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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 24, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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judge jeanine: president trump just seconds away from joining me for a live interview. the democrats fisa memo is released. is it a blockbuster or a dud. welcome to "justice," i'm jeanine pirro. joining me now by phone, the president of the united states, donald trump. good evening, mr. president. president trump: good evening. judge jeanine: we are delighted to have you on "justice" tonight in is so much breaking news. the democrat memo just came out. of course, you called the memo a
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legal bust on twitter and you called adam schiff a phoney. what do you take exception to in the memo. president trump: all you do is see adam schiff, he has a meeting, he leaves the meeting, edcalls up reporters and all of a sudden they have news, you are not supposed to do that. it's probably illegal to do it. he'll have a committee meeting and leak all sorts of information. he's a bad guy. but the memo was a nothing. it confirmed basically if you look at it -- i watched miss herridge on your show, and that was a confirmation if you call it the republican memo or nunes memo, it was nothing but a confirmation. a lot of bad things happened on the other side. not on this side, but the other side. somebody should look into it.
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what they did is really fraudulent and somebody should be looking into that. by somebody, i'm talking about you know who. judge jeanine: i have a feeling i know who it is, mr. president. one of the things i thought was interesting. we have the democrat memo. thank you for complementing catherine herridge. president trump: she is able to take a complex document and systematically essentially say the truth. that document was really verifies and a lot of bad things in that document. it verifies the nunes memo. and that's why they didn't push hard to have it. they did not push it hard because they understood this was going to happen. just in look around and seeing reports, a lot of people are saying that. that's a very bad document for their side. judge jeanine: after 18 months,
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not any kind of reference to any collusion. but i have to tell you -- president trump: that is true, gentlemejeanine. there is no collusion. i say it all the time. anybody that asks. there is no collusion. i don't want to brag, i was a far better candidate, she was not a good candidate. she went to the wrong states. she didn't go to michigan enough. she didn't go to wisconsin at all. she did a poor job in ohio and pennsylvania and you can add florida into the mix. that's what it was all about. it was nothing to do with russians. judge jeanine: adam schiff just seconds ago tweeted. wait a minute, mr. president, am i a phoney, sleazy, a monster or
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little. i thought you were suppose to be good at this. what do you say to that? dtd * i would say some of all of those. we need intelligence that brings our nation together. and a lot of people are tearing our nation apart on this and other subjects. they are tearing our nation apart. i have to tell you, every time the folks over in moscow, the russians as he likes to call them, every time they watch, every time they see him and others get on and do what he did, he got scammed by somebody pretending to be a russian. and your senator warner got scammed also. it's okay for them to be dealing, but if we have any kind of a contact with anybody, even though it does haven't to do with anything important, it's a big deal.
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but senator warner got scammed and adam schiff got scammed two weeks ago by somebody. and he spoke to this person. thought he was a russian. but it didn't work out that way, he wasn't a russian. so we have to brit country together, jeanine. what's happening is this and other things are ripping it apart. it was terrible during the obama administration. and by the way i have to say, obama was the president during all of this meddling or whatever you want to call it with russians and others possibly. but obama was the president. he's the one that was supposed to take care of this and he didn't. nobody brings that up. he was warned and he didn't which makes it even worse. but he was the president during this period of time, during the entire period of time and he did nothing about it. so i have to say, a lot of the
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fair people, and people frankly that love my administration, they bring it up all the time. but obama was the president. he did nothing about it. with all of that being said, we have to come together as a nation. and we have to get it done. a lot of great things are happening. our economy is incredible. i'm renegotiating trade deals. there are no trade deals ever negotiated that have been bad like the trade deals we have more youated whether it's nafta, south korea, tpp, i was able to keep us out of that, that would have been a total disaster. the world organization deal. china became rich when they made the world trade deal. the world trade organization, wto. we have to change it. we can't allow our workers, our country, our companies to be
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ripped off like this, and they understand that. that's why they are starting to move back into the united states. chrysler, foxconn is coming in, the big company that makes the apple, different things for apple. some of the biggest companies in the world. they are coming back into our country because of what i'm doing. but we have to come together as a nation. and we shouldn't be fighting like this. we should all be on the seam team. that includes adam -- on the same team. that includes adam schiff. we shouldn't have two sides fighting. we should come together as a nation. with that being said, i have to add one thing. congressman nunes, if this continues to go forward, i think some day he's going to be greatly honored for his service and for what he's done. he has been very, very brave in the face of a lot of obstacles. what he found out has been
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incredible. i give him tremendous credit. but i have to say this. we have to come together as a nation. judge jeanine: mr. president, your approval rating is soaring. when you talk about the economy and low unemployment and the stock market and the the great things that have been happening the economy, but you have accomplished all of this. by the way, there is a poll that puts you at 50%. at cpac you are 93% approval rating. you did all this in one year with the economy. to what do you attribute these incredible advances? >> well, i think i have had a lot of good ideas and i have a lot of energy. i get things done. i'm very proud of what happened with the economy. if they had ghont other direction -- have gone in the other direction, they would not have gotten rid of regulations.
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those tax bills are the biggest ever, including anwar and getting rid of the individual mandate and healthcare is starting to come along now well. you will see premiums start to drop. but with all of that being said, i think the cutting of regulations is what has given us as you know the tax cuts just happened a fairly short while ago. i have been cutting regulations for a year. only unnecessary regulations. but you couldn't build, you couldn't do anything. look at the pipe lines. if you look at the keystone pipeline, if you look at the dakota access pipeline. 40,000 jobs were dead and i approved them at the beginning of my administration. and environmentally superior. you are underground as opposed to trucking and all the things you have to do to get the product to the various coasts to where it's going to the
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refineries. it's been an incredible period. i was saying before and somebody readily agreed with me. i don't think any administration has done as much as we have done in the first year. i don't think it's even close, between the taxes and the regulations, justice gorsuch, many district judges and many coast appeal judges. and many more to go. we have great judges literally just waiting. we have a tremendous problem with senator human were where he's not approving people working in the administration. we have hundreds of people who have taken so long to get approved in the trade groups and very important groups, jeanine. the one thing democrats are incredible at is obstruction. they use it. they resist. it's just bad for the country. so hopefully that can get done
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and hopefully we can get daca done. i would like to do that with the hispanics out there. i did better with the hispanics. i'm pushing daca and the democrats are nowhere to be found. judge jeanine: they continue to try to promote their narrative. i wanted to ask you about something you talked about at cpac yesterday in the wake of the parkland, florida school shooting. you talked about expanding background checks on guns. president trump: right. i think it is going to happen. i think we have tremendous support. the republican party has come together. it's become very unified. you see that also with the poll. that was one of the straw poll questions that were asked at the cpac which was a tremendous conference, by the way. and it was about the whole thing, the party coming together. and it really is, it's really
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coming together. i have spoken to many senators and congressmen today, yesterday, the day before, and i think we'll have a great bill put forward very soon strong do with background checks, having to do with getting rid of certain things and keeping other things, and perhaps we'll do something on age because it doesn't seem to make sense that you have to wait until you are 21 years old to get a pistol, but to get a gun like this maniac used in the school, you get that at 18. that doesn't make sense. i explained that to the nra. they are great people. wayne and chris. they are great people. i said we have to get going on some good legislation. background checks will be very important. at the same time there is no bigger champion for the second amendment than i am. i am the champion of the second
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amendment. you have to have protection. you see what happened with the police officers that didn't have the guts to go in. now it turns out i guess there was four of them. incredible. if we would have had some great teachers that were gun adept -- meaning really understood weaponry and guns, if they had concealed permits, you wouldn't have this problem today. they have one other thing. they love those children. the teachers. they love those children. that coach who was so brave who ran into gunfire to protect the kids be if he had his gun concealed, he would be alive today. most of of the people -- it would be a whole different story. but he would have been shooting instead of running into someone totally unarmed who was a maniac. there is a lot of good things happening. the one big thing is when these crazy people who are cowards,
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when they hear or know that randomly you will have maybe 20% of the teachers, 15% of the teachers inside having concealed, and these are experts at what we are talking about, they will never go into the building. you are never going to have this problem. we have certain states that do this. nobody talks about them, but it's been very successful. he would never have run into the building if he thought bullets were going to complying back into him. he left the building pretending he was a student. he didn't want to get shot. if he thought there were people who could defend offensively that you could have some offensive power in there he would have never ever gone into that school building. judge jeanine: right. the shame of it all, mr. president, i know you have to go. but the idea of those with mental illnesses, describing --d
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psychiatric problems, within the problem with all of these shooters, they are mentally deficient. president trump: that would be part of the background checks. we would have a powerful section on mental illness. somebody who is mentally ill should not have a weapon and should not have a gun, and that would be covered in the background checks. i think the nra will be for it. this certainly should be bipartisan. we are drawing up strong legislation right now having to do with background checks, mental illness. i think you will have tremendous support. it's time. it's time. i'm not here that long in tall fairness. you have had this going on for a long time. it's time to get it done and get it done right. but they have to know if they go
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into a school with bad intentions, there are big consequences. it's not going to be like the was for this guy, after it was finished he walks out with the other students. and got away except for a great policeman in a different town said i think this is the guy they are look for and he nabbed him. in all fairness that man did a great job. but if they go into a school, a gun-free zone is like target practice for these guys. they see that and that's what they want. gun-free zones are very dangerous. the bad guise loved gun-free zones, jeanine. judge jeanine: you talked about adding $700 billion to the military. i know that you support the military and you are giving them the resources they need. are we going to have a parade? president trump: i would like to
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have a parade. a lot of the generals would like to have a parade to celebrate what we are doing. our military was very depleted. it was going in the wrong direction. i wanted to have by far the most of powerful military in the world. and we need that today jeanine. i see what's going not world. the world is a tough place, and we want to be stronger than we ever were. as you know just recently i got a budget. i would have load to have cut the budget. but our military has been so badly hurt for so many years even beyond president trump. it's been hurt for many many years and depleted. we had sequester which is a disaster. i got $700 billion and $716 billion next year. that will rebuild our military. we'll have a tremendous updated top of the line, there will be nothing like it. but to get that, i was forced to
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give democrats, you know, many billions of dollars for things that it would normally not have done. they don't care so much about the military. sadly. they don't care so much about people pouring across the bored, ms-13. if anything they want to protect ms-13. these where vicious people. these aren't people who use guns. they like using knives because it's more painful. and we have literally thousands of them out of the country and put them in jail and out of the country. but we need the wall. we need border security, and we have to stop ms-13 and a lot of really bad people, and drugs from pouring town our country. and you see the numbers. the numbers are way down from what they were. but that's not good enough. we have to stop them all. it's not good enough. we'll have tremendous border
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security. judge jeanine: when are we getting the wall? president trump: the democrats have actually agreed to that. but i have to get more. we need other things. we need something to do with chain migration and something to do with visa lottery. we have lottery systems where you go to countries and they do lotteries for who comes into the united states. you know they are not going to put their best people in the lottery. they don't want their good people to leave. we get these people, then you have the incident like we had on the westside highway where a guy comes through chain migration and visa lottery and runs over and kills 8 people and badly injures. nobody talks about all of the people whether it's the school or the westside highway. people who go out to put themselves in shape and they end up losing legs and arms. nobody talks about the people who are so horribly hurt and
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injured. this guy runs his truck into people. killed 8 people and injured many. he came in through the system. i don't want that. i want people to come in ultimately through merit. we are going to need merit. we need people to come in to our country. we have so many countries moving here because of the regulations and what we did with the massive tax cut which is great for the companies. and they are going to hire the people. and we'll need people to take care of the companies. but we want people based on merit. not based on the fact they are thrown into a bin. judge jeanine: if we were to have ad parade, when -- have a parade, when do you think we can have this parade? president trump: we are talking about maybe veterans day. we are talk about probably veterans day. city like july 4.
6:21 pm
july -- i like july 4. it would be up and down pennsylvania avenue. a lot of it would be fly-overs. i was at the bastille day parade in france with the president of the france. a good guy. it's great for the spirit. the military loves it. we would have west point and annapolis and the coast guard academy. it would be a great representative parade. it would be great for the spirit of the country. we have a great country. and we should be celebrating our country. we'll see if we can do it at a reasonable cost. if we can't, we won't do it. but the generals would love to do it, i tell you, and so would i. i think it's great for the country being a cheer leader and the spirit. it's very important. hello?
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judge jeanine: mr. president? i'm sorry i didn't hear you. the mainstream media, they don't seem to be ending their attacks on you, and yet as your approval rairgt is soaring -- rating is soaring and your make all these accomplishments. do you think they will have to give in. president trump: i think before the election in 2020 they will endorse me and be so nice. if they don't have me, their ratings will drop. i'm being a little sarcastic when i say that. i expect them to endorse me and cherish me up until that point. then after i win they will go after me again. but their ratings where good. fox ratings are phenomenal. cnn has not been doing well. msnbc is in second place over cnn. but fox is beating everybody.
6:23 pm
you people have been very fair. not good, fair. i call it fake news. there is so much fake news it's incredible. judge jeanine: ivanka, have you heard from her? president trump: i have. she is working hard. she is doing a great job. you know ivanka very well. there is no better representative we can have go to a tough place in south korea. she is at the olympics and with the president of south korea. you have north korea surrounding her. we cannot have a better, smarter representative. judge jeanine: i can't thank you enough for calling in to justice. congratulations on your approval ratings and cpac. my viewers are just thrilled you
6:24 pm
came on to justice. president trump: i love your viewers. you do and i do too. congratulations on your success. i did look at your ratings the last couple weeks and you are doing fantastic and so is our friend watters. our "watters world" man is doing great. what you guys have done is pretty amazing. i did look how well you are doing. i want to congratulate you, jeanine. great job. judge jeanine: thank you, mr. president. we are honored. next. the democrats big reveal or waits? catherine herridge and john solomon join me next to break down the democrats memo. "justice" rolls on in just a moment. [man] woah. ugh, i don't have my wallet, so -
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reporter: the united nations security council taking a rare unified stance on the conflict in syria. it unanimously approved a resolution demanding a 30-day ceasefire in syria quoted without delay. a proposed 3-day deadline was watered down to garner support from russia, syria's ally. hundreds of civilians are dead add attacks on damascus. the nra is under attack. several institutions are severing ties with the nra including car rental companies and airlines. judge jeanine: the democrats
6:30 pm
counter memo on alleged government fisa abuse has just been released. catherine herridge joins me along with john solomon. we don't have a lot of time. catherine, the president was very complementary of you and we all agree. catherine: the democrats are asking folks to focus on the details and not the trees and the forest, the overall pictures. the fact the dossier funded by the dnc and clinton campaign was never shared with the fisa court. the democrats don't take on that point directly. what they say is the court was told that it was politically motivated and they shielded the identities of the individuals because they say that's a common practice to protect sources and methods. judge jeanine: from a judge?
6:31 pm
that's common practice? catherine: you raids an important part about the fisa court, there is a special responsibility on the government to provide as much visibility to the judge as possible. so folks at home will have to decide whether calling it a politically motivated document is enough. the democrats say that elements of the trump dossier were corroborated by multiple sources. this section of the memo is heavily blacked out. but i think there is a conflict here. director comey testified to the senate untell jones committee last year when he briefed the incoming president at trump tower that the dossier at that time was still unverified and salacious. this is three months after the application. judge jeanine: he swears to a
6:32 pm
court's reliable and then you go to congress and say it's not. john solomon at "the hill." what's your takeaway from this democrat memo? >> we were looking forward to this. it doesn't turn out to be a very evidentiary document laying out an argument but not putting in a lot of new evidence. we have no evidence of collusion. there is no challenge to the fact they withheld from the court the identity, the fact the dnc and clinton campaign paid for the primary evidence. we learned in the last couple days, the fbi interviewed carter page in 2015. and in 2015 -- they intercepted carter page, the russians said carter pawnl wasn't very useful
6:33 pm
to them. you would think they would tell that to the court if they are asking to surveil him. but they leave that out. the fbi and the doj looked like the 17-year-old son who sneaks out of your house. he gets busted and the dad says what kid you drink and he says coca-cola when he had five beers. catherine: there was a counter untell jones investigation based in new york city. and carter pentagon with us one of the targets of these russian spies. carter page agreed to be a cooperating witness. judge jeanine: they didn't tell this to the court. unstead they wanted to surveil him. that's unbelievable. >> there is a lot of questions that need to be answered about this.
6:34 pm
catherine: they do say that after they got surveillance warrant of carter pentagon, there was additional intelligence gathered that was credible enough that allowed the surveillance court to renew the application several times. we don't know what that information is. you can't make an independent assessment. judge jeanine: thank you so much for being with us tonight. our panel is ready to break down the under view with the president. the release of the memo has them primed for a fiery debate. you can't miss this. oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow"" oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend.
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for an effective, multi-surface clean, use mr. clean magic eraser. brand power. helping you buy better. president trump: you have to wait until you are 21 years old
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to get a pistol. but to get a gun like this maniac used you can get it at 18. wayne, chris, they are great patriots, great people. i said we have to get going on great legislation. background checks will be very important. judge jeanine: you just heard president trump minutes ago here on justice. katrina pierson, a former clinton advisor richard good stein. ways your take away from -- ways your takeaway. >> we have a president who respects the constitution but wants to put forth common sense measures to keep children safe in our schools. he's committed to making america great again. he gave an amazing speech at cpac.
6:40 pm
he was well received. in the first part of your show he talked about the great things he has been doing and some of the wonderful things he wants to do. judge jeanine: what do you think about the fact that he's willing to take on the issue of background checks and mental illness. >> i would like to enter into a bet with you on whether he's going to get this legislation done. every country object the planet has mental health problems. no country like this one has scenes like we saw at parkland because of the availability of guns. this is a big misdirection. should crazy people be able to get guns? of course not. but every country on the globe has people with health problems. forwardhood people were 100%
6:41 pm
gun -- fort hood people were 100% adept. >> in chicago 2013 "time" magazine called the worse year for that city. there was one little thing in that study from the university of chicago, it was the simple fact that mental health facilities had been consolidated. judge jeanine: they are not allowed to have guns in chicago, and people are dieing there, how do you explain that? >> it's coming in from indiana and mississippi. the. judge jeanine: i'm so sorry, we have gotta go. and my opening statement is a
6:42 pm
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judge jeanine: the first priority on an active school shooting is to stop the killing. you don't wait for the s.w.a.t. team, you don't hide behind a car. if you are armed as a patrol officer you go after and engage the shooter. we found out four sheriff's deputies hid behind police cars while nicholas cruz slaughtered 17. the sheriff said he was outraged and surprised as he saw one of his deputies do nothing. why did you not know this the night of the killing. did not set up a command center to brief on what has happened? do you not know any of this because you were too busy making media rounds deflect and
6:47 pm
redirecting the outrage and fury that should have been direct at you by going after the nra and dana loesch. there was enough outrage to go around. you had an officer assigned to that -- to that school whose job it was to protect those children. the police department in coral springs were outraged at the failure and dereliction of duty on the part of your officers. coral springs immediately stormed the school. they are the unsung heroes they were shocked your deputies were hiding behind cars. the coral springs police chief said another agency is saying they provided the rescues. but the truth will come out.
6:48 pm
i have been in law enforcement for over three decades and you don't have to be a cop to know that those who wear a badge and carry a gun are paid to protect the innocent. you actually said if you have a lone wolf assassin, there is nothing you can do. really? nothing you can do? pray tell, shaffer. did you guys even have active shooter training? do they know how to breach a door like coral springs did when they got there? do they know how to engage and shooter? do they even have the equipment like a ballistic vest and helmet that can take an ak-15 round. instead they hide.
6:49 pm
coral springs engaged and used bolt cutters to go through locked doors to carry the kids out. and shaffer, you don't know when people are drying you don't immediately breach, enter and engage? and your department got 18 calls about cruz, his violence and threats to shoot up the school before he followed through and killed 17 people. these warnings concerned everyone but you. you have the power to have this kid involuntarily committed for a psychiatric assessment, you did nothing. how dare you trumpet your actions in this situation, hiding what your officers did. but then you are the bozo who couldn't figure out that you failed to set up an effective
6:50 pm
command center after the deadly shooting at the fort loudered dale airport. i spoke with a sheriff who said maybe their walkie-talkies didn't work and they didn't know whether the short was on the first or second floor. hogwash, i don't ware if he was on the first floor, second floor or hanging from the roof. if children are bleeding out and dying and these cowards with guns are waiting to do what? if you can't take wraks you could have saved the lives of the helpless bleeding out on the floors in the place of learning, it's time for to you resign and get the hell out or at the very least be recalled by the people of broward county. tell me what you think on my facebook, twitter and instagram. epa chief scott pruitt is next. gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea
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judge jeanine: my next guest is so much more. an exclusive interview epa scott pruitt, thank you so much for being with us tonight. i must tell you the president at the back has so probably said that we have ended the war on beautiful, clean coal and are
6:55 pm
minors have been mistreated but they are not being mistreated anymore. we talked about the deregulatory efforts and you have been a big part of this and how all of this is spurring on the economy. lotta people don't know what the epa chief administered does that benefits people like coal miners expect the president. product night in her interview about the deregulatory agenda. when you think about the last year a billion dollars in cost savings with the cost-saving effort and in our agency alone a billion dollars and we looked at regular reaction and it's almost a way to pick winners and losers. to pick on certain sectors of our economy and you mentioned one, the war on coal. i was in pennsylvania. judge jeanine: i think we have video and i can't wait to see this. this is you, i believe, in a coal mine. >> the first administrator in history to go underground and 3 miles in and i was talking to some minors and you see them there and i delivered the
6:56 pm
president's message to them that the war on coal is over. you should've seen the motion interfaces. for the last eight years under assault, under a regime of regulatory regime at the epa that is said to them we want to shut you down and when the president came into office he said we will and you were on coal. that happened in the last year and we have seen tremendous things happen across the country as a result. judge jeanine: it is amazing that i was giving a speech somewhere and there were several coal miners came up to take a picture with me and they said we haven't come to one of these in a long time and, you know, i felt like they were being rejuvenated and they feel there is hope and they feel america is back. >> there is optimism all over the country. pennsylvania, indiana, nevada, bc optimism across the country because the president's leadership. he talked about this tonight about getting results. think about it. in less than a year a billion dollars in savings set to the
6:57 pm
regulatory agenda. judge jeanine: what is so important and what i saw up close and personal was the hope in the eyes of these coal miners. let me move on. there is something called sudan to settle and a lot of people don't know about this but it used to be in the obama ministration and clinical ministration would sue the epa and they wouldn't settle and give you money and you've got all of these cases from the clinton term all the way to the obama turn when they settled they gave money away. >> what this represents is regulation to litigation. we are required when we do for making to publish those rules and take comments from people across the country and do it in an open and transparent way but what happened with these agents historically is they get sued by these third parties and go into the courtroom, cut a deal in the courtroom, enter a consent decree and go across the country and do what this consent decree does. sue and settle. judge jeanine: what that means is basically our taxpayer
6:58 pm
dollars are funding these plaintiffs because they were settling and not even going to the court. >> exactly. they would enter into these consent reason the same day was filed and pay attorney fields as well. we ended the practice of the epa. i entered a directive last year of sue and settle it was over and regulation litigation is over and won't do it right away and respect the process. judge jeanine: superfund site. when i was the da use to process hazardous waste crimes and these are all these superfund sites and as i understand it clinton and obama and everyone else these environment of heroes did nothing about them. >> present talk tonight about getting results and when you look at the superfund sites, janine, st. louis missouri, houston, texas we have 1340 sites across country and some of those sites have been listed 30 or 40 years. just this past year and as we head into this next year we will have 30 plus a site off the list that has not been done before. we are getting results in areas
6:59 pm
cleaned up an account ability to make sure that we take care of the citizens concerns in those areas and were getting results the president has promised. judge jeanine: i must tell you the work you do -- i don't know it is heralded as people understand how important it is but we very much appreciate you being on justice tonight. i'd love to go into a coal mine with you. >> let's do it. little claustrophobic but will be okay. judge jeanine: deal. all right. administrative scott pruitt, at the epa, thank you. finally tonight don't forget to friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter and instagram. you never have to miss justice, you know that, if you can't watch set your dvr. thank you for watching. emits my interview with the president you can catch it at midnight or on my social media. see you next saturday. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and the american way.
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