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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 21, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> thanks for joining us. later on "the five", we'll have more on the president's listening session with the parents and students that have been affected by the school shootings. that's at 5:00. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. it's 3:00 at the white house where president trump is looking for possible changes we're told to america's gun laws. he's already called for banning devices which turn legal weapons to machine guns. this afternoon, the president is set to meet with students and parents and teachers including some of those that survived some of the most heart breaking attacks we've seen in columbine, colorado, sandy hook, elementary in new town. just last week, at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. we look at the laws and the pressure on both sides. >> we cannot take actions to make us feel like we're making a
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difference. we must actually make a difference. >> shepard: and we wait to find out what that means. an around our nation's capitol today, students walked out of class and they marched to call for change in gun laws and a change in our culture. exactly one week after the florida school shooting that left 17 people dead. now we're seeing similar protests grow in several cities. including florida's capitol where hundreds have gathered. among them, survivors of the high school shooting that are asking lawmakers to make changes to make them safer. >> we just want to change their mindset and put them in our place and show them what it was like to be trapped in the school. >> shepard: today the children lead. the calls for change across the nation and the emotional words from the student survivors. let's get to it. good wednesday afternoon from the fox news deck.
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never again. that's the two-word message from the thousands and thousands of students across the country who have walked out of classes, marching on capitols, demanding changes to the nation's gun laws and threatening to remove politicians that refuse to address new gun control measures. [chanting]. students united, never be divided. that's students in tallahassee moments ago inside the state capitol. they're trying to get to the governor's office. students coming out in force. among them, students from marjory stoneman douglas. police say the gunman pulled a fire alarm, waited for his former classmates and teachers and others to gather and then he gunned them down. >> i'm here to demand change. the laws should be used for a catalyst of change in our
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country today. we will make change and if not today, tomorrow. and if not tomorrow, the day after that and the day after that until we achieve the change that we want in this country. >> no one should ever have to go through what we went through. 17 of our classmates and teachers were murdered at the hands of a mentally unstable monster. something that easily could have been prevented by a proper background check and a mental health exam. an evil board with a weapon of war took 17 people from their families. >> i don't know exactly what needs to be done. i know what we're doing now is nowhere near enough. if i have to keep seeing neighbors die, if i have to keep seeing friends die and i have to keep seeing other people on the news deal with this same tragedy. they do not deserve this. america does not deserve this. humanity does not deserve this. >> never again. never again. never again should a child be afraid to go to school. never again should students have to protest for their lives.
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never again should an innocent life be taken while trying to gain an education. never again should i feel guilty to be alive because peter, carmen, scott, feis, hickson, cara, martin, luke, gina and alex are not. >> shepard: and the children lead. students from parkland and other schools in florida including college students at the state capitol in tallahassee. some of the students that survived last week's shooting said they were awake nearly all night traveling the seven hours by bus preparing for their meetings with lawmakers. they didn't rally. they met, they spoke and they listened. the same young men and women dealing with the hate and the baseless accusations on top of the harrowing ordeal they've already been through. it's unthinking what is happening to them now. conspiracy theorists are pedalling lies that are the students are political pawns
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that activists are behind their protests. youtube has removed a video in which they suggested that one student was actually a crisis actor. that video was the top trending video on youtube's list. students not only having to respond to the lies and the hate, but people that say they're too young to have a full grasp of the big issues. and others that say because of what they went through, the students are just lashing out. those very students that watched their friends die say they have every right to lead this charge. >> a lot of people think that disqualifies us from having an opinion on this sort of matter. because we've been through a traumatic experience that we don't know what we're talking about. we're speaking irrationally. i want everybody to remember, that's not the case. we more than anybody else understand the violence that comes from certain guns. we more than anybody else
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understand what it feels like to lose somebody. we more than anybody else understand what it's like to have a beautiful community, like parkland and have it taken away from us by the media and by everybody else and by nikolas cruz who just ruined its image. parkland is a beautiful, safe town. and it's now ruined. >> shepard: as the students from parkland made their way to tallahassee, lawmakers in florida voted down a measure to stop people from buying assault weapons like the one that investigators say the gunman used in parkland. it didn't even come up for a vote in the state house. but in no way has that outcome hindered the demonstrations. this is kentucky where students are chanting "no more guns" as they walked out of classes today. they did this for 17 minutes. one minute for every one that died in parkland. similar scene in minneapolis at
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a high school where students walked out there. they marched to the city hall chanting no guns in our schools. and in our nation's capitol. "your hand, our blood" they chanted. students on capitol hill trying to send their own message and outside the white house, students holding another lie-in. a nod to all those killed by gun violence. demonstrators are still out even as schools close or get ready to dismiss. students screaming for change, concerned that lawmakers might turn the page again. we have team fox coverage. john roberts on president trump's sit-down with school shooting survivors in the last hour. first, rich edson is on fox's top story. he's live in tallahassee. rich, what are you hearing from these kids? >> some of the parkland students are telling us they fear as though they're lobbying efforts
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have fallen short. that they have not convinced enough lawmakers to change the gun laws in the state of florida. so what do you do when that happens? you continue lobbying. they went back to the state house after a day of rallying, after a day of lobbying and now inside and now chanting. they're chanting you work for us. vote them out. where is rick scott, governor of florida and hear us now. a massive rally on the steps of the old florida state house behind us here. that kicked off this morning into the afternoon and included students from local high schools, from the high school in florida, parkland, florida and people from florida state and other gun control lobbyists lobbying for gun control changing. inside the state house, recapping the tragic life-changing events from a week ago and pushing representatives here to change florida gun's laws. >> the only reason that we've
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gotten so far is because we're not afraid of losing money, we're not afraid of getting re-elected or not. we have nothing to lose. the only thing we have to gain is our safety. >> senate president's office tells us the next couple weeks, which is the remainder of the annual session here in florida's legislature, they will be working on some gun control measures, only school safety measures and mental health measures. they have a couple weeks and then they're out for the year. >> this he's a spread quickly i guess through social media? >> it has. those that organized the woman's march are now looking at a separate event in march for students to walk out for 17 minutes. the number of students that were killed in that shooting last week. there's also an effort on april 20th to commemorate the 19-year anniversary of the columbine shooting. now there's a report out of houston at a nearby texas high
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school, the principal is threatening to demonstrate students if they walk out of class. >> shepard: rich edson in tallahassee. president trump is expected to meet with survivors of gun violence, including a dozen students from marjory stone man douglas in parkland. the president said he's taking steps to banning bump stocks and the president says he's asking the justice department to look into a way to ban all devices that turn legal weapons to machine guns. police say the las vegas shooter used bump stocks when he slaughtered more than 50 people last fall. president trump says he's open to improving the background check system and raising the minimum age to buy a gun. a new poll from quinnipiac university shows 97% of americans favor mandatory background checks for all purchases. we don't have it. not really close to it. chris murphy from connecticut
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co-sponsored the latest background check bill. he said if this is all the white house is willing to do, it's wholly insufficient. team fox coverage continues with john roberts on the north lawn. john? >> the president will have the meeting this afternoon and he will likely hear the same pleas for change that we heard from tallahassee and those students. here's who will be attending. 15 to 20 students, teachers and parents from marjory stoneman douglas high school, davis hogg who you have seen on the air and many programs was invited. he wanted to go to the tallahassee rally so he's not coming to the white house. there will be members of sandy hog promise. this san efficacy group created by parents whose children were killed in sandy hook, connecticut several years ago as well as representatives from rachel's challenge who aims to lower violence in schools.
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they have had some sort of experience with gun violence or school violence in general. the president will be in listening mode, listening to some ideas. he does have some things he's been kicking around already. one you mentioned at the top, considering raising the minimum age for buying a weapon. it's 21 for a handgun, 18 for a long gun, which includes rifles and assault-style rifles and shotguns. we don't know what the president might consider raising that too or if he can do it because much of this falls to the states. the president may find himself in a position of advocacy on this particular issue. he wants to look at ways to keep guns out of the hands of people that shouldn't have them, mentally ill people. we've seen so many deranged shooters take so many lives in the last decades here in the united states. the president thinks that it's probably time to do something about that. you mentioned, shep that he supported tightening up the background checks. he supports the cornyn murphy
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bill, which would compel an incentive -- a series of incentives to have state and local officials and governments and federal agencies, all report more efficiently and more effectively to the nics system. you've been hearing the students calling for an assault weapons ban. that's likely not going to happen. people against that would point to the fact that columbine happened in the middle of the 1994 to 2004 assault weapons ban. >> more ahead on keeping children safe from shootings. we'll show you what's happening right now at the scene of the latest attack. what we've learned about the violent past of the accused parkland florida shooter. that's coming up from the fox news deck on this wednesday afternoon. fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane.
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>> shepard: marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. there's no school today. there's been no school since 17 died. in coral springs, they have come to remember and demand for change. they're asking for gun law changes in the state capitol. other students gathering at the site of this massacre. this has been the scene outside marjory stoneman douglas all day. students from nearby schools walking out of class and joining in the rally. steve harrigan is live with
12:17 pm
more. >> we saw yesterday a lot of students are coming from nearby schools. some walked for miles. they've been carrying signs and chanting anti-gun slogans. we talked to a few of them and asked why they were here today. >> we know we have little power. as a people, we are strong. that's what our government is based on. what the people want, the people should get. >> we've walked miles to come to stoneman douglas to make a difference. that's our voice. >> that was a tenth grader and a ninth grader. both with a pretty clear idea why they're here today, shepard. >> shepard: we had heard reporting along the way that this alleged shooter had been expelled from that school but now we learn that's not true?
12:18 pm
>> that's right. nikolas cruz, the suspected shooter, 19 years old who is in solitary confinement, was shuttled back and forth between six didn't schools here. one of those was for special needs. the problem with those schools are, it takes a great deal of paperwork, time and effort to get into those schools. one florida school administrator said because you're afraid of a kid doesn't mean you can kick him out completely. shepard? >> shepard: steve harrigan at the school in broward county. ahead, the president set to sit down with parents, students and teachers affected by the most tragic attacks. could the gun laws change? could that happen? we'll look at what the white house and the trump administration can do from political and legal stand points. also, remembering the reverend billy graham. a man that transformed evangelism in the united states. he advised presidents and prime ministers, touched millions with
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>> shepard: inside the state house building in tallahassee -- [chanting]. >> shepard: students demanding change, demanding action. and they're asking "where is rick scott", the governor of the state of florida.
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[chanting [. >> shepard: so president trump is set to meet less than an hour with parents, students and teachers affected by the worst school shootings in modern world history. the white house says they're open to tougher regulations on guns but some gun control supporters say it's not enough. let's turn to john bussey from the "wall street journal." and bob bianchi. we'll talk about the news on this and the law on this. bob, you said during the commercial break, this feels from different from others of this kind? >> yes. after vegas, what did we hear from the political infrastructure? hey, let's not address this in the heat of the moment. it's too soon. let's wait for tempers to calm down. guess what? it wasn't addressed. it was kind of a method of pushing it to the side. this time it looks like there's a bit more traction. these demonstrations in florida, the visits to the white house. the question is how much is political theater. it's an observation on the part
12:24 pm
of our political structure that hey, there does to seem to be more traction. moms and dads across the country are worrying about sending their kids to school. that -- >> shepard: beginning to? >> yeah, we're well down that road. this is an issue that crosses political lines very easily. how much of this is having people into the white house, you know, observing this, really just a way of kind of giving -- having a political slop? we'll find out. how? the question will be what gets done. bump stocks is. that enough to placate a public that is getting more energized about this? we've seen polls. people want tougher gun laws. bump stocks were an ancillary part of the debate. it's not the gun itself. it's not the age, it's not the background checks, it's not the more substantial gun control that a lot of gun control advocates are looking for. >> shepard: the two matters that
12:25 pm
the white house is discussing at this moment are two matters that the nra has not come out in opposition to directly. >> yes. that's correct. >> shepard: but there's nothing that they're coming out and saying let's do this that the nra is against. >> they're listening to the nra and listening to gun advocates, in which there are many. and worry that bump stocks may seem ancillary to you, but they're not. there's a cascade of legislation that restricts how i'm allowed to use my weapon. the white house is hearing all of that. you're right. the bump stocks is just not going to be an issue as far as the nra is concerned. the question will be whether or not these demonstrations and other political activity get more traction and whether this time parents are saying, you know, i don't want more cops in the school. yeah, that will help to some extend. are you talking to me about turning the hallways into shooting galleries? i want there to be something that re-assures me that when i
12:26 pm
send my kid to school they're as safe as they can be. >> shepard: the florida legislature and state house voted about 2 to 1 not to bring any sort of assault weapons ban to the florida even for discussion. legally, what can be done in washington? >> they can't do anything to change the bump stocks law, which is a legal device because it's a still single-fire, single-trigger pull mechanism. it's been ten years of the decision of the atf. the atf can jut regulate the law. congress passes the law and the executive branch in which the atf is part of interprets it and regulates it. these suggestions that we can get them to ban is going to cause a lot of lawsuits. and the manufacturers say this is a lawful thing ruled lawful and as a prosecutor, i say, where is the enforcement? i can't possibly go to trial with somebody who has a bump stocks. on the other end of the bump
12:27 pm
stock, lots of rounds are being fired but it's one round big trigger pull. it needs a congressional or legislative fix, period. >> shepard: people against gun control are saying widely on social media and other places that the gun control left is using these students as sort of another weapon in their fight, that these students are being used as pawns. >> yes. this is a very emotional topic in the united states. even without what just happened in florida. the gun advocates and the gun control groups. and i think that you're seeing that accelerated and being even more inflammatory in the kind of remarks that you're seeing on social media because this is an election year. we're in the middle of mid-term elections. this is becoming a hotter button issue and there's a lot of hot button issues that the republicans are concerned about
12:28 pm
losing seats that might be on the edge. immigration issues, womens issues, now gun issues. they're stacking up. you're seeing that reflected in the social media world. >> you know, shep, as a former head prosecutor, it's not just legal analysis that used to drive us crazy. political correctness. whether it's left or right. we would say we need to do our job. please stop politicizing laws. give us something that we can prosecute, not regulations and rules that are enable to prosecute in a courtroom. it would seem politically, i'm just a lawyer and giving legal analysis. we would sit there when there's a proposal for a new legislation. and now we're going to be responsible for carrying this out in a courtroom. we couldn't. the legislation was ineffective. we used to be disgusted by how we were being twisted politically. >> shepard: you need something
12:29 pm
concrete. >> right. >> shepard: something enforceable. if the decision were made, we want to ban assault weapons -- people don't like the phrase -- but long guns of this kind, no longer are we going to allow people not old enough to boy a beer or or drive a car own a weapon, you have to be specific about it. >> i have to prove a case to a jury to 12 people beyond a reasonable doubt. if there's confusion, if it's uncertain as to what the law is, the case won't even go to trial or if it does, you're not going to prove the case. so it needs to be certain, clear so that prosecutors can do their job effectively. >> shepard: bob, john, thank you. the reverend billy graham has died. a spokesman said the man often called america's pastor died at his home in north carolina. he was most well-known evangelical leader in all the world with a commitment to preaching and activism. he traveled the world sending he's message to 21 million
12:30 pm
people and radio broadcasts and films. >> i do not believe that any man, any man can solve the problems of life without jesus christ. >> shepard: reverend graham met with every single u.s. president through harry trueman and barack obama and met with donald trump before he won the presidency. he had been fighting health issues. reverend billy graham was 99 years old. morning on the beach was so peaceful.
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12:33 pm
in the death of his ex-wife and that he opened fire when officers approached his house. the suspect also died after that shoot-off. and human rights activists said air strikes in syria have killed more than 200 civilians and including children. that happened the past few days. the russian-backed syria military has been pounding damascus. the bombings have been relentless and families are boxed in with nowhere to go. the news continues with shepard smith after this. is helping build the new new york. once home to the world's image center, new york state is now a leader in optics, photonics and imaging. fueled by strong university partnerships, providing the world's best talent. and supported with workforce development to create even more opportunities. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
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12:36 pm
branded luxury apartments. president trump signed the deals before he won the white house, but some ethics group now argue that the trip does raise some concerns. benjamin hall has the story live in our london newsroom. benjamin? >> yeah, shep. there's been a fair amount of controversy about this trump by donald trump jr. you'll remember two years ago, president trump handed over control of his business empire to his two sons. that was to avoid conflict of interests between his new political life and his previous business career. now as donald trump jr. arrives in india to launch these new luxury towers, he's being accused of that. critics that say buyers of the condos have been offered the chance to have a conversation and dinner with donald trump jr. if they buy. the last few days in india have seen major newspapers featuring a full page ad with donald trump jr. and text saying trump has
12:37 pm
arrived. have you? in response, donald trump jr. says that the business relations were set up over a decade ago an and there's no correlation. he pointed out that the itinerary was planned to go against political meddling. shep? >> trump jr. is delivering a policy speech at a global summit. is that right? >> yeah, that's right, shep. he's the keynote speaker at global business summit. the prime minister of india will be there as will leaders and politicians. donald trump jr. addressed this in a television interview with indian tv earlier. here's what he said. >> obviously the business responsibility is a great one. even though i'm not in the administration, politics is a part of it. i believe in what my father is doing. certainly up against a lot of adversity. aim vocal kind of guy. >> now, trump jr. is expected to
12:38 pm
meet the prime minister on the sidelines of the key summit. he said he's going to give a speak and indo pacific relations. we'll watch closely to see what that is. more than anything, donald trump jr. has said he's a vocal supporter of his father's policies and will remain that way. some controversy that they may be benefitting from the trump name and pushing back from that in the family. >> shepard: thanks. there's breaking news now on fox news channel. this out of washington. the former trump campaign aide rick gates is at the courthouse in d.c. now. fox news has confirmed there are new charges against gates and the former trump campaign manager, paul manafort. the court put all of the charges or the new charges under seal. both men are already facing charges of conspiracy and money laundering. part of the special counsel investigation into russian meddling and possible collusion with members of team trump. here's how the associated press
12:39 pm
puts it in an article put up moments ago. court records say one new charge has been filed under seal in the case against donald trump's former campaign chairman. the filing indicates a sealed document was entered in paul manafort's case. no details who it is against. this comes was a prosecutors revealed last week that they uncovered additional criminal conduct that includes a series of bank frauds and bank fraud conspiracies related to a mortgage on one of paul manafort's properties. prosecutors say paul manafort obtained the mortgage improperly. paul manafort denied any wrong doing regarding his mortgages. let's turn to our chief intelligence correspondent
12:40 pm
catherine herridge. we were expecting movement here but we don't know what the charges are. >> this is a situation, shep, where if you go online to the courthouse to look at the filings, you can't see this record. you have to go down in person and in the last hour our producer has been at the federal courthouse here in washington and he's gone to the clerk's office and looked at the filing book. what you find there is a single piece of paper. it has a case number for the manafort and gates case and haas across it in big letters that it's under seal. we can't know what is in the letter but we can confirm that new records have been filed in the case of paul manafort. it could be something called information. we talked about that earlier this week and information is when there's evidence of some kind of plea arrangement. and that's what we had with the lyndon lawyer just this week. >> it's interesting. we remember the reporting of the los angeles times that there might be an agreement with rick gates and that went away. sources are saying that might
12:41 pm
not have been true at the time. we don't know what may have changed. >> we don't. we'll have to wait until this is unsealed. i think what is worth noting is the cadence of the legal activity of this point. we've had a series of event, the announcement of the indictments against the 13 russian nationals and the three russian entities for meddling in bank fraud, identity theft and now we've had this plea from the london lawyer which relates to rick gates a big partner of paul manafort and now we have this mysterious filing. i wish i could tell you what's inside it. we have to wait. it's under seal with the court. >> shepard: just so people understand process, it's a suggestion that would remain under seal indefinitely or how does that work? >> typically what happens, a record goes under seal and when the prosecution is ready to release the information publicly or go forward publicly with the next step, the records are
12:42 pm
unsealed and made public so you and i and anyone else could see them. in this case, you could go online and find those records. i would give you an example of what we've seen in the last week, that started this part tern with the london lawyer. those are records under seal last week but it was this week that they were unsealed when he was ready to make that guilty plea and have that allocution in court to lying to federal agents. >> shepard: we'll wait to see what comes up this. thanks, catherine. >> you bet. >> shepard: is a battle brewing in the west wing between president trump's son-in-law and his chief of staff? new reports that jared kushner says that john kelly's policy on security clearances is targeting him personally. the entire back story on this is coming. plus more ahead and kelly's response. stay with us.
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>> shepard: there's kushner troubles at the white house. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser appears to be butting heads with the white house chief of staff. the issue in this case, access to classified information. under a new policy that the chief of the staff john kelly announced last week, the white house will no longer allow employees with interim security clearances dating back to last june have access to top secret information. this affects staffers whose background checks have been pending before last june. staffers including jared kushner. the policy comes in the wake of the rob porter scandal. he's the former top white house aide that stepped down after accusations of abuse from two of his ex-wives. kelly facing criticism over what he knew and when he knew it. of course, we're still without real answers to either of those questions. according to the reporting of "the new york times," jared kushner says the policy is
12:47 pm
personally directed at him. since then, kelly is insisting he keeps his current access. that apparently includes reviewing the highly sensitive daily briefing that the president is to receive. kelly released a statement to fox news saying he would not comment on white house security clearance issues or status there, but that he has full confidence in kushner's ability to continue performing his duties for president trump. yesterday the white house press secretary sarah sanders said jared kushner will be able to do his job even if he doesn't get a security clearance except she didn't explain how that was the case or whether president trump would give kushner a permanent security clearance. this is a bit confusing. if you don't have security clearance, you can't see secure things, right? >> indeed. jared kushner's job is dealing with things like middle east peace, israelis, palestinians,
12:48 pm
other arab nations and being an envoy for mexico. these are countries in which security issues are no doubt things that he needs to be aware of no a lot of employees, more than 100, that still have the interim security clearances and the experts tell us those with knowledge of inner workings of the white house, after a year, if you don't have the security clearance, there's something up. it's not just that you haven't been given it yet. there's a reason. sarah sanders was clear to say there were no red flags. >> she was. i think all of this highlights the dilemma that faces john kelly. he took criticism for the way it worked out with rob portman when he left and the fact that he had been operating on a temporary security clearance and he obviously wants to show that the reforms that he's planning on making will apply to everyone in the white house. that puts him in this potential confrontation or head-butting with a member of president
12:49 pm
trump's family, an important senior adviser. jared kushner. >> shepard: so the question is an open one about what will happen friday. but kelly's policy change remains in place, right? >> it does. he's sticking with the contents of that memo which outlined the change and there's no changes to that. >> shepard: were there any specifics about how this will go down friday? if you have an interrupt security clearance and you apply friday, what do you do if your job involves highly classified material? do you move to some clerical job? practically speaking, what happens? >> that's a good question. it's still t.b.d. on that. the chief of staff tried to address that in the statement that you read before by saying that he continues to have full confidence that jared can do his job on middle east peace and the other parts of his portfolio
12:50 pm
regardless of if gets the clearance or not. >> shepard: that sounds like an audience of one memo. >> it's a pretty important audience of one that a lot of people in the white house are looking out for. >> shepard: i'm sure. jeff mason, the white house correspondent for reuter. thanks a lot. >> shepard: there's word that russia did some practice runs before they interfered in the u.s. election. they spread lies on everything from walmart to your thanksgiving turkey. that's next. ll, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> shepard: security experts say russian trolls may have practiced for the u.s. election meddling long before campaign
12:54 pm
season even began. that's according to an investigation by or corporate cousins at the "wall street journal." trace gallagher has more. >> the false story of the tainted turkey that spread in new york, there was never a tainted turkey and it was put out there falsely by russian operatives. it was the last test run before the elections. but the russians did stories about a chemical plant explosion in the south and a terrorist attack. the goal is to see how much you can manipulate american minds to believing certain things. one expert called it stockpiling capability. you may a play on twitter to create chaos and see what does and doesn't work. by the time the election came
12:55 pm
out, the russians had an effective system which included the department of justice and deactivating some 2,700 twitter accounts that were being used to spread this russian propaganda. the "wall street journal" analysted some 221,000 tweets that came from many of those accounts prior to the election meddling. the way it worked is, the russian operatives would accumulate tens of thousands of followers and then send out a message like the tainted turkey trying to incite chaos and fear and dozens of other accounts would flock around the single message, which would be repeatedly retweeted and propagated to see how it spread like the case of the turkey. by the time the u.s. meddling started, russian operatives were vocally engaging in u.s. politics with promoting bernie sanders and donald trump and disparaging hillary clinton.
12:56 pm
>> shepard: thanks, trace. and we're waiting for president trump's listening session at the white house with president trump and the shooting victims and families. people that lived through the shooting at new town and columbine and the latest in broward county, florida. all set to meet with the president soon and we'll have live coverage on fox news. i take pictures of sunrises,
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
the treasury hit an all-time high. they're concerned about inflation and an overjuiced economy. should news break out? we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: it was a crazy market. we'll get to that in a second. the president is set to hold a listening session with students, parents and teachers of the white house on mass shootings, including survivors from park land, sandy hook and others. john roberts has more what can we expect? >> we expect this will start within 15 minutes or so. it will be led by the president, the vice president, the secretary of education betsy devos. there will be six students and their parents from marjory stoneman douglas high school in attendance. this were supposed to be representatives from columbine


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