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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  February 27, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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good for fred smith and fedex. you don't have to agree everything with the nra does to have a par -- partnership and up is shannon bream. >> shannon: here's what we have coming up tonight. broward county democrat, scott israel, sounds at the center of a national fire storm on what can be done to prevent more school shooting and the controversial reaction and the department's alleged inaction. jim jordan reacts to the rebuttal to the gop memo on the fbi handling of the dirty dossier, the fisa court as the democrats bolster their republican points and a new legal challenge to obama care. republican attorney generals from wisconsin roll out their new lawsuits exclusively here tonight and a public employee at
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the middle of the potentially landmark case today at the supreme court. should he and millions like him should be force to pay for unions on political activity he doesn't support? hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. new tonight, three high-ranking florida officials close to the law enforcement response at marjory stoneman douglas high school said there was a delay in emergency medical technicians getting into the school in those critical moments after nikolas cruz opened fire killing 17 people and wounding at least 14 others. questions about the broward response are fuelling questions how to prevent this in the future and the house of representatives paused for a
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17-second moment of silence as the house opened. a democrat stood up for a privileged resolution on guns but an ub -- unknown lawmaker booed him and both sides clearly want a solution to the violence. >> it's my sense the ground has moved. >> people saw a lot and said a lot and the cops feel like they couldn't or didn't do anything. i want to address that part of it. >> i think we absolutely need to act to strengthen the background system. >> shannon: chief national correspondent, ed henry, on how the president is trying to forge a consensus. >> it was dana loeshe said they tried to put the blame on law-abiding gun owners yet a
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fraction has been scrutinizing broward sheriff, scott israel, for the lack of accountability from his department. he was elected as a democrat and had been force to acknowledge his deputy received calls nearly two dozen times to deal with a mentally volatile and gun-obsessed cruz, but law enforcement officials as well as the fbi never took the investigations further. now we're learning not just one but four sheriffs deputies hid behind cars in the parking lot instead offing running in and storming the high school to stop the deaths. the president was all over this and talked about doing more on mental health and revealed he had a previously undisclosed lunch with nra officials and said they're ready to work with him and congress to enact stronger background checks and other gun measures. the president called for arming
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teachers saying they could have, quote, shot the hell out of cruz, and lashed out at the sheriff deputies as israel says he's done a terrific job. >> president trump: they weren't medal of honor winners. the way they behaved until you're tested but i think most the people would have ran in with a weapon would have too. >> i can only take respon responsibility for what i knew about and i have given amazing leadership. >> he has everybody under investigation but doesn't want to hold himself accountable for the people he's investigating and the height of arrogance, tucker. >> that was one of more than 70 state lawmakers, all republican, who have now called on florida governor rick scott to at least suspend israel for incompetence
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and negligence of duty and he's ordered the florida law enforcement agency to investigate and declared anyone who did not do their job will be held accountable. shannon. >> shannon: we will see. ed henry, thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> shannon: congress back in washington and they're looking at regulations and some plan to tackle it head on in their states. >> you won't have access to a gun if you're struggling with mental illness, will you make violent threats? we'll have a violent threat restraining order with a law enforcement or official can go to the court system and tlal be due process and they'll make sure you don't have access to a gun. >> shannon: we have more on what the president is saying about the mental part of the mass
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shooting conversation. >> they have talked about mental health in regard to gun violence for years and many are talking about it now. >> this is the public having a chance to inform law enforcement about a danger they see and law enforcement having a venue. there was apparently no venue in florida for the law enforcement agencies can take the information and act on it. >> rebound senator cornyn and murphy are looking to get more authorities to get records in the system to prohibit someone from owning a gun. cornyn said it seems to be the most obvious place to start in light of florida. president trump start to talk about mental institutions this afternoon. >> you used to be able to bring them into a mental institution and hopefully he gets help or
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whatever but he's off the streets. >> some experts say what the president means is a return to time when the mentally ill were abused by a callous, inhumane system. >> it will create a scare when they see a family member or someone they know struggling, people will be scared to get the kill. >> others will say the president's word choice may have been off but he's onto something when it comes better identification and treatment of the mentally ill. >> it's violence by the minority that stigmatize the majority. so if you're against still marx you have to deliver treatment to the untreated mentally ill. >> nikolas cruz allegedly posted a snap chat video cutting his arm. officials said he was not a risk to harm himself or others. >> in general it is very hard to
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treat someone over objection until after they become dangerous to themselves or others. as ludicrous as it sounds, our laws require dangerous behavior than prevent it. >> there was an issue before this stand and we won't find one solution to stop it. >> ken murphy and democrat representative ron barr ber drafted legislation andeieither are in office now and some say it's time for another lawmaker to start championing it. shannon. >> shannon: it's likely to be part of the conversation moving forward. thank you very much. a white house communicator was set to appear before the house permanent select committee on intelligence tomorrow. they have long been a trusted aid to president trump and her testimony will be behind doors. according to one report, the back and forth continues with the dirty dossier and duelling memos now public.
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katherine harris shows us the latest tactic. >> james comey and john clapper have until friday to tell the white house when they knew the dossier was fund the clinton campaign. subpoenas are in play. >> if they don't answer truthfully they'll be asked. >> and the democrats countermemo was released over the weekend with redactions at the fbi's rerequest. the democrats ininclude was intelligence to justify surveillance of a campaign aid. >> the fbi acted appropriately. they're not part of a deep state as the president would like the public to believe. >> several sources corroborate dossier allegations but conflicts with james comey's
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2017 congressional testimony after the warrant in october, 2016 comey still considered the dossier salacious and unverified. the democrats said the fisa court was a document. >> we can't have a secret court operate like this in america where they'll use it against political enemies. >> the political memo said andrew mccabe testified they would have not had the warrant without the dossier and gets a passing reference in the press release fact sheet. >> shannon: thank you very much. the president weighing in on twitter saying this, the democratic memo response on surveillance abuses say legal bust. just confirms all the terrible things that were done.
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so illegal. the democrats have been claiming the remember memo alleging abuses left out key points and now their 10-page memo is public. what's it tell us? jim jordan joining us. if you like the gop memo, you liked it and thought the democratic memo maybe bolstered the points they made and then we have on the left, nancy pelosi saying the release of the democrats' memo helped set the record straight on the investigation and it's imperative they end their political charade. the left things they won. >> one of the thing congress schiff's memo point out is they were already investigating carter paige and didn't need the dossier. why did you wait until you
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that'd full dossier and why did you lead with that according to those that read the fisa court document. why you did use it and try to say we did convey, on the other hand it was a political document, and use the most convoluted language, person b and person a why didn't you just say the clinton campaign paid for it instead of this circuitous way of getting around it. >> shannon: i was going to put that paragraph together for something to put on the screen for people but i go so lost reading it multiple times i thought this is not going to bes for anyone to understand. >> anyone with common sense will ask what they're trying to do. and they speculate they knew to the dnc and the clin ton
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campaign for america paid the law firm and fusion and steele and they took it to the court and led with it. i think the democrat memo confirms what was put out in the republican memo a few weeks ago. >> shannon: what do you make of their public response? they have no other option but to say it's a slam dunk and won it or the gop memo mischaracterizes evidence? >> anybody would conclude that you used the dossier to get a warrant. when gou -- you go to the court you're supposed to present the truth and whole truth. they hid who was fund this, the clinton campaign and dnc and in the subsequent applications to the court to renew the warrant, they didn't tell the court the fbi discontinued their relationship with christopher
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steele. why? he broke a cardinal rule. they doesn't disclose it to the court and continued to get the warrant to spy on a fellow citizen associate with the trump campaign. this is you are never supposed to operate at a court particularly this secret court. >> shannon: i want to ask about something you're confronting on the hill which is what to do in the wake of another deadly school shooting. there's talk of you guys cleaned up the background checks so people don't fall through the cracks in the senate. we hear there there may be a different package with school guns. >> we passed with reciprocity on conceal and carry and frankly this is one thing where the president is exactly right on this issue. when the president talks about teachers who are trained who can then defend their students, imagine if this coach who gave his life for those kids, if he
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would have been trained, he would have engage thread shooter where i believe he would have engaged that shooter and maybe some of the deputy sheriffs didn't engage the shooter like they were supposed to. there's some fix mix bill there's problems with it. it would terminate law-abiding citizen's right without due process in a court of law. >> shannon: there's been issues raised. chuck schumer said if all congress does is to pass the fix mix bill it would be a dereliction of our duty. it sounds like he wants to go much further than just the background check. >> i don't agree with that but i do agree with this, let's not have all this legislation and talk about what's not going to solve the problem. that's one thing that drives me
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crazy. when these terrible tragedies there's proposals from colleagues. allow the good guys to be trained and have a firearm to protect their students when bad guys come on the premises to do harm. every church i know, every sunday morning there are good people, many former military and law enforcement trained and ready to protect their friends and family and other parishioners at the church they're ready for it. why not do the same in our schools? that makes sense. the president's right on that issue. >> shannon: if it happens in federal building and courthouses you have to ask why not schools. thank you. georgia's lieutenant governor said he will prevent delta airlines from get lucrative tax cut unless it re-establishes a discount program with the nra. they're one of the companies publicly breaking ties with the nra and prompting georgia republicans to question whether the airline should get a tax cut
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on jet fuel. delta said its decision nearly confirmed it's neutral status in the debate over guns. the supreme court refusing to hear a ruling to a lower court ruling temporarily blocking daca from ending. the petitioners asked for a rare hearing which would skipped over the ninth circuit. it comes one week before the president's march 5th deadline to reach the status of hundreds of immigrants brought as children. they told the ninth circuit the lower court will proceed expeditiously to decide the case. the federal government is working to replace a section of wall on the california border awarded by trump administration. the two-mile stretch built in the 1990s in calexico and the
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president is planning to go to san diego to see the construction first-hand in mid march. the attorneys general from texas and wisconsin want a new legal assault on obama care and are going to break some news here live. one politician could be guilty of obstruction of justice. and this time it's the democrat in california snubbing a party icon. will it help or hurt the party.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert two states suing over obama care and got rid of the controversial program for good and possible because of the tax bill that just passed congress. leading the charge, texas republican attorney general ken paxon and wisconsin attorney general rob schimmel. welcome. by reading the 2012 supreme court decision written by the chief justice, he said the federal government doesn't have the power to order people to buy
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health insurance. the individual mandate would be unconstitutional if read as a. the individual mandate is therefore constitutional because it can reasonably be read as a tax but and the tax bill that just pass they'd took away the penalty for the tax relate to the mandate. so what say you? >> once you don't have the mandate it's hanging out there by itself and as the decision said from 2012 it's not constitutional and the obama lawyers said it was critical to the survival of obama care. the whole thing's gone. >> shannon: do you think a federal judge is going to buy it? >> exactly. robert built the whole case around the tax and tying it to the mandate. if we don't have the tax, the
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mandate fall and the whole statute falls. >> shannon: you have 20 states total? >> for now. >> shannon: i know you worked to get a good coalition. are there any democratic g.a.s -- >> no, though we're suing the trump investigation. >> shannon: how do you think they then defend this in court? >> i think they'll have trouble defending it in court. it's going to be a strong case for us because it goes to the heart of what robert said. the heart of their case is gone so i don't know how they defend it now the tax is gone. >> shannon: the chief justice had to build a box and now that box is having a couple walls fall. it won't stand. >> shannon: if it ends up back in the supreme court what do you
12:25 am
think the chief will decide this time? >> based on his words, we have an excellent case. he built the structure relying on the tax to keep the mandate in place and he himself said the mandate would be unconstitutional by itself and i think he'll find it unconstitutional. >> the chief justice's reach to make it work resolved around the desire to not undo congress's intent if he can avoid that but now congress has changed their intent and changed the law. i don't believe the chief justice will feel bound. >> shannon: do you think congress knew what they were doing it was part of the tax package he worked hard to get through but i never heard juttal about -- scuttle about hey, it will give him another bite at obama care. >> nobody called me or him. there's not a single counselor i know that they thought -- in fact they seemed to think they
12:26 am
weren't repealing obama care. >> shannon: we'll see if the federal judge you and the 18 other states have made that case sufficient for them. in the meantime, i want to ask you both because have you roles as attorneys general when it comes to your stay laws and enforcement of that and guns and whether arming teachers is a good idea. i want to play something the kentucky governor had to say today in talking with the president. >> when we mock and ridicule the principles the foundation was built upon and treat people the way you want to be treated and respect the dignity of life and women and the people we have increasingly degraded in our society, this culture of death is becoming ber -- pervasive. >> shannon: lots of people are having the conversation that it's more than just a gun. >> we owe it to our kids to have a rational conversation that
12:27 am
looks at all options. time to stop demagoguing the issue and point fingers and come to the table and examine what might work. no one is saying teachers have to be armed but maybe it's a decision local school districts get to make and we'll make sure as attorneys general those teachers are well trained. not a concealed carry course but something that gives them the skills to understand what to do in a really tense situation. >> shannon: i know a lot of this is already happening in texas. >> we had a shooting in our church recently and a said i hope we don't continue to waste time talking about gun laws. bad people won'tful won't follow more gun laws and we have to respond and have a deterrent. if we continue to waste time discussing other issues about
12:28 am
our schools ultimately we'll end up with more dead children and that's unacceptable. >> shannon: it seems the president is pushing for that among other things. thank you both for coming in. >> shannon: remember hash tag bring back our girls? boca haram struck again and where is this political outrage? we'll go live to johannesburg for the latest. and meet a public sector employee who spoke out about being forced to pay union dues and his case went to the supreme court today and joins us live
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oakland, california is warning residents ice is on the way. trace gallagher joins us live to separate fact from fiction. good evening. >> the oakland mayor said staff
12:33 am
gave their credible information about ice operations around the bay area. the mayor said it's her duty and moral obligation to give illegal immigrants fair warning. watch. >> my pirate -- priority is to keep the community safe. it is not my wish to panic people but make sure they're prepared with information. it's our legal right to not expend our appreciation law enforcement resources in supporting a federal matter. >> there's been one immigration related arrest. they conduct operations every day. ice did say this about sanctuary policies saying they're not immune from federal law and they force ice to assign additional resource to conduct at-large
12:34 am
arrests putting officers, the residents and aliens at greater risk. not only has the mayor promise to oppose federal measures they passed a resolution barring local police in aiding federal regulations. and legal experts say depending on how specific the mayor's information is regarding ice operations, she could be bordering on obstruction of justice. when asked why she'd want to interfere in the feds doing their job the mayor didn't answer but they said she'll is getting threats and one woman was killed by an illegal
12:35 am
immigrant shelter ed by local law anniversariment. law enforcement. >> shannon: thank you very much. boko haram has struck again more than 100 girls have been abducted from a school and nigerians are reliving the nightmare all over again. we have more on the story. paul. >> hi, shannon. a force confirmed they withdrew forces guarding the school and town in dapchi a week before boko haram entered. they said they thought the secure and the troops could be
12:36 am
used more effectively. it's not just the parents who are in shock, the whole of the populous of all african nation are stunned the nighttime abduction of young girls has been allowed to happen again when families not far from here are still trying to get back the roughly same number of school girls from 276 kidnapped by the same group of isis-group terrorists. same method, at night, bursting into town and in the chaos, a 13-year-old student managed to escape. >> the insurgents came to our school shooting and trying to disperse us. i and other 60 students went through the fence.
12:37 am
>> reporter: a disturbing similar time line to the other kidnappings. for a week they said maybe the girls ran off to evade capture and will come back. even now the country's information minister will only say the girls are unaccounted for but eyewitnesses report truck loads of girls being off screaming their fate likely to be raped and force into marriage. their innocent their ultimate trophy. tonight, as around the world bring back our girls campaign is being remobilized. it's clear that in nigeria, it will need more than a hash tag to bring these girls back, shannon. >> shannon: we cannot forget about these women. paul, thank you very much. we'll stay on that story. the supreme court justice is weigh major case. unions and membership roles. will the court decide public
12:38 am
employees cannot be forced to pay union dues. it's a case all the way to the nation's highest court today and we're joined live tonight. and ivanka trump asked about women who have made accusations against her father. fair game or is that a question the mainstream media would never ask like, hmm, chelsea
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.. black black chelsea
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>> shannon: senator feinstein make joke. her time as a senator might as well be up too because they're favoring a candidate running to her left. the democratic congressional campaign committee holding back on endorsing la pinski and he's a seven-term democrat. and let's bring in julie alvin, the senior digital director of lifestyle at the meredith corporation and editor of the washington times and fox news contributor, welcome both. >> thank you.
12:43 am
>> shannon: more liberals got support and a tweet said this, senator feinstein is opposes marijuana legalization and not for impeachment. it doesn't surprise me she didn't get an endorsement from california democrats. what do you say? >> i agree. i think it's indicative of the way the democratic party is moving. there are people like diane finestein and lapinski and have not been part of the resistance against the administration and in lapinski's case he voted against obama scare and marriage equality and abortion rights. it's not surprising to me they are not garnering the endorsement of the democratic party following the 2016 election with the groundswell
12:44 am
around bernie sanders. >> shannon: i'm .. shannon: i'm those candidates. >> it's good to have a very stronger, loyal, better opposition than to have people that have gone over the line into full-on socialism. of course, this sort of holding people's feet to the fire we've seen in the rebound party goes back a long time. but in the last election if the democrats dnc and the hillary clinton people had not rigged the process democratic process would have nominated a full-on proud socialist democratic socialist. and that's a pretty big deal. and while that is better for republicans, i think. it's sort of a problem and the
12:45 am
idea that one fully established party in this country today believes in socialism or something very close to it is a pretty frightening thing actually. >> shannon: so charlie's not feeling the bern but i have a question about a question ivanka trump was asked. >> do you believe in your father's accusers. >> i think it's an appropriate question about her father if she believes the accusers of her father when he's affirm difficult stated when there's no truth to it. i don't think it's a question you'd ask many other daughters. i believe my father. i know my father. >> shannon: so that point, ben shapiro said, you're right, they never asked chelsea about bill's misconduct. julie is that fair? >> i don't think it is. ivanka's trying to have it both
12:46 am
ways. she's not just donald trump's daughter. she's a senior adviser and goes out and represents this presidency and white house and country around the world. she and donald trump have both said her areas of focus within the administration are women's health and women's issues and tweeted in support of the time's up movement and donald trump has been accused by many women of inappropriate sexual behavior and that's fair game for a senior adviser in his white house to have to answer. if she can't just play the daughter card when it's convenient and makes her uncomfortable. she's a close confidentant c confidant and adviser to the president. >> i come from the school of journalism that all questions can be asked and i thought she
12:47 am
answered very well and i don't think that reporter who is particularly interested in learning any information he was not trying to cover new ground. he was trying to make a statement and made his statement and she made hers but she's right. nobody would have ever asked chelsea clinton that question. >> chelsea clinton was not an official representative. >> but she's been out in the media. >> shannon: we'll leave it there. charlie, to your point, i remember talking to one prominent politician i was about to interview live and i said i'm going ask whatever i want and he said you can ask but it didn't mean i'll answer. great to see you. to pay or not to pay union fees? that is the question. the supreme court will soon decide whether public employees can be force to pay union fees even when they disagree how the union spends its money on political activity. a state employee at the center of the supreme court case argued
12:48 am
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>> shannon: an enormous spirited crowd showed up at the court house today and the question is
12:52 am
whether employees can be force to pay union fees. and the employee who started it joins us live. can you imagine common you took this on you'd u.s. supreme court and have a day like today? >> never. we were not sure whether or not the court would hear our case and we were thrilled when they did accept it but to get this far is an honor for an average guy. >> shannon: you said from the first time you got your paycheck and the fee was taken out you never had a freedom. >> i don't have the freedom. it is mandated and some say it's coerced and my right to say yes is just important as the right to say no and i never paid the
12:53 am
opportunity. >> shannon: they said bar fees are taken by the bar association and said any union member can get up and say they don't agree with the position the union is taking. how do you respond to her? >> it's different between the bar and public sector union. the public sector union is a private third party. that i think the main differs. >> shannon: we heard that from justice kennedy that you shouldn't be force to subsidize the political speech of a private party. is that what you feel you're being asked to do? >> an example i can give is in the chicago area they tried to put in a soda tax and the union lobbied for the soda tax. why are they lobby firing soda
12:54 am
tax? what's it have to do with wages for members. >> shannon: the governor and the attorney general are on opposite sides and here's what she says the case is about. >> this case is not about imping -- impinging on rights it's about right-wing extremists wanting to eliminate unions. >> shannon: she said it's about a case of right-wing extremists who want to eliminate unions. it's not about your first amendment right? >> well, have her first-amendment rights been abridged? mine have. don't have the right of freedom of association guaranteed by the bill of rights. and so therefore how can she say
12:55 am
that. my first amendment rights have been abridged because i haven't been given the choice. we have 22 states including illinois that mandate these fees. and because they man days the fees we have to pay whether we like it or not. if we don't pay, we lose our jobs. >> shannon: you said your not anti-union but against forcing people to pay fees. >> if unions such a great job and have such a great product wouldn't people flock to them and voluntarily pay? which some do but there's a group of us that disagree. >> shannon: we wait for a decision by june. mark, thanks for coming in. it's 6 am. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, more than a thousand workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of
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1:00 am
duo whose second amendment rights were caught on camera. we all have their story tomorrow. must watch, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washi >> the bad guy as to understand there is a big price today when you mess around with our students. >> i suggest we need less tweeting, more listening. >> we all find ourselves what we can do to have debited her speech is current and former government officials have until friday to hotel the health intelligence committee when they knew that trump does it was funded by the dnc. >> hope you have a big appetite because tuesday is national pancake day. ♪


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