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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 1, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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bellaire. >> this is a story all about how. >> our bills get put into law. >> i want to take a minute and sit right there. >> tell me how they become law. jillian: hilarious. twitter though not so impressed but i'm impressed. rob: "fox & friends" starts now. we will see you later. >> some heavy allegations against the commanding officer running the scene the dave the shooting at stoneman douglas high school. prematurely gave responding deputies orders to stage during critical moments after the shootings when they say all deputies should have been running towards the school. >> bret: the president met with a bipartisan group of lawmakers at the white house seeking solutions to what some consider an epidemic of gun violence. >> we have to act. we can' wait and play games and nothing gets done. >> special counsel investigates some grave concerns surrounding the justice department and the fbi sending a letter to
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attorney general jeff sessions questioning the agency's leadership decision. >> hope hicks is resigning as the white house communications director. >> she is like family to this president. she is somebody who is dedicated to this president and dedicated to her country. >> members of congress, president trump, and others paying their respects to reverend billy graham lying in honor nut capitol rotunda. >> everywhere he went reverend graham delivered the same beautiful message. god loves you. ♪ ♪ ♪ just a matter of time ♪ gold on the ceiling ♪ steve: hey, everybody, welcome to the mezzanine level here in the fox news world headquarters it is march 1st. ainsley: it is march 1st.
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yes. i walked up to one of our amazing security guards do you smell it? do you smell it he said what. he looked at my coffee. i said it's the weekend u it's thursday. steve: it's not the weekend. that's tomorrow. ainsley: we are down hill. made it through the majority of the week. brian: put my clocks ahead now. i want to get a jump on spring. i will an hour early to everything including my dentist appointment. steve: talk to rob and jillian about that. brian: yesterday, i thought we had a lot to talk about when it came to guns and the president's unscripted meeting with lawmakers. then hope hicks resigns and right after our show the president decides to take on his attorney general. just a typical day in the news world. steve: slow news day, so let's start at the beginning. if you were watching the fox news channel. you saw the president say yesterday you have a different president now. he said he wanted comprehensive gun reform. it was stunning to watch him talk to the democrats and
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republicans both sides for the most part were stunned to hear him pushing for things like sense tillable reforms. gun reform has long been a poison pill for republicans. and a pipe dream for some opponents. and he just flat out came out and said hey, some you guys in this room afraid of the nra. we have got to do something. ainsley: this process incredible. met with lawmakers. bipartisan meetings twice. met with the family members that have lost loved one us and several of the school shootings around the country. also met with law enforcement. and what happened yesterday. they had live cameras in this room. really pulling back the curtain and allowing us americans, taxpayers, voters, to see what's happening inside the rooms instead of getting a press conference afterwards. brian: listen, i'm here to take your guns or attack the constitution, we have a problem over the past 20 years there has been school shootings and we have not addressed these problems. let's hit it. let's get all your ideas. you all have unique background. some are lawyers, some are
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law enforcement. some come from congressional background in the senate. some new to this. some have been here forever and know the problems and pit falls in this process. it's a new day, i'm a new guy. here are the highlights if you have to work 9 to 5 probably missed the live show at 3:00 p.m. >> weave to do something about it. we now have to do something. we have to act. >> there is not a person in west virginia who doesn't believe you are going to defend their second amendment rights. >> i'm a big fan of the nra. these are great patriots, they love our country. >> 97% of americans want universal background checks yet we can't get it done. >> i think maybe you have a different attitude, too. i think people want to get it done. >> the best way to prevent these is to stop it before it starts. >> have you got have defense, too. you can't just be sitting ducks. >> it sounds cliche it'sically say because it's true. the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with gahanna. >> you have to do something about the mentally ill not being able to buy a gun. >> make sure the assistant
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secretary of the mental health has the tools they need they are tasked with finding awful these loopholes. >> it would be simple to have one bill. get it done. that's what we have to do. steve: what he was doing there yesterday was essentially talking to the brain trust up on capitol hill. you've got to do something. the administration is expected to do we have a list of four different things look forward to this in the coming weeks. brian: expand dhs test programs to stop school violence. fix the tipster program. encourage states to adopt extreme risk protection orders. know the people in your community. coming put up their hands legally i can't do anything. the president wants to do that. encourage arming school faculty and staff through federal grants and federal training. you don't have to but, man, they do it in ohio. some portions of ohio. they do it in utah. they do it in texas. they are going to be, according to the governor of florida, the legislation is pushing through legislation that would allow teachers to be armed in florida. something to consider.
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keep your eye on toomey manchin,. ainsley: the bipartisan bill. brian: senator lindsey graham said listen i know the president said a lot. i need to see it in paper. he said, mr. president, you put it down and then i will tell you where we stand. ainsley: background checks also need to apply if you buy a gun at a gun show and buy a gun online. some of the lawmakers are saying those are the loopholes that need to be patched up. steve: steve scalise was there and steve scalise started to talk about his bill in the house carry conceal carry reciprocity. president said steve i love you if you attach that to a bill it's not going to pass. so go ahead and make that a stand alone bill. so clearly the president is trying to say things that people have not heard from 1600 pennsylvania before. he want to get something done. he wants to make sure this time it's different. brian: joe manchin said to neil cavuto if this president was 2013 we would have passed this.
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that's a democrat. meanwhile, six minutes after the top of the hour u. ainsley: meanwhile the doj is looking into possible obstruction of justice to the story we brought you yesterday. we interviewed tom who he homan, the acting director of ice. they went this to are a some of these illegal criminal aliens and the mayor warned the folks. on twitter. here is what the mayor had to say about it? >> i feel confident that what i did was the right thing and it was legal. i did not give specific information that could have endangered law enforcement. i encouraged people to not panic but to know their rights. to know their responsibilities. and to know about the unique resources that are available in this community. steve: it's just extraordinary that the federal government is investigating her, looking into did she obstruct justice? think about it. here she is, the mayor of oakland, california, and she
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has gotten wind that perhaps there is going to be law enforcement activity where they sweep up people who are criminal aliens in this country and she warns people hey, the cops are coming, you better scatter. well, we had tom homan on the program yesterday, and he said that they were able to arrest 150. and that's good. but he felt that 864 of these criminal aliens got away because the mayor warned them. and so they're looking into did she break any laws because to many people it looks like she did. brian: all right. so here is what tom homan told us yesterday after he realized how much better his arrest record could have been had this mayor not spoken up. >> what she did is no better than, you know, a gang lookout yelling police. when a police cruiser comes in the neighborhood, except she did it to an entire community. i mean, it's beyond the pale. i have been doing this for 34 years. this is a whole new low to
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intentionally warn criminals that law enforcement is coming. i just can't believe it happened. ainsley: you wonder why you should care? after the school shooting in florida we are trying to protect our kids. we don't want our kids to go to school and be the next victim. look at kate steinle's family. illegal criminal deported several times comes back in the country and shoots innocent victim. this is what tom homan and the ice officials are trying to protect you from. brian: if you are illegal watching and siding with the mayor little problem with the law. john hugh used to work for the president. used to work with bush. the federal government can't commandeer or compel state officers to help them. state officers cannot impede or obstruct federal law. we have a civil war about this very issue. tom homan has a lot of legal force on his side. steve: it's just extraordinary. when is the last time you heard a chief executive for a community, essentially say hey, the cops are coming.
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anybody break the law. go. it's crazy. we will keep you posted. it's now about 6:10 here in new york city and jillian joins us now. jillian: get you caught up on other stories starting with this. a teacher is in custody after opening fire inside a georgia high school sending students and staff running for their lives. police say jesse davidson locked himself inside a classroom alone and fired a handgun through a window. he surrendered after a 45-minute standoff with police. students as can you imagine were shaken up. >> just scared the whole time. i didn't know what to think. i was too shocked to think. >> it's just sad that kids have to experience this. that they have -- that it's a part of their lives. they really shouldn't have to. jillian: police aren't sure why davidson did it reaction pouring in this morning over
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the resignation of white house communications director and the president's longest serving aide hope hicks. the news coming just a day after the 29-year-old testified for 8 hours before the house intelligence committee. top advisors say she had been thinking about the move for months. chief of staff john kelly is saying she served her country with great distinction. sarah sanders says no one can fill the void hicks will leave behind. ivanka trump also chiming in on twitter writing hope hicks is loved and admired by all who know her. it's with heavy heart but tremendous gratitude that i wish her well in her next steps. u.s. steel and aluminum executives are heading to the white house today sparking a major trade announcement rumor. president trump has long vowed to take steps on cracking down on steel and aluminum imports. the city's event comes as top economic aids are set to met with the chinese president over mounting trade tensions. president trump honoring america's pastor billy graham in historic ceremony. the evangelist becoming the
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fourth private citizen ever to lie in honor in the capitol rotunda. our commander-in-chief reflecting on the time he saw graham at a revival in 1957. >> i remember that because my father said to me, come on, son, let's go see billy graham at yankee stadium. and it was something very special. jillian: graham's casket will be escorted out of the capitol later today. he will be buried tomorrow in charlotte, north carolina. guys? steve all right. thank you very much. the first spiritual leader ever to lie in honor. ainsley: it's just amazing how many people went to see him. did i as a child. did you as a child. and grew up in very formal christian homes. steve: catholic, absolutely. and then the funeral tomorrow. 6:12 in new york city. president trump wants to get rid of gun-free zones in the military is that a good idea? our next guest was shot
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seven times in fort hood, texas in 2009. he said if he had a gun he would have killed the shooter. ainsley: and somebody alerts "the view." oprah says she is going to run for president if god tells her to do so. do you think joy behar is going to mock her? ♪ faithful ♪ and i don't care ♪ if the world around us ♪ gives up on us ♪ i will make you see ♪ you can count on me ♪ i will be faithful ♪ you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement
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♪ >> i'm looking to get rid of gun-free zones in the military. we had five incredible. championship shooters nowhere near their gun and whack job walked in and killed all of them. defenseless. and they been gone in a second. brian: president talking about fort hood. fort hood actually 1 killed in 2009. there is another mass shooting and in 2014 there were three people killed and 16 others injured. believe it or not on our military bases gun-free zones. alonzo lunsford survived the shooting in 2009. i wanted to get your perspective, sergeant, if possible. when the president said that and we just played that, what are your thoughts?
3:18 am
if you had a gun that day, what would have happened? >> if i would have had a gun on november 5th, 2019, hasan we wouldn't have had 13, killed and 42 wounded in action. i would have put a gun to the head when it started. brian: you are trained to do this. >> absolutely. brian: your thoughts about the president not making the military bases gun-free zones? >> well, i think that's a good decision. because, it used to be where all ncos were required to side arm while they were on duty. think about it we are trained to use weapons in combat. then ncos and above should be trained to carter weapons on post because you don't never know how someone could infiltrate our bases and cause chaos. brian: they tried. fort dix six terrorists on the outside let alone somebody on the inside gone off the rails. that's got to be part of the
3:19 am
conversation. quickly like what happened in florida. this guy major hasan who shot you, shot and killed, you guys knew he was nuts. you knew this guy was a little off. >> absolutely. brian: you couldn't do anything. >> that's right. because a lot of times when the policy alerted to the threat, they know it's a threat but they say it's not a credible threat. in my opinion any threat is a credible threat until you exhaust all resources to find out if it's a good resource or bad resource or not. so the shooting in florida, sad to say for those families that survived and the ones of them deceased the ball was dropped. again, now, instead of us being proactive we are being reactive. something has to change. brian: one thing the president says if a cop feels as though somebody substable fbi man or woman, i want them to be able to act take the guns away and worry about due process later. a lot of people went out of their minds on that statement. knowing what you know now and hearing some of these eyewitnesses say i told the
3:20 am
cops and they said their hands were tied. do you believe the president's on to something or is it just a violation of the constitution that's intolerable? >> no, i think is he definitely on to something. something that needs to be looked into deeper and further than just talking about it we actually need to do our research and then ban the wagon so we can come up with a possible solution. brian: put something together. sun set in 18 months. go back and visit and find out what's working. we all have the same objective. alonzo lunsford. it's clear the president has not forgotten the challenges on military bases. thank you, sir. >> you're welcome u. brian: 20 minutes after the top of the hour. her accused killers, ms-13 gang members who laughed in her mom's face in court. that mom has a message for them. and it's a powerful one. she is live next. ( ♪ )
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♪ ♪ steve: we have got some quick headlines starting with the update on the fights against isis. the department of state warning that seven isis linked groups are spreading to new regions of the world while the terror group has been nearly wind out in iraq and syria. its reach expanding to places like the philippines, somalia, egypt, and bangladesh. terror group also continuing to spread hate online. missouri woman pleading guilty to supporting isis on twitter. she tweeted out names and addresses of u.s. service personnel and fbi employee in hopes they would be killed by the terror group. she is now facing 10 years in prison. all right. ainsley. ainsley: thank you, steve. ms-13 members accused of murdering two teenage girls and they laugh in front of their families in court on
3:25 am
tuesday. kayla cuevas was beaten when she walked home with her best friend. her mother was in the courtroom on tuesday facing her daughter's killers. evelyn, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: what's your reaction to what happened this week? >> it's been crazy. it's like every time you walk in the courtroom you are reliving that day. ainsley: you have seen courtroom shows: you are in court and facing your daughter's killer do you have like an out of body -- do you think i can't believe this is happening to me? >> yeah, you know, you never think that this could ever happen to you, to your kids. but while you are in court, you just try and focus on
3:26 am
something else and just be brave and have hope. ainsley: yeah. you are -- you handled yourself with grace. is it hard not to jump over the table and just want to go after him? >> [sigh] ainsley: we saw you at the state of the union address. he wants to make our schools safer, get ms-13 out of the country, our border safer. what is the message to the president if he is watching? >> please keep his word in the sense of helping our law enforcement you know in getting the funding that they need. if they can't do their job properly, we're back to square one again. they definitely need the support of the government to back them up. ainsley: what do you know mr. ms-13. what they brutally did to
3:27 am
your daughter it's beyond the pale. it's beyond anything we could ever imagine. pure evil. for them to sit in court, in the courtroom on tuesday and laugh in your face, what do you want people at home to know about ms-13? >> these individuals are ruthless. they do these crimes and not think about the people that they're hurting i just hope and pray this. kids killing kids. ainsley: thank you for being brave enough to tell your story. we appreciate it to try to prevent this from happening to other families and your daughter did not die in vain. thank you for speaking out. god bless you. somebody alert "the view." oprah says she is only going to run for president in god tells her to do.
3:28 am
so do you think joy behar is going to mock her. todd piro is with voters in bowling green, kentucky. breakfast with friends is coming up next. happy birthday to justin beenter, thbieber, the pop star4 years old today ♪ you want to say yes ♪ but you want to say no ♪ what do you mean ♪ when you don't want me no more ♪ tell me to go ♪ what do you mean ♪ i want to know i asked my doctor. she told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease, victoza® is also approved to lower the risk of major cv events such as heart attack,
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♪ keeping the faith ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ keeping the faith. brian: under appreciated billy joel hit. so appropriate as we talk about politics and talk.
3:32 am
steve: remember a couple weeks ago on "the view" late mornings on abc. joy behar and company were poking fun at mike pence for his christian faith. and she said this. >> it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you [applause] that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. steve: okay. so she is saying mike pence is mentally ill for talking to god. brian: and she is not correct. ainsley: we talked to mike pence about it and he said basically i get criticized all the time. i'm used to that. when you criticize the majority of america and my god for saying that, i stand up. i have to reprimand her for doing that. steve: mike pension is a conservative. she doesn't like conservatives. it's ironic. we're wondering how she is going to respond to the new cover story in "people" magazine where oprah winfrey reveals she talks to god, too.
3:33 am
>> billionaires calling me up saying i can get you a billion dollars. can i run your campaign. i actually went into prayer about it like, god, if you think i'm supposed to run, have you got to tell me. and it has to be so clear that not even i could miss it. brian: george burns played god that was obviously god. something as transparent and flagrant as that. is joy behar when her show goes live today going to mock oprah winfrey the way she mocked and got a laugh from the entire panel and the audience when she made her comments a few weeks back. steve: should we place bets? ainsley: she is thought going to say anything. brian: i wonder if she will address it we are laying the ground work here and we're powerful. steve: abc has not responded. she said once she was kidding. i don't think she is going to touch it with a 10-foot pole. ainsley: rush limbaugh calls it a double standard. listen to this. >> a liberal democrat is
3:34 am
gonna talk to god and god is gonna talk back. now, isn't that what they have been making fun of mike pence for for about a week? it wa maud behar on the view. mike pence is mentally ill because jesus talks to her. as big a risk for you recall oprah winfrey a democrat to acknowledge god number one and then she says she will not move forward unless she hears from god in such a clear way that she couldn't miss it. so she's expecting god to talk to her. anybody else see the contradictions here? ainsley: several things came to mind. when i heard oprah say that i was like -- see, i love oprah. i love that she is willing to talk about that and talk about her faith. and when you watched her show, she was always so
3:35 am
generous and talked about her faith a lot and giving away cars and everything. steve: you get a car. you get a car. ainsley: she always talks about how she appreciates where she came and what her story has been. i think she is a powerful woman. clearly she has done a lot for other people and for herself for this country and has a great story. so, i thought that was wonderful. joy behar, as a christian it makes me sad that she was making fun of him and doesn't have that experience. so, it's hard for me to criticize her because she just doesn't know -- she doesn't know the love of what it is like to have faith and to have a higher supreme being, it seems. brian: she wasn't getting much love after the abc switch board. 30,000 calls came to complain about her comments chut next day she came back and said i was basically only kidding. so, here's the question. oprah winfrey will feel as though she will be called out today by joy behar.
3:36 am
will she actually acknowledge it. will joy use this as an opportunity to say you know, the more i think about it, i really shouldn't have said that two weeks ago. i have a live show for an hour and, you know, we interact and sometimes things happen. steve: will it be the same standard? will she say that oprah winfrey is mentally ill as she said mike pence was mentally ill? oh yeah i'm just kidding. ainsley: a lot of people not sure about their faith and they would love to hear from god oopsd they're very confused and don't know what's happening. i have a good friend who talks to me about this all the time. she would love to have the assurance in heaven and all of that i understanding maybe she hasn't gotten there yet. maybe joy hasn't but to equate it to mental illness. that's what i had a problem with. brian: some people want to talk to god, other people want to talk to todd. steve: there you go. ainsley: or both. brian: got to make a choice. steve: in bowling green kentucky. kentucky went for president trump in a big way. and todd is just seeing how america is feeling on this thursday morning. >> good morning, steve,
3:37 am
ainsley, and brian. we have so much to get to. we will get right to it because there is so much in the news these days. i'm here with ron ford. retired law enforcement officer. ron, you said something that really struck me. you said i have three beautiful grand daughters. the number one issue to me is their safety, especially in school. and you said you really like most of what president trump wants to do in terms of school safety. why do you say that? >> >> i agree with most of it the only thing i don't agree is using teachers. todd: you do agree with putting retired law enforcement in the schools. why do you agree with that. >> law enforcement officers are already trained. we go through rigorous training in this state. and that aspect of it will be a great plus for the school system. especially if they are retired. a lot of retired officers. once you reach a certain age. you know, they need a little something else to do. and that would be beneficial to the school system and as far as the safety of our kids. todd: sure. i want to switch to immigration now. you said as a retired law enforcement officer who, in
3:38 am
fact, is actually running for sheriff of lauren county which is where we are right now. you said you may not like the laws, but we are a nation of laws. and you need to enforce the laws. why do you say that? >> well, because that's exactly what it is. that's what the founding fathers meant to do with the declaration of independence. we are a nation of laws. and when we cease to stop enforcing those laws, we cease to becoming a nation. and it is just important that we know who is coming and going from this country because not everybody that comes to this country is here-ly to are some here to do us harm. todd: quickly, what should happen to the mayor of oakland for warning about the ice raid. >> she should be arrested. todd: thank you for your time we'll be here all morning long. send it back to you in new york steve, anxiously and brian. steve: those pancakes look delicious and great answers from that man in law enforcement. brian: they are not international house
3:39 am
pancakes. international have a cosmopolitan taste. steve: we had them earlier this week on national pancake day. ainsley: hand it over to jillian for the headlines. jillian: officers fire 65 shots in 15 seconds. the dramatic police shootout in san francisco was caught on camera. watch. [gunshots] the chaotic scene unfolding after a man wanted for homicide hopes fire on officers from inside an rv. no one was hurt. the suspect was taken into custody two hours later. following backlash, a college course about removing president trump from office is getting a name change. san diego state university says the original class called trump impeachment removal or conviction was inconsistent with its content. so they're dropping the word trump from the title. yesterday we spoke to an sdsu student about the class.
3:40 am
>> their message is very clear and we see this all the time. college campuses, especially san diego state university, there is tons of liberal bifs in it. it's honestly not surprising, unfortunately. ainsley: the class will use the book the case for impeachment which examines ways that president trump could be removed from office. one man couldn't believe his eyes, watching drivers run over the american flag. this post from jason white of pennsylvania now going viral. white jumped into action by putting on his blinkers, running into the street and picking the flag up from off the ground. now hundreds are thanking him. answered writes, thank you, jason, for taking your time and respect to stop and pick it up. connie writes thank you, a true patriot. a look at your headlines, guys. send it back to you. steve: he had to do it. nobody else was. ainsley: that's a great story. thank you to the man who did that. steve: indeed. meanwhile, if you were watching yesterday, do you remember this interview? >> if you win, will you get
3:41 am
high? >> definitely. steve: what does the man running against that so-called cannabis candidate think? he is going to join us live from illinois. brian: i'm sure he has a beer. plus, she ♪ out of the woods yet. lawmakers still have questions about how the fbi and doj handled their probe into hillary clinton. texas congressman louie gohmert is one of them. he looks like that on the big screen ♪ have no privacy ♪ i always feel like ♪ somebody's watching me ♪ just a dream ♪ for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...?
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brian: quick headlines and you urge you to please get dressed. navy is investigating frost
3:45 am
bitten. mist pumped into the cockpit. windows and flight instruments. this is bizarre as the temperature plunged to negative 30 degrees. they were able to land the plane using g.p.s. watch and instructions from air control. is that unbelievable? and the personal information of 21,000 marines, sailors and civilians compromised in a massive data breach. there they are in action. email containing addresses, social security numbers and training information sent to the wrong distribution list. the marine corps is notifying those affected. now for something else, here is steve. >> thank you very much, brian. in light of the dueling fisa memos, one from the democrats. 13 house republicans want the attorney general to appoints a special counsel, a second special counsel to investigate the department of justice and fbi's handling of hillary clinton and the russia probe. joining us right now is one of the lawmakers behind that effort to the attorney
3:46 am
general. texas congressman louie gohmert. louie, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: you have been talking about a second counsel since you wrote that letter to the boss, what was it, last summer? >> yeah. and, actually, there is a picture of me whispering in president trump's ear and i was telling him, you got to appoint a second counsel to investigate mueller, rosenstein, they were involved in that uranium one, closed some cases. that enabled hillary and her cronies to approve the sale of 20, 25% of our uranium to ultimately to russia. all of that has got to be investigated. also, there are too many fbi agents and too many doj officials that need to be investigated. whether it's strzok,or, and, of course, steele. all of those people need to be investigated. and you know, the fbi and the doj can't investigate their own top people.
3:47 am
but, i wanted to make a distinction, steve, i don't believe we need a second counsel to look into the fisa courts. the fisa judges, if they had any modicum of self-respect for their courts. not just themselves, their courts, they would have already long time ago called the lawyers in and put somebody in jail for committing a fraud upon the court. that's contempt of court and somebody should have gone to jail long before. >> now the fact they haven't done that tells me these fisa judges don't need to have any kind of secret court hearings. steve: the attorney general made it clear they are going to look into fisa abuse with the inspector general of the department of justice. louie, we have so many investigations going. you have the robert mueller thing. the ig looking into the doj. that's where peter strzok got in trouble and got fired off of the mueller team. it's hard to keep track. but, so a lot of people are thinking well, aren't they
3:48 am
already looking into hillary clinton's stuff, somebody? >> yes. and my understanding is that jeff sessions and some of the doj are looking into some of the hillary clinton stuff, perhaps on uranium one. but there is so much voluming the emails and, you know, okay, did comey only come forward right before the election about we're reopening hillary's case because some of the fbi agents said either you come forward or we're going to quit and we're going to blow the whistle on how pro-hillary you've been? all of that needs to be investigated and it involved doj and fbi. that needs a second counsel to do that. steve: it's up to jeff sessions, let's see what he does. >> or the president could appoint a second counsel himself. that's what i mentioned to the president last july. keep pushing. thank you for your help. steve: thank you for telling us your story. all right, louie, thank you very much. >> all right. steve: all right. meanwhile, let us know what
3:49 am
you think about that or twitter or facebook. finally, dick's sporting goods stopping what they -- the sale of what they call assault rifles and raising the age to buy guns. and new overnight another major retailer just followed them. plus, luxury roadster 74% off. it's not too good to be true. it's actually happening on our set. find out how you can get those for yourself coming up. ♪ you better shop around ♪ um-huh ♪ you better shop around ♪ there's a thing that i wants you to know now ♪ just as sure as the wind's going
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green mountain coffee roasters. packed with goodness. >> bret: the president met with a bipartisan group of lawmakers at the white house seeking solutions to what some consider an epidemic of gun violence. >> we have to act. we can't wait and play games and nothing gets done. >> the doj is now looking into possible obstruction of justice. they went in to go and arrest some of these criminal illegal aliens. the mayor of oakland warned the folks that they were coming in. >> feel confident that what did i was the right thing. >> hillary clinton take as shot at president trump accusing him of surrendering to the russians. she tweets: our intelligence professionals are imploring trump to act. will he continue to ignore and surrender? >> reaction pouring in this morning over the resignation of white house communications director and the president's longest serving aide hope hicks.
4:01 am
ivanka trump also chiming in on twitter writing hope hicks is loved and admired by all who know her. >> president trump and others paying their respects to reverend billy graham lying in honor in the capitol rotunda. >> everywhere he went, reverend graham delivered the same beautiful message. god loves you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: welcome aboard, folks, it's "fox & friends" hour two for this very busy thursday. it is the first day of march. ainsley: that's right. we have some new news that just broke. the president tweeting this out. i think we have it up on the full screen. we are going to show you what it says. here it is: many ideas. some good and some not so good emerge from our
4:02 am
bipartisan meeting on school safety yesterday at the white house. background checks. a big part of conversation. gun free zones are proven targets of killers. after many years a bill should emerge. respect second amendment. brian: he has some principles he wants us to consider and it looks like toomey, manchin bill is front and center along with the fix knicks bill which is cornyn murphy. senator cornyn of texas being the republican. i get the sense in that room they left and put it to paper we might get something. ainsley: senator toomey is going to join us background checks bill put together. steve: he said some of you people in this room are petrified of the nra. the nra came out with a statement while the meeting made for great tv the gun control proposal discussed would make bad policy that would not keep our children safe. senator toomey will talk about that and so much more with brian in about 10 members u. brian: two minutes after the top of the hour. we are goin looking at.
4:03 am
yesterday we had the acting director of ice on our show. obviously he was upset and who wouldn't be. he is trying to get illegals out of this country and broken the law in many respects, not just coming here. overstaying visas and committing crimes. he had a list of 800 people to pick up in california. well then the oakland mayor, libby schaaf decides to give a warning about the raids. and, therefore, he had 150 pickups instead of 800. here's the mayor not backing down. she is not sorry about this. >> i continue to feel confident that what i did was the right thing and it was legal. i did not give specific information that could have endangered law enforcement. i encouraged people to not panic. but to know their rights, to know their responsibilities. and to know about the unique resources that are available in this community. steve: for her to say she
4:04 am
didn't give any specific information, she warned everybody in california and anybody watching television that ice was planning a raid. so obstruction of justice, that's the question. we had done rosenberg on a couple of days ago talking about it. he was horrified. he said it was obstruction of justice. in fact, emailed me yesterday. it is -- he lost his son drew to an illegal. he said it's time for the justice department to act because the politicians in california are not just laughing at the administration but are becoming more empowered to protect criminals at the expense of the law abiding. keep in mind, they had 1,000 people on a list they were going to go. we are talking about criminal alien. they were only able to get 150, 864 skated. and tom homan, the acting director of ice, said they are looking into whether or not the mayor committed obstruction of justice. >> what she did is no better than, you know a gang lookout yelling police. when a police cruiser comes
4:05 am
in a neighborhood except she did it to the community. it's beyond the pale. i have been doing this for 34 years. this is a whole new low to intentionally warn criminals that law enforcement is come. i can't believe it happened. ainsley: he said something interesting i heard a few days ago. he said this is actually, the democrats are saying yeah, sanctuary cities we feel sorry for them. we feel sorry for the illegal immigrants. he said it's really in their best interest to have ice working the way they used to work. where if a criminal illegal alien did something wrong, they would go to the jail. they would be put behind bars and ice would be there waiting for them because they had done something wrong. they were criminals. they had broken the law. but now what they are having to do is they are getting a list of who is breaking the law. then they have to go into the neighborhoods. then they have to knock on the doors it not only puts their agents at risk. someone comes to the door they are looking for the criminal. they arrest that person but if they discover that other people in their family might be here illegally, then they have to take them. in so it's actually doing the illegal immigrants more harm according to them than
4:06 am
good. steve: after the mayor warned people, you know, there could be ice raids, there were all these experts who were were giving suggestions to people regarding ice and they said if ice knocks on your door, you don't have to open it so don't open it. ainsley: right. steve: and call a lawyer. brian: evelyn rodriguez who had her daughter killed by ms-13 illegal immigrants. ainsley: his or her daughter was killed not had her killed u her daughter was killed. brian: surge of underaged siblings. she was on with ainsley earlier and said this. >> getting the funding that they need they can't do their job properly we are back to square one. these individuals are ruthless. they do these crimes and not
4:07 am
think about the people that they're hurting. i just hope and pray one day that this stops. steve: well, something has got to be done. and yesterday the president was talking about it would be great to have comprehensive gun reform at the same time it would be great if congress could do something regarding immigration. it doesn't look like this is the year. brian: the thing is when the president came out yesterday and tweeted about the wall, i'm not taking a pofertion the wall and fixing california until i get all of it, that made me think that there is a plan in place to go revisit it and maybe, you know, a midnight run on revisiting immigration, perhaps. ainsley: would that be for negotiation purposes? steve: yeah. california wants part of the wall. they don't wants it all but they wants part. okay, you wants part of it, i wants all of it let's do all of it. come on. brian: let's do the entire border. that's instead of 3 billion. how about 25 billion. steve: hillary clinton, remember her? well, she was tweeting yesterday. and she is reminding donald trump that he has not done
4:08 am
enough to crack down on the russians who may or may not actually hack into our next election but are planning on it she tweeted this. ainsley: she said i say this as a former secretary of state and as an american, the russians are still coming. our intelligence professionals are imploorg trump to act. will he continue to ignore and surrender or protect our country? brian: you know, for hillary clinton to say it, that's quite rich. and that really struck ambassador john bolted ton because he has seen her resume. watch. >> let's not forget the famous open mike comment that the president made to then russian president medvedev right before our 2012 election when he said tell wladimir after our election i can be more flexible. the idea that somehow the obama administration was tough on russia doesn't stand up to scrutiny. specifically, on the election meddling issue, if they were so conscious of what was going on, if it struck them as so
4:09 am
problematic, why didn't they do something about it when they were in office instead of complaining about it later? brian: nsa director mike jones said yesterday we haven't done anything since it's been discovered and confirmed that they meddled in our election. we hit them hard on sanctions and hit them quickly on sanctions. hit them hard and send a message to the russians right away. especially in wake of the news that came down today that they have reinvigorated their nuclear program. underwater nuclear weapons that are impossible to stop. they have got to be told. ainsley: president obama admitted, remember, in september before the election, he admitted that he knew the russians were trying to meddle in the election. steve: he said to putin they were face to face and president obama said i told him knock it off. and he did. that's what he said at the time. of course now we know at the time they didn't. so, will they do more? stay tuned for that meantime 7:10 here in new york city. news time, jillian. jillian: good thursday morning to you guys and to you at home as well. get you caught up on some of the headlines here.
4:10 am
first responding officers were told not to immediately enter the florida high school where a gunman murdered 17 people. fox news exclusively learning a commanding officer told deputies to stage and set up a perimeter outside the school. this goes against the broward county's sheriff's office policy on active shooters which let's deputies enter buildings to save lives without permission. this morning therapy dogs will greet survivors on their second day back at class. and in the wake of the florida massacre, president trump is expected to announce plans to increase school safety. today's announcement coming hours after he met with lawmakers in a live televised session. the commander-in-chief pushing for changes to our nation's gun laws. the call for action comes as walmart joins dick's sporting goods raising the age to buy a gun to 21. dick's also announcing they will no longer sell assault style rifles. reaction pouring in this morning over the resignation of white house communications director and the president's longest serving aide hope hicks. the news coming just a day after the 29-year-old
4:11 am
testified for 8 hours before the house intelligence committee. the top advisor say she has been thinking president move for months. chief of staff john kelly saying she served her country with great distinction. sarah sanders says no one can fill the void hicks will leave behind. ivanka trump also chiming in on twitter writing hope hicks is loved and admired by all who know her. it's with a heavy heart but tremendous gratitude that i wish her well in her next stepping. utah lawmakers explaining how a bill becomes a law with a little help from the fresh prince of blair. bellaire. >> this is a story all about how. >> our bill gets put into law. >> take a minute sit right. >> there tell you how it will become -- jillian: the official twitter account of the utah house of representatives tweeting the video but folks weren't too impressed, posting dozens of peoples mocking the video. if you want to see the whole thing, posted it on
4:12 am steve: they are trying to show people how to do it. jillian: everyone needs to lighten up a little bit. brian: remember the song um. steve: i'm just a bill. brian: people still hum that today. jillian: as they do the fresh prince of bellaire theme song. brian: more popular sinsd occasion. ainsley: i forgot about the bill song. i'm just a bill. steve: 7:12 in new york. brian: one of the most talked about moments on that bipartisan meeting at the white house yesterday afternoon. >> you are afraid of the nra. brian: the president calling out senator pat toomey in a fun way. he joins us live next. he did have retort. he have one here. ainsley: dropped out of college two years ago and still living in the dorm and she won't leave. steve: why would she want to ♪ ♪ ♪
4:13 am
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>> joe and pat, in your bill what are you doing about the 18 to 21. >> don't change that. >> are you going to leave that? a lot of people don't want to bring it up. >> we didn't address it, mr. president. >> do you know why? you are afraid of the nra? brian: that was a little bit of the give and take one of the moments people are writing about is senator pat toomey afraid of the nra? i have an idea. he is here. i'm going to ask him. senator, when the president said that it was playful but it was direct, is the reason why in your bill you don't raise the age for rifles to 21 because you are afraid of the nra? >> well, so let's think about how ridiculous that is. i'm the guy that wrote the bill that the nra opposed. the manchin toomey legislation was strongly opposed by the nra they vice president endorsed me in my election and haven't given me a dime since 2010. in the nra is right i will be with them when i think they are wrong i will be against them. i think they are wrong in opposing broadening background checks to all commercial sales. brian: my humble opinion, senator, it looks like the
4:18 am
president is counting on the framework of manchin-toomey to go forward on legislation. >> that's right. brian: kept asking to add things and subtract things. what's in it? it's more about background checks, right? >> that's exactly right. the bill, the first part is to improve the information that's in the background check system. the second part is to require a background check for commercial sales. that is to say at a gun show or over the internet. there are also a number of provisions that allow a law-abiding citizen more opportunity to exercise their second amendment rights. for instance, our bill would allow active duty military folks to buy a handgun in their home state. today they're forbidden from doing that that doesn't make any sense. final thing is it creates a commission to study the mental health issues that are associated with this mass violence. that would be a very good base text. the president seems to support it and people can have different ideas. they can offer amendments. we can debate it, a vote on it and see where the senate
4:19 am
consensus is. brian: are you open? i saw you sunday and i saw you yesterday. are you open to raising the age to 21 on rifles hand guns? >> look, i'm skeptical about that. i don't think the ages have been handed down by moses. i think we can have that discussion. but i know for a fact that in pennsylvania most 18, 19, and 20-year-olds buy long guns because they are hunters or they go target shooting and they are not a threat to anyone. i'm reluctant to say that whole category of americans has to lose their seconds amendment rights. brian: maybe they can't buy but maybe they can use a gun. maybe there is something like that in there. mental health is it. real quick, senator. you have been through a lot in washington. i'm fascinated by seeing this process. how unique is it how effective are these meetings with the president? >> they can be very effective. we have a lot of meetings like this about tax reform and it led to the biggest success on tax reform in over 30 years as you know.
4:20 am
in my view if president embraces something like manchin-toomey broad bipartisan support but couldn't get to 60 votes the president could make a difference. brian: joe manchin said if he was president in 2013 it would have passed. you reminded me it was republicans that didn't vote for your bill. it stopped at 54. do you have more now? >> that's what we're trying to determine. i can tell you that there are republicans who voted no in 2013 that are reconsidering. i can't tell you that any have signed up. but there are definitely some who are reconsidering. so, it suggests me might be getting closer. brian: my sense is, senator, just get the work done, right you? are so close. go in there and find out what everyone has got to say and put something forward because people are getting frustrated. senator pat toomey, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. brian: straight ahead, 20 minutes after the hour. should the 10 commandments be allowed on public are property? a judge just ruled. here is one way to get votes, smoke a joints in a
4:21 am
campaign ad? question mark explanation point. we will find out what the man run for congress in illinois running against that guy thinks: if you win, will you get high? >> definitely. und the pain that's keeping you awake. advil pm gives tossing and turning a rest and silences aches and pains. fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer with advil pm.
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4:25 am
hurting deals. the deal is reported to run through 2021. $1. how much at least southwest is spiking knock drink spikin . delta $7 a drink. they goal -- you will pay at least $6. brian best of my memory people on southwest are so nice. i wish they would give up on this you are on your own on seat thing. ainsley: like a cattle call. steve: worked for them for years. brian: i was on last sunday felt like the kid late for school. ainsley: makes you nervous. i agree. steve: voters in the chicago area don't have to wonder where one congressional democratic candidate stands on the issue of legalizing pot. yesterday we were joined by benjamin thomas wolf who is seen in that political ad sitting in front of a flag
4:26 am
smoking a joint. >> i think it's important that we actually start talking about legalizing cannabis. this is medicine for tens of million of people in america. it can bring billions of dollars in tax revenue to illinois and really it's the first component to completely overhauling and transitioning the criminal justice system here in america. brian: if you win, will you get high? >> definitely. ainsley: gosh. brian: you go gosh. what does that republican running for that seat think of the cannabis candidate? tom hanson is here. tom, how will you battle that? will you actually endorse pot as well? >> no, i will not entirely. i have met ben in the past a couple of times. i talked to him on the phone. i really like ben a lot. but and i will agree with him on medical marijuana that doctors prescribe it, patients need it.
4:27 am
but as far as recreational pot, i don't agree with that at all. and i have a lot of personal differences with that. steve: tom, what do you make of the fact that he used to be with the fbi. he worked for the department of state. is he a learnehe is a learned mn and yet with a picture of him in front of the flag is he clearly breaking the law because federally marijuana is still a schedule 1 controlled substance and it is against the through do what is he doing right there in that joint session. >> well, i would think the fbi, maybe the state department or wherever else he worked, those employers are a little shocked and actually he could be arrested today if they want to pick him up ains instance tom, i mean that story yesterday when we talked to him, it's mind blowing because most of the people in the district are 33 years old. that's the average age. it's a very liberal area. we are talking about chicago. we are talking about illinois. and this guy is the democrat
4:28 am
running. what made you want to run as a republican and what's your reaction to where we are as a society today when you see -- when you are running against a candidate that's promoting that? >> well, i wish i had a lot of time. but in 2008, the committee -- ward committee men appointed me to run for republican office. and the fifth district is mainly lake fronts liberals and now it includes the republican suburbs, conservative. and i decided to run as a liberal republican in order to try to get across and make a meeting of the minds whereby i'm social on liberal and conservative on fiscal. now, i just don't think that recreational pot should be in illinois. i know six states have passed it. and i learned last night on a show called francis and friends, that washington, d.c. has legalized medical marijuana for the last 20 years. so it could be that there
4:29 am
are politicians elected officials smoking dope in washington. now, with the general age being 33 years of age, and it being progressive, can i see how he can potentially attract a lot of people. and i'm not 33. i'm 63 years old. so i have some time on him of things that i have seen in life that have proven to me that recreational pot is not right. in colorado, they have had recreational pot and you saw it in all shapes, sizes and form. bubble gum, all kinds of candy. the whole nine yards. steve: if he is the candidate on the democratic side and you are the candidate on the republican, voters in that district will have a clear choice. >> thank you very much. i hope. so and i hope to reach out to people and work with people. brian: very cerebral debate. if these are both the candidates. they respect each other. they differ. it's going to be good for the fifth district in illinois. thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, tom.
4:30 am
remember when joy behar morninged vice president mike pence and his faith. >> one thing to talk to jesus, it's another thing when jesus talks to you. that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. ainsley: oprah doubled down say going god wants her to run for president he needs to make it crystal clear to her. is she mentally ill too or is it just a double standard? ♪ no place i would rather be ♪ no, no, no, no ♪ no place i would rather be ♪ don't let it happen when you buy your diabetes test strips. with the accu-chek® guide simplepay program, you pay the same low price. all without having to go through insurance. plus, they come in a spill-resistant vial along with a free meter. skip the guessing game and focus on your health. not the cost. make saving simple today at
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4:32 am
4:33 am
♪ >> it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. [applause] >> that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. steve: there is joy behar and she's talking about mike pence and the fact that he has a dialogue with god. it's interesting then was she just picking on him
4:34 am
because he was a conservative. we will be able to tell oprah winfrey in the new "people" magazine was talking about running for president and she revealed she talks to him, too. >> billionaires calling me up saying i can give you a billion dollars and i can run your campaign. i actually went into prayer about it. god, if you think i'm supposed to run, have you got to tell me. it has to be so clear that not even i could miss it. ainsley: the question is would joy behar talk about that today on her show. brian: what do you think? and we asked you that. joy behar needs to go. gets fun of others and gets a huge salary for that ronald says. steve: i defend behar's constitutional right to say whatever she wants, whenever she wants. and i exercise my right to say she is a disgrace. [laughter] ainsley: carol says behar won't say anything about oprah's comments.
4:35 am
the dems stick together. brian: oprah winfrey should think twice i know she got blow back when she endorsed president obama even though she helped propel his successful two term run. she lost a lot of audience. ainsley: she did. brian: is she prepared to do that. trite now she is universally beloved even by the president. of the minute she jumps into this. if george washington said if i was to run again half the country would vilify me. is she ready for that. ainsley: she was universally loved when she had her show and doing. when she supported president obama i think she did divide a lot of her audience. steve: she did double down. she said twice now 60 minutes and people magazine she talks to god. ains you might not like her politics but she seems to be a good person and she loves the lord and she gave away so much stuff to other people who were in need. to teachers, she gave teachers a car. brian: she is a good interviewer. ainsley: she has a lot going tore her and oh yeah, she a billionaire. steve: she is a billionaire. she owns a lot of stuff. let us know what you think.
4:36 am
meanwhile go out to kentucky and todd piro is at his zaps fifth street diner in bowling green, kentucky. todd, who is that guy sitting next to you with the blue cup. todd: are you ready for this? his name is stan. but he calls himself a deplorable democrat. so, of course, when you hear something like that you have to ask him about it, right? stan, you voted for trump, why? >> he promised change and he promised to be transparent and he has done both of those. todd: you are happy with what he has done so far. >> absolutely. todd: i wants to switch gears and talk about guns. obviously it is a major focus right now. you told me when we were talking earlier. you said look at chicago. gun laws don't deter criminals. why do you say that. >> because it was against the law for him to take a young man to carry a gun into that school to begin with. it didn't stop him. it's against the law to kill a police officer. police officer shot. it's automatic life in prison or death penalty. and that doesn't deter
4:37 am
people. they took a plane, two planes and killed 3,000 people. our reaction was to harden the airports. you know, we can't kill -- we can't stop everybody that has bad intentions. todd: along those lines i do want to talk now about schools and you made that point to me earlier. you say we have to harden our schools. why do you say that. >> the same with the airports. we haven't had any more hijackings on the airplanes. you can't leave everything wide open. you can't create a law that's going to make a criminal say oh my god, i can't do this the consequences. todd: it's not going to work. >> it's not going to work. todd: stan the man deplorable democrat. thanks for your time, sir. we have a lot more people to talk to. we will check in with them next hour. for now sending it back to you guys in new york city. steve: all right, todd, thank you very much. ainsley: jillian is back behind the camera on the other side of the studio with headlines. jillian: good morning to you guys. let's talk about this. alabama one step closer to displaying the 10 commandments on public
4:38 am
property. the state senate voting to approve a bill that would allow schools and governments to show the religious rule. the bill now moves onto the statehouse but it will need to be approved by voters in order to go into effect. you want a piece of me? just follow along. a pizza clerk puts his life on the line taking on three armed robbers. take a look. whole thing caught on camera in philadelphia. you can see the worker throw punches at the corroboration after he jumps the counter. dumps a shelf on top of the bad guys, three against one. it eventually works, they get away with no cash. it's crazy. forget hitting the books. accused of scwawght in college dorm room two years after the school says she dropped out. hunter college suing lisa palmer saying she is behind $94,000 in residence hall payments egg noirg eviction. palmer tells the "new york post" she is being treated
4:39 am
unfairly. refuse to register for classes after she disputed bill. video giving spectators thrilling show leaving them in the dust. blue angels practicing the incredible low takeoff at the naval air facility in california. you can see the two men enjoying the thrill as dust swirls around them. pilots preparing for their air show in may. a look at your headlines, guys, send it back to you. brian: i hope those guys don't have contacts. they definitely will have to wash out their eyes. ainsley: that's a good point. steve: dust buster. all right, jillian. thank you very much. outside here in new york city janice it's k5u78 but it's the calm before the storm. janice: you got that right. my hair is not going to be looking like in this time tomorrow. a nor'easter making its way up the coast line. you see the current
4:40 am
temperatures. along the coast it's going to be mainly a rain event. too warm for snow. however, on the back side, we actually could get some wet snow in the new york city area tomorrow late afternoon. so there's the past 12 hours. flash flood watches and warnings unfortunately posted across the south. including areas like arkansas in towards mississippi and tennessee where they have seen inches of rain and unfortunately, the rain continues. so here is our nor'easter. some of that energy working its way across the coast. this is friday morning around 10:00 a.m. you see that line, that rain-snow mix line right near the new york city area. but, behind it, like upstate new york, you could receive over a foot, foot and a half of snow. so there you go. there is our gfs model, too warm we think along the coast for snow. we have to monitor it. of course all your local forecasters will be on top of it. if you are traveling tomorrow steve doocy, pay attention. steve: people always need to. all right, j.d., thank you very much. ainsley: going on a trip or something? steve: no, i'm not. i'm just always talking
4:41 am
about the weather. meanwhile millennials are always moving out of their parent's basement and into the housing market. how is the trump economic boon helping them achieve the american dream in the property man, bob massi next up from vegas to break it all down. brian: some are in crawl spaces. plus, kellyanne conway is here. she is the one on my left and dana loesch is here. she is going to be talking about the nra. clawrn inside th kellyanne conway inside the hope knicks resignation. don't miss it ♪ you got to keep your head up ♪ oh, oh ♪ need to let your hair down ♪ oh, hey, hey ♪ i gothr my hands in the pocket joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it.
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pocket ♪ ainsley: there is a new boost in the housing market and this time it's coming from millennials, nationally the home ownership rate has actually gone up for that age group. and the number of homes owned by people younger than 35 rose to 36% last year. so, is trump's economic boon helping millennials achieve
4:45 am
the american dream? it's time now for the massey memo. let's bring in bob massi. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. tax reform. economy gone up. had 01 ks looking strong. apparently more people buying houses too, right? >> yeah, it's encouraging for the young people because it's been stagnant for so long and with unemployment issues that had occurred several years ago and kids couldn't get jobs there is a new feeling in our country that young people feel that there is great opportunity. so as a result of that, they are stepping out of the rental market and they want to own young families want to own. some places are expensive. they can't afford it they like suburban rural areas. they are back in ache. that's what exciting for the young people. ainsley: always fascinating when you see what percentage of americans own homes. right now 64.2%. or at least that was the last quarter of 2017.
4:46 am
that's up from 63.7. among americans under the age of 35, 36% of them own houses. where did they get the money to buy these houses? is it because they lived at home a little bit longer or getting better jobs? >> yeah. i think so. i think it's a combination of what you just said. number one, a lot of the millennials actually a lot of them ended up quitting school because of student loans and went to community colleges. lived at home. literally, with their parents. saved their money. started getting new jobs. built up their credit. and then was able to buy again. and so that's sort of the way and, again, because the president is so pro-employment, pro-development, pro-housing, that obviously has helped. and it's wonderful. because these young couples basically were stagnant for quite a long time. ainsley: yeah. remember when the president said americans are dreamers, too? we were talking during the commercial break. we were saying the american dream used to be to buy a house and was that our grandparents or our parents'
4:47 am
generation. what is it now? what is it if you ask the millennials what is the american dream. >> you know, it's interesting. when we did the third season of the show down in arizona, we interviewed kids from university of arizona. it was interesting. some kids said you know, i don't want to bu bind myself 30 years. i was surprised to hear that the way i was raised was to own a home and have a safe place for my family. there is sort of a paradox there to some extent. but i think there is an urge now. they are tired of the rentals. they know that that's part of the fiber of america. they know it helps the economy. so it's a good feeling, ainsley for these young people. they feel like there's opportunity again. ainsley: some of the people that work here to said it's to keep my home and make money have your dreams come true. what's the massi memo today? >> basically thank you, president trump for basically enticing people to get back into the action, to build homes. giving opportunity for young people. i think it's just the
4:48 am
beginning. i think with things going on in the next couple years, we will see a boon that we have never seen before young people owning homes. ainsley: all right. great. tell us about your show. when can we watch it? >> it will be on friday evenings at 8:30 on the business network. it's nice to be back. i was off for a couple weeks. always good to be back with "fox & friends." ainsley: always great to have you here. thank you so much, bob. thank you so much. >> god bless you. ainsley: god bless you. one day after hope hicks testifies for eight hours before the house intelligence committee she announces her resignation. kellyanne conway will react live at the top of the hour. plus, save more than 70% on beauty tools. it's not too good to be true, ladies. and that's not all. mega morning deals. megan meany is over there and it's just for you, the "fox & friends" viewers ♪ i want it all ♪ i wants i i want it all ♪ i wants it all ♪ and i want it now. adjusts on both sides
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steve: time now for quick headlines. first up, a man charged with setting off a deadly explosion meant to target police going to face a judge today. victor constituencily was arrested after leaving a bomb disguised as a package on a porch last summer. investigators say he wanted to kill a cop who arrested him years ago he got the address wrong and killed the landlord instead. the man who sparked a nationwide manhunt after mailing anti-trump map fes toe and stole a stockpile of guns will spend even more time behind jars. joseph sensed to additional five years in prison. the wisconsin man was already sentenced to 14 years for federal charges.
4:53 am
now, let's go shopping. brian: that is really a shot of ainsley's office. she keeps a lot of cash there. beauty trends to tech if you are looking for big savings this morning this is the place to be. ainsley: beauty trends looking for savings. brian: absolutely. ainsley: mega meany is back with deals for our supervise viewers. >> good morning. ainsley: start with soap. >> these are made in -- sets available. two sets of the soap. get six bar soap. great smells. sea mist, rose, made with natural glycerins. they go from 45 to $60. great hostess gift with pretty packaging, hand cream. today only $22 if you click the mega morning deals icon. that's 65% off. this is my favorite thing on the table. it's a makeup brush, rotating one.
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flawless air brush look that we get here on tv. but it's so easy to change these heads. it's 3 in 1. magnetic, upper easy, hold your hand. one for brush one is a cleansing head. brian: how much would that cost ainsley. >> typically 80 bucks. for you because i love you guys $21. that's 74% off. by far my favorite product on the table. it's all about the tools. we only look good because you know. brian: women and tools. ainsley: look good and actually younger with this one, right? >> this one is a beverly hills doctor harry glassman created this f.d.a. approved red light therapy. just press the therapy. the red light goes on. do three minutes a day in the area where you have a wrinkle that you want to get rid of. about a 2-inch pass work it over within weeks you will stimulate collagen elasticity, firmer, no down time. do it in your own home, super easy. this thing normally goes for
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♪ >> we have a act. we can't wait and nothing gets done. >> we have a lot of meetings like this that led to the biggest success in tax reform in over 30 years. so if the president embraces something like manchin-toomey the president could make the difference. >> reaction pouring in over the let's ignition of white house communications director hope hubs. ivanka trump writing hope hicks is admired by all who know her. >> sparking a major trade announcement rumor. the meeting comes the same day top economic aides are set to meet with the chinese. >> god, if you think i'm supposed to run, you got to tell me. steve: will it be the same standard. that oprah winfrey is mentally ill as mike pence she said mike
5:01 am
pence was mental mentally ill. >> will you light up if you win. >> he could be arrested today if they want to pick him up. ♪ steve: studio every morning we have a whole batch of new stuff to talk about. 8:00 here in new york city on first may of march. brian: we're waiting on kellyanne conway to be here any moment. there will be changes. there was no other news going on, we found something to get our teeth into. hope hicks, says i had it, i'm finished, for now. a lot of accolades pouring in from the president and what saying hope hicks has meant to the campaign and to the president. steve: she is helping the president when he was the candidate over the last three
5:02 am
years. kellyanne conway joins us from the north lawn of the while house. >> good morning to you. steve: a million people speculating why hope hicks left. was it rob porter thing. white lies things. why did she leave? >> very simple. hope was doing this flee years non-stop. president poke for us who had privilege working with hope to get to know her as a friend. she is fantastic. she has done a tremendous job for him amounts the president says, probably back in his orbit at some time, some day to help yet again. hope is somebody as communications director, what most people don't understand to be effective at that job, she has bp enormously effective at that job you have to understand the underlying policies here. she shepherded a lot of resources and surrogates and indeed the president's voice himself when it came to passing major initiatives like tax
5:03 am
reform, working on infrastructure now. holding forth at some of these roundtables yesterday on school table. last week, listening session with those affected by school shootingses was hope's original idea. that is one example of misdemeanor i could give you how she very quietly but assiduously worked behind the seas to make a real impact for the president, presidency and for her country. brian: she will be very hard to replace. have you thought about it, have they offered you to take that job? i've been offered that job many times and, no, i work on policy here at the white house. you're right, it will be very difficult to replace hope hicks in the hope role which was very multidimensional role over the course of three years. i think it is important to talk about the three years. we've been here for 13 months. hope is one of those unbroken threads between the early days of the primary campaign, all threw the campaign, on the plane practically every day, including on weekend with candidate trump,
5:04 am
during transition with him and with us and certainly here since day one in the administration. hope's nothinger. she has a great family she is close to. she has a wonderful future. we're all excited to see. i love her. i will miss her very much. she is the kind of person as general kelly said is wise beyond her years, very poised, very talented. she wielded a great deal of her power very quietly. she had the luxury not having to come on tv often but i think we'll hear from her and one day when hope hicks sits down to give a major post-white house interview millions of people will tune in and i will be up with of them. ainsley: you have to tell her to do that on fox and friends. steve: a lot of room on the couch. ainsley: she is stunning. has quite a resume', 29 years old. she can say she was communication director for the president of the united states. let's talk about the bipartisan meeting yesterday because the president is meeting with law epforcement, families affected
5:05 am
by school shootings, also with democrats and republicans trying to come up with a plan that makes the majority of americans happy and do something to make our country and schools safer. what are your thoughts what is happening there on the hill and these bipartisan meetings? >> several things. the president has tape a leadership role from day one that we all learned about this terrible tragedy 15 days ago. he had listening sessions with the affected families and also with public safety and education officials. then yesterday with those who ultimately will put something on his desk, one would hope. the cop dress, bicameral, bipartisan meeting this meeting was not about gun control. this meeting, let's not forget about school safety. we're talking about all of this in the cop text of the tragedy that occurred in parkland, florida. we have to remember when the president comments, yesterday, he was talking that particular shooter in many instances. that we all saw what this person had posted on social media but after the fact.
5:06 am
we all know that dozens and dozens of calls and warnings about this individual. everybody is angry and everybody is heartbroken but we wonder how can this slip through the cracks? so with that as the backdrop the president is saying stronger background checks. the president called for raising the age as has dick's sporting goods and walmart perhaps others raising age when you buy certain firearms. those companies have to make a business decision. he is leading the nation in a conversation. the president just told me last night, we had a conversation late last night about yesterday's session. he told me last night there are elements of the toomey-manchin bill and elements of the cornyn-murphy bill he is support i have at this of. he made that very clear. that shows bipartisan impulses. >> steve: right. >> he is very respectful of the second amendment and law-abiding citizens who own and possess their firearms in a peaceful way. they have their rights and he knows that. steve: kellyanne, the nra said
5:07 am
after the meeting, well the meeting was great tv, the gun control proposals discussed would make bad policy that would not keep our children safe. you can see the people around that table coming together but how does the nra fit into this equation? because it seems like the american people really want to get something done this time and the nra has to be at the table as well? >> they were at the table. they were at the table, private table with the president over the weekend. he made that very clear to the governors. said it including to fox news on monday when he met with the governors he had lunch, shared a meal with the executive members, three of them from the nra or so. that he is also listening to them. but the president made very clear. hardening the target. this is about school safety. let's focus there, everybody. got to hard the targets. we're leaving many of these schools vulnerable. i read about 98% of the mass shootings that have occurred since the 1950s have been in
5:08 am
gun-free zones. the president made very clear in all sessions on live tv for all to see, we're inviting more violence by keeping these gun-free. he called for arming a very small and specific population of gun-adept teachers or administrators. he has called, i saw governor cot of florida yesterday calling for securing the doors, having metal detectors or better locks. steve: bullet-proof glass. >> many different proposals on the table. that is what democracy allows. it allows a conversation. it is up to congress to go back to see what the president can be put on his desk. brian: they have a bill out since 2012. joe manchin said nee cavuto, if this was our president in 2013 this woe have passed. a lot of republicans were not for it. they might type it up and represent it. here is what he told us earlier. >> we have a lot of meetings like this about tax reform.
5:09 am
it led to the biggest success in tax reform in over 30 years as you know. it really in my view, if the president embraces something like manchin-toomey, a bill that had broad bipartisan support but couldn't get 60 votes the president could make the difference. brian: is that what the president is behind, kellyanne, when you spoke to him last night? >> he definitely said elements of toomey-manchin and "fix nics," cornyn-murphy bills he can support. he took immediate action against bump stocks that could have been done before. it took this president to do it. this president seems to keep the promise of many different presidents. he did that with jerusalem. he is doing that certainly when it comes to historic tax reform. as senator toomey says, this is a president that invites people around the table and invites americans into the cabinet room to watch on live tv unfiltered, unscripted, what is happening. and we should all welcome that. i think toomey and manchin have
5:10 am
a point, their legislation came out after the horrible, unspeakable tragedy in sandy hook with schoolchildren and educators. and so, never passed. steve: no. >> this is president who is saying look at that. look at what senator cornyn and senator murphy -- senator murphy represents connecticut where sandy hook is, newtown. steve: okay. >> he is having a conversation but also wants to hear from different points of view and that includes the nra representing millions of law-abiding gun owners. ainsley: kellyanne, something else the president is tackle is opioid crisis. there is forum to combat the problem we have in our country. what can we expect today no today we have two-hour summit at white house. the first lady will kick it off which is wonderful. we have six cabinet secretaries showing the country what respective departments and agencies have been doing to tackle the opioid crisis since the president's hhs secretary declared a public health emergency last october. since the president went first
5:11 am
sharing his family story about his brother. here at the white house we're happy to hear that congress is coming up with about $6 billion in special funding to combat, help combat this crisis. far and above any number any administration has had. this president is focused on prevention, education, treatment, recovery, law enforcement and interdiction. you will hear from the attorney general, secretaries of hud, homeland security and the the vs they will hold forth and telling what their departments need to be doing to stop the flow of drugs, the supply into here and stop americans who are getting hooked. those who are already addicted. we're going to have addiction and recovery treatment experts in the audience as well, affected families. east room, 1:00 to 3:00. steve: another slow news day at white house. busy, busy. kellyanne, thank you very much. >> have a great day. steve: 8:12 here in new york city. coming up hillary clinton has
5:12 am
urgent warning for president trump, the russians are coming, the russians are coming. we'll explain what that means coming up. ainsley: president trump making good on another campaign promise. stu varney joins us next how it will impact the economy and your family. steve: stu who? ♪ s fast relief, you'll ask, "what pulled muscle?" "what headache?" nothing works faster to make pain a distant memory. advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. what pain? advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. was a success for lastchoicehotels.comign badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch.
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♪ steve: well, while you were getting up this morning the president was tweeting. he tweeted out, our steel and aluminum industries, and many others have been decimated by decades of unfair trade and bad policy with countries from around the world. we must not let our country, companies and workers be taken advantage of any longer. we want free, fair, and smart trade. brian: we've been talking about, the president has been running on this defending the american workers against the world community taking advantage of us. white house plans a major steel aluminum import announcement, what should we expect to hear. ainsley: joining us host of "varney & company" on the fox business network, stuart varney. >> we don't have details, we're expecting a 25% tax on steel
5:17 am
coming into this country, import tax and 10% tags on aluminum coming into this country. the immediate prospect is a tit-for-tat war with our major trading partners. the european union said they will take countermeasures, put tariffs on some of our products going over there. by the way, china's top economic advisor to president xi he will be at the white house this week, maybe today stove stove cozy. >> which implies the president has taken a very tough negotiating position. here's what i'm going to do. what are you you going to do? looks like that is where we are. brian: that is our number one trading partner. you have to wonder what they will do, what country gets the brush-back pitch. who is dumping steel here hurting our people? >> allegation is europeans mainly and china. brian: what can they do to us? >> back up here a little bit, what the president says, these huge trade treatments we entered into recent years they work
5:18 am
fiber-optic in the interests of big corporations but they don't work well in the interests of ordinary americans. he wants to restructure the whole trading situation so that any trading deal benefits ordinary americans as he sees it. as he sees america's interest he wants to restructure trade like that. ainsley: he says that in a tweet he wants free and fair trade. what is the difference? >> they are political terms. free trade is what we used to call the mammoth trade agreement, nafta, for example, that was free trade not in america's interests according to president trump. he wants fair trade which would be in america's interests. there is a big difference. steve: what he is doing because these other countries are dumping steel out. >> that is the allegation. steve: allegation. we know it is happening. so he will tack a tariff on it to equalize things. ultimately folks watching thinking, okay, is my next cargoing to cost more because of made of steel and aluminum, stuff like that. >> not much if anything?
5:19 am
steve: is it worth it to the american worker. >> unless you get into a full-scale trade war where our stuff going over there gets hit with a huge tariff as well, so we send less stuff over there. that hurts everybody. brian: couple news items on trade, eight round of talks on nafta to fix it. it is not going well so far. the president evidently revisiting tpp, maybe to get it in on more mutual terms, he sees it as many others saw it as pushback against china in the region. >> president is taking increasingly hard-line on trade as witnessed by steel and aluminum tariffs which he is about to protest. that is a very hard-line. it's a negotiating line. you have seen this before. this is what the president does. he gets out there up front with a tough line, noth from here, sports fans. get on with it. steve: he is aeries it up tore and he is disrupting. thanks, stuart. brian: watching your show, doing simulcast. >> we are. ainsley: 9:00 on business
5:20 am
channel. radio at 9:00. brian: we merge mediums at 10:34. ainsley: turn the tv on fox business but your radio on brian. brian: thanks, stuart. straight ahead, president trump working with both sides of the aisle to come up with gun safety measures. nra spokesperson dana loesch weighs in on what she heard yesterday. ainsley: plus, todd piro is with voters in bowling green, kentucky, having "breakfast with friends." steve: you mean bowling green? ainsley: like blowing rock? brian: thinking north carolina. ainsley: bowling green. ♪ whatever you do to stay healthy. you might be missing something.
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jillian: good morning to you, welcome back, quick headlines starting with a fox news alert. russia unveiled a so-called invincible nuclear missile that can not be shot down by the u.s. vladmir putin boasting about the new weapon in a pre-election speech moments ago saying it can hit anywhere in the world. putin unveiling a nuclear-capable missile fired from a submarine drone. in response to the u.s. breaking antimissile threats, treaties, excuse me. bernie sanders presidential campaign paying $15,000 in fines. they were giving stipend and air fare working on the campaign. that is illegal campaign contributions. the sanders camp denies breaking the rules. hillary clinton taking a shot at president trump accusing him of surrendering to the russians. she tweets the russians are still coming. our intelligence officials are imploring trump to act. will he continue to ignore or surrender and protect our
5:25 am
company? clinton not calling out president obama who knew about the meddling in 2014 but did nothing. nice send it back to you. ainsley: thank you, jillian. steve: we were telling you about how the mayor of great city of oakland, california, had gotten wind there might be i.c.e. raids. keep in mind california is sanctuary state. oakland, california a sanctuary city. it has been suggested by virtue of the fact she warned illegals, i.c.e. could be coming, that could be obstruction of justice. ainsley: department of justice is now looking at that to find out if they would consider that obstruction of justice. what she did, she hears ice i.c.e. is coming in. feels sorry for illegal criminal aliens living in her area. put something on twitter. if you're here, they're coming for you, you better leave. >> she has no regrets bit, listen. >> continue to feel confident what i did was the right thing and it was legal. i did not by specific information that could happen
5:26 am
endangered law enforcement. i encouraged people to not panic, but to know their rights, to know their responsibilities and to know about the unique resources that are available in this community. steve: she can say whatever she wants to but there are people who say what she did was she obstructed justice and allowed apparently, they were looking for 1000 illegals who, criminal aliens. and they were able to scoop up 150 but 864 vanished. and the i.c.e. spy who is running that department is steamed. >> what she did is no better than a gang lookout yelling police. when a police cruiser comes in the neighborhood except she did it to the entire community. it is beyond the pale. i've been doing this for 34 years. this is whole new low, intentionally warn criminals that law enforcement is coming. i can't believe it happened. brian: something has to change.
5:27 am
there will be more raids in the sanctuary state of california will be a focus. i don't know if all the other mayors will look to do the same thing. steve: crazy thing. ainsley: if they look to their constituents, people putting them in office, taxpayers, like you said yesterday, majority of the people live in sanctuary state areas are not for it. todd piro having "breakfast with friends." where is he, brian? he is in kentucky. brian: is it bowling green. steve: it is noisy there. ainsley: you have a baby. >> you will meet bristol in a second. it is phyllis' birthday, wish phyllis a happy birthday and her granddaughter brought cupcakes. look at the hat. says make america great again. phyllis, you worked in schools. a school bus driver for years. you say we need to harden our school security. why do you say that? >> because you don't know what them kids is going to have on them at anytime. i'm the first one they see.
5:28 am
i'm the last one they see when they get out of school. i think that you know, that they should have, maybe clear backpacks or, i don't know. some kind of security there, that you can't have it unless you're on the bus. >> right. >> i have had a lot of incidents that i'm retired now. >> basically we have to do something? high-five, bristol. thanks, bristol. we're going now to brian. brian is retired military. big proponent of the second amendment. big donald trump fan. he says, he doesn't love everything the president is doing with regard to guns but he says he understands why he is doing it. explain. >> well i understand that you do have, i think a lot of the measures that the president is taking is trying to, a lot of time pacify gun control people like raising age limit, but it may be effective but what i'm really supportive of, his arming
5:29 am
the teachers against the aggressive forces that come against the, shooters come into the school. the teachers must understand that those children are your responsibility. as a parent would defend the child with a gun, even so the teachers should be able to defend lives of the children under their care during that time period and not just sacrificial lamb where they throw themselves in front of the gunman, equip them what they need to fight back aggressively against the threat being posed. >> brian, thank you for your answer. phyllis, happy birthday. keep on keeping it on. send it back to new york city. great job, bowling green. give yourselves a round of applause. steve: let people eat full plates of food. that looked good. >> almost 30 minutes after the top of the hour. president trump is working with both sides of the aisle to come up with a gun safety measure. nra spokeswoman dana loesch weighs in when she joins us live. steve: remember the college
5:30 am
course about removing president trump from office? this morning a big update. ♪
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♪ >> this meeting was not about gun control. this meeting, let's not forget, is about school safety. with that as the backdrop the president is saying stronger background checks. the president called for raising the age as dick's sporting goods and walmart when you can buy certain firearms. he is very respectful of the second amendment and law-abiding citizens who own and possess their firearms in a peaceful way. that they have their rights also. he knows that. brian: we saw a lot what the president was thinking, hashed
5:34 am
it out among a hand-picked group of lawmakers, bipartisan, lasted almost an hour. nra will be a hindrance or supporter of this bill and the president. in the end they're part of the dialogue. are people afraid to deal with them? dana loesch joins us now, nationally incident cade the host of the dana show and nra spokesperson. did you watch yesterday and if so, anything concern you can name out of the meeting? >> i did, brian. always good to be with you guys. i did watch. i was on air when it happened. i had it in my ear. i watched every second, i just, great to watch when you're watching it on tv. i love the fascinating discussion, but at the same time it doesn't make for great policy for keeping our kids safe. look, there is a way that you can respect and protect due process and protect the rights of millions of americans while also hardening our schools and
5:35 am
keeping kids safe. nra members, we're moms and dads too. i want to point out as well, wayne laperriere, president of nra, has been talking about hardening our schools for a long time now. he has been talking about this for several years. when he first came out with it, he was mocked endlessly by the media, when he discussed how important it was to make sure that our schools were protected. that they were able to implement strategies to harden them. so our teachers and kids can feel safe. so ultimately, i just, looked at, i watched everything that happened during this discussion and it is not, not going to make for policy to keep kids safe. there is number of things we can do. the nra is pushing towards actionable solutions. we have nra school shield. we put our resources up full disposal for my schools that want to implement them. steve: we're on board, that the schools should be hardened. the president talking about across the board what they do in number of states, arm some of the teachers.
5:36 am
that is still up for discussion but wouldn't you say additionally that for instance, cornyn-toomey bill, which they tried to pass, came up with after sandy hook, it expands background checks is a step in the right direction because there are some unstable people who simply should not have guns? >> i listened it that discussion of manchin-toomey yesterday. toomey himself said the bill would not have done anything to prevented this atrocity. it simply wouldn't have. when you talk about the background check system. you talk about keeping firearms out of hand of those mentally unstable, therefore danger to themselves or others this is something we're all in agreement on. steve: okay. >> why it is inconceivable to millions of americans families why they're the ones being punished for failures of government. we all have to realize the firearm did not walk itself in the school. it was allowed to after 45 missed calls. this murderer himself called the
5:37 am
sheriff's department. two missed fbi tips and under florida law, they could have charged him with a felony and brought him because he -- steve: follow up on what you're saying, are you saying the nra is for expanded background checks? that is kind of what it sounded like. >> no, in the ra has always been in support making sure states are accurately and fully reporting all of the convictions, those who are prohibited possessors have due process. go before a judge. ajudicateed mentally unfit, danger to themselves or others or free will they voluntarily given up their rights based so criminally heinously, the punishment of that is giving up their second amendment rights. they receive due process. that is what is important to remember here. when we talk about age restriction, increasing ages, you're not punishing a gang banger in chicago. not punishing those individuals ajudicated unfit and dangerous to themselves and states are not
5:38 am
submitted records to ncic. you're punishing people like i was 20 years old, living on my own. you're punishing the 19-year-old deer hunter, looking forward to deer season. those are people you're punishing. absolutely it is possible to respect due process and make sure that our number one priority, our kids are protected. ainsley: i heard this morning, i heard judge napolitano saying second amendment was written not so dads could take their sons to go out hunt, more dads can protect their families or moms can protect their families. president wrote, many ideas, some good, some not so good emerged from the bipartisan meeting at the white house. background check as big part of the conversation. gun-free zones proven targets for killers. after many years, a bill should emerge. respect second amendment. in your opinion what are the good and bad ideas, dana. >> i like one of the things the president was saying when he brings up hardening schools and
5:39 am
i think he has been maligned and misrepresented in the media this fashion when he says we need to make sure teachers can be armed because the way i see it represented by other disingenuous networks the president is saying we have to mandatory arm all teachers. that is not what he is calling for. he is calling for teachers who feel comfortable, who are volunteering, to be armed. have those individual go through training. if they feel comfortable to do that on school ground, then let's explore that option. he is talking about also infrastructure things. making sure, simple things, reinforcing windows. having bullet-proof glass. making sure you have really good security checkpoints at all entrances and exits. these are some things that the president has discussed before. instead of seeing headlines, exploring that further, i've seen people mocking him because he is going and discussing teachers who want to voluntarily arm themselves. you have spoke with a bunch of people in bowling green,
5:40 am
kentucky. i'm telling you what. i'm hearing from people, brian, i'm sure you are too, all over the country, yes, can we make it to where our kids are not soft targets, implement some common sense strategies? that is one of the things the president has discussed. i hope we can explore that. i hope the media can genuinely. brian: no one had it worse than you, in town hall, so emotional, illogical and unconsolable. we had a few 911 calls where people said i called by nikolas cruz, they told me they can't do anything because he hasn't broken any laws yet. he said/she said. one of the things president said, take the guns go through due process. second, if someone is indeed dangerous as looked at by a law enforcement firm. what is your reaction to that? >> well one of the things that nra leadership stressed to the president on sunday is that due process must be respected. harden schools, respect kids. due process must be respected.
5:41 am
where it concerns this particular murderer and dereliction of duty from the broward sheriff i made mention at the town hall. yesterday the "miami herald," two days ago, "miami herald" came out the with the issue discussing if it with florida prosecutors. under florida law, there is statute, sending letter or electronic communication threatening to injure or commit bodily harm to someone else, that is a felony. on that you can actually be charged. all these prosecutors in the "miami herald" piece agreed. when i asked the sheriff about this in the town hall. he deflected, shifted, tried to blame the nra and blamed innocent law-abiding americans nothing to do with his abdication of duty. there were ground. he was threatening to shoot people in messages. he was threatening to kill them. one said, quote i will make you bleed or i will watch you bleed. when you put things up on social media talking about you're a school shooter, using your actual name, you have all of this, you have a number of assault the on your record there
5:42 am
is a lot there. steve: sure. >> prosecutors were discussing how the sheriff had the authority. that is what we have to follow up on. the laws, not a failure of the law, failure of enforcement with this particular respect. by the way, god bless, cocoa beach police, coral beach police, they heard the sound gunfire. they ran towards it. the broward sheriff went toward camera lights. ainsley: thanks, dana. no thanks. have a great week. brian: "new york times" by the way under fire for an article about president trump's tax cuts, featuring a married couple that won't benefit under the plan. the only problem, the couple doesn't exist. our next guest is coming out and they're real. real cheese people know good things come in threes.
5:43 am
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♪ steve: "the new york times" under fire for writing an article about president trump's tax plan featuring a married
5:46 am
couple that would not benefit under the new tax plan law. the only problem? the couple doesn't exist. the "times" writing about hypothetical situations, featuring an imaginary couple. well our next guest is calling out the paper in his new op-ed, writing quote, much of the press corporation has naturally sought to find and highlight those few taxpayers who won't be enjoying any relief. joining us is the assistant editorial page editor at "the wall street journal," fox news contributor, he is a busy guy, james freeman. good morning, james. >> good to be here,. steve: steve so "the new york times" made up this couple. >> yeah. steve: that was only way they could find somebody who wouldn't benefit under the plan. >> it isn't easy finding people. 90% of america, maybe higher getting a tax cut. the press likes to focus on people who aren't. this is hypothetical couple. the "times" claims they're going to pay $4,000 more in taxes.
5:47 am
it kind of hit home. it was news you can use thing because talking about a couple in the new york suburbs. steve: sure. >> but the problem here is that daniel hemel, a tax law professor at university of chicago actually said that is not right. you're imaginary couple, even they are getting a tax cut. you got it wrong, "new york times." steve: so he, tweeted this out. "new york times" has a really nice infographic explaining the ways in which the new tax law will play out in 1040. unfortunately the bottom line conclusion that samuel and felicity, that is the fictional couple, will owe about 4,000 more in taxes under the new law, appears to be wrong. they will actually owe less. i state as someone generally happy to point out the ways in which the new tax law produces unattractive results but the couple appears to be among the winners because "the new york times" didn't factor in something important. >> yeah. we think of "new york times" often being criticized by
5:48 am
conservatives for bias but here we have essentially a liberal law professor who is not a fan of the trump tax plan, and really has basically the perfect liberal establishment resume'. from harvard, marshall scholar at oxford, yale law review. he was a clerk for justice kagan. so i think his authority on this subject certainly would exceed the "times" but so far no correction. steve: why do you think that is? >> i don't know. maybe they have this on in the newsroom. let's hope so. it has been several days. it is about time. steve: one of the things if you're making up a couple to make up a point, the point better be accurate. just saying. >> or maybe focus on real people in your reporting. steve: james freeman from the "wall street journal," will go upstairs in the building to get work. >> yes, sir. steve: you're first one in the office. >> cool.
5:49 am
>> unless you hang around for the next segment. you know him from food network home. he is treating us to some mouth-watering recipes. look at that tomahawk! bill hemmer's mouth is watering. he is upstairs with the news in ten minutes. >> they call that breakfast. like a flintstones breakfast. vladmir putin with a direct threat at the u.s. what he unveiled today. we'll show you that from russia. what is happening inside of the west wing after a major shake-up yesterday. is there a deal on background checks? senator joe manchin makes his case live in a moment. another report on the failed response in broward county, details and a lot more. it's a thursday, join sandra and me top of the hour. from cell phones to rail cars more efficient. which helps improve every aspect of advanced rail technology.
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♪ ainsley: you know him from the food network show, restaurant steakout. now willie digel is embarking on a new adventure, expanding his uncle jack's steak empire. brian: is it possible to get bigger. he joining us with his uncle's mouth-watering recipes. steve: what is the philosophy. >> this is the new steakhouse era. younger markets driving the restaurant industry. so you can come get your meat game on any which way. steve: get your meat game on. >> a great burger. the smokehouse burger, fresh pulled pork, coleslaw, cheese fondue. comes with fresh pickled ingredients. farm to table, organic. lobster tacos. a little after viewed dough mousse. hick cory smoked. ainsley: look, janice. don't touch.
5:54 am
>> i can't eat anything. brian: whose idea was to put them on little skewers? >> i made the little things. this is little magnet. holds the stake for the tomahawk. this is created by my team. it is visual experience. it is social media, taking pictures. does this look good. will you put this out on the internet. >> i'm crying because you won't let me eat it. >> have your bacon and dip it in peanut butter. has sweetness and spice. ainsley: never heard of that. steve: who invented that? >> bacon, banana. dig right in. have a piece of bacon. >> oh, i can eat it? brian: get the empire bigger, willie, how? >> you have to build the corporate infrastructure. have great people. build restaurant the. building people and adapting to today's times. brian: personalities and worth ethic? >> i hire people with great energy and passion. i'm leading there, motivating them. you're a coach.
5:55 am
you're a general manager. you're an owner. you're everything. ainsley: what is the key to managing people. >> putting people in the right places. a lot of people come to me and they don't know what they're going to be, they don't know what they're going to do. they think they will be this. you work with them. see their talent is. you wouldn't put a 300-pound guy at safety plating football. you put him on the line. when you see, build their confidence up, you set them up to succeed, give them a little rope, don't let them choke themselves. you build winners. steve: willie. the bacon with peanut butter is delicious. i would try it again except janice is double-dipping. you talk about instagram. instagram the tomahawk steak. tell us how you make the perfect steak for foals at home. >> here is beautiful, raw prime tomahawk steak. i have our jack seasoning this is blend of three salts. himalayan, sea salt and coche sure with butcher pepper. it is a thicker pepper.
5:56 am
you take the steak. trim all the steaks to quarter of an inch of fat to leave in lock in the juice, right? a thicker steak is it better to sear in the pan, sear on the grill, get it to the temperature in the middle, get the juices. take your steak out half an hour before you cook it, let it get to room temperature. the fats starts breaking down. steve: how long you cook that? >> you take it first, give it love. so you will rub in your salts, all over it. you have to rub it. tough massage it like you would your beautiful wife. right? usually you have it on a pan. you can't be perfect with the salt. brian: thank you. >> you will rub it. rub it on the bone as well. you want the bone to roast. what you take it then, pat it off. now it is ready to go. brian: when we come back how to preheat your oven and how long to cook that. ♪
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