he was inferring that even if russia had, if there's been no consequence, there was nothing to talk about. we also heard from russia's former ambassador to the united states, he was in washington, d.c. during the election campaign, you will recall his name coming up an awful lot in regards to allegations of collusion between russia and the trump campaign, today he said he questioned american law enforcement's truthfulness and accuracy when it came to russia and suggested the allegations against russia were partisan, that russia was simply being scapegoated by law enforcement to get at trump. finally, we heard from putin's chef because his catering company does a lot of the kremlin's banquets and he's close to the russian president. he is the most important of the 13 russian individuals named in the justice department's
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indictment. his response, well, just after the indictment calm -- indictment came out, he told a russian news agency americans are very impressionable people, they see what they want to see. incidentally there's some video out of what the ap believes is the new headquarters of a troll factory in st. petersburg russia the justice department says was used to launch that influenced campaign and interfere in the u.s. election and was funded. kelly? ryan chilcote in london. thank you. for more on this, let's bring in jamie weinstein, host of the jamie weinstein show pod cast and the national review on-line and founding partner at jmw strategies. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> it seems on the surface that russians are bemused by this, actually look at this and kind of laughing at the united states. i want to go to something that was said earlier today on fox news. he talked about that man right there, vladimir putin, stating
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that perhaps putin wanted to be discovered. let's listen. >> but it was also discoverable operation with bread crumbs leading back to this internet research agency, which putin's long time chef is running, they have known each other for many years and it should have been, i think it is something that putin wanted to have been discovered. >> that eads a different twist to -- that adds a different twist to this. the question being, if he's right, why would putin want to be discovered? what kind of message does he want to send to the united states? >> his ultimate goal was to create chaos. later as the intelligence community suggested, he decided he wanted to get behind donald trump's campaign. but still the goal was to create civil strife and chaos in american society. what his kind of smiling wink at all this is he's seeing that he's doing exactly that. you have people on the right and on the left creating their own narratives out of this.
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either donald trump is definitely guilty or he's definitely innocent, and all it does is create further chaos. so i can understand why vladimir putin is sitting back and smiling. >> to your point, a lot of people would have to agree with your point because of the fact that it seems that the russians are trying to pit american against american, including racially, blacks against whites, and everything that was going on, and antitrump and pro trump against each other, the critics of the trump administration, however, jamie have argued that president trump is not focusing on russia's interference in our election as he should be. they go on to argue he's only concerned about validating that there was no collusion between his team and russia. but now, how will those critics respond to president trump's national security advisor, hr mcmaster's statement made during that international conference we saw taking place in munich, making it clear that he believes russia's interference in the 2016 u.s. elections is beyond dispute? >> well, there is a disconnect
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sometimes between what the donald trump administration members of the administration says and what the president himself sometimes says. sometimes his administration officials are much tougher on russia at least rhetorically than donald trump is. remember, when donald trump met with putin abroad recently, a few months ago, he says that putin told him that he had nothing to do with the election which contradicted what the intelligence community has said to him, our own intelligence community that said putin directed it. so sometimes you will hear hr mcmaster or some other national security officials in the administration talk tough about, you know, it's very clear that russia meddled, but when you ask donald trump himself, you know, depends on the day whether he will agree with them or suggest, you know, who knows, we're not so sure. so you see the disconnect a lot. >> absolutely. looking ahead, quite a few intelligence agencies are concerned about russia's involvement or at least its attempt to interfere with the
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united states electoral process and they are looking particularly to what might take place during the midterm of 2018 this year and then on to 2020. i want to bring up a statement made by the director of national intelligence earlier this week. listen to what he has to say about his concerns about that. >> there should be no doubt that russia perceived that its past efforts as successful and views the 2018 u.s. midterm elections as a potential target for russian influence operations. frankly the united states is under attack. >> under attack. that's from dan coates. given that type of information, what position should the trump administration now take place? should they be looking at enforcing or imposing those sanctions that congress has already proposed? >> you would think they would. you know, a lot of their critics say they haven't taken this issue seriously enough. even as the trump administration has done some things that are fairly tough on russia, like
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giving more weapons to the ukrainian government to fight the separatists there, but, you know they think they should go further with sanctions. you can turn on the russian propaganda network and these themes are highly visible. the goal of russia is to create chaos in the american society, to further polarize us and undermind kind of our cohesion. they are doing it openly. they are doing it covertly. as you saw with these indictments, they have been doing it for some time. >> bottom line is how should americans view this? is it politicizing it, or is it looking at it for what it appears to be, and that's the fact that some russians, at least 13 russians and 3 russian organizations were willfully trying to engage with americans who unwittingly according to the assistant attorney general participated in this? >> well, they should be very disturbed by it obviously, and i think the right approach is to allow robert mueller to do his
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job in this particular case, to see what is there and what is not there. he's been very, you know, close to the vest, every time he has an indictment, no one in the press really knew what was coming. he knows things that we do not. i would say take a step back, let's see what he lays out, and not go to your partisan quarters that trump is definitely guilty or he's definitely innocent. let the investigation play out. >> jamie, well said because it has to play out. it is not over yet from the special counsel robert mueller. thank you. we will have a lot more with jamie weinstein by the way as we look at what's next on the immigration issue. the debate now moving to the house after several measures fell short in the senate. we will look at the potential path forward and whether lawmakers can reach a deal before the march 5th deadline on daca. that's coming up at the bottom of the hour. the fbi under pressure after a stunning admission. the agency confirming yesterday that it failed to follow up on a tip about the accused florida school shooter nikolas cruz.
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investigators saying that someone who knew cruz called to report some very threatening behavior just last month, and now many including florida's attorney general are demanding answers. phil keating in parkland, florida right now joining us. phil, a lot of grief clearly going on in that community today. >> yeah. >> but also because of this admission by the fbi, there's a lot of anger. >> oh, without a doubt, a lot of anger that this young man clearly and obviously a troubled kid and young adult with a gun fascination was clearly a threat to others in the community. flags were up. nothing was done about it. and then after yesterday afternoon's stunning admission by the fbi, angry with the fbi itself for failing possibly to prevent this horrific tragedy from happening in the first place. in a stunning admission and apology yesterday, the fbi says a person close to suspect nikolas cruz five weeks ago
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contacted an agent warning about cruz, his love of guns, erratic behavior, even suggesting he could commit a school shooting. that information should have been sent up to the chain in miami. it never was. and the governor's calling for the fbi director to resign. >> so many things missed in this case. phil, the president spending the weekend in florida offering more condolences down there today as well. >> yeah. he did from his west palm beach or palm beach island winter white house mar-a-lago, he made some phone calls, called the principal of the high school behind me, spoke with him. also talked with the mayor of parkland, florida, offering condolences. and also offering from the president's high level any possible support that could be provided. also, last night the president visited with law enforcement at one of the hospitals where the victims were rushed, praising their reaction as well. >> all right phil keating
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muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. help protect yourself against pneumococcal pneumonia. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. kelly: president trump's chief of staff ordering sweeping changes to the white house's security clearance procedures. the move coming amid mounting pressure on john kelly over his handling of domestic abuse allegations against former aid rob porter. rich edson has more on this story from d.c. >> white house chief of staff kelly is overhauling how the white house handles security clearances. kelly outlined changes to the security process in a memo that begins, quote, the american people deserve a white house staff that meets the highest standards. and that has been carefully vetted especially those who work closely with the president or handle sensitive national security information. we should and in the future must do better. this after a week of criticism of kelly's handling of former
2:19 am
white house staff secretary rob porter and how he remained working at the white house after security clearance investigation revealed months ago allegations of abuse from two ex-wives. and now congress is investigating. >> i also want to know as a formform er domestic violence prosecutor how in the world with someone with credible allegations of domestic violence could be hired for any position in government especially the white house separate and apart from any security clearance issue. >> kelly is directing the fbi to personally brief the white house counsel on its findings and raise any information kelly describes as significantly derogatory within 48 hours of discovering it. he says he expects to receive updates on all pending white house background investigations at least once a month and as situations arise. he says the white house will revoke all interim top security clearances for those whose investigations began june 1st or before. that could affect top white house advisor and presidential son-in-law jared kushner. his clearance is still pending.
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kelly? kelly: thank you, rich. it was the picture that went viral in the first week of the olympics showing vice president mike pence sitting only feet away from the sister of north korea's dictator kim jong-un and basical basical ba . did pyongyang get what it wanted? plus a powerful winter storm is on the move. expected to bring heavy snow to millions of people. so let me get this straight, what did the groundhog say what did the groundhog say again? ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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to talks with the rogue nation. and the meeting between kim jong-un's sister and south korea's president is giving hope for eased relations between the two long-time enemies. greg palkot has more from seoul. >> kelly with the olympics here into their second week, sports and diplomacy once more in the mix. south korean president moon visited the games, would not confirm whether the south would take up the north korean offer of a summit but he did confirm that he wants the regime of kim jong-un to talk to the united states as well, with the ultimate aim of the denuclearization of the north. that's what we have heard too recently from officials close to president moon, following the visit here by vice president pence. we are told that north korea talking to the u.s. is a precondition for inter-korean talks. meanwhile, we had a chance as well on saturday to get over to the olympic site, while the focus of course is on sports more opinions were offered about
2:25 am
north korea's participation in the games. take a listen. >> it's a steppingstone. >> it certainly won't hurt. >>i think they are making a good enough showing to have a few athletes. >> i really wish that every day could be like the olympics and we all could get along but i think it is a great time to celebrate, everyone being together. >> by the way, those north korean cheerleaders made another appearance on saturday, on the sideline of the games, as you have heard, there is a mixed feeling about the north korean president. in the coming week, ivanka trump will lead another u.s. delegation to the games. she will be attending various events including the closing ceremony next weekend and we have every indication that once again politics will be in the mix. kelly? kelly: no doubt, greg palkot reporting from seoul tonight. thank you. a massive winter storm is on the move, and millions of people are in for a lot of snow. meteorologist adam clock is in the fox extreme weather center. adam, is it the groundhog?
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is he right? >> well, it seems like it; right? six more weeks of winter. the groundhog did see his shadow. we're getting the winter storm right now. this time it is the groundhog's fault if you are dealing with this. a big system exiting the chicagoland area but running up along the east coast at the point. seeing snow in new york city for the last few hours. it is going to linger into the overnight hours but it is from new york running up towards the boston area. everything you are seeing highlighted here in this pink area, those are spots where we see the worst chance of severe weather. that is the winter storm worning -- warning. those spots anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of total precipitation. hour by hour forecast, pay attention the time stamp, lifts up into the boston area and into maine. consistently new york city to boston in that area, consistently stays north of freezing line so rain out over the ocean. this will drop a lot of snow. by the time you get going early on sunday morning we are clearing off on the back side of this system. again, right along the i-95
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corridor, those are the spots where we're looking at the most snow. 4 to 8 inches but this will stretch all the way inland so snow will be widespread with this system, now kelly, the question is, is winter here to stay? let me show you the next few days. the snow i'm talking about from last night, temperatures into the mid 40s for us tomorrow on sunday. so already beginning to melt, running up closer to 50 degrees in new york city. by the time we get to tuesday, it looks as though winter is over. now, that's not completely going to stay this way, but we've got a couple of really warm days coming up just around the corner. kelly: some wishful thinking, thank you, adam. adam from the fox extreme weather center. thank you. clock is ticking on capitol hill as lawmakers come up against a hard deadline to protect the so called dreamers from deportation. can the house make progress after the senate fell short? after a single day on the campaign trail, why mitt romney's utah senate run is already facing scrutiny. >> by the way, i do want to
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2:32 am
phone to extend support and condolences. that tragedy in south florida came during a week when the white house faced a major setback on capitol hill. lawmakers are looking for a path forward on immigration after a week of open debate in the senate and end in failure. house republicans are now touting their own proposal seen as further to the right of the white house plan. the main author of that new bill house judiciary chairman saying his chamber needs to keep the debate alive. >> it is very important that the president by ending the daca program because it was unconstitutional and then turning the congress and saying fix it created an opportunity to put this issue on the front burner and it's very important that it stay there. i think most house members want to go home and say they addressed the daca situation and that they are securing our borders and keeping americans safe, and when we do that, i think the senate will be forced to revisit this issue.
2:33 am
kelly: meantime, the white house apparently not backing off its four pillar immigration plan even though a similar proposal earned only 39 votes in the senate. >> the president set a deadline for six months and it seems that congress basically sat on their hands for the first four months of that because they didn't want to act. fundamentally the senate needs to act on a bill to protect these daca recipients and protect our southern border. that's only in the grassley bill. kelly: kevin cork is a reporter from west palm beach near president trump's mar-a-lago resort. he's joining us now. good to see you. >> good to see you. obviously the immigration debate is a very important one down here in south florida where the president is this weekend. in fact he used it to great effectiveness during the campaign but it is also something he has learned has proven to be a much tougher sell on capitol hill. you mentioned the proposal. i want to share for folks at home what's in that. i think you will find it fairly
2:34 am
instructive. i think it hits to all fields as far as the republican leadership is concerned. it is called securing america's future act. it gives daca recipients temporary renewable legal status, funds the border wall, ends family based migration and some people call that chain migration. it also scraps the diversity visa lottery program. so if you look at it on its face, i think you can see this sounds like a lot like what president trump has called for in the past. the press secretary says while the president is willing to make a deal on daca in particular, there are some markers that have to be met or no deal. >> and with that we want to see border security, a southern border wall as well as ending the system of extended family chain migration, ending the visa lottery system. these are proposals that have bipartisan support. we're very disappointed that senate democrats don't want to embrace these proposals. >> as the debate rolls on, the
2:35 am
federal government's crackdown on illegal immigration widened on friday, with the announcement that a five-day sweep led to the arrest of more than 200 undocumented immigrants and the targeting of more than 120 businesses in southern california. house speaker paul ryan is expected to visit with the president at mar-a-lago tomorrow. the men are expected to discuss the g.o.p. agenda moving forward, and it is a pretty good bet that immigration will either be at the top or certainly near the top of the ledger of items to discuss. now, you also pointed out something the president made a few phone calls this afternoon to some of the leaders here in south florida, among them the mayor of parkland, florida, the broward county commissioner, and the high school principal where the shooting took place. once again reiterating, kelly, i think what all of us would say, america stands with you, parkland, at this time of need. back to you. kelly: certainly a message that a lot of people would like to hear from the president. kevin cork reporting from mar-a-lago, thank you, kevin.
2:36 am
let's bring back jamie weinstein right now, host of the jamie weinstein show pod cast and national review on-line and founding partner at jmw strategies. let's talk about this issue called immigration. the first question i got to ask you, jamie, now that people are at home with their constituents, representatives what do they have to show their constituents in terms of what they are doing about daca and immigration? >> it depends on the different bases that are out there. in some extent, it seems like some of these bases just want to continue to fight unless they get 100% of what their particular sides are asking for. what's interesting right here is it seems that the contention right now is not on illegal immigration. there seems to be some sort of bipartisan consensus to legal liz 1.8 million -- legalize 1.8 million dreamers that was moving from a compromise on the president's side. there seems to be some sort of compromise on the democrat on some sort of border wall.
2:37 am
but the question is what should the composition of legal immigrants be, should it be chain migration or more skill merit based, that seems to be where the contention is. that's where the fight is right now. kelly: it appears to be that way. as kevin cork pointed out in his report he talked about bob goodlatte's proposal and in that it talked about those things you just talked about the temporary legal status for the daca recipients which would be the dreamers ending chain migration and of course building that border wall. when you look at it on the surface, it appears that that's the same thing that the senate was trying to do this past week and failed four times bringing it up for a vote. so where's the bone of contention? how do you get this over the hurdle, through the goal post? >> yeah, i don't see that one getting over the hurdle. i mean i think it is even more to the right than the grassley bill that failed in the senate.
2:38 am
it does less for -- it's temporary for the dreamers. it doesn't make a permanent path to be renewable. i think that's a nonstarter in the senate. maybe there's a stopgap measure. if you remember, before the president had his four pillars that must be in this bill, he had that publicly televised immigration meeting with members of both parties, and he said just get me a bill, and i will sign it. kelly: exactly. >> we will have a two track system. we will do the first track that deals with the daca. then we will deal with all the other issues like legal immigration. it seems like he's moved from that position that you have to have all four pillars hit in these bills. so perhaps he moves back and there's some sort of compromise bill that gives him, you know, some money for the border wall in terms for the dreamers. you know, as you mentioned that failed in the senate. >> caught up in the middle would be the dreamers, 1.8 million that the president said he wanted to give a pathway to citizenship as long as he got the 25 billion dollars for his border wall and the rest of his four pillar approach to
2:39 am
resolving the immigration issue. but scott taylor out of virginia had this to say about it. let's listen to the representative scott taylor of virginia. >> i don't think that the fact that they are competing proposals negates the responsibility for us to get something done in both the house and the senate and the white house. that being said, it's political science 101 right? you have the left over here and the right over here and you have to find something that gets in the middle that gets enough votes to get across the finish line. kelly: he says it so well. the gentleman from virginia, but is anyone listening in washington? >> who knows? i mean this has failed several times before despite, you know, a pretty clear consensus on certain issues. you have to think in some cases there's politics involved, both republicans and democrats see a value in keeping this issue alive. so, you know, the only people that suffer in this scenario are the dreamers who are looking to get some sort of permanent status so they can go on with
2:40 am
their futures. kelly: absolutely. they face a march 5th deadline but because of the courts that might be extended as you know, but then it's just reverberates on and on and they never get any permanent status or solution. >> exactly. you know, it might be extended and they might have some reprieve but at the end of the day they have to plan their lives and it is hard to plan your life from one extension to the next. kelly: jamie weinstein thank you for your perspective on all of this. >> thank you. kelly: i will look for your pod cast again. thank you. mitt romney delivering the keynote address and delivering the keynote address at utah republican lincoln day dinner. romney's comeback prompting a big reaction from conservatives. some welcoming back -- welcoming him back into the fold while others are raising questions about his motivations. >> i think if he were to win, he would be an exceptional
2:41 am
candidate. he was a great presidential candidate. he will do exceptionally well in utah. a lot of ties here. but he will be formidable. the question i think he needs to answer for utah though is why? why is he doing this? he joked that his run for presidency was not an actual steppingstone to becoming the utah senator which i thought was cute, but at the same time, if he's just there to be an instigator against president trump, i think a lot of us here in utah would be very concerned about that. kelly: for more on this senior correspondent adam housely has more on the former republican presidential nominee. adam? >> the former governor of massachusetts and 2012 republican nominee for president romney announcing he's running for senate in utah replacing seven term senator orrin hatch. his announcement was pushed until friday in response to the shooting in florida and he somerly touched on that -- somberly touched on that topic at the top of his remarks. he did separate himself from president trump when it comes to immigration. he also addressed his hot and
2:42 am
cold relationship with the president in the last two years, and if he was to win, as a junior senator from utah, where he stands with the current president saying they can find common ground on topics like taxes, regulation, and smaller government. >> now, i'm not always with the president on what he might say or do. if that happens, i will call them like i see them. i have done that in the past. we can certainly work together and our agenda will be for the best interest of the people of utah and the people of our country. >> he announced his candidacy via video on friday afternoon did receive some backlash, democratic opponent slammed him via twitter saying quote from ut for utah it is time for a homegrown leader who knows what every day people need. chip in if you agree that this senate seat belongs to the people of our state not an out of state member of the national establishment. republican chairman anderson tried to clarify his earlier criticism from earlier in the week. >> you are facing a goliath in
2:43 am
battle are you going to pick up the stone and put it in your sling and march out in front it takes a lot of courage to do that. i think there's some people who may have run that won't based on a mitt romney candidacy. >> romney also joked about possibly being the junior senator from ut saying if he does get called that that's actually a compliment considering his age. also he doesn't agree with pollsters. he says the republicans will hold the house and the senate when the midterm elections come later this fall. in los angeles, adam housely, fox news. kelly: senior correspondent adam housely thank you. pope francis facing some heat for his handling of sexual abuse claims. he plans to counter his critics. plus remembering a police commander killed in the line of duty. we take a look at the sacrifice he made to keep a community safe. >> each of us take an oath to serve and protect with impartiality. we know the dangers are out there and yet out of service and sacrifice, we leave our homes every day and our families and
2:44 am
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kelly: there is heart break in chicago as one of its brave members of law enforcement is laid to rest. police commander paul bauer was fatally shot on tuesday as he was chasing a suspect. today officers from across the nation paying their respects to a fallen comrade. bryan llenas has more. >> kelly, a somber two days, three funerals in three states for four police officers. including the funeral of chicago police commander paul bauer. the 53-year-old was shot six times and killed tuesday in downtown chicago during a foot chase after a four time convicted felon. thousands attended bauer's funeral saturday as chicago's nativity of our lord church,
2:48 am
police officers from all over the country honoring the highest ranking police officer to be killed in the line of duty in decades. friends and family said bauer's death is the consequence of violence in chicago. they urge people to remember bauer for how he lived. >> he embodied integrity, honesty, selflessness, perseverance, humility, a strong faith and perhaps most importantly a great sense of humor. >> cook county jail officials also say five inmates could face harsher sentences after security video caught them clapping for shomari legghette the man charged in shooting officer bauer as he walked into jail for the first time. meantime, in westerville, ohio, friday, hundreds of officers honored two officers, both police veterans were shot and killed responding to a domestic violence call last week.
2:49 am
officer's k-9 sam walked in front of his casket. officers can choose to keep sam who said to be heartbroken. >> tony and eric literally gave their lives for another to become true american heroes they were american heroes way before that. >> ten police officers have been shot and killed in the first month and a half of 2018. kelly? kelly: bryan llenas reporting tonight. thank you, bryan. there was also a tribute to another fallen hero in georgia today. the officers remembered at service -- the officer remembered at services in atlanta. he was died after being shot while helping to serve a warrant. he was a father. his second son born just days after his death. pope francis bringing back his advisor commission today by naming several new members some of them abuse victims themselves. the move comes after the pontiff took some heat for backing a bishop accused of witnessing misconduct and doing nothing about it.
2:50 am
the initial three-year mandate of the commission expired two months ago, prompting criticism over the vatican's efforts to combat abuse. a woman hits the jackpot but is now in the a legal battle to remain anonymous. the state lot toe commission says -- the state lotto commission says her name should be public knowledge and the rules can't be bent. but her lawyers are saying she does not want to be a celebrity. the 560 million dollars fight coming up. ♪ ♪ if i had a million dollars ♪ if i had a million dollars ♪ well i'd buy you a house ♪ i would buy you a house ♪ today we're out here with some big news. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower your a1c. wow. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing.
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kelly: the woman in new hampshire is fighting to remain anonymous after she won a 560
2:54 am
million dollars powerball jackpot. not only is jane doe the woman has hired lawyers to protect her identity from being released but the state lotto commission says the integrity of the game is at stake. molly line has the jackpot showdown. >> this ticket is the most valuable piece of paper on planet earth. >> she purchased her ticket at a convenience store but beyond that we don't know much about the new hampshire woman who won last month's 560 million dollars powerball jackpot. and that's the way she wants to keep it. >> how does the process work? >> under a jane doe alias, she has hired lawyers who went before a judge today fighting to maintain her anonymity. >> she doesn't want to be a celebrity. >> the central problem, she already signed the winning ticket as instructed on the back, a move she calls a huge mistake. after contacting attorneys, she learned the administrator of a designated trust could have signed, maintaining her privacy and possibly her safety. >> there's documented history of
2:55 am
people of getting harmed, people come into their homes, that's a real possibility. >> white out isn't an option as the state lotto commission says any alteration would invalue dade the ticket -- invalidate the ticket. the integrity of the game is at stake they say and the rules can't be bent. >> we don't feel we can choose when we follow the law and when we don't. >> lottery officials acknowledge the life-changing aspect of jane doe's win and offered this advice. >> like anybody who comes into sudden wealth, whether be an entertainer or athlete or lottery winner she has to learn the ability to say no. kelly: a judge in new hampshire yesterday granted jane doe court approval for her to receive her 560 million dollars prize. however, there is no ruling yet on whether her identity will remain a secret. one country wants to give lobsters a break -- they are not being shellfish at all we will
2:56 am
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2:58 am
there banning the common method of boiling lobster. they say it is cool and lobsters can sense a love that goes into effect march 1, the swiss are calling for a more humane death for the crustacean. giving examples like electrocution or sedating the lobster before killing it. as the first national legislation of its kind in the world. it also includes pets protections like no longer be able to punish a dog from barking. that is from the you can't make that up file.that is how "fox report" this saturday, february 17 will end. thank you for watching us. "watters' world" starts now.
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