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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 23, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> thanks for joining us and thanks for being so welcoming all week. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we are waiting for the arrival of australian prime minister malcolm turnbull at the white house. we expect president trump to face questions for the first time in what will be the first formal news conference since the florida school shooting. we will bring you that as it happens live. president trump ramping up his call to arms on our nations teachers. he was talking school safety in the last hour as you probably saw on fox news. saying gun free zones only put students in danger.
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this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. anchor of the intelligence report, trish regan. and now, anchor of "the intelligence report" trish regan. former deputy spokesperson for the state department and fox news analyst marie harf. and back with us, david avella is here. we say he "outnumbered" but he's right at home. >> david: i am right at home, i'm leaving here and going to my 4-year-old's birthday party. her sister turned to call a couple weeks ago. >> harris: it's all about the parties. >> david: a lot of cake. hopefully nancy pelosi's crimes are getting -- >> harris: it starts early. the conservative political action conference today, president trump urged school officials to do it they can to protect children. one of his proposals, arming some teachers who know how to use a gun.
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>> when we declare our schools to be done free zones, it just puts our students in far more danger. well-trained, gun adept teachers and coaches and people that work in those buildings, people that were in the marines for 20 years and retired, people in the army, the navy, the air force, coast guard. people that are adept with weaponry and with guns, they teach. you do a concealed carry permit. >> harris: he also talked about a plan to strengthen background checks. >> there is nobody that loves the second amendment more than i do, there is nobody that respects the nra, they are friends of mine, they're great people, their patriots. about the great people -- we really do have to strengthen up,
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really strengthen up background checks. we have to do that. [applause] we have to do it for the mentally ill, we don't want people that are mentally ill to be having any form of weaponry, we have to be very strong on that. we are going to do that and i really believe congress is going to get it through this time, they have somebody that wants to get it through, not somebody that's all talk, no action like so many of these votes. this is somebody that wants to get it through. we need a hardened site. it has to be hardened. it can't be soft because they will sneak in through a window. >> harris: the president putting this out, some teachers are pushing back on it but what he's saying is those who have the propensity and the training, the openness to learn to use a weapon, he wants to see that, what are your thoughts?
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>> david: it's great to put ideas out there and have a discussion that is more than the typical debate, which marie's side will immediately say ban guns. republicans will say there is no need to ban guns because the way we are secure is by being able to protect ourselves. the president says let's talk about some other ideas, let's have a discussion. one part of the discussion that is not happening and an organization that focuses on state-level governance and what's happening, is what is happening at the state level. you have dramatically different directions, you got the governor of the state who wants to put four governors together and go one way. many midwestern state governors in their state legislations going a different way and giving americans more of an opportunity to protect themselves through the second amendment. while we have a big national discussion going on, it is equally important what is happening at the state level. otherwise we have this patchwork of what's happening across the country. >> harris: trish, what's interesting, i'm so glad you pointed out the difference between what the president is calling for and what others are
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quoting him as calling for. he's not saying put guns in the hands of every teacher about those who would be open to training and a little bonus their way, too. >> trish: i feel for teachers right now, i think schools are obviously a scary place to be. if you are someone that is trained in firearms, really trained, you should be able to protect yourself and the kids. that said, my concern in all of this is that -- as there is now going to become a job requirement for a teacher? is the school board or the principal saying oh, by the way, you know how to shoot a shotgun, you had firearm training, you are going to get the job instead. i want to make sure that our teachers -- leave the security to the people who are good at security.
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>> harris: the sheriff's deputy, who we now know, it was interesting in that town hall that sheriff israel did not share this information. a sheriff's deputy stood outside armed for 4 minutes, he didn't go in. you can have the training and then what happens? >> trish: if we have to do what israel does, so be it. the nation of israel. we have u.s. marshals on flight flights. do we need u.s. marshals in classrooms? no parent should ever have to deal with those parents are dealing with and the father that got up there and said look, there never should have been another school shooting after columbine, he was absolutely right. i don't know what it's going to take, it is probably going to
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take a lot of money but that's just money. we can't risk those lives. >> sandra: you have a president who also is the law & order president, saying we need to enforce laws that are currently on the books and that's not happening in our states and cities. look at chicago, where is the mention of what's happening in that city right now? it is a disaster. talk to anybody who is living there even in the safest neighborhoods, it's frightening. there's a bigger conversation to be had but it is amazing to watch this president and a 90 minute speech to a conservative audience, getting cheers when talking about changing gun-control laws in this country. this is obviously a turning point, david. >> david: you heard me last week and talked about how secretary of education needs to become a secretary of education security. the president needs to direct betsy devos to find every outdated, ineffective education program, get rid of it and put
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it into school security and make sure that -- we talked about having individuals into protect, make sure guns aren't getting in. today it was an assault rifle, is it any worse next year if someone comes in with a revolver and shoot six children? >> harris: or an explosive device, we are talking about guns but what about those other things? they are not regulated because they don't exist until somebody makes it. >> david: those are some of the lease to secure buildings we have in this country. >> this last year we had a church shooting, the concert shooting in las vegas, we talked a lot about how because of our freedoms in america, there are a lot of soft targets, whether it's malls, concerts, we've seen -- yes, the conversation should be about school safety but it's bigger than that. >> harris: they do have armed guards at the mall. >> marie: it's a bigger question than just securing our schools. having governors being willing
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to say lets up the age to 21, that's one thing that's happening at some state levels. >> harris: i don't think that would've changed the situation with the church shooting. >> marie: no one policy will have been able to prevent every single tragedy as it's happening, that can't be the standard for policymaking. but if it can make it harder for one crazy person to get a gun -- >> harris: if they are under the age of 21. >> marie: i happen to think we should look at high-capacity magazines. >> harris: the reason i say this is not just a pushback to be prickly about it. i say it because if we let things get so big we don't do anything, that is kind of what we are known for in our politic politics. we get so big, we try to cram in so much that the one thing we could do we don't get it done. the teachers union is pressing against arming teachers. let's look at their quote if we can prop it up the screen. can we scroll forward?
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i don't think they're paying attention. all right. david? >> david: it's hard to know where the outcome of this starts the gun debate. there will be republicans who lose elections this year because of this and there will be democrats who lose elections because of this. if you think joe manchin or jon tester can come out against the second amendment and support many of the things chuck schumer is going to want to support, they will lose their seats in the u.s. senate. there will be some republicans and suburban districts who could lose their seat because of this issue. >> marie: let me push you a little bit. republicans, and you just did it, any gun restrictions are democrats want to put forward is "against the second amendment." that is not the case.
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you can support the second amendment and also say maybe we shouldn't have high magazine clips for example. appeals courts in this country have routinely upheld state-level assault weapons bans. it's not fair to say democrats who want gun regulation are against the second amendment, that is not fair and it's disingenuous. >> david: go to any state and advise a democratic senator to be against the second amendment. >> marie: you just made my point. being for common sense gun reform is not anti-second amendment. by the way, there are other rights in addition to that. the right not to get shot in churches are schooled. that is up there with the right not to bear to to pair to bear. >> david: the democratic party has moved away from hillary clinton or they still
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believe that and as a complete review from hillary clinton just a year ago. >> harris: i think they are trying to move away from hillary clinton. >> sandra: a big conversation is being had, the is what kind of action will take place while this debate is still hot. >> david: great question, we don't know that today. >> harris: we will come back to this topic a little bit later in the hour. president trump used some of his strongest language yet on immigration. the warnings he's sending to democrats. and the president announced what he calls the largest ever set of sanctions on north korea. what the new sanctions aim to do and whether they can succeed where others have failed. we will talk about it, stay close. smile dad.
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>> sandra: governor rick scott announcing a major plan to keep florida students safe in the aftermath of the massacre last week, saying he wants to make it impossible for someone with a mental illness to purchase a gun. andy said this.
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>> we will require all individuals to be purchasing firearms to be 21 or older. we will require all individuals purchasing firearms to be 21 or older. >> sandra: governor scott says he is also calling for providing millions to keep students safe, including mandatory law enforcement officers in every public school. for the first time we are hearing nikolas cruz talk about his emotions three months before 17 people were killed. he called palm beach county dispatchers back in november after getting a fight with the people he was staying with following his mother's desk. >> imad and i start punching walls and stuff, a kid came at me, i threw him on the ground. he kicked me out of the house. the thing is i lost my mother a couple days ago so i'm dealing
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with a bunch of things right no now. >> sandra: all this as school resource officer, deputy scot peterson has resigned after a video showed him taking cover during that shooting a never going inside. >> the whole strategy after columbine high schools massacre 19 years ago replaced in its severity in death toll by what happened nine days ago with 17 people killed by the alleged attacker nikolas cruz. the strategy now is if guns and start firing bullets in front of a school, all officers responding immediately storm the hallways and classrooms and engage the suspect. according to the sheriff, he had a school surveillance videotape from the cameras mounted around the building supporting what he said yesterday, that the school
9:19 am
resource officer basically got to a doorway, heard the bullets and didn't go in. it was just nine days ago, those helicopter aerials showing students and teachers fleeing from this high school as terror and panic and 150 bullets unloaded in about 3 minutes inside the school. now scot peterson, who was on the floor for about 30 plus years, just four years ago was awarded school resource officer of the year. at first he was suspended by the sheriff yesterday afternoon and then peterson just resigned and retired as he can do. the sheriff told everybody how sick and he was at the inaction. >> what i saw was a deputy arrived at the west side of building 12, take up a position and he never went in.
9:20 am
>> on his way to marine one this morning in washington, president trump once again touched on what happened in parkland, specifically about the inaction and failure by the school resource officer to go and even though he was holding his own weapon packed full of ammunition. but did nothing. take a listen to the president. >> when it came time to get in there and do something, he didn't have the courage or something happened but he certainly did a poor job, there is no question about that. he was there for 5 minutes, during the entire shooting. he certainly did a poor job of it. the case where somebody is outside, they are trained, they didn't react properly under pressure or they were cowards. it was a real shock to the police department.
9:21 am
>> this morning, the very first teachers returned to their classrooms nine days after this horrible massacre. teachers were voluntarily allowed back into the school today to retrieve any personal items they may have left behind as they fled their classrooms in buildings and terror on valentine's day. things like purses, cell phones, briefcases. on monday and tuesday teachers will be here for an official planning day and on wednesday, 3,000 plus high school students who remained not at school, not starting but trying to recover from what is happened, they will return next wednesday and theres an informal open house for all the students and their parents to come here to the school and learn about the new amended schedule that will be happening for some students. there will be plenty of security, armed security on the scene as well as many counselors, support staff to
9:22 am
deal with what will undoubtedly be a flood of emotion this sunday and into next week. >> sandra: thank you. fox news alert for you, tightening the noose on north korea, president trump announcing what may be the toughest sanctions yet on the rogue regime, ratcheting up the pressure to give up its nuclear weapons program. watch. >> north korea, we impose the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country before. [applause] and frankly, hopefully something positive can happen, we will see. hopefully something positive can happen but that was just announced. we have imposed the heaviest sanctions ever imposed. >> sandra: as we get more details on these sanctions, they are expected to be aimed on more than 50 ships and shipping
9:23 am
companies. certainly the president talking tough there are north korea, what do you think? >> david: if our joint activities with south korea don't have the north korean leader all worked up and saying he's going to get his missiles going again, certainly these sanctions well. we are only left with a few options if we want to make sure north korea doesn't get fully capable of being able to send a rocket over a year with a nuclear weapon and take out one of our cities. we are in very serious times here. >> trish: i think there's a lot more we can be doing a lot more we should be doing. i think there's a huge opportunity for us to go after china. china has a ton of intelligence on north korea, china would have the ability to affect change in north korea and yet the chinese promise to sign on to sanctions -- they are still trading with the north koreans as are the russians, by the way. we need to get serious about how we are approaching china. we have a very big economic relationship with them.
9:24 am
we don't need to have one. that will hurt them more than it will hurt us and maybe then we will start to get a clue and understand how seriously we think the north korea situation is. >> harris: i'm starting to suspect china just doesn't want to share the category of hegemon in the region. it is very much time for china to start to put some pressure on them and start to ask. >> marie: they are scared of conflict on their border and i think they are scared that if they do things to destabilize the north korean regime and there are refugees flowing out, this is something that's very much in their neighborhood. i think they could and should do more but this affects them much more directly than it affects us. >> david: to the president's credit, wire energy policy to make us independent and able to sell to countries all over the world and be less dependent on russia and china.
9:25 am
talk about putting pressure on russia and china, we have because them a little bit of economic pain to get them to want to participate. >> trish: we can do that pretty fast, i'm telling you. they are in complete violation of many, many different laws we have and when it comes to intellectual property, we are losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year and intellectual property. we could very easily say all right, you know what? companies in america aren't going to like it because they want that market over there. >> sandra: you are the former spokesperson for the state department, you are privy for a lot of this. >> marie: i think sanctions are a good thing and i think we should keep ratcheting them up. there was an interesting tidbit out of vice president pence's trip last week out of
9:26 am
south korea. he had a meeting with the north korean diplomat and at the last minute, the north koreans canceled and i am still trying to read the tea leaves on that one to see why they pulled back from that. but he showed a willingness to talk to north koreans which i think was a good sign. sanctions have to be paired with a diplomatic option. that is not appeasement but it is opening the door to avoiding a military conflict which would have horrible consequences in terms of human life. i want to see these sanctions and a broader strategy of how this moves forward and where we go from here. i think maybe secretary mnuchin talks about that a little bit today. >> harris: the timing of the sanctions on the heels of that meeting being canceled between north korean officials and vice president pence. we know he was kind of in the constellation with kim jong un sister. the timing is interesting. >> sandra: don't go anywhere after "outnumbered," after "outnumbered overtime" harris will speak to john bolton.
9:27 am
we will get his reaction to the new sanctions against north korea. stay tuned for that. we are awaiting the arrival of malcolm turnbull at the white house. he and president trump will hold a joint news conference this afternoon, we expect the president to face more questions on school safety and guns in the wake of the florida shooting. we will bring you that live when it happens. stay tuned. that's my girl! that's it! get it, woo, yeah! mom! my game's over. parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again. are you reluctant to eat in public because of your denture? try super poligrip® it holds for 12 hours to reduce denture movement, helps provide better bite, seals out 74% more food particles,
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>> harris: the news this hour, malcolm turnbull is set to arrive at the white house at any moment. he will meet with president trump in the oval office before they hold a joint news conference later this afternoon. we expect the president to face more questions on the florida high school shooting. this will be the president's first formal news conference since the tragedy.
9:32 am
yesterday he outlined some of his top priorities on gun control and the matter, watch. >> we are going to do strong background checks, work on getting the age up to 21 and set instead of 18. we are getting rid of bump stocks and focusing very strongly on mental health. >> harris: the nra is reportedly saying they do not support raising the minimum age to buy a weapon, any weapon. however they are open to strengthening background checks and regulating, not banning, but regulating, bump stocks. as we talk in more detail about the gun control issue, you and i were talking off-camera. how does that actually fit into the picture of what we can get down before they go back to school on tuesday? >> we need to look at how we can make our schools more secure, how to make sure the guns don't get in there in the first place. we talked about it earlier today, it is much harder to get
9:33 am
into this building then it is to get into a school right now or many other places we go in society. that has to be looked at. also, , and "abc news" poll said eight in ten americans think we have to look at mental health laws because that could have helped prevent some of this. 80% of americans, that is a far higher number than any other proposal we have out there right now going on. that needs to be looked at. >> harris: what do you think is doable with the nra based on what we know they have said since the sand after other incidents like las vegas? >> trish: a lot is doable. you saw the reaction to the president's speech there. there are many card-carrying nra members. there is an opportunity here and it's going to take some real leadership. i commend the president for
9:34 am
this. real leadership coming from the white house right now in terms of getting some ideas out there on the table. if we can have a real dialogue about this, not clouded with all the partisan nonsense as this issue typically is, we will get somewhere and i think he will bring this along, you heard him talk about the nra, they are great people, patriots, and i think they do the right thing. >> harris: he says it's not the president against the nra, he said that during that round table discussion with law enforcement. one of the big questions, you and i talked about the ban that already exists, the age restriction that already exists when it comes to handguns. 18-year-olds, they are people who can join our military. how do you get in there and put restrictions in or is that is on that shouldn't be touched? >> sandra: it's a tough
9:35 am
conversation as everybody agreed. we are having it. the question is will everybody be satisfied if changes like that take place? the fear is democrats are asking for a lot as they do in the wake of these shootings when it comes to banning certain guns, banning things that can change the way guns work conservatives that are in that cpac crowd worry about that slippery slope. i think yesterday i was frustrated by wayne lapierre because he did not come with a message of compromise. it wayne lapierre came with an incredibly partisan, nasty, dark message about democrats and about gun issues. i don't understand why the nra -- >> sandra: he was responding to a very nasty message coming
9:36 am
from the left saying the nra has blood on their hands. >> marie: i blame the nra for advocating for laxer gun laws. i think what i just said is a statement of fact. the question is, why can't the nra get behind getting rid of bump stocks? why are they unwilling -- we just said in the read, they were interested in regulating them, not banning them? why can't they appear to move at all and why are they making it so partisan? wayne lapierre, that was a partisan speech. >> harris: there's been a lot of reaction from people to the nra president's speech, some saw it as an opportunity, kind of confirming that the president had been talking to the nra and talking to the nra's base which is something you do before change. >> david: the nra is made up of members of americans who are republicans and democrats.
9:37 am
to suggest that somehow there's this monolithic organization that's run by only people that sit in washington, d.c., and make decisions and spend money in races, though there are many organizations that spend far more money than the nra in an election, we don't talk about what them and what they are trying to do, planned parenthoo parenthood. >> marie: the public face of the nra was very partisan yesterday. >> david: he laid out his vision on where this needs to go. the president to his credit is trying to put ideas on the table so we can have this discussion. is it going to get solved in the next couple of days? probably not. it's why the 2018 elections are so important. the makeup of next congress, you are probably going to see some actions. >> harris: have we ever seen this much from the nra after one of these incidents?
9:38 am
they are fully engaged in the conversation, isn't that where we say we want to be? >> david: nra members have always been engaged. they contact members of congress, they turn out state legislators far more than the other side does. that's why they are effective. their members get up and talk about what they believe? >> harris: president trump is accusing democrats of standing in the way as he pushed for immigration reform at cpac. one day after the president threatens to pull i.c.e. agents from california if the state continues to refuse to assist federal authorities. they want the whole state to be sanctuary. does an immigration deal look even more likely or unlikely? we will talk about it. liberty mutual stood with me
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>> sandra: we are now learning that trump campaign aide rick gates will be appearing at a plea hearing this afternoon in the 2:00 p.m. eastern time hour. he faces one count of conspiracy against the united states and the second house he faces is false statement to special counsel robert mueller's office and fbi agents. this is the latest in the robert mueller investigation as it goes forward. obviously, he is cooperating with the investigation, paul manafort has come out with a statement as well. 32 counts in total against these individuals, they came out earlier with a statement saying he is innocent of all the allegations against him. rick gates, we will see what happens. a plea hearing, 2:00 p.m. eastern time.
9:44 am
>> david: none of it is connected to russia or the trump campaign and the collusion the democrats accused of and got this whole investigation started. rick gates and paul manafort have been indicted about business practices, no connection to the 2016 election. the trump campaign or anything of this investigation started out investigating. >> sandra: corey lewandowski i spoke to earlier today, rick gates was an integral part of donald trump's campaign, cory lewandowski would like to point out there is no tying together collusion of the trump campaign with russia. >> marie: first of all the conspiracy he has now reportedly pled guilty to will be interesting to see. we don't know what that is yet, it will be interesting. that's what i was saying. the second point is some of the business dealings that have to deal with ukraine and of the charges about gates and paul manafort and their dealings and money tied to ukraine are linked
9:45 am
to issues like why the platform at the convention was changed to be more pro-russian and take away some of the ukraine piece. while there is no connection to the 2016 campaign, it's not exactly accurate to say they are not at all related. a lot of people were concerned about paul manafort's ties to russia and russian money and this could speak to some of those ties. >> harris: these charges, 32 count indictment that is said to be a fresh charge of tax evasion and bank fraud. looking at what we have been given, i am not seeing russia. >> david: in addition to my hope that marie goes around and tells democrats to be for gun control, i hope she keeps saying "talk about russia" -- >> marie: your wishes going to come true.
9:46 am
>> david: republicans are creating tax cuts and jobs to put money in pockets. let's have the next few months talk about that. >> sandra: paul manafort also issued a statement where his spokesperson said he is claims he is innocent of all charges against him. it went on to further say that they believe that mueller is going beyond the scope of the investigation. >> trish: they have a goal and that's to dig up anything they can. the clinton administration is a great example. monica lewinsky. you go off on all these little tangents looking for something, anything and perhaps this is where we are heading. financial miss doings but no collusion. >> harris: some of this is worth looking at. rick gates is accused of 11 counts related to filing false
9:47 am
income tax reports on three counts of failure to report foreign bank and financial accounts. i'm not saying anything mentioned about collusion and the russians. it >> marie: there's a foreign bank aspect that could be tied to russia. >> harris: if it predates the campaign or any of that, the point i'm making a some of this we are looking at because we know in paul manafort's case, he was cooking up a bunch of stuff before the campaign. >> sandra: there's multiple reports out there right now, fox news able to confirm this. rick gates is expected to plead guilty to those criminal charges. meanwhile, pennsylvania special election is heating up weeks before voters had to the polls. can democrat connor lamb defeat rick saccone? we will discuss next. >> we have to get out there and
9:48 am
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>> people get complacent, it's a natural instinct. you just won and now you are happy and complacent.
9:52 am
don't be complacent. if they get in, they will repeal your tax cuts. they will put judges and that you wouldn't believe. they'll take away your second amendment which we would never allow to happen. they'll take away your second amendment. >> marie: that was president rallying republicans ahead of the midterm election at the cpac this morning. some republicans are reportedly worried they may lose in this deep red district. a monmouth university polls that two contestants are locked in at dead heat. okay, dave, my colleagues across the aisle, how are you feeling about that pennsylvania special election? tell me why the polls have been tightening?
9:53 am
>> we have a very polarized electorate, both sides are energized and ready to fight. republicans have won more special elections under president trump then we've lost, we need to keep that in mind. it's hard to keep up with where you all are, you either think of the political environment is so great that you're going to win every district on a swing area or it's so bad that you have to have president obama and eric holder out there in every state legislature and going to the court and it's very interesting that we are having this discussion on a pennsylvania special election because it was just the pennsylvania supreme court this week that said the districts have to be redrawn so the election that's going to occur, the winner could be representing a very different district and they are elected in. >> marie: one thing to your point about where democrats are, there are some special elections, particularly at the state level where democrats are flipping districts that voted overwhelmingly for donald trump. there is clearly some movement
9:54 am
out there. do you republicans are overconfident going into the race? is that a concern? >> trish: it should be a concern, i don't think you should ever be overconfident. we saw that with hillary clinto hillary clinton. you always need to run a little bit scared. i keep going back to the economy. you are creating jobs, wages are growing, we have growth for a change. growth that could be in the three, four, 5%. maybe even five on gdp growth. if the economy is growing and people are making more money and they feel safe and they feel there is actually a little less partisan you know what coming out of the white house, i don't know how the republicans don't do well. >> sandra: you saw the president take a victory lap on that, talking about the stock market again, kind of surprised
9:55 am
me that he went there. i kept waiting for it to go down, i guess that's his new line. but he was -- companies are pouring back into this country, we are ending the war on american energy, cutting record numbers of jobs. that is tough to fight back on and democrats really have to hone in on their message there. he did directly address the elections, say "we are probably going to get some democrats that want to come over." he went on to say we have to get out there and fight for '18. making it very clear, this is not a shoo-in, we need to get out of work for it. >> marie: republicans are reading the polls like this monmouth poll that says the enthusiasm is on the democrat side. they understand that. they see all of this enthusiasm at the democratic grassroots level and they know they have to motivate their folks to get out and vote or there will be a wave like there often is in these midterm election years.
9:56 am
>> sandra: it's going to be an interesting fight and an interesting election to watch. more "outnumbered" in just a moment, we will be right back. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans better than a manual. and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to gently remove more plaque. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the only electric toothbrush brand accepted by the american dental association for its effectiveness and safety. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b.
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10:00 am
very optimistic. i'm so encouraged. i think this will be different this time and have a real dialogue and come up with some real solutions. >> sandra: we will leave it there. we are back monday live at noon eastern. here is harris. >> harris: thanks a lot. we are waiting a plea here for formwork from campaign rick gates had to begin about an hour from now. i'm harris faulkner. he is expected to plead guilty in the robert mueller investigation just a day after being slapped with new charges. catherine herridge is alive for us in washington. the big question everyone has is, this isn't really connected with where robert mueller was going in the first place. fill us in. >> just within the last hour, this 25 page of the superseding indictment has been made available for the court. you can think of it as a road map for the hearing that's coming up just an hour from now. i read to the documents, and i


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