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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  February 20, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> jessica: i got no invite. >> katie: up to harris for outnumbered overtime. >> harris: thank you very much. we will pick it up here. a growing political storm after last week's deadly florida school shootings. going outmurder overtime here i'm harris faulkner. just minutes from now 100 students, survivors of the massacre after attend ago funeral for one of their classmates will be boarding buses headed to the state capital in tallahassee. they will be meeting with state officials ahead of a rally tomorrow demanding tougher gun legislation. some florida students staging a walkout to protest gun violence in another area of florida moments ago. let's go live now to steve harrigan who is live in corls springs, florida. everybody is starting to get on the buses. i understand that you had the opportunity to talk with one of those students. >> harris, right here public shopping center parking lot. can you see around me a crowd of students and parent. a lot of them holding sleeping bags or pillows.
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we have two buses here. these students less than a week after this tragedy are preparing to set off for tallahassee. they will meet with state legislators and also have an antigun rally after the tumultuous events of the last week. with me is 17-year-old charlie. you had a rough week. heading out to tallahassee. why are you going there. >> we are going there because we are trying to spark change. we have seen the same cycle happen over and over again the past few years. a tragedy happened. people fight for it and then within two weeks it's gone. as you can see we are not backing down. we are going to go talk to legislators and try to reform at least some of the current bills. we are not allowed to introduce any of our own bills right now. at least that will be a start for us starting to talk about change what weapons people can get their hands on, mental health reform, everything. >> charlotte, i know a lot of people are wondering how are the students doing? you are very composed now very articulate but emotionally, how are you doing? >> it's been really hard honestly, spending a lot of time with my friends as a group has been really
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helpful. putting most of our energy towards trying to change everything is helping a lot. we know there is going to be something positive that comes out of tragedy. >> harris, they are trying to channel some of that grief and anguish here into political action. there have been a number of antigun rallies across the state. the politicians especially here in florida are starting to feel some of that pressure. harris, back to you. >> harris: steve, i don't know if charlotte is still standing next to you. i'm kind of curious to know how much the students are aware and also pushing for changes at a very high federal level, too, with all that was missed that we know of now by the fbi, 39 visits by law enforcement to the suspect's home. information gets passed to the fbi and it seems like it dangles there and they could have done some things preventatively. what's been talked about with the students. >> a lot has been made on organizations dropping the ball. the fbi had a tip. the police visited several times that a lot people in school actually knew about
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this suspected shooter. are you angry or do you feel like maybe some people have let you down? >> i'm not angry at the students at all. like we did what we could. we reported him to the school. we reported him to the cops and everything. however, the fbi did kind of drop the ball on it they got a tip for it they knew he was a danger yet they forgot about it they set it aside because they didn't think it was important. i'm not really that frustrated. i'm trying to be more positive about it and try to think about the future from it. but definitely in the future they need to take threats seriously. take our tips seriously so we can prevent things like this from happening. >> charlotte a junior in high school. 17 years old. right after a massive school shooting here on her way to tallahassee with about 100 of her classmates trying to stay positive after a real tragedy here in parkland, harris. >> harris: i know that the student have just come from a funeral as well. and they have more of that i imagine in their immediate future right now. we, of course, send our best to awful them and steve, getting her perspective on this was helpful to the
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conversation they are planning to have with lawmakers. tell charlotte thank you along with other students you see. >> i will. >> harris: funeral the peter wang, 15-year-old junior rotc cadet killed helping his classmates get to safety during the massacre. jared is a democratic florida state representative who graduated from the high school where the shooting happened. and you are with us now. and i'm curious to know if you can tell us kind of what the mood is on the ground there these young people seem so determined to get on to buses to have a conversation what will they find on the other side and can it be bipartisan? >> thank you, yes. the students are determined. they are grieving. they are angry. it's the same mood i feel as someone from the area, someone that went to the high school. and as a legislator. i think they will find when they get to tallahassee that
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we have enough people on both sides of the aisle to do something when it comes to what happened in majorry stoneman douglas. the idea of doing nothing is not acceptable. it's not acceptable to me. it's not acceptable to others potentially across the aisle. but, if we give in to the usual special interests and usual partisanship that takes place not just in washington, d.c. but in tallahassee, as well. it's possible we could leave with nothing. that's not acceptable to me. let me be clear to all 120 other legislators i serve with. there is a letter of resignation that you can write at any point in time if you don't want to be part of the process. it's a one page, put your name on it, sign it and get out of way. because we must do something for these students. >> harris: you know, you speak so strongly about that. we have had this happen in our not too distant history. things like it, las vegas comes to mind with hundreds of people who were shot at. and many school shootings, too. so i hear the emotion and
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the passion in your voice. and actually from both sides of the aisle. there is no denying that we don't want to come here again. so what do we need to do. the question becomes are you as bipartisan and i know you are working on bipartisan legislation willing to look at the things that you actually change that we have not talked about strongly as a nation like mental health in the fbi dropped the ball is anybody going to say that? is there something that's accountabilitywise on your level? >> sure, i will say it. the fbi dropped the ball. local law enforcement dropped the ball. the local school board dropped the ball. the dcf, department of children and families dropped the ball. all levels of government failed these children, and we are continuing to fail them until we fix it. let's be clear. after 9/11, we had different organizations of government that had different pieces of information. they weren't talking to each other. so we created a department of homeland security. we don't need to create more government in the state of
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florida. but we do need a mandate that when different areas of government have hits on a potential threat, that they are talking to each other. each department had a different pete's to the puzzle. but we couldn't put the puzzle together because nobody was talking to each other. that is such a basic failure on all of us. we are all part of that system's failure. >> harris: you know, when law enforcement went to the home 39 times and they reported to the fbi, there were some things that were working in the chain. so i know you list everybody. but there were some things that were working and, yet, it still didn't come together. the reason i ask this isn't just to be able to take the conversation away from guns. what you are talking about would have matter whether this guy walked in there with a knife. it just didn't get done. it's unacceptable. it did not get done. the intelligence that they had was not obviously looked at. was not given to the right people. was not looked at seriously. and it's unacceptable.
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i agree before the ar-15 ever wound up in his hands, government failed these students. but, listen, there are 17 people dead because someone was at the age of 18 who should not have had a weapon in their hands and had over 150 bullets and extended magazines was able to just walk on to a school, get into a building and within five minutes mow down 17 people. i would have killed dozens of more if he was able to shoot through the hurricane grass on the third floor which is what he tried to do. the coward tried to walk away with the rest of the students. went to a local walmart. let me tell you something else. the state attorney or defense is looking at whether he should serve life in prison or the death penalty, before any of those decisions are made, i think they should consult the families and if the state attorney is looking for someone to serve on the jury, i'm available. >> harris: wow, i'm not sure where you are going with that i know senator marco rubio has called for the death penalty. i interviewed the attorney
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general pam bondy. she says things are in place to be able to call for that i don't know where you are going with that it sounds like you are pretty emotional around the issue. i want to point this out this is another one of the segments in the conversation that's critical. we showed polling 77% of people surveyed said that mental health services failed in this and could have been better to prevent it. i'm curious to get your opinion on what's being donte state legal and federal level to address that as well. >> well, i can't address what's happening at the federal level. what can i address is what we are looking at. we have three weeks to get something done. after three weeks we don't meet again until december of 18. >> harris: you wouldn't make an exception when all these kids died? i hear the passion around you. whenever i see on the hill state legislators. until the job is done, why would you go home? >> i can't agree with you more. in fact, after the pulse shooting i was the one that
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led us in the effort to get us in the special session. unfortunately there were enough friends from across the aisle that decided they didn't want to go back into session in tallahassee to address what happened in pulse. i'm not saying i wouldn't stay. i will stay as long as it takes. but the fact that we have three weeks, the fact that the clock is ticking puts some pressure on us to get something done rather than sit up there and twiddle our fingers and do nothing. you know, it's just we must get this done. failure is not an option. >> harris: we get it jared, i want to ask this before did you go because we touched on it would you, in fact, go for the death penalty in this case? >> oh, without a doubt. i don't even think there's a question that we shouldn't consider the death penalty. you know, i know that's a touchy issue. some people don't believe in it. >> harris: particularly in your democratic party. >> let me be clear. this wasn't a random killing at a gas station. this gentleman methodically planned and monthlie mowed down7
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innocent people. destroyed family members have to figure what to bury their child in put them in the ground to come back to their house to an empty room for teachers to come back to the classroom with empty chairs. let me tell you something, there is a reason the death penalty exists. it exists for this person. that is without question in my mind. but truthfully, that's up to the families. >> harris: and you said you would be willing to testify if you could. good to see you, jared moskowitz state legislator there. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> harris: i don't know if you could see off to the left young woman with a bull horn. they are getting those students loaded on to buses now in florida going to tallahassee today. she is apparently reading a statement. we can hear her talking. we'll be i want to listen here. she is reading which buses the kids should go on. so i want to correct myself there. we will be heading next
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month to washington, d.c. where a national gun debate is underway. the white house now saying president trump is open to efforts at improving the gun background check system. but even a bill on that now in the senate is facing uphill battle. earlier a republican congressman from florida said he supports new gun legislation like universal background checks and raising the minimum age for purchasing a rifle. and he believes that the president could get behind those measures as well. watch. >> i think it is his instinct to support some of these ideas and today i invite him to do so because our country is demanding. this because there are a lot of young people in the state of florida and throughout the country that are stepping up and speaking out and they want to see action. >> harris: bob cusack editor and chief of the hill. as we cover this breaking news now with the students getting onto the bus and trying to insert their conversations, bob, always good to have you along. i don't know if you heard the democrat calling for the death penalty for the shooter in this. and from my reporting that would be kind of an
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exception and some news-making with him joining others across the aisle. >> yeah, without a doubt. just shows the passion, the anger, the angst that is happening in florida and across the country, and the politics have shifted. there is no doubt about that. you know, these kids in florida, these walkout -- these rallies going to tallahassee. they are coming to washington and they are going to be pushing. this congress is out this week. but this issue is going to be certainly on the front burner when they get back next week. >> harris: you know the gentleman was just telling me that they got this bipartisan legislation moving through. others on the hill have bipartisan. where do you think they can agree and how too we protect the second amendment while they do that? >> well, there is a bill in the senate and supported by conservatives as well as democrats. lead sponsor number two
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republican john cornyn. i think that bill has a decent shot to get out of the senate that bill has previously passed the house but it was coupled with the reciprocity bill that you could take guns across state lines. so, now, is this -- would that bill satisfy gun control advocates? no, absolutely not. is it a step in the right direction? most people think so and something that it would strengthen already existing gun laws. and that's why the nra is actually behind it so the president is the key player. how much is he going to be pushing for that bill and other like-minded bills. >> harris: yeah. i just go back to one of the first tweets after this from the president when he called out two words that we can't get away from mental health. mental health. mental health that being part of the conversation and now what we nobels and whistles that apparently didn't chime or ring at the right times and these kids fell into a category of missed red flags and they became the victims of
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authorities that didn't connect the dots. as you look at all of that, is there anything in this bipartisan legislation that talks about that? because i mean we can go in circles about guns all day long. but if we are talking about things that got missed weeks and months ago, that doesn't have anything to do with guns. it's hard as a parent, as a journalist, just a human being here in america to look at this conversation and go on and not see those pieces lifted up and say yeah, these are important. let's deal with them. >> it's similar to i know you are talking to the legislator about communication on 9/11. and this is this will would increase communication different agencies not reported what is going on with individuals to the fbi. in that sense it would improve communication. without a count, i mean the fbi dropped a ball. it's inexcusable how they didn't act on that. there should be wide ranging investigations that will never happen again. you are right. i think mental health has got to be part of the situation where both sides, republicans and democrats have to sit down and say how
10:16 am
can we have this never happen again or at least put in place situations and laws that would at least prevent it-out chances of it happening again? >> well, the young people that we see on the left side of our screen were the survivors. and they're the people who are taking their message now to their state capitol tallahassee in florida where they get on buses. this is breaking news this hour. coral springs, florida, bob cusack, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> harris: president trump has endorsed former foe mitt romney in the senate race. whether the two can work together in washington. our power panel reacts shortly from now. plus, robert mueller filing another charge in the russia investigation. what this means for the investigation going forward. and what the white house is saying about it. former justice department official robert drives coal will weigh in. stay close. >> this indictment, just like the one on friday only reinforces our overarching point when it comes to the special counsel's investigation which is that as the president has
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>> harris: fox news alert now. another new development in the russia probe. now special counsel robert mueller has charged a prominent new york attorney by b. lying to investigators
10:21 am
last communication with former campaign aid rick gates who was indicted in november. that attorney is expected to plead guilty in a little while we're told. chief intelligence correspondent kathleen herrige is live for us with the details. catherine? >> the court hearing begins over an hour from now. fox news crew got footage of the lure is expected in court just as he arrived at the fbi wants washington field office a few blocks from here. according to court records made public this morning, he lied federal agents on november 3rd, 017 about his contact with the target of the special counsel russia investigation and their conversations about a year earlier, two months before the presidential election. guilty plea is expected in the case and it's standard to finalize outstanding issues at the fbi field office before court. court records alleged a lawyer lied about his last contact with rick gates who was indicted last fall along with former campaign chairperson paul manafort. the 12 page indictment focused on their years as lobbyists and political
10:22 am
consultants working with ukraine. gates and larry will be in court today. youyouryour honorrian politicia. prosecuted for fraud and other crimes which her supporters said were politically motivated because they wanted ukraine to be closer to europe and nato and not russia. legal observers question whether a guilty plea today will increase pressure on gates to cut a deal and flip against manafort. this two pages filed with the court earlier today are pretty thin on detail. but they read, in part, alex did willfully and did make materially false fictitious and fraudulent statements and representations. we will know an hour from now and bring that to you, harris. >> harris: thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> harris: joining me now is perspective on this robert mueller's. former justice department official robert driscoll. break this down for us and tell us the significance of. this this is one of rick
10:23 am
gates' lawyers and one of manafort's lawyers who is pleading to the a false statement to robert mueller. and if you read the information that he pled to, which is pretty thin, it indicates that he had conversations that he denied having to the special counsel and he didn't turn over emails that he had to the special counsel when he was interviewed in september. and, in fact, it looks like he recorded one of the conversations he had which i guess would be, you know, pretty good evidence that he actually was aware that conversation happened because he had a recording of it and then never turned it over. i think that it's -- another one of these process type of guilty pleas. doesn't have anything to do with collusion. could be used to put pressure on man fort and gates. whatever story the attorney was telling at least time wise turned out not to be the true story. >> harris: we are all looking at the same facts. you are the expert in all
10:24 am
of, this former member of the doj. as you look at this, is there a trend with pretty thin? i hear you describe it that way. and now we have a judge who wants to take a look at all the evidence against general mike flynn because it could be thin. we don't know. he wants to look at it i'm just asking, how does it get this far if it's pretty thin. >> it's thin factuallily. >> harris: that's what i mean. >> and clearly a false statement. it's not a lot of detail. the question is why, i mean, usually, not turning over an email would not get you a federal plea agreement. but, we don't know the context of it and if it, you know, the timing of it was during the campaign, if it was denial or something like that. but, i think probably the special counsel is trying to get this lawyer wrapped up before he, you know, further negotiates with rick gates and manafort. >> harris: is there anything about rick gates? paul manafort might be different type.
10:25 am
>> right. >> harris: had you so much that happened before the campaign. with rick gates there has been reporting of financial concerns. they put a lot of pressure on him. >> right. >> harris: do they need to pressure the attorney to get to rick gates? >> again, we don't know. the one thing about the special counsel's investigation i have noticed is that no one has been able to predict anything. >> harris: right. >> the russia indictments came as kind of a surprise. this indictment came as a surprise. even the timing. >> harris: does that tell you anything or that's how it works? >> just that they are not leaking. >> harris: that's what i just wrote down no leaking. >> which is good and that's the way it should happen. it's hard to know. you could speculate that because of the times of communications here they are asking about communications that happened during the campaign and clearly manafort and gates had the preexisting relationship with ukraine and russian interests and the request is whether that was used to influence the campaign. >> harris: last question on this topic. anything point to collusion? anything moving the ball down there or just going lateral movement now. >> nothing in this indictment. the last couple of indictments have not had
10:26 am
anything to do with collusion, h they had to do with more collateral issues. >> harris: former member of the doj says we don't have the answer to the big question. >> we do not. >> harris: okay. let's move on. as well allies are reportedly urging the president to pardon those involved in the russia investigation. some conservatives voicing their opinions on this pretty strongly, robert. because they feel like, look, general flynn is an example. what do you think about that? >> i think from the president's weive it doesn't make sentence to pardon anybody right now. >> i think so far there is no collusion that's been proven. and so pardoning people for these kind of collateral crimes would, i think, further a narrative. i just don't think pardons this early, particularly for gates and manafort makes any sense for him. >> harris: here is the president on the subject.
10:27 am
>> you consider a pardon for michael flynn? >> i don't want to talk about pardons for michael flynn yet. we'll see what happens. let's see. i can say this, when you look at what's going on with the fbi and with the justice department, people are very, very angry. >> harris: i want to make it clear that was back in december. now we fast forward and we do hear this call for we will look at some of these people and whether or not he should pardon them. not only has it gone far afield that's not the point but the level of what they are being indicted for or accused of or copping pleas to and that sort of thing. >> i think the president can better make that assessment at the end of this whole investigation. the problem is a lot of the particularly flynn got a very lenient plea as to manafort who got indicted. that's based on cooperation. what the president can assess is what flynn either confessed to or talked to the special counsel to behind closed doors. and so the president doesn't want to get in a situation
10:28 am
where is he pardoning somebody doesn't know the whole story yet himself. >> harris: right. from the doj's perspective which you come at this from. the white house now should do, what? >> i think the white house is, you know, basically doing the right thing, notwithstanding the president's twitter rants once in a while and that they are cooperating with the investigation. ty cobb is i think the kind of come voice of reason, just saying cooperate. there is nothing here. and that will be proven eventually. i know it's difficult -- i mean, the president really have no different than many clients have you in these situations. level of frustration feel they might be vindicated in the end the level of going through the process is very, very high. they want to expedite that as quickly as possible although sometimes you can't. >> harris: so interesting to bring it back to the human element. i think that gets lost in all of this because that's the president of the united states. you can understand what you are saying his frustration and him voicing that. >> lawyers comfortable
10:29 am
saying he hasn't been charged with anything so that's okay. the average person on the street you sty yourself as a federal investigation. the fbi is involved. this is kind of guilt that comes over you that people treat you differently and they are kind of reluctant to be with you. now, obviously the president -- he has a different platform than most of us for that even the average every day client that gets caught up in a federal investigation, it's extremely frustrating. the kind of emotional part of it is half the battle, frankly, when you represent someone in that position because their level of frustration can get so high and you you don't want them to act out and do something in frustration. >> harris: robert driscoll thank you for your expertise and coming in today. we appreciate it the white house is announcing president trump will attend first press dinner since taking office. whether this is olive branch or something else. stay close. ♪ ♪ time to bask... in low prices!
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♪ ♪ >> harris: hey, the white house is saying president trump will join d.c.'s media elite to attend next month's annual gridiron club dinner. it will be his first appearance at a press dinner since taking office. the president says no decision on whether or not he will attend the white house correspondent's dinner in april. he skilled skipped it last year. he held a rally instead you may remember. i'm joined by howie kurtz, host of media buzz and the author of media madness, donald trump the press and the war over the truth. great to see you as always, howie. >> hi. >> i would think and i'm wondering if there is any sort of controversy. i would think that the press would be excited to attend this dinner and for the president of the united states to be there. >> yeah. and, you know, i think it is a bit of a peace healer for a president growing accustomed to the negative hhe gets 24/7.
10:35 am
he was stunned and angry at the press he was getting as a new president. he just didn't blow off the dinner and give the speech as counter. he said that is part of the problem and he attacked msnbc and cnn by name and scene in my book how he asked kellyanne conway after the speech well did cnn carry live where i denounced cnn and the answer was, yes. >> harris: statistically speaking is he not wrong about that negativity. you and i have talked about it on this very brahm. also, just looking at the facts, you know, there have been times when there have been not even just a misstep, an outright mistake or something else, i would call it a mistake. by some members of the mainstream media that they have had to go on record to fix. this is an opportunity to be in the same room with a man who is willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. the question is will the mainstream media give him the benefit of the doubt. >> i don't see the coverage changing any time soon. i think both sides are invested in it for the press it's the anti-trump
10:36 am
narrative. for the president it's big fat target foil when things aren't going so well. let's say he goes ahead and does the correspondent's dinner which i know people are wondering what's the big deal it's the celebrity studded spring prom for the beltway media. this is a guy who sat there in 2011 and had to take it when barack obama kind of ridiculed him over the birther conspiracy. i think there is part of donald trump who would like to be up there, tell some killer jokes, stick it to the press. show he can do it take the jokes. comedian. in other words, go on to their turf. if he does that after blowing it off last year there would be a big dramatic build up and the rating would be huge. >> harris: you and i were both at that correspondent's dinner and then just citizen donald j. trump sat there and we saw smiles on his face at one point and looking serious. they skewered him pretty bad from the lecturn. no one got it worse than
10:37 am
martin o'malley who president obama said nobody would know him in the room. getting back to the president of the united states. more than just him showing up to this dinner, because this means face to face, man onman, he has not seen anything that is free speech protected. i don't understand what the press is up in arms with anyway. is this just an obsession. >> journalists tend to be rather thin skinned. we have more trouble taking it. this is a president constantly on the attack against what he calls fake news. sometimes i think he punches down against individual cable news hosts that's not necessarily in his interest. the truth is, harris, there is a bit of a love-hate relationship here. mostly hate lately. the president actually wants to be liked by journalists. he enjoys talking to reporters. he gives a lot of access despite the constant attacks. and so i think he would like nothing better than to go into the loin' lion's den and on the moment or better thanks to do than to hobnob with
10:38 am
journalists and the media taking him on. >> harris: almost every time he boards something getting ready to fly off he stops. i made the comment last hour during outnumbered you better build in extra time during your lunch hour is he going to say something that kind of access would be, i don't want to say rewarded but at least respected okay well let's push in with the things that really matter when we ask the president questions. >> he gives introduce to what he calls the failing "new york times" despite the criticism. he meets privately off the record with ntsb chuck todd. he is learning how to do this. i don't think his opinion of the media has gone up at all. but i think his tactics might be changing. i'm not saying some great cease-fire. if he comes to the dinner, maybe he will get 24 hours of good coverage. >> harris: howarhoward kurtz, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: president trump giving mitt rom nay huge boost despite their past. what have these two singing
10:39 am
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>> if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished. think of donald trump's personal qualities. the bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd 3rd grade theatrics. >> he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said mitt, drop to your knees. he would have dropped to his knees. he was begging. look, mitt is a failed
10:44 am
candidate. he failed. >> harris: hard to forget the war of words between then candidate donald trump and former presidential nominee mitt romney. now president trump is throwing his support behind romney's run for the u.s. senate. tweeting this he will make a great senator and successor to orrin happen and he has my full support and endorsement. bring in the power panel back from outnumbered jess da tarlov and kevin mcclaw, my long time friend, i haven't seen you a in a long time. kevin, just to let the people know, you and i kind of brought on board the whole strategy room. digital side on many years ago auto and we did hours of digital tv. >> lots of fun. >> harris: great to see you. hope the family is well. the war of words going back and forth. and you say not a surprise that the president would endorse mitt romney. >> at the end of the day, harris, it's politics. and he needs the seat and he has got to keep the seat. he has an agenda to get through. romney will be a safe senator, he will vote the way he needs to vote most of the time.
10:45 am
if he refuses the incolin nation to become like the maverick in the senate, this should be a no-brainer for everybody. >> harris: all right. just a little while ago, romney fully embraces trump is the headline. governor romney's embrace of president trump's endorsement should come as a surprise to nobody is the beginning of the statement that we. >> jessica: nothing shocking here. you made the point in the break that mitt romney will be awarded the successor of orrin happennen happen's legacy. john mccain's voting record or jeff and flake. >> harris: call flake and corker a maverick. >> they still vote with the party overwhelmingly. >> harris: north of 90%. >> i'm well aware. when everyone was heralding him as a hero i said look at his voting record. >> harris: you were saying what we were talking about in the break.
10:46 am
do you want to tell everybody what you said. >> i said i like jenny wilson who is the democrat. >> harris: kevin, that's not what she said. >> i said he is going to win. >> harris: that's not what she said. >> i do like jenny wilson. >> then she said just before what she said she added that romney is going to do good for the state of utah. >> jesse: hutahjess. >> yes. >> harris: could win. >> much easier road with her orrin hatch. they have deeply religious population there. have you someone who is a deeply religious man. family values. great big family and by his side all the time. he will be a great representative for that state. >> harris: yeah. and some other things have happened too, besides what you are talking about. faith. utah is like every other state in the union. they have will like tax cuts. >> more. so do you have a more family centric population. there is going to be families that benefit from that economic stimulation that takes place.
10:47 am
>> harris: does this shore up the president's road ahead in terms of those members who are exiting up for re-election, whatnot in terms of the republicans? >> i don't think so. you're the polster, but i think that the road through the fall is a race by race. state by state region by region battle rnc is going to have to be very wise. they have a lot of resource resources. >> harris: they got a lot of money. did you see that announcement how they are fundraising. >> jeb bush is an example who could raise a lot of the money and not get much more it? >> have you to be strategic and go in with the right messaging in the right region. that might be in the rust belt reinforcing what trump has done. it might be in other plaferses saying we have made progress on judges and other things that are more compatible to the base you talk about state by state. one of those is pennsylvania. when we come back from the commercial we will be talking about this. president trump is going after a court decision to redraw the congressional districts in a critical swing state just before the
10:48 am
midterm elections. republicans are calling this a partisan move and they say they are planning a lawsuit against it. what they are doing to redistrict pennsylvania. stay close. mom and dad got a new car... it's not theirs. it's mine. mine. mine. and it always will be, forever and forever. the new rx 350l with three rows for seven passengers. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. wgreat tasting, heart-healthys the california walnuts.ever? so simple, so good. get the recipes at alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving.
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>> dana: hi, everywhere, i'm dana punish reno we are
10:52 am
awaiting white house briefing since school shooting in florida. first since the indictments were handed down in the russia investigation. i'm sharier there will be questions about all of that. plus a russian-linked lawyer is due in court moments from now in the mueller investigation. how this could put more heat on paul manafort and rick gates. and are democrats spending too much time attacking the president when they should be focusing on their own agenda? we will debate on the daily briefing. >> harris: republicans are outraged over how the pennsylvania supreme court has redrawn the map of the state's congressional district boosting democrats' odds of regaining the house in the midterm elections. the court had ruled the previous map free and equal election. chair says quote today in a shameful display of part shanship the supreme court redrew a map. this map constitutes new standard for judicial activism, end quote.
10:53 am
back is our power panel jessica tarlov and -- >> i think it's true. what's the meaning of elections if you don't enjoy the fruit of winning them? when you wish the majority of yours houses and your task is to draw the map, that's part of what winning an election is all about. for a court to come in and say we don't like this. we're going to do it our way is not what the voters of pennsylvania voted for. >> harris: so, jessica, the special election in pennsylvania is march 13th. this will not be in place for that looking ahead for the midterm elections there is a push back appeals process by republicans. >> and even by the president himself who took to twit they're morning to talk about it as well. to kevin's point, republicans were enjoying, based upon their map, a 13-5 advantage in an evenly divided state. and the court was trying to protect phi that that actually it shouldn't just be oh that we won we get to do whatever we do what we want and excluding voters and moving things around. we can acknowledge both
10:54 am
sides gerrymander. this is not just a republican problem here. republican does it ademocrats d. evenly divided state and republican advantage 13-5. not one or two seat advantage. makes sense a court would get involved in this like they have all over the country. >> harris: kevin, before you speak, maryland congressional map is awaiting a decision with the supreme court. wisconsin congressional map is awaiting march oral arguments with the supreme court. north carolina congressional map is pending appeal with the supreme court. this is a big deal going into the midterm. >> it's the democratic strategy to try to take back house seats that they could not win electorally. >> harris: who is in charge of that. >> eric holder, this is his baby. now, the interesting thing about pennsylvania while it's 13-5, trump won those, what, 1-6? so it may be reflective, it may not be reflective. pennsylvania may not be as evenly divided as people think that it is. >> historically if you look back it has been. i understand that donald trump managed to pull this off but it's one of the
10:55 am
swing states that we watch for months out for a reason. >> harris: what do republican does? i mention this going into the commercial break. you know, everything costs money. so you get lawyers to fight. this republicans have a lot of money right now. and the dccc. dnc, you guys are struggling. what happens? >> they are actually bankrupt, i think, according to the latest numbers. i think -- i don't think -- think republicans have to pick and choose where they spend their treasure. if you are going to fight this fight it hard. pennsylvania may be one of the more important states they fight it in. i'm not sure if you compare north carolina or wisconsin that it matters as much presidential cycle to presidential cycle as pennsylvania does. >> i would just add and we were discussing this on the couch as well. that while our national organizations on the democratic side are not raising as much as we would like, individual candidates are and conor lamb is a very well funded candidate people like him in pennsylvania. and also add he is running at very moderate. he came out against nancy pelosi that might be bellwether for the future where these races are going.
10:56 am
>> harris: yes, historically, it might be a little bit of spin, too. republicans are outfunding you right now in terms of what they can race. devin, great to have you. jessica great to have you. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: we'll be right back. stay close. ♪ people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working.
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>> harris: i want to talk about one of the young people, students in florida attended the funeral for. his name is peter wang. he was an army junior reserve officer training for cadet at
11:00 am
marjory stoneman douglas high school. he had a life time goal to attend the military academy. he saved a lot of people holding the door open. peter wang was just 15. >> dana: fox news alert. new action in the russian investigation as we await the first white house briefing in a week. i'm dana perino and this is kwlt the daily briefing. special counsel mueller's office charging a lawyer with lying to the fbi about his interactions with former trump campaign adviser rick gates, who was indicted last year. that lawyer is making his first court appearance right now. chief intelligence correspond anne catherine herridge is live in washington. >> reporter: official court hearing begins just a half hour from now. earlier today we got video of the london lawyer heading into the washington field office a few blocks f


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