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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  February 24, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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we hope to see you right here next week. a report says several sheriff's deputies waited outside parkland high school as shots rang outside. students are set to return to school on wednesday. this has turned out to be another busy saturday news day. i'm connell mcshane. >> this new revelation comes a day after learning the school's own armed guard resigned after he failed to enter the school and engage the shooter as well. president trump upon hearing the news saying the guard did, quote, a poor job, vowing to make sure something like this never happens again. >> he was outside as a guard and he decided not to go in.
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that was not his finest moment that i can tell you. he waited and he didn't want to go into the school. i just heard this and it's a terrible situation. but we need people that can take care of our children. we're not going to let this happen again. >> we have the latest on the developing details from park parkland, florida. matt. >> reporter: molly, there is outrage over the heart-breaking details that are emerging of how bad law enforcement failed to respond to the shooting at stoneman douglas high school. the fbi failed to follow up on a detailed tip. then we learned the school resource officer on campus did not go inside the day of the shooting and he was fired. now there are emerging details of at least three deputies who were on-scene the day of the shooting and did not go inside the school, according to reporting of the sun sentinel
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newspaper. the broward county sheriff says two deputies are being investigated regarding their actions that day. all of this is sparking a political firestorm and let's begin with the latest. a short while ago there was a tweet from the chairman of the freedom caucus, mark meadows, tweeting out the broward county sheriff in front of a nationwide audience on cnn lectured the nra and millions of law abiding gun owners when all along it was his department that did nothing after 39 calls, multiple threats, and failed to engage the shooter. astounding. we need answers. then this morning democratic representative deutsche of florida released a video slamming the nra and tweeting the following, the students of stoneman dug liss hav douglas hn clear. congress must listen to students and take action to end gun violence. there's an ongoing finger
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pointing at the nra and the pro gun lobby. the broward county sheriff himself wading into the debate, tweeting after the school shooting, you are not standing up for the students. he tweeted that directly to the nra spokesperson. well, yesterday the nra twitter account responded, saying directly to the sheriff, no, sheriff israel, you were the one that did not protect these children and that is your job. you run the largest fully acreditted sheriff's office in the united states, yet your office failed this community. so at this point things have progressed to a political collision and all sides want answers. molly. >> the investigation will continue. we appreciate it. let's go to robert mueller, speaking of investigations, as he steps up his action in the russia investigation, filing new charges against president trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort, including an allegation he secretly recruited and funded a group of former european politicians to lobby in
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the u.s. on behalf of ukraine. this comes after manafort's one time deputy rick gates pled guilty to conspiracy and lying to investigators. molly is live at the washington bureau. >> reporter: to far, none of the new charges or the plea deal appear to show any kind of coordination between the trump campaign and the russian government to steer the 2016 u.s. election. these appear to be separate tax evasion and various fraud charges. but the time line for the past 48 hours on thursday, a new indictment against paul manafort and rick gates. friday, early afternoon, gates is in court for the plea deal you were talking about. friday late afternoon, new charges against manafort. as for the plea deal, it gives rick gates a chance to reduce his jail time and the fine he will pay. gates is a former trump campaign official and a close associate of paul manafort, trump's former campaign chairman. gates pled guilty to two counts, conspiracy and lying to authorities and agreed that he, quote, shall cooperate fully,
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truthfully, completely and forthrightly with the office, the special counsel's office, and other law enforcement authorities in any and all matters to which this office deems the cooperation relevant. the 32 count indictment on thursday lists charges of filing fall income tax returns, bank fraud, failing to report overseas bank accounts and more. the new charges on friday were related to manafort's alleged funding for lobbying efforts on behalf of ukraine. manafort maintained his innocence yesterday in a statement and went on to say this of his business partner, gates, quote, i had opened and expected my business colleague would have had the strength to continue the battle to prove our innocence. for reasons yet to surface, he chose to do otherwise. this does not alter my commitment to defend myself against the untrue piled up charges contained in the indictments against me. gates now joins two other trump associates in pleading guilty in
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the mueller probe. former national security advisor michael flynn and george papadopoulos, a former foreign policy advisor to trump during the 2016 campaign. >> from molly in washington to molly in new york. molly. >> the body of referred billy ry graham arrived moments ago at the billy graham library in charlotte, north carolina where mourners can pay their respects. he will lie in honor in the u.s. capitol rotunda later on this week. >> much of this might have embarrassed him, in that he he wasn'hewasn't really about bombd circumstance and -- pmomp and circumstance.
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he was humble. a lot of this would have surprised him. had he been asked to approve some of it before he passed, he might have said no. >> brian yenis is live with more. >> reporter: a motorcade traveling with th body of reverd billy graham drove from asheville, north car north caroe billy graham library in his hometown of charlotte. crowds of well-wishers showed up to honor him all along the way. his body arrived at the library. he will lie in repose monday and tuesday. america's pastor will then lie in honor in the u.s. capitol rotunda in washington, d.c. on wednesday and thursday, becoming just the fourth private citizen in history to get such an honor. called the world's most prolific preacher, 77 million people saw billy graham preach in person over his 60 year career. 210 million heard him preach on the radio or on television and
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known as the president's pass torques graham met with every u.s. president since harry true man, was a frequent guest of president ronald reagan and met with president trump in 2013. >> reverend graham's belief in the power of god's word gave hope to millions and millions who listened to him with his very beautiful but very simple message, god loves you. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: and in a wall street journal op ed, entitled how billy graham changed his life, president george w. bush wrote that god's work within me began with billy's outreach. his care and teachings were the beginning of my faith walk and the start of the end of my drinking. i couldn't have given up alcohol on my own. i finally found the strength to quit. what you're seeing is the procession coming to an end at the library. there will be a private ceremony with the family today. there will be a public viewing on monday and tuesday.
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graham died on wednesday. he was 99. he'll be buried in his hometown of charlotte on friday. >> he'll be headed to the capitol later on this week. an extraordinary life of service. thank you. president trump taking aim at democrats once again over daca. senators discussed a new scaled back immigration plan, temporarily keeping daca protections in place. according to the president, there's been a complete lack of progress, especially on the democrats' end. >> the senate democrats and the house democrats have totally abandoned daca. they don't even talk to me about it. they have totally abandoned it. we get the reputation like daca, it's not republican. well, let me tell you, it is republican. because we want to do something about daca, get it solved after all these years. the democrats are being totally unresponsive. they don't want to do anything about daca.
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>> we are joined now to talk more about this by bob cuesack, editor in chief for "the hill q. w."we go so quickly from story o story these days. it was a week ago when the immigration issue was nonstop discussion. we have until march 5th until the daca program will be discontinued. >> the courts are basically blocking the trump administration enforcement of what they want to do that's on appeal. unless we get a new court ruling, i don't think we'll see -- there's not the incentive for a deal until the courts speak. we were close i thought a couple months ago for getting a deal and schumer and pelosi worked out something behind the scenes. there were dispute of what it was. there was possibly a big trade of daca for the wall. that has fallen apart. the house is stuck on immigration.
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they have a bill that they don't have enough votes to pass it. in the senate, all talks have kind of broken down. >> if washington doesn't have a deadline to act on, sometimes you don't get any action at all, we learned in so many different cases. let me go back to the argument you heard the president make. kelly ward was on ""fox & friends"" this morning, essentially making the same argument, that the democrats don't necessarily want to get anything done. here she is. >> i think that the president offered the democrats an extremely generous deal on daca and i think it was really a starting point for negotiations and they have completely a and totally refused to come to the table. i think they have shown their true colors, that they really aren't for the daca population, they're really out there for political gain. >> now, the democrat as you know would make the opposite argument, that it was the president who blew up a bipartisan deal that was on the table in the senate. so which is it? >> well, i think it's both.
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that's why the chances of a deal are i think pretty remote by the day. most sideboth sides see an oppos this as a campaign issue, whether republican primaries or democrats thinking in suburban districts this will help them possibly win back the house. as we get closer to the election it transforms into an election issue. >> that brings up an interesting point. does either party then have any political incentive to get things done? would one party benefit, in other words, from going out on that campaign trail and saying we got this deal done? democrats you presume would, but maybe not. >> trump really wants that wall. this could be the best opportunity for him to get that wall, because democrats are expected to pick up seats, whether they win the house and senate we shall see. but republicans are in kind of a strength. they control the house, senate and the white house. schumer did put the wall on the table. do i think there will be a deal this year?
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no. maybe post-election. not he any tim any time soon. >> is that a strong argument for the president? if he goes to the base and says i got this wall i promised you but i had to give in for the dreamers, people that were brought in illegally when they were children. he'll hear from the base as he has in the past that that's amnesty. >> he will hear from some in the base. i think his base is very strong. he can do anything and his supporters will like him. he has said as much. immigration is one issue, unlike guns -- he has shifted a little on guns. on immigration, he went hard right on immigration. that's why he basically won the primary, wire to wire. >> you're right. we'll talk more about the gun issue. he does seem to have political capital to spend there. bob, good to see you. thanks a lot. molly. >> the trump administration cracking down on north korea as kim jong un's nuclear program appears to be progressing
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rapidly. how president trump plans to further isolate the rogue regime and will it make a difference. plus, a rare sight in las vegas as temperatures drop into the mid-30s. how long it will last. and florida students who survived the massacre at their school will return to class next week. up next, we'll talk to an expert about the best way to help them heal. do you plan to be back on wednesday? >> i'm not sure. i don't think so. not until our schools are safe. gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can start in the colon and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. only phillips' colon health has this unique combination of probiotics. it provides four-in-one symptom defense. it's your daily probiotic. gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history.
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>> connell: we are back, talking about the odds of snow in las vegas. not very high, you wouldn't think, even in the month of february. but look at this, mother nature maybe missed the memo on that one. a light dusting fell in vegas yesterday. many tourists cold and quite frankly unprepared, certainly not expecting this but the snow did not stick around. too warm to stick. so that's vegas. the central u.s. bracing for another major storm, that's expected to bring heavy rains to parts of the midwest. flood watches are in effect from pittsburgh to dallas. >> molly: parkland, florida students are preparing to return to the same school where 17 of their classmates and teachers were killed. classes will resume next wednesday on a modified
12:19 pm
schedule. but going back to the school will not indicate any sort of return to normalcy as students and faculty will be greeted by armed deputies and support counselors. >> i wasn't ready to come back, but at the same time i think it was time. i wasn't ready because i wasn't -- i didn't know what to expect. it's kind of hard. >> molly: we would like to bring in darby fox, a child and adolescent family therapist. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> molly: this could be a very emotional, difficult week for a lot of people and those that do choose to return to that school, what sort of challenges are they facing, not just this week but in the weeks ahead? >> well, as they face this week, it will be kind of a long week but it is probably time. they'll be anxious to sort of get back there. they'll feel some community, some relief from being together
12:20 pm
again. it will be hard for them to realize they have to go to class and get right back into things, but that will probably be one of the more healing pieces is to get some comfort from the structure and having to get back to what felt normal. that's the best way for some of it to go away. but they'll need to have a lot of patience with the administration and the teachers, to help the kids as they sort of move from emotion and memory to memory. >> molly: i can't imagine it being anything but bravery to step back there on this campus, the school that many of them love, they want to return there. but they literally witnessed carnage and ran for their lives just two weeks ago. are there those that may not return or may not return for some time? >> that is logical. i mean, some of the people that saw the worst stuff just may not be able to do it or they witnessed their best friend next to them and in carnage, they may not be able to and that's
12:21 pm
probably a good choice. i'm sure they are under -- with a counselor or a therapist and they've been advised, they may need to choose a different school or they may need to take more time and approach it slowly, go back, look around, spend a little time there and then eventually get back to classes. those are all pretty normal responses. >> molly: i want to talk a little more broadly. a lot of kids were on spring break this week, traveling with their parents. a lot of kids are going back to school next week across america and they may have concerns, scared that this could happen at their own school. parents may have fears that it could happen at the school in their neighborhood. how do parents and kids deal with those thoughts and fears? >> if kids are asking about it, parents need to take a few minutes to reassure them that although it's awful and very scary, it is very rare. it's not something that happens very often. by and large, the schools are very safe. and the best they can do is reiterate if they were to have some kind of issue or hear
12:22 pm
something, they need to listen to the drills and follow through with that. we don't want to over-emphasize, though and really scare people, especially the kids as they go back into their schools. >> molly: many schools already have this in practice where they hold active shooter drills. the president weighed in on this topic. >> active shooter drills is a negative thing, i'll be honest with you. if i'm a child and i'm 10 years old and they say we're going to have an active shooter drill, i say what's that? well, people may come in and shoot you. i don't like it. i would rather have a hardened school. i don't like it. i don't like -- i wouldn't want to tell my son that you're going to participate in an active shooter drill. >> molly: you can hear there the president kind of speaking from his gut as he often does. your thoughts on his words? >> i can understand what he says about active shooter drill being a kind of hard, scary term.
12:23 pm
however, the reality is, it's super important that we have our children practice a drill. we could change the terminology a little bit, but people don't know how to do things unless they've experienced it. that's human nature. and especially with children, the only way that we know that there won't be complete panic and chaos is if they practice what to do and that has been proven to save a lot of lives, where they know whether to go under a desk or high in a locked room. that needs to be practiced. so i disagree with him on the fact that they shouldn't be done. really important. >> molly: the president talked in recent days about arming teachers, about hardening schools. we saw the kids in parkland, they poured into the streets, the state capitol. there's a sense of activeism. is that something that could help the students in parkland heal? >> that's a super important piece of them being able to
12:24 pm
heal, is sensing they have a voice and there's something they can, one, do about the gun laws and drawing attention to that and also to bring them together as a group. it's very healing, to feel em powered like there's something they can say and a change they can make is a powerful piece of healing. >> molly: you mentioned that those who choose to return to school, that being together is part of the most powerful part of the process. is that what we'll see in the coming week? >> yes, i think you will. there's a lot to be able to hold someone or hug someone, even if you don't know them or you didn't particularly like them before, if you can give them a hug, you can nurture, that's very human and that's very healing. everybody's going to need to be a little bit patient. you'll actually see more empathy and warmth coming from the students. it will be a big part of the healing process. >> molly: darby fox, thank you so much for your insights. we'll be watching throughout the weeks ahead and we're hoping that the healing process goes
12:25 pm
well. thank you. >> thank you. >> connell: next up, we go to these california parents accused of starving their children, they made a court appearance yesterday and now believe it or not they're in more trouble. plus, president trump in full campaign mode in his cpac appearance, throwing out the talking points. why he's trying to light a fire under his own party. >> you. >> you don't mind if i go off script a little bit because it's sort of boring. a little boring. [ cheering and applause ] >> there's this beautiful speech. everything is wonderful, but it's a little boring. today, we're out here with some surprising facts about type 2 diabetes. so you have type 2 diabetes, right?
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>> molly: the california parents accused of starving their children and shackling them to furniture appeared in court yesterday. they were slapped with additional charges of abuse. anita h vogel has been following the story for us. >> reporter: we got another glimpse of the turpins yesterday in the courtroom. they showed little to no emotion, he despite the new charges they're facing. they sat quietly and toeded their heads when the judge asked about future court dates. they sat in the same row, although not right next to each other in court. they originally pleaded not guilty to a slew of charges, including torture and neglect. yesterday the d.a. office filed what they call an amended complaint. >> we amended the complaint to add three new charges on both defendants of child abuse and one new count against only defendant louise turpin of
12:31 pm
felony assault. further investigation that we've been doing in the case has just led us to amend the complaint. that's not uncommon in cases as the investigation continues. >> reporter: you might remember the 13 children were rescued from their home in paris, california in january. they were allegedly imprisoned for years in filthy conditions. they were beaten, shackled, barely given anything to eat and very little access to bathrooms and showers. reports indicate six of the younger children are being cared for in two different foster homes and the seven adult siblings are at a nearby medical center where they're learning things like how to use an ipad, brush their teeth, and play the guitar. music therapy has apparently been very healing for them. the next court date is set for march 23rd with a possible preliminary hearing on may 14th. the couple is facing a total of 41 felony charges. molly, back to you. >> molly: it's a strange but
12:32 pm
just deeply heart-breaking story. thanks for following it for us. >> connell: it's a crazy story. let's go to president trump and his speech in front of conservative activists yesterday at cpac. he relived some of the greatest hits from his campaign, trying to rev up his party ahead of the mid-term elections. >> people are sitting there and they're saying we just had that -- let's not vote, let's go to the movie. the republican party we'll do great and you end up losing. you have to keep up the enthusiasm. what happens, they lose and then you have the presidential election coming up again and you clobber them because everybody gets out and they work and they work and work and work and you end up winning the presidency again. >> connell: let's bring in our panel to talk some about this.
12:33 pm
laney khan is here and michael star hopkins is here as well. michael, why don't you take that first about motivation, that's essentially what the president is saying, that he needs to get his party motivated. i'm sure he knows and you think that yours already is, right? >> i understand his base is with him no matter what. i have no idea what the rest of the republican party is do. i'm not anti-republican. i am anti-garbage human being. donald trump, he continues to be fail, he continues to be a terrible person. >> connell: so the argument, even though he won't be on the ballots for the midterm, is a number of democrats have said let's run against the president on personal issues. so how does that shape up for republicans who are on the ballot for the midterms? >> i'm not sure that's enough for democrats. the rea reality is this will coe down to how charged up each of
12:34 pm
the respective bases is. i worked on four presidential campaigns. in each situation, it was all about where the motivation was from the base. i think donald trump at cpac yesterday, what you saw was someone who understood the value of a charged up base. he can motivate them. >> at the beginning of the year, there were real questions about where the republicans saw themselves or this whole idea of a wave election. you think that's improved significantly since then? >> i think it's always been a question of how the economy looks, you know about this well. the he question i question is we economy october or november when the people are making their decisions. if we hit economic turbulence between now and then, i think republicans are in real trouble. if the economy continues to grow and the impact of the tax bill continues to be a positive one, then i think republicans will be safer than expected. the other factor is readies is re-districting.
12:35 pm
i think that's a big factor. >> connell: pennsylvania may be a different issue. what do you think in terms of how the democrats shape up. it's the old saying, it's the economy, stupid. if the economy looks good and it looks pretty good right now, doesn't that override what you were talking about earlier, which is essentially the president's a bad guy. >> i don't think so. this isn't just about where democrats stand. at some point republicans have to stand up and say the president of the united states got on stage at cpac and attacked john mccain, somebody who is a war hero. i don't agree with him politically but i respect his service. so for repeatedly the president to not only attack john mccain but to have legal immigrants booed on stage, to continue to be this person who i don't understand how republicans can defend, that will play more than anything else in whether or not there's excitement to come out
12:36 pm
in 2018. >> connell: did you have a problem with that? it place well to the base to some extent, what about the idea of attacking the heroism of john mccain? >> i think some of the rhetoric is troubling. i think most republicans, the broad majority of republicans have made their peace with the fact that the policy, on the policy they agree with what the president has done. you can take issue with that. here's the thing. judges, taxes, regulatory reform, on a whole number of different issues, republicans are really quite pleased with what the president's done. i think a lot of republicans have split in their mind the character issues with the l policy issues. >> that should be more than troubling. i have to say, this is a president who a month before the election people like paul ryan said he's uniquely unqualified to be president, because of the things essaye he's said and d, there's no way to support him. now you have republicans putting their character and reputation in front of the interest of the
12:37 pm
country. this isn't a normal republican party that's going on right now. he's becoming toxic and destroying the party as a whole. as a democrat i believe we need a healthy republican party to get things done. >> one of the things we've seen, i think it's kind of interesting, i guess michael you're getting at this is that people who disagreed or gone after the president aggressively in the past in his own party they do sound more accepting and mitt romney would be an example of that, running in utah. >> i think it comes back to the fact that he was a bit of a wild card. president trump was a wild card when he came into office. now that he has a bit of a record, i think what some republicans are saying is look, on the issues that they care about, he has performed up to expectation or beyond expectation. >> connell: he's been more of a traditional republican than you would have thought, is that fair. >> i think that's right. you look at the tax reform bill, another president may not have come up with the same tax bill. do the character issues trump the policy accomplishment.
12:38 pm
for some, it matters a lot. but my point is simply for many republicans they evaluate the situation based on what they've done. >> connell: the situation has changed, hasn't it? we look at the generic ballot all the time, when they ask would you vote for a republican generically or a democrat. it was much wider many it's still plus 8 on average to the democrats. some polls show it narrower than that. the whole idea of a democratic wave election doesn't seem to be something that people are talking about now. >> i think the polls have tightened. democrats are winning in not just purple states but in places that the president won by 30 plus points. i think that's a product of women being more upset. i think minorities are coming out after they've seen the effect of the trump administration. i think this will come down to republicans and where republicans stand. democrats can come out and vote all they want. republicans will have to make a decision for the next 10, 20, 30 years where do we stand. what they do today will matter 10 or 20 years from now. >> you saw the president getting
12:39 pm
into this campaign mode with his speech. he gentlemen, thanks. we appreciate it. >> molly: doctors say fewer patients are coming in with flu-like symptoms. what does that mean for the persistent flu season? plus, president trump applying more pressure on north korea to abandon its nuclear we mondays program. will the new sanctions work? we discuss with a national security expert, next. i can tell you that the president won't make the mis mistakes that the past administration has, we'll continue to be strong and continue to put pressure on north korea. i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica.
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12:44 pm
numbers. let me tell you, you can't get 93% of americans to agree on anything. think about it. just in your regular conversations with your friends here, you've got 93 93% approvef the job the president is doing. the conservative movement is literally found a new leader. we haven't seen numbers like this among conservatives, among folks like cpac since going back to ron l aile ronald reagan. [ cheering and applause ] >> and so what do you get? you have nearly eight out of 10, 79% say the republicans in congress should be doing more to support the president and his agenda. [ cheering and applause ] >> by the way, i hear this all the time. i hear it at focus groups, where they're telling you they don't blame the president. by the way, three-quarters of these people said they would vote against the candidate who
12:45 pm
didn't support repealing obamacare. so that tells you where we all are right now. by the way, what this is telling you if you're a member of congress, for the most part you want to support the president's agenda. the base is with him. you need to be with him. i'm telling you, during the off year elections, we've seen it. many times they're base elections, whether we win or lose the election, it was just as the president said the other day, it's all about energizing, turning out the base. had special council robert mueller been fair or unfair surrounding the investigation, 60% say he's been unfair. 39% say he's been very unfair. one out of five think he's been fair. and now this is one of my favorite questions here because chris brought up the point about we were all okay going nuclear when it came to getting --
12:46 pm
making neil gorsuch a supreme court justice. that was something you overwhelmingly supported. but actually, 54% when it comes to actually passing a bill as we all know, you need 60%. we're real smart here at cpac, in spite of what the media will they'll teltell. 54% support abolishing the filibuster. we don't support it for regular legislation. that tells you a lot about the intelligence of the folks here at cpac. very interesting question. we said i'm going to read this. as much as the concept of amnesty is against conservative principles, would you favor or oppose granting a small portion of people amnesty in exchange for construction of a border wall, limiting the chain of family migration and changing the laws to end catch and release of illegal immigrants, when we ask it and it's
12:47 pm
basically the president's position, 75% favor it. only 21% support it. so basically, if we give them border security an, end the visa lottery, end chain migration, end chain and release, three quarters of cpac attendees think that's a good idea. now the tough part will be getting the democrats to actually compromise. this is my favorite question, one of my favorites. this is the most controversial question. i'll probably let -- i'm going to let matt add onto this one. but president's tweeting is a hot topic. do you wish the president would, one, tweet more or would he tweet less? it's actually 35% want him to tweet more and then there's another 13 say he tweets about the right amount of time so it's about half are saying he's tweeting about the right or they want him to tweet more. 40% say they want him to tweet less. what their main concern is, 37% say it distracts from his message. the findings here, like i said,
12:48 pm
they're going to show up -- by the way, i love the tweets. he tweeted about it last week, if anybody saw it. that was a lot of fun. but anyway, with that, i'm going to turn it over to matt and i want to thank everybody here for filling out. by the way, we had close to 1200 people that filled out the cpac polls. so thank you, god bless. [ cheering and applause ] >> thanks, chris. we appreciate he everything tha- >> connell: interesting to hear the straw poll results being released. 40% favor fewer tweets from president trump. we did have strong approval numbers you would expect from a conservative crowd, announced at 93%. perhaps more interestingly, the announcement that 79% of those polled at cpac say that the republicans in congress should do a better job of working with the president, the message being that those republicans need to get on-board.
12:49 pm
clearly, this is president trump's republican party now and cpac this week has shown that. molly. >> molly: what a fascinating switch when we talk about that, in the run-up to the election there was all this talk was he conservative enough. now it looks like that he seems to be conservative enough, at least for the conference there happening just outside of washington. >> connell: you think about republicans who have run against president trump or spoken out against him, i.e., jeff flake in arizona, if you're not willing to jump on-board and be there with the president's agenda, maybe it's not a good idea to run in the republican primary. >> molly: they did talk about that a touch there when we watched the results coming in, talking about the base being motivated and asking republicans to get on-board. the voters will tell us what they think. the white house is rolling out new sanctions against north korea. who the restrictions will target for helping that rogue nation.
12:50 pm
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>> molly: officials with the cdc offering some potentially heartening news as the flu fight goes on. they say we may have reached the peak of flu season.
12:54 pm
officials pointing to numbers that indicate a decline of doctor visits over the last week. this, though, as 13 new deaths were reported among children, bringing the number of pediatric deaths to 97. the cdc is cautioning people that we are not out of the woods yet and it's never too late to get that flu shot. we continue with these horrendous attacks and we will work hard with our national security counterparts and teammates to help protect the civilians of afghanistan, as much as possible. >> connell: that's u.s. army general johnnie coul so john r more than a dozen soldiers were killed across afghanistan today. we have a live report from london. >> reporter: there have been as you say at least five attacks a across afghanistan today, in kabul a suicide bomber striking
12:55 pm
just outside of the green zone where you have a lot of em a ba, killing at least two afghans there, injuring seven more. in the south of the country, in the hellman province, there were three attacks including another suicide bomb r. thibomb -- bomber.this one in a. he drove up to a base. they shot him dead. in the explosion, two more soldiers were killed. in the earliest attack of the day at 3:00 in the morning in the west of the country, we had an ambush on an afghan checkpoint. at least 17 afghan soldiers killed. now, general nicholson, you just heard from there, the u.s. commander of troops in the country, he's got about 11,000 troops under his command. he acknowledges this will be a long and difficult fight against the taliban and islamic statement keep in mind, the war in afghanistan is now in its 17th year.
12:56 pm
it is america's longest running war. president trump's new strategy for afghanistan that was announced back in august is set to bring the number of u.s. soldiers in the country to 15,000 by this april. back to you. >> connell: ryan, thank you. >> molly: teachers at the marjory stoneman douglas high school returned to school for the first time yesterday since the dead limas kerr, this as president trump doubles down on his proposal to arm some teachers. is this a good idea? we'll discuss that with our panel coming up in the next hour.
12:57 pm
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>> this is a fox news alert. devin nunes chair of the house intelligence committee taking the stage right now. let's listen in. request democrats or independents in the nicest of america that is unacceptable. [applause] so, you have two issues there. let's unpack the soul because you have the fact that as you call it fisa abuse. abuse of sake and the government to really have the power to look in the most intimate areas of our life. you have abuse of that. number one, and then you have this question, it is a bold charge oa


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