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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 26, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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an onion after another. we will never be dd straight trump media. we will be be fair and balanced part. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. look at laura ingraham. what snarky remark tonight? i didn't have a hard time tonight. i ran out of time. i keep thinking you are saying the adam adam shift memo. >> sean: it is the very shifty schiff. i'm going to get you and i in trouble and it will be your fault for provoking it. >> laura: great to see you. good evening from washington. i'm laura ingraham, and this is "the ingraham angle." we have big news from coast to coast tonight, including exclusive information about that florida school shooting that he will only here on
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"the ingraham angle," and it details how the broward county sheriff's department may have mishandled the shooting and its aftermath. plus a democrat's outrageous stench to protect illegal immigrants that you will not believe, and with the oakland mayor is doing to undermine law enforcement. but first, controversy and question stocking the broward county sheriff's office. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." who is scott israel and what do we really know about him? he is a colorful, brash, outspoken broward county sheriff who has been speaking for law enforcement since the valentine's day massacre at stoneman douglas high school. just eight days after the shooting, before his department had even concluded its own investigation, sheriff israel found time to join a cnn town hall where he decided to join forces with the pro-gun-control
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lobby. >> 18-year-olds should never have a rifle. an 18-year-old kid should not have a rifle. 18-year-old kids, they're not adults yet. they're in high school. these kids should not have a rifle. automatic rifle should be outlawed, and anybody who says different, i don't know about other people, we are -- >> laura: he is such a blowhard. the sheriff had to know that the automatic weapons he referenced in that sound bite were banned by the feds years ago and that the nra it does not advocate for legalizing them, sheriff. it got to know that or you should be in that job at all. but it sounded good in front of that crowd and it brought the audience to its feet. and just a few days later, israel revealed the existence of videotape and a little piece of information that i thought was kind of important. >> well, what i saw was a deputy
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arrived at the west side of building 12, take up a position, and he never went in. >> laura: well, once that choice piece of information became public and more began to trickle out about the department's handling of at least 23 calls to the cruz residence, rick scott and 20 others asked for sheriff israel's resignation. he was asked about the call for him to step down. >> i have given amazing leadership to this department. yes. there is a lot of things we have done throughout this. you don't measure a person's leadership -- spoon you don't measure a person's leadership? yes, we do measure a person's leadership. police in broward county where
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body cameras, and we know there was security camera footage because authorities refused to publicly release it. >> we are not going to disclose the video at this time, and we may never disclose the video depending on the prosecution and the criminal case. >> laura: mm. that seems really bogus to me and really weird. we may never release the video? we've already seen video of the kids leaving the building. and so why won't the sheriff release the video that would arguably be of the most interest to the public? now, the video reveals how officer peterson and other deputies responded to this active shooter situation. it's kind of important, don't you think? now, could it be that the video would be perhaps highly damaging to the sheriff 's office and
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perhaps to the sheriff personally? and back to his appearance at that cnn town hall meeting, why on earth did he choose to go on tv to make himself the center of his heated political debate? is that really his role? then he went on television the next day, just yesterday, to praise his own leadership as amazing. just bizarre. by the way, this wasn't the first time sheriff israel ignited controversy for making himself the main attraction. back in september of 2015, he took major heat for putting his big face on a five taxpayer financed broward county cards. they were called jokingly "israel-mobiles, and too many people, they're more about politics and policing. they were to be assigned to members of israel's community
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outreach team, which itself had been staffed by, it looks like just the sheriff campaign supporters. he got hammered for that as well. just a few hours ago, "the ingraham angle" received copies of internal, no make emails from a source close to the broward sheriff's office which has since been confirmed by a second source this evening by one of our producers. now, it urges all staff members to vigorously support sheriff sheriff israel, at the moment we find our agency up against a flurry of media allegations and a personal attack against our sheriff, sheriff israel, sheriff israel stood with us and we must stand with him. it is important they know we stand as one. mm. the focus should be on getting to the bottom of what happened leading up to the shooting, not some cya deal for the sheriff.
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we need to know about the actions of law enforcement on the day of the shooting. it shouldn't be about saving sheriff israel's job because that would be really pathetic. now, the governor yesterday announced that florida's department of law enforcement will investigate broward county's response to the shooting, with which sheriff israel said he would cooperate fully. president trump and with the governors of the white house and they discussed school safety in the aftermath of the parkland shooting. >> we have to take steps to harden our school so they are less vulnerable to attacks. this includes allowing well trained and certified school personnel to carry carry concealed firearms. at some point, you need volume. >> laura: before this administration, in the end, embarks on some legislative response to the shooting, the president should request that attorney general sessions open
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his own federal investigation into this entire matter. and that means not only examine what happened on that horrible day but also the fbi's failure to follow up on critical tips, the school's internal disciplinary record, and broward's own interactions with cruz and the family. no law-abiding american about snow mys second amendment rights should be diluted or compromised before we know exactly what happened from the moment that first distress call came into the broward sheriff's office, and sheriff israel should spend a lot less time patting himself on the back and a lot more time being transparent with a public that demands answers. and that is "the angle." joining is now poor reaction from san antonio is terry lane, a former fbi special agent, and mark fuhrman, also a fox news contributor, and in tallahassee, randy fein, one
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of the 73 republican members of the house of representatives who signed a letter urging florida governor rick scott to suspend sheriff israel. to start a conversation, guys, i want to share another exclusive report with you tonight. now, our sources near the broward county sheriff's department are telling us that the deputies who arrived at the scene of the shooting were told not to enter the school unless their body cameras were turned on, and then we found out that the deputies did not have body cameras so they did not enter the building or engage the shooter. curiously, police also lost radio communication during the parkland shooting. and all resource claims that radio communication also went dead during the fort lauderdale airport shooting in 2017 that he also got a lot of criticism for. i want to start with you, representative fein, your
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reaction to this news that they were told to enter without body cams, which they lacked at the time, your reaction? >> thank you, lord. thank you for having me on. the more we learn about the situation, the more obvious it is that sheriff israel needs to resign or be removed immediately. that is why i signed that letter, and that is by the florida house is moving this week to subpoena all records of sheriff israel, and we are going to be subpoenaing him and making them come to tallahassee to explain himself. what happened is a disgrace. >> laura: mark, i want to go to do this. the report we got that some of these radio communications are missing or weren't recorded which, i think, are very important, are going to be critical as we try to determine what really happened in the aftermath here. what's your reaction to what we have learned, frankly, just today and tonight? >> well, it's pretty shocking that, one, it even occurred, and, two, we were able to find out any of this information. what's interesting is,
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sheriff israel is a character, he is a politician. let's not forget that. but it really has nothing to do with the actions of the deputies at the scene. i don't care if they had radios. i don't care if they were on or off. they should have done exactly what they knew they had to do regardless of who told them what to do over radio. you ignore that and you go in and to try to save the lives of those children and you contact the shooter and kill him. >> laura: and terry, let's go to you. we are also learning that in the training of some of these police officers, they were taught a kind of -- 2d conflict the situation, don't rush in, assess the situation first, and scot peterson's attorney is saying that as well, which had to get him on the show tonight, he would not join us, which is unfortunate. if the police have been trained in a way that is not really helpful in this type of situation, that also is something we'd better find out
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past. >> laura, that is against any protocol that i have been aware of since columbine. all of us is that i am aware of are always taught to go in -- don't be stupid, but go in tactically but go in. protect the innocents there. if they are being trained that way, i don't know why they would be trained that way. >> laura: well, one of the reports we also heard, rep fein, the deputy on-site thought that apparently some of the shooting was taking place outside of the building. again, radio transmissions, that i think we may or may not have, indicated that someone was injured on or near the football field. and so that is one of the reasons he stayed behind the cement barrier or car and was just a dash for group minutes went by and people were being shot one after the other after the other in this building. maybe it was just an honest mistake? i don't know. it seems like we should have a lot of video already publicly
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available. >> yeah, and if sheriff israel wasn't so busy bloviating on cnn town halls, we might have some of that information. that is why we have been asked to support him and getting sheriff israel to resign or be removed. that should be to make happen immediately. >> laura: mark fuhrman, there is a sound bite that i thought of you when i heard this yesterday. i know you know which one it is. i'll read it. i don't think we have it ready. jake tapper basically asked him about the broward county sheriff's, you know, reaction, if they had done things differently, wouldn't have happened or not. and sheriff israel said, listen, if if's if sound bites were candy and nuts, o.j. simpson would still be in the record books. and jake tapper, i don't know what that means, there were lots of things he could have done differently. he had this glib way of responding, and i think you hit the nail in the head. he is more of a politician that someone has a magic that has the
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largest police department in the country. i didn't realize that it is the largest police department in the country. i don't understand how it can be with new york and so forth. of its type, i guess it is the largest. >> he seems awfully impressed with himself, almost flip it, like he doesn't seem to make see the gravity of what happens, like it's an opportunity for someone to know his first and last name at all of his career. but when he had to, he had to actually give up this information on the deputy that was sitting outside of that building number 12 listening to the gunshots -- and i'm going to tell you right now, they knew full well that shooting was going on inside of that building. i will guarantee something for deputy peterson or x deputy peterson. he will relive that 4 minutes outside of that building for the
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rest of his life. >> laura: that's for sure. let's go to terry on this. speaking of the need for a real thorough investigation that is not tainted or questioned, could be fbi or could be justice department, i should say, could they conduct a real investigation here given the fact that the fbi clearly dropped the ball on at least two of these tips. the most recent one was really disturbing. involving the woman who actually had him living in her house? could the justice department really do this? >> i believe they can, laura, but the problem here, the fbi has dropped the ball for the last several years, as i mentioned to a number of my colleagues, the fbi no longer communicates with the community. when you contact the fbi anymore, even myself as a retired fbi agent, when i called
7:16 pm
the agency i used to work out, i get a recording. i don't speak to a human being. when i was an fbi agent, we answer the phone. we talked to the people in the community. we were there to provide safety to the community, and in order to do that, you have to be able to communicate with them. they have to be able to speak with you as an agent, a trained agent, not as an analyst, not an analyst, but a special agent of the fbi. the fbi has tried to centralize all their activity for so long now that they have lost touch with the communities. that is the fundamental issue. whether the doj can investigate that and come up with a conclusion, i'm certain they can. with the fbi needs to work within itself and it needs to start providing the services to the community. >> laura: a lot of problems. when law enforcement is finding out that this 19-year-old was assessed with isis, coming to $25,000, buying all of these
7:17 pm
guns, talking about shooting up schools and ripping animals apart. i mean, ding, ding, ding, the warning bells are coming off, i'm not an expert, but i guess . to me, this is a wild situation. by don't you wrap it up. >> laura, on the fbi got that tip on nicholas crew, -- nikolas cruz, it's probably very specific way, all that fbi agent had to do was go to a federal database for gun registration and just find out if he nikolas cruz had purchased any weapons. lo and behold, it would have popped up. >> laura: bingo. >> the ar-15, mike parkland, florida. >> laura: great panel. either way, president trump had really harsh words today for the first responders for the florida school shooting. hear that in the administration's reaction to the latest element. that next.
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>> laura: the nra boycott has mushroomed more than a dozen major corporations cutting ties with the second amendment group, and they include delta and united airlines. meanwhile, president trump
7:22 pm
criticized the first responders at the parkland florida high school shooting after reports surfaced that as many as four deputies took cover instead of pursuing the shooters. -- the shooter. >> that we performed was, frankly, disgusting. they were listening to what was going on. you don't know until you're tested, but i really believe i would run in there even if i didn't have a weapon. i think most of the people in this room would have done that too. but the way they performed was really a disgrace. >> laura: joining us now to react to the latest on the shooting as white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley. great to have you in tonight. you had a long day today, thank you for coming. >> absolutely. >> laura: i want to get into the president's reaction. i wanted reaction to what we uncovered tonight about the sheriff israel, who -- quite a piece of work. now we find out that they are sending over these system-wide email saying, support the sheriff, support the sheriff. kind of a cya mode.
7:23 pm
>> the point is to find out what happen. for him to fuse this time to go out on this political tour to try to bolster his own political agenda, a gun grab, which is so fascinating. democrats in these times, as they know, go immediately to ending the second amendment, and that the government protect you. we have seen what the government did at the fbi, with some of the date of the local level, and now it's in the deputies outside who were trained and had guns and didn't go in. i had to protect myself with my own gun or that the government do it, i'll take myself every day of the week. >> laura: it's very odd that the authorities saw isis flagged in one of the visits, like, obsessed with "final exam." i would think that a kid that was a mexican these weapons, obsessed with isis, talked about a school shooting, that is kind of an easy one. he probably don't get all of these factors together -- and he
7:24 pm
tortured animals. >> it is so sad what was missed here, >> an incredible meeting, grieving parents, grieving children, students from around the area who were so just angry and frustrated and furious, and also so sad at what happened, and now we know so much of this could have been prevented had any of these one flags been taken through the proper channels, this could have all been stopped. that is what makes it so egregious. >> laura: what about my objection that the president asked sessions to investigate this? >> that is an interesting question. >> laura: having them investigate this, as rick scott said, they're going to do this. >> i haven't spoken to him about that, but the doj obviously has a role here if it so chooses. >> laura: the media, they are obsessed with the republican pluralist relationship with the-
7:25 pm
the republicans relationship with the nra. >> this reminds me so much -- this is a more grievous issue. remember when everyone came out against the dixie chicks, kind of the blow back with they said about president bush. this is the type of thing that is ridiculous from the standpoint of, we have a second amendment in this country. the president supports that amendment, supports the nra. the nra supports this president. corporations can do what they want to. but to count how to pressure like this on something that is written in our constitution is absolutely -- >> laura: the paris and is in favor of some restrictions, get rid of the pump stock for sure, that is obvious, perhaps still raising the age for purchase, first-time purchase of a semi auto raffle? >> we have a meeting today, it
7:26 pm
is interesting to bring this up. over then the families we talked about, and the students are distraught, we also met with law enforcement officials. then republicans and democrats, dozens of them -- >> laura: what is the consensus? they want a ban on assault weapons? >> they didn't bring up the age raising one time. again, the president is listening, and when you sit with the governors of the local level, try to help stop these shootings, when they don't bring that up, that is telling. >> laura: if you go to war at 18 and you vote at 18, you can buy make a rifle at 18. i guess. i'm not even making a comment. we let people do a lot at 18. maybe we should raise the age of everything. what about the daca decision? deciding not to come up for now, take that. >> on the face, the simplicity, i think your viewers can understand this. they say that barack obama was well within his rights, it
7:27 pm
wasn't unconstitutional, it wasn't unlawful. he has the power as president to establish daca and stop daca. if he has the power to start daca, but doesn't this president have the power to stop daca? it would make sense if it it is a presidential power. the problem is, it's not, it's a mouthful. we are upset. this has to be solved one way or the other. >> laura: the court doesn't usually like that. you can go back to the ninth circuit, then go back to the supreme court, they might accept the case at that point. >> laura: new mexico going to be longer than we anticipated >> laura: hogan, thank you for working double duty. thank you so much. oakland mayor, thinking of awarding federal law, she did something so outrageous, you're not going to believe it. she might get her wish. details next.
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>> laura: oakland, california, democrat mayor libby schaaf tweeted a warning over the weekend that she has learned about an upcoming enforcement operation. schaaf said it was her duty to warn families, even though i.c.e. sweeps have targeted illegal immigrants with criminal records. >> my priority is to keep the community safe. it is not my wish to panic people but to ensure that they are prepared with information. i feel confident that my sharing this information, because i did not receive it through official channels, is legal and frankly my ethical apple obligation. >> laura: ethics she is talking about. the mayor has said she would go to jail to protect oakland's sanctuary status, raising the question, did she break the law with her warning? let's ask our guest. claude arnold is a former
7:33 pm
special agent in charge for i.c.e. los angeles, and -- i'm getting this name right -- a former police commissioner. great to see both of you. joe, let's start with you. libby schaaf, very popular mayor, very colorful, and now she is saying that, not only are we not going to cooperate with i.c.e., throughout the state, not cooperating with i.c.e. and businesses and so forth, but she is going to send out these warnings apparently any time gets word of an impending raid or operation to target criminal aliens. not just the farmworker who walks across the border, but aliens who are already judged criminals who have either not been showing up for their deportation hearings or who have just absconded. where are we protecting the criminals now, joe? >> i think what you're seeing here is a breakdown between the local and the federal government
7:34 pm
and the relationship there. i don't think there's a whole lot of trust from the mayor all the way up to the president, or between the two, rather, that you are specifically targeting hard-line criminals. he read some of the headlines, that's not really what we're seeing. the fundamentals of what we're seeing here is that every law enforcement officer, and some of your previous guests have talked about it on your show, interiorly and said, the fbi dropped the ball in the florida incident. talking but the sheriff and his relationship with the public. the most fundamental tool that law enforcement has is that relationship with the public, and we have a very diverse community here in san francisco and oakland and the bay area. >> laura: what does that mean, joe? when i hear "diverse community," that's fine. that's all well and good. but you also have criminals. you have criminals who are doing real damage and real harm to
7:35 pm
both legal immigrants and american citizens. people are just working, we get that. but i.c.e. maintains that they are targeting individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety, border security, et cetera. we do not conduct sweeps or rates that target aliens indiscriminately. claude, i want to get you in on this. joe, you can get in after that. i've got to say, it's not like they're going through restaurants looking for the dishwashers. they are looking for people who are real problems, and now oakland says, no, gaspard, we are going to warn them so they can go to the next community. >> yes, you've got it right, laura. they're going after criminals, almost all of these targets. almost all of these targets are people with criminal convictions or some sort of criminal history. so we are talking about rapists,
7:36 pm
child molesters, gang bangers. i.c.e. doesn't have the resources to go after -- they don't have the time or the inclination. by facilitating these people to escape i.c.e.'s grasp of paul, all oakland is doing is endangering their community and the diverse part of their community, because that is where these people reside. the national recidivism rate is about 57%. we know that more than half of these people they are going to commit more crimes. if you are not releasing these people to i.c.e. -- by the way, that san francisco has not released someone to i.c.e. since 2010 -- they are going back on the street to commit more crimes against their communities. >> laura: joe, your reaction. >> releasing people to i.c.e. and enforcing immigration policy is, frankly, not the drop of local law enforcement. claude, i read a couple articles
7:37 pm
you have written. you acknowledge trafficking, the relationship between law enforcement and the community is absolutely essential. we cannot be scaring the community into hiding, the evidence comes from them, that is how we solve crimes. it is not our job to do federal immigration law, and that is the bottom line. >> laura: we have people embedded in communities, the diverse community, who are known criminals. they are trafficking drugs. there are human trafficking. they are pushing child porn, all sorts of crimes that hurt people, joe paid for this mayor to get up on her high horse and say, "i'm going to go to jail because" -- that my work in some parts of northern california and other communities, but most americans see this and they think we have gone totally off the rails. now you have this to defend criminal aliens, not the people in those communities. >> are not necessarily.
7:38 pm
i read but libby schaaf put out, and frankly, it was more of, hey, i.c.e. is coming. not targeting a specific neighborhood. we need these communities to cooperate with us. if i.c.e. has information about these rapists are talking about, we don't tolerate that in san francisco. >> laura: you do tolerate it. >> you do tolerate it. >> there is no way san francisco tolerates rapists and his other criminals you are talking about. >> every criminal alien since 2010. >> laura: your releasing them into the system, joe. we don't want to pile on you. you are not the one setting policy. but it is frustrating when an immigration detainer is put on these individuals and they are simply released into the system to commit further crimes.
7:39 pm
you're right, that's a breakdown. >> could go get a lawful warrant from the sheriff's department -- >> laura: we're just going to make i.c.e. do that every time? that's ridiculous. that shows such bad will on the part of oakland and san francisco and the whole state. i don't know why you guys think this is good for your state, i really don't. that i will not understand except that you guys want new voters or something. i don't know why you think any of this is good. a great conversation. by the way, a new major development in the house russia investigation, speaking of legal issues, but it doesn't seem to pack the punch that some democrats promised. two top insiders are going to debate whether the democrats fisa memo did actually more to corroborate the other side of events next. are at increased risk of pneumococcal pneumonia. isn't it like a bad cold or flu? pneumococcal pneumonia is a potentially serious
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>> laura: the latest in the russia investigation, the fisa memo released by house intel democrats over the weekend has some key differences from the one released a few weeks ago by the republicans. democrats said they fisa warrant made only narrow use of that phony russian dossier, and republicans claim there would have been no warrant without it. the two sites also disagree whether the fbi informed the court of the political origins of the document which is paid for by the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign. who is telling the truth? that's debated with a republican congressman, member of the judiciary committee, and the
7:44 pm
former advisor to the secretary of state hillary clinton. don't laugh. >> different pronunciation there. >> laura: i like to keep you guessing. the democrats were kind of celebrating over the weekend, they say, it really wasn't the reason the expression investigation began, they were surveilling carter page for some time, then this information came up in the summer of 2016. the republicans are, you know, making a mountain out of a mole hill. >> it's fascinating, laura, what's not in the democratic memo. the fundamental premise, the cash of the committee was into a warrant despite american citizens, and surprisingly, the democratic memo does not say hillary clinton's name once and it doesn't mentioned the dnc wants. i think it is interesting that a lot of the republican claims that are bolstered by the democratic memo including the fact that the dossier was used to get this warrant and that a yahoo news article planted by
7:45 pm
christopher steele was also served as a valid basis for this. >> it's shameful. >> i have learned that if i'm going to play poker with someone, therefore, want to play with, donald trump, congressman gaetz, jim jordan -- you started -- and devin nunes. these guys where their fear on their sleeves. when they yell "memo," when the introduced legislation, it means they know what is coming. they probably have a heads up, but they know there is a problem. in this case, in the previous case, when you called for the special counsel molar to be fired -- special counsel mueller to be fired, he was appointed in may, at six months go by, why do you wait? i'll tell you why, five days before his legislation, paul manafort was indicted. five days before the legislation, the indictment, my claim is rumored to be talking
7:46 pm
to mueller. >> laura: the same one that comey said didn't mind. >> we see legislation coming out of the sky when the house republicans are doing donald trump's bidding. >> will play poker any time, but we hold the aces in that game when you got a circumstance whee mueller's team has strong evidence of bias and still to this day not a single piece of evidence that there was any collusion. when you guys lost this campaign, you had to blame the russians, you had to blame bernie sanders. at one point, you guys play them. you just had a worse candidate. >> laura: guys -- >> at 1.. do you say, i'm concerned about russian meddling in our election? >> i am concerned about russia meddling in elections all over the world. but you guys -- >> you took an oath to -- >> laura: what did obama -- what did obama -- >> why do you allow russia -- >> it got so bad that you got
7:47 pm
beat by 100 russian trolls? you were spending millions of dollars every day and you think russian trolls -- >> republicans say that -- >> laura: lets the democrats finally came at the russians. last time i checked they were trying to do the reset and the button, and we were smiling at conferences and so forth. carter page, obviously the target of the surveillance, i interviewed him a few weeks back. i asked him specifically about this guy who is mentioned in the democrat's memo, someone the steele dossier claims he met with, asked him about this individual. let's watch. >> i gave a speech, and there was one seedier government official who spoke after me, he was walking out of the building after he gave his speech, and we had a very brief conversation for less than 10 seconds.
7:48 pm
>> was that igor diveykin? >> no, i have never met diveykin. >> laura: usa and you've never met igor diveykin? >> i've never met him in my life. >> in the spirit of bipartisan -- i think we can say that he is the dumbest person in this scandal. >> that is the characteristic of not being able to -- >> but he is the basis, his trip and his work going back, the basis. >> laura: you're comfortable and the fact that in the end, this memo, the fisa warrant did not include that? real quick, i'm going to go black. >> it said that it came from -- >> it wouldn't have bothered you? it would have bothered me. >> friends don't give the fbi information on friends. >> you wouldn't have liked that. >> would be the target because i
7:49 pm
didn't allude. >> laura: one look at carter. guys, guys, guys, he can't be both dumb and kind of doing this supersecret spy network. >> sure, he can be a bad spy. donald trump jr. isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer either. >> laura: can say the same thing but hillary clinton. the police, boys, how they may have spoken olympians golden moment, and a hopeful prayer next.
7:50 pm
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7:53 pm
>> laura: celebrities are discovering the dangers of treating when the pc police are lurking about. first, this adorable self he was taken by a u.s. olympic bops letter -- bob and mike bops letter. she tweeted out , it is important to remember that we don't have to agree on everything to get along. the civil to each other and enjoy each other's company. it was a pleasure to meet you both. seems like a perfectly innocent expression of the olympic spirit, right? not to the left. they went ballistic over gibbs fraternizing with the energy. "congratulations, you just got
7:54 pm
used for propaganda." gibbs replied gracefully but firmly. "i'm not falling for anything." but being nasty would not solve the issue. don't get me wrong, there are many issues. lauren gibbs was eventually bullied into deleting the picture from her twitter feed. can't americans celebrate team usa's victory together? this is insane. and now even prayer is not safe from social media scorn. after learning of director kevin smith's massive heart attack the other day, actor chris pratt tweeted, kevin, we don't know each other, but i've loved you since "clerks," and i'm praying my plank off for you because i believe in the healing power of prayer. can you please pray with me, people? an avalanche of ridicule and hatred followed. one person tweeted, "prayer does nothing, only doctors and nurses and how healthy he is will save smith."
7:55 pm
another said, "that's cool and everything, but doctors and nurses save lives, not prayer." those comments were overwhelmed by those supporting chris pratt's sentiments." it never ceases to amaze me how often the left will leap at any excuse to attack what society held sacred not so long ago. we'll be right back. this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further irreversible damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. humira has been clinically studied for over 20 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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8:00 pm
good for fred smith and fedex. you don't have to agree everything with the nra does to have a par -- partnership and up is shannon bream. >> shannon: here's what we have coming up tonight. broward county democrat, scott israel, sounds at the center of a national fire storm on what can be done to prevent more school shooting and the controversial reaction and the department's alleged inaction. jim jordan reacts to the rebuttal to the gop memo on the fbi handling of the dirty dossier, the fisa court as the democrats bolster their republican points and a new legal challenge to obama care. republican attorney generals from wisconsin roll out their new lawsuits exclusively here tonight and a public


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