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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 1, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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tomorrow night at 7:00. thanks for being with us, everybody. tucker carlson in d.c. coming up next. don't go away. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. the president announced plans today for tough steel tariffs, also tariffs on aluminum. wall street hated it. the market tumbled by 400 points. what does that mean? does that mean all trade deals are fair status quo should never trade. talk to the top trade advisor what b. what the plan is and what it means for you. president's core supporters put one a lot from day to day. we don't need to be specific about that. you know exactly what we are talking about, starting with the tweet. we won't go on. the shortcomings of this administration are clear. they are usually worth it though for two reasons. first, the ideas the president ran on are basically right america
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first ought to be the principle of every administration by definition it's an american administration. america should be first. but that's not the motto of most administrations. not even hardly. second, the alternatives to what we have now are scary and getting scarier. the democratic party is completely irresponsible and increasingly anti-american. they prefer illegals aliens to our middle class it's true and terrifying. somebody needs to defend the country from these people. trump mostly does that for these reasons most of president's supporters have stuck by him no matter what has happened and a lot has happened. but there is a limit to the tolerance. they will not tolerate and they shouldn't have to tolerate by the way betrayal on the core promises of his campaign. and it seems to be happening on guns, unfortunately. a few days ago the president called for raising the minimum age for buying a gun to 21. by the way that's four years after we let people join the military. they can join at 17. but he is saying you can't buy a gun until you are 21. nobody is even arguing this will save actual lives
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because there is no research that it will. it's propaganda and sneaky propaganda by the way. incremental step towards more gun restrictions. that's all it is. the president went further than that met with lawmakers to talk gun control at that white house. at that meeting he went after republicans who wanted to defend the second amendment suggesting they are puppets of the nra. at one point the president said the government should, quote: take the guns first, go through due process second. now, i mean, how honest do you want to be? imagine if barack obama had said that? just ignore due process and start con i confiscating guns? obama would have been denounced as a dictator. we would have denounced him first, trust me. congress would be talking impeachment. some would be muttering success. the media agreed they under played it and suggest as a battle between the president and nra. it's not about the nra. it's not even about the president. it's about the constitution and the constitution remains the same no matter who is in power. that's the point of the constitution. the second amendment protects your rights to bear
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arms. it doesn't say that obliquely or medicine for rickly it says it explicitly the supreme court several times has interpreted it that way explicitly protecting your rights to bear arms. you can't lose that right or any other right worship freely say what you want without due process. period. those rights are what makes us citizens and not mere subjects of the powerful. the president needs to be reminded of that maybe we all do once in a while. if voters wanted that kind of government they could have voted democrat. in fact they have a chance to vote democrat in the mid terms which he should keep in mind. sean duffy represents wisconsin. jody representing the state of texas and they join us both tonight. congressman arrington to you, first, if we can just be honest for a second because i think it puts it in stark relief, how would you have responded if president obama said we will take the guns and deal with the due process. >> under statement. we are talking about god
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given fundamental trite protected ourselves not just genels bad people but against bad governments. that's the context. and so, yeah, look, you mentioned a lot of things this president has done right, america first. he is strong on border security. is he strong on defense. and he has put a constitutionalist again constitutionalist at the supreme court and done a great job in that regard. this one is he going down that slippery slope knee-jerk reaction we are acrosaccustomed to whether you have mass shootings. i would oppose president obama and president trump and any president that negotiates away what is a fundamental right and quite frankly it's a right that if it were not exercised by our founding patriots, we wouldn't have the rest of our rights and we wouldn't have our independence. >> tucker: i think that's right. >> this is a serious issue. >> tucker: congressman duffy 24 hours attacking trump.
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pulled back from that offer alternative. there is a lot going on. try to cover that it's also important to remember that nobody should be tied to a person but instead to principles. and so with that in mind, do you think it's worth just reminding the president as we all need to reminded sometimes that there are deeper principles here than just kind of winning the news cycle? >> well, there is deeper principles like the constitution and. you know, i have applauded the president for doing these open, you know, riffs with whether it's the victims of the shootings or politicians on daca or guns he gets high marks for that also he can say some things that he might upon reflection regret. i hope this is one of things that he actually does regret. the left wants to put new gun restriction and new gun laws in place because they want to argue to the american people that that is going to keep us safer. i think you and-based on intro and jody would agree those new laws don't actually keep us safer. i was a prosecutor 10 years
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in northern wisconsin in ashland county. if nikolas cruz had lived there this shooting would have never happened because my cops would have seen the threats that come in. the tips that come in. the fact that they had been called to his house and when nic lazarus cru threw his mom up against the wall they would have arrested him. we are going to have a bond hearing and as a condition of bond the fact that he can't possess a firearm. and then we want you to prosecute him whether it's for a battery or disorderly conduct with an enhancer that's a domestic enhancer. in 1997 bill clinton signed a law if you are convicted a of a crime that's a domestic crime you can't possess a firearm. we would have gone through that procedure and nikolas cruz would not have possessed a firearm because we have good law enforcement and good prosecutors. i don't know what happened in florida, but to add new laws on top of laws that already aren't enforceside idiotic. >> tucker: especially because i think congressman arrington it doesn't address the actual failures that led to this tragedy in parkland, florida. why are we not having a national conversation about why the sheriff's department, the fbi, the school, the deputies on the
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scene all failed to protect those kids? >> well, i think that's right. it was a failure to identify register or engage or respond and there was failure at every level of government. and clearly there were some training issues at the local level with respect to active shooting. we need to -- we need to bone up on that but we also have to secure our schools and get serious about that. and accept the reality that this is a fallen world and accept the reality that no matter how many laws we have in place somebody hell bent on murder and destruction they will stop at nothing. certainly not respect for a gun-free zone to carry out their dark desires. the last line of defense, tucker, is to make sure that our people in our communities can defend themselves, their families and, yes, the students, that means that we need to do more of what texas is doing, in my opinion. and make sure that last line of defense is that teachers
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and coaches and administrators are appropriately trained, licensed, and a part of that security apparatus. >> tucker: congressman, we can talk for hours about this. we don't have much time at all. what's your best guest what would happen in the first place. what would drive a 19-year-old to want to murder strangers. >> i think a whole bunch of issues taking place outside of guns, tucker. our kids in america are angry. being raised in single family homes without fathers as a congressman being away, our know our boys specifically need fathers in the home. everything over medicated. attention deficit order medicate them instead of parent them. violence that comes from hollywood. we dehumanize life movies and abortion. whole slew of issues in america that we didn't have 40 years ago. we have to address the root cause of what is bringing kids to be so angry and detached. cell phones, tucker, these kids don't talk to each other anymore. they don't know how to interact with each other. because they are detached and phones and parents
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aren't engaging them to draw away from the phone into conversation they are isolated. that's a hard conversation to have. >> tucker: you are totally right. >> political agenda to take away guns and that's where the left goes cnn instead of talking about the root cause of the problem how we are parenting and raising our kids. driven out faith and morality. culture and family is all part of the problem here. >> tucker: of course it is. you will be mocked for saying that even people mocking you on some level know you are right. you are right because you are. thank you both, gentlemen. congressman. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: next guest says all this talk from cnn's orwellian town hall pushed him to purchase his first gun. host of a podcast mr. norman, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: i wanted to talk to you because you're piece is great. it's not unique. i think there are a bunch of people who had the same reaction that you did. explain your impulse. why did you do this?
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>> yeah. you're right. i mean, there aren't a lot of people -- i mean, there is a loft people who reacted the same way. but, my impulse when i wrote the piece was that i was seeing this argument go on and seeing the town hall, seeing everything go, happening on cnn and the reactions both during it and after, no one was really talking about the issue from really complex point of view u no one was admitting on either side that this isn't a simple issue. this isn't a simple problem. so when i hear people scream, you know, not even scream but, even talking about saying safety is what's most important and the other side saying liberty is what is most important but neither one admitting that there are draw backs. there are tradeoffs that come from giving up -- giving up liberty for security and giving up security for liberty. you are always going to have a tradeoff. and so when i wrote the
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piece, i was writing it from that mind set of what would i rather have? what why prefer? and what do i think is most -- pardon me, what is most important? >> tucker: that's the most thoughtful gun purchase of the year. i agree with everything you just said. i just think more people than not act on instinct. i think have you kind of explained what under girders thainstinct. do you think you should be trusted with a gun? >> i think so. it's interesting because i think that when it comes to the gun purchase, i didn't come from a point of view that i was actually excited to you purchase a gun. i actually -- i mean, as i write in my piece, i plan on training. i plan on getting training. i plan on making sure that i take it as a responsibility because i view it as a duty. that's something that we don't really talk about. especially as civilians living in a country that's founded upon liberty. but it's a duty to carry it. and i definitely know that i don't plan on carrying it until i know that i can actually protect myself and
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protect others and not be a greater danger to others. >> tucker: i think you speak for a lot of gun owners. and i mean there are people who have guns who shouldn't. probably a lookout of them. all the gun owners i know are very, very focused on safety and responsibility. so once you are trained, what do you plan to do with it? >> i thought about getting a conceal carry license. i have thought about, you know, potentially, you know, open carry. really the key thing for me is just knowing that at the very least i should know how a gun functions. how to act around a gun. how to handle myself. i have actually gone through, you know, safety drills, you know, when there an open shooter drills, i have done those drills. i understand that you run, you hide, and if all else fails, then you fight. but i think the same thing goes with guns is i don't view it as a necessarily a light gift. i don't think.
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>> tucker: no, no, no. guns are heavy. there is a heavy burden attached. i wish we had a gun control advocate on right now to explain why everything have you said you shouldn't be allowed to are a gun. it would be interesting to hear their perspective on that. thank you for coming on. >> thank you you, tucker. >> tucker: new letter from jeff sessions from congressman devin nunes chairman of the house intelligence committee says that the fbi may have violated criminal statutes in its efforts to spy on the trump contain. the letter says by using unverified evidence from the trump dossier to justify surveillance of carter page, an american citizen who by the way graduated from the naval academy and naval intelligence officer, the fbi could have broken the law by doing that in the letter, nunes says, quote: in this instance it is clear that basic operating guidance was violated. he quotes fbi guidelines that state that all information used for a fisa court application be, quote: thoroughly vetted and confirmed, which it looks like the information from the famous dossier was not to put it mildly. we will continue to follow this story.
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>> tucker: senator chuck schumer announced he is voting against one of president trump's judicial nominees. of course, it's his right to do that. nominee named marvin quattlebaum is unqualified for the job. he might disagree with quattlebaum's judicial philosophy.
5:18 pm
he could oppose every nominee trump makes to the courts, that's fine. schumer didn't pick any of those reasons for opposing quattlebaum. instead he opposing the nomination because quattlebaum is the wrong color. >> the nomination of marvin quattlebaum speaks to the overall lack of diversity in president trump's selections for the federal judiciary. mr. quattlebaum replaces not one but two scuttled obama nominees who were african-american. the trump administration like in so many other areas is taking a giant step backward, this time when it comes to diversity of their nominations. i will be voting no on the quattlebaum nomination. >> tucker: so he shouldn't have the job because he is the wrong color? you know, you thought this principle was settled 50 years ago but on the left it isn't. never has been. treating people differently just because of their skin color is wrong and reducing people to members of their race is wrong. it's a culled sack by the way and leads to the worst
5:19 pm
most divisive and in the end most violent kind of politics. chuck schumer is a throw back to the democrats segregation era. sadly he is not the only one. the last two nights we have covered chicago's city key i.d. card. which is specifically designed to appeal to illegal immigrants. it was designed with them with them in mind for them. the mayor of that city rahm emanuel has said repeatedly. yet, that card will also serve as valid i.d. for voter registration which, of course, opens the door to illegal voting which is the points. the city doesn't seem to care. in fact, as we just said they are encouraging it austan goolsbee is an economics professor at the university of chicago. he joins us tonight and a friend of rahm emanuels. austan, thanks for coming on. this seems like a challenge to the idea of democracy which is that the people of the country, its citizens ought to run the country. it seems like an invitation to foreign interference in our elections. and i don't think there is any misreading it. i mean, the city is issuing this to illegal aliens.
5:20 pm
they said that out loud. they are not requiring proof of citizenship obviously to get it and not requiring proof of citizenship. there have you it creating ago pipeline to illegal voting, voting fraud. >> they aren't, tucker, i'm your friend. >> tucker: how? >> we have had many debates on immigration here. i think you are just confused. all an i.d. does is allow to you verify your identity. that you have the name that you say you have. it does not enable you -- it does not make you eligible to become a voter i had more than than if a noncitizen is serving in the military, they are issued a military i.d. that is a valid form of government issued identification that if they were a citizen they could use it to register to vote. but we should not object to the military issuing a military i.d. >> tucker: this actually isn't about -- hold on, it's not about the military.
5:21 pm
there aren't a ton of illegals serving in the military either just as a factual matter. but here's the point. if i had this card and i'm here illegally, i'm a noncitizen. i'm here illegally still not a citizen i take it to register to vote in illinois. what stops me from registering to vote. oh only self-reporting. >> you have to swear an oath. >> tucker: oh you have to say that you are allowed to vote. in other words, the only thing stopping people from voter fraud is their own conscience? is that what you are saying? tell me another. >> you commit a felony. it's that you commit a felony. >> tucker: so if i believe a tray on rolex watches on the sidewalk my view people can't take them that would be a felony. should i expect no one would take one? let's be real. >> nothing about illinois distinctive about that. that is the case in almost all the states of the united states. >> tucker: oh that they issue government i.d. cards specifically designed for illegal aliens? >> register to vote. no that when you register to vote do you not document your citizenship. you swear an oath that you
5:22 pm
are a citizen. >> tucker: hold on. >> precinct for 30 days and not a felon. >> tucker: only two states out of 50 that require proof of citizenship. but we spent the last year being lectured by the left about how foreign interference in our democratic process is hollowed out our democracy. i'm giving you a concrete example of how that could happen and i believe it is happening. where foreign citizens. >> you are making a mistake. >> tucker: hold on. why wouldn't we verify the citizenship of every voter? what's the answer to that? >> the answer to that is because there are a large number of people, probably in the millions who do not have that ciptiond of citizenship. only a third the country has a passport. so you would disenfranchise. >> tucker: hold on. slow down. you don't need a passport. >> document their citizenship. >> tucker: that's wrong. a third of the country. >> it isn't wrong. >> tucker: no, no. those numbers are wrong. i do this for a living. i know that you are wrong. >> 5% of america has a
5:23 pm
passport. 110 million passports. >> tucker: not about passports. you can bring a birth certificate. if you don't have one we can get you one. take the money paid on city card i.d. and applied it to the people who don't have birth certificates and got them birth certificates. >> the city card i.d. is a subway card and allows to check out library books. it does not give you the right to register to vote if you are not a citizen. >> tucker: yes, it does. >> it does not. >> tucker: hold on, slow down. >> it allows you to verify your identity only. that's all it does. >> tucker: just tell me again and speak slowly because i mean, you are arguing in favor of voter fraud. and your party. >> i am absolutely not. you are not correct. >> tucker: yes, you are. yes, you are. >> a homeless person cannot get a drivers license. they don't have andreas. andrea. they can get one of these city right ids. they have the right to vote in the united states. they can use that and go down and verify their identity. if they are not a citizen they can't register to vote.
5:24 pm
that is. >> tucker: people aren't allowed to rob liquor stores but they do. they broke our law. if we care about the integrity of our elections make sure people only allowed to vote do. >> don't end ids which are designed to allow people to check out books from the library to ride on the subway. they can't get a drivers license. >> tucker: that is not the point and it's not the topic under discussion right now. >> that is the point. that's why they crated these ids. >> tucker: hold on. now they are saying the ids are valid for voter registration. my question is why don't we spend and i will cricket to it, a little bit of money, verifying that everyone who votes, if we care about the sanctity of our elections which the democratic party does not and we both know they don't but pretending we do why don't we make sure they are citizens voting? why not try that. >> i understanding that argument and it would apply to 48 different states, not just to the city of chicago.
5:25 pm
>> tucker: i agree, completely. why aren't we doing that. >> we do not have a [blank] county rule of that is because of the fear that millions of legitimate citizens will have a onerous time. it will be difficult. >> tucker: why don't we help them? we just made a city card for illegallies, help our own citizens who don't have birth certificates. i'm confused. why don't we make that effort? because we don't want. >> we should. >> tucker: we are not even trying because -- >> -- we should prosecute. >> tucker: illegals to vote. >> prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who commits a felony u. >> tucker: you don't need to prosecute anyone. >> not be used to make you eligible to vote. >> tucker: doesn't make you eligible to vote. allows to you vote ineligible which is why the justice department should thought this down tomorrow. >> it's an identification. >> tucker: we are out of time. i think some of you know what i am talking about. i know you do. austan, good to see you. >> great to see you again, tucker. >> tucker: thank you. south africa implementing
5:26 pm
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>> tucker: pretty focused what's going on in our own borders. it's not unique. the lee lets around the world are going crazy. for example, in france, national front leader marine
5:30 pm
le pen has been charged with a crime. serious crime. what did she do? in 2015 she sent tweets showed executions not committed by her but by identifies. that's a crime somehow. south africa the parliament has begun amending the constitution allow land owned by white south africans to allow without compensation. the motion brought by julius, a long time violent nut case who verified he does not support killing the entire white population right now. why does this matter? i don't know, it's wrong but also we give south africa huge amounts of money every year. last year we gave them more than $350 million in aid. obviously administered by the government of the united states. mark steyn author, columnist and world traveler answered joins us now. let's go very quickly in order now. marine le pen. i don't know that much about marine le pen. i think you are allowed to you send out tweets of isis atrocities without being arrested, right? how is this happening? >> and she was also one of
5:31 pm
the two final candidates in the french presidential election and it never looks good when, in fact, you are trying to criminalize political opposition which what the french tried to do with marie le pen and what the dutch state has tried to do with hildas in the netherlands for example. in this case lefty french politicians were basically say nothing difference between marie le pen's party and isis. what madam le pen did was point out this is what isis does. isis chops off the heads of people it captures including in this case james foley from my state from new hampshire. and that's actually quite important because there is a decadence in our political discourse where democrats, for example, frequently say oh, these social conservatives are as bad as the taliban. no, we are not. you know, there is one side
5:32 pm
that is burning homosexuals, throwing them off rooftops. decapitating people, killing them for listening to music other side people you disagree with in a western multiparty system. you devalue political discourse every time you compare marie le pen so good for her for pointing out the difference. >> tucker: good for her. so south africa such a depressing story it's almost hard to bring up. his bottom line is for decades the left in the united states was against appar at a time and good for them. it's worth being against that they also were champions of the african national congress been in power ever since '94 and basically destroyed the country and now they are attempting to turn it into zimbabwe by crushing the minority in that country. okay, they are doing that why are we subsidizing it with u.s. taxpayer dollars? >> yeah, have you got a point there, tucker. just on the left was right to be against the appar at a
5:33 pm
time, they were in south africa. just for the record, i regard what chuck schumer is doing, rejecting trump judicial nominees on the basis of race as progressive neo appar tight and i don't like old school appar tight or the new school democrat party appar tight. what's happening in south africa in 1980, robert was told you don't have to make the same mistakes as the first generation of independent african-american nations like tanzania and ghana 15 years earlier. he went ahead and made them super sized. especially with regard to white farmers. 15 years later, the anc was told you don't have to make the same mistakes that robert made in zimbabwe. now they are actually doing it all over again with the difference being this. south africa is the economic anchor of that continent. and it has existed with one
5:34 pm
foot in the developed and one foot in the developing camp since the corrupt anc took over a couple of decades ago. if the-if they actually turn south africa into an economic basket case like zimbabwe, that has huge consequences, including the fact that millions and millions of people will be sent scurrying over the mediterranean into europe. >> tucker: that's totally true. >> and the state department should not be subsidizing that. >> tucker: i agree, and liberals pretend it's not happening. why are liberals giving cover to one the most corrupt regimes in the world? i have never understood that. mark steyn? >> it's virtue signaling. >> tucker: that's exactly. you are right. i guess i do understand. such a good point. >> that's it. the fact that they are miserable makes no difference. miserable lives, lives ruined, people murdered. >> tucker: exactly. great mark stein, thank you,
5:35 pm
mark. so, the white house announced today its plans to impose strict new tariffs on steel and aluminum, markets didn't like it at all is it a good idea anyway? one of the heads of the brains -- white house going to join news just a second. pai. advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. what pain?
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5:40 pm
stand back and let you make your case for it markets don't like it. main street doesn't like it. you think it's a good idea, why? >> no surprise here, candidate trump 2016 said he was going to defend american workers against unfair trade practices. build up our defense industrial base. build up our manufacturing base. today was a strong step towards that do you know what was beautiful about today in the people in that room. we had the top executives from the steel companies, the aluminum companies. the president went around around asked them what did they need to keep steel and and aluminum in this country? we are in danger of losing those two industries. about national defense, economic security and manufacturing jobs. and he came in as he has been doing with a measured response that will be very effective and keeping our jobs here. so, i think this was a great day for america. who should being surprised? he is doing what he said he was going to do. and as for the market. look, you know for years, i
5:41 pm
was a financial analyst on cnbc. this is what i do. i'm telling the people of america here, i have never seen an economy stronger and having indicators stronger than i have seen in the first year and month of the trump administration. look at consumer confidence is off the chart. business confidence is off the chart. the manufacturing index is one of the highest levels i have ever seen. we are going forward with an economy just as can di candidate trump scripted it. deregulation, tax cut plan, unleashing our energy sector and trade. >> they are afraid of anything that is not quote free trade. why? >> that's not true. look, what happened a month ago? what did we do? we put 30% tariffs on solar. 20 to 50% tariffs on washers. do you know what happened with that tucker? we have had a stream of investments coming in from foreign countries to build facilities here for american
5:42 pm
workers. that's the genius of trump. he understands that tariffs, basically, will defend our workers but also bring investment here rather than there when those factories come from their there to this country, that's jobs throughout this country. so, this was a good day for america. i will tell you, you have got to be in a room with president trump when he is talking to people. he had those executives in the room because he hadn't seen them since april when this whole action was announced potentially, right? he wanted to affirm that what he was going to be doing on this was the right thing to do. >> tucker: yes. >> went around that room, john of new core. you had the head of century aluminum. all of them said, look, what we need are tariffs, not quote as it. tariffs are better than quotas. we want it measured. 25% not 100. 10% for aluminum. it was all good. >> tucker: you make a strong case, i appreciate it. >> good to see you, tucker. >> tucker: full-time tore final exam pitting two champions against each
5:43 pm
other, bret bay and ed henry. can you beat them? find out in a minute. -i've seen lots of homes helping new customers bundle and save big, but now it's time to find my dream abode. -right away, i could tell his priorities were a little unorthodox. -keep going. stop. a little bit down. stop. back up again. is this adequate sunlight for a komodo dragon? -yeah. -sure, i want that discount on car insurance just for owning a home, but i'm not compromising. -you're taking a shower? -water pressure's crucial, scott! it's like they say -- location, location, koi pond.
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>> tucker: you have waited all week now it's time for final exam a battle of returning champions this week "special report" host bret baier won you remember last week. chief correspondent ed henry won two weeks ago but out last week. two champions enter. only one will emerge the victor. >> good luck. >> tucker: hands on buzzers, i'm going to ask the questions. the first one buzzes in gets to answer the question. you must wait until i ask the question to buzz. if you answer a question wrong you lose one point. best of five win. ready? >> live television. >> tucker: i love. this it's my favorite segment. question one, oldest sitting
5:48 pm
senator in america is having problems with the re-election campaign. the democratic party in her state refuses to support her. who is it? bret baier? >> dianne feinstein of california. >> tucker: dianne feinstein of california says the anchor of "special report." to the tape. >> this is not an easy time. >> are they all like this? >> california democratic party slamming the door on dianne feinstein. party activist denying the state senior senator endorsement in her bid for re-election. >> tucker: next question is fair balanced and fill in the blank. just kidding. [laughter] you were not afraid to answer that question two, multiple choice, did you know that you can clone your pets and if you can barbra streisand reveals this week she did cloned her favorite dog named samantha. what is the favorite rate for dog cloning, $50,000, 500,000 or $1 million? >> ed henry?
5:49 pm
>> 50,000. >> tucker: 50,000 said ed the would be dog cloner to the tape. >> she cloned her dogs, two of her dogs misviolet and miss scarlet are clones of the late dog samantha who passed on last year at about $50,000 a pop. >> i didn't hear kilmeade but i heard laura ingraham talk about it. >> don't even have a pet. question three, oprah says 2020 presidential run could be possible but she is waiting for a certain someone to give her the explicit go ahead. [buzzer] >> who is she waiting to hear from? >> god. >> was that premature? >> hold on. >> here's the question and only our judges because i pass -- so slowly to determine. this did both of them click in early? oh, only he ha ed clicked in ea?
5:50 pm
>> early? >> this is like the nfl. i'm sorry, i'm sorry. this is deflate gate at this point. and i am not going to be the nfl commissioner. so i'm going to go right to the judges who say we are going to have a reclick. okay? same question? here we go. we haven't finished it. are you ready? >> yes. >> she is waiting for a certain someone who give her the go ahead. who is she waiting to hear from? ed henry. >> come on. >> the almighty god. >> tucker: the almighty god says ed henry. to the tape. >> billionaires calling me up saying i can get you a billion dollars. i can run your campaign. and i actually went into prayer about it like, god, if you think i'm supposed to run, you got it tell me, and it has to be so clear that not even i could miss it. >> don't tell joy behar. >> tucker: when you are
5:51 pm
oprah, only god can be your campaign manager. like there is nobody adequate to that. >> that is controversial. >> tucker: trust me it was and some of the reports are. question four, the department of housing and urban development secretary ben carson is accused of spending 30 grand on unnecessary furniture. what kind of furniture was it? bret baier. >> dining set. >> >> dining set. >> why we have a dining set? we will find out in the tape. is it a dining set. >> carson reportedly spent 31,000 taxpayer dollars on new dining set for private dining room at hud in d.c. a hud official is quoted assaying that a career staff was behind the decision to buy the dining set not secretary carson. >> tucker: i'm a humanities major i will check the math. 2-2. this is it. the tie breaker. final question. multiple choice. there is a man currently running for congress in the state of arkansas. he shares a name with a rock and roll legend is he named
5:52 pm
a elvis presley, b, bruce springsteen or c mick jagger? >> ed henry? >> elvis presley. >> elvis presley is that his name? >> arkansas is about to get all shook up. elvis d. presley. there he is. is running for congress. >> this is legit, people. needless to say, this politician is an elvis impersonator. i'm sure i didn't need to tell you that. >> tucker: that was very intense. ed, you now win the coveted eric wimple mug that shows "the washington post." >> i thought it was tucker carlson mug. >> i'm on the back. >> very nice. bret baier, thank you. that was controversial. >> i felt better than when shannon bream beat me. she just annihilated me. >> tucker: you are not the only one she annihilated. trust me. tune in to news each week and tune in to final exam to
5:53 pm
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>> tucker: we're often told that tech is america's hottest and fastest growing industry but it's not true actually. the hottest business in the country is surveillance capitalism. spying on you, collecting your personal information in tiny of waives and using that data to sell you products that makes google and facebook successful not technological breakthroughs but surveillance. your data is everywhere you are a lot weaker than big tech companies how can you protect yourself if you can. founder and ceo joins us tonight. you are one of the experts on this subject. sum up for us the ways information about ourselves and what we do is being collected by these companies. >> well, tucker, thank you for having me today. it's completely invasive at the moment. if you start with your cell
5:58 pm
phone, your laptop, your desktop. your car, children's toys. there is now with the discussion about internet of things. your refrigerator is going to collect data on you. it's not just the collection of data. it's not a function of this data being stored in isolated silos. what's now is this data is being cross-referenced and being analyzed and what would normally be a patchwork quilt sort of effect into our lives now they have a complete full picture of our life and our lifestyle. >> tucker: that's that is the key point what you just said. i think most people don't know it's never talked about in public. really simple question. why do they have the take kid's toys or refrigerator and give it to someone else and use against you in effect. >> the unfortunate nature of the current internet is that it grew up in what is called a provisioning model. so if you want to use email service, for example, you would go to google and
5:59 pm
provision that service. so we have kind of been lulled into it and it started out quite benign. but what ended up happening now is that we are now the product. so that all of these different companies have data on us and they are combining to share the data. it's not is much that they have a right to do it. it's just that we haven't stopped them from doing it. >> tucker: so i have read where you wrote that facebook knows when you are relationships are failing. that seems like a level of intimate knowledge that your priest doesn't know that. >> no, that's true. you know, but, remember, that people are putting this information on facebook. and so it's really a function of becoming more discriminating about what data you share and how share it with this all goes back to a particular theme. because of that provisioning model, these central authorities, the large e. tech companies and smaller tech companies, frankly, have begun to amass data on
6:00 pm
us only way can you change this is you either have inside reform where suddenly they are making decisions about values and ethics or you do it by disrupting through. >> tucker: disrupting. i will be in the apps, unavailable. thanks, jean. >> welcome to hannity. we are following six breaking news stories tonight. great one mark levin, tomi lahren and rips priebus and many will be here for reaction. massive development today the fbi may have, in fact, broken the law and violated their own protocol when getting a fisa warrant to spy on carter page. this according to brand new letter out tonight from the house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes. also tonight, the important questions are being asked. we should have answers very soon. also tonight adam schiff is admitting we have the tape. he has seen no evidence that this collusion exists. former clinton


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