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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 1, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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♪ >> no bigger fan. great patriots, they love our country blues that doesn't mean we have to agree. >> the commanding officer prematurely gave responding deputies orders to form a perimeter wednesday say they should have been running towards the school. >> my job as mayor of oakland reflecting the values of the people i represent. >> breaking news, the white house communications director. >> everywhere he went rev. graham delivered a beautiful message, god love you. ♪
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♪ don't wake me up ♪ ♪ >> we are definitely going to wake you up on "fox and friends first," time to rise and shine on the east coast on thursday morning. thank you very much for joining us. you have a different president now. those words coming from donald trump as he vows to take action on gun laws and make our schools safe. jillian turner live with the president's meeting with lawmakers and what is being done
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today to try to get things done. >> in case you forgot donald trump wants to shake things up in washington he offered a very stark reminder during his meeting on gun safety with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. >> there is no other issue like background checks, 97% of america wants universal background checks yet we can't get it done. there's nothing else like that where it works, people wanted and we can't do it. >> he went through a lot of president and didn't get it done. people want to get it done. >> lawmakers spent a lot of time hashing out problems like recent failures in the background check system but the president insisted he wants to focus on solutions that has specific policy proposals meant to keep guns out of the hands of people he says shouldn't have them. he laid out his top priorities which include army and training teachers outline bump stocks, raising minimum age for purpose and addressing the nation's mental health crisis.
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each of these issues is wrestling capitol hill feathers but the most dramatic and surprising moment came when donald trump accused sen.'s mansion and to me of cowering to the nra. >> joe and pat, what are you doing about the 18 funds to 21? are you going to leave that? a lot of people don't want to bring it up because they are afraid to bring it up. >> we didn't address it. >> because you are afraid of the nra? >> tired of working for lawmakers to take action and frustrated by the gridlock paralyzing washington donald trump decided to take executive action. at lunchtime today the white house is set to roll out and expanded dhs test program to prevent school violence, the fbi tipster program, policy that encourages states to take
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weapons out of the hands of people who threaten to cause harm and federal grants and training for school so they can safely arm their faculty. so the issue of gun safety is set to take up most of the air in washington today. >> great to see you, haven't seen you in a while. been watching you on weekends. gun control advocates have their sights set on national rifle association as the second amendment comes under fire in washington. dana lashes firing back saying it is time for law-abiding americans to stop being punished for the failures of our politicians. >> we absolutely have to harden our schools and protect our kids. there are millions of nra members and we are parents too but i have kids in school. this is an issue i want to see resolved which is why we are pushing for action as well. we must respect and protect the rights of law-abiding americans across the country who right now are being punished for the failures of government.
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it wasn't millions of gun owners missing the 45 call to the broward sheriff's office and it wasn't us who were missing the two fbi tips and not innocent law-abiding americans across the country who have for decades ignore the mental health crisis in this country blues that was the political class, the same political class telling all these innocent americans we are the ones who have to pay for their failures. heather: fox news alert, teacher in custody after opening fire inside a georgia high school sending students and staff running for their lives. police say jesse davidson who used the rate they're locked himself in a classroom alone and fired a handgun through a window. he surrendered after a 45 minute
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standoff with police. students understandably shaken up. >> scared the whole time. i didn't know what to think, i was too shocked to think. >> is said that kids have to experience this, that it is a part of their lives, they really shouldn't have to. in the 20 davidson was recognized as a top teacher at the high school. police are not sure why he did it. survivors of the florida massacre head back to school for a second day. first responding officers were not told to immediately enter the school and stop the killing. fox news learning a commanding officer told the deputies to stay and set up a perimeter outside the school. this goes against the broward county sheriff's office coliseum active shooters which let deputies enter buildings to save lives without permission. the policy does not list staging is an immediate priority. the man who sparked a nationwide
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manhunt after mailing an anti-trump manifesto and stole the stockpile of guns will spend even more time behind bars. joseph jacobhowski was sentenced to 5 years in prison, 14 years in federal charges, admits to stealing 18 guns before mailing a rambling statement to the white house, he was eventually caught 10 days later. gop lawmakers demanding a special counsel investigate grave concerns surrounding the justice department and the fbi. the group of republican sending a letter to atty. gen. jeff sessions questioning the agency's leadership decisions, they specifically want to know more about the ending of hillary clinton's private email server pro. the trump russia collusion investigation and alleged government surveillance abuse. a lot going on there. reaction continues to pouring over the resignation of white house communications director
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and the president's longest-serving aid hope hicks. the news coming just a day after the 20 on your mac testified for 9 hours before the house intelligence to many. top advisers say she had been thinking about the move for a month, white house staffers pouring on praise for hicks saying she served her country with, quote, great distinction. ivanka says she is loved by all, a heavy heart but tremendous gratitude that i wish her well in her next step and sarah sanders chiming and saying there is no one that can fill the void, she is in a league of her own and no one can replace her. when the most talented and skilled people i ever met, coming to work will not be the same without her. donald trump said they will probably work together again at some point. the mayor who want illegals about impending ice raids could be charged with obstruction of justice, the feds blaming libby
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shaft for hundreds of missed arrests in california but she says she is sorry. marianne rafferty joining us with the latest on this story. >> oakland mayor libby shaft avenue suite giving them time to escape from ice, it could not manage back to haunt her, justice department looking at whether that warning obstructed justice. according to the acting director of ice, 800 illegal immigrants are still on the loose in the san francisco bay area and it could be her fault. >> what she did is no better than a gang yelling lookout, police. this is a whole new low, to intentionally warn criminals that law enforcement is managing. >> despite the backlash, she is standing by her decision and said she didn't break any laws in the sanctuary city.
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>> i continue to feel confident that what i did was the right thing and it was legal. what i did was my job as mayor of oakland and reflected the values of the people i represent. i did not give specific information that could have endangered law enforcement. >> hundreds of protesters taking to the streets following the ice raids that left 150 illegal immigrants in custody. >> we are here to speak out for the people that have been torn apart because of ice, give voice to those people and join the fight. we are tired of not doing anything. we went to but it should affect all of us, not just one of us. >> this immigration sweep was the second in california since the statewide sanctuary law took effect. heather: a story we will continue to follow.
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thank you. donald trump along with several lawmakers honoring america's pastor billy graham in a historic ceremony. the evangelist becoming the fourth private citizen ever to lie and honor in the capitol rotunda. >> billy graham carried his message around the world but his heart, as franklin will tell you, was always in america. everywhere he went rev. graham delivered the same beautiful message, god loves you. >> graham's casket will be escorted out of the capital later today. 's funeral is tomorrow in charlotte, north carolina. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and a bomb written through a fairy packed with tourists in mexico who just took credit and the new warning for americans making travel plans. first was to sporting goods, now walmart cracking down on gun sales which will boost business or be a public relations misfire?
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we will debate that next. the russians are coming, hillary clinton accusing donald trump of surrendering to election meddling. what do voters think? social media exploding with reaction.
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heather: two retailers changing gun policies, walmart says you have to be 21 to buy can. do sporting goods announce they will no longer sell assault style rifles. should companies mix business and politics? amy robbins and president and lead missionary action in the nation's capital rev. rob shank. thank you for joining us this morning. i am going to start with you. is this a good idea for these businesses to be mixing politics
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with business? >> first and foremost thank you for letting me coming on and talk to you about it but i want to get one thing straight. this is not pooling assault style rifles off their shelves because to be an assault rifle you have to have a rifle with the ability to move between firing moves from the semi automatic to full automatic and they don't sell that because that would be illegal. >> they are pulling the armor light rifles off of shelves split a move they did in 2012 after the sandy hook shooting. it didn't solve the problem then, it isn't going to solve the problem now as i sympathize and understand the tough decisions ceos have to make, for them to move the company in the direction they want to go, i can't speak for ed. i don't know why they made this decision but i can speak for my company and say we will always support the rights of law-abiding citizens to exercise their second amendment when needed and that the end of the day the market will decide if this is a good move or not.
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heather: as amy was discussing the caps did this back in 2012 in relation to sandy hook in their main stores but then went back and decided they would sell them and other side store is called field and stream but now they have reversed that. look at what they had to say and i want you to respond. thoughts and prayers are not enough which we have to solve the problem in front of us, gun violence is an epidemic that is taking the lives of too many people including the brightest hope for the future of america, our kids. they are not the only people out there saying we have to do something. >> agree with them completely but i would go so far as to say the bible says the same thing, prayers are not enough because you've got to match it with action. this is a morally courageous, ethically responsible, i would
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call it socially responsible act on their part. there is no need for high-capacity rapidfire guns that can essentially become a kind of machine-gun. i fired the ar 15. i have a life membership in the nra and there are a lot of sensible people who believe this gun has no place in our society. it was built on the battlefield, weapon inspiration. the m-16. it has no practical use. if you want to - steve scalise was shot with an ar 15 semi automatic rifle, the officers that took down the assailant, took him down with two pistols.
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we don't need this weapon. it is the weapon of choice for mass murderers and terrorists. >> we don't need more children being killed in our schools. very quickly, last word. >> absolutely. i disagree with that but if you go down the slippery slope of banning ar 15s we might actually be infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens without solving the problem. >> a tough issue on all sides. we will see what the president has to say, the white house going to announce some sort of plan later today, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. heartbroken mother coming face-to-face with evil. her daughter's accused killer, ms 13 gang members laughing in court. evan rodriguez is here with her desperate message to lawmakers
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about the need for border security and home to hollywood, high taxes and sanctuary for illegals. the new title just awarded to california that no one is proud of. shimkus has the reaction flooding social media.
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heather: the russians are coming present urgent warning from hillary clinton, accusing donald trump of, quote, surrendering. carly shimkus with serious xm
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115 with reaction to the latest outcry. >> of the clinton issuing an urgent warning about russia's potential appearance in this your's midterm election tweeting i say this is former secretary of state and an american, the russians are still coming. our intelligence professionals are imploring trump to act. will he continue to ignore and surrender or protect our country? this message after adm. michael rogers of cyber command told lawmakers russian pres. a putin will try to interfere in our election process once again and need additional authorization from the president to prevent that from happening. some on social media not interested in what hillary clinton has disabled is this person said nobody cares what you have to say is a lot of other people on social media are talking about the investigation into the uranium one deal. sarah huckabee sanders said the trump administration is looking into ways to prevent election interference. heather: racecar driver and football player appeared to be in love but her dad maybe not so much.
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>> an interesting situation between danica patrick, her father and her new boyfriend, tj patrick, her dad saying no kneeling at nascar, hand in heart, on a picture of the couple with their hand on their hearts saluting the flag during the national anthem. some people think it is an innocent comment to please others think it is a shot at aaron rodgers who defended national anthem the letters saying this is about equality, unity, love, growing together as a society and starting a conversation about something that may be uncomfortable for people. so trouble on the home front? >> no kneeling in nascar. finally, california not necessarily the greatest place to live. >> report from u.s. news & world report named california the worst state of all 50 for
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quality of life, largely because of how expensive it is to live there. a lot of folks sounding up on this, too much government is reason one through 10. another tweeting people are not moving out because they want to. it is sad, the self-destruction of california unfolding as we watch. iowa named number one best overall state to live. >> you get paid in sunshine in california. thanks, appreciate it. youtube's new moderators silencing right-wing creators bringing in employees to flag face, misleading or extreme videos but in the wake of the florida school shootings they took down clips and channels from pro-gun outspoken conservative outlets. youtube said newer team levers might have misapplied their policy and they will reinstate videos removed in error. pbs launching a new conservative political talk show.
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the weekly half-hour show called in principle will be hosted by columnist michael person and a familiar face to us, amy holmes. the network said the hosts will talk with guests from all across the ideological spectrum in the world of politics, policy, art and academia. and 8 week run begins on april 13th. 27 minutes after the top of the hour and donald from calling out jeff sessions for not going far enough in the investigation into fisa abuse by the obama an ministration with roger marshall says reviewing how the state garcia was used is critical to stopping corruption. ♪ you know what they say about the early bird...
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he gets the best deal on the perfect hotel by using tripadvisor! that's because tripadvisor lets you start your trip on the right foot... by comparing prices from over 200 booking sites to find the right hotel for you at the lowest price. saving you up to 30%! you'll be bathing in savings! tripadvisor. check the latest reviews and lowest prices. patty: 1 a man setting up adobe program and to target police, just arrested after leaving a
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bond disguised as a package on the porch last summer. according to police and the fbi kingsley wanted to murder a police officer but he got the wrong address and killed his landlord instead. he faces life in prison. a mexican drug cartel claiming responsibility for this fairy explosion the left 7 american tourists injured but according to breitbart news, they found a banner saying the organization behind the blast, the message threatening a similar attack on the mayor's home. that fiery explosion was thought to be caused by mechanical problems. aluminum top bosses heading to the white house today spiking a major trade announcement rumor. donald trump vowed to take steps on cracking down on imports and threatened imposing a tax on mental imports from other countries, the meeting comes the
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same day top economic aids will meet with the chinese president over massing trade tensions. it will mooch on veterans day, the pentagon receiving a memo from the national security advisor to plan the event for november 11th. donald trump says he was inspired after watching the field day - best deal day parade in france last year. donald from meeting with bipartisan group of lawmakers at the white house pushing them to step up and take action on gun violence. >> we continue to mourn the loss of so many precious young lives we are determined to turn our grief into action, we can't wait and play games and nothing gets done. heather: will congress put politics aside and finally pass
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comprehensive gun reform, comprehensive, a term the president used. here to weigh in is congressman roger marshall. thank you for joining us. give us some insights, what you believe will happen today, the president will have an announcement later this afternoon what he plans her once. do you know anything that will be included in that? >> you are saying the same things i'm seeing, it is brilliant what he did yesterday, this is totally trump being transparent. exciting to see him push people together to tell the american public this is the discussion going on so i think we will continue that discussion and talk about all the options out there. >> on your twitter account, after reflecting on the tragedy i can't help but think what if teachers, coaches have the opportunity to carry concealed weapons on school grounds, is that one thing you agree with?
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>> absolutely. i do think it looks like whatever system we set up there will be failures. there are people who know what to do and how to handle a handgun and the proper training, i am okay with letting teachers, coaches, i encourage everyone to see what they can do to beef up their own security. heather: another thing that is important is background checks and mental health. >> i have seen this explosion of mental illness, even hearing 20%, and mental illness issues, and mental illnesses. heather: do you think it is possible for both sides to coming together on this. nothing has been done, nothing has been able to be done until the second. >> to get together and seeing
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both sides talk so transparently is a step in the right direction. we just passed a bipartisan budget deal. that is a good sign to america we can get things done. heather: surprised what he said about the nra? >> not really. i have a different take on the nra. they bring something to the table. i'm a lifetime member of the nra as well but i expect the nra to lead on this issue. they will have great ideas, they know solutions that will work, the president pushing back, you need to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. >> earlier in the show we had a debate between two people who were members of the nra who had different perspectives of what needs to happen with a lot of viewpoints. the next topic, donald trump slamming atty. gen. jeff sessions and his decision to use inspector general to investigate
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the alleged fisa abuse by the obama administration. >> this is donald from being transparent. he is so fed up with this process we have been investigating for a year, nothing conclusive or would suggest donald trump did anything wrong. he is ready to get on with it. very transparent donald trump. pretty thick skin to work for donald trump. heather: donald trump issued or made the statement on twitter, then you had the picture that appeared last night about dinner between jeff sessions and rob rosenstein, doj official at the steakhouse saying this is meant to be a message to donald trump in response to his tweet. >> that is okay. so many more important issues going on in congress like getting back to the gun control, we have an after deal we are working on but these are between
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two strong people and most congressman going behind the back. heather: we appreciate it this morning. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and no fear, no soul. ms 13 monsters laughing in the face of a mother whose daughter they brutally murdered. evelyn rodriguez is here with her message to lawmakers about the need for border security up next. trump - the college class sparking outrage nationwide. >> it was written by a left-wing nut on the east coast. trump is in the name of the course. it is clear who they are targeting. heather: how that backlash is forcing the university to change
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the name of the course which kfc can't catch a break first. they ran out of their main ingredient, chicken. weight until you hear what the chicken chain is dealing with now.
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heather: brutal ms 13 game club is accused of murdering teenage girls laughing in the face of the grieving family court, the same parent who stood up in the state of the union to send a message about the dangers of deadly games. evelyn rodriguez, mother of 16-year-old kayla joins me with her message to lawmakers on immigration. thank you for joining us. i want to start, i knew you were coming on. tell us about kayla, your daughter. >> kayla was loving, caring.
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she wanted to make everybody laugh. she was a funny girl. heather: she was walking home with her best friend in these ms 13 tank members approached them. >> face are the two girls and decided to do what they did to them. heather: my heart goes out to you. the country at heart went out to you during the state of the union address, you were bravely there for. did you meet the president? what did he say to you? >> we spoke in regard to what is going on. he assured me that he is going to do everything possible to make sure our law enforcement has the support they need to
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catch the criminals. heather: this is a big question but what do you think needs to be done? >> in my opinion as you probably already know it originates in school. heather: reported taylor had been bullied. >> for the last week 2 years. i was going back and forth with the school district. it all originates in school. it starts in school. they need to have professionals inside the schools in order to detect these things that are happening to our kids. heather: and pay attention to the parents who are trying to report the things. in terms of daca what is significant in terms of what we do with daca and putting a plan in place. >> it is a touchy topic. i do believe there are a lot of families, hard-working families who want to do right by their family and have their kids bring
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up in a good light. due to not having what they need, coming to the united states, i believe everybody should have that american dream. heather: the president seems to agree with it in terms of daca recipients allowing them to stay. >> just a criminal. anywhere you go, you do a criminal act you pay. heather: you said we always say our kids are our future, we have to protect them. >> absolutely. they keep saying the kids are our future so we need to protect our kids. they need to be in a non-hostile environment in school because it all originates in school. you need to be putting more professional educators that understand these kids and what
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they are going through. grief counselors in schools not connecting with the kids. they need that connection with the person they can talk to. sometimes they feel they are not being heard. heather: the other thing that is important is the family home, the family dynamic and kayla had some great parents because you are doing great work now. our prayers with you. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and we will be right back.
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heather: the personal information of thousands of marines and sailors and civilians compromised in a massive data breach.
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21,000 people are impacted. it happened with the credit card information and send to the wrong email distribution list. the marine corps is notifying close impacted. following backlash, a college course or moving donald trump from office, getting a name change. the original class was called trump impeachment removal or conviction was inconsistent with its contents so they are dropping the word trump from the title. the only required text for the course is not changing as it is this book called the case for impeachment that examines ways that donald trump specifically could be removed from office. that is the only required material. foxbusiness alert, one day after cutting ties with papa john's, the nfl has a sponsor.
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details on the rapid replacement. >> reporter: didn't take long for the nfl to find us official pizza sponsor, pizza hut as a replacement for papa john's. just the other day papa john's and the nfl mutually agreed to part ways. the new pizza hut deal will run through 2021. heather: hopefully pizza hut will not run out of pizza like what happened to kfc. >> we talked about kfc running out of chicken in the uk. we have an issue with gravy. they had to shut down hundreds of restaurants because they didn't have the chicken which most of them are back open but they don't have a full menu or gravy. they are taking this in stride trying to make light of it. took out this ad in the sun
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newspaper, changed the letters of kfc, rearranged the order, you can imagine what it spells. >> fry me a river, perfect. you may have noticed a key member of the "fox and friends first" family has been missing. jackie ibanez has been on maternity leave. she has been taking care of her brand-new baby boy, jackie and baby vince are here this morning and you will meet them next. ♪
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>> perfect song. an important member of the family, gone for 22 months. jackie gave birth to a healthy baby boy. how long has it been held?
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it seems longer. and girls who love him here. he is so cute. in the camera. depending on day-to-day but last night he slept really well. >> the difference between girls and boys. the bond, their mom, having girls responding. a little aggressive, to get
1:57 am
right in his face. >> how is that? >> going to have hair like you. >> gel from you. >> you had a receding hairline a couple weeks in and my husband got very worried about that. >> a big boy and a big now. >> 22 inches, 8-12, now he is 12, 13 pounds. i seriously do. you need to get back to work. >> along with 3 kids. >> the only thing i can't figure out is how to juggle life with 3
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kids. and you just do it, a good partner and a lot of help and good support group you can do anything. >> did you say you want 5? >> no, rob. >> i thought i heard you say that. >> this one, the third one was so much easier than the first. you start to learn certain things are important. just enjoying the fact. the first, stressed out about bottles. >> got him some gifts. >> thank you. >> i can't spend - maybe he can. >> that is a little soft.
1:59 am
give him that. >> you have babysitters here. if you want to bring him in anytime. >> like what is going on? who are these people? what are you doing with a lot of women and babies? >> tough right now. >> for four minutes, what in the world? you have the whole thing. and adorable baby. >> expecting anything else? >> are you kidding? >> wonderful to see you guys in the studio. i see you. >> something making noise was that wraps it up for the 4:00 am hour on "fox and friends first" but it continues right now.
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♪ >> i am a big fan of the nra. they are great patriots, they love our country but that doesn't mean we have to agree. jillian: thursday, march 1st. firing a warning shot, donald trump unveiling administrative action on gun control during a bipartisan meeting on school safety. the president calls out lawmakers. >> what i did as mayor of oakland, reflected the values of the people i represent. >> the oakland mayor doubling down on her warning to illegal immigrants about ice raids in her city, possible charges she could be facing. jillian: getting tipsy after takef


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