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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 1, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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♪ >> i am a big fan of the nra. they are great patriots, they love our country but that doesn't mean we have to agree. jillian: thursday, march 1st. firing a warning shot, donald trump unveiling administrative action on gun control during a bipartisan meeting on school safety. the president calls out lawmakers. >> what i did as mayor of oakland, reflected the values of the people i represent. >> the oakland mayor doubling down on her warning to illegal immigrants about ice raids in her city, possible charges she could be facing. jillian: getting tipsy after takeoff from the tarmac, got a bit more expensive was the
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airline, "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: keep singing, do the upside. rob: get that song going, i like that song. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. rob: donald trump promising change in the wake of tragedy. the commander in chief is taking steps toward gun law reform to make our school safer. jillian: more on the president's historic and televised meeting with lawmakers and what we can
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expect today. >> reporter: donald trump wants to shake things up in washington, he offered a stark reminder of alive (meeting on gun safety with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. >> you didn't get it done please you have a different president with a different attitude. >> reporter: lawmakers spent a lot of time hashing out problems like recent failures in the background check system of the president insisted he wants to focus on solutions. he has specific policy proposals meant to keep guns out of the hands of people he says shouldn't have them. he laid out top priorities which include arming teachers, outlawing bump stocks, raising minimum age for purchase and addressing the mental health crisis. each of these issues is ruffling capitol hill feathers but the
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most dramatic and surprising moment came when donald trump accused senators mention and to me of cowering to the nra. >> you don't want to bring it up because you are afraid to bring it up. >> we didn't address it. >> you are afraid of the nra, right? >> reporter: tired of waiting for lawmakers to take action and frustrated by the gridlock that is paralyzing washington donald trump decided to take executive action to make american schools safer, the white house sets to rollout an extended test program to prevent school violence, the fbi tipster program, take weapons out of the hands of people who threatened to cause harm and federal grants and training for schools so they can safely arm their faculty. the issue of gun safety set to take up most of the air here in washington. rob: if you have a chance to watch these afternoon meetings it makes for fantastic television. a side of the politics we have
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never seen before. thank you so much. jillian: the parkland shooting raising questions how to revamp school security to keep students safe. rob: change needs to coming in broward county, florida. >> i'm in colorado and we have experienced several of these. columbine, i have a high school senior who has a campus where there are armed guards. after newtown i highlighted the example of volunteer veterans and retired law enforcement officers who are part of a sheriff's posse in places like custer county, people who are professional, trains, care about the kids in their backyard. this raises one of the most fundamental points, change start in your backyard. there is something rotten in
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broward county in the sheriffs office and the school district. jillian: survivors head back to school for a second day. first responding officers were told not to immediately go into the school and stop the killers. the commanding officer told deputies to stage and set up a perimeter outside the school. the broward county sheriff's office policy on active shooters led to deputies to enter buildings to save lives without permission. the policy does not appear to list staging as immediate priority. rob: gop lawmakers demanding special counsel investigate grave concerns around the justice department and the fbi. the group of republicans sent a letter to jeff sessions questioning the agency of leadership decisions, specifically want to know more about the end of hillary clinton's private email server probe, trump collusion
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investigation and alleged government surveillance fisa abuse. paul manaforte dealing with robert mueller as russia probe. accused of conspiring against the us to launder money, failing to register as a foreign agent and providing false statements. his trial date is set for september 17th. jillian: reaction over the resignation of white house communications director and the president's longest-serving aid, the new the day after the 29-year-old testified for eight hours before the house intelligence committee, top advisers say she was thinking of the move for months, white house staffers - she said she served her country with great distinction. ivanka said she is admired by all who know her. with a heavy heart but tremendous gratitude i wish her well in her next steps.
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sarah sanders chiming in there is no one that can fill the void hope will leave behind, she's in a league of her own and no one can replace her, far and away one of the most talented and skilled people i ever met, coming to work won't be the same without her. rob: the mayor who want illegal immigrants about impending ice raids could be charged with obstruction of justice. jillian: hundreds of missed arrests in california, she says she isn't sorry. rob: marianne rafferty has the latest. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaff avenue suite tipping off illegals giving them time to escape from ice could coming back to haunt her. the justice department looking at whether that warning obstructed justice which according to the acting director of ice, 800 illegal immigrants are still on the loose in the san francisco bay area and it could be her fault.
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>> what she did is no better than a gang look out yelling police when a police cruiser comes into the neighborhood. this is a whole new low to intentionally warn criminals law enforcement is coming. >> reporter: despite the backlash she didn't break any laws in the sanctuary city. >> i continue to feel confident that what i did was the right thing. what i did was my job as the mayor of oakland and reflective of the values of the people i represent which i did not give specific information that could have endangered law enforcement. jillian: hundreds of protesters taking to the streets following the ice raid that left 150 illegal immigrants in custody. >> we are here to speak out for the people that have been torn apart because of ice, give voice to the people who want to join the fight.
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tired of not doing anything, it affects all of us, not just one of us. jillian: this was the second in california since a statewide sanctuary law took effect. rob: interesting story. donald trump along with several lawmakers offering america's pastor billy graham in a historic ceremony. jillian: the fourth private citizen ever to lie in honor at the capitol rotunda. >> billy graham carried his message around the world. but his heart as franklin will tell you, was always in america. everywhere he went rev. graham delivered the same beautiful message, god loves you. rob: graham's casket will be escorted out of the capital later today, his funeral is tomorrow in charlotte, north
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carolina. no matter what your faith is he was a very special person with a good message. jillian: it is 10 minutes after the hour with a fox news alert, wanted killers on the hunt worldwide. the terrifying warning about ice is going global. >> these shooters are typically male, white and suicidal. >> donald trump's blunt bipartisan push for tougher gun laws. what was it like to be on the receiving end of the message the president, steve daines was there and joins us live next. jillian: should you get more vacation days for being a non-smoker. new numbers showing most americans agree. ♪
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jillian: welcome back. discussions quickly turning to new gun measures a bipartisan meeting on school safety. jillian: donald and demanding action from lawmakers as sen. steve gaines declares schools must be secure from the inside. >> these shooters typically are males, they are white, they are suicidal. and they are cowards. cowards can be stopped with deadly force. jillian: steve daines joins us, thank you for joining us, we appreciate you waking up early. we were talking a minute ago how once you start watching these meetings on tv you cannot turn the channel. what is it like to be inside these meetings. >> it was an honor to be there but i think the president from pulling senators and members of
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congress together in one room to talk about this problem facing our country. i started as a father, 31 years, four children. the problem we have this morning his parents fear what can happen to kids in school. students fear what can happen to them in school. my concern from yesterday's meeting, what i heard from my colleagues is they are proposing feel-good measures that will offer a false sense of hope and security rather than addressing the problem of making kids safe. parents want to see action now. they want to see their children kept safe now. so many things we were talking about yesterday, compare what was proposed versus what is going on with mass killings in schools because i spent a quiet morning early yesterday at my desk before the day began and analyzed the 14 mass killings at schools that have occurred in
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1999 which started with columbine. virtually everything that was taught yesterday will not have a measurable effect on making sure these mass killings never happen again except for securing our schools. remember 9/11, we were afraid to get on airplanes. the american people were fearful of traveling in the sky. we were able to secure the sky. how did we do that you we allowed our pilots to carry a firearm. they were trained and secure the cockpit door. we put air marshals on airplanes and secured the perimeter of the airplane. we have not had another incident and similar principles now and apply that to our schools that is how you keep our kids safe now. the issues we are facing, there is a common thread among shooters, they are homicidal, they are men, they are male,
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they are men, they are white and this had been happening for a long time. you want to stop these homicidal people they usually die by suicide. rob: let's go back to the way these meetings work because they are fascinating for us in the media and a lot of people at home to see it live on television, do these meetings make some politicians nervous? the tendency for in action on this subject, the president sits there calling people out for being afraid of the nra and the president now with any kind of politics, 10 different lobbying groups is not beholden to anybody. wealthy beyond anybody's imagination.
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hold them accountable, this is how you get to the point something gets done. >> the president started the meeting with the right tone, we need action. could not agree more. the president has been a business guy, what i appreciate about donald trump is those oriented to talk about press releases, and somebody will produce a result. i applaud him for doing that. they look at more gun control, more gun control, they are not addressing the issue that will make schools safer. the data screams at us with mass killings in our schools, raising aides to buy firearm, with background checks, some of those ideas have some merit. at the meal of the day that
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won't make a significant impact. and nicholas cruz - nikolas cruz had he been denied that firearm would have gotten his gun some other way. he was intent on killing a bunch of students. law enforcement investigation in florida in montana last week. in valley county, a small town, derby official, a young command post on social media, and attempt to shoot up a school, i applaud the sheriff, he was arrested and charged and most likely prevented another tragedy. >> thank you for coming on this morning, appreciate your time
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today. it is 19 minutes, blasted by tens of thousands of phone calls, outrageous comments by joy behar. >> wanting to talk to jesus, another thing when jesus talks to you. that is called mental illness if i'm not correct. jillian: the new campaign to hold view cohost accountable for spewing anti-christian bigotry. >> the blue angels putting on a thrilling show. left spectators in the house. and then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor.
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>> foxbusiness alert, america's biggest seller of guns changing policies. jillian: the move walmart just made. >> reporter: this comes just hours after dick's sporting-goods said it would raise the age 21 one. walmart would raise the age to 21 for anyone who wants to purchase a firearm or ammunition. here is what walmart said in a statement. we take seriously our obligations to be a responsible seller firearms and go beyond federal law by requiring customers to pass a background check before purchasing any firearm. they said they would not sell any high-capacity magazines as well. rob: an interesting policy change. a lot of their business in the south as well. let's talk about southwest airlines. they get a lot of praise for not
2:25 am
nickel and dime in their customers. >> they are raising prices for their alcoholic beverages. the $5 happy hour every hour, prices going up $1.05 to $2, beer will be $6.05 to $7, liquor $7. this is still a dollar or so cheaper than most other air carriers but they bragged about that $5 as a nice easy number. jillian: brew on this please non-smokers, watching coworkers take a cigarette break. >> what are you doing out here? speech is kind of lonely up there so i thought i would coming out here and get some
2:26 am
air. rob: some think they should get compensated for the missed breaks they are not taking, get more days off, according to a new study by halo, 42% of non-smokers feel they should get three files to five extra vacation days per year. 38% of smokers disagree. jillian: i'm surprised the number is not higher. should non-smokers get extra vacation days because they don't take smoke breaks? you can let us know on facebook, twitter or instagram. we will share your comments later on the show and curious to see responses. rob: our producer said 15% of people over 18 in this country are smokers. 15%, one out of six or twee 7, that number is going down. 26 minutes after the hour, the russians are coming. hillary clinton accusing donald trump of surrendering to election meddling but what has she done? >> she and joe biden and pres.
2:27 am
obama were going to press the famous reset button, get rid of these obstacles and everything would be hunky-dory with the russians. >> john bolton takes hillary clinton on trip down memory lane. >> a show of disrespect into a patriotic moment, the american flag rescued has gone viral. ♪ bp is taking safety to new heights. using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better.
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jillian: back with a fox news alert, the fight against isis far from over. isis length groups spreading to new regions of the world. >> you are seeing groups from all corners of the world motivated by the same body and deadly isis ideology using the
2:31 am
same sorts of techniques targeting innocent men, women and children, targeting soft targets. jillian: us backed military destroyed isis app stronghold in syria and iraq, growing in places like the philippines, somalia, egypt and bangladesh. a cease-fire designed to help civilians escape brutal bombings in syria falls apart, interrupted by more bombings in eastern utah. international leaders promising a strong response. >> does not give, cannot give the opportunity for humanitarian assistance. >> these bombings as north korea shipping chemical weapons to the russian backed asad regime? >> hillary clinton takes a shot of surrendering to the russians, i say this is former secretary of state and americans,
2:32 am
intelligence professionals imploring trump to act. will continue to ignore and surrender or protect our country. calling out pres. obama who knew about the meddling. but he did nothing. hillary clinton, former us ambassador to the united nations as clinton is being have a critical on the issue because her leadership in the state department allowed russia to begin targeting the united states in the first place. >> i'm delighted to have hillary clinton back in this debate. miss reset button, the secretary of state who came in in 2009 of the view the difficulties in our relationship with russia and there were a lot of them were caused by the bush administration and the united states, she and joe biden, pres. obama, pressing the famous reset button, get rid of these
2:33 am
obstacles and everything would be hunky-dory with the russians. where was the accommodation coming from? the state department under her leadership. jillian: despite 30,000 calls about the attack on the vice president. >> one thing to talk to jesus, another thing for jesus to talk to you. that is called mental illness if i'm not correct. >> media research center started a campaign to hold the view cohost accountable for anti-christian comments but looks like the network isn't taking any action. this week she said conservatives have a penchant for nazis. >> turning to extreme weather, a powerful nor'easter taking aim at the east coast, destructive wind and coastal flooding will have several big cities from washington through boston, airlines preparing for the worst
2:34 am
already waving change fees ahead of the storm and janice dean tracking it on march 1st. >> coming in like a lion. the past 12 hours, all this moisture across the south is ongoing, flash flood watches and warnings for part of the south including mississippi as well as arkansas towards tennessee, flash flooding is imminent. this area has seen incredible amounts of rain blues that is not going to be helpful and some of this energy is going to go up the east coast tomorrow, overnight into tomorrow and saturday as this gets wound up across the northeast coast line bringing potential for not only rain, wind and snow but coastal flooding and potential of hurricane force winds. precipitation along the coast will be too warm for snow but if
2:35 am
we get that cold air pooled southward new york city could see some wet snow as this thing continues to get wound up. there is the forecast precipitation in mountainous areas, a foot and a half of snow and winds, we could see hurricane force winds along the coast and beach erosion and coastal flooding. more remnants of an april nor'easter along the coast, but a lot of snow in interior sections. if you're traveling make sure you are ahead of things. rob: pulse pounding video of the blue angels giving spectators a thrilling show leaving them in the dust. jillian: the blue angels practicing the takeoff at the
2:36 am
naval air facility in california. two pluto enjoying the thrill as the dust swirls around them. rob: pilots preparing for the big air show in may. 35 minutes after the hour. in defense of the right to keep and bear arms judge andrew napolitano's brand-new op-ed just released. he joins us live, the right to life applies to the right to defend. jillian: loving the fact that papa john's is no longer a sponsor of the nfl, telling us, the pizza company trolling the fast food chain on twitter. ♪ why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good? it's a bold blend of coffee
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>> a man charged with setting off an explosion meant to target
2:40 am
police, just arrested after leaving a bomb disguised as a package on the porch last summer. he wanted to murder a police officer who arrested him years ago but got the address wrong and wound up killing the officer's landlord instead. he faces life in prison. jillian: officers fire 60 shots in 15 seconds, dramatic police shootout in san francisco, and camera. jillian: the chaotic scene unfolding after a man wanted for homicide opened fire from inside. no one was hurt, the suspect was taken into custody two hours
2:41 am
later. >> dick sporting-goods taking assault style weapons off of store shelves. >> carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with reaction that is mixed. >> dick ab sporting-goods taking the lead on this one saying they would no longer so assault style weapons in their field & stream store and big big be selling to anyone under 21 anymore. company ceo edward stack said the decision was made in honor of the parkland school shooting victims. >> this is not going to make everyone happy, those kids and parents, what they did, our view was if the kids can be brave enough to organize like this we can be brave enough. jillian: i got so much feedback, talking about everybody appears to have a different opinion, joe says that a lot of money at the
2:42 am
caps, another hardened penny for me, he doesn't like this, and caved to political pressure, but everett says thank god, someone putting safety ahead of boneheaded politics. walmart won't be selling guns to anyone younger than 20 when you come it is growing trend. jillian: some twitter trolling. rob: ever having to join a pizza? >> i'm not picky on the whole pizza thing but i never had papa john's. and bread. i will be hearing about that. du jour no love that papa john's has cut ties with the nfl blues they had a lot to say on twitter yesterday. we are still the official pizza
2:43 am
of your home office. and using this very famous quote from alan iversen. >> we are talking about practice. not a game, not a game. we are talking about practice. >> they said we are talking about official sponsors because we are talking about official sponsors. we are talking about the pizza. should have left that to ai. also at the xfl, trying to strike up future sponsorship with the football league. whoever runs their twitter account would have a lot to say. a pennsylvania man taking things down a notch, serious stuff was outraged when he saw people driving over an american flag so he stopped, picked it up and
2:44 am
posted a photo of it to facebook saying is this where we are as a society? we should have more respect for those who bled for our freedom, we collectively need to wake up. hundreds of people thanking him for doing that but he will give the flag to a local horse gouge or. >> for non-smokers it can be unfair watching coworkers take bigger brakes. jillian: 42% of non-smokers feel they should get three files to five extra vacation days a year. smokers disagree. rob: should non-smokers get extra vacation days to compensate for smoke breaks? joanne says not only more vacation days but use the time to pick up children in child care or get off any event later in the day, terrible and unhealthy habits should not be
2:45 am
rewarded. jillian: judy writes no because they take a break for other things. rob: thomas says let them take breaks, don't give them vacation days, that is too much. give them a couple brakes per shift. jillian: thank you, keep those comments coming in. 15 minutes until the top of the hour. more than a dozen republicans demanding a second special counsel to investigate hillary clinton. agenda napolitano joined us next on if atty. gen. jeff sessions will make the call. >> todd pyro in bowling green, kentucky, the land of rand paul. judge napolitano: the land of the western kentucky hilltop. we are at the fifth street diner and have so many topics to discuss today, the reaction of
2:46 am
donald trump stands on guns but we have to get into immigration, taxes, so much to discuss today, it will be an exciting day, we don't have time for the food, we will have time for the food and i will eat some of it throughout the course of the day. "fox and friends first" returns right after this commercial message. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss.
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your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. other side effects include upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you.
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jillian: the president's vision for an american military parade on veterans day. and the national security advisor to plan for november 11th. donald trump was inspired after watching a field day parade.
2:50 am
>> and public opinion. the insurance giant went from 45%. and ending discounts for nra members. and the console paul found 40% of americans are in favor of the firearm association, 36% and there you have it. gop lawmakers demanding a special counsel investigate grave concerns about the fbi. >> sent a letter to jeff sessions questioning leadership decisions. is a special counsel needed. judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> donald trump tweet that
2:51 am
mean-spirited, typically trumpian tweed about jeff sessions, why is the inspector general investigating this, he can't charge, all he does is report. why not have a real investigation with prosecutors and fbi agents, no one knows where this is going to go. can the fbi investigate itself or do we need another special counsel? the special councils often expand their own authority and indict people for things that have nothing to do with the original mission with which they were charged. by serious investigation, express authority did by jeff sessions, a friend of mine. i do believe that the whole fisa system has been abused. toward the tip of the iceberg.
2:52 am
>> this is a big cloud over what the results are. >> if someone is indicted or otherwise punished for causing the power of the government to be used to investigate the president and mrs. clinton absent these, the trump campaign, the right thing is being done. jeff sessions will insulate himself personally from this. he could ask bob mueller to expand his authority, independent of the justice department. >> how do you feel jeff sessions is doing, he is qualified by temperament and education. he is aloof and not in charge.
2:53 am
i understand the president's - i would pick up the phone, i am not donald trump, he has his own - >> you have an op-ed out today. >> it was put in the constitution not to protect the right to shoot deer but to protect the right to stay alive, to shoot back at bad guys, crazy people or even at the government if it were taken over by tyrants. jillian: you can see part of it on screen. and irrationally with tears and pain, we need to step back from this tragedy but how do you do that, these high school-aged kids demanding change in the
2:54 am
conversation we never had. judge napolitano: the change i would bring about. every one of these killings, the nightclub in orlando, in san bernardino, newtown, in gun free zones, killer zones, the most dangerous places on earth, the government should not establish places like this because it makes the bad people and crazy people know that there is a change governments can make was when i heard the president say confiscate first and due process later, that is wrong. is much as i love and respect him that is an emotional response to the tears and pain, not a rational solution. >> the president moved pretty far left on the gun issue in the next couple days. judge napolitano: because of the emotion.
2:55 am
we need to step back and remember the highest rate is the right to life and the right to life means the right to self-defense and the right to self-defense means the right to use the most advanced means to protect ourselves. that is not me. that is the supreme court of the united states in an opinion by justice scalia in 2008. what a pleasure. you got up this early in the day. jillian: coming right back for more. because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep. . .
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welcome back time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. longest serving border patrol agent. >> 10:7 for the final time. >> all stations and all units please clear the radio for recognition of border agent mark hall. have you dedicated your career to protecting and preserving our nation and have you made your mark on our country and our world. good luck and god bless. jillian: agent mark hall is retiring after 33 years of service. rob: that's awesome. next the bad. three guys with guns try to rob a pizza hut. they get stopped by one employee. they jump the counter of the philadelphia restaurant and met with punches of the employee and topple the shelf. look at this. these guys are armed. all three ran out without any cash. what a hero. coming still looking for all three. jillian: finally the ugly. utah lawmakers explaining how a bill becomes a law with little help from the fresh prescription of
3:00 am
bellaire. >> this is a story all about how. >> our bills get put into law. >> i want to take a minute and sit right there. >> tell me how they become law. jillian: hilarious. twitter though not so impressed but i'm impressed. rob: "fox & friends" starts now. we will see you later. >> some heavy allegations against the commanding officer running the scene the dave the shooting at stoneman douglas high school. prematurely gave responding deputies orders to stage during critical moments after the shootings when they say all deputies should have been running towards the school. >> bret: the president met with a bipartisan group of lawmakers at the white house seeking solutions to what some consider an epidemic of gun violence. >> we have to act. we can' wait and play games and nothing gets done. >> special counsel investigates some grave concerns surrounding the justice department and the


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