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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 28, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> harris: a day, a week to remember the reverend billy graham. keep it here on fox. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: an emotional reunion in parkland, florida. students and teachers going back to school two weeks after 17 of their classmates and coworkers were shot dead. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." a difficult day for survivors returning to school for the first time amid very tight security. >> i still think i'm in a nightmare. i'm gonna wake up one day and everything's going to be normal. my friends are still going to be here, you know? i'm gonna just go to class and chill and hang out with my friends and not worry about anything. i was looking at my prom dresses, not thinking of 20 million cops in my school.
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>> dana: phil keating is live in parkland, florida. phil? >> reporter: dana, this was absolutely a day of much trepidation and apprehension for the more than 3,000 students who did show up today. the superintendent said 95% of the total student body did return for this first day back to school. that's pretty impressive, considering so many went through so much. as they walked across the street heading onto the campus today two weeks to the day since 17 people were shot and killed, there was plenty of unity as well and an overwhelming show of support. the vast majority of the stoneman douglas high school students wore their burgandy school colors and eagles proud t-shirts. the principals tweeted this morning, today was all about reclaiming the nest. the superintendent had said there would be a significant enhanced security presence for the first day back. but this was dramatic. at least 100 squad cars from
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police agencies all over broward county and south florida drove around the school and just as many if not more officers in uniforms marched up and down and posted up in front of the school entrance all to make the students feel safe. are you nervous? >> yes, a little bit. >> reporter: are you scareed? >> yes, a little. >> reporter: what do you think it's going to be like as you get into your classroom? >> i think it's going to be sad. >> reporter: this first day back, just a half day, as will be the case tomorrow and friday. but next week students go back to their full normal high school schedules. dana. >> dana: all right. phil keating, thank you. attorney general jeff sessions responds after president trump criticized the selection to head up an investigation into claims of surveillance abuse by the government. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington. >> reporter: the attorney general issuing this statement
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that reads in part, as long as i am the attorney general, i will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor and this department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and constitution. that appears to be a direct reference to the president's tweet criticizing the decision to send the investigation into alleged surveillance abuse to the attorney general michael e horowitz investigating the fbi and justice department's handling of the clinton e-mail case. a former intelligence official who has worked with horowitz said he's a straight shooter and knows the players and is not afraid to call him out. former attorney general just sent a statement to fox in support of the attorney general that says, although mr. horowitz was appointed to his current position by president obama, he also served during the george w. bush administration. his reputation for skill is impeccable. that he is working on other matters does not mean reports on those matters are late or that
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he cannot under take this. the best idea when we have of the ig report to be public is sometime in the next two to three weeks, dana. >> dana: thank you very much. for more on this let's bring in fox news sunday anchor chris wallace. i want to read a tweet from jerry fallwell. he said, i couldn't agree more. jeff sessions must be part of the bush/mccain republican establishment. he probably supported donald trump early in the campaign to hide who he really is or he could just be a coward. hits against jeff sessions just keep on coming, chris. >> yeah. look, the idea a president would send out a tweet saying his own attorney general's decision making was, quote, disgraceful, i don't know they ever remember that in my life in washington. i suspect you can't either. to suggest that jeff sessions wasn't a trump supporter, he
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came out, he was the first senator to come out for donald trump back in early 2016 when i don't think there was another single person in the senate who did and very precious few in the house. he carried a lot of water and helped give a veneer of respectability to donald trump when a lot of people weren't taking him seriously and he was one of the first people that president trump appointed. now, look. i guess like with any appointee, you can argue what he did. but the idea that somehow sending this to the inspector general michael horowitz who is a straight shooter and a tough guy. it's hardly putting this in the trash can. >> dana: it's unfair to me that if it wasn't michael horowitz who was investigating, who then would be the appropriate entity to do that and what would pass muster with the president. >> some people suggested that the attorney general should appoint another special council
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to do it or perhaps, and i think in his tweet the president specifically referred to career political people inside the justice department. but, boy, that gets complicated because now you're investigating, this is a problem you always have when you're investigating your 'administration, which is one of the reasons lot of people think handing this to the inspector general seems like the appropriate move. >> dana: if i could then move on to another topic that's hot and heavy right now. that is the topic of gun control. yesterday, josh croshire wrote something about the politics of this. might be a seat change. he said there's been a clear boost in support for new gun regulations, making the politics of this moment more treacherous than ever for republicans. we're seeing fresh splinters between its suburban house members. that's a major shift, one that suggests long term politics of this issue is moving in the democratic party's favor. then senator schumer said this yesterday on the floor.
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>> rather than just passing one narrow bill and moving on, we democrats intend to push our republican colleagues to have a real debate on gun safety and pass meaningful measures that will address the wide range of problems that have led to an epidemic, an ep tkepic of mass shootings in our country. >> dana: based on your experience in washington, do you feel this issue has risen to the point where you might see the congress get something done or in this election year might it fizzle out and most of the activity be handled at the state? >> listen, i don't mean to be cynical or skeptical, but you know, over the past, what, decade, if you would bet against any movement on issues of school safety and gun control in the legislature, in the congress, you'd have made a lot of money. and, you know, we've seen it time after time after time where there are, you know, one of these instances whether it's at
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a school, whether it's in las vegas, a mass shooting and everybody says, well, we got to do something about that. there's great outrage and nothing happens. people have said, well, this is different, especially because of the students. and -- or rather high school, stoneman douglas high school in parkland because they've been so forward leaning on this whole thing. there's a good chance. you heard it there with chuck shumer that nothing is gonna get done because more and more republicans. the only thing we want to pass in the senate is the fix nix program. basically to ensure any information that should be sent to the national instant crime background check system would be sent there. now you have democrats like chuck shumer saying, we're not gonna let the senate pass that because it's suddenly going to be the republican answer. we're not gonna let them get away with that. that is a prescription for a
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dead lock. right now if you had to bet, i think you'd bet against anything meaningful happen. >> dana: you saw yesterday the house basically said, u.s. house, that raising the age limit on certain guns you can buy, that's not going to go anywhere. but yesterday in florida, the state house did pass that. i wonder if this is where we might see the state take action that then maybe comes to washington later on. but it might just have to be something that's done at that level. >> that may be. lot of people would say that's where it should happen at the state level in terms of education. there's always the dangers we've seen in other places. you can have very tight gun control laws in other state. guns can come across better. one of the keys will be this meeting between the president and bipartisan. i must say it's a very wide swath of members of the house and senate, democrats and republicans, gun rights and gun control advocates. to the degree that anything is going to happen and the dead lock will be broken, it's going to depend on real action by the president. so far, he's talked about a lot
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of thing. he hasn't come out with what he said is packages. it's possible even if he puts out a package that he will be rejected by members of his own party. unless there's real leadership, i don't think anything dramatic has a chance. >> dana: there was supposed to be a white house press briefing during this hour, but it was cancelled. people are gonna want to stay tuned to fox news. the white house said they expect that sort of wide ranging discussion to be on camera for all of us to see as well. that certainly is a different tactic and i think it's helping fuel the conversation. >> that's true. we've seen this. i give the president, obviously, as a reporter, i like to see transparency. whether it was the listening session with the students and the teachers, with local official, with the governors. the president got some blow back from some of those governors. i didn't know. but if that's true, they're going to have this listening session with the top members of congress. there's everybody in there from
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real gun advocate, gun rights advocates to people like chris murphy who is very much in favor and a big supporter of gun controls. that would be a really interesting must see television. conceivably, maybe an effort by the president to try to gin up support for whatever his package ends pwuping. >> dana: trying to force some compromise. if i could ask you one last question. and that is about billy graham. lying in repose in the capitol. president trump said we can only imagine the number of lives touched by billy graham. hearts and sorrow he eased and joy he brought to so many. it was interesting to see that even in his death, billy graham is able to bring influential leaders together, as he did when he was alive. your thoughts. >> absolutely. i heard the president talk about when billy graham in the '50s, president and i are roughly the same age. and billy graham had this huge revival at yankee stadium. i didn't go to it. president said his dad took him to it.
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i remember watching it on tv black and white, grainy tv in the 1950s. i don't think i had ever seen a crowd like that. i certainly had never seen a preacher like billy graham. i'm not quite sure i was -- i was 6, 8, 10, that i fully understood what it meant, what was going on, but i could tell it was something very special. when he would call people to come forward attend of the service to basically accept christ and accept the salvation and the forgiveness from christ. even at that age i thought, this is pretty special stuff. >> dana: indeed. chris wallace, thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> dana: a major sporting good chain making big changes after learning that the parkland shooter bought a weapon at one of its stores. this as a growing number of companies sever twice the nra. but could that decision come back to fight them in the pocket book? >> had they treated everyone in terms of their discounts fairly, we wouldn't be in this
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situation. but instead, they chose to single out the nra and their membership. law abiding gun owners. and i don't think that's right. patrick woke up with back pain.
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>> dana: new report of tension between president trump's family and general john kelly after he downgraded security clearances for white house staffers leaving the president's son-in-law in the dark on top secret information. meanwhile, some white house insiders complain morale is plummeting under kelly's leadership. let's bring in the host of work life, a wharton professor. congratulations on the pod cast. you're an expert in how companies deal with certain strife and leadership issues. what do you make of the
11:17 am
situation that the chief of staff finds himself in now? >> it's a tough situation. right? normally you have to deal with accountability to a whole group of stake holders. you have to deal with your board, your ceo, your customer. now there's o whole other layer to deal with. that's the general public. >> dana: anthony scaramucci who was there for ten day, but he remains an adviser to the white house. he said in a report out of axias that he, meaning john kelly, lost the locker room. the morale in the white house on a scale of one to ten is minus 15. you cannot run the white house through fear and intimidation. i don't know if that's how he runs the white house. i hear different things from different people. if the rank and file are uncomfortable, if they are saying they can't trust the chief of staff and they want him out, is there something in the private sector that is a good comparison to what john kelly might want to do now? >> i think for the most part you
11:18 am
have to have a few things. one is confidence. the other is commitment. if i were john kelly, i'd want to re-establish that i'm capable of doing this job well. i can't do that by just referring to my military track record. i need some accomplishments that are happening in the white house. secondly, i need to know that i'm committed to making this group successful, which means not dividing people, but asking, okay, what are we really after? what's our mission and goal? how do we achieve that? >> dana: they have a lot of accomplishments in the last four months of 2017. i'm sure they want to continue that. we'll see what happens there. on another thing i wanted to ask you about, so 15 companies have cut ties with the nra after parkland. i think we have a list of them here. delta. united. avis, budget, hertz. basically saying no longer going to provide discounts to the nra. there are companies that said they will stand by the nra or at least not take any action. that includes fedex or others.
11:19 am
what makes a company make a decision like the ones to stop discounts for the nra. if it wasn't the nra that was at fault in parkland, but where does that pressure come from? >> it comes from multiple places. when i sat with fortune 500 executive, the first thing they say, we have to make a forecast about strategy. we have to figure out what's the impact on the short term. and then the long run. how are people going to look back on this decision. there's a lot of uncertainty about that. some ceo's say this is a question of principle so i'm going to refer to my values. in some case it means not acting. some it means acting. >> dana: are more companies susceptible to media campaigns? are they overly sensitive? >> i think probably. once upon a time you got to make these decisions in a vacuum and see how they played out. now you get instant feed back in our decisions.
11:20 am
>> dana: so if you were advising any of these companies now. you don't have to name one. but if they're on a fence, should they wait to see how it plays out? in some ways the fever of a boycott can last a few days then fizzles out. but if you make a decision to alienate nra member, the pr is just going to keep coming. it >> might. what's interesting is in the short run people tend to regret their action. but in the long run it's actually inaction that people regret more. so over time we regret the choices that we said, well, i don't know if i'm going to take the chance. it's easier to recover from swift action than inaction. >> dana: i bet you can hear more things like that on worklife, the new pod cast. a federal judge who faced criticism from candidate trump giving him a key victory on his border wall. and attacks on some people joining russia and contributing to the world's worst atrocity.
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11:25 am
500 civilians dead in eastern ghouta. russian and syrian forces kre kwraeugt a humanitarian crossing to allow civilians to evacuate during the truce, but so far no one has come out. benjamin hall is live in london with more. benjamin, is this cease fire working? >> reporter: dana, unfortunately not. we've seen quite a few tried and fail. frankly, people that don't trust the syrian government to allow them to pass freely. it also says a lot about who wields the fire in syria. it was president putin and russia who ordered it rather than the syrian government. nevertheless, this one hasn't worked and the bombing just continues. it's in this eastern damascus suburb of ghouta. it's been besieged for four years and been under renewed attack for ten day. 400,000 people have been cut off from food and medical supplies. russia brokered this for a humanitarian cause. it was meant to last five hours
11:26 am
a day which is not enough time for aid to get in. the syrian government said they opened corridors, opened crossings, but mortars continued to drop. it means that nobody has so far been evacuated an the onslaught continues. the russians and syrians blame rebel fighters, although the u.n. said only about 1% of people in ghouta are expected to be a jihadist. russia and syria are blaming them and they say the area is teaming with terrorists. dana. >> dana: a terrible situation. to add to that, what can you tell us about reports that north korea is supplying chemical weapons to syria? >> reporter: absolutely stunning report from an as yet unreleased u.n. report. and they say, they were looking into why sanction, how sanctions were being avoided by the north koreans. they have found evidence that north korea has been supplying syria with supplies to help build chemical weapons. this includes 50 tons of supplies going back a number of
11:27 am
years. syria has regularly been accused of using chemicals, most recently in ghouta. that's despite a deal brokered by the russian, which was said to have removed all of the chemical stock pile. this new report said there's been active collusion between the two nations despite the strictest international sanctions imposed on the country. of course, the bigger question is how are north korea getting around these sanctions? any money from syria will be used on their own weapons programs. many people are saying, is russia helping them? who is allowing them to get around these incredibly tough sanctions? dana? >> dana: benjamin, thank you. tax reform was a key priority on president trump's legislative agenda. it got done. we have a new report about just how much a president's agenda is complete. plus, a legal victory for the president's plan to build a border wall. what it was and why the judge behind it may surprise you.
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>> dana: the president's plan to build a wall clearing a big hurdle. william la jeunesse is live in california. >> reporter: what you're looking at is one of the first project. what the administration is doing, they are putting in a 30 foot tall fence which is replacing that landing mat that you see here. three miles here.
11:32 am
14 miles san diego. and 124 miles over the next two year. opponents tried to kill those projects by starving them of money and killing them in the courts. but yesterday that is a major victory for the administration over the state of california and environmental groups which argue the administration is overstepping its authority to build the wall projects and currently violating state and environmental laws. >> our main concern is that the trump administration has basically acted like a king and said i can wave any and all walls as long as it relates to border construction or further militarization. >> reporter: but yesterday federal judge rejected that argument saying i'm gonna quote, congress enacted a law which attempts to avoid delays caused by lawsuits that challenge these construction of barriers by allowing the secretary to waive the application and enforcement of federal and state local laws during construction of a
11:33 am
barrier. the irony is, the judge in this case, candidate trump, accused of bias because of his mexican heritage. now that same judge is handing the president a victory in federal district court on his signature campaign promise. secondly, the same law that environmental groups were accusing trump of using was all used by president obama and was originally authorized by president clinton to build the very wall that's now being replaced. the judge today was praised by president trump for his judicial restrain restraint in a tweet. the judge said in his 100 pages that it is his job to interpret the law not to make it. back to you. >> dana: that's a good judge. thank you, william. more on this now with the former communications director for the dnc and director of georgetown university's institute of politics and public policy and the founder and partner at hdmk.
11:34 am
let me ask you, mo, on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most opposed, where is the democratic party now on the wall? is it losing some of its sting or is the opposition still up at an eight or nine? >> look, you know, it's interesting. back when we were negotiating or thought we were negotiating with the president on the dreamer issue, democrats chuck shumer threw out the, at least an openness to discussing the wall or discussing some greater form of border security. so democrats i think are still willing to engage in that conversation but, you know, if the president's the one who walked away from that. so look. i think at the end of the day if there is going to ever be a real compromise on this issue, it will include taking care of the dreamers and it will include some form of increased border security. i think that probably includes some sort of investment in personnel at the border and
11:35 am
probably some sort of investment in some kind of physical structure. >> dana: i'm gonna take that as a four. jerry, i want to ask you ab the heritage foundation today. they put out a study that said 64% of the president's agenda has been accomplished. the wall is one of the things the president wants to be able to see. president trump tweeted about the heritage study today. i think that i have that here. he said the heritage foundation just stated 64% of the trump agenda is hrr done. faster than even ronald reagan. we're blown away, said heritage. president trump is very active, very conservative and very effective. huge volume and spectrum of issues. i think if you are a conservative, you're looking at the agenda saying, actually, not so bad. >> and if you're a republican president you rely on group like the heritage foundation to come up with certain policy prescriptions. if you're smart, you adopt them in great detail.
11:36 am
i feel like this accomplishment to this president in the first year in particular were impressive. the roll back of all kinds of regulations has boosted the mood in business, small business. there are accomplishments in legislative form. the tax relief act got this country going and set up for a very bearish economic outlook for 2018. and i just feel like, i don't know about the number of the 64%. he's still got three years left. there's probably a lot on his agenda that he hasn't seen, like a border wall. >> dana: right. >> but in this case, it's a pretty positive outlook from the heritage foundation. i think they've seen the anti-regulation agenda this president promotes as being valid in terms of an accomplishment. >> dana: another news story is the fact that jared kushner's security clearance has been downgraded. then you had hope hicks on capitol hill yesterday answering
11:37 am
some but not all questions. and lindsey graham and jack green, who separators, talked about that. listen. >> i like jared. the clearance issue was a decision made by general kelly. my interactions with jared kushner have all been positive. very smart guy. he takes his role in the white house seriously. >> it certainly complicates his ability to be an effective spokes person, not a spokes person but high level negotiator for the united states. if you can't get access to information at that level, you don't know that. he's been active in the middle east, a critical area. >> dana: this is a little bit of an inside washington story. you actually are in washington, so, moe, tell me your thoughts about this. >> look. considering that half of the last campaign was litigated on whether or not, on how hillary clinton handled classified
11:38 am
information, i think this is a completely legitimate issue. that this many -- it's not just jared kushner. there's a significant number of white house senior advisers who do not have the requisite clearance to handle some of the information. certainly not handle the president's daily intelligence briefing. i think if this were any other president, this would be a top tier scandal. given this president is like third, fourth, fifth on the list. i agree with the senator. i think this is gonna raise some questions on how effective some of these individuals can be. i'm glad general kelly took some action. but whether or not they're going to be effective in their jobs not having access to this material because they couldn't get their clearance, i think is a legitimate question. >> dana: jerry, i filled out that sf-86 form before. i did not have any businesses and i didn't have complicated financial relationships and i didn't run a big empire. it has been difficult to get this sorted out for jared
11:39 am
kushner. >> the bar is very high for working in the white house. you need to be willing to lay your life out there for scrutiny. these, you know, one off scandals about who has security clearance and who doesn't, these are very fundamental, very important house keeping matters that need to be attended to so that the president can get the best advice and counsel from the staff that he's surrounded by. i think unless they can get their arms around this and really finally come to some conclusion about who is in and who is out, there's gonna continue to be morale problems at the white house. people can't continue to operate when they don't know what their status is. i think it's a very high priority item for this white house. >> dana: very interesting. moe and terry, thank you. we are already deep in midterm mania an have brand new numbers on the florida senate race. which candidate has the edge?
11:40 am
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to grow your business with us in new york state, visit >> the president is set to meet with lawmakers from both parties about gun violence, school safety and what to do. this comes exactly two weeks after the gun man murdered 17 people at the high school in florida. we'll have the meeting in its entirety live for you here. that's coming up top of the hour on shepard smith reporting. >> dana: primary results are in for a hotly contested race in arizona. two republican seats in new hampshire and connecticut state races. peter doocy has all the details on this midterm mania. >> reporter: democrats are using local races to test out their national plan to win back the house. they think they struck gold picking up houses in new hampshire and connecticut last
11:44 am
night. now the dlcz is looking at this contest and saying tonight's win is a perfect example of the win strategy. the dlcc made significant structural investments in its chamber which allowed our legislative leaders to build a strong team to recruit the best candidates and flip five seats from red to blue across the state. notice, no mention of president trump in that statement declaring victory. there wassen any mention of him in a similar announcement about another victory last night in connecticut either. since his inauguration, republicans have watched 39 house seats slip away in state houses from coast to coast. that is as republicans try to campaign on the things that republicans in d.c. are doing. last night's winner in the gop primary to replace trent franks, debbie lesko whose platform has been this in arizona. >> we need to secure the border. but we also need to improve the
11:45 am
economy, make sure our taxes are low, government regulations are low. we really need to balance the federal budget. >> reporter: so will it work? we'll see. candidates like l se ko are ultimately the ones responsible for running races that give republicans a chance to maintain control of the house because democrats only have to flip two dozen seats to unseat paul ryan as speaker. >> dana: thanks, peter. love having you on the show on that topic. for more on it we'll bring in another favorite. chris stirewalt, editor of halftime report which is a must read every day, people. can ski you about mississippi? there's movement afoot there. president trump tweeting this, senator wicker of mississippi has been a great supporter and incredible help in getting our massive tax cut bill done and approved. i am with him in his re-election all the way. it almost could have been written by mitch mcconnell
11:46 am
himself. >> yeah. there's that. also residents neighboring alabama may remember this movie in which the president supports an incumbent senator who has been supportive of his agenda and who is quite conservative in his voting record faces an insurgent challenge who has a ton of political baggage. tada, this time instead of the roy moore race that we had in alabama, we're going to have chris mcdaniel versus roger wicker. mcdonyell who tried to unseat thad cochran recounts and audio tapes. it was such a mess. the race was such a second tack hrar race. mcdaniel is back for more. he is opposing the guy. trump didn't just endorse wicker. he endorsed wicker the night before mcdaniels expected announcement. he came in right before mcdaniels did it. he said, i don't care.
11:47 am
i'm doing it. for republicans, this is another example of what earthly point is there to doing this? steve bannon, call your office. >> dana: could be he wants his name out there in case there's another opening. we go to florida. another poll talking about the possible senate race between bill nelson and rick scott. this is showing bill nelson at a 46/42 and harry enson our friend tweeted this. this q pack florida state poll looks like the other nelson advantage. clear sign that scott is at or near the apex of his popularity in florida. >> even though harry works at cnn, he's still right. ah, no. this race is going to be one of the hottest in the country. this will be one of the most expensive, one of the most awful. it will be everything that i love in a midterm senate race. it's gonna be right there in florida. >> dana: it's going to be so hot down there an you'll have to travel down there in the summer.
11:48 am
>> the sweat factor will be unbelievable. >> dana: the state senate seats in connecticut, new hampshire. democrats have been winning a bunch of them. they won 39 this year. is that a big deal stphr >> how much of a deal have republicans made about the hundreds of seats they took away from democrats under obama? democrats led by eric holder are going to steal that play book. they're doing it very successfully so far. that affects redistricting. it also defines your bench. they're gonna repeat that. they're doing it well so far. >> dana: i appreciate you coming on the show today. be sure to check out our weekly pod cast. it's called perino and stirewalt, i'll tell you what. go to fox scroll down. you'll see our logo. click on that. it's always available on i tune ors wherever you listen. we taped one today. it is going to be fabulous, if you have a chance to listen. fox news alert. the florida house of representative issuing subpoenas
11:49 am
to law enforcement agency as mart of the mass shooting. the broward sheriff's office, broward county school board, the coral springs police department, and the palm beach county sheriff's office all receiving notices. legislature investigating the leadup and response to the shooting that left 17 people dead. torrential rainfall creating dangerous flooding in the middle of the country. how one governor is responding. plus -- senate democratic mayor break the law about warning the public about its immigration crackdown? >> my priority is to keep this community safe. it is not my wish to panic people, but to ensure that they're prepared with information. at ally, we're doing digital financial services right. but if that's not enough, we have more than 8000 allys looking out for one thing: you. call in the next ten minutes... and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every dollar. put down the phone. and if that's not enough,
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>> dana: ben carson denying reports that he improperly used public money to redecorate his office. dud apparently spent $30,000 on a dining room set. he said it was okayed. helen foster issued a complaint saying she was demoted and replaced for refusing to violate federal law that places a $5,000 cap on redecorating offices without congressional approval. rising flood waters in the heart land prompting the governor of indiana to expand a disaster declaration and now covers nearly two dozen countries -- counties, excuse me, as the south braces for more flooding, heavy rainfall expected from northeast texas to the lower mississippi valley. so the mayor of oakland, california, getting push back from ice for warning the public about last weekend's immigration raid. the three day crackdown leading
11:54 am
to more than 150 arrests. claud claudia cowan is reporting live. you had an exclusive ride along with ice. >> reporter: we had a rare access ride along. it was eye opening to see how ice officers enforce federal law. most arrests took place at the fugitive's home because sanctuary laws prevent officers from taking them into custody at the local jail. more than 150 arrests. half have criminal convictions like 38-year-old armando delgado. we saw this known gang member get arrested in napa. he has been deported to mexico four times before. he will almost certainly be prosecuted again along with many other criminal illegal immigrants. these raids continue, dana. we can confirm there have been more arrests today. ice officials say more than 900 fugitives remain at large. they say many of these people have been willing to be captured
11:55 am
because the oakland mayor warned the public ice is coming. >> dana: now could the mayor be in legal trouble for that? >> reporter: well, the head of ice certainly hopes so. he said the mayor put the lives of his officers at risk and that she may have violated federal law. here's what he had to say earlier today on fox. >> well, the department of justice is reviewing the indent. we'll see what they come back with. i think what she did is intentionally put law enforcement officers at risk. isn't law enforcement dangerous enough? but to give the criminals heads up that we're coming increases that risk. these are american heroes. they strap a gun to their hip every day. to tell the criminals we're coming in the next 24 hour, it's just incredible. >> reporter: the mayor is doubling down saying she issued the warning because, quote, our community is safer when families are together. she's also promoting a tip line for immigrants who need legal help.
11:56 am
now, some legal analysts say if the trump administration is looking for a test case, to go after local officials who are interfering with ice operations, this could be it. dana. >> dana: all right, claudia, thank you. a basketball star choked up after learning that one of the victims in the florida school massacre was his biggest fan. how d. wade honored the fallen teen during last night's game. patrick woke up with a sore back.
11:57 am
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>> a miami heat star doing his part for one of the victims in the florida school shooting. 17-year-old joaquin oliver was a big fan of future hall of famer dwyane wade and was buried in his jersey. so last night in his first game since oliver's funeral, wade did this. >> wade against simmons. 7 seconds left. forces one up and scores. it was a tough shot. it was a great shot!
12:00 pm
>> d-wade hit the game-winning basket with 5.9 seconds left. the good news, wade wrote oliver's name on his shoes and dedicated the rest of the season to him. thanks for joining us. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the white house. the president is meeting with the republican and democratic lawmakers to talk school safety and gun laws. some senate democrats are trying to put pressure on the president for one specific change. the chairman of dick's sporting goods chain calling for new laws. and taking action by no longer selling certain guns across his platforms. he says thoughts and prayers are not enough. will other retailers follow suit? president trump publicly blasting his own attorney general, jeff sessions yet again. this time calling a new investigation disgraceful. yesterday the white house had a completely different perspective. that and the


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