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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  February 28, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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body america have had the honor to lie in honor in the capital. >> we are back tomorrow noon eastern time and now here is harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. our nation, and the world remembering america's pastor. a public viewing for the late reverend billy graham begins right now. the reverend is lying in honor in the rotunda of the u.s. capitol where the public is invited to pay their respects before his funeral on friday in north carolina. earlier president trump spoke and laid a wreath at graham's casket. we will talk to a republican lawmaker from the reverend's home state who sponsored the resolution for this rare and special tribute at the u.s. capitol. watch for that also this hour we are tracking two big developments as stoneman douglas students return to high school for the first time since the shooting massacre. we go outnumbered overtime. i'm harris faulkner. let's take a look at the screen now. on screen left, any moment
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we expect to hear from the broward county school superintendent robert runcie, as students and the community try restore some sense of normalcy, if that's possible two weeks after a former student burst on to campus and killed 17 people. screen right, the white house where president trump will meet a bipartisan group of lawmakers on school safety. in amendment mornings i will be joined by a congressman who will be at that meeting with the president that you can about who to expect. eruptiony on this very brahm earlier in the week and talked about how things would be and feel different for those students when they return today. they picked up in fourth period which is where they had left off before that shooter began the massacre. and so this day has been a tough one. let's watch and listen to the superintendent. >> i'm joined by our school board members. school board chair nora rupert. vice chair heather
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brinkworth. school board member dr. roselyn osgood. and school board member robin bartleman. and our school board member ms. patty good. the past two books have certainly been a challenge to. say that it has been emotional, heart-breaking and overwhelm would go certainly be an understatement. but we have seen the worst of humanity but we have also seen as followed by incredible acts of kindness and support from throughout broward county and the rest of the world. we are extremely grateful for that everyone sharing in the grief that we are going through. today was a major milestone for us. we took major step in the recovery process as students returned to school today at majory stoneman douglas high school.
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they continue to be inspiring students. they continue to show us their resilience. we saw a really great turnout at school today. we had attended 3,123 students. that's about 170 short of what we would normally have. so that's an attendance rate today of abou about 95%. i thought that was outstanding. on hand today were 150 counselors that were ready to listen to provide support and offer any help that was needed. there are also a lot of therapy dogs. there were over 40 of those on site today. and other animals in support as requested by staff around the campus we had additional staff. i was pleased to see almost all of our high school
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principals in broward county were here in addition to other administrative staff. here to provide support and encouragement to their colleagues and the staff at the school today we had a modified schedule. school ran from 740 to 11:40. that's the same schedule for thursday and friday. it's a modified schedule that we look at this as a transition week. the way i would -- the words i would use to describe this week are flexibility, support and love. that's what we are trying to provide to our staff, our students. to get through this period, work our way back into some sense of normalcy. we know things will never ever be the same. we are going to try out how to move forward. today we gave our students a lot of opportunity to get
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reacquainted. it felt like almost like a family reunion. where the majory stoneman douglas family finally got back together after a couple weeks. i'm sure they shared stories. they hugged each other. they have an opportunity to begin to go and see their classes. we have to rebuild the entire master schedule to be able to fit all the students into the remaining facilities. so many were going to new locations throughout the day. so, that was another part of what we certainly provided to do. so, in terms of flexibility, you know, i have been asked. >> harris: we wanted to give you an opportunity, the nation to pause just a moment. those students went back to school today in parkland, florida. that's their superintendent, mr. runsy, talking a little bit about the emotional support that those students had when they arrived in their classrooms today. of course the focus nationwide has been on actually protecting them, their people, their persons if you will as they go back
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to school and lessons other students can be better protected from. we mentioned president trump will soon meet with a group of bipartisan lawmakers on school safety. this as the group of house members from both sides of the political aisle are rallying around a bill designed to identify and prevent school violence and school violence makers we should say. the bill's sponsor is florida republican john are yorutherford who will be at that white house meeting with the president today. congressman rutherford also brings to bear his own experience as a former sheriff in the sunshine state. all right, i have talked about you as if you are not there. you are with us now. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: absolutely. tell me about what you want to tell the president when you see him today. >> you know, listen, i want the opportunity to be used to really give the president a diversity of ideas and experiences across the
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country that all of these bipartisan members who will be there today can share and really inform. >> harris: have you seen this issue from many sides. you were a sheriff yourself. what works to protect our children? because that's the bottom line. politics aside, just what will work? >> yeah. harris, listen, every security plan is a multi-layered process. and our bill, the stop school violence agent of 2018 is one layer in that protection where we address the physical layer of security in the building. it's called crime prevention through environmental design. and you actually design buildings to preclude these kind of things from happening or at least minimize the opportunity secondly, this bill is going to teach students, teachers and officers of the telltale signs to look for in
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students that can tip them off to the fact that they may be leading down this path to violence. and giving them anonymous type of reporting system so that they can then report what they see and learn anonymously who the correct official, law enforcement and school officials. finally the support that the federal government can give through funding to address those needs and educational costs for this training. >> harris: thank you for laying out the stop school via silence act of 2018. i would assume that you are going to be telling the presence today. he has also talked about arming teachers. as you are in this bipartisan meeting. i'm curious to know how you think that part of it will go. >> let me say this about the
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onset security. i think the best security you can have is sworn law enforcement officers who are trained and prepared to do their job. i think the situation at douglas high school is a horrific example. by one officer. but can i tell you. >> harris: at least one. there may have been more. >> may have been more. but the best response is to always have those officers on the scene ready to respond to an active shooter backing up to that going to multilayered approach, we can look at background checks. we can look at sales of weapons, ages and those sorts of things can be discussed. but, those are the issues that i think we really need to talk about with the president. but the focus of of my bill is really that one area where we can really take some bipartisan action right now to make those schools safer. >> harris: you know what i'm
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getting from you we have heard from the president too, this is a moment in time which you might be able to get something done. unfortunately rapid nature of news seven or 10 days out we are talking about something else. this is a moment, how important is it that you will be with the president today? >> listen, i think it's very important, harris, because, listen, as i as said as a sheriff. i don't want to be the first responder to a mass casualty event. i want to prevent that horrific incident before it occurs. and so my focus is always going to be on prevention. that's why my bill focuses on that. talk to the president once all these other layers of security fail, and there is that possibility. >> harris: sure. >> what secures our children in that school is someone on those grounds with -- a good guy with a gun to stop a bad
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guy with a gun. whether those are school officers, resource officers. harris, one size does not fit all in this situation. have you very rural areas you have urban areas. needs are going to be different. we need to recognize that. >> harris: congressman rutherford as you prepare to meet with the president bipartisan meeting today, thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you, harris. >> billy graham was 15 years old at the time. just a few months later he accepted jesus christ as his lord and xavier. that choice didn't just change billy's life. it changed our lives. it changed our country and it changed, in fact, the entire world the north
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carolina farm boy walked out of those fields into a great and beautiful history. >> harris: president trump from this morning as the reverend billy graham becomes just the fourth private citizen in the u.s. history to lie in honor at the u.s. capitol. members of the public now, we can see entering the capitol rotunda to pay their respects to the man known as america's pastor. congressman mark walker is chairman of the republican study committee. he co-sponsored the resolution with the north carolina delegates for reverend graham to receive today's honor. and i want to just ask you about that journey and getting there and what you want people to understand about why it's happening this way. we have had no other american impact the lives that billy graham has for think about this, the majority of the 20th century. that's why it was so important to acknowledge his
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class, his humility. his authenticity. this is why it was very important for reverend graham to become only the fourth american to do so. >> harris: as we look forward, we look back to prepare ourselves. what was the message and being from his home state, what was the message so great that reverend graham took out into even remote corners of the world? here is a man that had esteem steamed all kinds of power. when you pick up the phone, kings and queens, presidents, going all the way back, think about this to the 40s of harry truman. his kind of impact. he never let it get to the place where he thought himself better than others. in fact, as i stood there, directly behind the casket and watched all the senators and members of congress there. the thing that i guess that impacted me the most is billy graham's life reached many, many more people than all the others combined in that room today. >> harris: you know, we talk about the world.
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i want to talk about his journey personally for you. because he had an impact on your life personally. sure as the man of baptist preacher i didn't want any part of it and when i felt led to go into the ministry, billy graham was an example. not just hun on how he delivered and talked about jesus christ, but the fact of how he guarded specifically his own marriage. his relationship and for younger pastors to see somebody who was finishing strong the race that how much he loved ruth and how much he will went out of his way to make sure that that marriage was protected no matter where he went in the world. that was an example. not just a message component. but how he lived his life, harris, because so many befall the dlits and glamour. he never pursued that stayed true to his message delivering the good news of jesus christ. >> harris: we have a lot of discussion culturally in our country about how much religion should or does play
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a part in our daily lives. reverend graham had a really purist, simple view about christian yanity in the world. can you tell us about that? >> i can it was based out of his own upbringing, a farm boy from north carolina. you heard the president talk about it today in 1934, a group of businessmen prayed that god would raise up someone. billy graham never lost that identity of being a small town farm boy. and i think that's the way. it's very hard specifically whether it's in washington or somewhere else, harris, to be able to combine that boldness but also the right tone, the right spirit, and the right heart that people are willing to hear your message of faith. in this arena of the political world, and the partisanship that we encounter every day, fightinfindingthat balance onlym the lord on a daily basis. >> harris: before we part ways go deeper on one issue. lack of civility sometimes is where we are. i have to hide my children's eyes sometimes and cover my
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own ears. whether you have 12 presidents who have been in the company of america's pastor as he is known, how does that maybe inform or make an impression how retreat each other particularly how you all treat each other at the capitol? >> it should be a pause moment for all of us. remembering that how we deliver what it is that we believe, the personal attacks that we have seen impact negatively whether it's in the social media culture or other places the vitriol that is spewed. we by leaders can you still hold to your values. can you still lead your principles without compromise. god calls us nowhere except to the light of the world even in this arena called washington, d.c. >> harris: god calls us nowhere we are sent to be a light in the world. i will quote you today. congressman walker, thank you for your time. >> harris, always a privilege, thank you. >> harris: well, now back to politics.
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as hard as this toggle is from faith to this but we will do it. democrats slamming top trump advisor trump hicks before the house intel pam. they say she refused to answer questions about her time after the inauguration. one of those democrats is going to join us and i'm going to ask him exactly what he is looking for. plus, the president'sson and senior advisor jared kushner stripped now of his top secret security clearance. we say someone is stripped of their rank so on and so forth. that's where that term comes from. what this means for his role in the white house and whether now can he do his job or whether he will be given a different one. stay close. >> in white house palace intrigue, is there a battle between john kelly and different members, including jared kushner. >> i have just not seen that and the general, i can't imagine is very focused on it he has a great deal of respect and support among the staff in this building. you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. ♪ >> harris: fox news alert. access denied. the president's senior advisor and son-in-law jared kushner has lost his top secret security clearance as chief of staff john kelly cracks counse down on those whoo not yet have a permanent cleerps. cowps lore for the president kellyanne conway tells fox news this will not affect kushner's vital role in the white house. watch. >> he has great faith in
10:22 am
jared couricner as his kushner r to middle east and other pieces of portfolio. jared has been involved with nafta negotiations: foreign trips. he has been involved not all of them. >> harris: kushner's downgrade comes as "the washington post" foreign governments may have sought to manipulate him and those concerns may have held up his full security clearance. for reaction let's bring in denny hecks who sits on the house intel committee. great to have you today. thank you for being here. you tweeted out earlier this is the right thing to do why? >> obviously, because among other things, jared kushner did not truthfully or faithfully or completely submit his form called ff 86 which is required of everybody seeking a security clearance, harris. but the truth of the matter is, if the investigating authorities, those who are responsibility for reviewing
10:23 am
these believe that that is not yet complete or appropriate, then the security clearance is denied. we don't know exactly why that was. it may be something very serious or it may be something that can clear it up over time. the fundamental issue though is whether or not he has withheld information intentionally or not intentionally that could have put him in a position to be compromised. look, we are all on the time here. everyone want the same thing. >> harris: this is a bipartisan issue. in fact, you know, i'm curious to know what kind of conversations you have had with republicans because leaders like trey gowdy and others led the charge on let's get to the bottom of this. let's find out what is going on. is there a delay in clearances in and in fact there is the backlog is 1300 from what i'm reading there have a lot of issues. what kind of good conversations hav are you having with republican counterparts. >> the conversations i have been trying to have in making a priority out of, harris, are what is it we can do to prepare ourselves for the 2018 midterm
10:24 am
elections. that's frankly what i'm focused on because of the continuing interference on the part of russia, russia nationals and agents on their behalf as attested to you recently by national security advisor mr. mcmasters and also reiterated by admiral rogers just this week. i think that's really what the priority ought to be at this point obviously at loggerheads about the truth 2016 election. let's move forward and get to the issues, the objectives we can agree on, which is to protect ourselves against what is obviously not only continuing but escalating interference by the russians. >> harris: that's pretty rare coming from a democrat. you must know that too, right? you know how are talking to. let's talk a little bit about hope hicks before the house intel committee yesterday for several hours. i spoke with congressman chris stewart of utah he said she answered every question up until the transition which she would not answer.
10:25 am
what did you learn from her. >> not much because she was ordered not to answer questions. it was that straightforward, frankly. as a matter of fact, it wasn't even an assertion of executive privilege, harris. she simply said through her attorney, i refuse to answer. i have been instructed not to answer. it was simply you can't talk. at one point, harris, her attorney said in response to a question if you were a prosecuting attorney, i would tell you that's none of your business. frankly, that's not in keeping with the spirit of the importance of this investigation. but that's where we were. >> harris: congressman heck how is it two people can get it so differently when you were in the same room? >> good question. >> harris: stuart does and you get it differently. the facts are the facts. is politics that much pollution in the room? >> i think it's a question you have to actually direct to my friend chris stewart. is he my friend. is he one of the members across the aisle that i seek to work with as often as possible. clearly we were observing
10:26 am
den different family that familt phenomenon that yesterday. those are the facts. steve bran none so broad and wide reportedly, there were a lot of things he wouldn't answer and so there might be the push not just from democrats but from your friends as you call them across the political aisle to bring him back even maybe under subpoena. talk to me about what you expect this next few weeks or months. stuart says you might wrap it up in the next few weeks. what is the end game here. >> my hope for the end game is that we in fact can get to a southwest recommendations and offer the measures to protect ourselves in the 2018 election. i frankly have quite some time ago given up hope that the majority members are going to really seek it to its conclusion. they seem to be more interested in getting it over than in getting it right. and i think that's unfortunate. >> harris: do you have taxpayers to account to. it's been millions of dollars, you know, across
10:27 am
the board. we don't know what robert mueller has. he has his investigation. in fact, at times you haven't even been able to get the first bite at somebody pause mueller's investigation has snatched them away. before i let you go, i just want to talk about, you say protecting the elections in november. you are going to need time to do that. so now i want to know. when do you think this will come to an end? >> i have no idea. >> harris: will it be weeks? months? >> i have no idea, harris. we don't have any eyes in on director mueller's investigation. so it's not. >> harris: i mean the house intel. >> oh, well, they have the 2k3w568s and a2k3w568 gavels. as i said earlier they seem to be more interested in getting it over with than getting it right. dozens of witnesses clearly, clearly germane and important to this investigation which they refuse to allow us to invite in. we have asked them for subpoenas for certain information that is clearly germane like with deutsche bank and they have refused it. i think they are pretty clearly on cures and track
10:28 am
to get it over with. >> harris: we appreciate your time. congressman heck on this issue. hope you are right if there are things that need to be fixed before the next election cycle they get done and that the politics don't step on that. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on, harris. >> harris: sure. a bombshell new report that's raising new questions on whether the obama administration did enough to stop russian meddling in the runup to the 2016 election. we will talk about that ahead. and as reverend billy graham lies in honor at the u.s. capitol now. we will talk to a friend at the len general dear evangelist about the life and legacy that he left behind. stay close. >> we can only imagine the number of lives touched by the preaching and the prayers of billy graham. the hearts he changed. the sorrows he eased, and the joy he brought to so many. real cheese people know good things come in threes.
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>> whether listening to reverend graham, it's as if he is right there next to you, praying with you, turning you to the glory of god. few loved others as billy graham did and few were as beloved as he was. >> harris: powerful words today from house speaker paul ryan on the life and legacy of the reverend billy graham. it's a week in which we're talking a lot about him and christianity. a public viewing for the late evangelist is now underway at the capitol rotunda as graham now lies in honor, a rare honor. let's bring in dr. robert jeffress, senior pastor at the first baptist church of dallas, a fox news contributor as well. great to have you on the program. everyone has that moment that america's pastor made a difference in their life. what was yours? >> >> harris, billy graham, even though he lived in north carolina was a member of my church, first baptist church of dallas for 54 years before he joined
10:34 am
church closer to his home a couple of years ago. but i first met billy graham which i was 19. i was actually planning to be a pastor, but i started having doubts about whether the bible was really the word of god. i remember listening to dr. graham speak and that evening he told a story about being in the ministry and having the same doubts and how one night on a floor of the golf course he threw himself on the ground and said god i don't understand everything in the bible buy for your help i'm going to preach it the rest of my life. as i heard that harris, i made that same commitment in my heart. and later that evening i accidentally ran into billy graham. i told him of my commitment. he congratulated me and he wrote a note in my bible that i will treasure forever. so, he really transformed my life in a very meaningful way. >> harris: wow, to have that note that you can keep all these years. and i would imagine check back on a time or two. you know what? dr. jeffers, learning that he was a member of your church, i'm wondering who
10:35 am
picks up the mantel now? how do you take it forward? we are in a society now where it looks like certain words are scrubbed. we don't talk a lot about christianity. we call everything faith and it a denomination of faith. what are your thoughts on that? >> look, you know, people ask me why did he connect so much with people? one reason was he always preached the bible. when main line denominations in the 40's were preaching pop psychology and philosophy, he also said the bible says, the bible says. but to your point, i think he also preached the gospel. i just sent president trump a note a few moments ago thanking him that in his comments today he did not try to water down billy graham's message and make it some eclectic feel good message. no, he preached the gospel that we're all sinners but we can all find forgiveness through jesus christ. billy graham never compromised his message with political correctness. he was faithful to preach the gospel until the end. i think that's why god
10:36 am
blessed him. >> harris: you know, it's interesting. i want to tell everybody on the left-hand side the public now able to view reverend graham as he lies in honor at the u.s. capitol. that's happening now. live pictures there to the left. you know, dr. jeffers, you touched on something that now does carry somewhat of graham's legacy forward. you are talking about sending note just moments ago, you yourself did to president trump. he talked with 12 presidents. you know, as we go forth, that openness by leadership to clergy. i'm wondering, where do you see it in the future? >> well, i will tell you, i'm so grateful to this president. he has become the most faith friendly president in history. franklin and i had the opportunity to have dinner with the president just a few weeks ago. and we told him how much we appreciated his being open to christian faith and protecting religious liberty. and, look, when it came to billy graham and presidents, people often say well, was billy involved in politics?
10:37 am
well, when you talk about partisan politics for the most part, he stayed away from those bitter partisan divides. but he never shied away from you addressing what he felt like were moral and spiritual issues like the sanctity of life and marriage and religious liberty. but at the core of billy's message always was the gospel cf jesu of jesus christ. >> harris: i'm reminded that dr. martin luther king jr. met with the late reverend now and that he reached many remote villages on the continent of africa with a message of christianity. dr. jeffers, thank you very much. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: we remind everybody that the funeral for reverend billy graham will be in north carolina on friday. we will carry the ceremony live here on fox news channel as much as we are able to see. and i know from dr. jeffers that he will be there, too. because he told us before the program. special counsel robert mueller is now reportedly looking into president trump's personal business dealings with russia before
10:38 am
the 2016 campaign. but last year the president signaled that such a move could cross a red line. so what might we expect now? the power panel next.
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tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. mitzi: with less joint pain, watch me. for less joint pain and clearer skin, ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> harris: this is a new development just section ago. attorney general jeff sessions is pushing back after president trump went after him for using a, quote, obama guide to investigate alleged surveillance abuses. in a statement he says quote now and this has just happened. we have initiated the appropriate process that will ensure complaints against this department will be fully and fairly acted upon if necessary. as long as i am the attorney general, i will continue to discharge my duties and integrity and honor and this department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law of the constitution, end quote. power panel now. leslie marshall is a syndicated radio host and fox news contributor. our democrat here. alex is a former communications director for senator marco rubio and a partner at firehouse
10:43 am
strategies. great to have you back. alex, what do you think about this? this is a very public thing going back and forth. >> it's just really unusual to thee these sorts of spats within the administration spilling out in the public as we have seen today with the president going on twitter and jeff sessions. why can't they pick up the phone and have these discussions internally like you would see in other administration. it really distracts from the president's agenda and makes it tough for the attorney general to his doo his job which san important job. >> harris: the topic though, is it worth this? look at what the president is talking about. >> i don't think it is worth it. i don't understand the president's strategy behind going after the inspector general at the justice department. especially when congressional republicans don't agree with im. you saw today trey gowdy going out and defending the inspector general. the senator grassley from iowa, another conservative defending him. i don't think picking fights with the justice department, that then spills into larger fights with the attorney general and congressional republicans fits the president's strategy. >> harris: leslie?
10:44 am
>> except for one thing, he recused himself from the russia investigation. and the president has been very vocal about that. >> well, what bothers me is, and this is not my guy, candidate. he is my president now. but you are saying there is no collusion or no problem. just let it go jeff sessions did the right thing recusing himself. we get the problem with the president is that he forgets that the attorney general is not to pledge his allegiance to the president trump it's thorthe executive branch. it shows division in the republican party. constant approval rating going down. a lot of people are looking at a house in disarray. >> harris: actually, it's been come back because tax cuts have helped the president it would appear. let's get back to the original tweet. here is what the president tweeted.
10:45 am
why is a.g. jeff sessions asking the inspector general to investigate potentially massive fisa abuse? will take forever. has no prosecutorial power and already late with reports on comey, et cetera. isn't the ig an obama guy? why not use justice department lawyers disful? >> those may be valid questions that he should pick up the attorney general himself or ask the white house counsel. asking those questions publicly only undermines the investigation that is happening at the justice department which is an important investigation. why the white house, why the president would want to undermine an important investigation that makes no sense to me. >> harris: when you look at the situation the president is talking about, do you feel that he has been listened to? sometimes this president will be vocal when he thinks he is not being heard? i would say that most people feel that way. >> clearly the president is frustrated from what happened a year ago when jeff sessions recused himself from the russian
10:46 am
investigation. that relationship has never been the same since clearly. you continue to see the president poking at the attorney general every chance he gets. i think because he is still upset that the attorney general recused himself. >> harris: why not move on then? >> i'm not sarah sanders, i don't have to answer that question. it's not clear why he continues to engage in fights with his own administration. >> harris: leslie. >> it's juvenile. i have a and 10-year-old. and that's the behavior. you said 3rd grade. this is what is going on. it shouldn't be playing out on twitter. he should pick up the phone or like he said i would agree with you there ask his own attorney why is this being done in this manner? >> harris: let's talk about special counsel robert mueller. now reportedly looking into president trump's business dealings with russia before the 2016 gain. something that could cross a red line for the president, which he said before. this has gotten wide
10:47 am
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>> dana: hi, everyone, i'm dana perino, attorney general jeff sessions issuing a response to president trump's tweet about him. we will tell you what sessions is saying now. senate democrats signaling they won't back a bipartisan bill beefing up background checks. chris wallace weighs in on that and on the moving
10:51 am
tribute to billy graham. we have special election results in two states all at the top of the hour on the daily briefing. ♪ ♪ >> harris: so some developments to tell you about on the special counsel's russia investigation. cnn is now reporting robert mueller's team is looking into president trump's personal business dealings with russia before his presidential campaign. you'll recall during an interview with the "new york times" in july of last year, the president was asked whether mueller looking into his finances would be unrelated to russia. and whether that would cross the red line. here is what the president said, quote: i would say yeah. i would say yes. i think that's a violation, end quote. later in that interview, the president was asked whether that would be a fireable offense. the president responding, quote: i can't answer that question because i don't know -- i don't think it's to happen end quote. back with power panel now. legsly marshall and alex conkoenig.
10:52 am
we are at that point. >> yeah, it sounds like it. look, mueller has a broad mandate but it does not include phishing. >> harris: have you told him that? >> the people at the justice department did when they gave him the assignment. there is nothing wrong with asking questions. if that's all is he doing asking questions to fill in the fuller picture, i suppose there is nothing wrong with that. >> harris: what crosses the line. >> if he indicts the president or the president's family sore some sort of financial transactions that have nothing to do with the campaign or 2016 elections. there is no question the president would view that as crossing the red line and create a real political crisis. >> harris: leslie. >> i agree with the latter part of what he said. that's his job. >> if he is trying to build a case against the president and the family specifically on this point and is that core. >> i don't think so. if you just look at the two things that he has been tasked with doing is to find
10:53 am
out is there obstruction of justice? and you know, the russian meddling, right? i think the questions are pertinent to both of those categories and that he is doing his job. >> harris: it's not russian meddling. we already know that happened with the election. both sides of the political aisle saying and i talked with representatives today and yesterday from two different camps that, yeah, we have to get this right before november. it's whether or not there is collusion between the trump campaign and russia. and so far no evidence of that. how far into the future do we go -- what? >> you have to ask that. >> harris: it's being asked by several investigations. >> but that is what his job to do. you can't prove obstruction -- look, the bottom line is obstruction of justice, most people would say if there was obstruction of justice, there has to be some kind of quid pro quo and that would be, when? before the campaign, perhaps. that would be, what? >> between businesses in
10:54 am
russia trump family and businesses. although it may be pushing the envelope, it's not crossing that line. >> harris: when the president says it is crossing the line and would it be a fireable offense? >> what do you expect. >> i expect that the president and the white house will do what they're already doing which is cooperating with this investigation as much as possible. we haven't heard any complaints from mueller or the justice department that the president is not cooperating. >> harris: is this a game change? is mueller going down a different road. >> simply asking questions about the core of the investigation continues to be on the russians and the medal ling and whether or not any americans helped them. if that is what is he looking, into i think that is totally fine, as as i said the moment he indicts somebody close to trump for financial transactions that is jared or another family member that has to do something unrelated to the election, clearly of the president is going to say that crosses the red line and it is going to spark real political crisis in washington.
10:55 am
>> harris: are you at this point now, you saw it, the president's attorneys looking at whether or not he should sit down with mueller. and i heard you talk about this before. you still on the same position? should he? >> i think he should. i actually -- look, the president has actually been deposed many times in the past. he is very comfortable talking under oath. i think it is in the white house's best interest to get all of the facts out. they should tell mueller. >> harris: that's an interesting point. so he has done well before. democrats will say oh, no, he is going to nic his finger on this. that's going to be bad. that's an interesting talking point if you look at the facts. maybe a little bit of fantasy by democrats. >> i'm a democrat. i want truth. i don't think you can get the truth and can you have the full picture like today when -- yesterday when hope hicks answered questions up to a point or when steve bannon, you know, has executive privilege like pleading the fifth. absolutely should. if he has nothing to hide. no there there. sit down. it will be done sooner and quite frankly that will help
10:56 am
mueller to do his job and to bring this to a close what are the outcome is. >> the longer it goes it more it looks like the president and his immediate family did nothing wrong. they have nothing to hide, continue to cooperate. >> harris: she agrees with that america's pastor lying in honor in u.s. capitol row tundra. public invited to pay respects. stay close.
10:57 am
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>> harris: a day, a week to remember the reverend billy graham. keep it here on fox. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: an emotional reunion in parkland, florida. students and teachers going back to school two weeks after 17 of their classmates and coworkers were shot dead. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." a difficult day for survivors returning to school for the first time amid very tight security. >> i still think i'm in a nightmare. i'm gonna wake up one day and everything's going to be normal. my friends are still going to be here, you know? i'm gonna just go to class and chill and hang out with my friends and not worry about anything. i was looking at my prom dresses, not thinking of 20


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