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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 22, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PST

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consequential year in the history of the conservative movement. [cheering and applause] and tomorrow you'll hear first-hand from the man who galvanized that movement. [cheering and applause] you know, i spoke to him on the phone this morning and i can tell you he can't wait to get here. [cheering and applause] the man who won a historic election, the man who has been delivering on the promises that he made every day since, the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [cheering and applause] you know, i'm here because i stand with president trump. i'm here because we stand with
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the conservative movement. and come to think of it, we always stand for our flag and our national anthem as well. [cheering and applause] [crowd chanting usa, usa, usa] what a year. when president trump addressed you last february, he declared in his words that our victory was a victory and a win for conservative values and so it was. and now he and i are both back here at cpac this week to thank you for everything you've done to advance our cause because of your support in this past year, it's been a year of action. it's been a year of remarkable results. in a word, it has been a year of promises made and promises kept. [cheering and applause]
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think about it. president trump promised to rebuild our military and restore the arsenal of democracy and in just a few weeks he will sign the largest investment in our national defense since the days of ronald reagan. [cheering and applause] he promised to stand without apology for the men and women of law enforcement and today we're once again giving those peace officers the respect and resources they deserve. all across america. [cheering and applause] president trump promised to enforce our laws, secure our borders, and today illegal crossings at our southern border have been cut nearly in half and make no mistake about it, we're going to build that
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wall. [cheering and applause] [crowd chanting build that wall, build that wall] he promised to appoint strong conservatives to the federal courts at every level and president trump came through. he appointed justice neil gorsuch to the supreme court and set a record for the most circuit court judges appointed in the first year of any administration in history. [cheering and applause] and president donald trump promised to stand for the unalienable right to life. [cheering and applause] and from the first day of this administration, he reinstated the mexico city policy and i was honored to cast the
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tie-breaking vote in the senate to send a bill to the president's desk to allow states to defund planned parenthood. [cheering and applause] on the economy we've unleashed american energy, approved the keystone and dakota pipelines and president trump put america first when he withdrew the united states from the paris climate accord. [cheering and applause] and we've been busy rolling back the heavy hand of government as well. this president has actually repealed 22 regulations for every new federal rule put on the books. and finally,
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[applause] president trump promised to cut taxes across the board for working families and job creators and two months ago today, president trump signed the largest tax cuts and tax reform in american history. promises made, promises kept! [cheering and applause] and on the world stage, we've also been restoring strong american leadership and under president donald trump america once again stands without apology as leader of the free world. [applause] our nato allies are contributing more to our common defense than ever before.
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and for decades after one president after another promised to move the u.s. embassy to the capital of our most cherished ally, president trump made history on december 6th when the united states of america recognized jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel. [cheering and applause] so we've stood with our allies and we've stood up to our enemies. and nowhere is that more true than in the fight against radical islamic terror. under the commander-in-chief we've taken the fight to the terrorists on our terms, on their soil. [applause] thanks to the courage of our
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armed forces and the leadership of this commander-in-chief, isis is on the run, their caliphate has crumpled and we will not relent until we've destroyed isis at its source so it can no longer hurt our allies or our way of life. [applause] and we put the leading state sponsor of terror on notice as well. the united states will no longer tolerate iran's destabilizing activities across the region and this country will no longer certify the disastrous iran nuclear deal. [cheering and applause] in the wake of provocations and threats against the united states and our allies, we've made it clear to north korea
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that the era of strategic patience is over. [applause] two weeks ago i was honored to lead the official delegation to the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics in pyeongchang where we cheered on team usa. but as you all know, many in the mainstream media seemed quite taken with another dignitary. [booing] for all the media fawning for the sister of the north korean dictator i think it's important that every american knows who this person is and what she has done. the sister of kim jong-un is the central pillar of the most tyrannical and oppressive regime on the planet.
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an evil family click that braut liess, staf, and imprisons its people. the united nations reported the gravity, scale and nature of these violations reveal a state that does not have a parallel in the contemporary world. that's why the united states government has sanctioned her for her role in the north korean's horrendous human rights abuses. people are jailed and executed for the most minor acts of defiance. and every american remembers the heartbreaking story of otto warmbier. so for all those in the media who think i should have stood and cheered with the north koreans, i say the united states of america doesn't stand with murderous dictatorships, we stand up to murderous
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dictatorships. [cheering and applause] and we'll keep standing strong until north korea stops threatening our country, our allies or until they abandon their nuclear and ballistic missiles once and for all. [cheering and applause] so in this white house it's about strength. it's about growth for our nation. and it's working. america is more secure and our economy is booming. you know, since election day 2016 businesses large and small have created more than 2.5 million new jobs across this country. [applause] unemployment hasn't been this low in 17 years and more americans are working today than ever before in american
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history. [cheering and applause] after eight years of a stagnant economy and wages that wouldn't budge american workers are seeing their paychecks rise more today than any point in nearly a decade and 1.5 million americans have left the rolls of food stamps and are able to support and sustain themselves with dignity and self-worth. [applause] but i know in my heart that the best is yet to come. because as we speak, our economy has already started to feel the effects of that historic tax cut. about 90% of working americans are going to get a tax cut. millions are already seeing more money in their paychecks and we didn't just cut taxes on your income, the obamacare
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individual mandate tax is gone. [cheering and applause] you know, since the president's tax cuts became the law of the land, businesses large and small have actually announced more than 480 billion in new investments in american jobs, workers and in just the past two months more than 4.3 million americans have already gotten a raise or a bonus, and we're just getting started. [cheering and applause] folks, that's great news. that's great news. but not everybody thinks it's that big of a deal. [laughter] i don't know if you heard. but the woman that wants to be speaker of the house again,
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nancy pelosi, said -- [crowd booing] she said the tax cuts would be armageddon and a few days ago she said it was unpatriotic to let the american people keep more of what they earn. most amazingly of all she keeps saying that a $1,000 bonus for working americans is nothing more than crumbs. well, let me remind all of you, i come from the joseph a. bank win of the west wing of the white house. i mean, seriously, folks, when our kids were little, we had a term for another $1,000 in our paycheck at the end of the year. christmas. [applause] are you with me?
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these bonuses have meant real money that helped working families all across this country with pay raises that are generating opportunities even as we speak. and i want to say from my heart, any leader who says that $1,000 in the pockets of working families is crumbs is out of touch with the american people. [applause] you know, it will be a disaster for our cause if nancy pelosi became speaker of the house again but we aren't going to let it happen. [applause] this movement should know it's a very real threat because the other side knows exactly what's at stake between now and tend of this year. the far left has watched with dismay as we've dismantled the liberal legacy of the last administration and turned this country around. [applause] they're doing everything they can to try to win back the
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congress next november. we don't have to wonder what would happen if the party of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer won the house and the senate this november. do we? i mean, remember the last time it happened? i do. i was actually there the last time democrats ran the congress. and they nearly ran america into the ground. they raised taxes, they cut the military, they tried to pass cap and trade, they gave us dodd-frank and the obamacare nightmare. they thought they could borrow, spend and bail their way back to a growing america. in the past few years democrats have only fallen further to the left. their platform as we all know can be summed up in one word, resist. resist our policies, resist our president, and resist the results that you and i and our entire movement have fought so hard to achieve.
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so it is up to us to stand up to them and stand up for the american people and the progress that we've made. [applause] but the other side is motivated. they are mobilized. so today to the men and women of this conservative movement i want to admonish you, let this be the day that we as a movement decided to deliver another victory for the american people in 2018. [applause] i mean, we threw out the playbook in 2016 and we'll throw it out in 2018. if all of us do all that we can from this day forward. i know we'll continue to achieve historic victories for our movement, and for america. you know, the choices that we make in the days ahead and the promises that we make to one another, the actions we take will shape our nation for
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generations to come. but today on behalf of president trump and our entire administration i'm asking every member of this movement to go back home to your communities, to your workplaces, talk to your families, your friends and your neighbors. tell them what they don't hear in the media about everything that we've accomplished. tell them how the policies the president has advanced are making a difference in the lives of american families and enterprises and in the life of our nation. tell them we've cut their taxes and put more money in their pockets. tell them we're restoring american strength at home and abroad so their families can sleep safe at night and tell them that thanks to our administration, confidence is back, jobs are coming back, just tell them america is back. [cheering and applause]
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as we prepare for the challenges ahead, let's remember progress is driven by the people who show up. your president and i need you to show up. defend all that we've accomplished and all that we have yet to do. we can't turn back, men and women. we can't give anything less than everything. america is counting on us. but i know in my heart that we'll come through and you'll come through for this country once again. i've seen the courage and conviction that defines the men and women of the conservative movement all my life. and i see it in your faces this morning. my friends, the truth is we live in a time of widening challenges and unknowable threats. a time of too much division and
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too much anger in america. you know, it seems like we're becoming more and more disconnected from each other. too often unable or unwilling to meet our fellow citizens where they are to do what the president did yesterday, just to listen to one another in a spirit of humility and respect. and increasingly it seems like we have lost sight of who we are as a people, and the truth is, here in the united states of america it's true today and it has always been true that there will always be more that unites us than will ever divide the good and great people of this country. [applause] so let's try to reconnect in the days and debates that come
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ahead. reconnect with one another, reconnect with our communities and lastly i also believe that we should also seek in these challenging times to reconnect to something deeper, something that speaks to the very heart of who we are, someone who i believe has always been the source of our strength and more than that, our hope. you know, yesterday we mourned the passing of one of the greatest americans of the past century, the reverend billy graham. [applause] ministry for the gospel that changed the lives of millions and we remember his matchless voice that inspired our nation during some of our darkest
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times. i remembered one such time just yesterday. his words at the national cathedral 17 years ago. words spoken just three days after the worst attack on american soil since pearl harbor. i was there as a first term member of congress and i'll never forget what he said. on that day billy graham said to the american people the spirit of this nation will not be defeated. but he admonished americans to in his words come together to confess our need for god. he said we've always needed god from the beginning of this nation but today we need him especially and he reminded us that the bible says god is our
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refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. therefore, we will not fear. so with that admonition in my heart i close today with faith. faith in the boundless capacity of the american people. faith in the president and the leaders they've elected to represent them at every level. and with that other kind of faith. what billy graham called hope for the present and hope for the future. and in the days ahead, as we work to advance our cause, restore our country, let us also remember to claim that hope remembering those ancient words that if his people, who are called by his name, will humble themselves and pray, he
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will hear from heaven and he will heal this land. this one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [cheering and applause] so to that conservative movement i say today we've accomplished much in a little more than a year, but we've got a lot more to do. with the renewed commitment of this rising generation, with the support of strong
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conservative majorities in the congress, with president donald trump in the white house, and with god's help, i know we will make america safe again, we will make america prosperous again, and to borrow a phrase, we will make america great again. thank you very much. [cheering and applause] god bless you all, and god bless the united states of america. ♪ >> thank you and goodbye to the vice president as boisterous as was his welcome, the crowd of more than 10,000 people at cpac, the largest gathering of conservatives each year in this country, the conservative political action conference underway in washington, d.c. you heard there the vice president touting his boss's accomplishments as a
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conservative. donald trump wasn't always regarded so warmly by conservatives in washington having been a democrat among other things but they love him this morning and they love his vice president as well. good morning to you. i'm jon scott and want to introduce somebody else we love here, molly line. >> welcome to "happening now." the vice president's remarks followed nra chief wayne lopaire saying it was business as usual for folks blaming the nra. >> as usual, the opportunists wasted not one second to exploit tragedy for political gain. >> chief white house correspondent john roberts is live from the north lawn with the latest. >> good morning. the president in about five minutes' time the pool is gathering right now will be hosting his second listening event on school shootings and other mass shootings. this one unlike yesterday's session will not be carried live.
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this will be what's called a tape play back. the president meeting with a number of state and local officials including the attorney general of florida, pam bondi, who is a familiar figure here around the white house. curtis hill, the indiana attorney general as well as christine, the mayor of parkland, florida, behavioral health specialists and other law enforcement. the president will be hearing suggestions on how to deal with these issues from the state and local folks. yesterday was mostly about personal stories and what happened in marjory stoneman douglas high school. six students from the high school there and parents, and then a parent who lost his daughter in that shooting last week. let's listen to some of what they had to say yesterday. >> nothing ever that horrible should ever have to happen to you. >> there needs to be significant change in this country because this has to never happen again. people need to feel safe and parents shouldn't have to go
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through the idea of losing their child. >> should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. i'm pissed because my daughter i'm not going to see again. she is not here. >> that was the father of meadow pollack one of the students who was killed there. there were ideas floated as well. improved security at school buildings, raising the minimum age to buy a gun. something the president supports. he said it should be 21 years of age and training and arming some of the school staff. that was a proposal that the president supported and floated himself. listen here. >> president trump: i really believe that if these cowards knew that that was -- that the school was well guarded from the standpoint of having professionals with great training, i think they wouldn't go into the school to start off with. i think it could very well solve your problem. >> that's a controversial issue and a lot of people are against that.
8:28 am
the president lashing out this morning on twitter against some of the coverage of his remarks saying i never said give teachers guns like was stated on cnn and nbc. i said to look at the possibility of giving concealed guns to gun adept teacher with military or special training experience. only the best. 20% of teachers. a lot would be able to fire back with a savage psycho could fire back and far more assets at much less cost than guards. a gun-free school is magnet for bad people. attacks would end. the president voicing his support for the nra and we saw wayne lapaire and dana loesch speaking at cpac. once again the president tweeted what many people don't understand or don't want to understand is wayne lapaire and chris cox and the folks who work so hard at the nra are great people and great american patriots. they love our country and do
8:29 am
the right thing. make america great again. the president insisting yesterday that after all talk and no action about doing something about these school shootings and other mass shootings like we saw at the pulse nightclub in florida and las vegas. he is going to quote, get it done. >> interesting to see that tweet pushing back against the villainization of the nra and meeting with folks from the florida department of education and parkland mayor. interesting group. we're looking for the read-out later. thank you. >> terrible images of the florida school shooting still on the mind of many americans. we'll speak to a man who lost his daughter in the columbine shooting. what he thinks president trump should do. >> 19 years ago, i went through what some of the folks here are going through now because my beautiful daughter, rachel, was killed. over the years, paul and i have met
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regularly with our ameriprise advisor. we plan for everything from retirement to college savings. giving us the ability to add on for an important member of our family. welcome home mom. with the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant.
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>> molly: a fox news alert. president trump set to hold another listening session on school safety at the white house. the president will meet with state and local officials just minutes from now after promising action in an emotional listening session yesterday with the families of victims of gun violence. >> jon: as john just mentioned, john roberts, the president hearing emotional stories with parents and students affected by gun violence during a listening session at the white
8:34 am
house yesterday and promising to take action. >> president trump: we're going to go starting about two minutes after this meeting we're going to work. this is a long-term situation that we have to solve. we'll solve it together. >> jon: mike warren, a senior writer for "the weekly standard". it does sound like the white house is open to some changes, mike. >> i think so if you talk to people around the president. the president's thinking on this, the nra may be very well behind donald trump but never really been a hard core partisan on the issue of second amendment absolutism. this is kind of where he is. a moderate changes to gun laws. he is talking about he said yesterday at the white house age limits on purchases for some guns. obviously what he said this morning on twitter a comprehensive background check reform. i think that's where the president is. the question really is what happens when congress comes
8:35 am
back to work next week? they're in recess this week. they are out there talking to their constituents this week. i imagine a lot of people are bringing this issue up. the question is, will the president follow through and push leadership on some of these issues and where is leadership in the house and senate on this as well? >> jon: what are the i guess real effects that could be -- what can they do in terms of tightening up background checks? that's one of the things the president has suggested is a possibility. but when it comes down to concrete action, what can they do? >> well, i imagine there are some tougher things that can be done when information comes in about people where local police, even the f.b.i. you heard a lot of problems with what happened in parkland with this shooter was information was not being transmitted. i imagine there will be a push by some here in washington to allow that information to maybe even enter some kind of
8:36 am
national database to be used against background checks. but this is sort of reveals the complexity of the problem here which is that there isn't a one size fits all answer. probably not an answer from washington a lot of these questions will have to be answered at the state level. and they will be complicated. they won't have an easy answer. you won't be able to catch every single person like this particular shooter. i think that's ultimately what will frustrate a lot of these efforts which is there will always be people who say it doesn't go far enough, this goes too far. this doesn't solve this on the advocacy level, doesn't really go to solving this particular shooting or this particular shooter. i think that's ultimately a problem that will frustrate what the president wants to do. you heard yesterday, which is solve the problem. it won't be that easy. >> jon: he does seem to advocate providing trained and armed teachers or faculty members in the school. that's one of the things he is calling for. mike warren. thanks very much.
8:37 am
>> molly: we are going to get it donepr@ti @e@lochfrnds @ @@teachers in the scol shootings @ppealed to the president to take action to prevent another tragedy. our next guest was there. >> i really believe the president wants to do the right thing. and his heart is really in this. i had the privilege of meeting with him before he became president and i heard his heart at that time. a lot of people don't get to know the real man behind the face. and i believe that he is going to make some changes and make some positive changes. but changes need to go a lot deeper in my opinion than just the gun control issue or the metal detector issue or the physical features around the school.oicheldi
8:38 am
columbine shooting and the co-founder of rachel's knowledge a nonprofit to promote safer schools. it was a long day yesterday and appreciate you being with us today. we're sorry for the loss of your daughter. it was nearly 20 years ago. you have been in this effort for a very long time. your organization going into schools talking about the compassion and the heart that your daughter lived with throughout her life. you had a chance to be there to listen, to be part of this listening session with the president. it was open to all of us. many o@ @a chance to watch and listen as well. .o you feel looking at what the teenagers pouring out into streets and going into state houses talking directly to the president. have things changed from what you've seen? do you have hope going forward? >> i really do believe there is change in the air and i do have hope. i hope that we will look at not just the knee jerk reactions of the moment but at the long term. i was glad to hear the president say this is not going to happen overnight. one of the huge issues that i believe we need to address is
8:39 am
the human element. horrace mann, the founder of public education in america, focused on the heart, head and hands of the child. he focused on the person. john duey came along in the 1900s and the focus shifted from the person to the process of education. over the last few years the philosophy has changed again and it is more on performance. there is a lot of pressure on our children for testing and all of the academics. we need to balance all that out with the heart. and we have seen several school shootings prevented that we know of, young men when turned in their guns. students who reported other students' activity and then saved schools from school shootings and it had to do with reaching their heart. we know how to do that. we've seen it happen with 28 million students over the last 19 years. so i hope that part of the solution that's looked at is programs not just ours, but
8:40 am
like ours that teach mindfulness. that teach children to become aware and teach children to connect and to me that's where a huge part of the answer lies. >> molly: because you were in that room i want to get a little bit of your insight. the president tweeted this out. i will be strongly pushing comprehensive background checks with an emphasis on mental health. raise age to 21 and end sale of bump stocks. congress is in a mood to finally do something on this issue i hope. do you believe, as the president believes, as he hopes that we're at a place where congress can get something done? it can be frustrating to look to politicians and there are other solutions, but as we look to washington and as you sat in washington do you think now is the time our lawmakers may be listening? >> i think there is a lot of pressure from students and parents and i think some good changes are going to take place. i'm not involved in politics. the area of gun control and metal detectors is not my arena but i'm for anything that
8:41 am
revents violence and i believe there will be positive changes coming. >> molly: i want to read something that rachel wrote in her final school essay. i have the theory if one person can go out of their way to show compassion. people will never know how far a little kindness can go. there are so many chain reactions. we've seen significantly bad, horrible ones lately. when -- how can we take her heart, the heart you travel with from school to school and put that into action? >> well, we're doing the best we can. we need help. we need as much help as we can. there is around 2,000 schools wanting to have us come in right now. we're a nonprofit organization. we don't have the finances to be able to reach the demand. and i would love for legislation to be passed requiring that part of the educational system is that we do have programs that will reach the heart of children. that will make them want to change.
8:42 am
and so i think just giving us this kind of exposure is a huge help. anyone out there that wants to make a difference, go to our website at rachel's, donate to our cause because the money that you donate will go to help reach children. and sorry for the advertisement but we believe in what we're doing because we know that it works. >> molly: thank you for sharing a little bit of rachel's story and her heart. sometimes all the answers are not found in washington we appreciate you sharing your story. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you very much. >> jon: so that's part of the new debate on gun safety in america in the wake of the florida shooting. president trump is vowing action but will congress follow through? >> can you tell me now you won't accept a single donation there the nra? [cheering and applause]
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>> the positions i hold -- number two, no, the answers to the question people buy into my agenda. the influence of these groups comes not from money. the influence comes from the millions of people that agree with the agenda. the millions of americans who support the nra. >> jon: florida senator marco rubio says he stands by the second amendment and nra at a town hall in florida last night. the senator also signaled he is open to changing some of the nation's gun laws including raising the age requirement for buying a firearm to 21. joining us now for a bit of a debate richard fowler fox news contributor, lawrence jones, editor in chief of campus reform. thanks to both of you for being here. lawrence, are you surprised at the senator's openness to change? >> no, i'm not.
8:47 am
that's marco rubio. this is one of the reasons why i supported him when he ran for president is because he is not just a strong conservative but one that is practical. he represents his district and still believes in the second amendment but also wants to talk with this community, hear their concerns and do what he can do as a senator to make sure this doesn't happen again. i was surprised to see that so many people shouted him down after he essentially went into the lion's den. they should have been more respectful to the senator. >> jon: it does seem, richard, that people's minds are made up and they aren't necessarily open to hearing different ideas. >> thanks for having me. to some extent i think there is clear battle lines in this particular fight when it comes to gun reform in this country. beyond marco rubio what's more important is what you see happening across the country. young people walking out of their classrooms for 17 minutes all across the country saying
8:48 am
enough is enough and we need to be protected. this is not a democrat or republican issue. this is an american issue and when it comes to our young people we should be doing everything in our power to make sure our schools are safe. to some extent if the president wants to work on background checks democrats work with them. if the president wants to work on banning bump stocks the democrats will work with them and ban the ar-15 to it's no longer used as a weapon of mass destruction in our country. >> jon: hold on a second, lawrence. you are at the cpac conference. there were a couple of ideas put forward this morning how to make our schools safer at that conference. we'll be back to talk about those ideas in just a moment. today, the new new york is sparking innovation. you see it in the southern tier with companies that are developing powerful batteries that make everything from cell phones
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>> jon: back with us to continue the discussion richard fowler and fox news contributor and lawrence jones, editor in chief of campus reform. lawrence, you are there at the cpac forum. the head of the nra spoke earlier this morning. you go to a jewelry store, bank, nfl game and armed guards and police outside. why not do it at a school?
8:53 am
that message seemed to be pretty well received there at cpac. >> look, if we protect our money, if we protect the president of the united states, if we defend our country with this why wouldn't we protect our children with guns? and i just want to address something that richard said before the break. he talked about banning the ar-15. i own one. if that's hyporhetoric it's just the conversation down. we can have a conversation about guns. we can have a conversation about mental health. and improving the system. but the moment the liberals start to espouse banning guns and banning ar-15s that's when the conversation shuts down. how about talking about how the f.b.i., the sheriff's department missed this guy? how about we talk about all the complaints about this kid and no one did nothing about it? the amount of tips that went into the investigations on this
8:54 am
kid. he came with a backpack full of knives. all of that stuff could have prevented this national tragedy and no one is talking about that, jon. >> jon: it does seem, richard, there were some efforts at political correctness involving this accused gunman that prevented people from flagging him for some of his actions. >> a couple points on that. number one even if -- in florida there is no law that allows them to take away his weapons. he would have been able to create the havoc. >> there actually is. >> complete -- at my high school which is about 20 miles from douglas the students walked out. at my elementary school i went to and middle schools students walked out saying they want to be safe and want protection in the schools. can we work on putting armed guards in front of the schools? let's work on that but all the
8:55 am
past shootings we've had at schools. every one of them was done with some sort of semi automatic weapons. these weapons shunts be in the hands of these people. we need shouldn't a serious conversation about banning these types of weapons so they don't kill innocent children. >> when they find another tool what will we do? ban all the tools? >> what we know is the semi automatic was used in sandy hook and at stoneman douglas. this is about the safety of our children. it's about our children. 17 died last week because of an ar-15. >> jon this is the pattern. the people on the left side of this issue want to legislate based on emotion. you can't do that. we don't get results that way. i feel for those children. i'm scared for my brother and sister that are still in school. >> work with us and ban the ar-15. >> we have to make policy based on facts. and i guarantee you if you ban
8:56 am
this tool, the killers will find another cool. what's next, knives, cars? that's what terrorists are using across the world today. and we can't ban everything. >> here are the facts for you. in sandy hook and in newtown and in columbine we've seen the use of semi automatic weapon. that means we have to do everything in our power to stop people -- people from getting these weapons and using them to kill our children period. thank you for having me. >> jon: richard fowler and lawrence jones. thank you, gentlemen. >> molly: senator bernie sanders is now saying about russian interference in the 2016 election and what hillary clinton may have known about it.
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8:59 am
>> bringing home the gold, defeating canada and a game for the ages. ended in a shoot out with team usa at winning, snatching
9:00 am
canada's streak of olympic gold away. getting a special message from president trump. congratulations on winning the gold, go team usa. speak all right, thanks for joining us today. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: we are waiting to hear from the president. officials at the white house right now. at the meeting comes one day after he welcomed the students students, parents, and teachers affected by gun violence at schools. now, he says he is open to conceal and carry for some teachers and increasing background checks. this is "outnumbered." i am sandra smith, and are today, harris faulkner, lisa boothe, former deputy spokesperson for the state department and fox news analyst, marie harf, and are joining us on the couch, my coanchor, bill hemmer. he is here. >> bill: it's been too long.


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