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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 28, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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pomposity and group think. those are in ample supply right now there unless you haven't noticed. tomorrow great show more on developments on the gun debate today. good night from washington. sean hannity live from new york. >> a lot of breaking news tonight. we will get it all in. the president blasting the attorney general jeff sessions over his planned investigation into rampant obama administration fisa abuses and also breaking this hour, the g.o.p. congressman are rightly calling for the special counsel to be appointed to investigate all this fisa abuse and the scandal, the corrupt clinton email investigation. and how the trump-russia probe was even started. we will explain all of this. pretty unbelievable and on top of that how ironic, hillary clinton is actually accusing president trump of surrendering to the russians. hillary, did you forget about the failed reset, uranium one, the dossier you paid for full of russian lies that were used to manipulate the american people? also we have a burning
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question tonight. four fisa judges were lied to by the fbi and doj. what do they think about being lied to in a massive way? we have some insight and clues into what they are thinking. and also tonight, the clock is ticking for top ranking obama administration officials to respond to congressman devin nunes' 10 questions about the clinton bought and paid for dossier. all of that and ed henry has the latest on the breaking news about the white house communications director hope hicks is resigning. we'll have more and so much more in our opening monologue breaking news monologue tonight. ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, a ton of breaking news tonight. i promise would will get it all in. it's a lot. we start with this. president trump is slamming the attorney general jeff sessions for relying on an obama appointed, inspector general to probe the massive fisa abuse scandal and not doj lawyers who actually have real prosecutorial power. the president tweeted earlier today quote why is attorney general jeff
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sessions asking the inspector general to investigate potentially massive fisa abuse? well, will take forever, has no prosecutorial power and already late with reports on comey, et cetera. isn't the ig an obama guy? why not use the justice department lawyers and he writes disgraceful. then the attorney general, well, he responded. he put out a statement it reads, quote: we have initiated the appropriate process that will ensure complaints against this department will be fully and fairly acted upon if necessary. as long as i'm the attorney general, i will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor and this department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner, according to the law and the constitution. in this case, i believe the president is right. now, we know from two republican memos and the schiff memo, the democratic memo, that the clinton bought and paid for dossier filled with russian government lies and prop began da was used to spy on the trump campaign. we know that. we also know for a fact the fbi and doj lied to a fisa
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judge about clinton and the dnc financing the dossier. and these memos show us that this fisa application, it never mentioned hillary or the dnc that she controlled. they never told the fisa judges. that is called maliciously lying and purposefully deceiving fisa court judges. and justices. and here is what is worse. the fbi and the doj they did it four separate times. one for the original warrant to spy on carter page and then that warrant was renewed on three separate occasions. now, we have also discovered that, yes, the trump campaign was, in fact, spied on and here is why. when the fbi got approval for that fisa warrant, using her bought and paid for dossier, it also gave them access to every one of carter page's old emails. that means old text messages. that means old phone calls. everything which dates back to when he was a member of the trump campaign. and then it gets worse. remember, politico reported that the former top white house advisor steve bannon,
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he may have even been picked up on fbi surveillance of page. now, this is about immediate accountability. this is about the rule of law. if you did this at home, i promise you would be investigated and probably be on trial by now. and government officials in the end, i predict are going to go to jail over this. so, it is time, knowing the facts as we have them, which are incontravertable and overwhelming that the attorney general has to do his job. serve the american people, and, yes, the rule of law and the constitution. and jeff sessions, if he is not up to the task, if he wants to create a two tiered justice system, well, we have other options. how about just a poin appoint special counsel. that's other breaking news tonight. all brand new republican congressman they are demanding that jeff sessions do that very thing. appoint a special counsel to investigate what is massive and widening fisa abuse scandals. these lawmakers also want the special counsel to probe the corrupt clinton email investigation. remember the fix was in?
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writing the exoneration before investigation and how the trump-russia investigation even started. now, we just explained all the key details about obama era fisa abuses. now, here is what we know about the so-called clinton email investigation. we know the fix was in from the beginning. we know it was predetermined, hillary was not going to be charged. even those that she had on her email server which was unsecure and a mom and pop bathroom closet. and she deleted emails acid washed, smashing black enterblackberries with a hammer. they would send every one of you to jail out there. everyone of course not named hillary clinton for a long time. it never happened. why not? now, james comey, trump hating fbi agent peter strzok, other top fbi officials, they started writing the exoneration, gave her the get out of jail free card before doing their investigative work. then there is, of course, the issue of how the trump-russia probe started. here is the information we currently have. the trump hating fbi agent peter strzok who was a top
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counter intelligence official signed the paperwork that actually kicked off this entire russia witch-hunt. strzok, his fbi girlfriend, mistress and lisa page, they are as corrupt as they come. they talked about an insurance policy with who we think is the former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. remember that? insurance policy. insurance policy in case of what? donald trump winning the american people deciding they want him as their president? we also have new at this hour hillary clinton has zero shame. she is actually pretending tonight to be outraged. she is faining outrage and accusing president trump of surrendering to the russians. she lashed out earlier today in a tweet writing quote i say this as a former secretary of state and as an american, the russians are still coming. our intelligence professionals are imploring trump to act had he continue to ignore and surrender or
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protect our country. hillary, you couldn't be a bigger hypocrite or more partisan hack. do you really have the audacity to lecture anybody on russia? did you forget tha your failed reset button that you handed over to your counterpart or uranium one? giving 20% of america's uranium to the hostile regime of russia, the hostile actor vladimir putin? or maybe it was because you and bill, oh, let's see you doubled his speaking fees in moscow? and then $145 million flowing right back into your foundation, the people involved in that deal? or about how you supported barack obama and did absolutely nothing, even though he was warned again and again that he had to stop russia election interference? oh, and hillary, there is also the dossier. and the evidence of real russia collusion in the campaign of 2016. and how you and the dnc that you controlled forked over over $12 million for russian lies to lie to the american
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people on the -- about to go into the ballot box on the eve of an election. really? just a little bit of free advice, hillary, when it comes to russia, maybe you just want to keep your right to remain silent. and also tonight. we have even more breaking news. it involves a very big question and here it is. okay. how do four fisa judges that we now know tonight were lied to, by the fbi. as it relates to the clinton dossier, how do these judges feel about being lied to? well, tonight, we have new information to help answer that very question. sara carter reporting that foreign intelligence surveillance court presiding judge her name is rosemary collier, she told congressman devin nunes and congressman bob goodlatte in a february 18th letter that documents they are requesting from the fisa court can actually obtained from the doj with the approval from the white house. now, in her letter, this is where it gets interesting, she writes that requests for fisa court information
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related to the approval of a fisa warrant to spy on carter page, quote, present novel and significant questions noflt never happening before and significant pretty profound. the judge says it doesn't have any problem with the executive branch releasing any material from the fisa court to congress. here's my take away. sounds like this one judge and probably the other three are now saying we know pretty darn well we were lied to. we were manipulated but we have to now go through the proper process to get the truth out. that is a major development. we'll be following this story very, very closely. also brand new tonight, that clock is ticking for the obama administration, those officials to answer congressman devin nunes' 10 questions about the dossier. the deadline for the house intelligence committee, the chairman said is friday at midnight. what devin nunes is trying to find out is what these
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obama officials knew, when did they know it in regards to this phony dossier. we know the obama fbi, doj, state department, members of congress, all either had the dossier or were briefed on this phony dossier. what nunes rightly is seeking are answers to how these officials found out about the dossier. who told them about it, and then what they did with that information. now, the "wall street journal," their editorial board, they are raising some very important, serious questions. and making key points about the dossier. for example, the editorial board points out that if hillary clinton and the dnc, they are paying the 12 million bucks for the dossier, with russian sourced lies. and fusion gps would have almost certainly shown them what their money bought. now, former senate minority leader harry reid also referenced what was in the dossier. remember this point? he sent that letter to james comey at the end of october 2016. this was only days before the election. clearly the dossier was not some closely held secret. in terms of officials all
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across the obama administration obviously knew about it harry reid knew about it. so, it's now time for all of them to respond and tell us, you, we, the american people what did they know and when did they know it? this dossier scandal stretches well outside of the obama administration and 20 months after christopher steele gave this phony, fake news dossier to the fbi, believe it or not, we now have evidence that so many liberals, two years later, are still trying to prove its true. russian, hookers, ritz carlton, moscow urinating on bed. they are that desperate. "the washington times" has put together a full list. scarborough of all the liberal players in this scandal that are actually hoping they can verify anything in this clinton bought and paid for dossier. here is a couple examples. buzzfeed remember they published the doe dossier they are being sued for libel they are hiring cyber
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expert. fusion gps also being sued for libel is also trying to still verify the dossier. former british spy christopher steele, he has lost in a huge legal battle. his lawyers are reportedly, they are trying to confirm what he wrote in his own dossier. his own fake dossier. verifying the dossier is what buzzfeed, fusion gps steele should have actually done in the first place, not to manipulate the american people just a couple of months before the election. they never bothered to verify it because to them it didn't matter. it was always about smearing. then candidate now president donald trump. now, finally tonight, a major report from the daily caller, this is interesting. and we are going to follow this very, very closely as it relates to james comey's very questionable leadership at the fbi. and the daily caller is reporting, quote: the department of justice's enemier general sanctioned at least 14 fbi agents and officials for a range of improper sexual acts since 2014. and most of the conduct, yes it occurred during former
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fbi director's term. and here's what's most troubling. the daily caller reports that the doj inspector general, we're waiting any day now, michael horowitz found that comey actually attempted to interfere with the investigation. we reached out to james comey for comment, shockingly, he never got back to us. i bet he is probably watching. this is just another example of how corrupt james comey really is. he is a national embarrassment. he is a disgrace to law enforcement. he deserved to be fired. and we will follow this closely. i can't wait for this book to come out. because he is so sanctimonious on twitter. tick tock. here with reaction. fox news contributor sara carter, civil rights criminal defense attorney david shone is with us. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. save, you got into the story today, let's give as many details as we can to our audience. >> i think what's fascinating here is that judge collier did respond back to chairman nunes and chairman goodlatte to their "for the transcript from the
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fisa court. when the fbi actually made the application to spy on carter page. and what she said was significant because she said, sean, the department of justice can easily give you the same documents that we have. this has never been requested before from the fisa court, collyer said. this is a new thing for them. they have to review everything, decide whether or not they can hand over these documents. but she said that the court would not object to the fact that the department of justice could hand them over. well, i confirmed tonight that nunes and goodlatte did request those documents from the department of justice and the department of justice never responded to them. >> sean: greg, let's talk about all of that from a legal perspective. >> well, collyer said they didn't tribe or record the q and a. >> sean: applications exist. >> applications exist. that is in the possession of
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the department of justice. and congress has the legal authority to request that from doj. they should hand it over. those that don't contain. >> sean: one quick question. why is the judge saying the fisa judge saying that the executive branch can release this? >> there's a question of separation of powers as to whether or not the judiciary can happened this over. but clearly congress has constitutional oversight over the executive branch. so it's easier if the executive branch, the department of justice, hands it over. >> sean: you agree that the president is right as it relates to jeff sessions? >> 100 percent right. >> sean: why would you rely on the inspector general they have no prosecutorial. >> he is attorney general in name only. he is not running the department. i suspect he is being told don't appoint a second special counsel. he has been asked three times since last july by congress to appoint a second special counsel.
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he ignored the first two. i suspect he didn't even see those requests. then in november, he said yeah, i'm thinking about it finally said he hands it off to the inspector general who has no prosecutorial authority, can't compel witnesses. has complained that every time he tries to talk to the doj, and the fbi, they stonewall him or provide documents heavily redacted. the only way you can get to the bottom of this is somebody who has grand jury subpoena power to compel testimony under oath, the ig doesn't have that. >> sean: what do you make, david shone, of what this judge is saying in this particular case and the considerations involve not only prerogatives of the legislative branch but also the interest of the executive branch, including its responsibility for national security and need to maintain the integrity of any ongoing law enforcement investigation? what is she asking for there. >> i think the court, judge
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collyer is a very common sense judge, straightforward. i think what the judge is say something a couple of things. remember, sean, as you well know and by the way you and sarah are doing tremendous job getting on top of this story. this letter is only two weeks old. openness and transparency are the hallmarks of justice system. fisa court only the exception since 1978. judge collyer and every judge on that court cannot allow that court to be politicized number one and cannot allow that court to be the forum for either misleading evidence or the omission of critically important evidence in their decision-making process because, as bad as that kind of thing is, in our regular judicial process, in a secret court, like fisa, where we don't see the light of day, we don't have public access to it, it's a much greater danger. >> sean: go ahead. finish sir. i'm sorry. >> judge collier cannot allow that to happen. she is saying, after all,
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the justice department. the executive branch made the application. she have told you she said for some time now, not just in this case, that you are not restricted in terms of turning this over to congress. >> sean: this is new to me in the sense that we can actually get the application before the american people. sara, let me go back to you. i would like to see that application. i would like to see the footnote that says it may have some political connection. we know now, everybody knew clinton bought and paid for it we know that nobody verified it. we know that they went to a fisa judge because they wanted all of that information and they got what they wanted spying on an opposition party candidate in the weeks leading up to an election and for an entire year thereafter. this is what -- ohio do you say that -- how do you lie to a fisa judge or any judge? >> well, you can't. and the american people deserve to see the facts. and this is why judge
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collyer, she is a no nonsense judge. she wants to make it very clear that they don't object to the fact that the doj can share these documents with the committee. and not only that, sean, there is an essential fourth amendment issue at stake here. it is our right, our right under the fourth amendment. and they are saying if those rights were violated, this should be thoroughly investigated. so, call a special counsel. call a prosecutor. but, investigate this. because this really is the biggest story. >> sean: gregg? >> perjury, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud and false and misleading statements. those are six felony statutes that appear to have been violated by officials at the department of justice and the fbi. it demands a second special counsel to prosecute if the evidence is there. >> sean: is, david, the
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biggest abuse of power corruption case have you seen in your lifetime? i certainly believe in mine. >> we don't know yet because all of the facts are not in. it's very scary. >> sean: let me focus in on one thing. on the very specific issue of purposefully withholding information lying to fisa court judge, lying by omission, whatever you want to say? >> god forbid anyone should ever be able to get away with that we don't have a country that operates with a secret court system with misleading evidence going to judges. and the very sensitive work that this court does. can you imagine, you know, section 702 application with misleading evidence. the most -- as sarah's said. >> sean: they did it for power. that's what makes this so corrupt. i have got to let you all government have you all been amazing. great work today, sara. you are writing a book on all of this. we will update people soon. when we come back, the mooch, anthony scaramucci. geraldo rivera, a lot of
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breaking news tonight. we will get it all in i promise. stay with us. ♪ ♪ smile dad. i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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♪ >> sean: all right, big news tonight about a staffing change at the white house in terms of communications director hope hicks. she's stepping down. here with the very latest live from the white house fox news chief national correspondent ed henry. ed, remind our audience i was there when it was hope and corey lewandowski. and that was -- and the president. and that was pretty much the team in the beginning. i know the media has been unmerciful to her. i watched up close how hard she worked and did an amazing job. >> that's right, sean. what you are mentioning as well is hearkening back to the campaign. she has been deeply loyal to this president. has been there from the beginning, a really markable climb from someone who was quite young but at the age of just about 29 years old
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became very influential around here. in fact, we're being told that after this story broke late this afternoon, hope hicks was seen crying as were others on the communications team. a sign of how well-liked she is around the west wing but also how abrupt and unexpected this was. she was critical to the president getting that tax cut through, leading the messaging for that. one reason why the president put out a glowing statement praising her three years at his side dating back to that campaign. remember though, there has been controversial recently, hicks received negative publicity when her boyfriend at the time white house aide rob porter left after accusations he had abused two exwives. hicks spent several hours, nine, in fact, testifying behind closed doors to the house intelligence committee about russia. took heat today after it was revealed that she told lawmakers she had told white lies for the president. though there is at least one republican lawmaker tonight saying that's such a minor thing that this whole house house russia probe should be shut down.
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nonetheless, top advisors tell me this exit has nothing to do with yesterday's intelligence testimony and that hicks had recently signaled she would be leaving soon. and then, in fact, what's going on is that chief of staff john kelly is trying a bit behind the scenes to consolidate power. even though kelly did pit out a statement declaring hicks had served her country with, quote, great distinction. this comes amid indications that kelly may trying to ease out senior advisor and presidentialson jared kushner after a series of leaks about his security clearance problems. in fact, bloomberg has a breaking news story tonight suggesting that more than 30 white house aides lost their top secret clearances, sean. >> sean: ed henry at the white house tonight. ed, as always we appreciate it joining us white house communications director anthony the mooch scaramucci and geraldo rivera. the media -- they were so cruel to her as it relates
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to she is dating somebody. >> yeah. >> sean: it's none of their business number one oh she admits she told a white lie. the president would love to do the interview. it's a nice way of saying no. or you look -- you look great when you don't think the person looks great. >> tell me a person in the world who hasn't told a white lie and i will identify the biggest liar in the room, sean. that's the ridiculous statement. >> sean: the media lies every day. >> yeah. but they like rolling people like hope in broken glass to see if she will break. she is made out of steel obviously she won't break. she is a wonderful person. i will tell you she is the one of the most least militia people i ever met in my life. she is dedicated. she is dharming, she is thoughtful. at the end of the day, she going to have an unbelievable career, sean. >> sean: she is 29 and has unbelievable career. >> hope, if you are watching my agent has called me and said please, let me represent hope hicks. i will give her a call. >> sean: she can work at the fox news channel. >> anything you want.
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all star hollywood agent. my point is that this woman is an entrepreneur above everything else. you are entrepreneur as you know you built this from nothing. look what the president did starting with her and corey lewandowski. and his children to where is he today. she deserves all the respect and love and support and kindness that you can imagine. >> sean: geraldo, i saw from the beginning it was her and corey and seven days a week. look, president trump will wear out a lot of people. and she hung the whole time, was there the whole time. and what's so unbelievable to me, geraldo, did you ever like -- you don't want to tell somebody we are never giving you the interview. we will try. isn't that what a white lie is? and the media has blown that up into something that it never was or getting into a personal life and cameras are following her to her apartment, in her taxicab. it's pretty despicable how
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they have treated her. >> they cut her up like muggers, sean. nobody is indispensible in the white house except for the president with the possible exception of the chief of staff john kelly, general john kelly. but hope hicks comes as close as they d come. she was a trusted loyal friend. you and i know about loyalty and friendship and trust. the president could trust her. he has trusted her for three years. she has taken this -- from the candidate, the long shot candidate, the buckaroo, the wild maverick, helped mold him into the candidate that he became to win the presidency and then in the first year in office she has been a key aide. she has been by his side. but she has been whittled down, she has been worn down. and i think the house intelligence committee and how they dealt with her and how they slandered her, that coming on the heels, mooch mentioned the whole rob porter thing. you know, she has had a lot. she helped draft that
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statement on air force one about the donald trump jr. meeting at trump tower. she has gone through a lot. she is very young. she has been very effective. she has been very loyal. she will be sorely missed. i la mint this. this is bad news. you know, mercedes schlapp. >> we know her. she was with fox news for many years. she is the white house director of strategic communications. she would be a replacement that i could endorse. i think there is no doubt that hope hicks will be missed, sean. >> sean: anthony, i agree in the sense that she'll be missed geraldo is right it's the president. >> pence is way more inincidence cybil than chief of staff kelly. the other thing is these people should start appointing people like ric grenell and start doing the job. >> sean: across the board by the way. i agree with you on grenell. >> this is the german country, the third or fourth largest economy. by don't we have an ambassador there?
6:32 pm
>> sean: i think we send herald. what do you think? >> i got another ambassadorship for geraldo. i'm going to send you where reince priebus wanted to send me antarctica. >> good one. >> so far we are doing okay with the penguins. >> sean: i think herald it woulgeraldowould do good in an . he would have a police siren. >> puerto ricans don't do well in antarctica. >> hope is going to do well. >> the thing about hope hicks, we can't overlook the fact that she was remarkable for her age. she was a steady presence. and i don't know, you know, i can't speak for other reporters, but she was my lifeline to the president. when i needed to speak to the president or i wanted to be with the president like the mar-a-lago meeting just a week and a half ago. >> sean: she was everyone's lifeline. >> she was everyone's lifeline. >> sean: there is hope with four phones and that's how
6:33 pm
she operated which was an amazing testament to her. the media is so corrupt and abusive to so many women in this administration. we will call them out on it. good to see you. welcome back. the gun control debate is heating up. when i come back, i will explain to you in a mini monologue why guns and more of them are the answer not the problem. michelle malkin straight ahead ♪ ♪
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♪ >> sean: all right. so the president held a bipartisan meeting at the white house today to discuss school safety. this of course in the wake of the horrific shooting at stoneman douglas high. many democrats used the meeting to push for increased gun control. expanded background checks. limits on the second amendment. tonight i want to address this topic head on and focus on what i have been telling you real solutions that will actually protect our schools without giving away our rights to keep and bear arms to law abiding americans. guns are not the problem.
6:38 pm
but, they can be a part of the solution. and that's tonight's mini monologue. ♪ ♪ so the president started today's meeting by highlighting such a very important point. so often overlooked about mass shootings. watch this: >> 98% of all mass public shootings in the united states since 1950 have taken place in gun-free zones. it's terrible. have you got to have defense, too. you can't just be sitting ducks. and that's exactly what we have allowed people in these buildings and schools to be. >> sean: the president is so right. you know the vast majority of these mass shootings occur inside a soft targets? this was true on february the 14th. you know, no gun-free zones they call them. like most schools in america, stoneman douglas is a gun-free zone with the one arm resource officer on duty who clearly was not up to the task of really defending students and teachers from
6:39 pm
an armed lunatic. i have said this over and over again. utilize highly trained armed former military personnel, police officers, conceal carry, guard our schools thorough threat assessments, literally provide the kids with what? ids, when this trouble or when in doubt use metal detectors. we need the people on the ground to provide a quick effective response to any threat that might arise. put one retired military police guy on every floor. we have armed personnel at the u.s. capitol. we have them at the white house. we have them at airports. we have them at banks. we have them at jewelry stores. we have them at sports stadiums. almost every commercial building here in new york city. by the way, you think the oscars, the academy awards, sunday night is gonna be a gun-free zone? i doubt it. so, why should our school children not have the same protection?
6:40 pm
unfortunately instead of addressing this problem and protecting our kids, you got many faining outrage, predictable comments by all the lawmakers. they want a big government bureaucratic response that would also step on your rights to keep and bear arms. >> there is no other issue out there in the american public today like background checks. 97% of americans want universal background checks. >> so just doing something on this background checks issue and using that as a base and then i would like to add some of these other things we have talked about i think would make a major difference. >> i have a bipartisan bill to remove the -- over the past couple decades the cdc and other federal agencies from researching gun violence. >> we can do universal background checks and ban bump stocks to the age of 21 and get rid of the dickey amendment. >> sean: maybe these democrats have already forgotten the complete and utter failure of the bureaucracy. in this case the fbi, the
6:41 pm
disaster that is the broward county sheriff's department? they received doesens of does df warnings about the stoneman douglas shooter. nothing happened. people heard something, said something and they never stopped this guy. bureaucracy is not the solution. taking away people's second amendment rights not the solution. when sadly, they weren't pushing big government solutions. the democrats at today's meeting were proposing limits on the second amendment. don't believe me? listen to them in their own words. >> what i have watched and seen is the development of weapons that i never thought would leave the battlefield that are out on our streets. and the latest and newest, mr. chairman, is the ar 5. what do we do about weapons of war easily accessible on our streets. >> the majority of people in our country now understand that there are limitations on the second amendment. you cannot own an automatic weapon. you cannot own a bazooka and so there is no reason to
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continue to sell to people a weapon of war like this. >> sean: let me be clear. allowing the federal government to place limits on our right to self-defense from threats foreign and domestic is not going to result in a safer society. moreover it does nothing to increase school security. it does nothing to protect our kids from deranged criminals who do not care about the law. i have no doubt the democrats, pro-government antigun arguments were well-intentioned. i don't question their intentions. they, i assume, want americans to be safe. i have a warning, you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. here now someone calling on the broward county sheriff's office to release the footage of their response during the stoneman douglas shooting. she is the host of michelle malkin investigates cr-tv michelle malkin. you know, i have never heard -- we saw on 9/11 cops going up. eminent, firefighters going up when they knew what could potentially befall them as
6:43 pm
everyone else was racing down. i never in my life heard of one cop that in a situation like that stayed outside to have four tells me this had to be protocol. that's my belief. thoughts? >> yes. and that's why i think releasing that video of the exterior cameras is so important. there are three media outlets that are now filing lawsuit under the open records act in florida. and i absolutely support their efforts to dislodge the video that the sheriff's office and the school superintendent and the district there want to keep secret. they are hiding behind broad overbroad exemptions for public disclosure. because they don't really care about public safety. that's clear from their action or rather their snaction. what they care is about preserving their own reputation and their jobs. some of the excuses, sean, that they are giving for wanting to keep this hidden in a black box, these videos, are that well, it
6:44 pm
would endanger the school security plan. well, they are already going to demolish building 12 where those cameras were fixed. so that's a suspicious argument. they are also saying that there is an open internal affairs investigation and active criminal investigation. well, it was broward coward sheriff israel who disclosed what was on those videos, or so he claims, in the first place. he said, quote: this is information that people need to know. why should we trust him given his fox new fecklessness d his grandstanding ever since the massacre. why should we trust him to describe what's on the video when we know that he threw this deputy, scott peterson under the bus and scott peterson has given public statements disputing what sheriff israel has said. this should be released tomorrow because it is -- in the public interest. >> sean: 39 times they went to this kid's house. he couldn't bring a backpack to school.
6:45 pm
two specific fbi warnings and a screen shot he wants to be a professional school shooter. >> yes. >> sean: is there anything else we need before we start talking about taking away people's second amendment rights and if we had security, armed security, retired military police, i would prefer them there if i'm in a building that has an active shooter. >> yes. a couple points. i'm in colorado, of course. we have experienced several of these massacres. columbine, the aurora theater. and i have got a high school senior who has a campus where there are armed guards. and after newtown, i interviewed and highlighted the example of volunteer veterans and retired law enforcement officers, exactly what you talked about in your mini monologue, sean, who are part of a sheriff's possie in places like custer county. these are people who are professional, who are trained, and who care about
6:46 pm
the kids in their backyard. and this raises, i think, one of the most fundamental and basic points. change starts in your backyard. there is something rotten in broward county in both the sheriff's office and the school district. i highlighted it on my blog. a state grand jury report from several years ago that talks about, quote: the culture of misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance. >> sean: i have got to run because of the constraints of time. let me say. this we can even have these people do this for free. retired military police. do you know how you do it? no state, no income tax if you contribute 15, 20 hours a week. none. you don't pay any taxes at all. how about that? that will hardly be noticed. all right. michelle, thank you. when we come back, hillary clinton's hypocritical russian feigned outrage, really? dr. gorka next.
6:47 pm
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>> sean: earlier today hillary clinton has the audacity of accusing president trump ignoring security threat posed by russia. the failed candidate warning the russians are coming. national security strategist sebastian gorka, nationally sipped indicated radio talk show host larry elder. dr. gorka, where do i begin, dossier, uranium one, or the reset? >> look, you have to laugh because otherwise you get really, really angry. there is no other secretary of state that this nation has ever had since 1776 that has done more damage to this country from uranium one to fisa gate to the fact that she had a server that was illegal, that had tssciap classified information on it
6:52 pm
that u.s. officials have said is absolutely hackable by nation states, including russia. i really, really think that this woman needs to get off social media, get off twitter, and find a lawyer who is better than the lawyer she used to buy that russian propaganda to get that illegal surveillance warrant against carter page. >> sean: larry? >> well, sean, as between russian meddling and the corrosive effect of our left wing media, the left wing media hats a lot more to answer to. there was an experiment done by a professor who wrote a book called left turn. he wanted to find out what kind of effect the left wing media had had on people who vote. people who never got "the washington times" conservative newspaper were offered subscription to "the washington post" and liberal newspaper and visa versa those offered a newspaper offered to the conservative newspaper and find out how this effects how people vote. and in both cases people shifted. the people that got the liberal newspaper started voting somewhat more liberally. the people that got "the
6:53 pm
washington times," the conservative newspaper started voting a lot more conservatively. he concluded that if people really got their news in a fair and balanced way half liberal, half conservative, the average state would vote the way texas does which is 8 to 10 points in favor of republicans. that is a corrosive effect of our left whipping media far more damaging than any kind of rution meddling. in the indictment of the 13 russians the conclusion was the meddling had no effect on our electorate. imagine the effect of our electorate of our left wing media, far more corrosive and powerful and damaging. >> sean: such a good point. dr. gorka, respond to that when you think that all that they ignore, it is so profound in how they cover for their ideology and it's so pervasive. >> just look at the last 13 months, sean. what has this president done with regards to russia? he is alleged to be in the pocket of vladimir putin. but what has he done with the unleashing of oil production in anwr.
6:54 pm
the xl pipeline. the fracking. is he destroying russia's stranglehold on gas and oil with nato finally after 30 years saying okay, we're going to pay for our own defense and meet those 2% g.d.p. targets. he has brought the alliance back together. by saying we are going to arm the ukrainians, he is doing the opposite of what hillary and obama did who rolled over, rolled over when russia invaded the ukraine. >> sean: larry, the final word. >> don't forget how they threw the czech republic and the polls under the bus because they didn't like the defense deem negotiated. don't forget about all of those things they did. trump is considered too cozy to putin, give me a break. >> sean: right on target. video of the day you will love and hannity hotline that will entertain you straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> sean: a time for our video of the day. a site you don't see often. a deer running for the street in louisville, kentucky, making a splash -- watch it, jumps off a guard rail, falls into the ohio river. the deer was fine, and there is a happy ending. it swam away. wow. pretty amazing. time for you to hit me with your best shot on the "hannity hotline." >> hey, sean, i love you, you're doing fantastic work, but by are you chewing your pen up so much? >> you've got to do stop saying, "you, the american people." i have a drinking game, every time you say, "you, the american people," i have to take two shots. i can't stay up for laura ingraham's show anymore. knock it off, and hannity. >> sean: i don't actually chew my pen. i pull the thing off and spin it
7:00 pm
like this. i don't know why. thanks for pointing it all out. there is the number on your screen. we are not the destroyed trump media. always fair and balanced. let not your heart be troubled. here's laura. no, watch, watch, it's like this. seriously, you can't do it? i thought you said you were athletic. >> laura: oh, my gosh. i will be due at any sport any time. you know it is called obsessive-compulsive. >> sean: i can actually do all this at one time. >> laura: are we still doing the foam football or had we graduated? >> sean: tomorrow is the "ingraham hotline." call the number and talk about ingraham and don't suck up to her. >> laura: i have to say something, i watched you and michelle tonight and i completely agree that they have to release those videotapes. that