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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 2, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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firefighter. to help his heroes to put out the tiny fire set for him to work on. william is battling rare soft tissue cancer. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first" but "fox and friends first" continues right now and we will see you monday. jillian: it is march 2nd. donald trump sitting down with the head of the nra talking school safety, bipartisan legislation and videogame crackdown next. >> unlimited range, unpredictable trajectory and invincible against missile defense. the new nuclear threat coming from russia. the texas man going viral for his picture with george w. bush.
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"fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ >> i never heard this one. this is the best song ever made. justin timberlake back when he had abandoned. you are watching "fox and friends first". >> thanks, breaking overnights, donald trump meeting with the nra, the nra revealed what
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happened behind closed doors. rob: what lawmakers plan to do next. >> reporter: sending washington into a tailspin with a single tweet following a meeting in the oval office. chris cox said i had a great meeting with donald trump blues we all want safe schools, to keep guns from dangerous people. support due process and don't want gun control. this a day after donald trump stuns bipartisan lawmakers at the white house during the meeting on gun safety with a pledge to do whatever it takes to make schools safer even if it means, quote, take the guns first, go to due process second. the president accused senators mansion and toome of cowardice, he responded with his own tweet,
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great meeting in the oval office with the nra. sarah sanders put it this way. >> this is something we don't expect to happen overnight. to put forward a piece of legislation that addresses the safety in schools and gun violence specifically. >> the president's mo may be to serve as convener in chief, one of the most politically divisive issues in america. and focuses on what he calls systemic problems. >> this is the tragedy of a massive multi-systemic failure, failure involving federal agencies, state agencies, local
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authorities. >> on the democratic side, minority leader chuck schumer focused on a plan on gun control. >> america is crying out. it has vast support from one end to another among people of all political persuasions and political parties. >> this will get hashed out in dc but next up a meeting with the gaming industry. >> thank you very much. >> allegations of corruption at the highest levels of the fbi getting louder on capitol hill, exclusively obtaining a letter from house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez, the agency surveillance warrants clearly violates rules on submitting evidence to the fisa
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court. and matt gates intensifies against liberal hypocrisy. and in 2013. and the fars award process, to present any president from being spied on. and an already reeling fbi. the latest addition to the sunday night lineup says the bureau needs to be held accountable, to turn the heat up on the judges. >> is not being scrutinized. >> if you are a federal judge forget the fisa court, the appellate court, supreme court and as a matter of fact the information provided to you or the information that wasn't provided led you to issue a warrant to spy on an american
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citizen under the idea of the american citizen was an agent of russia likely to commit a crime and you don't do something about it congress needs to look into this. i do not expect the department of justice to investigate the department of justice but i don't expect the fbi to investigate the fbi but i expect federal judges serving as fisa court judges to make sure conduct wasn't committed in front of them. >> republican senators warning of economic consequences stemming from the president's surprise tariff announcement, the white house will impose a 25% tariff on steel coming into the country but mike lee calling the fees a huge job killing tax hike and texas's john cornyn says the idea comes from a good
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place but could lead to a trade war but donald trump is confident this will be a success. >> we needed for defense. new jobs popping up, much more vibrant companies. >> it is designed to boost domestic production of us metals. the white house shooting down reports the national security advisor is on his way out the door, donald trump slamming a news report targeting hr mcmaster is fake news describing is orchestrated by chief of staff john kelly, the white house says there are no personal announcements at this time. >> democratic mayor convicted of corruption facing decades behind bars. and is guilty of 47 charges including bribery, fraud and conspiracy, behind contracts to boost his own campaign funds. the verdict forcing them out of office after serving 12 years.
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a child care worker behind bars accuse of sending letters to several people including the president's on. after a textbook federal investigation traced the unsigned letters to his house in massachusetts. donald trump junior's wife was sent to the hospital as a precaution after opening one of the letters that turned out to be harmless. heather: a powerful nor'easter bearing down on the northeast blasting parts of pennsylvania with heavy snow overnight, rain, wind and severe flooding expected along the coast national weather service warning this could be a matter of life or death. a serious storm. on the other side of the country the west coast, tens of thousands under mandatory evacuation in southern california where an incoming storm is expected to trigger mudslides after all those fires. janice dean tracking both of
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these storms. >> let's look at this nor'easter. this is what is bearing down on the northeast, the problem is this is a slow-moving storm. we will see continued heavy rain, strong wind and incredible snow on interior sections of the northeast. we have winter weather advisories in new england and flood warnings along the coastline where it is too warm for that snow event and the wind will cause big problems for travel in the air and we will see a lot of cancellations in the northeast, wind in excess of 60, 70 mph, hurricane force wind and it will not be a quick mover. it will be slow and lumbering. the storm hasn't even gotten itself wound up. we talked about bombohgenesis,
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the pressure dropping 24 mbar in 24 hours, there is your forecast, across new york and pennsylvania, feet of snow along the coast, inches of rain and the wind will cause power outages probably widespread power outages. and people need to be careful, don't travel if you don't have 2. it is 10 minutes after the hour. andrew mccabe accused of leaking information about the clinton probe, expected to rip one of the top dogs. >> a final goodbye for america's pastor, thousands expected to attend rev. billy graham's funeral to reflect on his life and everlasting legacy.
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rob: billy graham will be laid to rest but his legacy will live on through the lives of millions who were moved by his works. >> our next guest has the privilege of speaking at his final crusade in 2005. thank you for joining us, appreciate your time this morning. as we reflect back on the rev.'s life, how do you remember him?
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>> billy graham was one of these people that when you worked - walked in the room with him, this is a guy who turned down comfort, if this was a catholic church he would be up for statehood. he impacted billions of lives. impact is still going on. the world is doing the right thing by pausing and remembering the greatness of billy graham. >> he touched more people than just christians in this world. no matter what your faith was listening to the words of this man, it filled your soul. i have seen so many of his messages and watched him deliver so many speeches and isn't that
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something a christian pastor can have that effect on a world of all sorts of faith and beliefs? >> he is the leading evangelist of the world. he kept his message very simple. jesus christ love you. no matter what your faith is, or your background, jesus loves you and the way he is departing in a wooden casket built by the hands of inmates in angola prison. coming from this humble beginning and, it is a joy to serve with him, to have time with him, see him, this is a guy who loved people, sat with princes, kings, government officials all around the world and all agree we are going to miss him but his legacy will
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continue forever. heather: one of people who will continue to spread his message is franklin, one of many people expected to speak today. 19 people's thinking, offering remarks, what do you expect to hear? >> i expect to hear he is going to talk about who his dad was and what the mission of his father was. through his son franklin, feeding the poor, helping people through hard times and he will talk the same message that you can coming to god is broken and hurt as you are or as a skeptic saying i am not sure who he is but the same clarity, the same paths, the same passion that his father lived and died to let this world know there is someone great and that is his savior
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jesus christ. franklin carries the same one. and a great celebration of a well lived life in spotless legacy. >> thanks for getting up early to talk to us about billy graham. >> 18 minutes after the hour. when delta said it was cutting ties with the nra lawmakers said they were cutting their $50 million tax break. >> if you want to play politics this is how we are going to do it. it is all about politics, not about delta serving the people flying airplanes. heather: one company pulling the brakes, wait until you hear why. rob: can you count the presidents in this photo? george w met his biggest fan.
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that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. patty: rob: georgia lawmakers stripping delta airlines of the tax break on jet fuel after the airline cut ties with the nra. at kings college in new york city, brian brent berg says this happens when you mix business and politics. >> handout tax breaks to these companies and they turn around and do something very political and antithetical to the party in power and you have a big problem. guess who nobody is talking
2:23 am
about, delta customers. it is all about politics, not delta serving people who fly on airplanes. >> delta announced it would stop offering discount to nra members. >> some corporations cutting ties with the nra, nascar race track holding strong, bristol motor speedway saying the association will continue to cosponsor the nra night race was when the partnership was announced in 2015 they said it was a good match because they share the same customers. rob: hollywood's biggest night, the stars will.the red carpet at the 90 boob annual academy awards in the best of the best will take home a trophy. >> did your favorite movie make the cut? kevin mccarthy, good morning. what do you think? >> this is my super bowl.
2:24 am
i see 12552150 films a year. this is a big deal for me. my wife and i dressed up, we have a dog named oscar. i sit in our basement and we watch the academy awards, it is a big deal, we are looking forward to it. there are a lot of movies that were nominated. when we get to the predictions there are five movies you need to see before oscar night. >> it was a great movie. >> the movie is incredible. this will go to sam rockwell, one of my favorite actors getting the recognition he deserves. i loved him in mood and confessions of a dangerous mind and matchstick men. i believe he will win the award, he deserves to win the award.
2:25 am
he won the stag award and the golden globe, i have no question that sam rockwell will take on the oscar, he deserves it, one of the best actors getting the recognition he deserves. species what do you think of the morning after? >> this is locked in, this will go to allison janney for our tonya starring margo robbie as tonya harding and it was a well-made film, independent type movie. jenny is unpredictable, plays the mother of tonya harding. she has won every award leading up to the academy award. i love her performance, she is unpredictable. she will win and she should win. rob: what about best after?
2:26 am
>> after? gary oldman. no question. he will win this award. i think he should have won many years ago for other films like the professional or the fifth element or true romance or dracula but this is his year. he won every award leading up. jillian: what about best actress? >> francis mcdermott. incredible performance. she will win and should win. >> best picture an interesting one. >> 99% sure i am wrong about this but i have a feeling for good vibes. when it comes down to it, three billboards, i will go will win get out. i have my reason. it won the writers association award, a phenomenal movie out of the top three films in the front running, get out, the shape of water, get out is the better films though i will say you will
2:27 am
see those billboards taking that on oscar night. i am hoping for get out win. the actual movie i wanted to win is dunkirk but does not have a chance this time around but it will take him director for sure. tweet along with me on oscar night at kevin mccarthy tv. we will tweet the results. >> thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> i hope they stay away from politics, just celebrate the movies. it is hopeful thinking. >> vladimir putin naps power move, unpredictable weapon with unlimited range. the new nuclear threat from russia. >> chuck schumer under fire for voting against a judicial
2:28 am
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heather: russia warning they have nuclear weapons impossible to intercept. >> vladimir putin showing warheads aimed directly at florida. what this means for the us. >> reporter: nuclear powered missile with a limited range according to the russian government. this video shows the missal cruising around international defenses. and russian pres. vladimir putin and his state of the nation speech. a nuclear powered cruise missile, and hypersonic missal, vladimir put in claims they make nato's missile defense system, quote, used to send a signal to
2:32 am
the west that efforts to hold russia in check have failed. is all still in development. >> we have been watching russia for a long time. we are not surprised. we will and are prepared. >> it is not the behavior of a responsible international player. sen. lindsey graham says we hold a big advantage over the russians. >> the best way to respond is to push back. they have nuclear capability. >> reporter: vladimir putin naps speech was based on the trump plan to expand its nuclear arsenal. the pentagon plans to have more missile interceptors, without an overwhelming missile attack from
2:33 am
russia. rob: the doj planning - the harsh criticism on mccabe leaking information to the media about the hillary clinton private email investigation. part of the inspector general's wide-ranging review how the agency handles that probe. jillian: kroger stores will stop selling guns and ammunition to customers under 21, the third major retailer this week with new age restrictions following walmart and dick at sporting goods, dick's will no longer sell adult style rifles. >> a game changer meant to keep troops safe overseas, the u.s. army's in one tanks getting an invisible shield like upgrade, 60 ° protection. it can destroy incoming missiles and other threats before they
2:34 am
reach a combat vehicle, part of donald trump's promised to beef up the military's defense. jillian: the u.s. navy is taking a page out of willy wonka's playbook. ♪ jillian: it will allow outgoing sailors gold or silver tickets to expedite the reentry progress if they choose to reenlist in a couple years, meant to retain sailors. rob: a final goodbye to billy graham. >> thousands will attend in charlotte, millions more are expected to watch online. griff jenkins spoke to franklin graham. >> reporter: a special day here,
2:35 am
billy's last crusade. waiting to go to the library, the funeral will take place, i was able to talk to franklin graham, billy's son in billy's private study earlier today, talked about why it is being held. >> donald trump offered the national cathedral. i said thank you. it would be more fitting for my father, his service, his last service to be in a tent. he said okay. >> donald trump, first lady milania and karen coming today with every religious leader you can. and george w. bush earlier this week to pay their respects. i asked franklin what struck him
2:36 am
most and he said it was how young people have been touched. >> i was surprised how many young people came to view my father's casket. don't you believe for a second that he is dead. would have just changed addresses. >> he will be buried in that casket made by prisoners in louisiana. jillian: 36 minutes after the hour. california mayor leading the charge against immigration enforcement could be facing charges. >> know better than a gang look out for police, when a police cruiser comes into the neighborhood. >> our next guest is no doubt she is obstructing justice.
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jillian: department of justice will investigate the oakland california mayor for tipping off your legals to a nice raid but the mayor remains defiant. >> i continue to feel confident that what i did was the right thing and it was legal. i did not give specific information that could have endangered law enforcement. i encourage people to not panic, but to know their rights. rob: she looks worried. should she be? criminal defense attorney, thank you for coming on this morning. does she have something to worry about? >> she should be worried. we have a textbook definition of obstruction of justice which
2:41 am
basically says when anyone impedes the lawful duties of law enforcement you are guilty of obstruction and in this case that would hold a punishment of up to 10 years. when we look at what this mayor did i don't see how she gets around being found guilty of obstruction. she willfully warned an entire community that ice was coming for them for that purpose. she didn't send a memo to say look how good we are working with ice, they are going to discharge their lawful duties, she announced it to make sure those who were in her community illegally stayed illegally in her community. if that is not obstruction i don't know what is. jillian: a lot of people are not happy with this, get your reaction. >> what she did is no better than a gang look out yelling police when a police cruiser comes into the neighborhood except she did it with the
2:42 am
entire community. this is a whole new law to intentionally warn criminals law enforcement is coming. jillian: how low is this? >> i cannot agree more. when other officials take a stand in favor of sanctuary cities, this takes it a step further. if the doj doesn't do something about this, ice will be forever foreclosed from doing their job. we have ice for a reason. how about other members of the community who are here legally, who are law-abiding citizens who want to be protected from criminals being harbored in sanctuary cities, it was a dangerous move and an illegal move. jeff sessions needs to get off its hands. >> look at who isis is targeting in these raids.
2:43 am
convicted of a criminal offense, and engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation, public benefits, have not complied and poses a risk to public safety or national security. where was all this resistance in the last eight years when pres. obama was doing the same thing with ice deporting all these criminals? how coming these left wing blue states were not upset at that point? >> there is a political component. as long as we have sanctuary cities resisting like this blues the next step is hiding illegal plants in their own basements which would also be a crime. as long as that continues the rest of us are in danger, no denying that. if we let this mayor get away with all the other mayors will get away with it and ice is
2:44 am
going to, why should they show up for work? they won't be able to do their job. >> let's check in with brian what is coming up. >> we are going to talk about that later. the next 3 hours, i urge you to get dressed in 15 minutes. for now stay the way you are. there are kelly sanders will be here live with response to the new push for gun control and what really took place in the white house when nra higher ups, secretary of state hillary clinton warning us about russia. condoleezza rice thinking about russia's so-called indestructible weapons they just made, what she would do in this administration. she will be here with a great movie on america today from coast to coast.
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jillian: absolutely shameful. chuck schumer getting blasted online for voting against one of donald trump's judicial nominees because he is white. rob: how his colleagues in congress are calling him out.
2:49 am
>> reporter: south carolina politicians weighed in on this yesterday. the sound - the senate confirmed him to the district court in south carolina, chuck schumer voted against the nomination not because of his resume or anything like that but because of his race. take a listen. >> it is long past time that the judiciary starts looking more like the america it represents was having a diversity of views and experience on the federal bench is necessary for equal administration of justice. >> reporter: lindsey graham and tim scott pushing back on that reasoning, lindsey graham saying i judge nominees on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. chuck schumer should do the same. tim scott, democrats should be more worried about the lack of diversity in their own staffing rather than attacking a call
2:50 am
qualified judicial nominee from the great state of south carolina. filling a seat left vacant by republicans who blocked two african american nominees appointed by pres. obama. trey gowdy said i hate to interrupt sen. chuck schumer with facts but one nominee was withdrawn because of significant bond issue, the other became chief justice of the south carolina supreme court. he was ultimately confirmed. rob: let's talk about the oscars on sunday, really political. >> reporter: the red carpet is going to be because the hollywood reporter, wearing anti-gun violence pins to the red carpet. social media weighing in on this. a little bit of an issue, that is okay. remember that time they had these award shows and they were promoting great performances? another twitter user says refused to glorify guns in
2:51 am
movies. talking about gun violence in movies, with anti-gun pins. role on over here. rob: two is enough on friday. jillian: the next story is great. this young man getting a picture with george w. bush while wearing a george w. bush tank top. >> holding a sign, at the coliseum, home of southern methodist university mustang, on twitter, honor meeting you, mr. pres.. >> 120 mph, 13,000 feet off the ground and we are jumping out of a plane with the golden knights coming.
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other side effects include upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. . ♪ ♪ carley: the army golden nights have big names like george h.w. bush and bill murray and each a few of our own like pete hegseth and lea gabrielle. rob: add us to that list. we went to meet the army parachute team. check it out. ♪ ♪ >> the golden knights representing the gold medals winning and knights
2:56 am
signifying that we have conquered the sky. >> bridge the grasp between the american public and the u.s. army. >> highest army honor you can possibly have in the military. >> the army training actually capable of. >> why are you so nervous? >> i don't know. there is no need to be nervous right now. you are sitting in a chair. >> i'm going to be fine. >> oh, no, no, no. i'm going to be fine. you get to have fun and be safe. ♪ ♪ >> how many times have you done this? >> about 9,000. jillian: and you are here to talk about it. good for me. >> we're going to take you over to one of our aircraft and take you about two and a half miles above the earth. >> that's plenty. >> we're going to throw you out of that airplane and screaming back down to earth about 120 miles per hour. >> have you ever gone over
2:57 am
120 miles per hour? >> no. >> you will today. >> let's go find an airplane to jump out of. rob: ddo it. ♪ rob: are you nervous yet. jillian: now i'm a little bit nervous. rob: thinking about the fact that i'm about to fall through open clouds just got very real. ♪ be. jillian: all right, joe. my life is in your hands. >> yes, ma'am. oh, god. ♪
2:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪
2:59 am
jillian: i survived. feeling pretty good. rob: that was the most incredible thing i have ever done. was that amazing or what? my face just dropped when we came out of the plane u i was scared. jillian: i put all of my trust in these guys. rob: that's right. jillian: i did. rob: you couldn't have felt more secure. it was awesome. it was awesome. i'm glad we did it. jillian: gist so you know this was his idea. not on my list of things to do. rob: this is the first time we actually saw. this we were enjoying this hopefully as much as did you. it was like a religious experience. i came down off that thing and i had tears in my eye. jillian: you had the emotional high and low. you wanted to do it. for me it was never on my list like i said. i was like very same throughout. okay. i just want to make it down to the ground. rob: i liked the thrills and the speed. you like it on the ground.
3:00 am
go jump out of an airplane. if you get the chance to do it. george w. bush is doing it in his 90's. jillian: do it with a golden knight. i felt safe with them. rob: it was awesome. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good weekend. ♪ ♪ brian: that is the white house. and you saw a brief clip of us. when you see us again, we will be wearing totally different outfits. it is dark at the white house. can i get a second confirmation on that. steve: it is dark all across the eastern seaboard because it is 6:00 in new york city on this very rainy friday. ainsley: you said friday. did you say friday? do we care about the rain if it's friday? no. brian: if you are outdoors without an umbrella that would certainly be your number one. ainsley: i was this morning and i just ran. just darted right into the building. brian: 100-yard sprint. steve: you got out your


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